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   “We defend your
     right to defend
  second Amendment neWs for the stAte of illinois And beyond                 Published monthly by guns sAve life               volume 14, number 10           october 2008
                  AffiliAted With the illinois federAtion for outdoor resources, the civiliAn mArksmAnshiP ProgrAm, the nAtionAl rifle AssociAtion And others
Firearms Industry Congratulates Mrs. Palin most recently demonstrated her belief in the ForSecond Amendment-related the candidatesvisit:
                                                                                                                          more information on where
                                                                                                                                                      issues please
                                                              Second Amendment when Alaska signed onto a friend
Palin on Nomination; Urges                                    of the court brief supporting an end to the D.C. gun
Sportsmen to Register to Vote                                 ban. Democratic Presidential Nominee Barrack Obama
                                                              had supported the ban on lawful firearms ownership
                                                              and refused to sign a congressional friend of the court
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The National Shooting Sports
                                                              brief, signed by Republican Presidential Nominee John
Foundation (NSSF) – the trade association for the fire-
                                                              McCain, calling for an end to the ban.
arms industry – congratulated Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
on accepting the Republican nomination for vice presi-
                                                              Palin’s record on firearms freedoms stands in stark
dent of the United States. The industry’s association
                                                              contrast to Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe
also reminded all hunters, sportsmen and gun-owners
                                                              Biden, who helped usher through congress a federal
to register to vote and secure an absentee ballot if they
                                                              ban on so called “assault weapons” and is endorsed by
plan on being in the field on Election Day, Nov. 4.
                                                              the nation’s leading gun-control groups, including the
                                                              Brady Campaign.
Governor Palin, a true member of the “hook and bullet”
community, is a lifelong hunter, sportswoman and fire-
                                                              “There’s no doubt about it,” said NSSF Senior Vice
arms owner. She is also a life member of the National
                                                              President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane.
Rifle Association who has a clear record of supporting
                                                              “Hunters, sportsmen and gun owners will have a stark
the American traditions of hunting and firearms owner-
                                                              choice when they go to the polls on Election Day.”


86 Counties Support                                                                    October 2008 Meeting
2nd Amendment
                                                                                                                                     In this issue:
                                                                                      Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 2008
                                                                                                                                     Sept. Meeting Business             2-3
MACOMB, IL (CCRA) - Mc-                                                             Park Inn                                         Tom Kilhoffer Moon Clips           4
Donough County in west-central                                                      2408 N. Cunningham, Urbana                       Sangamon County News               6-7
Illinois is the latest Illinois county                                              GPS: N: 40 08.269 W: 88 11.526                   Tom Shafer - Pocket Pistol         8
to adopt the 2nd Amendment                                                                                                           Phil Davis - Civil War Pistol      9
Resolution.                                                                         Dinner, conversation, exhibits at 6 p.m.         Concealed Carry - Part 2           10
                                                                                    Meeting at 7 p.m.                                News from North of I-80            12
The Resolution, a grassroots                                                                                                         ARMED AMERICANS                    14
movement by gun owners in each                                                                 C’mon out and join us!                Freedom’s Forum                  16-17
county, is meant to get politicians                                                                                                  News Shorts                        18
on the local level to commit to                                                        The public is encouraged to attend!
support our Second Amendment                                                         Good food and good friends. It’s fun too!       INFORMATION PAGE                  23
rights, and to have these local of-                                                                                                  Advertising, Directory and Coming
ficials put pressure on lawmakers                                                     ALWAYS ON THE SECOND TUESDAY.                  Events
in Springfield to pass pro-gun and                                                                                                   MEMBERSHIP FORM                   24
defeat anti-gun legislation.

86 out of 102 county boards have
now signed on to the Resolution.                                                   Frank Wright, President                                         PRE-SORT STD.
So far, the populous Chcago-area                                                   Guns Save                                              U.S. POSTAGE
counties, where most of the anti-                                                  P.O. Box 51                                                     PAID
gun legislation originates, have                                                   Savoy, IL 61874                                                 PERMIT NO. 999
resisted passage, but that may be                                                                                                                  CHAMPAIGN, IL

The Lake County Board has dis-
cussed the Resolution at their last
two meetings, and is scheduled to
discuss it again at their next meet-
ing, which is October 14 at 9 a.m.       Voter Registration Deadline for
Any gunowners who can make it
are urged to attend. County Board        this election: October 7 - Make
members won’t listen, if there are       sure you are registered to vote
no gun owners to tell them what          at your current address, and
their concerns are. Let them
know!                                    then VOTE November 4.
                               Right Reason on Second Amendment Rights
    Firearm Registration Gateway to Loss of              SCRA Meeting notes: September, 2008
                                                                                       Chairman Butler opened the meeting by
We have seen the worthlessness                                                         inviting Tom Shafer to lead members in the       “She made more decisions in two years
of gun registration in Illinois. Chi-                                                  Pledge of Allegiance.                            of chief executive of a state than Barrack
cago has had a handgun registra-                                                                                                        Obama did in his entire career in the Illinois
tion since 1982 yet their murder and                                                   Treasurer Chris Smith gave the financial         Legislature or in Congress,” said Illinois
violent crime rate has soared through                                                  report.                                          Republican National Committeeman, Patrick
the roof making our state a national                                                                                                    Brady. “He was in a minority party for seven
disgrace. Illinois also has a Firearm                                                  Betty Richardson spoke briefly about the         years and did fundamentally nothing. Our
Owners Identification Card (FOID) re-                                                  SCRA website. She said Phil Davis’ articles      No. 2 has more experience than their No. 1.”
quired to purchase a firearm, and is                                                   continue to generate the most traffic to our
only another registration scheme to                                                    website. Also every time the History Channel     Her two years of executive experience as
identify legal Illinois firearm owners.                                                shows “The Sharpshooters”, people search         Governor is something that no one else has
It hasn’t worked either to stop crimi-                                                 Bill Oglesby’s name and they come directly       in either ticket.
nals from using violence and intimida-              Commentary by                      to our website.
tion against helpless and disarmed                    JIM BUTLER                                                                        Senator Joe Biden Obama’s V.P. Choice
citizens.                                   Many of the above named countries          Chairman Butler talked about the following:      Like Charles Schumer, Biden’s attacks on
                                            have found registration an expensive                                                        the rights of gun owners are well known. He
Criminals, unless they are incredibly       boondoggle with little effect in stop-     Alaska Governor Sarah Palin McCain’s             has been described as arrogant, egotistical,
stupid, don’t register their guns. You      ping crime, and ignored by many of         V.P. choice.                                     and a mudslinging plagiarist.
may ask, why not? Because, accord-          their citizens. Other countries with       Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, McCain’s
ing to the Supreme Court, criminals         gun registration have had similar re-      choice as his running mate is a lifetime         Who could forget Biden’s savage attack
do not have to obtain licenses or reg-      sults. Gun registration by tyrants is      member of the National Rifle Association, an     against Samuel Alito before the Senate Judi-
ister their weapons, as this would be       great for controlling law abiding peo-     avid hunter, ice fisherman, and loves to ride    ciary Committee hearing to prevent him from
an act of self-incrimination. (Haynes       ple but has little effect on criminals,    snowmobiles.                                     becoming a Supreme Court Judge. It was a
vs. U.S. 390 U.S. 85 1968.).                some of whom were even in control of                                                        disgusting spectacle to those of us watching
                                            these countries.                           She was the captain of the Wasilla High          on TV.
We have been told by anti-gun politi-                                                  School basketball team that won the state
cians that gun registration will not lead   Hitler comes to mind. Nazis used           small school championship in 1982. Her           Biden has deep ties to Rezko accomplice
to confiscation of firearms in the Unit-    gun control registration lists to disarm   toughness was proved by once playing on a        Joseph Carli, Jr. who’s pled guilty to a
ed States. Another lie. It has already      the people of countries they had con-      stress fractured ankle earned her the nick-      federal extortion charge in Chicago and is
happened in the United States.              quered and to prevent them from re-        name “Sarah Barracuda.”                          awaiting sentencing. Cari has donated to
                                            gaining their freedom.                                                                      Biden’s campaign also. He has also donated
It happened in California where the                                                    In 1984 she was first runner-up in the Miss      to Senator Hillary Clinton and Democratic
1989 Robert Roos Assault Weapons            The most foolish mistake we could          Alaska beauty pageant .                          Senator Dick Durbin. Cari was Joe Biden’s
Control Act required registration. Due      possibly make would be to allow the                                                         Midwest field director.
to changing definitions of “assault         subjected people to carry arms; his-       With strong conservative views she has a
weapons”, many legal firearms have          tory shows that all conquerors who         long history of run ins with the Alaska G.O.P.   Biden is a man Obama has handpicked to be
been confiscated by the California          have allowed their subjected people        hierarchy by challenging heavy spending,         his Vice President, who has held a U.S. Sen-
government.                                 to carry arms have prepared their own      fighting to reduce taxes, and other reforms.     ate seat for 35 years, been paid a handsome
                                            fall.                                      This has given her genuine maverick status       salary and wasting our tax dollars on liberal
Confiscation of firearms also occurred                                                 and reform credentials that would compli-        give-away programs. This is change? As
in New York City after the city in 1967     Adolf Hitler                               ment McCain’s image.                             Harry Truman used to say, sounds like the
passed an ordinance requiring a citi-                                                                                                   same old manure.
zen to obtain a permit to own a rifle       After Hitler came to power in Germany      She also has a son serving with the Army in
or shotgun, which would then be reg-        the first people he disarmed were the      Iraq.                                            “Crook” County skims 3% from County
istered. But in 1991, the city passed       Jews. He then systematically began                                                          Workers Charity Donations
a ban on the private possession of          slaughtering them in an attempt to                                                          In spite of the fact that county employees
semi-automatic rifles and shotguns          wipe out an entire race of people.                                                          can pick from a list of charities to give to,
and “registered” owners were told that                                                                                                  not all of that money goes to their choice
these firearms had to be surrendered,       After World War II, Arab countries and                                                      of charities. Instead 3% goes to the “Cook
rendered inoperable, or taken out of        their allies around the small State of                                                      County Charity Fund” - a discretionary fund
the city.                                   Israel tried to wipe out all the Jews        Sangamon County                                controlled by County Board President Todd

The anti-self-defense movement fre-
                                            living there. But, the Israel Jews had
                                            learned from their sad experience that
                                                                                         Rifle Association                              Stroger’s administration. This amounts to
                                                                                                                                        a hidden diversion of employees money
quently brings up the fact that other       began with gun registration laws in                                                         to President Todd Stroger’s pet charities
                                                                                                  James Butler, President
countries register guns to fight crime.     Germany. They fought their enemies                                                          according to county Commissioner Forrest
Most of these laws were enacted in          off with weapons, many of which were                                                        Claypool. Money from this fund may even go
                                                                                                      (217) 528-093
the post World War I period to prevent      acquired illegally or homemade. Their                                                       to charities that the employees don’t want to
                                                                                         Regular monthly meetings take place
civil uprisings as had occurred in the      motto was “Never again”. A tough,                                                           support. Possibly even gun control groups?
                                                                                           the first Monday of each month at
Russian Revolution, and which led to        proud little nation with the heart of a
                                                                                         6:30 p.m. at Diamond’s Buffet, Town &
the horrors of communism under the          lion.                                                                                       More on “Crook” County
                                                                                               Country Shopping Center,
leadership of Nikolai Lenin and Jo-                                                                                                     First the good news. Illinois Senate Presi-
                                                                                           2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL.
seph Stalin. A report of “Committee         After firearms were registered in Ber-                                                      dent Emil Jones, a stanch ally of anti-gun
on the Control of Firearms”, written by     muda, Cuba, Greece, Ireland, Ja-                                                            Governor Blagojevich, is retiring. The bad
                                                                                          The next meeting of the Sangamon
the British Home Officials in 1918 was      maica and Soviet Georgia, they were                                                         news is that in a pure case of nepotism he
                                                                                          County Rifle Association will be on
the basis for registration in the U.K.,     banned and confiscated as well.                                                             has picked his son to replace him.
Australia, Canada and New Zealand.                                                         Monday, Oct. 6, 2008
                                            Historically, gun control by using fire-      Come out and join us! The public is           “At the very same moment Barack Obama,
At least New Zealand was smart              arm registration has led to confisca-           encouraged to attend. It’s fun.             alumnus of the Illinois State Senate and a
enough to repeal their gun registration     tion, and is about controlling people,                                                      mentee of President Jones, is campaigning
law in the 1980’s after police acknowl-     not controlling crime.                                                                      across America in behalf of change we can
edged its worthlessness.                                                                                                                believe in and a new kind of politics. Here

                                                                   SCRA Meeting notes continued
on the home front we have his mentor           contracts and fundraising activities.          had given to him for the Chicago gun           looking seriously at mounting flashlights
playing the same old cynical game that                                                        buyback next year. Boch said he didn’t         and a laser sight on this puppy. Drake
treats public office like a family entitle-    Special Guest Speaker -                        know anything about that particular gun        said you have to be careful how you
ment.” Carol Marin Chicago Sun-Times           John Peterson                                  but if anybody knew anything about it          mount those things because you’ll notice
Columnist                                      Butler Introduced John Peterson from           they were welcome to tell him!                 how tightly down it pulls. If you get one
                                               the Christian County NRA. Peterson                                                            of these, Drake strongly urges you to
Woman 85, Corrals Would-be Burglar             said their annual meeting is October 4th.      Boch said, seriously though, they are          use new ammunition because if you get
In Point Marion, Pa., 85 year-old Leda         Prices are the same as always, $15.00          collecting guns for the Chicago gun            one with a bulged case and it doesn’t
Smith grabbed her .22 caliber revolver         donation. There will be steak, strawberry      buyback. Boch said he hoped to take            fully seat, it may go ahead and fire. His
and busted a would-be burglar insider her      shortcake, lots of kind words and a smile.     20, 30 or even 50 guns up there and sell       did and, if you do that, you blow off a
home. To add insult to injury she made         The speaker, whom Peterson said he felt        them to the do gooders up there. So if         little piece of plastic here that is the feed
the 17 year-old would-be burglar call 911      very fortunate to announce, is a retired Air   you have any guns that are bouncing            guide.
to contact police. She held the gun on him     Force Brigadier General, Wayne Rosen-          around in your closet, your garbage can,
till state police got there. She had been      thal from Morrisonville. He is a staunch       your friends house, or if you know a           Drake called up and said, “This is what
keeping the firearm near her bed since         NRA member, has a rather substantial           gunsmith who has some older clunkers           happened, can you send me a couple of
a rash of burglaries had occurred in her       game preserve and is deeply Christian.         to donate to a good cause, get them to         those plastic pieces?” They said, “Yeah,
neighborhood.                                  Peterson said Rosenthal is his kind of         the folks at Guns Save Life and they will      but you can’t replace them.” Drake said,
                                               guy, he knows him well and believes you        take them up to Chicago and give them          “Well rather than mailing it to you, go
Teachers Pack Heat at Texas School             are really going to enjoy his comments.        a fitting and proper burial. Maybe next        ahead and send me those twenty-five
Teachers at the Harrold School in Harrold,     Peterson had tickets for the annual meet-      year they’ll give two hundred dollars for      cents worth of stuff and I’ll give it a try.”
Texas, if approved by the school board,        ing in his pocket for those interested.        these guns.
trained, and have a state concealed                                                                                                          They sent Drake two of them in separate
license, are allowed to carry a concealed      Peterson said he got to thinking one day,      Boch said they use the money to buy            packages with a screwdriver. Fortunately
firearm while working at the school.           “Before I check out and, I am old, is there    ammunition for kids to learn how to            Drake figured out ahead of time not to
                                               anything I haven’t done I think I ought        shoot. They also buy guns with the             use the screwdriver because while there
Teenage Bride of Confederate Soldier           to do?” The only things he could think of      leftover money for kids to have the rest       are screws here, you don’t want to take
Dead In Little Rock, Ark.,                     were jumping out of an airplane or writing     of their lives. So they basically recycle      them apart because this piece here is
Maudie White Hopkins, who grew up              a book.                                        old junk into new guns and ammunition          glued on to it somehow or another. What
during the Depression in the hardship of                                                      for kids.                                      Drake did was he figured out where it
making a living in the Ozarks and married      Since Peterson’s colonel told him back                                                        went and he managed to get it in there
a Confederate army veteran 67 years her        when he was in the Air Force, “Don’t ever      Tech Time - Kel-Tec Products                   and he said, “Okay, it fits into a little
senior when she was 19 years-old, has          jump out of a perfectly good airplane.”,       Warren Drake brought a couple guns.            notch in this tube so what I’ll do is I’ll get
died. The Confederate veteran William          that left him with only the opportunity        The first one was a Keltec 9 .mm rifle         some duct tape, nope, I’ll use freezer
Cantrell was 86 at the time they were          to write a book. The book is interesting       16 inches. Drake said it felt a little funny   tape. If I hold the screw just like this and
married. Mrs. Hopkins, who was married         because it’s all about the Second Amend-       looking through the peep sight. It’s not       I could push from here, Dang I wish I
four times, was 93 when she died.              ment. It’s a hundred pages which is a          like looking over the barrel and after         had three hands.” but finally it popped
                                               hundred chapters, about roughly a chap-        his target practice that afternoon, he is      into place and he put a little extra glue
Amazingly there are other Confederate          ter per page which makes it easy read-
widows still living, but they don’t want any   ing. The title of it is “Musings of an Aging
publicity, according to Martha Boltz of the    Curmudgeon”. Most people don’t know
United Daughters of he Confederacy.            what that means without a dictionary so
                                               he paraphrased underneath, “ A Cantan-
The Civil War ended on April 10, 1865          kerous Fellow”. Peterson said those who
and we still have a human connection to it     know him know that fits.
in this day and age. We thought some of
our members who are Civil War reenac-          Peterson passed his book around so
tors would be especially interested in this    everyone could see it. He said it is not
bit of history.                                                                               Warren Drake brought some Kel-Tech products to the
                                               expensive, only eight dollars. He didn’t
                                                                                              Labor Day meeting of SCRA. The included the P3AT,
                                               do it to make money, only to cover his
Dem Convention Snubs Blagojevich                                                              the P-9 and the Keltec Carbine. John Boch brought
                                               expenses. He brought copies with him
Democratic National Committee of-                                                             over an example of the “junk” guns he was rounding up
                                               and said he could also take mail orders
ficials in a well publicized snub to Gov.                                                     in anticipation of the next Chicago gun buyback. This          Warren Drake, with
                                               although it was a bit more expensive for
Rod Blagojevich announced that three                                                          particular gun was a Forehand & Wadsworth Double               the Kel-Tec Carbine in
                                               that. Peterson said it’s a pretty good book,
of his biggest potential rivals for reelec-                                                   Action Revolver (hat tip to Brent Harney for identifying it    its extended position.
                                               at least that’s what his friends tell him.
tion would be given speaking-roles while                                                      and even finding photos of it on the Internet.                 A handy, fun gun,
ignoring him.                                                                                                                                                but it needs to be fed
                                               Junk Guns Wanted
                                                                                                                                                             the proper ammo, as
                                               John Boch, Vice President, Guns Save
Probably because the beleagured two-                                                                                                                         Warren found out and
                                               Life, the Champaign County Rifle As-
term governor’s administration faces mul-                                                                                                                    shared with the group.
                                               sociation, showed us one of the guns he
tiple federal investigations involving jobs,

