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              DR NIGEL PICKERING
             M.B. B.S. (St Mary’s, London)1982

              DR SALLY ANDERSON
                 M.B. Ch.B. (Sheffield) 1984

              DR CLAIRE DENNESS
    M.B. Ch.B. (Hons)(Leicester) 2002, M.R.C.G.P., DFSRH
                    P.G.C.M.E, F.H.E.A

         M.A., D.M.(Oxford) 1984, M.P.H., F.F.P.H.,
                  M.R.C.G.P, D.R.C.O.G.

The Medical Centre                                   The Surgery
Cranwell Road                                  48 Southfield Road
Driffield                    and                        Wetwang
East Yorkshire                                    East Yorkshire
YO25 6UH                                               YO25 9XX

                 Tel Number 01377 243055
                 Fax Number 01377 240551

                          Welcome to the Practice
We are a rural practice providing medical care to over 10,600 patients covering an area of
approximately 400 square miles in and around the Driffield area.
Our main surgery is situated on Cranwell Road, in the centre of Driffield, and we have a
branch surgery in the village of Wetwang, approximately six miles to the west of Driffield.
Both of these sites have their own dispensary. The practice medical team consists of 4
Partners, and 3 Salaried Doctors, which includes a mix of male and female.
Our team of Practice Nurses includes three RGN qualified nurses and two phlebotomists.
The nurses provide a full range of treatment room duties, travel advice and advice on the
management of chronic diseases eg asthma, diabetes etc. The lead nurse has a BSc (Hons)
Degree and has recently become an Independent Prescriber.
We have a management team of Gill Dowson, Practice Manager Alison Tite, Assistant
Practice Manager and Linda Shipley, Nursing Manager who carry out the day to day
running of the practice. All of our reception, dispensing and administrative staff have
received extensive training to provide you with an efficient and caring service.
We are supported by district nurses, community midwives and health visitors who are
employed by the local Primary Care Trust. The district nurses visit at the request of the
doctors to patients who are housebound and need blood tests, blood pressures, changing
dressings, administering injections and providing palliative care.
We follow a strict code of confidentiality and therefore access to patient information will
only be given with the written consent of the individual patient concerned.
We aim to provide the best possible care. If you do have any suggestions or comments
about our service, please do not hesitate to discuss it with one of us.

Opening Hours
                      Driffield                             Wetwang
 Monday             08.00 – 18.00               08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00
 Tuesday            08.00 – 18.00               08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00
 Wednesday          08.00 – 18.00               08.15 – 12.00      CLOSED
 Thursday           08.00 – 18.00               08.15 – 12.00      CLOSED
 Friday             08.00 – 18.00               08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00

To register with the practice you will need to complete the appropriate forms that are
available at reception. If you have a medical card available please bring this with you.
Patients are registered with the practice and not with a specific doctor, but you may
express a preference as to whom you wish to see and this will be recorded on the practice
computer. We will try to accommodate this but; it may not always be possible to see your
preferred doctor. Please note that we are only able to offer services to patients living
within the practice area as detailed on the map.

Patients with particular needs
Car parking and disabled access are available at both our main and branch surgeries. We
have some first floor consulting rooms at the Driffield surgery. If you have difficulty
climbing stairs please inform the reception staff, preferably at the time of making your
appointment, and we will ensure that you are seen downstairs. There are disabled toilet
facilities at both premises.
We do have interpreter and translation services available. We will need advance warning
regarding this so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

The practice has installed a telephone system which uses a local geographical number.
This system has functions which allow us to streamline our call answering service If you
are calling from a normal BT landline the cost of your call will be at the normal rate
charged for a local geographical number, however if you have a special tariff arranged
with your provider or you use a mobile the cost of calls may be different to this

The surgery offers ten-minute consultations with the doctors and nurses via an
appointment system. Appointments are available between 8.00am and 6.00pm at the
Driffield and Wetwang surgeries. If you arrive late for your appointment the clinician
may not be able to see you and you will be asked to re-appoint, this decision is made by
the clinician not the receptionist. The surgery complies with the government guidelines on
accessing a clinical member of staff within 24 hours. Although we endeavour to offer you
an appointment with the doctor or nurse of your choice, at times this may not be possible
and you will be offered an appointment with an alternative clinician. As all telephone
calls are answered at the Driffield surgery please inform the receptionist if you require an
appointment at Wetwang.
Our highly trained staff are here to provide you with a pleasant and efficient service. At
times it may be necessary for them to ask you certain questions relating to your health to
ensure that you receive the most appropriate appointment.
Appointments can be made over the telephone, in person at the surgery or by using the
internet. A percentage of the GP appointments are released up to a month in advance with
approximately 40% saved so that they can be booked on the day. If you need an
appointment on the same day the call request will be triaged by a GP who will discuss
with you who is the best person for you to see, this may be a nurse practitioner or a GP.
The phones are extremely busy between 8.00 and 9.00am and it would help us if you could
ring after 9.00am if you wish to book an appointment for another day.
Appointments for medicals, minor surgery etc will be arranged by a member of our
administration team in consultation with the doctor and are usually booked out of normal
clinic time.

