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									Volume 9, Issue 1
                                       Porter Press                                                                                                           October, 2010

CAD students got ‘skills’
                                                                                                                                                       3D computerized images. Their knowledge
Two LTHS students                                                                                                                                      of the software and creative animation of a
earn silver medals                                                                                                                                     superhero’s hideout earned them a second
                                                                                                                                                       place at the national contest. In addition to
in 3D animation at                                                                                                                                     receiving their medals, Wolcott and Cison
                                                                                                                                                       received 3D Design & animation software
national skills                                                                                                                                        packages, gift cards and scholarships at the
                                                                                                                                                       closing ceremony. Both students plan to
competition                                                                                                                                            continue their education in the animation
                                                                                                                                                       and game development fields.
                                                                                                                                                           The remaining four students, Justin
By Frankie Onesto
                                                                                                                                                       Vrba, Kyle Bak, Angelica Garcia and Lei-

                                                                                                                                                       anne Maugeri, competed in entrepreneur-
           ave you ever wondered if your
                                                                                                                                                       ship. Although they did not place at the
           future career might involve
                                                                                                                                                       national level, they did win the state contest
           designing video games or other
                                                                                                                                                       to qualify for the national competition.
           animations? Some students at
                                                                                                                                                           Lockport has offered the 3D design and
LTHS are already making great strides
                                                                                                                                                       animation course for over fifteen years now.
toward such a career. Six students from
                                                                                                                                                       In the classroom students use a variety of
the Class of 2010 at Lockport Township                                                             Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown
                                                                                                                                                       tools and programs to plan, design, and
High School recently competed in the 46th           The Great Debate: Michael Cison (far left) and Richard Wolcott (2nd                                render their very own animations. Creating
annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and            from left) receive their silver medal awards for 3D animation at the                               a virtual walk-through, generating a short
Skills Conference (NLSC). The SkillsUSA
Championships were held at the H. Roe
                                                    Skills USA competition.                                                                            animation film, and designing an entire
                                                                                                                                                       city blocks are only a few of many projects
Bartle Hall and Municipal Auditorium in
                                                 and test competencies are set by industry.        skills and creative abilities – including visual    that the students will complete throughout
Kansas City from June 20 to June 25. More
                                                     This contest allows students to step into     development and storyboarding. This was             the year. Wolcott and Cison each had three
than 5,600 career and technical education
                                                 a real world 3D production environment            also a great opportunity for the students to        years of experience in the classroom lead-
students—all state contest winners—com-
                                                 where creative output must be accom-              receive feedback from high-profile judges           ing up to the competition. They also took
peted hands-on in 96 different trade, techni-
                                                 plished with specific tools and resources.        with successful careers in 3D animation and         classes such as Computer Aided Drafting,
cal and leadership fields. Students work
                                                 The contestants also had to complete their        game development.                                   Engineering, and Graphic Communications.
against the clock and each other, proving
                                                 animation within specific time frames,                Two Lockport students, Richard Wolcott          These courses helped the two prepare for
their expertise in areas such as electronics,
                                                 and design constraints. This two-person           and Michael Cison, were awarded silver              the national competition, and all their hard
animation, computer-aided drafting, auto-
                                                 team event includes a preliminary writ-           medals in 3D Visualization & Animation              work paid off in the end. This is a great ac-
motive, construction, and entrepreneurship.
                                                 ten exam. The exam evaluates students             contest. The contestants produced high              complishment for themselves and Lockport
Contests are run with the help of industry,
                                                 on their technical knowledge, production          quality images and an animated short using          Township High School.
trade associations, and labor organizations,