                                                                                                                             DIALLED 9-1-1
                                                                                                                            AND I’M ON HOLD
                                                                                                                            SURE WISH I HAD
                                                                                                                            THAT GUN I SOLD
                                                                                                            This is just one of dozens of Guns Save Life highway sign slogans,
                                                                                                            seen on interstates and highways around Illinois. We welcome you
                                                                                                              to our family. To become a member of Guns Save Life, see the
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                                                                                                                                                                           GunNews 7
                                                                    SCRA Meeting notes continued
down there on the front. Drake has not had any bulged                                                     ing or something like that.              an after market shroud that hid
case ammunition and it’s worked fine ever since.                                                                                                   the hammer on the Agent, Cobra
                                                                                                          So what Smith and Wesson did             and Detective Special. Than Smith
When Drake got the gun they were relatively new. He                                                       with the Bodyguard was they put          came up with this Bodyguard.
found it at the Indianapolis Gun Show and at the time,                                                    this hump on the back of the re-
they just came one way. His uses Smith-Wesson mags                                                        volver which encloses the hammer         John Boch asked the unspoken
but now they make them for Glock and Beretta.                                                             but it leaves a little bit open, just    question on everyone’s minds, “If it
                                                                                                          enough of the top of the hammer          sets your coat pocket on fire, what
A couple years ago there was an attempted bank or                                                         spur which is of a different shape,      does it set on fire if you you shoot
credit union robbery in Rantoul and fortunately they                                                      so that you can cock the pistol          it out of your pants pocket?”
got organized. Shortly after that the police department                                                   back to single action. You could
bought one of these for every patrol car.                                                                 have it in your pocket and you           In a flash Shafer answered , “I
                                                                                                          could shoot through your pocket          don’t wanna go there, I haven’t
More Tech Time - The Pocket Revolver                                                                      which the gun will fire in your          been there and I’m not gonna
Tom Shafer calls this gun a gun but just barely a gun.                                                    pocket.                                  there!!!”
He calls it the search for the ultimate pocket pistol. It
looks pretty strange but it’s just a J-frame Smith. In                                                    Of course it would set your pants        (Several ribald jokes and plenty of
Smith-Wesson frame sizes J is the smallest and for                                                        on fire. Shafer guesses that when        laughter followed.) SCRA meet-
years K was the middle frame. N was the biggest like                                                      you’re being robbed that’s kind of       ings are fun!
in 44 magnum. Several years ago they introduced an                                                        a secondary consideration. You
L-frame where they tried to split the difference between                                                  can put your pants out later. Sha-       Five shots with a round speed
the K-frame small and the N-frame large. So they have                                                     fer agrees that your pants on fire is    loader gave you ten shots, clearly
J, K, L and N frame. This was back when Smith only             Tom Shafer discusses this S & W            a threat to you but it’s not a lethal    not the fire power in a Glock like a
had two model numbers with every pistol, model 10,             Model 49 Centennial revolver               threat, at least if you’re smart         nineteen. In it’s day, when Shafer
model 15. This is the model 49 and it’s what Shafer                                                       enough to put your pants out later       bought this gun, Shafer is not giv-
calls Smith and Wesson’s continuing search for the                                                        and not leave them burning.              ing away his age, a brand new in
perfect pocket pistol.                                         So Smith had a pistol called the Cen-                                               the box J-frame Smith, $140. This
                                                               tennial or the lemon squeezer where        You could shoot through your             is a steel frame, they made an air
When you have a revolver you have an exposed ham-              the hammer was totally shrouded and        jacket and actually it solved the        weight which was an alloy frame
mer so if you have it in your jacket pocket or if you have     it was a revolver without a hammer.        problem, you were able to stop           but didn’t hold up to the plus p or
it in your pants pocket and you pull it out, the guy knows     The problem with that was, it was a        the lethal threat from the robber        even regular .38’s so it didn’t sell
you have a gun and he just shoots. So they tried to say        perfectly functional gun, perfectly safe   without ever displaying your fire-       but, if you had to carry it every day,
if you have it in your pocket, don’t pull it out, just shoot   and solved your pistol problem, but        arm. You literally just shot through     it was much lighter than the steel
it through your jacket pocket because if you try to pull       you could only shoot it double action      your jacket. Shafer has never            frame. Shafer couldn’t remember
it out, the hammer gets stuck, you’re fumbling around,         because you could not cock the pistol      done it. Go to the thrift store and      what model that was but the one
now you’ve been shot two or three times and you still          back like you do with an exposed ham-      buy a dollar jacket and try out your     he brought was the model 49, the
don’t have your pistol out. Apparently you should have         mer. You could cock it back to single      Bodyguard pistol and see if you          steel frame Bodyguard.
just given him your wallet is what the story of that was.      action for target work or for when you     can put your jacket pocket out be-
                                                               took an aimed shot like for pistol hunt-   cause it will set it on fire. Your gun   New York City, totally unavailable
                                                                                                          doesn’t jam. You can shoot one,          but at least 500 in New York City.
                                                                 TW                                       two, three, etc., this is a five-shot    Remember that the pocket pistols
                                                               LOC O                                      revolver. So you can shoot five          in the big cities, instant arrest, in-
                                                                  ATIO                                    shots and have a pocket pistol.          stant gun gone and you never get
                                                                              NS                                                                   it back and, of course if you were
                                                                                                                                                   able to buy one, it was probably
                                                                                                          Colt tried a similar deal. Remem-        double or sometimes triple the re-
                                             GET CASH                                                     ber the Colt Agent, the Colt Cobra       tail price. So, $140 J-frame Smith,

                                             PAYING TOP
                                                                                                          and the Colt Detective Special           those days are long gone. Shafer
   JEWELRY UNDER                                                                                          were Colt’s small frame six-shot         put the larger grips on it because
                                             DOLLAR                                                       .38 special which was a snub
                                                                                                          nosed, small-frame .38. They had
                                                                                                          an attachment, a shroud which
                                                                                                                                                   he says his skinny little fingers
                                                                                                                                                   shooting a small frame piece with
                                                                                                                                                   plus p ammunition, you can feel
                                             FOR YOUR GOLD                                                screwed onto the frame and it hid
                                                                                                          the hammer on those pistols.
                                                                                                                                                   it, it’s pretty stout. A simple gun,
                                                                                                                                                   absolutely foolproof, totally reliable
                                                          •    Scrap Gold                                                                          steel frame Smith for $140. That’s
                      , and
                , Sell !
                                                          •    Dental Gold                                So Smith tried the Centennial or         their attempt at the pocket pistol.
              uy                                                                                          the lemon squeezer which totally
         We B GUNS
                                                          •    Broken Jewelry                             enclosed the hammer. Colt left the       Shafer has never shot it out of his
              on           tory                           •    Diamond & Gold
                                                                                                          hammer open but would sell you           pocket. He doesn’t recommend it.
        L oan     ur                                           Jewelry
          k Out O
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 GunNews 8
                                                               and the 6 1/2-inch barrel was more popular with soldiers
                                                               because it more closely approximated a scaled down
                                                               1860 Army model. The 1860 Army was a 44 caliber.

                                                               The neat thing about this is it is one of the first revolv-
                                                               ers ever to show you a half fluted cylinder which has
                                                               become standard issue on most revolvers nowadays.
                                                               The 1862 Pocket Police was one of the first ones to do
                                                               that. They made a few of the 1860 Army’s and a few of
                                                               the 1862 Navy models with half fluted cylinders but this
                                                               is one that really made it big.

                                                               It fits the hand very nicely. Although the finish is very
                                                               light on it, there is very little pitting in the metal and, if
                                                               you cock it, it locks up silent. Davis said he would take
The museum-quality 1862 Pocket Police on display at            it to the range and shoot it this evening, that’s how
the September SCRA meeting. Miss a meeting, miss a             good of condition it’s in. It would be very impressive to
lot.                                                           shooting it this evening because if shoot about 15 and
                                                               25 grains of black powder in it. One thing need to know
Gun History - Phil Davis                                       about a cap and ball revolver, you always use an over-
                                                               sized ball. This is a 36 caliber, you want to use a .375
1862 Pocket Police                                             diameter ball. It will cut a ring of lead from around the
One SCRA member brought in and interesting gun, and            outside and you crush it down and put grease over the
Phil Davis gave the group the lowdown on it.                   top of it because the last thing you want to see is what’s       Phil Davis holding the .22 caliber Luger
                                                               called a chain fire or a multiple firing. It looks like a
The Colt 1862 Pocket Police .36 caliber 5 shot was             hand grenade goes off at your hand and it’s not far from
developed for the New York City Metropolitan Police            it. Davis has had it happen a few times with the 1860
Department. This was designed to fit in the flask pocket       Army’s. Luckily he was shooting blanks so it just looked         Civil War Cannister Shot
of a frock coat. The ones that were designed for the Met       like a ball of fire coming out of his hand. When you level       Davis showed three canister shot. Tom Shafer com-
PD had a five and one-half inch barrel and a lanyard           off you pull the trigger and not only the top one but the        mented that over in the military museum at Camp
ring screwed into the end of it.                               the ones to either side go off. Davis has had that hap-          Lincoln they have a tree trunk from a Civil War battle-
                                                               pen with a live ball and he has had it happen multiple           field that has been preserved and is filled with canister
This one was a private purchase for a soldier during the       times firing blanks at Civil War reenactments. When it           shot and with fragments of exploded cannon balls. It’s a
Civil War. He has the original holster for it. The finial is   goes off firing a live ball you know it because you get          fascinating slice of Civil War Americana but you can see
missing but other than that it is in very excellent shape      double recoil and when the second goes off when its              the penetrating power and the inertia that those con-
for being 150 years old. He has some of the history            about here so Lord only knows where that ball goes.              tained. Shafer said the name of the battle escaped him
for it. It belonged to one of the SCRA member’s great
                                                                                                                                but the tree trunk is the genuine article and is a visual
grandfather.                                                   With blanks, Davis has had someone else load his                 representation of what those do. It’s a free museum and
                                                               revolver for reenacting and they didn’t put enough wad-          everyone should go and check it out.
The gun is very well oiled and he has the history of the       ding on the top of it. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
man who carried it, Colt 1862 Pocket Revolver with             he looked like the Statute of Liberty, just a big ball of fire   .22 Luger
the serial number owned by James Marian Onion, of              coming out of his hand because he just wanted to get it          Also brought in for discussion was a .22 caliber Luger
Astoria, Illinois, born in 1832, died in 1928, enlisted        up and away.                                                     copied after the German P.O8. Actually this one
in the Woodstock State Militia in 1863. He was a first
                                                                                                                                particularly was copied very closely after the German
lieutenant. Most officers had to buy their own side arms       Davis was very impressed by the condition of this gun            P.O8 Black Forest Carbine because it’s got the wooden
at that time. He could have bought an 1851 Navy model          and the fact that is mechanically good. Most of the              checkered fore end on it. It also has the tangent adjust-
which is a 36 caliber, the most popular weapon of the          ones you see, kids have been using them to play cap              able rear sight. It’s got a thumb rest grip on it. This was
Civil War or he could have bought the 1860 Army which          gun in the 1920’s and 30’s and all the nipples for the           very neat. Most of the ones that Davis has seen had the
demand was so high at that time period that he would           percussion caps are usually supine flat. These are not.          four inch barrel just like the standard P.O8. Also they
have had a hard time getting it. The 62 Pocket Models          The holsters are usually covered in red rot which is             went to far as to put SAFE on there in German.
were available on the civilian market because the Met-         the death of leather. This one here is nice and soft and
ropolitan Police, Davis thinks, bought 500 of them. Colt       oiled. This is an excellent quality gun and the fact that        Davis said this gun is beautiful, a very nice one.
tooled up for us and they made a bunch of them. You’ll         he’s got the history behind it is fantastic. The gun is
find a lot of militia commanders and infantry command-         museum quality.                                                  Brent Harney treated members to a slide show with
ers who carried a side arm, bought the 62 Pocket Model
                                                                                                                                many interesting pictures from his latest tour in Iraq.

