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									American Society of Safety Engineers
Oklahoma City Chapter

Protecting People, Property and Environment in Oklahoma Since 1975
                                                                                                               ®                                                                                     September 2007

President’s Message                                               I intend for this final goal to be a major focus during my
Jim Ross, Oklahoma Department of Labor                            term as President. Now, what does that mean? We need
                                                                  funds!!! Our Chapter will be planning several
                        Welcome to the 2007-2008 ASSE             fundraisers this year such as teleconferences, webinars,
                        OKC Chapter year! This past year          silent auctions, sponsorships, etc. We also have a new
                        seems to have flown by! Let’s             fundraiser planned for regular Chapter meetings this
                        look back and reflect for just a          year. I won’t list all the details here, but I will tell you to
                        moment. Our 06-07 Chapter year            BRING DOLLAR BILL$ to the first meeting.
                        was quite successful. We had
many good meeting topics and some dynamic speakers, a             In closing, I want to thank you for the opportunity to
very successful Safety Expo and ASP Review class and              serve you and the Chapter this year as President and I
finally, we started an endowed Chapter scholarship.               look forward to seeing you all at our first Chapter
Wow!                                                              meeting this year on Monday, September 10th. Our guest
                                                                  speaker will be Mr. Carlos Reynolds with the Oklahoma
So, here we are again at the dawn of a new year, planning         City Area OSHA Office. He will be updating us on hot
our future. The Executive Committee has met two times             topics in OSHA and will also have a Q&A session (so
this summer to begin planning and scheduling the 07-08            come prepared to ask any burning OSHA questions you
year. We have our meeting schedule in place and most              or your company may have). Please note our
of our speakers/tours confirmed. We are however, still
                                                                  meeting location has changed to the Francis
looking for a couple of lunch sponsors. If you know of a
potential lunch sponsor, please contact myself or another
                                                                  Tuttle Reno Campus, room 1160B.
officer ASAP!

The next big project we will be planning is the 2008
Safety Expo & Golf Tournament. We will be calling
                                                                                 NEXT MEETING
all volunteers to participate on the planning committee
                                                                                 OSHA Update
                                                                           Monday: September 10, 2007
Since we are on the topic of our future, I think this is an                   At the Francis Tuttle
appropriate time to mention our Chapter’s 3-year long
term goals:                                                                          Reno Campus
    1. To grow membership by 8% each year
    2. To provide professional development                                        Lunch Provided By:
        opportunities to our members
    3. To promote recognition of ASSE through public
        affairs and marketing
    4. To promote the growth of the student section

This year, we will also add:
    5. To fully fund an endowed student scholarship

                                              ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
       2007-2008 Meeting Schedules                              CHAPTER FINANCIAL REPORT
                                                                      As of 8/31/06
      The Oklahoma City Chapter meets                        Checking               $2,414.54
    2nd Monday of each month @ 11:30 AM
                                                             Savings                 $900.06
       Francis Tuttle Technology Center
        7301 West Reno Avenue, OKC*                          CD #1                  $1,472.10
                                                             Total Assets                                         $4,786.70
Date                  Topic

September 10          OSHA Update with OSHA                           $500 Attendance Incentive
                      Assistant Area Director              Congratulations to Pam Boatright with the
                      Carlos Reynolds                      Oklahoma State Regents Office for winning last
                                                           years attendance incentive! Only 6 OKC ASSE
October 8             Safety Legislation with              members were eligible for this prize.
                      Senator Debbie Leftwhich             Once again the
                                                           OKC Chapter
November 13         National ASSE Update with              will offer an
                    ASSE President                         incentive for
                    Mike Thompson                          members to
Joint meeting with Tulsa in Stillwater                     attend our monthly meetings. To get your name in
                                                           the drawing, all you have to do is attend five of the
December 10           Hazard Assessments                   first nine meetings as a current member. Be sure to
                      Christmas Party                      sign-in on the attendance roster, it is the official
                                                           record of attendance. You must be present at the
January 14            TOUR – OKC Xerox Plant               June 2008 meeting for the drawing. The winning
                                                           member will receive a $500 Visa gift card.
February 11           Nanotechnologies & Safety
                                                           NOTE: Student members, visitors, and elected Chapter officers
March 10              Regional ASSE Update with            (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and
                      Greg Smith                           Delegates) will not be eligible to participate in the drawing.

April (TBA)           Safety Expo
                                                                 ASSE OKC CHAPTER NEWSLETTER
May 12                TOUR - Construction Site                         ADVERTISING RATES
                                                           SINGLE ISSUE
June 9                Boating & Water Safety               Business Card.............................…………..............$15.00
                      Year End Review                      1/4 page...................................................………….$25.00
                      Officer Installation                 1/2 page...............................................………….....$50.00

                                                           ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION
                                                           Business Card......................................………….....$75.00
                                                           1/4 page..............................................…………....$250.00
         *Meeting Location Change                          1/2 page..............................................…………....$500.00

                                                           Advertisers can now have a complimentary web link
The OKC ASSE chapter meetings for 2007-2008                added to the Chapter website!
will be held at the Francis Tuttle Reno Campus. This
will provide a more central meeting location for our       All artwork must be either camera ready, or in electronic (bmp
members. Please join us in ROOM 1160B.                     or jpg) format. The ASSE newsletter is published 10 months a