Recent fights carry consequences
By Ryan Kendziora                      remotely hidden from the student        other offense (not necessarily an-
Editor-in-Chief                        body. The Discipline Code found in
                                       the Porter Planner (that little note-
                                                                               other fighting offense) can warrant
                                                                               a recommendation for expulsion. It
                                                                                                                       From the Editor-In-Chief
                                                                                                                           “Why can’t we be friends?” asked the 70s funk group, War. With so many
                                       book distributed to every student at    is important to note that a second      fights already this year, the administration has been strongly enforcing the LTHS
    So far this school year at LTHS,
                                       the time of registration) considers     instance of fighting from the same      disciplinary code to try and stem the number of fistfights in the hallways. So the
there has been a rash of fistfights.
                                       instigation of and participation in a   student throughout the school year      question begs to be asked: What is the point of fighting in school? And, to be
In the month of September alone,
                                       fight to be one and the same thing.     is an automatic recommendation          honest, I don’t really know. If you’ve read the Porter Planner or listened to the
there were five fights in the halls
                                           The punishment for such an          for expulsion. Bystanders, too,         Principal Hicks on the PA system or on the automated phone message, you’d
of LTHS at both campuses, with
                                       offense is a 5-day external suspen-     are not immune from discipline,         know that there is absolutely no tolerance for fighting in the hallways. There is
three of those occurring in one
                                       sion, plus a 90-day social suspen-      either. A failure to leave the scene    a policy in place that will not have mercy on you, now or anytime soon. Five
week, according to a Southtown
                                       sion (meaning: no football games,       of a fight can mean an assignment       days out of school, 90 days out of any extracurricular events, and halfway to an
Star article that was published on
                                       no dances, no school functions          to BIC or an external suspension.       expulsion from LTHS seems like a horrible price to pay for “getting even” or
Sept. 29. Six arrests were made
                                       or activities of any kind for you),          “I do not tolerate any fighting    whatever other reason you might have for picking a fight.
in connection with the fights.
                                       plus a notification to the police,      whatsoever from anyone in the build-        I can assure anyone thinking about fighting that throwing a punch does not
    Although the reason for all of
                                       along with charges possibly being       ing… that kind of decision making       make you a hero. Sure, people around school will talk about you for the five
the aggression is unknown, such a
                                       brought against the combatants.         just doesn’t go with a school.”, said   days that you’re suspended, but that’s not the kind of attention you want. Kids
large number of fights represents
                                       Contrary to what some may think,        LTHS East Campus Principal Dennis       don’t care about which person was in the right; they only talk about how much
a problem for the school. How-
                                       a 16- or 17-year-old can be charged     Hicks, “What we try to do is promote    hair was pulled out or the amount of blood on the floor. There is no chivalrous
ever, something is being done to
                                       as an adult in cases of fighting,       a safe learning environment,[where      violence, no honorable aggression. Your reputation and the reputation of your
discourage senseless violence and
                                       making any police charges that          you have] an opportunity to get the     school are tarnished when the fists fly, and you’ll be remembered in the same
preserve the integrity of LTHS.
                                       much more serious. In addition,         best education you can receive, based   negative way. A person is defined by the choices they make, and these choices
    To achieve this, the administra-
                                       “upon return to school, [the] stu-      on your efforts…We’re here for you;     are ultimately what others will see in you. Remember that there are always
tion has stressed a no-tolerance
                                       dent [that fought] may be placed        we’re here for the students to do       consequences for your decisions, that there is a reaction for every action. You
crackdown on fighting. Though the
                                       on Final Warning”. Final Warning        well here for Lockport, for them-       determine what your life is, and you determine what your future will be.
firm approach may surprise some,
                                       is exactly what it sounds like: any     selves, at Lockport High School.”
in reality the policy was never even

                                                                                  See page 6 for
                                                                                   the “Lizard

                               See pages                                                                                                 See page 7 for a
                               4 and 5 for                                                                                               “Scott Pilgrim”
                              Homecoming                                                                                                     review
2 October 2010 News                                                                                                   Lockport Township High School

Oil leak hits close to home
By Devin Polaczek                  But what happens when an oil            each time passing inspection.       chemicals have yet been found.         ont and ExxonMobil near Joliet.
Staff Writer                       pipeline ruptures near a city?             Around 12,100 barrels of an          While nowhere near to the size        The pipeline is owned by En-

                                      On September 9th a tiny              oil and water mixture have been     of the oil spill in the Gulf, the      bridge Energy, and this isn’t the
       he recent oil leak in       two-inch hole caused a leak in          recovered at a pond at Rome-        Lockport area is feeling the ef-       company’s first slip up. They
       the Gulf of Mexico          a pipeline in Romeoville, caus-         oville’s wastewater treatment       fects of this local spill. Gas pric-   had 89 reported oil spills in 2009
       killed eleven people,       ing 250,000 gallons of oil to           plant. Benzene, a colorless and     es in the Midwest rose 20 cents        alone, and in July another one
       harmed thousands of         leak out before the hole had            extremely flammable liquid that     in the week following the leak, as     of their pipelines ruptured in
animals and plants that live in    been blocked and plugged up.            is known to be a carcinogen,        the pipeline serves most of the        Michigan, resulting in one mil-
and along the ocean and caused     The pipeline had been inspected         was found in some water near        Chicago area including some lo-        lion gallons of oil leaking into
major damage to the economy.       four times in the last ten years,       the spill. No other harmful         cal refineries like Citgo in Lem-      Michigan’s Kalamazoo River.