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                                                                             please support your organization by getting your car washed this weekend!
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                                                              CONCEALED CARRY                           by Denny Rogers
Part two of a two-part series                                 Verbal threats do not justify use of deadly force. There       legal. Kill a rapist once, he won’t ever become a serial
                                                              must be an overt act which indicates the assailant im-         rapist killer. Women should own a weapon.
Requirements are strict                                       mediately intends to carry out the verbal threat, and the
All states offering concealed carry licenses – and            person threatened must reasonably believe he will be           Our central Illinois gun groups are from every walk of
they are called licenses, not permits – are explicit in       killed, or suffer great bodily harm, if he doesn’t take the    life. The common denominator is we have a proven
requirements and responsibilities for license holders.        life of the adversary. Deadly force can legally be used        record of responsible citizenship, without felony records,
All states will do background checks to qualify appli-        in defense of others, such as an armed robbery, rape,          mental illness, legal or illegal addictions, or ever mis-
cants, or disqualify those with history of mental illness,    attempted murder, arson, or other forcible felonies.           used a gun, and proved it to Illinois State Police by the
domestic violence, criminal substance abuse, DUIs, or                                                                        fact that they investigated us, and issued us Firearms
felony convictions. Even the smallest of misdemeanors         A license holder can’t carry concealed firearms into           Owners Identification to purchase and use guns and
require accounting and disposition, signed off on by a        school grounds, schools, universities, any government          ammunition.
states attorney, judge, or clerk of the courts. Lying could   building, police stations, any type of sporting event,
bring a criminal charge against you, or your application      bars or taverns, depending on the different laws of each       The “nutcases“ are people who illegally own and misuse
and filing fee forfeited, with your name then flagged to      state.                                                         guns – junkies, armed robbers, rapists, gang bangers,
other states’ computers by the investigating state police                                                                    murderers, street punks. Our gun groups are made
agency.                                                       Alcohol consumption is a big red flag when armed, be-          up of folks who are in one way or another involved in
                                                              cause all states understand that alcohol and gunpowder         honest careers, either active or retired – police acad-
Some states require both state police and FBI back-           don’t mix. Under the wrong circumstance, state police          emy shooting instructors, federal agents, state, county,
ground checks by fingerprinting and facial photographs        will yank your license.                                        city police, firemen, judges, attorneys, doctors, grade
for records and licenses. All applicants are checked                                                                         and high school teachers, college professors, farmers,
for “wants and warrants.” And classes in gun law must         Carrying a concealed weapon is a serious responsibil-          hunters, business owners, every possible occupa-
be passed, and shooting range instruction through             ity, but does not make a person a freelance police-            tion or trade you can mention, both men and women.
a licensed firearms instructor – usually someone in           man, or a “ Good Samaritan.” Police receive advanced           Signatures on the Pro 2A Resolution identify us. We can
law enforcement – must be passed and certified by a           training and swear an oath to uphold the Constitution          throw a legal football, but we can’t guarantee there are
diploma.                                                      to preserve, protect, defend the people and the law.           lawyers out there with determination enough to run the
Only U.S. citizens will be given a license, due to obvious    License holders do not. They swear that the information        ball into the end zone.
Homeland Security concerns.                                   provided to police is true.
                                                                                                                             The Division in our Society
Only for Defense                                              This is just a short summary of some concealed carry           When I was 19, 44 years ago, I played my first major
A state license to carry concealed handguns is for lawful     laws. There are many more that I have not mentioned,           role in a legislative race and attended my first homicide
self defense only, not for any other purpose. Justifi-        and the penalties, fines, and sentencing for violations        and autopsy at request of authorities. Since then it’s
able use of force, including deadly force is spelled out      of concealed carry laws are severe. States can and will        been a blur of candidates and office holders ranging
clearly in each state’s laws and guidelines. There must       make an example out of a violator. In addition, com-           from House and Senate to mayors to sheriffs, and a
be a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm to         puter communication is back and forth state-to-state,          stream of blood from rape homicide, to thrill killing, to
you, with the presumption that the assailant’s intent is      so that if concealed carry license holders violate a law,      revenge murders, to pedophile homicide, to serial homi-
to use force or violence, or armed violence against you.      all states can learn of it, and an authorizing state will      cide, to psychosexual serial homicide. I’ve been called
The license holder is justified then in not retreating, and   revoke the license of the violator, pending the outcome        on by the authorities to use my art skills as a forensic
in standing his or her ground, and can meet force with        of the court proceedings. You’re invited to reapply and        artist.
force, when that force is necessary to prevent death,         retest if cleared, or will be flagged and refused applica-
great bodily harm, or the commission of a forcible felony     tion if convicted.                                             I’ve ghost written for every type of commercial business
to yourself or others.                                                                                                       in my advertising business, as well as writing for the
                                                              Who’s Really Pushing for Concealed Carry?                      candidates or office holders mentioned, including au-
Such a license creates immunity from prosecution by           The gun groups in Illinois promoting concealed carry           thoring position papers and speeches for the leadership
the state, if a law enforcement agency determines there       aren’t the nutcases liberals try to paint them as. When        in the Illinois House and Illinois Senate – all conserva-
is probable cause that the force used was lawful, under       liberals are losing an argument, with no facts on their        tives, without apology. I’ve been deputized under a res-
concealed carry legal guidelines, and necessary to            side, they resort to name calling, or invent facts, or carry   cue squad, 4 sheriffs and a coroner, and was authorized
preserve life, or prevent great bodily harm in a forcible     signs to promote their paranoia. I’ve enjoyed all their        to carry a gun, and did so quietly, simply because I’ve
felony. The identical laws apply to legal gun owners in       never ending dramas. Take Back The Night is one such           stood in autopsy rooms, and no one can tell me what
states that have the Castle Doctrine, which says that         totally useless, feel good effort to scare or educate men      that’s about.
a person’s body and property is his castle, and under         against abusing, raping, and killing women. The prob-
lethal assault, that person has no obligation to retreat.     lem is that few men who rape are at those mind expand-         I didn’t take a freshman university art course till I was
                                                              ing educational events. They’re sitting at home or in          23, even though I’d supported a family at commer-
Concealed carry laws dictate that a firearm be car-           bars, planning their next catch-me-if-you-can adventure.       cial art for 5 years. When I first stepped foot on the
ried out of the ordinary eyesight of another person.          Rape’s a no-conscience, very violent forcible felony, and      Illinois State University campus, it was immediately
Concealed firearms without a license is a felony, with a      the state defends the woman’s right to defend. But the         apparent to me that few held my views, and couldn’t,
prison term penalty.                                          nature of many women is that they’re concerned about           because no other art candidates or art professors
                                                              hurting a person badly, even though killing a rapist is        shared my experiences. But it’s from those experi-

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                                                                                                                                                  Education Center
                                                                                       Proud host & sponsor of the longest-running               We offer courses in Basic Shoot-
  Bloomington, IL 61704                            Open to the public!                NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the United States              ing Safety, DNR Hunting Courses,
                                                                                                                                                 Introduction To Defensive Pistol,
                                               •   Indoor pistol range
  309-379-4331                                 •   Outdoor ranges to 300 yards
                                                                                                                                                  Tactical Handgun, Skills & Drills
                                                                                                                                                    For The Handgun, Personal                             •   Trap                                                                                         Protection Course, NRA Police/Se-
                                               •   Skeet                                                                                         curity Instructor Class, Mastering
   Directions:                                 •   International Skeet                                                                          The Handgun, Advanced Handgun,
   West of Bloomington, Illinois, take         •   Sporting Clays                                                                                  Close Quarters Pistol For The
   Route 9 West 5 miles from I-55/74 to        •   Classroom                                                                                    Street, Stress Management Under
   road marked 750E. Turn left and go          •   Full service gun shop                                                                          Fire, Threat Management, NRA
   south for 2.3 miles to road marked          •   Class III                                                                                     Law Enforcement/Security Hand-
   1175N. Turn right and go west for           •   NRA Firearm Courses                                                                            gun & Shotgun Class, and, the
   1.3 miles. Darnall’s Gun Works and          •    Youth shooting programs                                                                     Judicious Use of Lethal Force and
   Shooting Ranges is on the right.            •   Advanced firearm training                                                                          more! Call us for details!

 GunNews 10
                 CONCEALED CARRY                              continued                                Concealed Weapons License Service
                                                                                                        Want to travel the country, yet be as safe as possible? I can help.
ences that I’ve formed my opinions.           worked for him, justified his actions,                                Send a cashiers check or money order to:
                                              and allowed him to sleep at night. “ I                                Conceal Carry Service
My views on issues and politics have          will not be wronged. I will not be laid
never been popular on university              a hand on. I will not be made fun of.
                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 5786
campuses. ISU Art Department kept             I don’t do these things to others, and                              Bloomington, IL 61702-5786
me around, I’m convinced, as a token          I require the same of them.” That                            You’ll receive your choice of a CD or Hard Copy Packet with
                                                                                                      Applications, Fees and Contact Information for 48 states on how to get
conservative. I thought business              was 1800’s America. Today the laws
                                                                                                                             concealed carry licenses.
related thoughts and conservative po-         prevent that philosophy. In our modern
                                                                                                     The CD is $25 + $5 S&H. Hardcopy Packet is $50 + $8 S&H.
litical thoughts, but avoided speaking        day society, to a concealed carry
                                                                                                                      Do not send cash or personal checks.
them or committing to print, because          license holder I know, their simplified
doing so created challenges to the            belief is “ I will not be laid a hand on.”
anointed political art professors’ turf,      As long as a violent predator under-
who dominated departmental politics,          stands that simple thought process,
and therefore art. Shakespeare said           and the support that serious philoso-
it best when writing of Julius Caesar’s       phy has in law, no predator need ever
thoughts on spare Cassius. “Let me            fear a concealed carry license holder.
have men about me who are fat. Sleek          If there were no predators among us,
headed men, and such that sleep o’            there wouldn’t even be the issue of
nights. Yon Cassius has that lean and         concealed carry.
hungry look. Such men are danger-
ous. They think too much.” Thinking           Concealed carry license holders have
out loud can create problems for many         a proven lifetime history of not abusing
advanced thinkers on a university             people, and they require the same of
campus, if the thinking doesn’t exactly       others. Mankind’s fundamental human
mirror the thinking of the majority. The      right and foremost civil right is the right
majority of thought on campuses within        of self preservation against violent
the creative departments, in my experi-       attack by those who do not respect
ence, has always been from liberal to         the sanctity of life, and lives will be for-
far left politics and mindsets.               feited of violent predators who do not
                                              understand it. And trust me, the con-
To think at Summa Cum Laude level             cealed carry license holders I know,
is admired among academicians as              and there are many, are the most
long as the thinking is acceptable to         serious people about living unharmed
university mass thinking. My present          you’ll ever meet.
thinking and outspoken support for gun
issues, among my liberal academician          Concealed carry isn’t a Democrat
friends and former Illinois State Uni-        or Republican issue. It’s a right and
versity faculty colleagues who promote        wrong, life and death issue.
free thought with free speech, obvi-          All the concealed carry advocates ask
ously means I’m in the minority among         of Illinois is the right of self defense for

academicians. 40 years in the commu-          themselves and families, an opportu-
nity, and 20 years on the ISU campus,         nity to live out a natural life, or not be
and nothing’s really changed between          injured, by the legal means of meeting
we polar opposites, because I think           force with force against violent preda-
conservative thoughts beyond liberal          tors throughout Illinois, a right guaran-
campus dogma, and have the audac-             teed us by our founders in America’s                                                          • Reloading equipment

ity to put those thoughts in print, for all   founding documents.                                                                             & supplies
the liberal academic world to see. And                                                                                                      • Firearms
the same battle goes on among faculty         But don’t listen to this uppity artist                                                        • Consignment firearms!
everywhere.                                   analyzing complicated affairs of state.                                                          SAVE MONEY!
                                              Talk to homicide detectives, coroners,                                                        • Ammunition
With four published books marketed            and pathologists anywhere in America                                                          • Clay targets
worldwide and a fifth at another pub-         about their daily victims to decide your
                                                                                                                                            • Gunsmithing
lisher dealing with multiple opinion is-      position on this issue. If I’d studied                  1868E CR 1600N
                                                                                                                                            • Gun safes
sues counter to liberal thought, I’ve be-     law instead of DaVinci, Michelangelo.                   Urbana, Illinois                      • More coming soon!
come that spare Cassius because I’ve          Caravaggio, Bernini, Carracci, Illinois-
spent my entire life up at night thinking,    ans would’ve pursued concealed carry                    (217) 469-8000
while the rest of my community sleeps.        after the first few senseless murders
Just look what thoughts will do.              and autopsies of the defenseless I was         On Rt. 150 in Mayview, just east of              Authorized Dealer
                                              called upon by authorities to attend as
A Simple Philosophy that Works                forensic artist or visual reconstruction-      Urbana... look for the big yellow                      Beretta
John Wayne’s character in The Shoot-          ist, most of my lifetime ago.                  building!                                           Caesar Guerini
ist had a simplified philosophy that
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                                                                                                  We’re not just shotguns anymore!
                                                                                                                                                                              GunNews 11
 North of I-80 NEWS                                                    News and Information from the Chicagoland               Chicago Police Applicants:
                                                                       area.                                                   Got a rap sheet? No problem!
                                                                                                                               Chicago (Sun-Times) - Some were rejected from subur-
  Brought to you by Guns Save
                                                                                                                               ban police departments.
NRA sues to enforce lifting gun ban
Chicago (UPI) -- The National Rifle Association says            Fear and Loathing in Lake County                               Others sold cocaine and smoked pot.
it’s going to court to force communities to accept a U.S.
Supreme Court ruling to allow guns at home for self-
                                                                Anti-gunners say the 2nd Amendment                             A few were thieves.
defense.                                                        supports criminals and the insane                              Others are related
                                                                                                                               to crooks. One
The NRA has filed at least four lawsuits since the high         (The above is a good descriptive headline from the             was even a gang
court in June struck down a handgun band in Wash-               ISRA web site, Here’s the story they linked          member.
ington, which is a federal district, USA Today reported         to, from the News-Sun.)
Thursday.                                                                                                                      They’re among
                                                                September 13, 2008 (                         dozens of people
Some communities since have repealed their handgun              WAUKEGAN -- Anti-gun forces counterattacked last               restored to the
bans, while others are waiting to see if the ruling applies     month’s proposal to the Lake County Board to support           Chicago Police
only to federal districts or to state and local govern-         Second Amendment rights.                                       Department’s hir-
ments as well, USA Today reported.                                                                                             ing list after they
                                                                The inalienable right to live a safe life trumps the right     were found unfit to
“There is going to be a lot of litigation on this,” said Den-   of any individual to own any and every kind of weapon,         become cops.
nis Henigan, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to              the speakers fired back in public comments to the board
Prevent Gun Violence.                                           Tuesday.                                                       The Chicago Sun-Times explored a little-known appeals
                                                                                                                               process for police applicants blackballed because of
The NRA lawsuits include the San Francisco Hous-                The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down          problems in their backgrounds.
ing Authority and Chicago, Oak Park and Evanston,               local gun bans also stated that with the right to bear
Ill. Evanston ended its handgun ban last month but is           arms comes the responsibility to “keep guns out of the         Of 221 who appealed, 79 people were returned to the
considering reinstating it because a law firm has offered       hands of criminals and insane individuals who will do          hiring list by the city’s Human Resources Board be-
to defend the city at no cost, said Evanston Alderman           harm and destruction on our communities,” said Tom             tween 2005 and 2007, records show.
Steve Bernstein.                                                Vandenberg of Highland Park.
                                                                                                                               One-hundred twenty-eight were kept off the hiring list
                                                                Last month, a large group of gun-rights supporters pe-         and another 14 withdrew their appeals.
                                                                titioned the board to pass a “Pro-Second Amendment”
Blue Island Gun buyback shut down                               resolution that opposes the enactment of any legislation       Many of those returned to the hiring list are related to
after 30 minutes                                                infringing upon gun ownership and possession.                  current or retired cops who spoke on their behalf. Three
September 7, 2008 (                                                                                          times, aldermen successfully went to bat for rejected
                                                                “The purpose for this plea ... is to continue to market        applicants.
Blue Island police shut down a “Turn in Your Gun Day”           guns in the secondary marketplace,” Vandenberg said.
Saturday organized by a mayoral hopeful.                        “We know it as the black market. If you do not have            The appeals process was originally designed to prevent
                                                                sensible gun regulations, people buy guns and sell             racial bias in hiring, but none of the appeals reviewed
Tommy Brown, 38, offered $100 for every gun turned in           them ... and they sell them to whom? ...It’s the young         by the Sun-Times alleged discrimination.
from 9 a.m. to noon at the Redemption Theater, 12952            gangbangers, it’s the criminals who then use them on
S. Western Ave.                                                 our community. We must protect ourselves from that             Former Police Supt. Phil Cline, who retired last year,
                                                                invasion of our personal rights.”                              fought unsuccessfully to remove the Human Resources
Brown, who has lived in the city his entire life, said he’s                                                                    Board from police hiring decisions.
doing what he thinks is best.                                   Meredith Woods Potter of Buffalo Grove said, “There is
                                                                no need for the County Board to jump on a legislative          “I remember I had people that we said we did not want
“I’m doing what I feel is proactive to get the guns off the     bandwagon that is resulting from the recent Supreme            to hire -- and they [the Human Resources Board] told us
streets,” Brown said. “Today we have taken nine guns            Court ruling” because of existing state and federal            to put them on the list and hire them. Some of those of-
off the streets of Blue Island.”                                regulations.                                                   ficers did not do well at all,” said retired Chicago Police
                                                                                                                               Cmdr. Brad Woods, who ran the department’s person-
John Castilla, a friend and business partner of Brown,          “As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, I am          nel division under Cline and former Supt. Terry Hillard.
said he helped raise $10,000 for the event. Castilla            concerned about any legislation that would make it less
hoped to collect 100 guns.                                      safe for our children in this county,” she said. “I am con-    Woods said the department tried to block the hiring
                                                                cerned about the unlawful use of firearms that results         of officers with gang associations or minor crimes like
However, Blue Island Police Chief Douglas Hoglund               daily in innocent people being killed. I am concerned          petty theft or drug possession in their backgrounds --
shut down the event just 30 minutes after it began.             when criminals, drug dealers and convicts can buy guns         only to be overruled by the Human Resources Board.
Hoglund said the building didn’t have a business license        with the explicit intention of harming others.”
and no one authorized by a law enforcement agency                                                                              “If you have a tendency to steal or commit a theft, there
was there to take possession of the traded-in guns.             Michael Knight of Vernon Hills described the pro-              is a chance you will do that again. You are not honest. .
                                                                Second Amendment resolution as an ambush on the                . . They might be fine to work at Home Depot, but they
“Any transfer of firearms that doesn’t go to a state            Constitution’s objective to promote the general welfare        should not have a job carrying a gun and being exposed
agency is a Class 1 felony,” Hoglund said.                      by jeopardizing public safety.                                 to all the opportunities [for misconduct] on the street,”
                                                                                                                               Woods said.
Brown was warned beforehand by the city not to
conduct the firearm trade-in event, but he went ahead
                                                                            Support the Second
                                                                           Amendment Resolution!                                    Concealed Carry Training
                                                                                                                                          by David “Andy” Boutwell
      CHUCK’S GUN SHOP                                                           Lake County
                                                                                                                              Training classes to satisfy the Florida non-resident carry
                  14310 S Indiana Ave                                           Board meeting                                               permit training requirement.
             (between 143rd St & 144th St)
                   Riverdale, IL 60827                                           October 14th                                                For more information, visit:

