PARISH NEWSLETTER                                      First Confessions on Wednesday 10 in Athenry
           th   th                                             and in Newcastle on Tuesday the 9 .
          6 /7 March 2010
Fr Tony King PP       (091) 844076                             Altar Servers Athenry Week-end of the March 13 /14th
Fr Charlie Mc Donnell (091) 844227                             2010.
Email:                                 Sat 7.30p.m Daire Kennedy, Louis O’Hara, Stephen Coen,
Website Address:                                               Conor Hamill.                           Sun 10.00 Saoirse Doherty, Kate O’Flaherty, Megan O’Brien,
Athenry                                                        Kelly Van Nickerk, Eadaoin Bane.
                                                               Sun 11.30a.m Eoghan Keane, Darragh Bergin, Briain Doherty,
Sat 6th  7.30p.m. Private Intention                            Garreth Ward.
Sun 7th 10.00a.m. Private Intention                            Sun 7.30p.m Niamh House, Shannon Lee,
        11.30a.m. People of the Parish                         Magdalena Ligezowska.
                                                                                   th   th
         7.30p.m. Private Intention                            St Patrick’s Day 16 /17 - Holy Day
                                                               Tues –7.30p.m Vigil Mass Ailish Mc Donagh,
Sat 13th 6.00p.m. Polish Mass                                  Niamh Donnellan, Ciara Kelly, Nicoal Gill.
         7.30p.m. Gerald O'Hagan                               Wed –St Patrick’s Day:
                   (Month's Mind) (Brother                     10.00a.m. Daire Kennedy, Louis O’Hara, Stephen Coen,
                   of Anne Jennings)                           Conor Hamill.
Sun 14th 10.00a.m. Private Intention                           11.30a.m. Saoirse Doherty, Kate O’Flaherty, Megan O’Brien,
         11.30a.m. People of the Parish                        Kelly Van Nickerk, Eadaoin Bane.
                                                               7.30p.m.Eoghan Keane, Darragh Bergin, Briain Doherty,
         7.30p.m. Private Intention                            Garreth Ward.
Newcastle                                                      Newcastle Church- @ 10.30a.m on March 14th
Sun 7th 10.30a.m. Patrick & Mary                                Aoife Keane, Megan Waldron, Andrea Glancy.
                  Curran,Cappamoyle                            St Patrick’s Day: Stephen Madden, Ian Maloney, Cathal Regan
                  & Deceased of                                Sacrament of Reconciliation- Confessions
                  Family.                                      Athenry- Church of the Assumption
                                                               Saturday: 10.30-11.00a.m (after Novena Mass)
Sun 14th 10.30a.m. Tommy Haverty,                                         7.00- 7.20p.m.(Before Vigil Mass)
The 10.00a.m Masses Monday to Saturday will be                 First Friday: 6.50- 7.10p.m. (After Mass)
offered for the Anniversaries, which occur during this         or by Appointment:      091- 844076 –091 844227
                                                               Newcastle- Church of the Immaculate Conception.
Tom Tyrrell, Currantarmuid.                                    Sacrament of Reconciliation: Confessions
Joe Varley & the deceased members of the                       Before 10.30a.m. Mass on Sunday & 8.30p.m
Varley Family, Castle Ellen.                                   Association of Irish Choirs
John Joe Keane & deceased of Keane & Eagle                     Annual Irish Youth Choir Summer Residency for Young
Families.                                                      People 18-28 age group. Auditions for the choir, Galway:
Geraldine Hegarty & deceased of Hegarty &                      Tuesday March 9 from 7.00p.m.
Mc Carthy Families.                                            Applications
John, Nora & Elizabeth Brennan.                                The Marion Movement of Priests Monthly Cenacle
Sr Gabriel Healy, Presentation Convent.                        Tues 9 of March-7.30p.m to 8.30p.m.
Sadie & Paddy Glynn, Carrareagh & deceased of the              Rosary, Reading from the Book, Reflection followed by Act
                                                               of Consecration. All are Welcome.
Glynn & Kindregan Families.
