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(This detailed information was gathered by Everet Leon and Betty Jean (Albertson) Marrs, Bloomington, Indiana. Betty
typed these many pages on a manual typewriter, so I’m (Dan Marrs, first cousin of Leon) am retyping it in electronic
format B a means of capturing information that wasn’t available when Betty and Leon started this project and was just
becoming a reality when Betty’s health deteriorated in the late 1980’s. Betty and Leon traveled the United States,
Canada and to the British Isles to gather this information, something for which all of the family will be deeply indebted. It
is impossible to repay them for the time and resources they used to gather this information, but perhaps through using
today’s technology to share it with family members around the world, their efforts will be long remembered. As I write
this, I can’t help but think what they might have been able to do with today’s technology of email and electronic sharing of
data. It’s nothing short of amazing the vast amount of family history they gathered and put it into a format that we, of the
next generation, can carry their work forward for the next generations.- Dan Marrs, January 2005)

Perhaps it is kinder to let my ancestors sleep.
Because the secrets they want to keep,
But then again I like to suppose,
My ancestors would like me to disturb their long repose

And perhaps when I visit their places of rest,
Or read of their lives and learn how they met the “test,”
Of early life in a pioneer land.
I’ll respect their efforts, tho’ maybe not so grand,

                                                            As building sky scrapers and supersonic planes,
                                                            But theirs was the courage that cleared the land and
                                                            Sowed the grain.

                                                            In spite of they gave us this country that is ours now,
                                                            And I feel when I shake the family tree,
                                                            They know and are glad B somehow.

                 unknown B
AI dedicate this book to the loving memory of my father-in-law, Evert Franklin Marrs, 1882-1970 and to my husband Evert
Leon Marrs, 1924-A
                          By Betty Jean (Albertson) Marrs, 1927 B

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    1
Instructions on abbreviations

You are recorded as son or daughter of ( ______ ) a number & name) a number is given you as well. Where no number
then it doesn’t go any further then under the parents because there is no more data. If you find errors in your family data,
by all means correct them with indelible ink or re-type on Avery self-adhesive address labels that can then be cut to put in
where the error has been made. Some errors will be mine in typing and some will be from those sending me data. To all
those not recorded here and should be I’m sorry and hope one day we will receive the data needed to fill the rightful
places. To all those who helped I thank you for helping make this book possible.

Date of birth
Date of death
md. Date of marriage & who married
ca. About
ch. Children
gr. Great or grandparents
dau. Daughter
cem. Cemetery
Blgton. Bloomington, Ind.
Co. County
Div. divorce
( ) . Maiden name not known
Bur. Place of burial
___. Where underlined I’ve either met or they have written us.

(Dan’s Note: I’ve bolded the ancestors that are directly traced back from Greenup Marrs, my grandfather.)

I-      MARRS )           1720     EARL OF MAR OF SCOTLAND

1- William Marr ( )
         b. Scotland. Md. Tradition says an Indian maiden by the name of Munday in PA. Records say he had 3 sons
         born in PA. Samuel and Henry Munday, and Barnabus. The year 1720, a William Erskine Marr, Nobleman of
         Scotland leaving a vast estate in Scotland which none of the rights belong to his American descendents
         emigrated to America in order to avoid being put to death of severe torture as a religious Heretic. The dominate
         religionist had passed his sentence, which was that he be tied to the tail of a wild colt and it be turned loose in the
         streets of Edinburgh. To avoid this fearful fate, he fled his country & left friends & property behind. Originally, the
         name was spelled Marr, but he to avoid detection added an S since which time it has been written Marrs. Upon
         his arrival n the land of religious freedom he located near the town of Little York, PA. He previously lived in the
         Royal Castle of Balmora in the Mar District of Scotland. Source: History Book in 1883 by Beers, in Sidney, Ohio.
         Marrs and Allied Families - Publ. 1965 4 sisters in Texas Louis E. Marrs, Sidney, Ohio, August 6, 1930. Where
         he is buried we have not found or who he really married.

2. Samuel Marrs, b. December 1, 1740 PA.
3. Henry Munday Marrs b.
4. Barnabus b.

2. Samuel Marrs (1 William Marr)
       b. Dec 1, 1740 d. Dec. 27, 1817 Nicholasville, KY on Catnip Hill road his homeplace in Kentucky. md. Francina
       Bradshaw b. 1742 PA. She d. 1775 in Thompson Valley, VA, near Tazewell, VA. Their homeplace when they
       lived there and settled the year of 1773 & was stationed in one of the frontier forts of the area about 1776
       *Rockbridge Historical Society says:
                Dear Mr. Marrs August 20 1974
                In response to your letter of the 15 , I can only say that the military service of the early settlers was not
                always given to record. Every male, as soon as he could carry, load and fire a rifle, he was a member of
                the militia and this continued until he was too feeble to do so. A company from the Middle New River
                Valley, commanded by Capt. Thomas Shannon, of Walker’s Creek, has Alexander Marrs as one of the
                Lieutenants. This company saw service under General Greene at Guilford Courthouse. I have no lead
                at to his connection with your Samuel Marrs. But I feel sure you will find them kinfolk. In Tazewell
                County, there were a number of forts as the Indian country was just beyond. These forts were not
                manned by soldiers as a general rule, but by local militiamen and settlers. When the alarm of “Injun

