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					                                 Part 2 - Membership        of (he Jets

6. Membership Categories
      The Jet s consists    of the following   categories   of   rnem   bers -

(a)       Junior Member
          A person who is:
           I. less than 16 years old; or
          2, a person who is 16 years old hut who turned lhal agl'only dtrrjn~ ilK'
              relevant calendar year;

          A junior      member   has no voting rights

 (b)         Ordinary    Member
          A person    who is.
           I . 18 years or over
          2 a person who is a parent 0 fa junior me m b er can be an Ord mary Melli ber
               of the J ets, subject to these Ru les Parent members hip is Ii OJ ired to one
               parent only, not both, and that membership is not transferable.       The
               nominated parent member has voting and other rights set out in these Rules
          :; approved by the Committee          can be an Ordinary Member, subject to these
               Rules. An Ordinary member has the voting and other rights set out in these

 (c)      Life Member
          A person   who has given a minimum 10 years outstanding service to the Jets and
          who is nomi nated and elected as a life member can be a life member of t he Jets.
          subject to these Rules.

          The committee may submit to the Annual General Meeting of the Jets the names
          of any former players, members or supporters of the Jet s to be appointed as Life

          The names of persons so appointed shall be recorded                    In   a Register   kept for this
          purpose by the Secretary of the Jets

          Life members of the Jets have the voting and other rights set out in these Rules
          and must be notified of all Annual General Meetings,

          Life Members of the Jets shall not be required                 to pay any joining          or annual
          subscription fees.

 (d)      Junior Life Membership
          I. A player who has continuously played all grades from Under 7 to the
              oldest available age division [or the Jets will be awarded Junior Life

         2    A Junior Life Member        has no voting rights unless they are a financial

7. Membership Qualification.\·

     A person is qualified to be a member of the Jets, if the person

        (a) meets the description contained in a membership category set out in rule
            6; and

        (b) supports the ai ms set out in the Jets Statement of Purposes; and

        (c) agrees to meet these rules. and
            I in the case of a person eligible to be a Junior Member, the person is
                registered as a player, or
            2 is over 18
            3, in the case ofa person eligible to be an Ordinary member, the person is a
                parent of a Junior Member as outlined in point 6 (b) ; or
            4, in the case of a person eligible to be an Ordinary Member, but where that
                person is not a parent of a Junior Member as outlined in point 6 (b). the
                person must apply for membership; or
            5, in the case of a Life Member is elected under rule 13

        (d)   pays the annual membership fee or it has been paid in relation to the
               person as follows:
               I for a person eligible to be a Junior Member, the fee has been paid by
                    a parent or the parents of that person, unless the Committee has fully
                    subsidised the fee or has included the fee in any registration fee.
              2. by a prospective Ordinary Member, that the fee has been paid by that

B.   Haw an application for Ordinary Membership         must he made

        An application for Ordinary Membership of the Jets must -
        (a)    Be made in writing in the form approved by the Committee from time to
               time; and
        (b)    Be given to the secretary

9. How membership occurs and how applications, etc are processed lind recorded

        ( 1) As soon as practicable after receivi ng a p layer regis! ration or a membershi p
             application, the Secretary must refer it to the Committee

        (2) Junior Membership occurs when an eligible person registers as a player with
            the Jets. Accordingly, when registration takes place, the Committee must
            ensure that membership occurs in accordance with these Rules

        (3) Life Membership occurs as long as a life member is validly elected as a life

          member under Rule 6 (c). the Committee          must ensure that the membership
          occurs in accordance with these Rules.

      (4) In the case of Ordinary Membership,        the Committee     must decide whether              to
          approve or reject the application.

      (S) If the Committee notes or approves an application I'm Ordinarv ~kll1hcrship.
          the Secretary must, as soon as practicable
            (a) notify the applicant: and
            (b) ask for payment of the annua 1 me rnbershi p fcc \\' i t hi 11 2 ~ day s

       (6) The Secretary must, withi n 14 days of recei vi ng -
            (a) in the case of a Junior Member or a parent of a Junior Member. the
                  relev a nt not icc of regi strat ion: or
            (b) in the case ora Life Member, notice of the election ofa person as a Lire
                  Member, or
            ( c) in the case of an Ord inary Member, !he approved app heat Ion for
                 membership and the membership fee:

              mak e sure the app Iicant' s name and derai Is are su ppl ied   10 I he   Regi   51ra r   for
              entry into the Members' Register

       (7) An app Iicant becomes a member when t hei r name is en! ercd in the \ iernber s
           Regi ster When that happens, the member -
           (a) can exercise the rights and privileges of rnernbcrship.     subject 10 these
                Rules, and
           (b) must share the responsibi Iit ies    or
                                                   membership,    i nciudi ng supporti ng the
                purpose of the Jets

       (8) If the Committee rejects an application for Ordinary membership,                the
           Committee   must tell the applicant in writing as soon as possible

10. A right, privilege, or obligation of membership -

        (a)     cannot be transferred or given to another person, and
        (b)     ends when membership ends.

11. HoII' annual membership fee.'! are set anti which members must pay them

       I. The annual membership fee for Junior Members is subject (0 the payment                         of
          the registration fee.
       2. Ordinary members must pay their own annual membership fee,
       J Life members are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

J 2. When annual membership fees are due

        1.   Annual membership      fees for Junior Members and Ordinary Members who
             are a parent of a Junior Member must be paid on or before 30 June each
        2.   All other membership       fees must be paid by JO June each year.

/3. How life members are nominated and elected

        I.   The committee    may nominate any current or former Jets member as a Life
             Member if it considers that the member has given outstanding           service to the
             Jets, as per Rule 6
        2,   Notice of the nomination is put in the notice calling the Annual General
             Meet ing. under clau se 19, at wh ich the no rni nat ion wi II be ca re fu I!y be
        3.   A two-thirds  majority of Ordinary        Members    at the meeting    is required   to
             elect a member as a Life Member.

J 4. Memher.;' Register to he kept and made freely availabie to members

        1,   The Club Registrar must keep an up-to-date Members'     Register containing   -
              (a)   the members categories;  and
              (b)   each members'   name, address and contact detai lsi n the appropria te
                    categories; and
              (c)   the date when the members'   name was entered into the register

        2. The register       must be made freely available      by the Registrar   for inspection     by
             any     member   who asks for   it.

15. When Membership end ...

   I.   Ifannual  membership       fees have been paid for in relation to a member, (he
        member    may resign from the Jets by giving 14 days notice in writing to the
        Secretary 0 f the int ent ion to resign.
   2.   At the end of the period in sub-rule 12.
   3.   Membership     of Junior Members'       and Ordinary Members who are parents of
        Junior Members ends if' the Junior Member is deregistered        by a relevant
        League or Association or is otherwise removed from the list of eligible
        players kept by those bodies


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