      Push for the popular vote
By Ryan Kendziora                  in 2000 by over half a million          called “faithless”; but despite     be tricked? Easily. The Con-              The first state to enact the
editor in chief                    votes (543,895). Strange as it          the nasty name-calling, there’s     stitution states that the states       National Popular vote legisla-
                                   may seem, the current system            not much to stop them from          have complete power over               tion was Maryland, on April
   Are you tired of your sin-      of presidential elections is            voting the way they want to. In     how to delegate their Elec-            10, 2007. Since then, three
gle vote not counting? Hate        based on the Electoral College          American history there have         toral votes, and may change            other states, Illinois, New Jer-
it how “the Man” in his Elec-      method. The system awards               been 17 elections with faith-       the method of casting those            sey, and Hawaii, all in 2008,
toral College is trying to         the presidency to the candidate         less electors (88 total faithless   votes at any time. The leaders         have signed the bill into law.
bring you down? Do you be-         who gets the majority (270 or           electors). So, in a nutshell, you   of the organization drafted a          The four-state total for elec-
lieve in the true voice of the     more) of the nation’s electoral         don’t elect the president, the      bill that formed the basis of          toral votes is 73 of the 270
American people being heard?       votes. In essence, the citizens         538 electors (around .00001%        an interstate compact (basi-           necessary. Though the bill is
Then here’s the bill for you.      of each state vote to tell their        of the American people) do.         cally, an agreement among the          still dormant and does not yet
   There have been several         state’s electors (the voters of            In 2006, the National Popu-      states). The compact states            influence the presidential elec-
times throughout American          the Electoral College) who              lar Vote Organization released      that, in a presidential election,      tion, support for such novel
history in which the president     to vote for president. Usu-             its book called Every Vote          whichever candidate wins the           legislation shows great prom-
of the U.S. was elected by hav-    ally, whichever candidate gets          Equal: A State-Based Plan           national popular vote wins the         ise. Perhaps in the next decade,
ing less votes than the other      the most votes from a state’s           for Electing the President by       electoral votes of any states          candidates will be campaign-
guy. Rutherford B. Hayes, who      citizens gets all of the state’s        National Popular Vote. Over         participating in the compact.          ing for the votes of all of the
traded the Democrats for the       electoral votes, but that’s not         the course of its 620 pages,        The one catch to it, though, is        American people, and not just
presidency by ending Recon-        always the case. Each individu-         it details a plan in which the      that the bill is only “activated”      the good country people of
struction and leaving the freed    al’s vote is essentially a sugges-      current system of presidential      when there are enough states           Texas (which has 34 electoral
slaves out to dry, lost the pop-   tion to their elector; in some          elections is reformed to en-        in the compact that their com-         votes, one of the larger states)
ular vote. George W. Bush, the     states, an elector doesn’t even         sure that the candidate with        bined electoral total is 270           or the local liberals of Cali-
master of “misunderestima-         have to follow his or her state’s       the most popular votes wins.        or more (the magic number              fornia (a whopping 55 votes).
tion”, lost the popular vote       decision. These electors are            How can the U.S. Constitution       needed to win the presidency).

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October 2010                                                       Opinions                                          Lockport Township High School                                     3
        Community service clash
                                 The Porter Press staff took a look at the community service requirement of
                                 10 hours per year in order to graduate, which was instituted by the school
                                 this year. Staff writers Irene Lee and Andrew Kropfl weighed in on the
                                 divisive issue in a point/counterpoint debate.

Quit complaining Required volunteer
 and suck it up!  work - a paradox
By Irene Lee                this, “Did you do your      Want to become a doc-             By Andrew Kropfl                   lives out of the classroom it        angers me the most about
Staff Writer                hours yet?” “No, ugh        tor? Volunteer at the             Staff Writer                       gives them a type of power           this it that I called a large
                            why did they have to        hospital and you’ll get                                              that is usually associated with      number of these agencies at
   Community service?       make that stupid rule?”     the experience and feel               This year, Lockport has        tyrants. I find it cowardly that     2:00 P.M on a weekday. The
   Do you mean work-        “I know right? They’re      of what it’s like to work         implemented a new policy           the administration and school        school is truly making this
ing for free?!              just making us do more      there. I love kids so I           regarding community service.       board have the audacity to call      more difficult than it should
   Yeah right!              work.” Blah. Blah. Blah.    volunteered to teach              Now, in order to graduate, all     this slave labor “volunteering”      be. Our school should take
   What?                    I’m a fellow student at     Sunday School. Then               students must complete ten         when we are being forced to          note of what other types of
   You were serious?        Lockport and do you         guess what? I put that            hours per year of mandatory        work in order to graduate.           community service systems
    NOOOOOO!!               know what I say? SUCK       down on my job appli-             volunteer work. I find it com-         Besides the fact that this       other public high schools are
   This is going to take    IT UP. Do your hours        cation and I got hired            pletely ironic that in a society   completely goes against              implementing. For example,
my time away from be-       and get on with your        to work at a retirement           that thrives on having the right   American ideology, students          at Lemont Township High
ing lazy!                   life. If you were to do,    home. My boss told me             to choose that such a policy       are now forced to find more          School, there is a system in
   I need my beauty         two hours a day, then by    that since I helped out           would be voted through. The        time for school and less time        place that allows for students
sleep!                      the fifth day you’d have    with kids, she saw that I         most important idea regard-        for themselves. Students usu-        to sign up for specific events
   OMG this is ruining      ten hours. That’s less      was patient and caring,           ing the community service re-      ally have to deal with things        and the school will transport
my life!                    than a week! I find it      qualities that are impor-         quirement is that it completely    such as getting good grades,         you to them.
   Okay, I was being ri-    very pathetic that teen-    tant for where I work.            redefines the phrase volun-        working a job, and participat-            I am still unable to com-
diculously dramatic, but    agers would rather sit in   Bosses love looking at            teer work to mandatory work.       ing in extracurricular activities,   prehend how a society that
c’mon it’s truth. No-       front of the computer       volunteer work because            The whole idea of doing vol-       but now they will also have to       calls out for less government
body likes being forced     or TV rather than doing     it shows that you care.           unteer work is to help other       deal with mindless, tedious          and less authority believes
to do something they        something that’ll keep      If you’ve never had a             people because you want to,        community service. Not only          that it is ok to force their
don’t want to. Ever since   us active while know-       job before, volunteer             not because you are forced to      is the work boring but it is al-     children to do something
Lockport implemented        ing that you’re making a    work obviously looks              in order to graduate. By forc-     most impossible to reach any         that gives our school more
the new rule that every     difference in your com-     better than no work ex-           ing students to do volunteer       of the agencies listed as “vol-      authority over us. I hope that
student must complete       munity.                     perience. Many schools            work, Lockport is not only         unteer friendly” by the admin-       one day Lockport will realize
ten hours of community          The list for volun-     already require commu-            violating the right to choose      istration. I forged through an       how such a policy intrudes on
service, many are, to say   teering is long and var-    nity service. Why should          but it is also destroying the      endless sea of phone num-            our right to choose. Admin-
the least, whiny. A typi-   ied. Are you an animal      we be any different? Do           boundary between in-school         bers only to be rejected by          istrators and board members
cal conversation I hear     lover? Then go help out     your hours and move               and out-of-school work. By         automated messages saying            should reconsider their deci-
all the time goes like      at an animal shelter.       on. It’s that simple.             allowing LTHS to dictate our       that they were closed. What          sion and repeal this new rule.