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                      2
                 signs” passed along the wilderness paths, the settlers hastened “to fort up” in a designate place. I have
                 no doubt but that your Samuel Marrs was one of these militiamen. It is of record that, on Sept. 8, 1774 a
                 band of 12 or 15 Indians made a raid into Thompson’s Valley and killed John Henry, his wife and three
                 small children, who had come to the valley only the previous May. Samuel Marrs had settled there just
                 the year before (1773). From the data you have given in your letter I would offer this as a possible
                 narrative of your Samuel Marrs: “He and Francina Bradshaw were married in Pennsylvania and lived
                 there for possibly seven or eight years. During which time their first five children were born. About 1768,
                 they migrated southward and settled for a time in Augusta County, that section now of which became
                 Rockbridge in 1778. Here 3 sons Samuel W, Wm. & John were born. Shortly after the birth of John, the
                 family migrated to Thompson’s Valley where James was b. 1774. The next year Francina Marrs died
                 1775, a few years later he married the Widow Fowler. Note: that Elizabeth Fowler was made
                 administrator of the estate of Samuel Fowler deceased, Mar. 17, 1778 in the Washington Co. court, then
                 in Mar 21, James Dyshart was designated as the guardian for Mary and Samuel Fowler, orphans of
                 Samuel Fowler deceased. Perhaps this is the family of “widow” Fowler and this Mary Fowler was the girl
                 Christopher Marrs married, Feb 10, 1787 - the dau. Of his stepmother. *** Very early, it seems, the name
                 Marrs became Mairs in the records of Southwest Virginia, as is seen in the Index of Lewis Preston
                 Summers “Annuals of Southwest Virginia”. The name also found as Mares - the clerks of the frontier
                 courts were given to spelling by sound and intuition. Assuring you of my interest in your quest and of my
                 willingness to assist you as far as I am in position to do so, I remain. Very truly yours, George West
                 Diehl, genealogist of the Rockbridge Historical Society. Dundee Plantation, R#3 Lexington, VA 24450

                 Letter of August 13, 1974 states: The earliest record of the family name appears in the records of
                 Augusta county on Dec 10, 1745 when a certain Gideon Marrs qualified as an attorney, but there was no
                 further mention of him. Too, in the 1780's there was a certain Francis Marrah, Mora, Mara - I cite this as
                 it might be a corruption in the spelling as was often the case in early records. In a Chancery Case, July
                 29, 1811, a Richard Marr is mentioned as being the husband of Winifred Tilman, daughter of Thomas
                 Tilman, Sr. and his wife Lucy Hix; Lucy was the dau. Of Daniel Hix, deceased. In another Chancery
                 Case, dated Dec 1818 there is mention of John Marrs who had married a dau of James Jones and his
                 wife Nancy Woods. This deposition was made in Charlotteville, Albermarle co, VA, June 5, 1820.
                 Rockbridge County was formed from Augusta and Botetcourt Co in 1778. So, William (1770) as you
                 cite, was evidently b. in that section of Augusta Co which became Rockbridge when he was a boy of
                 eight years of age. “Note: In the work of Netti Schreiner-Yantis, AMontgomery Co, VA circa 1790, I note
                 in the Index Marrs (Mair’s, Mares, and Mears). Signed George W. Diehl, genealogist.”

        4. Henry Marrs b. July 6, 1762 d. ca 1838 md. Elizabeth Maxwell
        5. Phyllis b. Sept 20, 1763 d. 1810 md William Wynne
        6. Elizabeth b. Dec 20, 1764 d. Mar 17, 1836 md. James Owens
        7. Samuel W. Jr. b. March 31 1769 d. June 12, 1831 md. Lydia Thompson
        8. Christopher b. Feb 14, 1766 d.     Md. Mary Fowler
        9. Ruth b. Oct 13, 1766 d. July 12, 1839 md Mr. Alderson
        10. William b. Oct 13, 1770 d. Mar 12, 1844 md. Jane McClure
        11. John b. April 10, 1772 d. 1800/1 md. Polly Fowler
        12. James b. May 14, 1774 d. Feb 3, 1834 md. Mary Foley. He md. 2 Widow Fowler and had Ch.

Samuel Marrs, b. 1740 (no. 2) helped build the Fort at Hillsville, Va with Thomas Whitten, John Greenup, John Markman,
was among those that helped build the fort. They stationed a John Marrs and other at their homes to give protection for
their families while they built the fort. The Indians were so savage at this time and safety was foremost in ones mind.
Samuel Marrs built his family a small log cabin on Thomas Whitten land that he owned, this log cabin set on the north
side of Clinch River in the mouth of a little hollar just up from the Pisgah Church and in 1962 there is a white house that
sits on this spot of ground and is called the Cecil place. They lived here in their log home about 13-20 years in this area
of Tazewell VA. They settled there in the year 1773. There are still Marrs relatives living in the area in 1975. Their
forefather settled there 202 years ago, and it has been 255 years since William Marrs an Earl of Mar of Scotland settled
Little York, PA and started the Marrs family this is now a vast of relatives throughout America. Samuel had a son James
(12) b. 1774 a year after they settled near Tazewell, VA in Thompson Valley. He had by this time Henry, Phillis,
Elizabeth, Samuel Jr., Christopher, Ruth, William, John and James Marrs, making twelve children. In 1785 he bought
105 acres of land from a surveyor which was authorized by the Gov’t of England. The surveyors name was Patton. He
gave Patton 1 lb of English money for this survey. This land lay in the Ella Perry Hollar at the end of the hard surface road
and Samuel built a log cabin near where Harry Peery’s home stands now in 1962. They lived here 4 or 5 years, then he
sold to a man by name of Allen & bought land from the Cecils that lay along the Clinch River through North Tazewell, VA

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    3
west across Hubble Hill and into Baptist Valley. This was about 1790. His cabin stood where the Thompson or mule
farm house burned down. His wife, Francina Marrs d. here in 1795 - her maiden name was Bradshaw. She was buried
on the south hill behind the log cabin. In 1962 this graveyard lies on the back of Henry Christians lot. There are 10 or 12
graves there. Samuel later moved from River jack and his oldest son Henry (4) md. In 1785 to Elizabeth Maxwell dau of
Tom Maxwell and had 3 children. Thomas Marrs born there and died at age of 8 or T.B. and is buried with his
grandmother Francina Marrs. Rebecca Marrs, she md. John Brooks and Rebecca and John lived where Samuel and
Francina Marrs had lived and Samuel moved on to KY. Henry Marrs lived here in Tazewell till he died in ca. 1838 - his
kinfolk yet around that area today and his wife Elizabeth d. a few years earlier. They both are buried with Francina Marrs,
his mother and his son (their) Thomas Marrs who d. age 8. He (Henry) was 76 yrs of age at death and willed his land to
his son in laws. The Marrs owned land at Head of Baptist Valley from 1790 to 1838 (some 48 years.) Data: portions from
William Henry Marrs (747) 1912-1968, Tazewell, Va.