                     (708) 849-4455                                                 9 a.m.                                       
                                                                                                                                            or call 630-400-1966
                                                                                  BE THERE                                                  for class information
 GunNews 12
GunNews 13
  The                                                                          IN JAIL HE SITS                             Intruder’s actions net him painful un-
  Armed                                                                        FOR HIS CRIME
                                                                               I HAD THE GUN
                                                                                                                           wanted perforations
                                                                                                                           Greenville, SC ( -- Greenville County

                                                                                                                           deputies said they are investigating a home invasion
                                                                              HE DOES THE TIME                             that ended with an exchange of gunfire between the
                                                                Muncie, IN (Muncie Star Press) -- A convicted burglar      resident of the home and the burglar.
  True stories of firearms used by law abiding Ameri-           made a mistake when he returned to the scene of his
  cans to save innocent life.                                   latest crime, city police said.                            The break-in happened at 669 Rutherford Road at
                                                                                                                           the Magnolia Place Apartments just before 5:30 a.m.
Kentucky homeowner stops trio cold                              Michael E. Boykin, 50, Muncie, allegedly was making        Wednesday.
Lexington, KY (Herald-Leader) - Lexington police have           his second trip of the day into the home of Mike Angel,
made an arrest in a burglary that turned fatal Wednes-          in the 2100 block of West Jackson Street, on Sunday        Investigators said someone forced their way into one of
day morning at an apartment complex near Hamburg                night when the homeowner, armed with a gun, appre-         the apartments. They said once the burglar was inside,
Pavilion.                                                       hended the intruder and held him until police arrived.     the resident of the apartment opened fire, hitting the
                                                                Advertisement                                              burglar twice.
Reginald Laron Jones, 24, of Lexington has been
charged with first-degree burglary.                             When Angel had returned to his home earlier in the eve-
                                                                ning, he found the back door open and several items
                                                                                                                           Homeowner bought gun after earlier crime
Police say he was one of three people, including a man          -- including a window air conditioner, two guitars, two
who was killed by a male resident in the apartment and          mountain bicycles and a shop vac -- gone.                  Homeowner bags masked intruder
a female, who charged into the apartment Wednesday                                                                         Fayetteville, NC (WRAL) — A Fayetteville man says
morning.                                                        Angel spoke to neighbors who told him two men had          he fired shots at two would-be robbers, fatally shooting
                                                                carried his belongings out of his house and loaded them    one, Friday night.
                                                                into a truck.
                                                                                                                           Richard J. Opdenhoff said he and his wife were sitting
Woman resident repels four invaders                                                                                        with their dogs in their living room watching TV shortly
Chiscago County, MN (Star-Tribune) - Charges are                Angel reported the break-in to police and was ready, a
                                                                couple of hours later, when the pickup pulled up to his    before 11 p.m. when two masked men invaded his
expected to be filed today against four people arrested                                                                    home and attempted to rob them at gunpoint.
in connection with a residential burglary over the week-        house, just south of the Ball State University campus,
end in Chisago County, said Capt. Keith Hoppe of the            for a second time.
                                                                                                                           Opdendhoff, who had access to his gun, said he fired
Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.                                                                                           three to five shots at the men, hitting one of them. The
                                                                A man later identified as Boykin was going through
                                                                Angel’s bedroom when the armed victim confronted the       other assailant got away.
Authorities are still looking for a fifth suspect, a 22-year-
old man from Rush City, who also is expected to be              intruder.
                                                                                                                           Fayetteville police identified the alleged assailant as
charged, Hoppe said.                                                                                                       Alton Jeffery McCrimmon, 23. He died in a neighbor’s
                                                                “I screamed at him and told him to get on the ground,”
                                                                said Angel, who then called police again.                  yard, investigators said.
According to Hoppe, four men kicked in the front and
back doors to gain entry to a house on the 52000 block                                                                     Opdenhoff said he has been on edge since the April
of Government Road in Rushseba Township. The hom-               Neighbors also identified Boykin as one of the burglars
                                                                involved in the earlier break-in, and the Muncie man       shooting death of his stepdaughter, Jessica Cahoon,
eowner was sleeping when the burglars came calling at                                                                      who was shot in the head by assailants who ambushed
2 a.m. Friday. She grabbed a 9 millimeter handgun and           was preliminarily charged with burglary. He was being
                                                                held without bond Tuesday in the Delaware County jail.     her and her boyfriend who were returning from a birth-
fired two rounds, but didn’t hit anybody, authorities said.                                                                day party.
The suspects fled to a car parked on Government Road            Police Lt. Al Williams said a second suspect was being
                                                                sought in the case. Authorities have reported a recent     He said he bought the gun out of fear the assailants
and fled. Shortly after deputies arrested the car driver,                                                                  would harm her boyfriend or other family members.
a 19-year-old woman from Pine City, along with a 32-            increase in house burglaries near the BSU campus.
year-old man and an 18-year-old man, both from Rush
City, Hoppe said.                                               Angel was glad his neighbors were looking out for him,
                                                                and said homeowners had to be cautious and take care       Butcher knife no match for 12-ga.
On Sunday, authorities arrested a fourth suspect, a 20-         of their property.                                         Augusta, GA (WRDW) - Investigators tell News 12 an
year-old man from Pine City. They were in the Chisago                                                                      18-year-old with a butcher knife was trying to get into a
County Jail on Monday morning.                                  Boykin has been convicted of burglary six times, ac-       house on the 14 hundred block of Wrightsboro Road.
                                                                cording to court records. His most recent convictions
Hoppe said at least one of the suspects had been                -- for break-ins at two homes just east of the campus in   Deputies say the homeowner shot the intruder in the left
acquainted with the homeowner. He surmised that the             2003 -- resulted in an eight-year prison term in 2004.     leg with a 12-gauge shotgun.
motive for the break-in was money.
                                                                He was released from prison in March 2007, according       The teen is recovering at MCG. At this time no charges
                                                                to state Department of Correction records.                 have been filed.
Order of protection fails, gun doesn’t.
Jonesville, TN (Kingsport Times-News) — A Lee County
man who was found guilty Friday of violating a protec-          Houston carry licensee fires true,                         Young predatory thug gets popped
tive order for the third time and sentenced to a year           leaves armed robber DRT                                    Jackson, MS (WLBT) - A would be burglar gets more
in jail was indicted on his fourth alleged violation by a       Houston (Chronicle) - The fatal shooting of a robbery      than he bargains for while breaking into a West Jackson
grand jury on Monday.                                           suspect by a clerk at a southwest Houston cellular         home the 600 block of Hillsdale Drive off Clinton
                                                                phone store will be referred to a Harris County grand      Boulevard.
Donald Robert Tomlinson, 29, Route 1, Box 171-D, was            jury without charges, police said Tuesday.
charged in June with the most recent violation after he                                                                    A homeowner on Hillsdale Drive was still in bed around
allegedly waited at his estranged wife’s residence for          The shooting happened shortly before 7 p.m. Monday         9:00 a.m. when a burglar woke him from his sleep.
her to return from an outing with other members of her          after the man entered the T-Mobile store in the 7500
family. Authorities have said once she arrived Tomlinson        block of the Southwest Freeway and pointed a pistol at     “Once he heard Mr. Moore attempt to break into the
confronted his wife, and after seeing Tomlinson attack          two employees, police said.                                home he retrieved a weapon and fired a shot striking
the woman, knock her to the ground and begin choking                                                                       Mr. Moore,” said Jackson Police Lt. Jeffery Scott.
her, her brother shot him in the leg.                           A third employee, who is licensed to carry a concealed
                                                                handgun, confronted the man and the two exchanged          Eighteen year old Lorenzo Moore was shot once in
The brother was not charged, but Tomlinson was                  shots, investigators said.                                 the arm. He fled the home and was taken by private
charged with violating the protective order as well as                                                                     vehicle to University Medical Center. One neighbor we
assault and battery of a family member. The grand jury          The robbery suspect died at the scene. The employee        spoke to believes the homeowner should have taken
returned true bills on both charges Monday.                     was not injured.                                           further action. “He shouldn’t have just wounded him.
                                                                                                                           He should have killed him dead,” said Thelma Moore,
                                                                                                                           no relation to the accused burglar.

 GunNews 14
                                                                                                                  Arrest outside site of Obama rally spurs
     Open Carry News                                                                                              lawsuit
                                                                                                                  Beaver, PA (Beaver County Times) - John Noble said he’s
                                                                                                                  openly worn a handgun while attending the annual Maple
                                                                                                                  Syrup Festival in Bradys Run Park.
Open carry harassment yields nice payday
                 $10,000 settlement from Norfolk, VA                                                              ...The Industry man said he’s never been confronted by
                                                                                                                  police over his habit of wearing a holstered pistol on his
Norfolk, VA (GSL) - Dan Moore of Norfolk, VA has re-      tridge and complimentary bruises on his wrists from
                                                                                                                  waist — that is until Aug. 29.
ceived a $10,000 settlement from the City of Norfolk,     the handcuffs.
VA following two incidents of the local police there
                                                                                                                  Noble’s arrest at the Barack Obama campaign rally at
accosting him for merely open-carrying a 1911-style       Following a dissatisfactory disposition on official
                                                                                                                  Beaver’s Irvine Park has raised questions about gun rights.
pistol on his person. Open carry is perfectly legal in    complaints against the officers and subsequent
Virginia.                                                 stonewalling by the city, Mr. Moore retained and
                                                                                                                  “There was no disturbance until (law enforcement) made
                                                          attorney and filed suit. The settlement from the city
                                                                                                                  one,” Noble said.
According to Mr. Moore, who posted his side of the        was signed and approved on July 24, 2008.
story on Open, he was waiting outside a
                                                                                                                  Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said the
bank in Norfolk on June 29, 2007 when police rolled       Open filed a FOIA request and was de-
                                                                                                                  issue isn’t whether Noble was legally carrying a gun. State
up and held him at gun-point and later handcuffed         livered the settlement agreement and a copy of the
                                                                                                                  police said Noble did not violate the state’s open carry law,
him. No arrests were made,                                check issued to Mr. Moore and his attorney.
                                                                                                                  under which you don’t need a permit to carry a weapon in
                                                                                                                  plain sight.
Four days later, while picking up the same friend
after work at the same location, Norfolk police again
                                                                                                                  Instead, Berosh said, it’s a battle between two constitution-
detained Mr. Moore. Responding officers tried to
                                                                                                                  al rights: The right to bear arms and the right to assemble
ban Mr. Moore from the public street but relented
                                                                                                                  peaceably and without fear.
when he laughed at their suggestion that he was
banned from a public sidewalk on a public street.
                                                                                                                  “No constitutional right pre-empts the other,” Berosh said.
Officers returned Mr. Moore’s gun, minus one car-
                                                                                                                  Berosh said Noble did not have the right to alarm anyone
                                                                                                                  around him attending the Barack Obama rally in Irvine

Open carry arrest yields nice payday                                                                              While Noble’s intentions might not have been sinister,
                                                                                                                  Berosh said, “The people who don’t know him don’t know
        $ undisclosed settlement from Gonzales, LA                                                                that.”
Gonzales, LA (WBRZ) - Mark Marchiafava says he’s
                                                                                                                  Noble’s arrest at the Obama rally has set off controversy.
earned the right to wear his .357-caliber Magnum
                                                                                                                  Gun right advocates say Noble’s rights were stepped on,
pistol in a hip holster in Gonzales.
                                                                                                                  while others say Noble should have known better than to
                                                                                                                  take a gun to a presidential campaign rally.
And, he says at a local mall, city residents paid him
to demonstrate that right.
                                                                                                                  Noble said he had no ill intent and that Obama’s constitu-
                                                                                                                  tional rights didn’t take precedence over his.
“I wish the taxpayers of Gonzales knew just how
much money it is,” the 55-year-old Marchiafava adds.
                                                                                                                  THE INCIDENT
In January 2006, the longtime Baton Rouge resident
                                                                                                                  Noble was standing in McIntosh Park, next to Irvine Park,
was at the same mall, wearing the same pistol, when
                                                                                                                  when people noticed that he was packing a gun in a holster
a Gonzales police officer asked him why he was car-
                                                                                                                  and notified sheriff’s deputies.
rying a gun.
                                                                                                                  After a brief confrontation Noble was taken into custody,
Marchiafava says he told the officer that non-felons
                                                                                                                  and his gun, a Glock 9mm, was confiscated. He was ques-
can legally carry firearms that are not concealed.
                                                                                                                  tioned by state police and released.
That exchange led to Marchiafava’s arrest on a count
                                                                                                                  Deputies and state police have said Noble did not threaten
of illegal carrying of a weapon. The arrest led to an
                                                                                                                  anyone with the gun, and it remained in his holster until it
hours-long stay at the Ascension Parish Prison.
                                                                                                                  was confiscated. The gun hasn’t been returned yet.
But the case later was dismissed, and Marchiafava’s
                                                                                                                  THE FALLOUT
bond and weapon were returned to him.
                                                          Mark Marchiatava poses outside the mall where he        On Friday, state police charged Noble with one count each
Marchiafava didn’t let the dispute fade away. He
                                                          was unlawfully arrested in 2006. “As I posed (armed)    of disorderly conduct and disrupting meetings and proces-
sued for violation of his constitutional right to bear
                                                          for a picture in front of the same store, an unmarked   sions.
arms. The city recently settled the case by paying
                                                          Gonzales cop car came cruising by. We had to wait
Marchiafava an undisclosed amount of money.
                                                          for him to pass to snap the picture.”                   State police wrote in a criminal complaint that they think
                                                                                                                  Noble intended to disrupt the rally, because he posted a
“I can’t disclose any client confidences,” said Bradley
                                                                                                                  message on a Web site just before the rally telling people
C. Myers, a Baton Rouge attorney for the Gonzales
                                                           “It’s not the people who are openly carrying weap-     to “bring their guns and Bibles.”
Police Department. “The details are confidential, not
                                                          ons that you need to worry about,” Marchiafava said.
the fact of the settlement.”
                                                          “It’s the people who carry concealed guns that you      State police said Noble put others around him in fear for
                                                          need to be concerned about.”                            their safety and that law enforcement agents had to aban-
...“All of this could have been avoided,” Marchiafava
                                                                                                                  don their posts at the Obama rally to deal with Noble.
said. “I kept telling them: ‘Don’t arrest me.’”
                                                          Marchiafava said he remains concerned that some-
                                                          one else may someday be arrested under similar          State police did say that Noble did not illegally possess his
After his arrest, Marchiafava said, Police Chief Bill
                                                          circumstances because: “In Gonzales, the law is         weapon.
Landry told other people: “‘We have a policy of ar-
                                                          whatever the cops say it is.”
resting anybody carrying any type of firearm without
                                                                                                                  Federal authorities said they would not file charges against
a concealed-gun permit.’
                                                                                                                  Noble because he did not enter Irvine Park. To do so, he
                                                                                                                  would have had to pass through a metal detector.