                                        ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
Safety Professional Spotlight
                                                             Mr. Reynolds’ safety philosophy centers on "doing
The OKC ASSE Chapter will begin                              things right the first time". One must ask themselves
spotlighting local professionals in our                      at the end of each day, "Did I achieve my goals, did
monthly newsletter. We believe that we have some             I get the results I anticipated and what can I do
of the best professionals in the safety business right       different next time to enhance my efforts?" He tries
here in the Oklahoma City area! However, only ten            to apply these items to assist employers in achieving
individuals have been selected for the 2007-2008             their goal of reduced injuries and illnesses at their
season. Each individual will be featured in the              workplaces.
monthly ASSE newsletter. The monthly feature will
include a short biography, five basic questions and a        Carlos feels the future of safety depends on several
picture. This month our speaker for ASSE’s                   avenues to be addressed through labor, management
September OSHA Update meeting is our focus of                and OSHA:
attention. We asked Carlos to share his wisdom and             a) Outreach, including implementation of
answer a few questions about his safety philosophy           partnerships and alliances;
and experiences.                                               b) Strong, fair and effective enforcement of
                                                             company rules and OSHA standards;
                                                               c) Employee/supervisor training and education
OSHA’s Carlos Reynolds in the                                programs
Limelight as ASSE’s OKC
September 2007 Safety Pro!!!                                 Over the years the biggest change he has seen is the
                                                             employer's willingness to work with OSHA, instead
Carlos Reynolds serves as                                    of against, to solve any workplace safety and health
OSHA’s Assistant Area                                        issues. Most employers are actively seeking
Director in the Oklahoma                                     assistance to improve their safety programs, either
City Area Office. Mr.                                        through State Consultation, loss control carrier or
Reynolds received degrees                                    other consultative assistance. As an OSHA official,
in Biological Sciences                                       Carlos is always pleased to see employers actively
from Eastern Oklahoma                                        engaging any of these sources.
State College (Wilburton,
OK) and Wayland Baptist                                      His most memorable moments have been anytime a
University (Plainview,                                       company, who had previously received multiple
TX). After college he                                        violations from OSHA and had high injury/illness
worked as a Research Associate for the Oklahoma              rates, begins working with some type of consultation
Medical Research Foundation.                                 assistance and begin to actively lower injury/illness
                                                             rates. This equates into employees coming home to
Employed by the U.S. Department of Labor/OSHA                their families safely, along with savings to the
since 1992, Mr. Reynolds served as an Industrial             employer via lowered worker compensation
Hygienist in the Oklahoma City Area Office until             premiums. Based on this trend, he is presently
1999 when he was hired as a VPP Coordinator for              having many more memorable moments!
the Dallas Region. He was responsible for VPP sites
in Oklahoma and eastern Louisiana. In 2001, he               The most important issues that OSHA is
transitioned into the newly formed joint Department          emphasizing at this time are: Construction, Oil &
of Energy/OSHA Transition team to conduct safety             Gas, Process Safety Management, Maritime and
and health inspections of atomic laboratories across         Logging. These industries have been identified as
the country. After a year, Carlos accepted his               causing fatalities and serious injuries. Via
present position as Assistant Area Director in the           application of regional local emphasis programs, we
Oklahoma City Area Office.                                   are able to address these areas.

                                          ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
   Central Oklahoma Safety Events                                               OSHA Trivia
                                                                           Reference: OSHA Letter of Interpretation

                                                              Scenario: Cando Consulting teaches first aid,
                                                              including CPR, in the Oklahoma City area. Several
                                                              employers have asked the instructor what OSHA's
                                                              standards are for first aid, including CPR and
                                                              Bloodborne pathogens. Cando clients are employed
                                                              at various workplaces, including, but not limited to,
                                                              doctors' offices, daycare facilities, and retirement
                                                              Question: Does everyone have to be trained in first
                                                              aid, including CPR and Bloodborne pathogens?

                                                              Answer: The primary requirement addressed by
                                                              Medical Services & First Aid standards are that an
                                                              employer must ensure prompt first aid treatment for
                                                              injured employees, either by providing for the
                                                              availability of a trained first aid provider at the
                                                              worksite, or by ensuring that emergency treatment
                                                              services are within reasonable proximity of the
                                                              worksite. The basic purpose of these standards is to
                                                              assure that adequate first aid is available in the
                                                              critical minutes between the occurrence of an injury
                                                              and the availability of physician or hospital care for
                                                              the injured employee.
                                                              The requirements that emergency medical services
                                                              must be "reasonably accessible" or "in near
                                                              proximity to the workplace" are stated only in
                                                              general terms. An employer who contemplates
                                                              relying on assistance from outside emergency
                                                              responders as an alternative to providing a first-aid-
                                                              trained employee must take a number of factors into
                                                              account. The employer must take appropriate steps
Make plans now to get your hunter education                   prior to any accident (such as making arrangements
certificate and attend the state's biggest outdoors           with the service provider) to ascertain that
recreation event in the state all in the same day. Pre-       emergency medical assistance will be promptly
registration is required for hunter safety education          available when an injury occurs. While the standards
and will begin September 4, 2007. You can pre-                do not prescribe a number of minutes, OSHA has
register by calling the Wildlife Department at (405)          long interpreted the term "near proximity" to mean
521-3855.                                                     that emergency care must be available within no
                                                              more than 3-4 minutes from the workplace, an
More information is available at:                             interpretation that has been upheld by the                   Occupational Safety and Health Review
                                                              Commission and by federal courts.
A note of interest for country music fans –
Blake Shelton will be at the Expo Sunday, Sept. 30.           For more information see 29 CFR 1910.151