23. John Marrs (4) Henry Marrs
        he was in War and was captured by the enemy out east of Tazewell, he was caught one day and made his
        escape that night they tied him up to a tree with rope to the side of a fence an they lay down for the night an while
        they slept he worked hisself lose an as he got lose there was a herd of hogs that passed by & he walked away on
        his hands and feet as he got among them. As they the hogs passed through the camp of the enemy. He had s
        won wounded in this war by the name of Herman Marrs out near Richmond VA.

12. James Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
       b. May 14, 1774 d. Feb 3, 1834 md. Mary Foley. He md. 2 Widow Fowler and had Ch.

        13. Josiah Marrs b. Feb 16, 1781 Tazewell VA., d. in Mississippi - no ch.
        14. Abigail b.  D. young girl bur. Catnip Hill Road, Nicholasville, KY
        md. 3 wife unknown but she and Samuel are buried on homeplace they settled on Catnip Hill Rd. Nicholasville,
        KY. He and his 3 wife emigrated to Kentucky in 1793 settled in Jessamine Co on Catnip Hill Rd on a small farm
        of 100 acres more or less bought of Mr. Hampton for 105 lbs of English money. He lived there until his death in
        1817. He was 77 years of age. Portions from letter written by John Marrs of Lexington KY in 1869, a grandson
        of Samuel 1740. (*Marrs & Allied Families book by 4 sisters in Tex.) I have heard my mother say he was a small
        active old man and that she had seen and his 2 brothers (Henry & Barnabus) ride to Lexington horseback, it
                                                                                     st                              nd
        being 15 miles & they were all 3 over 70 years of age at that time. He md. 1 about year 1760 in PA. He md 2
        before 1781 & md. 3 wife in Va, name unknown and no ch. by last wife. His will made April 5, 1810 in
        Jessamine Co, KY proved court 1818 page 375 of Will Book. A * I now have a photostat copy - Leon Marrs, R#3,
        Bloomington, IN 47401. Also is in the Marrs and Allied Familes’ book by 4 sisters in Tex. Rea Marrs Jameson.

3. Henry Munday Marrs (1 William Marr) date of birth not known or his wife’s name
        15. George Marrs b.
        16. Samuel Marrs b.            Md. 1810 to Jane Johnson

        15. George espoused the British cause in the great struggle for freedom in the War of the Revolution, but his
        name or fate little or nothing is known but he settled state of Georgia after the war. His line is most desired to be
        found - home someone will have data to do so.

        16. Samuel md 1810 Jane Johnson and settled in Mercer Co near Shakertown. He d. say 40 yrs ago (ca 1829)
        leaving several children, but his sons are all dead except on John Marrs living somewhere in Mercer Co & unmd.
        In 1869 as far as John Marrs of Lexington, KY remembers. * He grnson of Samuel (1740) and his brothers Henry
        Marrs and Robert Marrs md & have families both deceased. Also had some sisters one was named Juretta
        Marrs. Henry had a dau who md. Phillip Negly who d. near Shawnee Run meeting house in Mercer Co a few yrs
        before 1869 and she d. sometime before 1854 for Phillip md. 2 wife. Juretta d. leaving several children.
        Names or how many is not known at this time.
        17. John Marrs
        18. Henry Marrs
        19. Robert James Marrs b. 1818 md. Amanda J. Stout
        20. Juretta b. D.

21 Catherine Marrs b.             D.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    4
4. Barnabus Marrs (1. William Marr) the birth date not known or of his wife.
        22. Thomas Marrs b.             D. Childless in Fayette co KY.

4a. Henry Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
       b. July 6, 1762 d. ca 1838 md. 1785 Elizabeth Maxwell, dau. Of Thomas Maxwell of VA. She d. before 1838 of
       T.B.. Her sister Nancy md a William Cecil of Va and her two sisters Jennie and Mattie were killed by Indians. Her
       grandfather James Maxwell came from Ireland to America in the 18 century during the days of George
       Washington. He was in several skirmishes of the Revolutionary War. One was at the Battle of Kings Mountain
       & he was never wounded. Henry was know as Big Creek Marrs of Tazewell, VA. He lived in Tazewell while his
       brothers & sisters moved on to KY with his father and 3 wife.
       23 John Marrs b.
       24. Maxwell Marrs b. 1787 md. Nancy Jane Brooks
       25. Sarah Ann b. 1785/6 d. md. Hezekiah Augustus Harmon
       26. Thomas b.             D. age of 8 T.B.
       27. Rebecca       b. Md. John Brooks
       28. Henry         b.
       29. Jane          b.      Md. James Brooks Aug 16, 1810 (he d. 1852)
       30. Samuel        b. 1799 md. Cynthia May
       31. Robert        b.      md. McClure
       32. Charlie       b.
       33. William Wesley        b. 1810 md Sally Brooks md. 2 Sabetha Tabor
       33a. James        b.      md. Rebecca Maxwell
       33b. Olive        b.      md John McClure