                                                                                                                                                                  GunNews 15
                                                                            Freedom’s Forum
                                                        Mail Bag
              Dear Guns Save Life:                                                                                                             GunNews Magazine
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              Susan Darnall
              NRA Camp Director

                                                                          As a Good Guy sees it

THE WRONG QUESTION                                            around pools. I don’t feel like I can relax anymore when       put on in TV dramas, and at the movies!
                                                              around water, because I no longer trust the Life guards
By Paul H. Vallandigham                                       will be paying attention and doing their jobs.                   Massad Ayoob wrote his book, In the Gravest Ex-
                                                                                                                             treme, a classic work on Self Defense issues, that a gun
I have been often told by self defense students, particu-     You can take courses to learn Cardiopulmonary Resus-           is just another tool that you can employ in the correct
larly when the sign up for the class, or on the first day     citation( CPR) and be certified. The life you save may         circumstances- a “ Lethal Force Option of least resort”--
of the classes, that “I don’t think I can shoot anyone!”,     be that of a loved one. I had the opportunity of begin-        to save innocent life. He compares a handgun to a Fire
followed by the observation that “I don’t know why I am       ning CPR on a man who had collapsed in the Cham-               Extinguisher- which I have discussed above- both being
even taking this course.”                                     paign County Courthouse, but was pushed aside by               tools that you employ to save innocent life until trained
                                                              Ambulance personnel, just as I began. They slapped an          Professionals arrive and take over the job. By learning
This question has bothered me for years--- not because        oxygen mask on the man, when he was not breathing,             these life-saving skills, learning how to shoot, and how
I can’t answer it quickly for the student, and convince       and did nothing to get his heart and respiration go-           to, as well as when to, employ a handgun in an emer-
them to the contrary-- but because so many students           ing. The man was pronounced dead at the Emergency              gency to preserve Innocent life, you will gain the moral
ask the question. Am I really ever going to be able to        Room. Next time, I will be all over the medics, if I see       courage to do so without hesitation, or shame.
use a gun to shoot someone?                                   them killing their patient like that again.
                                                                                                                              Hurting someone, or killing them, is never something
It is the wrong question.                                     You can take courses to learn how to fight fires, with fire    any of us wants to do. But while we may regret having
                                                              extinguishers, water, and other things. I have attacked        had to do so, there is no shame in stopping someone
Its wrong because there is NO morality contained in the       two separate car fires in my life- in other’s cars, with the   who is intent on imminently hurting or killing an innocent
question. It’s as if the student is imagining himself as a    fire extinguisher I routinely carry in my car. I attacked      person. That person you shoot is a criminal- both le-
homicidal maniac, killing people at random, for abso-         another fire with a shovel, and dirt, because I didn’t         gally, and morally, and when he crosses those lines, HE
lutely no reason at all, or for all the wrong reasons. It’s   have a fire extinguisher in the car.                           CAUSES whatever fate God has planned for him.
as if the student totally discounts all the moral training
they have received during their upbringing, and that the                                                                     Of course, after you see that his victims are going to
gun is automatically becoming this irresistible Impulse,      You can take first aid courses, and become a Emer-             survive, then you need to also attend to him, if he is still
totally beyond their control.                                 gency Services agency volunteer, so that you can be            present. Call for assistance as soon as possible. Attend
                                                              of help whenever there is a local disaster. These skills       to him only if you can do so without putting yourself at
The Vast majority of people are not raised to be murder-      can also be used at home, work, or anywhere else you           risk. Remember that he may still be armed, and he may
ers, killing people without lawful reason, without any        are that other people are also. You never know when            still be deadly, even if on the ground.
sense of wrong doing, or shame. You might get that            someone needs help to survive. You will be trained how
idea reading crime reports and murder statistics, but the     to treat simple wounds, serious wounds, shock, poison-         We have all seen the police kick guns away from the
number of people involved in this kind of illegal behavior    ings, and other trauma.                                        hands of the bad guys on the ground, or step on their
is a very small percentage of the whole population.                                                                          wrists to keep them from using the gun while the officer
                                                              Learn the Heimlicher maneuvre, so that you can save            takes the gun from his hand. Also note, again, that dur-
In my Five Rules of Gunfighting, the Fifth Rule is that       someone who is choking on food. I have done that a             ing any such maneuver, there is either someone else
you should remember that: You are shooting to protect         couple of times.                                               present with a gun covering the man on the ground,
innocent life, not to kill.                                                                                                  and ready to shoot him again, or the lone officer has his
                                                              Learn to drive a car, and get your driver’s license, so        gun trained on the suspect while he removes the gun.
The proper question my students- and all gun owners-          that you can drive someone to emergency rooms for              ANY TIME YOU GET WITHIN REACH OF A SUSPECT,
must ask themselves, is: “ DO I have the courage to do        medical help if calling an ambulance is not an option.         YOU PUT YOURSELF AT RISK OF BEING ATTACKED,
whatever is necessary to save Innocent life( including                                                                       DISARMED, AND YOUR GUN USED AGAINST YOU.
my own)???” Courage is a function of personal Char-           All of these skills I have discussed are ways to test          If you are not trained ,or sure of yourself, in disarming
acter. You only learn how much courage you have when          yourself before a crisis occurs, so you are comfortable        a downed suspect, then take cover, and watch the sus-
you test yourself. Obviously, if you are a moral person,      with your decision-making ability to DO THE RIGHT              pect from the safety of that cover, with your gun trained
there is No testing yourself by killing innocent people.      THING. That is what saves Innocent life.                       on him until police help arrives.
That is murder. But, you can test yourself by learning to
save lives.                                                   I once was honored to present an award to an Urbana            For Instructors, I think its important to make sure
                                                              man, who happened on a bus/motor cycle accident,               students understand the difference between themselves
You can become a good enough swimmer, for instance,           where the cyclist was hemorrhaging badly from a wound          and criminals when it comes to using deadly force in
to go on and be trained and certified as a Life Guard.        to his femur. People from the bus were standing around         self defense. Dispelling students of asking the wrong
I was a Life Guard in high school, and had 8 saves            and just watching this poor man bleeding to death. He          question as quickly as possible will go along way to
before I left school. I had another the next year at a mu-    took off his belt, and put a tourniquet around the man’s       helping them become better students, and to focus their
nicipal pool in Canton, Illinois. My current total remains    leg to stop the bleeding, and saved the man’s life. Be-        efforts on their training, rather those former concerns
at 9, mostly because I have not spent a lot of time           fore the ceremony, I learned that he had never received        about becoming a “killer”.
                                                              any First Aid Training, and had only seen tourniquets
 GunNews 16
                                                            Commentary from around the nation

National Democrats to gun owners: ‘The party is over’
By Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman                             like closing the gun show loophole, improving our               by millions of Americans who have harmed nobody.
(Idaho Examiner) - Breaking up is so hard to do. Judg-        background check system and reinstating the assault
ing from the Democratic Party platform, remarks from          weapons ban…”                                                   The proverbial last straw for the firearms community
presidential nominee Barack Obama and his selection                                                                           was Obama’s remark during his acceptance speech
of anti-gun Sen. Joseph Biden as a running mate, the          Gun owners know that the ten-year “ban” on so-called            that “The reality of gun ownership may be different for
long, transparent courtship of gun owners by Democrats        “assault weapons” – which included more than 200                hunters in rural Ohio than for those plagued by gang-
is over and instead of a goodbye kiss, there was a slap       types of commonly-owned firearms – had no measur-               violence in Cleveland, but don’t tell me we can’t uphold
in the face; the political approximation of a domestic        able impact on violent crime, and that reinstating it is        the Second Amendment while keeping AK-47s out of
assault.                                                      all about symbolism rather than substance. They know            the hands of criminals.”
                                                              that gun shows are the source of less than one percent
It was inevitable. After Democrats lost Congress in 1994      of guns used by violent criminals. They know anti-gun-          The “reality” is that gun rights are the same for every-
because their actions brought legions of angry gun own-       ners believe “common-sense laws” include licensing,             one, no matter where they live. And gun owners know
ers to the polls, the party re-packaged its rhetoric and      registration and a surrender of the “right to carry” to the     from experience that Democrats falsely believe that the
tried to sell itself as a friend of the Second Amendment.     discretionary whims of police chiefs and sheriffs.              only way to keep guns away from criminals is to oppres-
American gun owners, who are increasingly becoming                                                                            sively regulate gun ownership for everyone.
gun rights activists, are not the fools Democrats think       The party chose Obama as its standard-bearer. He
they are. As we note in our new book These Dogs Don’t         once served on the board of the vehemently anti-fire-           Mr. Obama told his faithful that Sen. McCain “doesn’t
Hunt: The Democrats’ War On Guns, Democrats earned            arms civil rights Joyce Foundation. During his first run        get it.” Actually, Democrats “don’t get it.” You do not woo
their reputation as being the party of gun control.           for public office he supported a ban on the manufacture,        people by treating them like criminals, and you cannot
Instead of rhetoric, they need to repudiate their long-       sale and possession of handguns and semi-automatic              “support” someone’s civil right at the same time you
standing animosity toward gun owner rights.                   rifles. He supports mandatory waiting periods on all            regulate it to irrelevancy.
                                                              gun purchases. He told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The party platform tries to patronize gun owners by           in April that “I am not in favor of concealed weapons,”         It is now clear to gun owners that Democrats only asked
claiming to “recognize that the right to bear arms is an      insulting millions of armed citizens who care about self-       them to the dance just to get through the door.
important part of the American tradition, and we will         defense in the process.
preserve Americans’ continued Second Amendment                                                                                Alan Gottlieb is founder of the Second Amendment
right to own and use firearms.” But then the document         Gun owners know Biden as an anti-gun extremist. He              Foundation ( and Dave Workman is senior editor
quickly reveals that Democrats have changed their tune        consistently earns “F” ratings from gun rights organiza-        of Gun Week ( They are co-authors of
but not their agenda: “We can work together to enact          tions. He claimed credit for writing the original legislation   These Dogs Don’t Hunt: The Democrats’ War On Guns.
and enforce common-sense laws and improvements,               to ban semiautomatic sport-utility rifles that are owned

   Bitter, Clingy Gun Owners of America
by Doug Giles                              God-given right to self defense and
April 26, 2008                             firearm fun. Can I hear a big amen,                         my brothers?

Editor’s Note: This was written in         Yes, Barack, you may rightly call
April, well before anyone had heard        millions of us men “clingy” because
of moose hunting, AR-15 shooting,          the truth is, when the workday is
NRA Life Member Sarah Palin. With          done, boys just wanna have guns:
the addition of Palin to the ticket, yet   guns to hunt with, guns to look at,
another reason for gunowners to be         guns for personal defense and a few
excited about the election.                zany lead spewers should al-Qaeda,
                                                                                     political dissidents, unable to defend them-
                                           or the anti-Christ, or any foreign or
                                                                                     selves, were rounded up and exterminated            1. I am going to walk up to my gun cabinet
I’m a bitter/clingy gun owner—and          domestic threat, or Godzilla ever
                                                                                                                                         and hug and kiss all of my rifles and shot-
I’m happy about it!                        attack America, we, the clingy ones,
                                                                                     5. Guatemala established gun control in             guns and tell them they are really good guns
                                           will be ready to rock in a hard place,
                                                                                     1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan              no matter what any far-left liberal lug nut says
Obama, the great healer of America,        guaranteed.
                                                                                     Indians, unable to defend themselves, were          about them.
the hope of our nation, came out                                                     rounded up and exterminated.
last week and whizzed on millions of       Here are eight factoids I found that
                                                                                                                                         2. Since I just finished my new book, How
Christians and firearm fans calling us     also cause backwards little old me
                                                                                     6. Uganda established gun control in 1970.          to Keep Thugs and Bad Boys Away from
bitter Cling-Ons to religion and guns.     to clutch my wood and metal friend
                                                                                     From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, un-          Daddy’s Little Girl (Thomas Nelson, Decem-
I, personally, wasn’t insulted because     called the gun:
                                                                                     able to defend themselves, were rounded up          ber 2008), I need a break. Let’s see, what
I really like God and my rifles, and I                                               and exterminated.                                   can I do? I know, I just got a custom Ruger
make a good living off my rage.            1. In 1929, the Soviet Union estab-
                                                                                                                                         #1 elephant gun in 450/400 Nitro Express.
                                           lished gun control. From 1929 to
                                                                                     7. Cambodia established gun control in 1956.        I think I’ll go out and celebrate with it in the
Yes, when I heard BHO blast us in          1953, about 20 million dissidents,
                                                                                     From 1975 to 1977, one million people, un-          South Florida swamps next weekend. Clingy
front of his sassy San Fran crowd          unable to defend themselves, were
                                                                                     able to defend themselves, were rounded up          me is going to baptize it in wild boar blood as
and attempt to put a dig into us           rounded up and exterminated.
                                                                                     and exterminated.                                   a sort of a cordite warm-up pitch before I go
plebeians, I thought, finally, this man                                                                                                  bear hunting in Maine this summer, aoudad
has spoken the truth, unlike all the       2. In 1911, Turkey established gun
                                                                                     8. Defenseless people rounded up and exter-         and mountain lion hunting in West Texas this
rest of the stercore tuari he’s been       control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5
                                                                                     minated in the 20th Century because of gun          fall, and Cape Buffalo hunting in Africa the
spewing about his dear pastor, his         million Armenians, unable to defend
                                                                                     control: 56 million.                                summer of ‘09. I’m so clingy!
home boy, Bill Ayers, and his audac-       themselves, were rounded up and
ity of hype.                               exterminated.
                                                                                     As the old adage goes: “With guns, we are           3. I’m going to buy the new Ruger .380 LCP
                                                                                     citizens. Without them, we are subjects.”           for my lady because she, too, is also kinda
Matter of fact, I think he’s rather spot   3. Germany established gun control
                                                                                     Therefore, I’ll cling to my gun because I really    clingy.
on describing me because I’m one           in 1938, and from 1939 to 1945, a to-
                                                                                     enjoy being a free bird and truly hate kissing
PO’ed Christian who owns guns—             tal of 13 million Jews and others who
                                                                                     someone else’s backside, but that’s just me.        4. I’m going to cling more to God and Christ
nice guns and very many guns. And,         were unable to defend themselves
                                                                                                                                         than I ever have before.
yes, I’m rather clingy with them. I’m      were rounded up and exterminated.
                                                                                     So, Barack, since you threw that supposed
not alone either, as there are millions                                              insult at me and millions of other gun-needy        5. I’m going to vote for John McCain.
of other brothers, from other mothers,     4. China established gun control in
                                                                                     Americans, I am going to react by doing the
who really, really are endeared to our     1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
                                                                                     five following things:
                                                                                                                                                                           GunNews 17
                                                                                                                          “No-guns” DQ employees pistol-
                                                                                                                          whipped, shot trying to follow robber’s
Utah gun owners fight unlawful local                          Major changes in OH CCW law                                 orders
                                                              Cincinnati (WLWT) - Concealed weapons permit hold-          Columbus, OH ( - The same anti-
gun bans                                                                                                                  self-defense crowd that encourages businesses to post
Salt Lake City, UT (The Salt Lake Tribune) - A pro-gun        ers can now keep a gun hidden in a car, as long as
                                                              they’re carrying it in a secure holster -- one of several   “no-guns” signs as a means of promoting “safety” is also
rights group wants to stop what it says are “petty bu-
                                                              changes to Ohio’s conceal carry law taking effect Mon-      fond of saying that the best way to avoid being hurt by a
reaucrats” from banning guns in their local jurisdictions
                                                              day. The law previously required the gun to be in plain     criminal is to just give them what they want, and wait for
- an act they say is against state law.
                                                              sight.                                                      the police to get there.
The independent gun rights network Gun Owners of
                                                              Permit holders also may bring a gun onto school             But once again, persons forced to work in the gun ban
Utah is calling on its members to look for signs at places
                                                              grounds, as long as the gun owner is in a car picking up    extremists’ version of a “safe working environment”
such as airports, buses and local parks banning guns.
                                                              or dropping off a child.                                    have found out the hard way that while posting “no-
After a list of such signs is compiled, members from
                                                                                                                          guns” doesn’t stop armed criminals, it stops armed
GOUtah! will ask local leaders to take the signs down
                                                              “The more law-abiding people that have guns, the bet-       citizens who might have been able to defend against an
and revise their rules and ordinances.
                                                              ter off we are,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe        attack.
“What we want to do is help all the local and county          Deters. “Because the bad guys always have guns,”
                                                              he said. “You look at these school shootings or church      From a WBNS (Columbus CBS) story:
agencies come into compliance with state law,” said
Charles Hardy, policy director for GOUtah!. “The first        shootings, the ones that have been stopped, it was
                                                              because someone there had a gun.”                             The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. at the Dairy
thing we’ve gotta do is find out who isn’t in compliance.”
                                                                                                                          Queen located on Tamarack Circle South, 10TV’s Lind-
                                                              The changes also allow holders of valid liquor licenses     sey Seavert reported.
In the late 1990s, state lawmakers passed a statute de-
claring that the Legislature has sole authority to regulate   who are also concealed weapons permit holders to
                                                              carry a hidden gun on their premises.                        The gunman entered the restaurant and demanded
guns in the state. Local jurisdictions could only regulate
                                                                                                                          money from the register, police said.
firearms to the extent that that power was specifically
delegated to them by the state.                               In addition, another law that takes effect Tuesday
                                                              removes the burden of proof from a person who hurts or         Jack Workman, 55, was complying with the gunman’s
                                                              kills an intruder. The law now includes the presumption     request when he was shot in the abdomen. Workman
There is a 1979 law banning dangerous concealed
                                                              that a resident acted in self-defense or in defense of      was transported to Riverside Hospital, where he was in
weapons from buses and trains, but there is also an
                                                              another if an intruder has entered unlawfully or without    stable condition early Wednesday morning.
exemption for concealed-weapon carriers. That doesn’t
stop the Utah Transit Authority from publishing Rider         permission.
                                                                                                                             Workman and two employees were the only people in
Rule #26 limiting “dangerous weapons” to those carried
                                                                                                                          the restaurant at the time of the robbery.
by law enforcement.
                                                              Senate panel approves gun in national                          Kenny Smith, a worker who witnessed the robbery,
“The statute states that it is not a crime for a concealed-   parks                                                       told 10TV News the gunman struck another employee.
gun permit holder to carry a firearm on public transpor-      Washington, D.C. (CQ Politics) - With solid bipartisan
tation, but it does not state that UTA cannot.                support, a Senate panel approved legislation on Thurs-        “They hit a girl ... a 16-year-old girl,” Smith said. “Hit
                                                              day to allow loaded guns in national parks.                 her in the head with a gun.

