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                        New Mexico EMS Bureau
                  State Licensing Examination Schedule
                        EMT-B, EMT-I & EMT-P

      Test        Examination         Region Location                Level Testing
      Site #      Date

      2201        28 JAN 2012         I         ALBUQUERQUE          EMT-B/I
      2202        25 FEB 2012         III       CLOVIS               EMT-B/I
      2203        24 MAR 2012         II        LAS CRUCES           EMT-B/I
      0519        19 MAY 2012         I         ALBUQUERQUE          EMT-B/I
      2204        02 JUN 2012         III       CLOVIS               EMT-B/I
      2205        23 JUN 2012         II        LAS CRUCES           EMT-B/I
      2206        18 AUG 2012         I         ALBUQUERQUE          EMT-B/I
      2207        15 SEP 2012         II        LAS CRUCES           EMT-B/I
      P003        13 OCT 2012         II        LAS CRUCES           NR EMT-P
      2208        17 NOV 2012         I         ALBUQUERQUE          EMT-B/I
      2209        08 DEC 2012         III       CLOVIS               EMT-B/I

BLS/ILS Test Sites:
You have nine (9) months from the date on your EMT Course Completion Certificate to
complete your initial state licensing examination. You have to complete the entire testing
process within two (2) years, if necessary, to obtain your NM state EMT license. Failure
to complete your state examination within two (2) years will require you to take the entire
EMT course over before you can re-apply for a state licensure.
There will be no processing deadline for each test site. When the site is filled, it will be
closed and applicants will be scheduled for the next available site.
These rules apply to EMT-B candidates graduating before Dec 1, 2012 and EMT-I
candidates graduating before Apr 1, 2012. Otherwise please follow the new licensing
instructions on the website.

National Registry EMT-P Test Sites:
Please see the National Registry website www.nremt.org for testing requirements and
expiration dates. If less than 10 candidates apply, the test site will be cancelled.

Initial Request: - EMT Basic/EMT-Intermediate: If you are applying for a State Test
Site, please include the following information with your “Request for Testing
Application” (can be obtained from our website under initial licensing)

   1. Copy of your current CPR card. Must be one of the following approved CPR
         a. American Red Cross “CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer” or
             “BLS Instructor Card”
         b. American Heart Association Health Care Provider “BLS Healthcare
             Provider” or “BLS Instructor Card”
         c. National Safety Counsel “Professional Rescuer CPR course” or “BLS
             Instructor Card”
         d. Medic First Aid “Basic Life Support for Professionals (BLSPRO)” or
             “BLS Instructor Card”
         e. American Safety & Health Institute “CPR for the Professional Rescuer”
             or “BLS Instructor Card”
         f. Military Training Network “BLS Healthcare Provider”
         g. Emergency Care and Safety Institute “Professional Rescuer CPR”
         h. EMS Safety Services “CPR & AED for Professional Rescuers”

   2. Current Course Completion Certificate (less than 9 months old)
   3. Appropriate Fee: EMT-B $65.00 and EMT-I $75.00

EMT-Paramedics please register at www.nremt.org.

Retest - EMT-Basic/EMT-Intermediate: If you are applying for retesting at a State
Test Site, please include the following with the tear strip from the bottom of your failure
letter: A check or money order for the appropriate retest fee: EMT-Basic $30.00,
EMT-Intermediate $35.00; EMT-Paramedics please follow National Registry testing

Mail your application along with the attached documents to:

                  NM EMS Bureau
                  Attn: Ute Fennicks
                  1301 Siler Rd, Building F
                  Santa Fe, NM 87507

Should you have any further questions, feel free to call (505) 476-8215 or email me at

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