5. Phyllis Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
         b. Sept 20, 1763 d. in MO. Md. William Wynne (ref. Chalkey’s Augusta Co VA, Vol I, Page 86) believed she died
         before 1810 since she is not mentioned in her father’s will. She md a widower with eleven children. He b. Aug.
         10 1729 and in Virginia and d. July 8 1808.
         34. John Wynne                    b. May 4, 1783 md. Dec 23, 1810 Olivia Peery
         35. Mary Polly           b. Mar. 19, 1784 md. Peery
         36. Margaret Peggy       b. June 23, 1786 md. 1807 Hugh Curry
         37. Elizabeth            b. April 10, 1787
         38. Phoebe               b. Jan 10, 1788 md Jan 8, 1807 Samuel Whitten
         39. Samuel               b. July 31 1789 md Sept 2, 1813 Sally Hix
         40. Robert               b. Sept 10, 1790 md Sept 1, 1812 Peggy Russell Whitten
         41. Henry                b. May 9, 1793 md.
         42. Martha               b. May 10, 1794
         43. Anne                 b. Nov 19, 1795 md Jan 19, 1815 James Charles
         44. James                b. July 30, 1800 md. Sophia Peery
         45. Nancy Ann            b. Jan 11, 1802
         46. Miner                b. Apr 11, 1803 md Emilie Peery
         47. Peter                b. Feb 9, 1797
         48. William Wynne        b. 1804

6. Elizabeth Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
         b. Dec 20, 1764 d. Mar. 17, 1836 Cole Co MO. Md. 1784 in Tazewell co, VA James Owens b. Oct 19, 1763
         Hanover Co, VA.
         49. Samuel Owens        b. May 18, 1785 md Oct 9, 1806 Katherine Rutherford
         50. Nancy               b. Dec 10, 1786 md. Jan 13, 1801 Daniel Cloud
         51. Avy                 b. Mar. 27, 1788 md Oct 30, 1806 Andrew Rice. She d. Nov 3, 1858
         52. William             b. Oct 16, 1789 md Feb 1, 1812 Hannah Clifford
         53. James, Jr.          b. July 10, 1791 md Aug 12, 1813 Nancy Clifford (Nieces of Daniel Boone)
         54. Betsy               b. Jan 1, 1793
         55. Rebecca             b. April 24, 1794 md. May 2, 1813 Michael Sone. She d. Mar. 21, 1867
         56. Polly               b. Dec 7, 1796 Jessamine Co, KY md. George H. Miller
         57. Sophia              b. Mar. 19, 1798 Jessamine Co. KY md Mr. Williams

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   5
        58. John               b. Nov 20, 1799 Fayette Co KY md. Aug 5, 1821 Talpha Steele. He died Aug 27, 1867
        59. Hiram              b. Jan 13, 1805 Fayette Co. KY md.
                Source: Genealogy of “Rogers, Peyton, Owens, Sone, Marrs, Jennings, Jouett, and Allied Families”
                publ. 1958 by Guy Sone, Jefferson City, Missouri. Marrs and Allied Families by 4 Sisters in Tex.

7. Samuel W. Marrs, Jr. (2. Samuel Marrs)
       b. Mar 31, 1769, Augusta Co Va. D. June 12, 1831 Thompkinsville KY Monroe County KY md. Lydia Thompson
       b. 1768 d. Oct 10 1814. Md. 2 Widow Sally (Mulkey) Bayless in Glasgoe, Barren Co. KY. Marriage bond record
       Samuel Marrs and James West bound unto Commonwealth of KY sum 50 lbs current money which payment to
       be made - dated Feb 15, 1815 B Samuel Marrs and Sally Bayless, widow 31 or 32 years of age and is entirely at
       her own disposal as to marriage. Signed, John Mulkey, (her maiden name was Mulkey)
       60. Abijah Thompson Marrs       b. Oct 17, 1789 VA md Nov 12 1838 Cassander Drane. He d. Dec 26, 1872
       61. William                     b. Feb 15, 1791 d. 1838
       62. John A.                     B. Jan 19, 1793
       63. Sinah Fraley                b. Apr 19, 1794 d. unmarried
       64. Samuel Wayne                b. Nov 23, 1795 d. Oct 19, 1881 md. 1821 Fanny King
       65. Elizabeth                   b. Sept 24, 1797 d. unmarried
       66. Lydia                       b. Mar 9, 1799
       67. Henry Bradshaw              b. Feb 20 1801 md. Dec 3, 1822 Polly Hammer
       68. Ruth                        b. Jan 19, 1803 d. 1817
       Ch. 2 marriage Sally (Mulkey) Bayless a widow
       69. Icypheny Marrs              b. Feb 25, 1816 md. A Vaughn
       70. Mulkey Watts Marrs          b. Dec 25, 1818
       71. Hannah Boone                b. Mar 19, 1821
       72. Sirena Ann                  b. Jan 28, 1824

                 John Marrs of his sketch says his Uncle Samuel (1795) first settled in Bourbon Co. KY, then moved to
                 Monroe County KY. He recalled seeing him and he was a rather small man, bald head, and dressed
                 very plainly in the Quaker style. He was a remarkably well read in the Sacred Scriptures. It was not at all
                 unusual for him at family worship to recite from memory without opening a book having committed large
                 portions of it to memory. I knew his son Abijah Marrs, now about 80 years of age. *(written 1869 he d.
                 then just 3yrs after John wrote about him). Abijah lived in Tompkinsville
8. Christopher Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
         b. Feb 14, 1766 md. Feb 10, 1787 Montgomery Co, VA Mary Fowler, dau of Widow Fowler who md his father
         Samuel after his mother & 1 wife Francina diet. He was witness and & Setp father to Mary and Christopher’s
         wedding. He was in War of 1812 but Archives has no record of him being in the war. Maybe because I asked
         under Marrs and I notice in Montgomery Co. KY. He is listed as Mauris as is typical of that day spelling as it
         sounds. His father was also listed at times under Mairs instead of Marrs. So it can be confusing to those in
         searching. He later md. In 1800 to Mary Greenup. He moved to Edgar Co. Illinois and surely he d. there.

        73. James Marrs          b.               D. probably Edgar Co. IL
        74. Daniel               b.
        75. Isaac
        76. Daughter
        77. Daughter

                This to date is all we know about Christopher and his family. I hope someone has more data.