Unwanted Appointments
Please help us to make the best use of our doctors’ and nurses’ time by cancelling an
appointment in good time if you find you no longer need it. When you ring the surgery
there is an opportunity to leave a cancellation message rather than speaking to a member
of staff. These messages are checked regularly throughout the day. We also have a text
message alert reminder service; this allows us to send you a message 24 hours before your

Home Visits
The practice operates a visiting policy based on medical need. If required, the receptionist
will take some details and your contact number. All visit requests are assessed by the
doctor who may contact you. We visit people who are too ill or infirm to be able to get to
the surgery. However please remember that we can see three people at the surgery (where
there are better facilities) in the time it takes to visit one person at home.
Please ensure that your visit request is received by the surgery before 10.30am.

Test Results
Should you have tests performed at the request of the doctor eg blood tests, x-rays etc,
please phone after 10 days to confirm whether your results are normal or require further
action. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure that they have received their test

Out of Hours
The East Riding of Yorkshire PCT is responsible for providing an out of hours service. To
access this service please telephone:-
                                        0845 0568060
NHS Direct are accessible at all times. They can be contacted on 0870 4647 or at
The Minor Injuries Unit at Alfred Bean Hospital is open from 9am to 6pm.
The Accident & Emergency departments at Hull Royal Infirmary, Scarborough Hospital
and York Hospital are open for URGENT care at all times.
If you require an ambulance or doctor for EMERGENCY care dial 999

Repeat Prescriptions
You may request repeat prescriptions either by telephone, the internet or by placing your
completed request form in the boxes provided in both surgeries. Forty-eight hours notice
is required to process your prescription.
In line with national policy, we will only prescribe a one month supply of medication at a
time, with the exception of the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy.
If you have an arrangement with a chemist to collect your prescription from the surgery
please inform staff when the prescription is ordered.

Under NHS regulations we are only allowed to dispense medicines to patients who live
more than one mile from a chemist.
From the Driffield surgery we can arrange for medicines to be delivered to the post offices
in Middleton-on-the-Wolds and Hutton Cranswick. This is a voluntary service offered by
the Post Offices concerned. Please inform the receptionist on ordering your prescription if
you wish to use this service.
Prescription charges are payable on collection of your medicines.
If you are exempt from paying prescription charges, proof of this will be required.

Dispensary Hours
                      Driffield                            Wetwang
 Monday             08.00 – 18.00              08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00
 Tuesday            08.00 – 18.00              08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00
 Wednesday          08.00 – 18.00              08.15 – 12.00      CLOSED
 Thursday           08.00 – 18.00              08.15 – 12.00      CLOSED
 Friday             08.00 – 18.00              08.15 – 12.00    15.30 – 18.00
               If the practice is closed and you need medication urgently

                                 please ring NHS Direct

                                        0870 4647

Minor Surgery
Certain minor surgery procedures ie removal of toe nails and small lumps and bumps can
be carried out in the practice. Your doctor will discuss this with you if the need arises.

Ear Syringing
If you think you need your ears syringing please request an appointment with the nurse.
We will ask you to instil oil into the ear canal for 3 days prior to the appointment. This
may resolve the problem and you should cancel your appointment. If it doesn’t resolve the
problem the oil will make the syringing procedure easier to carry out. The nurse will then
either carry out the syringing, or assess whether you need other care and refer you

Hearing tests
You will need a referral from a nurse or doctor to have a hearing test carried out.
However we can only carry out tests on patients aged 5 to 64, other age groups will need
referral to other providers.

Family Planning and Sexual Health
Routine and emergency contraception advice is available to all of our patients, regardless
of age and we stress that this service is absolutely confidential. Several of our GPs are
trained to fit IUDs (coils) and our lead nurse and Dr Sally Anderson also fit and remove
the contraceptive implant.
We also offer pre-conceptual advice (health advice before you become pregnant) when
Chlamydia testing – collect a pack from the surgery and send it back to the appropriate
place, or for advice please visit

Maternity Services
The surgery offers both antenatal and postnatal services, provided by the doctors and the
community midwives. Appointments are offered according to locally agreed guidelines.
For further information please contact reception.

The Babies
All the doctors provide child health surveillance services in conjunction with the health
visitors. Baby clinics are held weekly at The Childrens Centre, Beckside, Driffield and
once a month at Wetwang. A full childhood immunisation programme is provided by the
surgery. The immunisation clinics are held every Wednesday afternoon and appointments
are made by the local vaccination and immunisation department. If you are unable to keep
the appointment please contact us to re-arrange a new time.