                            Porter Press Staff Box
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produced publication with the intent of appealing to the student population. The mission of the Porter Press is to deliver news and enter-
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                                                                   controversial topics by seeking multiple sources, so that      readers.
Matt Davis
                                                                   information can be verified and both sides are covered.
 4          October 2010                                                                                                                          FEATU


                                                                                                              We would like to thank
                                                                                                              and staff that made Ho
                                                                                                              memorable. We hope
                                                                                                              under the “Big Top” w
                                                                                                              Special thanks to Mrs.
                                                                                                              all of the pictures!
  Photo #1: Boom Entertainment’s DJ kept the music flowing with fresh tunes all night long, much to the
  delight of students who attendended the dance.
  Photo #1: The junior class was well-represented at the Homecoming assembly to cheer on their class in the
  assembly competition.
  Photo #3: The Homecoming court was paraded around the track on floats all decorated with the circus
  theme for the dance.
  Photo #4: Large numbers of students took advantage of the Homecoming week dress-up days to get out of
  the routine school outfits and clown around instead.
  Photo #5: Students kept up the energy on the dance floor with various dances, including the all-too-popu-
  lar fist pump.

Boom is BACK!
By Jessica Oliver                                                                               1
Staff Writer
Homecoming is the one dance everybody looks forward to. The
great outfits, the big theme, the late night out, what else is miss-
ing? Great music! Thanks to Boom Entertainment, we got exactly
what we wanted. The first dance Boom sponsored for LTHS was
Twirp 2010 and it was a huge success and they came back to play
at homecoming 2010. Boom was the talk of the school before the
dance, and they were still the talk after homecoming was over, as                                              “All we do is win win win”: The class of 2012 won the Powd
they did not disappoint us. Students thought the 2010 homecom-                                                 night, the freshmen defeated the seniors by a score of 25-24.
ing was better than any other homecoming before it. Boom played                                                initially, so the two teams were required to play an additiona
the songs and hits that the whole school wanted to hear. Every-                                                Then the sophomores and juniors faced each other, with the
body was dancing and it was a great time.                                                                      game. With tough play and one ejection from each team th
                                                                                                               between the freshmen and juniors. In the end the Juniors be

                                                                                                               Picture on left: (left to right) - Emma Nunley, Julie Divita, A
  URES                                                                                                           Lockport Township High School                                     5



 k all of the students
 omecoming 2010
  your experience
was as good as ours!
 . Martinez for taking                                            Build the beat
                                                                  into a fist pump
                                                                  By Eric Kwak                                man named Bruce who looked me            dents together. In my opinion, we
                                                                  Staff Writer                                straight in the face and said,           need to fist pump more often. Take it
                                                                                                                   “Hey man, you looked good out       outside of the dance halls and into the
                                                                                                              there.”…                                 streets. The fist pump is no longer a
                                                                      Baby, I like it. I like to fist pump.
                                                                                                                  Bruce has been my best friend ever   dance move; it’s a way of life.
                                                                  It’s empowering. (That’s an understate-
                                                                  ment.)      Sure I’m almost considered
                                                                                                                   It’s amazing how something so
                                                                  an adult, but what’s better than jumping
                                                                                                                   simple can bring a body of stu-
                                                                  around in a room full of sweaty students
                                                                  pumping your arm up and down?
                                                                  Nothing, that’s what’s better,
                                                                  nothing. When you’re fist
                                                                  pumping, you belong. You                                                                                            5
                                                                  don’t think about how ri-
                                                                  diculous you may look
                                                                  or how wet your under-
                                                                  arms are. (You might,
                                                                  however, think about
                                                                  the scene in Rocky
                                                                  where he celebrates at
                    Photo on left courtesy of Andrea Cronberg
                                                                  the top of the stairs.)
                                                                  You think about how
  der Puff games for the second year in a row. To start off the
                                                                  much fun you’re hav-
  . There was controversy concerning the freshman victory
                                                                  ing with people you’ve
  al five minutes, with the freshmen still coming out on top.
                                                                  never seen before.
 e juniors winning 12-6, putting them in the championship
                                                                  Take, for example, the
 he championship game turned out to be an exciting battle
                                                                  night of the dance. As
  eat the Freshman 28-6.
                                                                  I was leaving, I was ap-
                                                                  proached by a young
 Andrea Cronberg, and Liz Wahl
6 October 2010                                                                Opinions                                                   Lockport Township High School