9. Ruth Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
        b. Oct 13, 1767 d. July 12, 1839 bur. Catnip Hill Rd in family plot with her father etc. She md. A man name of Mr.
        Alderson & has a son Hiram Alderson who learned trade of Blacksmith and md. Betsy Knox & moved to Missouri.
        No more is known at this time hoping again someone somewhere has more data.
        78. Hiram Alerson b.             Md. Betty Elizabeth Knox in Nicholaville, KY dau of Benjamin Knox

10. William Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
         b. Oct 13 1770 Rockbridge Co VA. Md. Nov 25, 1794 Kentucky. Settled Bourbon Co KY, but later moved to
         Shelby Co, Sidney Ohio. He d. Mar 12, 1844 Sidney Ohio and is probably buried beside his son and dau. Samuel

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    6
       and Betse on St Rd 29 east of Pasco on his homeplace. Now small graveyard beside present road. We have
       been there twice. (Leon Marrs and family R#3 Bloomington Ind) Samuel has a large stone and Betsy a smaller
       one & several have been so broken it is so shameful to see and never will know who all are buried there. We
       know the Peppers are bur. There too Betsy his dau. Md. William Pepper. He is also listed in Beers Shelby County
       History 1883. A biographical sketch. He married Jane McClure & she d. 3 yrs after he did. April 6, 1847. About
       the year 1808 they came to Champaign Co Ohio where they remained until the year when they settled on the
       banks of the Mossquito Creek within the city limits of Perry twp. Sidney Ohio. He and 2 of his sons were known
       to be there as early as 1814 but did not settle there till 1816. He entered his land in 1812 at the land office in
       Cincinnati, Ohio. On page 131 of reprint -History of Shelby Co Ohio 1968 is the following - William Marrs was
       taxed in year 1819 for 3 horses and 6 cattle. Samuel Marrs - page 124 - donations to accure seat of Justice at
       Sidney dated Dec 14, 1819. List includes Samuel Marrs. Marrs in carpenter work - $20. Pg 157 Early Mortgages
       of Shelby Co (begin 1824) Nov 17, 1825 John Marrs and Elizabeth Johnston by John McCreight. And page 193
       William Marrs of District no 2 was taxed $1.30 for Road Tax July 4, 1818, for 2 horses and 7 cattle. Page 195
       William Marrs is listed as Trustee 1828 and 1830 Samuel Marrs is listed in 1827. & page 196 listed in Poll book,
       William Marrs in June 1817; Oct 1817; Oct 1817; Oct 1818; Apr 1819. There are several other references to
       Marrs but mostly just a notation that the person received 25 cents for attending a trial - and the person was
       Samuel Marrs. On page198 is re
       corded the biography of William Marrs 1770. Can be ordered from Phyllis Leech Asst. curator of Lima Ohio -
       Historical Society. Recorded July 27, and 29 1835 in Book D page 337 of Shelby Co Ohio (Courthouse) Joel
       Frankberger and wife Deed to William Marrs Jan 31, 1826 in Book G. No I page 208 Champaign Co Ohio, 140
       acres - $100.00 beginning at white oak easterly corner to the report edentatives of Peter Miners Survey no 4674
       running with his line 60W 192 poles to two blackoaks, a cherry & white oak in said line then south 30E 40 poles
       to a stake thence north 60E 40 poles to a step the 30E 40 poles to a black oak thence north 60E 153 poles to 2
       blackoaks thence N. 30W 125 poles to the beginning the whole tract containing 140 acres. He also belonged the
       United Brethern Church. His last will and testament in Shelby Co Sidney Ohio Court House book No. A-342 -
       Know all men by these present, that we John Marrs, Samuel Marrs, William Murphy, & M. McElroy of Shelby St.
       of Ohio are held & firmly bound unto the State of Ohio in the sum of twelve hundred dollars, current money of the
       U.S. A. for the payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors & administrators, jointly or severally,
       firmly by these present sealed with our seals, Mar 21, 1844 AD. Whereas letters Testamentary were this day, by
       the court of common pleas for Shelby co granted unto the above bound on John & Samuel Marrs on the Estate
       of William Marrs - late of this county, deceased. Now, the condition of the above obligations such, that if the John
       Marrs & Samuel Marrs shall make & return to the court on oath within 3 months, (from date hereof), a true
       inventory of all the moneys, goods, chattels, rights & credits of the Testator, which are by law to be administered,
       & which shall have to come to their possession or knowledge; & also if required by the court, an inventory of the
       real estate of the said William Marrs deceased, & administer, according to law, and to the will of the Testator, all
       his goods, chattels, rights & credits & the proceeds of all his real estate that may be sold for the payment of his
       debts & legacies, which shall at any time come to the possession of the said John Marrs & Samuel Marrs as
       Executors aforesaid, or to the possession of any other person for them, & render upon oath a just & true account
       of administration within 18 months (from date hereof) & at any other time when required by the court or the law;
       that then & in that case the above obligation to be void, else to be & remain in full force & virtue of law.

       Signed & sealed & Acknowledged in presence of C.W. Wells.
       Signed: Samuel Marrs (Seal), John Marrs (seal), H. McElovoy (seal) William Murphy (Seal)
       Account with John & Samuel Marrs executors -
               by acct. of inventory. Amt. Of Debts B paid by Exex.              $ ......... no cts
               Amount in hands of Executors                                      $661.87 2 cts
               Voucher No II not found to be added                               $ 38.71
                                                                         $623.16 2
                                                                             2. 50
                                                                         $625.66 2
               The State of Ohio Shelby Co. JP
                        I John Marrs one of the Executors of William Marrs deceased make solumn affirmation that the
                        above & foregoing acct. current contains a true and correct account of said estate as I verily
                        believe. Affirmed and Subscribed - before me Apr 1846 C.W. Wells, Clerk by Jonah Counts,
                        Kep. Clerk, signed John Marrs.