Gun sales brisk ahead of election                             The Energy and Natural Resources Committee ap-                “She couldn’t open the drawer. Jack opened the
East Texas (Cox) - Gun sales are going boom around            proved, 18-5, a draft bill by Sen. Jim DeMint , R-S.C. It   drawer, he put his hands up, and they shot him,” Smith
the country as gun owners and gun advocates brace             would allow people to bring loaded guns into national       said.
for a potential Democrat in the White House for the first     parks and wildlife refuges unless state laws bar them
time in almost 10 years.                                      from doing so. Park Service regulations now allow guns        Police said the gunman fled on foot after taking
                                                              only if they are unloaded and stowed                        money out of register.
Democrats, meanwhile, say there’s no reason to worry
that presidential hopeful Barack Obama would at-
tempt to curtail access to most guns, though that hasn’t
stopped the buying spree.                                       Want to know
                                                                      WHERE to shoot
“You’d be surprised,” said Jeff Mercer, manager of                              WHAT to shoot
George’s Pawn and Gun Shop on High Street. “It’s                                          HOW to shoot
people of all races, too. People are scared.”                         and all the latest Gun News? Join
Across town at The Gun Doctor and More on Glencrest             and you’ll be a subscriber to the monthly
Lane, owner Bob Godell said he has also noticed a               publication “GunNews”.
similar trend.

“We call it the Obama factor. People are very concerned
that if a Democrat is elected they will see more restric-
tions on handguns and assault rifles.”
                                                                                                                          Note the “No Guns” sign prominently displayed on the
                                                                                                                          Dairy Queen entrance

                                                                                                                          Post “No Guns” sign? Check.

                                                                                                                          Give the robber what he wants? Check.

                                                                                                                          Avoid violent attack? Not so much.

                                                                                                                          In its coverage of the robbery, Columbus’ NBC affiliate
                                                                                                                          is reporting that Mr. Workman was shot in the stomach.

                                                                                                                          Police described the suspect as a black male who
                                                                                                                          is about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 160 to 190
                                                                                                                          pounds. He has dreadlocks or braids and was wearing
                                                                                                                          dark clothing and bandana across his face.

 GunNews 18
Deer population                          group of politicians, hunters, insur-                                               hunting (as they will for buck hunts)?
                                         ance agents and others met several
subject of task force                    times this year to come up with five                                                And outfitters are not the only folks to finger for deer
                                         proposals displayed during Thurs-                                                   population increases. More people are moving into the
by Jeff Lampe                            day’s meeting.                                                                      country, closing their land to hunters and then complain-
Peoria Journal-Star, 9-6-08                                                                                                  ing when deer devour their hostas.
                                         - 1. Make permits for the late winter
Chris Klitz arrived at Scripps Park      antlerless-only firearm season                                                      There are also more hunters who target mature bucks
Community Building Thursday with         available over-the-counter at                                                       only under the misnomer of “quality deer management.”
a story that’s becoming common in        license vendors. Currently permits                                                  As deer biologist Paul Shelton said, “Simply going out
parts of Illinois.                       are available only through a lottery                                                and telling people they can’t shoot a buck unless it is
                                         drawing.                                                                            such and such is not deer management.”
“I had a friend on our ground who
was hunting on opening day of            - 2. Designate two categories of                                              Many have wondered why the state doesn’t require
muzzleloader season last fall, and       counties for the late-winter season:                                          hunters to shoot a doe before they can shoot a buck.
he counted 44 does walk past his         one in which hunters may purchase        tween that meeting and Jan. 1, 2009  But biologists say an earn-a-buck system can’t be en-
stand and just one buck,” said Krick,    one permit, and another in which         the task force will make recommenda- forced without check stations - an institution Illinois did
one of 72 people in attendance at        hunters may purchase multiple            tions to the legislature.            away with years ago.
a public meeting on deer manage-         permits.
ment put on by the Department of                                                  I suspect they will call for implement-    Reestablishing check stations is obviously not going to
Natural Resources.                       - 3. Increase length of late-winter      ing the first three options, or maybe      happen given the DNR’s dire budget woes. So basically,
                                         season from three days to seven          options 1, 2 and 5. And that will help     earn-a-buck hunting is not an option right now in Illinois.
Seeing so many does is a problem         or nine days. The current season         reduce doe numbers in some places.
on many levels, including ground         begins the first Friday after Jan. 11.                                              Given that, I’m betting the real equalizer is a sixth man-
level, where Rushville farmer Klitz      The new scenario proposes starting       But there’s a larger issue the task        agement option the task force never mentioned.
said he lost 32 rows of corn to deer     the first Monday after Jan. 7 or the     force has not effectively addressed.
damage.                                  first Saturday after Jan. 5.             How can you reduce deer herds on           Disease.
                                                                                  land controlled by outfitters, landown-
Similar stories are being told across    - 4. Implement a firearm antlerless-     ers or hunters who won’t shoot does?       Talk to landowners in Adams County and they’ll tell you
west-central Illinois and southern Il-   only season about the third week-                                                   their deer overpopulation problems have largely disap-
linois, where deer overpopulation is     end in October.                          At present, the late-winter season is      peared following a widespread outbreak of epizootic
viewed as a problem by some. Actu-                                                largely ineffective in those situations.   hemorrhagic disease last summer.
ally, the count on Klitz’s farm falls    - 5. Combine options 3 and 4. The        According to wildlife program man-
short of the herds of 150 does that      longer January season could be           ager John Buhnerkempe, outfitters          Sadly, it will likely take a similar outbreak of EHD or
crowd some fields in Pike County.        adopted with the caveat that if          average one-half of a doe each in the      some other disease to reduce deer herds in those areas
                                         a county did not make progress           late season.                               where hunters won’t or are not allowed to do the job.
Then again, not every hunter             toward a goal after a few years, the
agrees there are too many deer.          October firearm season could be          That’s no great surprise. What hunter      JEFF LAMPE is the Journal Star outdoors columnist.
Some say the Farm Bureau and             implemented.                             will pay $2,000 for a few days of doe
insurance industry are overstepping
their bounds.                            Those who attended the meeting
                                         - a better crowd than the 24 who                             Intermediate Personal Protection:
“I don’t see where farmers and
                                                                                      TRAINING TO LIVE AND WIN
                                         showed in Peru or the 34 who
insurance agents should be manag-        attended a meeting in Rockford
ing the deer herd,” said Jim Deppe       - were encouraged to ask questions
of Ashland. “And I’m a farmer and a      and fill out comment sheets.             Class to be held at
Farm Bureau member.”
                                                                                  Darnall’s Gunworks and Ranges                      Yes I want to attend Training to Live & Win
                                         Comments will be compiled before         Bloomington, IL.
Reconciling those views is the dif-                                                                                                  ____ October 11-12, 2008 (9a-5p both days)
                                         the task force meets again Oct. 6 at     October 11-12, 2008
ficult goal of the Joint Task Force      the DNR building in Springfield. Be-
on Deer Population Control. The                                                                                                      Registration covers lunch, range time,
                                                                                  Advance Registration: $150                         safety equipment as needed, class materials,
                                                                                  Class size is limited – ENROLL TODAY
 Sporting Clays                                                                                                                      FL, PA, and/or NH carry permit applications
                                                                                                                                     as needed. Limited quantities of loaner tacti-
 Event to benefit                                                                 Primary instructors: John Boch, John               cal lights, firearms (Beretta 92, Glock 9mm
                                                                                  Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.                series or .38 revolvers), holsters, etc. will be
   Boy Scouts                                                                                                                        available.
                                                                                  This 15-hour course, geared towards the
The Prairielands Classic                                                          carry license holder or anyone serious about       _________________________________
Sporting Clays Shoot will be                                                      prudently approaching the use of deadly            Name
held SATURDAY, SEPTEM-                                                            force in self-defense, will continue training
BER 27, 2008 at Olde Barn                                                         received in NRA basic classes relating to          _________________________________
Sporting Clays, Route 133,                                                        the judicious use of deadly force against          Address
Oakland, Illinois (15 miles                                                       both armed and “unarmed” adversaries.
east of Arcola on Route                                                           Students will learn decision-making skills in      _________________________________
133). Open to all shooters                               event. Register in       high-stress situations and how to articulate       City, State, ZIP
                                 Eagle level: $100       advance by contact-      danger in explaining their reactions to threats
• Registered Class and Fun       full course, lunch,     ing: Dan Baker,          in post-shooting interrogations. This training     _________________________________
Class available - Shoot 100      5-stand (includes 5-    Prairielands Coun-       will include “shoot - don’t shoot” scenarios       Phone (res.)
rounds of sporting clay ac-      stand ammo), event      cil, 217-356-7291,       on a shooting simulator, speed skills drawing      _________________________________
tion                             hat and polo shirt.     ext. 219; dbaker@        and reloading, engaging close-range threats        Phone (cell)
• Five-stand also available                                  (instinct shooting), low-light shooting skills
                                 Shoot twice: full                                with tactical lights, malfunction clearing,        _________________________________
PARTICIPATION LEVELS             course re-entry         Proceeds ben-            shooting around barricades/cover and more.         Email
Tenderfoot level: $50 full       is just $20 per         efit the Boy Scouts
course plus lunch, ammo not      shooter. (Ammo          Prairielands Council     For further information, call John at 217 356-     Mail this form and a check or money order for
included.                        is not included         (serving 5,000           7027 or at home 217 351-3575.                      $150 per person (made out to “John Boch”)
                                 except where noted      youth in 8 coun-
                                                                                                                                     to: John Boch, 19 Evergreen Sq., Savoy, Il-
First Class level: $75 full      above.)                 ties of East Central     Prerequisite: Successful completion of NRA         linois 61874
course, lunch, 5-stand ( in-                             Illinois and Western     Basic Pistol or NRA Personal Protection
cludes 5-stand ammo), and        Register in advance     Indiana).                course or similar.
event hat.                       OR the day of the
                                                                                                                                                                          GunNews 19
                                                    A Life Remembered - Pat Valentino, 1951-2008
A PETITE GIANT PASSED THIS WAY, and we are all                                                                              Handgun deer season In January. It has not been ex-
the better for her having been here at the right time. Pat                                                                  panded, and Handgun deer hunting is permited during
was known to many of us as the Lobbyist for the Illinois                                                                    the regular firearms season each Fall. It was Pat, as
State Rifle Association during the 12 years her husband                                                                     the cheif Lobbyist for the ISRA who organized the first
was its President. She was more than a lobbyist. She                                                                        Gun Owner’s Lobby Day in Springfield , now known
was the TIGER IN OUR TANK! She took on the anti-                                                                            as IGOLD. She also lobbied for the creation of the
gunners in radio and TV talk show debates all over the                                                                      Shooting Sports Complex at Sparta, Illinois, when word
Chicago Area during the 80s, and 90s, never giving an                                                                       reached her that the land was being sold to the State of
inch. The anti-gun talk show hosts and Anti gun op-                                                                         Illinois.
ponents didn’t know how to handle this very petite, and
very feminine woman Shooter, and Gun store owner                                                                            She helped me when I debated a panel of hostile folks
and Hunting guide. She was totally NOT the image they                                                                       on WILL-TV, here in Champaign, years ago. The issue
had been painting of Shooters in general, either by sex,                                                                    was gun control, and one of the “Guests” was the self
or education, or dress, or speech, or preference of                                                                         appointed head of the Illinois Coalition to Ban Hand-
beverages.                                                                                                                  guns. I knew she had debated this guy several times,
                                                                                                                            so I called her. She gave me some detailed information
Pat had a terrific history as a gun owner, and shooter,                                                                     I used to blow his credibility on our debate, and we both
long before she came to Illinois. In Maryland, where she                                                                    got a good laugh when I recounted how that happened.
owned her own gunstore, and gunsmithing service, she                                                                        She also told me how to go after the other opponents. I
also was a hunting guide. She founded “ Pintails”, the                                                                      took her advice, and used it succesfully. When the show
first Female Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, and served                                                                         as over, several of the camera crew came up to me to
as its first President. She was active with the Maryland                                                                    compliment me for destroying their silly arguments, and
Rifle and Pistol Association. She became a Lobbyists                                                                        defending gun owners. They didn’t like the Host, or the
for the National Rifle Association in the 1970s, and was                                                                    other guests, and were thrilled that I was able to take on
on the Legilative Policy Committee of that organiza-                                                                        the other 4 people and beat them all.
tion. In 1977, she was heavily involved in the Cincinnati
Revolt in the NRA, which resulted in a huge change in                                                                       Jim and Pat had made plans for long into the future. Jim
the direction the NRA was heading.                                                                                          is 71, and he was far more worried about his survival
                                                                                                                            and his health than he was of Pat. Her death has been
She met her Husband, Jim Valentino, who was not a                                                                           a huge blow to him personally. Our prayers and heart
shooter, or an NRA member until he met her in Mary-           In Memoriam - Patricia Valentino, 1951 - 2008                 reach out to him, and to his family.
land. . Both were divorced, and he would fly his plane
from Illinois to Maryland to date her.                        influence of NRA President Heston. They tried to rent         A PETITE GIANT passed this way, and we are all the
                                                              the convention center, but the manager told them it was       better as gun owners, and as Americans because of it.
Pat quickly became a Life member of the NRA, and              already rented. They tried to muscle him, telling him         Her death cheated her out of seeing the U.S. Supreme
the Maryland Rifle Association. She was also a certi-         they were speaking for the Vice President of the U.S.         Court finally settle the issue of the true meaning of
fied Boone And Crocket , and Pope and Young judge,            The manager didn’t budge. Later, they organized a rally       our Second Amendment ot the Bill of Rights. She had
charged with making official measurments of Tropy deer        on the city Hall steps that drew a few hundred people         fought all her life to preserve our individaul right to own
racks. When she married Jim, he became involved               only, while Heston packed the Convention Center with          and carry firearms.
with the Illinois State rifle Association , and was quickly   more than 30,000 fans and NRA member                          She and Jim were some of the first supporters of
elected President of the organization. The group was for      s. Pat considered that work some of her best work for         both Champaign County Rifle Assocation, and then
all purposes, broke, as it had not raised its membership      gun owners ever.                                              GunsSaveLife, Inc. when we incorporated this group. I
fees or dues in years, and had no active membership                                                                         would see them at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic,
recruiting going on. Pat became the Vice President of         Pat died tragically on Feb. 21, as a result of an accident    held in February or March each year at Bloomington,
the Northbrook, Illinois Chapter of Safari Club Internai-     drowning. She had left Jim at home in their dark room         where they would drive down from Wisconsin to judge
tonal. She was active in the NRA Speaker’s bureau.            processing pictures from a prior job, while she drove         Deer Racks. It was always nice to see them both, and to
She was listed in the 1989 edition of Who’s who of Pro-       down the coast to get a picture of a Light House along        renew friendships. They were always interested in how
fessional Women. She was involved with the Women              the ice-strewn Lakefront. She got too close to the edge       GunsSaveLife was doing, and would comment on the
shooters who went to the Olympic games at Seoul, S.           of the ice, it broke off under her feet, and threw her into   excellent Newsletter we put out each month.
Korea. She helped organize the Women’s Shooting               the cold water. Her body was found by divers in the
Committee for the Illinois State Rifle Association, and       lagoon, several hours later, after Jim reported her miss-     I think Pat knew all along that we would win that fight in
talked Sue Darnall into leadning that committe, and           ing. The tracks in the snow from her car. to the edge of      the Supreme Court. I also believe that she is one of the
bringing her own private group into the                       the ice told the story.                                       many people all Americans have to thank for building
 ISRA fold.                                                                                                                 the fires that finally resulted in that important decision.
                                                              3 separate states- Maryland, Illinois and Wisconsin           She inspried women shooters to step forward and be
She received outstanding service awards from The              -- can claim this wonderful woman as their own. But she       heard, and convinced so many of them of the stake they
Maryland Rifle and Pistol Club, form the Ducks Unlim-         belonged to our Nation, for her work with the National        had in these issues. She inspired men, too, , who were
ited chapters, from the Isaac Walton League, and more.        Rifle Association was every bit as important, and suc-        both a little embarrassed, and perhaps a bit imtimidated
                                                              cessful as the work she did for the three states she          by this little woman, who was such a fine advocate for
Wheh Jim and Pat retired, and left the ISRA in 1998,          loved so much.                                                gun owners. Men felt like they had not done enough
They moved North to Wisconsin, to Algoma, on the                                                                            after meeting her, and hearing her speak., and would
Lake, where they opened a Photography studio, and             I don’t know anyone who ever met Pat who didn’t fall in       volunteer to be more active on behalf of Gun Rights.
worked together as photographers. But, Pat could not          love with her in minutes. She was that warm, and pleas-
retire from representing gun owners. She was the Elec-        ing a person to be around. She made you feel comfort-         When will another Pat pass this way again?
tion coordinator for NE Wisconsin, for the NRA. She           able, and treated you as a long known friend. Even the
joined the Great Lakes Advisory Council, to stand up for      staff members of the opposition forces in Springfield,        I don’t know, but our thanks and remembrance is owed
gun owners.                                                   Illinois held her in high praise, and she was respected       this fine lady who worked so hard, and so well, on be-
                                                              by all the anti-gun legislators with whom she did battle.     half of all gun owners, to preserve our heritage. If you
During the 2000 election campaign, she got a call from        They could disagree with her, but they could not get          met her, you remember her smile- on her lips and in her
the NRA to locate a venue to host Charleton Heston in         mad at her. And they were the first to concede that she       blue eyes. Those who knew you will not forget you, Pat.
an appearance at Green Bay, Wisconsin, on behalf of           made extremely effective presentations that stopped           Thank you from all of us.
the Bush Campaign. She was given little more than a           them in their attempts to further restrict gun ownership
week to secure a venue, and get out advertising. She          or to outright ban it.
rented the convention center, and sent out notices to                                                                       Paul Vallandigham
every newspaper, and Radio or TV station in the area,          She should be given credit for the Illinois Handgun          Secretary, GSL, Inc.
sending repeated messages, and calling all of them to         deer season, because someone told her it would never
get out the word. During the process, Al Gore’s cam-          happen in Illinois. She took that challenge, and within
paign people decided they wanted Gore to appear               2 years she had pushed the Department of Natural
in Green Bay the same day to apparently offset the            Resources and the Legislature to provide for a limited
  GunNews 20
In His Own Words -                                                                            work quilt of city and county ordinances.       used for the Burma Sign campaign, our
                                                Q. Obviously, the debate over whether                                                         legal defense fund, or our range and land
continued from back cover                       individual citizens have the right to bear    Q. There are millions of Illinois residents     acquisition fund, or our general operations
                                                arms is over. In a more far-reaching          who support the Constitutional right to         (mainly GunNews).
Q. How do you feel the high court’s rul-        sense, what did the Supreme Court             bear arms. How can they help protect
ing will impact Illinois legislation regard-    say to not only Illinois, but the rest of     these rights?                                   If you own a business, consider adver-
ing the possession of firearms? I know          the nation regarding the possession of                                                        tising in GunNews. Page 2 of the PDF
you can probably write a book on this           firearms? Will the ruling give a boost        A. Vote pro-gun rights. A politician who        above has the advertising rates. Call Edi-
subject, but what will the ruling’s imme-       to those who are trying to implement          wants gun restrictions probably doesn’t         tor John Naese at 217-684-2602 or e-mail
diate impact be?                                conceal and carry laws in states that do      trust you with other freedoms, either. Get      him at if you are
                                                not yet have them?                            involved. Work to get good candidates           interested in advertising. It’s a good way
A. The immediate impact is to put us on                                                       elected. Urge good people to run for            to reach a target audience of freedom-lov-
offense and the anti-rights people on           A. This ruling will give a boost to those     office, and support them when they do.          ing, generally conservative and intelligent
defense. Instead of us having to fight off      of us who are working for right to carry      Get involved in primaries; by the time of       people.
another gun ban, now they (as in City of        laws here in Illinois, which is one of        the general election, it’s often a choice
Chicago) are having to fight off lawsuits       only two states (Wisconsin is the other)      between bad and worse. Support pro-             You don’t have to be a member to sub-
seeking to strike down their onerous            that have NO provision for any regular        freedom organizations such as ours, not         scribe to GunENews; just e-mail gune-
bans and regulations.                           citizen to get a permit to carry. Like I      only with your money, but with your time.
                                                said earlier, this puts us on offense. Let    Join or start a local group that can impact
Q. We are already hearing of potential          THEM make the case that the people of         politics in your area.                          And if you can, come on out for our meet-
lawsuits being brought against cities like      Illinois are less trustworthy, and less in                                                    ings, at the Park Inn in Urbana, just off
Chicago and Wilmette regarding these            need of personal and family protection,       Q. If someone wanted to join your efforts       Interstate 74 at the Cunningham Avenue
city’s prohibitive laws banning hand gun        than the citizens in 48 other states.         at GunsSaveLife, what do they need to           exit. You don’t have to be a member to
ownership. But how will the D.C. gun                                                          do? Can they send donations? Can they           attend. Folks from all over drive quite
ban decision apply to such cities on an         What the Supreme Court has essentially        volunteer their time? How can they sign         a distance to come to these meetings,
immediate basis? For example, does the          said is that gun bans are off the table.      up for your newsletter?                         which are held on the second Tuesday of
ruling automatically strike down Chica-         This lifts a tremendous burden from gun                                                       every month. We have dinner and conver-
go’s ban on hand guns?                          rights supporters, who can now concen-        A. The best way to support our organiza-        sation from 6 to 7 P.M., and the meet-
                                                trate on getting the rest of the gun laws     tion is to become a member. You’ll get          ings generally go from 7 to 9 P.M., with a
A. Not potential lawsuits, actual lawsuits      to be more citizen friendly.                  GunNews every month, which will keep            featured guest speaker and a “Tech Time”
that have already been filed against                                                          you very informed on the gun rights scene       presentation on a particular gun or shoot-
the City of Chicago and a handful of            Q. Without letting the proverbial cat         here in Illinois.                               ing discipline. We have regular attendees
suburbs. Although there will be no im-          out of the bag, can you tell’s                                                       from as far away as Springfield, Decatur,
mediate improvement in Chicago, as              readers what is at the top of your legisla-   To join, send a check for $30 per year          Lincoln, Bloomington, Danville, and many
that city has chosen to fight the suits,        tive agenda statewide?                        to Guns Save, PO Box 51,               other cities.
there has been an immediate effect in                                                         Savoy, IL, 61874. You can print the
several suburbs, such as Wilmette, Mor-         A. It’s no secret that we would like to see   third page of the .PDF found at http://         One more very important way you can
ton Grove, and Evanston which have              permit to carry enacted in Illinois. Even                help: if you have land suitable for a Burma
chosen to amend or repeal their anti-gun        more urgent, we need what’s called a          Aug08.7.PDF for a membership form to            Shave style sign set, or know someone
ordinances rather than spend large              “preemption” law that would prevent cit-      send in with your check.                        who does who would want to help us out,
amounts defending them in suits they            ies and counties from making gun laws                                                         we want to hear from you. Our sign coor-
would almost certainly lose. Vigilance          more restrictive than those on the state      Donations, by check payable to Guns             dinator is David Pike, at 217-352-6405, or
IS still required--some may try the D.C.        level, so that when we do get permit to       Save, are certainly welcome.           e-mail him at .
route of making minor changes that will         carry, it won’t be negated by a patch-        You can specify if you want your donation
require another court fight.