Health Promotion
The practice is committed to encouraging patients to be aware of, and be responsible for,
their own health. Our nurses are highly skilled in supporting patients to manage their own
conditions and are always happy to see patients to give help and advice. Their particular
areas of expertise are:-
    Coronary heart disease
    Diabetes
    Asthma
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    Hypertension – high blood pressure
    Strokes
    Epilepsy
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Well Woman and Well-man checks
    Family Planning and Contraceptive Services
    Mental health – dementia

We have a range of useful leaflets available to provide information about your health and
to help you try at stay healthy. A useful website link is or alternatively
please ask at reception for a leaflet.

Smoking Cessation support
If you require smoking cessation support please ask at reception, they will be able to direct
you to the most appropriate service for your needs. It is recommended that you attend a
support group as the best results are achieved in these circumstances.
Local walk in centres are available for you to attend without an appointment at
The Children’s Centre, Driffield - Tuesday morning 9.30am to 11.00am
The Leisure Centre, Driffield - Thursday evening 5.30pm to 6.30pm.
The doctors and nurses can provide support and prescriptions in the surgery if needed.
NHS stop smoking websites can be accessed on

Private Services
The practice offers a full range of private services including HGV, PSV, taxi, employment
and insurance medicals as well as other non-NHS services such as insurance reports,
passport verification etc. The current fees for private services are as per our price list and
payment is required in advance. We follow the BMA scale of fees for these services not
provided by the NHS. Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment as required.

Travel Clinic
We are able to offer a fully comprehensive travel health advice service to ensure that you
have had appropriate vaccinations and treatment when travelling abroad. We would
advise you to consider your travel requirements well in advance of your date of travel.
Please complete a travel questionnaire, available from reception, to enable our nurses to
research the up to date information regarding your destination. The nurse will then contact
you to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.
We are registered as a Yellow Fever Centre.
Most travel vaccinations are NOT available on the NHS and you will be advised of
any cost incurred.

A useful link to travel websites for you would be

National Screening Programmes
We participate in the national screening programmes for cervical screening (smears),
breast screening and the retinal screening for diabetics. You will be invited to attend
directly from the appropriate agency, further information is available from the surgeries or
by accessing .

Community Services
In addition to the community nurses, health visitors and midwives who work alongside the
practice, we have access to the full range of community services, including counselling,
physiotherapy and the x-ray facility at the Alfred Bean Hospital.

Dr Ward is qualified to train GP Registrars. They are qualified doctors who have chosen
to train to become GPs. They will spend 6 or 12 months with us and will see patients
during this time. During their time with us they are asked to video some of their
consultations. Also, we take 4th year medical students from the Hull / York Medical
School (HYMS) who learn alongside our clinical staff.
We are grateful for your help with our teaching but if you do not wish for a student to be
present or you are not happy with your consultation being videoed, please do not be afraid
to refuse.

We strongly believe in regular training and updates for all of our staff and the practice will
close for training from time to time. These training dates are usually advertised in
advance. Please understand we will only deal with emergencies during this time.

From time to time the practice is involved in research studies. If a doctor or nurse thinks
you may be eligible to become involved, this will be fully discussed with you at the time.
You can, of course, decline to become involved.

We aim to treat all our patients as individuals. We will offer you courtesy and respect at all
times whatever your sex, race, religious beliefs, sexuality of the nature of your health
problems. In return we ask that you treat us with equal courtesy and respect. We will not
tolerate verbal or physical abuse and any patient acting in such a manner may be removed
from the practice list. In the event that a patient is removed from the practice list, details of
alternative medical provision can be obtained from East Riding of Yorkshire PCT.

Any advice or treatment we offer you is given in the strictest confidence. We will not give
any confidential information about you to anybody else unless you ask us to or we are
legally obliged.

Data Protection
Everyone who works for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you
You may be receiving care from other people as well as your doctor, eg NHS Hospital
Trusts, Social Services, private hospitals, district nurses etc. So that we can all work
together for your benefit we may need to share some of your health information. We will
only do this if there is a genuine need for it.
Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

Access to Health Records
You have a right of access to your health records. The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you
the right to access information held on computer and in certain manual records. If you
want to see your records you should make a written request to the NHS organisation where
you are being, or have been, treated. You should give your full details in order that
information about you may be located. There may be a charge if you require a copy of
such information.

In line with national guidelines we have an in-house practice complaints procedure. If you
feel the need to complain or comment about any of our services, please contact a member
of the Management Team or ask for one of our leaflets.

East Riding of Yorkshire PCT
Details of primary medical services in the area may be obtained from the Primary Care
Trust. Their contact details are below:-

                             East Riding of Yorkshire PCT
                                      Four Winds
                                Market Weighton Road
                                      YO25 9LH
                           Telephone Number 01482 650700


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