                        The state of Ohio Shelby Co called court of commons please hold Mar 21, 1844 - James Pepper
                        of lawful age being duly sworn depose _?__ this their signatures of Greenup Pepper - to this last

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   7
                          will and testament of William Marrs deceased now produced in open court & dated this 7 day of
                          March a.d. 1837 is his genuine signature - signed James Pepper.
                          Sworn to and embarked in open court this day Mar 21 1844 ad. C.W. Wells Clerk

                                  The Real Estate of William Marrs deceased

                                  No. of voulcher
                                          No. 1 Clerk for receipts               $3.12 2
                                          No. 2. Clerk for receipts              3.00
                                          No. 3. Clerk for P.Beeman              4.62 2
                                          No. 4. Clerk Mayne                     1.00
                                          No. 5. Samuel Maxwell appraiser        1.00
                                          No. 6. John Crumbaugh             do   1.00
                                          No. 7. William Shaw               do   1.00
                                          No. 8. Mccullouth                      7.96
                                          No. 9. E. Hattaway J.P.                 .25
                                          No. 10. Conklin & Byers                5.00
                                          No. 11. Clerk fees on final settlement 2.50
                                          No. 12. Pd for tombstone for deceased 6.50
                                          No. 13. Clerks receipt                 1.20
                                          No. 14. Printer Edwards                 .50
                                                  Total amt. Pd out              $38.71

                The name of Debtor - Samuel Marrs - date Aug 2, 1830 due one day after date Jan 19, 1831 amt $10.00,
                William Marrs Jr June 6, 1832, Jan 16, 1837, Feb 21, 1837, Aug 23 183? 56, 18.00, 29-37-5 & 10. Above
                on Samuel should be also 5-56-5, James Marrs Aug 29, 1830-10, and Feb 21, 1837 - 206,
                endorsements & payments when Jan 6, 1838 - $23.00.
                William Pepper Jan 3, 1838-56, Aug 28, 1838-10, endorsements & payment & when Aug 19,
                1840-7-50-10, John Marrs June 6, 1832 72 months Mar 23, 1838 - 16.75 - 31, Oct 15, 1832-22-5-12,
                1833- 13-25 Aug 1830- 10, Feb 23, 1833-13. Endorsements & payments & when Mar 23, 1838 $256.02
                2. We the undersigned appraisers of the Estate & property of William Marrs deceased after being duly
                sworn have made an inventory & appraises thereof of $625.66 this 2 day of April, 1844, William Shaw,
                John Crumbaugh, Samuel Maxwell appraisers. The State of Ohio Shelby co. I Samuel Marrs one of the
                executors of the last will of William Marrs in all respects just & true signed Samuel Marrs, June 21, 1844
                C.W. Wells, Clerk.

        79. John Marrs            b. 1796 d. 1865 md Elizabeth Johnson
        80. Samuel                b. July 16, 1798 md Elizabeth Berry
        81. William Jr.           b. 1800 md Roxy Mitchell md. 2 Widow Mary Jane (Sunderland) Corns with son Dye
                                  S. Corns (Dan’s note: Mary Jane was the grand-daughter of Peter Sunderland, veteran
                                  of the Revolutionary War, fought in Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill. Dye Corn later
                                  studied law under Abraham Lincoln.)

        82. Betsy                 b. 1801 md. William Pepper

        83. James                 b. 1809 md. Elizabeth O’Neal

11. John Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)
        b. Apr 10, 1772 Augusta co VA d. ca 1800/1 in Jessamine Co KY or Bourbon Co. Md ca 1789 in Tazewell Co VA
        Polly Fowler, dau of his 2 step-mother (Widow Fowler) Polly after John’s death md July 1, 1802 in Jessamine
        Co Peter Poindexter, one of their sons George Poindexter, was living at Hopkinsville KY in 1869. John & Polly
        had 4 ch 2 sons 2 dau.

        84. Samuel Marrs          b. 1790 Tazewell, VA md Jane Hinds. Md 2 in Jessamine Co KY Elizabeth Uttinger he
                                  d. 1846
        85. Polly                 b. 1794 md an Elliot
        86. James                 b. 1797 md Nancy Hulett he d. 1858

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  8
        87. Letticia            b.
        88. Jane                b. Jan 10, 1801 md. Thomas Cravens

12. James Marrs (2 Samuel Marrs)
       b. May 14, 1774 Montgomery Co VA. Came to KY in 1793 with his father and step-mother (3 wife) at the age of
       19. He was a deacon and clerk of the South Elkorn Baptist Church. Md. Apr 17, 1798 Jessamine Co KY. D. Feb
       3, 1834 Jessamine co KY, Nicholasville on Catnip Hill Rd. Buried there with his father, etc. He married Mary
       Foley b. Feb 15, 1775 Fredericksburg VA. D. Nov 3, 1851, Jessamine Co KY. Buried also with husband on
       Catnip Hill Rd. Daughter of Richard & Margaret (Wilson) Foley. They had 12 children, all born in Jessamine Co,
       KY. (Their son John Marrs, May 20, 1821, is the one who wrote the letter in 1869. He was a farmer, teacher and
       in business in 1869.
       89. Richard Marrs       b. Jan 22, 1799 md. Sept 12, 1822 Mahala Calvert. He d. Feb 4, 1857. Md. 2 Winfred
       90. Samuel              b. Feb 9, 1800 md. Mariah Stone. He d. Mar 4, 1880
       91. Sinea               b. May 31, 1801 d. Dec 10, 1834 - not md.
       92. Betsy               b. Nov 3, 1802 d. Nov 30, 1803
       93. Margaret Peggy      b. May 30 1804 d. Mar 20, 1874. Not md.
       94. Polly               b. Feb 16, 1806 d. Nov 26, 1833 Not md.
       95. Nancy               b. Sept 24, 1807 d. June 23, 1861 not md
       96. Son                 b. Dec 27, 1809 d. Jan 1, 1810
       97. Sallie              b. Jan 7, 1811 d. Aug 25, 1834 not md
       98. Eliza               b. Aug 5, 1813 d. July 9, 1882 not md
       99. James, Jr           b. Mar 12, 1815 d Sept 20, 1887 md. July 22, 1840 Lucinda C. Foley
       100. William            b. Nov 8, 1816 md 1844 Rebecca Farra. He d. Sept 14, 1851.
                                                                                             nd       nd
       101. John               b. May 20, 1821 d. Jan 15, 1891. Md. Martha Kennedy. Md 2 his 2 cousin Juretta