                           Teenage                                                                                   Waking up,
                          Wasteland                                                                                 for Dummies
By Les Arp                             exposure from these deadly fumes       the influence are putting not only    By Gloria Paris                                      Shower in the morning. It
Opinions Editor                        for their lungs. (National Institute   themselves but other drivers in       Staff Writer                                     has the same effect as drink-
                                       on Drug Abuse).                        danger. The consequences of                                                            ing cold water (if you take a
    Teenagers don’t understand or          Another drug that teenagers        drinking and driving under the age        Waking up in the morning                     cold shower), and it is even
realize what drugs and alcohol can     abuse without considering the          of 21 are loss of driving privi-      is the hardest part of every                     more refreshing. Plus nobody
do to their lives. Teenagers who       consequences is alcohol. Alcohol       leges for a minimum of two years,     teenager’s day. Whether you                      likes a smelly kid.
use drugs on a more than occa-         is used by more teenagers in the       possible imprisonment, and fines.     wake up at four or eight you                       5.     No Caffeine
sional basis often end up becom-       United States than any other illicit   (Centers for Disease Control and      always feel as if you haven’t                        Your body starts to become
ing addicted. It starts to become a    drug or even tobacco. There is a       Prevention).                          had enough sleep. Your bed                       immune to the effects of it
habit for many users and they feel     reason why the drinking age is 21:          In all, many teenagers think     calls your name, but you must                    if you drink it every day. It is
that there are no long term effects.   teenagers don’t know how to con-       little of what they are doing.        resist! I have researched ex-                    best to just save the caffeine,
    Studies show that marijuana        trol their alcohol usage. Excessive    These people only think of the        pert opinions from these sites                   whether it is coffee or energy
can be a gateway drug for other        alcohol consumption is related to      present. They don’t worry about and                      drinks, for emergencies. For
harder drugs such as heroin and        more than 75,000 deaths per year.      what could happen to them in the      h t t p : / / w w w. t h e d a i l y m i n d .   example, if you stayed up all
cocaine. Some of the kids in           Long-term use of alcohol can lead      future if they continue to carry      com and have compiled some                       night, drinking a cup of cof-
high school who smoke mari-            to liver disease, cancer, cardio-      drugs or continue to use drugs.       tips to help you shake that ex-                  fee in the morning is definite-
juana don’t realize that smoking       vascular disease, and neurological     Some of these people don’t realize    treme sluggish feeling.                          ly a good idea.
marijuana and carrying marijuana       damage. Depression, anxiety, and       how drugs and alcohol abuse can
                                                                                                                      1.         Consistency                           6.     Alarm clocks
on them has more downfalls than        antisocial personality disorder are    damage their potential to succeed
                                                                                                                        People think you must have                       Most people use an alarm
they know of. Marijuana is illegal     often symptoms of alcohol abuse.       in the future. Their chances of
                                                                                                                    eight hours of sleep. Howev-                     clock to wake up in the morn-
and dealers and users who carry        (Centers for Diseases and Control      disease and incarceration skyrock-
                                                                                                                    er, it is more important to go                   ing. Most people also put the
it on their person run the risk of     Prevention).                           et if they lead lives surrounded by
                                                                                                                    to bed at the same time every                    clock right next to their bed.
being caught. Numerous studies             In 2008, about 3,500 teens in      drugs. The people that use drugs
                                       the United States aged 15-19 were      should learn that their actions       night and wake up at the same                    If you put your alarm clock
have shown that marijuana smoke
                                       killed and more than 350,000 were      not only affect themselves but        time every day.                                  further away form your bed
contains 50-70 percent more
carcinogens-something that causes      treated in emergency depart-           the people who care about them.         2.         Water                               you will actually have to get
cancer- than smoking tobacco.          ments for injuries suffered in         Teenagers have so many opportu-           Drink cold water right                       up to make it stop. You will
Marijuana smokers inhale their         motor vehicle crashes relating to      nities to succeed and using drugs     when you wake up. The cold                       already be out of bed, so you
smoke and hold it in their lungs       drug and/or alcohol abuse while        wastes those valuable opportuni-      temperature helps refresh the                    might as well start getting
longer, so they are letting more       driving. People who drive under        ties.                                 senses. Not only does it help                    ready for your day.
                                                                                                                    you to feel awake, but it also                     7.     Cinnamon
 There are several places to go at LTHS if you, or someone                                                          wakes up your digestive sys-                         Sprinkle cinnamon on your
                                                                                                                    tem. Now your stomach will                       cereal, or just keep a stick of
 you know, has a problem with alcohol or drugs. Students                                                            be able to handle eating much                    it by your bed. The smell of
 should talk to their counselor or the school social worker                                                         sooner, so there is no excuse                    cinnamon will help alert your
                                                                                                                    for skipping breakfast.                          senses.
 if they are being affected by drugs or alcohol in their life.                                                        3.         Breakfast                             8.     Get Up!
Clubs such as S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Deci-                                                              You always hear how break-                       Do not put the pillow over
                                                                                                                    fast is the most important                       your head, do not turn over,
sions) and Snowball are opportunities for students at LTHS                                                          meal of the day. It’s true. It                   and do not hit snooze. Get
    to be activists against drugs and alcohol or to discuss                                                         fuels your body for the day,                     up as soon as you hear your
                                                                                                                    kick starts your brain, and gets                 alarm. Don’t give yourself
             problems with drugs and/or alcohol.                                                                    your metabolism going.                           time to think.
                                                                                                                      4.         Shower

