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					                        4 Year PhD Case Studentship
                                  Peter Medawar Building
                                   University of Oxford

Project: Genetic and Molecular technologies to optimise novel vaccines for hepatitis C
                                   Virus infection.

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to apply for a 4 year case studentship awarded to
the Nuffield Department of Medicine, Experimental Medicine Division and Okairos, Italy. The
studentship will start in October 2012 under the supervision of Dr Ellie Barnes, Professor
Paul Klenerman and Dr Antonella Folgori.

Hepatitis C Virus currently infects 170 million globally, and 0.4% of the U.K. population. The
best treatments available often fail, are prolonged and associated with severe side effects.
Through work with an industrial partner "Okairos" during the last three years our aim has
been to develop a vaccine that will both prevent and cure HCV infection. This
collaboration has enabled laboratory discoveries to be taken rapidly into clinical studies. In
this study we intend using novel molecular and genetic technologies to assess and improve
our vaccines.

This studentship will provide cutting-edge research skills, methodologies and technologies.
Detailed analysis of T cell immunity is at the heart of the work carried out at the Peter
Medawar, University of Oxford. Specific skills that will be developed include multicolour flow
cytometry to characterise in detail the functionality of cell populations (LSR-II). Cell sorting of
specific T cell populations for analysis will be performed.

The proposed training in Okairos’ laboratories (Naples, Italy) will provide the student with
methodologies and technologies to handle and evaluate the quality of viral vector vaccines
both in vitro and in vivo in different animal models. Specific skills that will be developed
include: handling of mice, immunization procedures, collection of different samples including
blood, tissues and organs. Moreover, testing of the induced immune response will be carried
out by several standardized assays including ELISpot, intracellular staining and FACS
analysis, in vivo cytotoxicity according to GLP procedures.

This PhD project will require previous post-graduate laboratory experience in immunology,
and a degree (2.1 and above) in the biological sciences. Informal enquiries may be emailed
to Dr Ellie Barnes:

The studentship is available to start in September 2012 and attracts a tax free stipend at a
rate of £13,590 pa plus University and College fees at the Home/EU rate.

Further information on the studentship, how to apply and eligibility criteria is available at       when
completing the application please add the reference Barnes:ExpMed.

              Closing date for applications: Monday 30th July 2012

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