16. Samuel Marrs (3. Henry Munday Marrs)
       Deed book 4, page 305 Mercer Co KY Courthouse. His father purchased land in 1801 on Shawnee Run in
       eastern Mercer Co from Samuel and Elizabeth Taylor. Samuel lived in Shakertown, Mercer Co KY. Md. In 1810
       Jane Johnson (additional data earlier in this document)

17. John Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs) single in 1869, but no data to enter here

18. Henry Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs) no data

19. Robert James Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs)
       b. 1818 in Mercer Co KY. Md. Amanda J. Stout, dau of Ephraim Stout and Joicy R. Buckley. Deed book 23 page
       220 - dated Sept 6, 1841. Mercer County KY. R.J. Marrs and Amanda Jane Marrs, his wife of Mercer Co KY
       deed to Jacob Funk of Mercer Co KY their right, title, interest and claim which the said Marrs now have in and to
       the tract of land upon which his mother lives B he the said R.J. Marrs being one of the children of Samuel Marrs,
       deceased, and grandson of Henry Munday Marrs, deceased. Sale price B $600. Data from a William S. Marrs
       of Phoenix, AZ. Marrs & Allied families by 4 sisters in TX. There is more data about him in their book too.

20. Juretta Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs)
        birth date unknown & who she married, but she d. leaving several children.

        21. Catherine Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs)
        Birth date unknown. Md. Phillip Negly. She d. near Shawnee Run Meeting House in Mercer Co. KY. He md. 2
        wife about 1854.

22. Thomas Marrs (4. Barnabus Marrs)
       His father listed in Census of VA 1782 page 25, with 4 white members in household. In 1790 Census listed 3
       white members in family and a dwelling. Barnabus’ brother Henry listed in Hampshire Co VA 6 in household and
       one slave. In 1790, Henry is listed with 5 in family, 1 slave and a dwelling. Thomas md wife not known & is said
       to of died without issue, in Fayette Co KY.

19. Robert James Marrs (16. Samuel Marrs)
       b. ca 1818 Mercer Co KY. Md. Amanda J. Stout

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  9
       Ch. all b. in Mercer Co KY
       101a. John Marrs         b. ca 1841 md.
       101b. Lucy               b. ca 1843 md Bun Elliot
       101c. Joyce              b. ca 1841 md Mr. Shepherd res. Joliett , IL
       101d. Mollie             b. ca 1843 md Erion Joke
       101e. James Henry Marrs          b. June 9, 1845

       Deed book23, pg 220, dated Sept 6, 1841
       R.J. Marrs and Amanda Jane Marrs, his wife of Mercer Co. KY, deed to Jacob Funk of Mercer Co, their right,
       title, interest and claim which said Marrs now have in and to the tract of land upon which his mother now lives.
       The following information is from Sevie Gillock (Mrs. Dick Morrison), Lucas, KY. From Marrs and Allied Families
       by 4 sisters in TX.

               Great grandfather was Robert James Marrs. He was a Quaker. He first lived in Shakertown, between
               Danville and Perryville, KY. Nannie Ward told me he had a candy store in Danville. She also told me
               about the battles he was in. I am sending you an old letter written by his wife, Amanda Jane Stout Marrs,
               to her mother the year that Grandpa James Henry Marrs (101e) was born. Her mother - Mrs. Joicy R.
               Stout, Glasgow, KY, from Shawnee Run, Mercer County, KY, July 25, 1845:
               Dear Mother; I sit down this evening to inform you that we are all well. Hoping this may find you and the
               rest of the family well. I have nothing of importance to write, only we have a fine son. He was born the
               9 of June. We call him James Henry Marrs (101e). Tell Liz that he is the prettiest child we ever saw.
               We have been looking for a letter from Barron for some time, but we have not received any. We want to
               hear from you all very bad. I want to hear where Mary is and she comes on. Tell her and Liz not to forget
               their promise about coming up this fall. The relations are all well so far as I know except Uncle Tommy’s
               family. Jane’s youngest child is dead. The other one, Hitty Jane, and David are going the same way
               except they leave that place. Dr. Polk says it is not healthy. He says Aunt Kitty must sent them down to
               Shawnee Run to stay some time and Betsy is sometimes better and then worse. Grandmother is as well
               as common. Uncle Clark is dead. He died about the middle of May. Bob was here on Sunday and he
               died on Monday. He was perfectly willing to die. He prayed for the hour to come that would relieve him
               of his suffering. Grandpap talks of coming down this fall and going to Uncle Rushes and to
               Elizabethtown to see his sister if he can get anybody to keep the gate for him. He wants to Bob, but he
               can’t leave home. Crops look very promising, altho’ we had such a dry spring there hasn’t been such
               wheat crops for 7 years. Jo Pursley started to Barren about the middle of this month to look for his horse.
               He got as far as Possum Kingdom and there he found it and turned around and came back. He is now
               at Uncle Toms. Him and William was down here last Saturday; and Aunt Betsy sent word she was better
               then she had been for 3 yrs. She is taking some kind of patent medicine which she thinks helps her very
               much. Tell Pap I heard he was a candidate for the legislature. If he is elected, I am in hopes he will
               come by as he goes to Frankfort and see us. Give our love to Liz, Henry, Pap, Rice and all the children
               and all of the relatives and all the inquiring friends. No more at present, but I remain your daughter
               affectionately, Amanda J. Marrs (to her mother, Joicy R. Stout.

       101e. James Henry Marrs (19. Robert James Marrs)
               b. June 9, 1845 Mercer Co KY. D. Aug 9, 1926 Glasgow, KY. Md. Mary Susan Foster.