Bernard, Aggie & Michael Ryan, Mountpelier.                    Ministry of Reader. Lent is a time when we sometimes think
John & Monica Fitzsimon, and Family-Joan, Fr Desie,            of giving things up, perhaps in the hope that it will lead to some
Fr Mark, Deirdre, Pax and Paddy Twomey.                        long term lifestyle change. This Lent here in St Mary’s Parish
                                                               we invite you to consider taking something on.
                We pray for Our Dead                           We need Readers for the week-end Masses.                    Please
Denis (Donie) Mullins, Dangan, Tuam. (Brother-in-law           telephone the Parish Office @ 091 844076 & give a little of
   of Mattie Brady, Moanbaun & John Joe Brady,                 your time--- it will help a lot.
                   Church Street.)                             Heartiest Congratulations to Bobby & Claire Gardiner
 Kevin Kenny, Eyrecourt (Brother of Evelyn Maher,              Who have celebrated their 50 Wedding Anniversary.
                    Pamerstown)                                Continued good health and happiness to you both.
  John & Noreen Meehan on the death of their son               From the Priests and people of the Parish.
          Lorcan, Oranmore & Coldwood)                         Blood Donation Clinic at Raheen Woods Hotel,
 Paddy Hynes, Lettermore (Brother of Sean Hynes,                                         th
                                                               Athenry on Thursday the 11 of March from 4.30p.m.
              Palmerstown & London)                            to 8.00p.m.
 Pa Burke, Cloonavadogue (Father of Peggy Davin)
                                                               The NCBI (formerly National Council for the Blind.)
               May they Rest in Peace                          Coffee morning in Bradys, Church Street on the
Readings for next weekend                                      13 of March from 9.00a.m to 6.00p.m. Your support would
Josh 5:9-12. Ps 33. 2 Cor 5:17-21. Lk 15:1-3, 11-32.           be appreciated.
The Offertory Collection in Athenry last weekend amounted to                                                 th   th
                                                               PRESENTATION CAR PARK.Beginning 13 /14 March 2010
€3478.00 and €675.00 in Newcastle.                             To facilitate parking for Church Services in the Athenry
Thank you for your support for the upkeep of the Parish        Church the Presentation Car Park will be open 6.30p.m to
Calls to the Sick and Housebound Fr Charlie will make          8.30p.m on Saturday evening; 9.00a.m to 12.30pm; 6.30p.m
his calls on Monday the 8 of March.                            to 8.30p.m. on Sundays and Holy Days. At other times
                                                               during the weekend the gate will be locked.
PASTORAL CENTRE UP-DATE                                               Stations 2010 TK 844076 CMcD 844227
The proposed plan for the Pastoral Centre for the parish            Palmerstown                            TK      Julie Carr   March
which was displayed at the back of the Church during last                                                                       23rd@8p.m
Autumn received a very positive response from many
parishioners.                                                                                              CMcD Michael &       March
                                                                    Derrydonnell North
      The fact that it was linked to the Church building                                                          Cepta        15th@8pm
      The design blended in harmony with the Parish
                                                                                                                   Jim & Ann
        Church                                                      Derrydonnell/Clorane                   TK      O’Dwyer      March 26th
      The plan for a large Assembly Room with kitchen                                                                          @8pm
        facilities and small rooms etc. in the overall                                                             Gerry
                                                                    Lodge/Farnablake                       TK      & Beatrice   Mar 13th
                                                                                                                   Atkinson     @ 11a.m.
The Finance Committee were advised that prior to going
for Planning Permission , a Report on excavations of the              Lisheenkyle N.S.
site should be forwarded to Mr Hugh Carey,                            Lisheenkyle National School are delighted to be shortlisted
Archaeologist, Custom House, Flood Street, Galway.                    in the AIB Better Ireland Award. . Please support:
                            th                                        To vote by text please text ATHENRY A 51303
In a letter of December 9 2009, the present situation on
                                                                       To Vote online visit, select Athenry
the plan for the Pastoral Centre was outlined by                      branch and choose Lisheenkyle. It is free to vote online.
Mr Carey and his letter is quoted as follows:                         Voting is open until March 15th
“ The results of your excavations have been considered in
the light of the National Policy on Town Defences
                                                                      Athenry Community Council is delighted with the response to its
published by the Department in 2008…As your                           invitation to participate in our
excavations uncovered elements of the town defences of                St Patrick’s Day Parade, and there are indications that the
Athenry and as the Pastoral Centre, as designed, would                Parade may be the best ever.
not facilitate preservation in situ, the construction of the          The Society is encouraging parish groups and individuals to be
Centre would be contrary to this Department’s policy on               as imaginative and as colourful as possible with their floats and
town defences and should not proceed.”                                displays.