                                          ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
       Hear What You Missed At                                    Employment Opportunities
          ASSE’s Safety 2007                               Would you like to advertise your company’s job
Whether you weren’t in sunny Orlando Florida for           opening in our newsletter that reaches over 300
ASSE’s Safety 2007 conference or you missed a              highly qualified ASSE members? Please send a brief
session you had hoped to attend, recordings of many        description of the position and contact information
presentations are available on audio CD.                   to Alan Anderson at

                                                                      Currently Open Positions
        Calling All Volunteers!!!                          FAA - Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
                                                           EOSH Project Manager – Environmental Engineer
The 2007 ASSE Safety Expo was a huge success               Job Description: Develop, review and/or update
thanks to Clayton Abernathy and the 2007 Safety            policies, manuals, operating instructions,
Expo Committee! Once again the Chapter is                  contingency plans, statements of work, checklists
requesting volunteers to plan the 2008 event. If you       and procedures to be used during internal surveys or
are interested in participating on the Safety Expo         inspections, and other materials within assigned
planning committee, please contact:                        technical areas; primarily fuel storage tank
Casey Roberts at                          management and environmental inspections.
                                                           Experience in developing or implementing
        Scholarship Information                            environmental and safety compliance and training
                                                           programs for large facilities is desirable.
Interested in scholarships? The ASSE Foundation            If interested please contact:
awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate          Mark Merrill, REM
SH&E college students. They also have Professional         Native Energy & Technologies
Development Grant funds available for ASSE                 Cell: 830-832-5273
members to improve their SH&E skills.            
Applications can be found on the ASSE Foundation
Web Site. The details for 2008 scholarships will be             Online Employment Opportunities
released September 1. The annual deadline for these
applications is December 1st.                              OU Health Sciences Center
                                                           Occupational Safety Officer
        Internship Opportunities
                                                           University Of Central Oklahoma
                                                           Occupational Technology Adjunct
Does your company have an internship program?
Will you have any openings in the near future? If          Chesapeake Energy
you would like the position advertised in an
                                                           Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
upcoming edition of the ASSE Newsletter, send a
                                                           Coordinator – Air Compliance
brief description of the position and contact
information to Stephanie Schroeder at
                                                           Johnson Controls
                                                           Health and Safety Coordinator
OGE Energy Corporation
                                                           SOLO Cup Company
Internship Opportunities
                                                           Manager EH&S

                                                           INTEGRIS Health
                                                           Facility Project Manager IBMC

                                         ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
American Society of Safety Engineers                                             Texoma Section
      Oklahoma City Chapter                                                       Chairperson
        2007 – 2008 Officers                                                        Don Latimer
                                                                              EJIW-Ardmore Foundry Inc
                                                                                Office: (580) 389-5010
              PRESIDENT                                                          Fax: (580) 389-5012
                  Jim Ross                                                    E-mail:
       Oklahoma Department of Labor
           Office: (405) 528-1500
             Fax: (405) 557-1214                                             North Central Section
       E-mail:                                         Chairperson
                                                                                    Darrin Johns
       PRESIDENT-ELECT                                                           Office: 580-767-8300
            Mark Huddleston                                                     Mobile: 580-716-6209
              Pioneer Telephone                                     E-mail:
           Office: (405) 375-0408                            (Section meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at
            Fax: (405) 375-0385                                           11:30am at the Pioneer Tech Center)

            Catreana Roberts
       Oklahoma State University, OKC
           Office: (405) 945-3234
            Fax: (405) 945-8647

                Diana Jones                                                Newsletter Editors
       Oklahoma Department of Labor
           Office: (405) 528-1500
             Fax: (405) 557-1214                                                  Alan Anderson
      E-mail:                                                Nextep
                                                                                Office: 405-292-1428
                                                                                  Fax: 405-292-1436
             DELEGATES                                                       Email:
               Leon Osburn
       University of Central Oklahoma
           Office: (405) 974-5994                                              Stephanie Schroeder
            Fax: (405) 974-3813                                         FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
         E-mail:                                                 Office: 405-954-0371
               Don Latimer
         EJIW-Ardmore Foundry Inc                             Do you have an article you want to share with our
           Office: (580) 389-5010                                        members? Let us know…
            Fax: (580) 389-5012

         Membership Chair
             Jeremy Spalvieri
       Oklahoma Department of Labor
            Office: (405) 528-1500
              Fax: (405) 557-1214

                                           ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter
ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter

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