                          The Once and Future
                             Lizard King
Say hello to the Porter Press’ new ongoing comic strip, The Lizard King (or The Once and Future Lizard King
as it is known on deviantART and Facebook). It’s a slice-of-life comic following the misadventures of would-
be world conquering lizard-creature Rex and his unimpressed and good-natured roommate Joey. According
to the author, the strip is heavily influenced by Invader Zim, Pinky and the Brain, and Lilo and Stitch creator
Chris Sanders’ comic strip Kiskaloo, and the humor mixes edge, naiveté, and slapstick. The strip is written
and drawn by LTHS senior Chelsea Traynor, who hopes to attend the California Institute of the Arts next fall.
    October 2010                                                       Entertainment Lockport Township High School 7
                   Scott Pilgrim -                                                                                       Hottest show
                   a cult classic?                                                                                         on Earth
                                                                                                                         By Ashley Zborek
By Chelsea Traynor                      he has a super-cute High School girl-effects and groundbreaking camera-
                                        friend (Ellen Wong as the delightfully
                                                                             work. Not only that, but the fights         Editor-In-Chief
                                        over-reactive Knives Chau), and he’s (as well as the very written-sounding

                                        platonically rooming with his gay best
                                                                             dialogue and witty captions, reminis-           KISS just wrapped up their 2010 tour through Europe and North
          cott Pilgrim vs. the World                                                                                     America, dubbed “The Hottest Show on Earth.” Boy, is that name
                                                                             cent of Colbert’s The Word segment)
                                        friend Wallace (played by the hilarious,
          is the best movie you didn’t                                                                                   accurate. They may be in their late 50’s now but I’d say they are better
                                        scene-stealing Kieran Culkin, who    are extremely funny. Between the al-
          see. Some of you may have                                                                                      than ever! The music was close to flawless, the show sensational, with
                                        is in fact the brother of the Home   most endless laughs are obvious video
          heard that the film, directed                                                                                  the combination of pyrotechnics, Gene Simmons spitting up blood and
                                        Alone star). But his world is rocked game references, central to the movie’s
by Edgar Wright and starring Michael                                                                                     smashing his guitar, Eric Singer’s levitating drum solo, and Paul Stanley
                                        by literal dream-girl Ramona Flowers plot and unique aesthetic. Granted,
Cera as the titular character, has taken                                                                                 flying over the crowd. This was not just any concert. It was a life experi-
                                        (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a deadpan the movie can be a bit overwhelm-
a beating at the box office. In fact, a                                                                                  ence. The boys didn’t miss a beat!
                                        ultra-cool American with a dark for some, like having a headache
lot of you might have been turned                                                                                            The fans contributed too, creating a wonderful atmosphere by
                                                                             in a bright, noisy arcade. And truth
                                        And that past catches up to Scott, who
off by the film’s over -the-top action                                                                                   packing the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater on Sept. 3 with tons of
                                        must defeat Ramona’a seven evil exes be told, Ramona isn’t portrayed as an
and quirky, offbeat premise. Well I’m                                                                                    enthusiastic, face painted, leather wearing, high heel-clad followers. The
                                        (not all boyfriends, mind you) beforeappealing character- she’s quite aloof
telling you that you seriously need to                                                                                   set list was the only downfall, consisting of equal parts of old and new
                                        he can date her. The ‘Scott vs. Exes’and sometimes downright mean, and
reconsider skipping over this flick,                                                                                     music. Even though I myself am a fan of the classics, it was easy to fol-
                                                                             one might question Scott’s motivations
                                        fights are epic battles with explosive
because Scott Pilgrim is destined                                                                                        low along with the less familiar music off of KISS’s latest album Sonic
                                                                                  for falling head over heels for her.
to be a cult classic. The effects                                                                                        Boom. Overall I would consider the show to have been an unforgettable
                                                                                  But the laugh-out-loud moments,
are eye-popping, the laughs                                                                                              performance that just proves that some things do get better with age.
                                                                                  exaggerated action, and charm-
keep coming, and the acting is
                                                                                  ing cast make up for it in spades.
extremely impressive. The whole
                                                                                      Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
film is uproariously hilarious and
                                                                                  is one of those movies that
extremely fun and energetic,
                                                                                  people just don’t know what to
and it’s a crying shame that it
                                                                                  make of. It’s crazy, different,
fell under the radar like it did.
                                                                                  and a bit difficult to wrap your
     The movie centers around
                                                                                  head around. But those are the
23-year-old Scott (Michael
                                                                                  exact qualities that will someday
Cera), who (in his mind, at least)
                                                                                  elevate it to cult hit status. And
is on top of the world. He’s
                                                                                  if the stellar acting is any indica-
in an awesome Canadian ga-
                                                                                  tion, this could be ‘the flick that
rage band, The Sex Bob-ombs
                                                                                  launched a dozen careers’, not
(with Mark Webber as Scott’s
                                                                                  unlike the John Hughes movies
bandmate Stephen, Alison
                                                                                    of the 80s. Keep Scott Pilgrim
Pill as the freckled drummer
                                                                                    on the brain, folks: this is one
Kim, and Johnny Simmons
                                    Photo courtesy of film you don’t want to pass on.
as the adorkable Young Neil),