                                        Mail Bag
Get Online                                      written about is already “old news” in                                                         VOTER
                                                the fast paced world that we face. Most
                                                articles have links to the various online
To the Editor of GunNews:
                                                resources such as www.gunssavelife.                                                           DEADLINE:
In the August 2008 issue of NRA’s               com,,,
America’s 1st Freedom Magazine, a               etc. where you can sign up for alerts
member noted that he was unaware of             on activities as they happen that will be                                                      OCTOBER 7
anti-gun activities in his very city until he   sent to your e-mail.
read the about it in the June issue, over
a month after it had already occurred.          Take advantage of these. Another great
                                                online resource are pro-gun blogs.
During a talk on the NOLA gun confis-
cations at the 2008 NRA convention,
                                                One,, was a
                                                workshop speaker at the ‘08 convention                                                      2nd Amendment
over a third of the audience had been
unaware of it until that very day, several
                                                and was mentioned by Chris Cox in an
                                                article on insane firearm laws. He, and                                                         Patriots
                                                many others such as www.saysuncle.                                                  “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the
years after Katrina.                                                                                                                security of a free state, the right of the people to
                                                com , , and daysofour-
                                       to name just a few,                                           keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
A recent pro-rights march in Chicago
was virtually ignored by most of the            work on a daily basis to find information
media (it received not a single mention         on anti-gun activities, firearms, and leg-                                 
in either major paper) while an anti-gun        islators to get that information dissemi-                                                       Jim Tomes, 812-985-5473
protest a few days later and less than          nated to others that support the cause.                                                
half the people was front page news.                                                            The 2nd Amendment Patriots is a grassroots gunowners organization that meets
                                                Heller was a major victory for firearm
                                                rights but the battle goes on. To keep          every month on the last Saturday at 6 PM at the German Township Fire Depatment,
There is a solution for this. Get online.                                                       just northwest of Evansville, Indiana on Highway 65 at the flashing yellow light.
A friend of mine recently said “I love          succeeding as we have been, we need
                                                to stay informed and act on that infor-         Bring a covered dish to share, and we’ll share a meal, talk over the issues of the
reading 1st Freedom. It’s a great recap                                                         day, and find out how to take action to preserve our freedom!
of what I read on the web last month.”          mation.
While it is a great magazine that                                                               If you’re in the neighborhood, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, or northern
contains invaluable information, by the         Roy Kubicek
                                                Charleston, IL                                  Kentucky, come on down. No membership dues, just the good company of good
time it and other hardcopy magazines                                                            people.
and papers are printed, what is being
                                                                                                                                                                             GunNews 21
“Race gun” shotgun for sale                               From the OUTDOORS Column by John Naese
                                                          Every Thursday, the last page of the sports section, in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette
 Remington 1100 12-gauge customized
 “Race Gun”. Custom work by Darrell’s
 Custom Guns: Trigger job, action job, trigger     State park closures affect hunters                              With the closure of these parks, that management will not
 overtravel stop, muzzle break (with choke                                                                         be taking place. The closures, which could last until the
 tube), extended magazine, pistol grip stock,      A lot of outdoor activities diminish or stop with the coming    next fiscal year, or even longer if the money still is not there
 fiber optic front sight, Williams rear peep       of late fall and winter weather each year. Excepting a few      to run the parks, will result in long-term damage to wildlife
 aperture, modified magazine floorplate, ex-       hearty souls, nobody canoes or kayaks in November and           populations and possible harm to humans, crops, and other
 tended bolt handle, and more. A fast shooter      December. Hikers and birdwatchers become fewer, and             natural areas.
 that’s also gentle to the shoulder. Shoot         even fishermen take a break, some waiting for the solid ice
 magnum loads accurately all day long, with-       of January for ice fishing.                                     But the biggest reason the parks should not be closed is the
 out bruising or discomfort. Very accurate with                                                                    people reason. Hunting is becoming more and more of a
 slugs, tight patterns with buckshot. Perfect      But one outdoor activity that booms during November and         family activity, as fathers and sons, fathers and daughters,
 for three-gun match competitors. Reduced          December is hunting.                                            husbands and wives, and entire families take to the field. It
 to $1000, firm. Contact info: Call John at                                                                        would be a shame if the character-building activity of hunt-
 217 356-7027 Monday-Thursday days until           Archery deer season, beginning in October, is in full swing.    ing was curtailed because some folks in Springfield want to
 8:15pm or at home 217 351-3575.                   The various shotgun deer seasons take place in November,        put pressure on each other.
                                                   December, and January. Upland and small game hunting is
                                                   at its finest on a crisp late fall day.                         Hunters and fishermen are the backbone of conservation.
                                                                                                                   The taxes and fees they pay provide the biggest part of the
 Guns / Reloading Equipment                        But all of that is due to come to a screeching halt on No-      funding for IDNR’s conservation efforts. The bit of money
                                                                                                                   the state will save with these closures could be offset if
 for Sale                                          vember 1, at least on some of the finest state-owned hunt-
                                                   ing grounds, particularly here in East Central Illinois.        hunters and fishermen, with fewer choices of places to
 Jerry Holycross is getting out of the hobby
                                                                                                                   engage in their activities, find other things to do and stop
 of shooting centerfire firearms, due to health
                                                   Because of the budget follies in Springfield, a state budget    buying permits and stamps and paying fees.
 concerns. Dean Rothermel is selling some
 of Jerry’s guns and gear for him.                 was passed that had too much spending and not enough
                                                   income. So the Governor ordered some cuts.                      Some pressure on your state lawmakers might make the
                                                                                                                   difference at this point. Although the sites are closed as of
 Air Rifles: Sterling HR-81, British airgun im-
                                                   One of the areas that has been cut repeatedly in the past       November 1, the decision might still be made to let hunt-
 ported by Benjamin Sheridan. .177 caliber,
                                                   few years has been the Illinois Department of Natural Re-       ers who already have permits access the land to use those
 underlever spring powered. $150.
                                                   sources. And in the current budget cutting cycle, the IDNR      permits. Other efforts, such as petition drives to keep the
                                                   again took it on the chin. Hunters could be among the first     parks open, are in full swing at this time, and deserve to
 Daisy / Gamo Model 131, spring powered,
                                                   to feel the pain.                                               be supported by the hunting community. And you folks out
 barrel cocking .177 caliber (a fine youth air
                                                                                                                   there who enjoy the outdoors without hunting need to sup-
 rifle); $65.
                                                   13 state historic sites and 11 state parks are on the chop-     port the hunters as well, because they help pay the freight
                                                   ping block, due to be closed indefinitely on November 1.        for the natural areas that you enjoy.
 Carbide Reloading Dies:
 .45 Colt; .357 Mag; .41 Mag; .38 Super
 $25 per set.                                      In this area, Kickapoo State Park near Oakwood, Moraine         Ride for Kickapoo gaining steam
                                                   View State Park near Leroy, Weldon Springs State Park
    Call Dean Rothermel at 217-834-3093            near Clinton and Wolf Creek State Park near Windsor will        The Ride for Kickapoo, an open motorcycle rally and
                                                   be closed.                                                      grassroots effort to save Illinois state parks and historic
                                                                                                                   sites will be held September 27th. The event is open to all
                                                   Will any hunting be allowed at these sites, or on satellite     motorcycles as well as cars, trucks, and busses. The as-
        Rare! Colt Anaconda                        sites near them? The answer is no one knows, according          sembly point for the ride will be Kickapoo Landing at Kicka-
  For Sale: Rare! Colt Anaconda Realtree .44       to IDNR Public Affairs director Chris McCloud. He said          poo State Park near Oakwood. The caravan will depart
   magnum. 8” bbl, Redfield 2.5 - 7X scope.        that decisions were still being made about what to do with      Kickapoo at 8 a.m. and travel west on Interstate 74, south
 This is a factory, all matching, realtree camo    satellite sites, hunters that have site-specific permits, and   on Interstate 57, and west on Interstate 72 to Springfield.
 finish. Includes original box, soft case, and a   options for those hunters, if any. McCloud was also unwill-     Anyone may join the motorcade at any point along the way
       partial box of dialed-in handloads.         ing to speculate on when those sites might again open.          or they can join the rally in Springfield.
         Very accurate, very hard to find.
                   $1350 firm.                     Further muddying the waters, the US Army Corps of Engi-         The rally itself is set to go from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lin-
       Contact Steve at 217-369-2779 or            neers runs Lake Shelbyville and the surrounding lands, and      coln Statue at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Spring-
                      leases land to the IDNR for Eagle Creek and Wolf Creek          field IL.
                                                   State Parks the Wildlife Management Area. Corps lands
                                                   bordering the state park will remain open. The border be-       Organizer Fred Hubbard of Danville is expecting a big
                                                   tween the Corps land and the State Park land is marked by       turnout. “This started out as a local effort, but in the last
                                                   signs, but in the pre-dawn trek to the woods for a deer hunt,   week or so it has gone statewide,” said Hubbard. He added
                                                   how many hunters might inadvertently miss the signs, and
Fun youth waterfowl activity                       end up hunting on the closed areas?
                                                                                                                   that he has commitments from several politicians to speak
                                                                                                                   at the rally. He also has heard from people as far away as
The Clinton Lake Waterfowl Association is                                                                          Canada, who stop at the parks during summer touring.
                                                   The IDNR permit process for these sites is a long one. For
hosting a youth waterfowl activity on Sunday,      archery deer hunting at Wolf Creek, for example, permits
October 12th, starting at 2 p.m. at the IDNR                                                                       Hubbard said that he’s afraid that if the closings go forward,
                                                   had to applied for by May 31 of this year. IDNR, in sum-        the parks will never re-open. “People will dump trash and
office on Route 54 at Clinton Lake. The event      marily closing these sites as of November 1, will throw into
is open to kids from ages 8 to 15.                                                                                 do vandalism out there, and if the state wants to re-open
                                                   disarray long-laid plans by hunters who jumped through the      them later, they’ll decide it’s too expensive to do the
                                                   hoops to get permission and do everything by the book.          cleanup,” said Hubbard.
Instruction will be given on duck and goose
calling, making call lanyards, carving and         Another reason the state legislature and the IDNR might
collecting duck decoys, boat safety, and dog                                                                       Speakers at the rally will ask the Illinois General Assembly
                                                   want to reconsider these decisions has to do with the           and Governor Rod Blagojevich to return to the State Capitol
handling. The event is free to kids; adults are    mission of IDNR. That mission is natural resource con-
being asked for a $5 or $10 donation for their                                                                     and resume work to resolve the state budget and restore
                                                   servation and management. Archery deer hunts have               funding for Illinois parks and historic sites, and the jobs of
meal.                                              been instituted in many areas, such as Allerton Park near       hundreds of state employees facing these cuts.
                                                   Monticello, for the health of the deer herd. Over objections
Pre-registration is required. Interested persons   of anti-hunters, these hunts have been a successful tool
may register by call Gene Everett at 217-784-                                                                      Sounds like a great way to let your voice be heard, and a
                                                   in managing the size and health of the deer herd, and pre-      fun way to spend a Saturday.
8512. Participation is limited to 30 youth, so     venting damage from overpopulation and human casualties
please pre-register if you plan to attend.         from increased car-deer accidents.