                                                                      The parade should be a celebration of all that Athenry has
A new plan for the Pastoral Centre is being drawn up                  achieved over the last few years. Entries from surrounding
at present in a more confined space and outside the                   parishes will be very welcome.
area of the rampart. Further excavations will be                      Athenry Credit Union will sponsor the parade prizes.
necessary. Apologies for any inconvenience caused                     The Assembly point is at the Ard Aoibhinn Estate just below the
to parishioners.                                                      railway gate. The parade will commence after 11.30a.m Mass
Appeal to Parishioners: Your continued interest,                      (approx 12.15p.m.) on Wednesday the 17 of March and will
goodwill and financial support in Church Collections for              follow the traditional route.
                                                                      The Review stand will be in the Square.
this project is greatly appreciated by the Finance                    .

Committee. Despite delays and set-backs, the                          Gairmscoil Mhuire Athenry present their Annual Spring
Committee are progressing this Centre with energy and                 Fashion Show in The Raheen Woods Hotel on Friday next
commitment. You will be kept informed of developments.                March 12 at 8.00p.m.
                                                                      The clothes on display are all sourced from local shops in the
Athenry Playground Development Group                                  town and will be modelled by the elegant students and staff from
Athenry Playground Development Group are delighted to be              the school.
shortlisted in the AIB Better Ireland Award. . Please support:        By attending this Fashion Show you are not only supporting our
Text Athenry space B to 51303 or vote online                          school but you are also supporting the local community and for free until March 15.                         local businesses.
                                                                      “Keep your business in town and keep your town in
NET Programmes:                                                       business”
the Edge (1st & 2nd Years) Mon. Mar. 15th - Canton Hall -             Tickets are available from the school, local shops and at the
7:30p-9:00p.                                                          door on the night and cost 10 Euro.
Bring friends, make some new ones and have a fun time with            M.C. is Mr Alan Murphy of Galway Bay FM
the NET Team!
LifeNights (3rd Year - Leaving Cert)                                  Gentleman’s Cap mislaid in Church over weekend.
Every Sunday After 7:30p Mass - Canton Hall - 8:15p-10:00p            Please leave it into Sacristy or Parish Office.
This Week: Night at the Museum: Saints Revealed (Mar. 7th)
Mar14th - Whodunit?, Mar. 21st - Final Destination: 3 Last Things     Tidy Towns Committee. Clean up in the Abbey
CaFe (ages 18 - 35)
                                                                      Grounds on Tuesday next @ 5.30p.m-6.30p.m.
Wed. Mar. 10th 7:15 -9:00pm
At the Net House across from C&C Tractor and Car Store. Look
                                                                      Please support. All volunteers welcome.
for a sign in the window!                                             St Mary’s G.A.A Club na nÓg.
Youth Needed for Holy Week (3rd years - Leaving Certs):               Registration for football and hurling will take place in the
Holy Thursday - to get your feet washed at Mass                       Presentation Gym on Tuesday March 9th between 6.30 and
Good Friday - to particpate in the Stations of the Cross &   under 16,14, 12, 10, and 8.
Readers for Communion Service, Newcastle youth to participate
in Stations of the Cross at Newcastle Church.Contact the NET          Athenry Parent & Toddler Group
Team: 087 1443764; email                         We meet every Monday from 11-1.00p.m in the
HOW - Hearts Open Wide (3rd year - leaving certs girls):              Canton Hall.
Poppyseed 3:50 - 15pm, Thurs. Mar. 11th & Thurs. Mar. 25th
Roller Disco with the NET Girls (3rd year - leaving certs             Good Luck to Athenry Boys’ School Quiz Teams
girls):Meet at Church 3:00pm - Roller Disco at Leisureland,           U 13 and U 11 Quiz Teams qualified for the Chapter
Galway - Cost €30 - Collect from Church 6pm - pickup a                16 Final of the National Credit Union Quiz on this
permission form from the NET Team.                                    Sunday March 7 .

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