                                                                                                                Dress season
                                                                                                              brings new styles
                                                                                                             By Andrea Cronberg
                                                                                                             Entertainment Editor

                                                                                                                 Calling all you ladies! The new dress season is finally here, which means
                                                                                                             it is time to find that special style. There are quite a few new trends on
                                                                                                             the market this season. A popular new trend this season is the one shoul-
                                                                                                             der dress, a mixture of that classy, but edgy look. Another style is long
                                                                                                             dresses. Most girls say that long dresses are for prom only, but now there
                                                                                                             are tons of long dresses with a split up the leg which can make your dress
                                                                                                             appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. Girls know that in
                                                                                                             crowded situations your dress can get extremely hot; to be comfortable you
                                                                                                             can go with a lighter fabric with movement and flow as opposed to a thicker
                                                                                                             fabric that is heavy and stays in one spot.
                                                                                                                 Colors that are huge this season are
                                                                                                             pastels. “We have had more pastels sold
                                                                                                             this year than the previous year; normally
                                                                                                             we sell darker colors in the fall. Animal
                                                                                                             prints have also been very popular this
                                                                                                             season “says Lauren McKeague owner of
                                                                                                             PinkSlip Boutique in Mokena.
                                                                                                                 For girls that like to keep things simple
                                                                                                             you can get a plain colored dress and a
                                                                                                             pair of neutral color shoes ,or you can
                                                                                                             spice things up by accessorizing. De-
                                                                                                             pending on your dress you can wear ear-
                                                                                                             rings that are big and extravagant with no
                                                                                                             necklace. You can also wear small stud
                                                                                                             earrings and a big necklace. Bracelets and
                                                                                                             rings are always acceptable. For shoes you
                                                                                                             can either wear a nice heel or simple flat.
                                                                                                                 Lastly, you can’t forget about your hair.
                                                                                                             There are several popular hairstyles that
                                                                                                             are easy to do. These hairstyles are loose,
                                                                                                             tight, or medium curls, hair that is half
                                                                                                             up- half down, a side sweep with falling
                                                                                                             strands, loose pony tail, or even a low bn.
Volume 9, Issue 1                                                                                                                                 October, 2010

 She’s goin’ the distance                                                                                                                          Big
By Andrea Cronberg
Entertainment Editor                                                                                                                               Ten
   The girls cross country team
has had its ups and downs over
the past few years. The team
had a rough year during the
                                                                                                                                                   By John Heniff
2008 season and didn’t qualify

                                                                                                                                                   Sports Editor
for state, but three individuals,
Steph Houts, Megan O’Brien,
and Stef Sanders made it out of                                                                                                                         n the past decade, the Big
                                                                                                                                                        Ten’s college football pro-
                                                                                                                                                        gram hasn’t been in the

   “ work we                                                                                                                                            major spotlight since 2002,
                                                                                                                                                   when the Ohio State Buckeyes
                                                                                                                                                   won the national champion-
   The                                                                                                                                             ship. However, this past year
    all put in over                                                                                                                                is the first time since 1990 that
                                                                                                                                                   the Big Ten will be adding a
     the summer                                                                                              Photo on LTHS website
                                                                                                                                                   new team (The Nebraska Corn-
                                    Team effort: The Lockport girls varsity cross country has been off to a promising start so far
      has really                    this season.
                                                                                                                                                   huskers) to the conference ef-
                                                                                                                                                   fective for the 2011 season.
    started to pay                  didn’t compete as well as they     sure the success of this season.      finish times that blew away               With the addition of Ne-
                                                                                                                                                   braska, the Big Ten will have
          off.                      would have liked with the ex-         On the weekend of Septem-          what they had previously run
                                                                                                                                                   12 teams. They announced on
                                    ception of Megan O’Brien who       ber 11, 2010 the top twelve girls     this season. Megan O’Brien,
                                                                                                                                                   September 1st that the teams

                                    placed in the top 25, receiving    (Megan O’Brien, Stef Sand-            running a time of 17:19, took
                                    an all state award. So far this    ers, Courtney Correa, Kelsey          first, breaking the previous          would be split into 2 divisions.
                                    season the girls have been run-    Hahn, Bianca Wiemeyer, Sam            course record. Stef Sanders           One division will have Illinois,
                                    ning times faster at this point    Stanley, Maddie Kozuch, Lexi          (22), Courtney Correa (39), and       Indiana, Wisconsin, Purdue,
    Junior Stef Sanders
                                    in the season than ever be-        McDermid, Aubrey Elwood,              Kelsey Hahn (43), all received
                                    fore. Their hopes are high as      Kim Johnson, Andrea Bayless,          medals for being in the top fifty.
                                    the season comes to an end.        and Kristen Fisch) ran the Peo-          “The work we all put in over
                                    There are only five weeks left     ria Woodruff Invite. The team         the summer has really started to
sectionals and competed in the      until the state meet in Peoria     placed fourth overall. The girls      pay off. I’m really excited to see
state meet. In 2009, the girls      and the girls are doing every-     did great on an individual basis      how the rest of the year plays
cross country team qualified        thing they can in order to en-     as well. Many of them received        out.” said junior Stef Sanders.
for state. However, the girls