 GunNews 22
                                                                                                                                   Champaign County Rifle Association
                                           Coming Events
                                                            Regular Events - Weekly                                         GUNS SAVE LIFE .COM
                   September                                Every Monday (starting May 5): Bullseye Pistol
27 & 28 - Pecatonica Gun Show, Winnebago County             shoot, .22 or centerfire, 5 p.m., Danville Rifle & Pistol        Officers and                   Committee
Fairgrounds. 815-964-6134.
27 & 28 - Southern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days,
                                                            Club, Oakwood, IL. Dan Burwash, 217-759-7654.                     Directors                       Chairs
John A. Logan College, Carterville, IL. 9 am - 4 pm.        Every Wednesday: trap and skeet shooting, 6 PM,              Officers                       Guns save is
27 & 28 - Northern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days,         St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL                  Frank Wright, President
Silver Springs State Park, Yorkville, IL, 9 am-5pm.                                                                                                     served by many hard
                                                                                                                         (217) 384-0432
27 & 28 - Chief AJ shooting demos, Amishland Big                                                                                                        working volunteers. We
                                                            Every Thursday, 4PM to 9PM, 50 bird trap derby,                                             urge you to contact
Red Barn, Tuscola, IL. Chief AJ, 217-253-2959               Leroy Rifle and Pistol Club, Dick Miller, 217-417-           John Boch, Vice President
27 & 28 - Appleseed shooting clinic, Buffalo Range                                                                      them directly with any
                                                            3552.                                                                                       inquiries.
near Ottawa, IL. John Naese, 217-684-2602; john-                                                                         (217) 351-3575                                           Every Saturday: trap and skeet shooting, 12 Noon,
28 - CMP Highpower Match, Abe Lincoln Gun Club,
                                                                                                                         William Cotter, Treasurer      Dues & Memberships
                                                            St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL                  Bill Cotter
Springfield, IL. Todd Rankin, 217-629-8683. tsll@                                                                        (217) 359-2703                                                                                                                                             217-359-2703
                                                            Every Saturday, 1 PM, Trap Shooting, Lake Fork                                    
                                                            Sportsmen’s Club, Atwood. Gary Appleby at 217-               Paul Vallandigham, Secretary
                     October                                578-3298.                                          
                                                                                                                                                        GunNews Distribution
                                                                                                                         (217) 378-4239
4 & 5 - Belleville Gun Show, Belle-Clair Fair Grounds;                                                                                                  Warren Drake
Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572                                  Every Sunday, Noon – 4 PM - Trap and Skeet; Loda             Roger Dorsett                  217-898-9602
5 - Action Pistol shoot, 9 a.m. setup, 10 a.m. first        Sportsmen’s Club; Vernon Shedd, 217-396-5621                 Immediate Past President
shot, Westville Sportsman’s Club. Jim Brown, 217-                                                              
260-0477;                     Regular Events - Monthly                                     (217) 384-7302                 Political relations
5 - Wheaton Gun Show, DuPage County Fair-                   First Sunday: Action Pistol shoot, 9 a.m.                                                   Joe Seten
grounds; Jim McAra, 773-237-8844                            setup, 10 a.m. first shot, Westville Sportsman’s             Directors
                                                                                                                         Dan Sadler
6 - Sangamon County Rifle Association meeting, 6:30         Club. Jim Brown, 217-260-0477; sctman800@
                                                                                                                         (217) 582-2445
PM, Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country Shopping                                                                              Burma Signs
Center, 2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL; James                                                                        Jim Bickers                    David Pike
Butler, (217) 528-0963; www.sangamoncorifleasso-            First Monday, 7 PM – Pheasants Forever meeting,              217-344-3038                   217-352-6405; email            Farm Bureau Building, Country Fair Drive,                                         
11 - Bullseye Pistol (.22 pistol, 900 agg.), Leroy Rifle    Champaign; call Tim Brenner, 217-351-5002, ext. 229          David Acklin
& Pistol Club, 9 a.m. Dick Miller, 309-962-8102; rc-                                                           
                                                                                                                                                        Gun Shows                                         Second Friday, 6 PM – Trap shoot, Foosland                   (217) 359-3328
                                                                                                                                                        Dan Sadler
11 & 12 - Training to Live and Win Intermediate Pistol      Sportsmen’s Club; Dave Masko at 217-897-1671                                                (217) 582-2445
                                                                                                                         John Naese
Class, Darnall’s Ranges, Bloomington. John Boch,
217-351-3575.                                               Third Friday, 6 PM – Trap Shoot, Sadorus Sportsman            (217) 684-2602                Mailing list
11 & 12 - Springfield Gun Show, Springfield State           Club; Robert Rogers 217-598-2279, or Earl Welch                                             Bill Cotter 217 359-2703
Fairgrounds; Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572                     217-863-2006                                                 David Pike           
11 & 12 - Appleseed shooting clinic, Lodi, WI. John                                                            
Naese, 217-684-2602;                  Fourth Saturday                                              (217) 352-6405                 Gun E-News
12 - Kane County Gun Show, Kane County Fair-                9 AM - Trap Shoot – Beginners and Practice                                                  To subscribe or submit
grounds, St. Charles, IL; Kathy Carlson, 815-758-                                                                        Marc Roderick
                                                                                                                                                        possible articles –
2773                                                                                       Thanks to Oleg Volk                                
                                                                                                                         (217) 356-4437
12 - CMP Highpower Match, Abe Lincoln Gun Club,                                            (pictured) for ongoing
Springfield, IL. Todd Rankin, 217-629-8683. tsll@                                          permission to use his         Chris Gibb                     GunNews Editor                                                                                                              John Naese
                                                                                         photographic works in our
14 - Guns Save Life / Champaign Co. Rifle Associa-                                                                       217-778-2563                   217-684-2602; 505 S.
tion Meeting, 6 PM dinner, 7 PM meeting, Park Inn,                                      newsletter. You can see his
                                                                                                                                                        Cleveland, Philo, IL
Urbana; Frank Wright, 217-384-0432; johnnaese@                                            superlative website at:           61864; johnnaese@                                                                              GunNews magazine may 
18 & 19 - Champaign County Gun Show, Champaign                                            Large-format photo prints      be contacted at GunNews@
County Fairgrounds, Urbana, IL. Bob Leckrone,                                            of his posters and other art                  Webmaster
618-495-2572                                                                                    are available at                                        David Pike
18 & 19 - Appleseed shooting clinic, Wabash, IN.                                                                         Mailing Address:               217-352-6405
John Naese, 217-684-2602; johnnaese@comcast.                                                
net                                                                                                                      PO Box 51
26 - Blackpowder shoot, 1 p.m., Leroy Rifle & Pistol                                                                     Savoy, IL 61874
Club. Susie Hulvey, 217-935-6804.
                                                             ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES
This is not a comprehensive list. For                      Limited space is available for advertisements in Gun-         Deadline
                                                                                                                         The second Tuesday (general meeting day) of the
more events, check out, and                       News Magazine. The current circulation is now 9,000
                                                                                                                         month preceding publication.
                                                           copies, distributed mostly in Illinois. SIGN UP NOW.
click on the “ISRA Calendar”
                                                           Ad rates         Once 5+ times         One year               Ad Submissions
                                                           Full page        $150      $120     $100 ($1200 total)        Ideally, ad should be in electronic format or camera /
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One more chance to shoot an Apple-                         Quarter          $60       $50      $40 ($480 total)          (.pdf) or in Adobe InDesign. They can be submitted via
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September 27 & 28, Buffalo Range,                          sq. inches.)                                                  If not in electronic format or camera ready, submit a ba-
Ottawa, IL.                                                                                                              sic description of what the ad should look like (business
                                                           Sizes:                                                        name, address, phone, product lines, prices, hours,
                                                           Full page          12” deep x 9.6” wide                       message, etc) and we will put an ad together for you.
For info: or con-                        Half page          horizontal or vertical half of full page
tact John Naese, 217-684-2602; john-                       Quarter            6” D x 4.8” W or 3” D x 9.6” W             MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS: You can help!
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                                                           Sixteenth          3”D x 2.4” W
                                                                                                                                                                     GunNews 23
                                                             In His Own Words” -- Warren Drake
( - Dan Zanoza, Executive             copies of GunNews Magazine, the paper          people who really have not considered          cational events. In short, we offer our
Director of, interviews Warren        version. We mail individual copies to our      the value of privately owned firearms          members many ways besides sending
Drake, GunEnews editor about issues            members, as well as certain companies,         to our society, into looking at them in a      money that they can help, and many
involving Americans’ right to bear arms.       politicians, and other organizations whose     more positive light. Whether the signs         take us up on the offer.
Drake gives a history of the organization      goals are similar to ours. Our members         convert anyone or not, I ALWAYS FEEL
and where it is headed in the future.          distribute copies to auto parts stores,        BETTER WHEN I SEE ONE.                         Q. Perhaps the most important court
                                               restaurants, sporting goods stores,                                                           ruling in our nation’s history regarding
Warren Drake of Mahomet, Illinois is an        veterinarian’s offices, and friends--who       Q. What’s so different about your gun          the Second Amendment was recently
active member of GunsSaveLife, Inc.,           often pass them on again. Sangamon             rights organization, compared to oth-          handed down by the U.S. Supreme
and currently serves as GunEnews editor,       County Rifle Association, which has a          ers?                                           Court when that judicial body struck
GunNews Magazine Distribution Chair-           section in GunNews, is a prolific distribu-                                                   down the Washington, D.C. gun ban.
man, July 4th Parade Chairman, and             tor for many miles around Springfield. We      A. I believe member involvement                What was your initial reaction when you
helps with other interesting activities as     mail 60 bundles to more distant locations.     and participation is key. Meetings are         first heard the news?
they come along.                               We also post GunNews in PDF format on          well attended: second Tuesday every
                                               our website,                 month. Our members recommend and               A. My initial reaction was, a very quiet
In His Own Words” -- Warren Drake                                                             recruit speakers, as well as volunteer to      “THANK GOD,” followed by profound
                                               I am really pleased with the quality of our    be the feature and “tech time” speak-          grief that four members of the highest
Q. I believe (Cham-           newsletter. Many thanks to GunNews edi-        ers at our monthly meetings, to share          court in the land could be so dishonest;
paign County Rifle Association) is one of      tor John Naese!                                their knowledge and insight with others.       that they could actually write an opinion
the most influential grassroots organiza-                                                     Many of the articles in GunNews are            denying that the right to keep and bear
tions in Illinois.’s readers would    We send out GunEnews to all who sign           written or sent to the editor by our mem-      arms is an individual rather than a gov-
be interested in knowing something about       up to receive it, a few hundred at pres-       bers. Our members volunteer to show            ernment right. All in all, it is appalling
why you feel the fight for our Second          ent. This is the e-mail newsletter I edit,     the flag at the Fourth of July Parade          that the case had to be brought at all.
Amendment rights is so important. Briefly,     with links to stories of interest, sometimes   (Champaign County Freedom Celebra-
how did you personally become involved         the full text of stories, and information on   tion is huge--we get lots of “thumbs-up”       Continued inside on page 21
in this effort?                                events that shooters and gun-rights sup-       and a few hecklers!), and at gun shows
                                               porters might be interested in attending.      and other events. Our members help at
A. Culture. Our fight to retain and regain     GunEnews helps get calls to legislators in     youth shooting camps and other edu-
our Second Amendment rights is so im-          a more timely fashion.
portant because those rights, the freedom
that flows from them, and the liberty from     Q. I know one thing for certain. Millions of    Keep current on Illinois firearms activism with our members
tyranny (of bullying criminals and govern-     motorists see your billboards along Illinois
ment alike) they help preserve, is a key       Interstates. Do you receive much feed-          and friends on the Internet forums at:
part of our unique American Culture. Our
rights to own property, to go elsewhere
                                               back regarding the billboards? How are
                                               the billboards funded and do you plan on                      ILLINOISCARRY.COM
to seek work, take the risks of running        putting more of them up across Illinois?             Clip this application and mail it along with your check (made pay-
a business, to worship--or not worship,                                                                              able to “Guns Save” to
are all dependant on the rule of law, and      A. Oh, yes! We get lots of feedback! Our       , PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874. Thanks!
our society’s ability to enforce the law. I    Burma-style sign program is easily our
see private ownership of firearms as key       most visible effort at educating the public.
                                                                                                    Become a Member of CCRA / Guns Save Life
to the long-term success of our culture,       Developing the slogans is also a popular
and therefore it is worthy of our efforts to   meeting activity, members pitching in to         Name
protect it.                                    tweak, trim the slogan into 19 letters per
                                               sign, hopefully made to rhyme and have
My active involvement in the gun rights        proper meter. Then the final test: “Does         Address
movement started about 1996, when I            everybody like it?” Once, a slogan was
went to a meeting of “Champaign County         met with near unanimous enthusiasm. Ex-
Grassroots” in Urbana at the Jolly Roger       cept for one man, who pointed out that if
                                                                                                City                           County                        State          ZIP
Restaurant. It was then and still is a con-    one did not catch the first panel, the whole
genial group with a wide range of inter-       meaning was reversed. We scrapped the
ests and knowledge. When we incorpo-           slogan. Unanimously.
rated, we adopted the name Champaign                                                            Telephone (for urgent alerts only)                     E-mail
County Rifle Association, and later added      The funding for sign sets, about $500 a
GunsSaveLife as another corporate              set, comes from members dues and do-
name. Our website, and the tagline on our      nations we receive at our regular monthly        Are you an NRA member (if so, it may help us secure low-cost insurance)
highway signs, is            meetings. We also have received some
                                               grant money for public education purpos-          Yes __________       If so, member number _________________________
Q. Can you give us a description of what       es from the Friends of NRA organization.
                                                                                                Dues:                             _______ $35 - Annual membership
your organization’s Mission Statement is?      We currently have about 30 sets of these
                                               around the state.
                                                                                                                                  _______ $70 - Two-year membership
A. Our main mission is education. We
promote gun safety education for and the       The biggest item for these signs is always
                                                                                                                                  _______ $105 - Three-year membership
responsible use of firearms for youth and      donated -- the land that they sit on. The
adults. We aim to educate the popula-          key to getting them that close to the
                                                                                                                                  _______ Legal Defense Fund donation
tion regarding the history of firearms in      Interstate highways is that they are non-
this country, and the proven benefits to       commercial, political speech. Landowners
                                                                                                                                  _______ Range Acquisition Fund donation
America of law-abiding firearm owner-          who support what we do and have land
ship. We also promote participation in         fronting a major highway give us permis-
                                                                                                                                  _______ Burma-style Sign Fund donation
the shooting sports, by sponsoring and         sion, and then our volunteers swing into
offering classes, shoots, and encourage        action.
the building and maintenance of shooting
ranges for the public to use.                  We will certainly put up more, mainly
                                               when we find new, good sites along major         Is this a gift membership? If so, from whom:
Q. How many Illinois residents receive         highways with landowners that will help by       Political precinct (from your voter registration card):
your e-newsletter and newspaper, Gun           letting us use the space.
News, each month?                                                                               As required by Illinois law, membership is open to all. We encourage anyone
                                               We hope that the rhyme, humor, and               who supports civil rights, particularly the civil right of self-defense to join with us
A. At present we are distributing 9,000        simple statement of a truth will nudge           in our battle to retain and restore our civil rights.
 GunNews 24

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