New Brit on the block
By Eric Kwak                        sports management. I moved         there’s thousands and thou-           hundred percent. I mean,
Staff Writer                        over here in 2001.                 sands of young kids playing.          there, it’s year round. In terms
                                       EK: What made you decide        They’re going to become par-          of MLS (Major League Soccer)
    I walked into gym class to a    to come over here?                 ents, and they’re going to pass       and Premier League (English
choir of singing angels.               MB: I left the university       it onto their kids. That’s when       Professional Soccer) the dif-
    This is where I first laid      and decided to go and work         the growth’s going to be. I           ference is the state of passion.
eyes on the man known as Mr.        and travel, so I came over here    think in another 10 or 20 years,      Like I said before, it’s the cul-
Beal. I had heard so much           and got a coaching job. It was     when these kids have all played       ture. It’s all based on that. It’s
about him. I had heard that he      a year-long contract. I worked     it, get the passion for it and        a big, huge, multi-billion pound
was British. I had heard that he    here (Chicago) and over in         take it on to their kids, that’s      industry now and the soccer
was a new gym teacher. I had        New York. Then, I basically        when there’s going to be a            players are bigger celebrities
heard that he once wrestled a       got married and stayed here.       boom. There’s already a boom.         than everybody else. If you’re
bear to the death.                     EK: Nice. How’s the team        You can see it on T.V. now too.       a soccer player, you’re the A-
     I had to get to the bottom     this year? You are the varsity     There only going to put it on         list celebrity.
of this myself. With butter-        soccer coach right?                if there’s demand for it, and             EK: World Cup views? I            Ohio State, and Penn State.
flies in my gut, I marched over        MB: Yeah, that’s right, head    there’s obviously demand out          know England didn’t do too            Michigan, Michigan State,
and introduced myself.              boy’s coach. The boys look         there. It’s a great game, it’s        well.                                 Iowa, Minnesota, Northwest-
     “Hi, my name is Eric Kwak.     good; a lot of athleticism and     an easy game. It’s so simple.             MB: They were under so            ern, and Nebraska are in the
Can I interview you for The         a lot of talent. There’s a good    You just need a ball and get          much pressure in the media            other division. Each team will
Porter Press?”                      mix of juniors, seniors, and       out there and play. It’s a good       in England. They looked like          play every team in its division
    This was the start of a beau-   sophomores. Were going to          game for the kids to play.            they didn’t want to be there.         every year, with one permanent
tiful friendship.                   try and hone that athletic tal-        EK: How is soccer differ-         They just folded for whatever         “cross-over” game every year.
                                    ent and make a good attacking      ent in England, like at a pre-        reason. I think the dynamics          In addition, there will be two
   Eric Kwak: I noticed your        team out of it. I think they’re    mier league game? From what           of that group were just not           other “cross-over games” that
wonderful accent and was won-       going to have a good season.       I understand, it’s like a religion.   good, I don’t know. The man-          will be different each season.
dering where you got it?               EK: Any more room on the            MB: In England it is a reli-      ager can’t even speak English,           With the new divisions, a
   Mr. Beal: I grew up in Eng-      team, like maybe for an Eric       gion. It’s a completely differ-       which doesn’t help. But the           championship game for the
land.                               Kwak?                              ent passion, intensity, and soul.     World Cup was good! I think           two teams with the best record
   EK: Born and raised?                MB: No! *laughs*                It’s like a culture over there.       it was bigger in America than         in each division will be played
   MB: I was born and raised           EK: Team manager maybe?!        It’s even bigger than football        any of the other World Cups.          at the end of the year. The pro-
in England, I lived there for          MB: I’ve already got four       is here.                              The things that annoyed me            posed site for the champion-
twenty- four years, went to         girls!                                 EK: How big are the stadi-        were those stupid things…             ship so far would be Lucas Oil
school, went to college, went          EK: Aw man, that’s alright.     ums?                                      EK: Vuvuzelas?                    Stadium in Indianapolis. With
to the university. I played soc-    *laughs* What do you think             MB: The biggest one holds             MB: They drove me nuts!           the new changes, this will put
cer in England.                     about the status of American       like 80 thousand. That’s                  EK: *laughs* Did you              the Big Ten back as one of the
   EK: Where at?                    soccer in general? I know          because the whole country             watch the whole game on               most feared conferences in col-
   MB: I played soccer in a         overseas it’s a completely dif-    is based around soccer. Like          mute?                                 lege football.
place called Sheffield in Eng-      ferent story.                      here, it’s football, baseball,            MB: *laughs* I thought it
land. I played semi-profession-        MB: I think it’s going to get   hockey, basketball. There its         was like a swarm of locusts the
al soccer and got a degree in       bigger. If you think about it,     just soccer all the time, one         whole time.

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