               1719. John Marrs b. ca 1871
               1720. James Robert Marrs b. Sept 3, 1873 Temple Hill KY
               1721. Sunnie (dau) Marrs      b.
               1722. Donnie (dau) Marrs      b. ca 1876. Md. Mr. Sartin. Res in IL Fythian in 1962
               1723. Annie Marrs             b. Dec 17, 1878

       1720. James Robert Marrs (101e James Henry Marrs)
               b. 1873, Methodist minister. D. 1939. Bur. Barren Co. md. Ca 1897 Lucy Della Simmons. B. Jan 27,
               1874, dau of Sarah Cathering Demhorn and Capt. James Marion Simmons.

               1724. James (dau) Vashti Marrs b. Aug 8 1898
               1725. Louette May              b. May 8, 1902 Temple Hill
                                     Lucy C she died after 1902. Md 2 ca 1908 Lela Powell

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 10
              1726. Delma Piercy Marrs        b. Sept 29, 1909
              1727. Mary Nell                 b. Aug 13, 1907
              1728. Minnie Bell               b. Mar 20, 1912
              1729. Samuel                    b. 1913 d. age 2
              1730. Bobbie                    b. May 17, 1914
              1731. William Shelley           b. June 19, 1919
                              James Robert Marrs was a Methodist minister in active service for thirty years before
                              his death in 1939. He md. 3 time, Rosa Wright, but there were no ch. from this
                              marriage. She was in a rest home in Campbellsville, KY in 1962.

              1724. James Vasti Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                      b. 1898 md. Feb 20 1918 Jeffersonville, IN Cleveland Cox b. Mar 23, 893 Taylor Co KY. Son of
                      Sarah Rhodes and Pierce Cox. Res. Pinconning, Michigan in summer and in winter Tampa, FL.
                      1732. James Ralph Cox          b. Jan 22, 1919
                      1733. Mable Dorsey Cox         b. April 11, 1920
                      1734. Edith Evelyn             b. April 26, 1921
                      1735. Lee Roy                  b. June 5, 1923

              1725. Lounette May Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                     b. 1902 md. Clem Bright, the father of her ch.

                      1736. Mary Mazette Bright       b. Sept 29, 1922
                      1737. George Robert             b. Mar 16, 1925
                      1738. Rodman Lee                b. Jan 20, 1928
                      1739. Barbara Allen Bright      b. May 9, 1931. Md Hugh Wolfington. Res. Michigan in the
                                                      summer and Sarasota, FL in winter.

              1726. Delma Piercy Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                     b. 1909 md. Aug 20, 1932 Monroe MI, Pauline Slimak, b. Dec 3, 1912 Conifer, PA, dau of Olga
                     Kania and John Slimak. Res. Ferndale MI (is his name Dema or Delmar)
                     1740. Robert Lawrence Marrs b. Dec 24, 1937 Highland Park Mich
                     1741. Judith Pauline          b. Oct 16, 1940 Detroit, MI

              1727. Mary Nell Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                     b. 1907 Burkesville, KY. D. Dec 1, 1952, Louisville KY, md. Feb 18, 1926 Jeffersonville, IN,
                     Arland Wilbur Benningfield, b. Aug 19, 1901, Finley, KY, d. Feb 2, 1946 Louisville, KY. Son of
                     Molly Short and Plez Bennigfield.
                     1742. Arland Wilbur Benningfield b. Nov. 22, 1926
                     1743. Lela Bevelyn B. April 4, 1928
                     1744. Billy Marrs        b. Oct 12, 1932

              1728. Minnie Belle Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                     b. 1912, md. ca 1934 James William Jones, b. May 20, 1912 at Sacremento, KY, son of Georgia
                     Barnett and Hershel Kent Jones. res. Sacremento, KY where he works for G.E. company.
                     1745. James William Jones, Jr. b. July 23, 1935
                     1746. Vicky Lorraine     b. Dec 14, 1953 Madisonville KY

              1729. Samuel d. age 2 (1720 James Robert Marrs)

              1730. Bobbie Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                     b. 1914 middle name Lorraine, md. May 17, 1934 Louisville, KY, Hiram Frederick Goff, b. Apr
                     16, 1899, son of Emma Margaret Green and John Monroe Goff. res. Louisville, KY, his is
                     manager of Louisville Hay, Grain, and Coal Co.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              11
                         1747. Emma Jean Goff b. Feb 15, 1935
                         1748. Hiram Anthony Long Goff b. May 22, 1947.

                 1731. William Shelly Marrs (1720 James Robert Marrs)
                        b. 1919 Mannsville, KY, md. Apr 17, 1944, Arlington, VA to Edna Ruth >Kitty@ Helander, b.
                        Sept 10, 1918, Sterling IL, dau of Josephine Sundvall and Otto Helander of Sweden. res.
                        Phoenix, AZ where he is active in church and civic organizations. His business is bill collecting.
                        In 1962, he was state president of the Arizona Collectors Association. They have 2 ch.
                        1749. Mitzi Diana Marrs B. May 26, 1948, Chicago
                        1750 Thomas William Marrs b. Feb 7, 1951, Phoenix, AZ

23. John Marrs (4a Henry Marrs)
        no data md. a Balden

        24. Maxwell Marrs (4a Henry Marrs)
        b. 1787 md Mar 18, 1819 d. 1859 age of 62 of T.B. in North Tazewell Va. He son of Henry Marrs & Elizabeth
        Maxwell Marrs. He md. Nancy Jean Brooks of River Jack, VA. She dau. of Thomas Brooks - great grandfather of
        Lef Shrader of Bluefield, VA and Catherine (Clancey) Brooks.
        102. Louisa Jane Marrs b.        md. Feb 17, 1852 Benjamin Brewster (or Bruster)
        103. Betsy Elizabeth b.          Md. Sept 16, 1852 Thomas Brewster (cousin of Benjamin Brewster)
        104. Sarah Ann “Sally” b.        md. Feb. 3, 1853, Andrew Brewster (brother to Thomas; cousin to Benjamin)
        105. Mary Polly          b.      md. Mar 28, 1861 Reese Vandike
        106. Margaret C                  b.     md. July 26, 1866 James Harvey Brooks
        107. Robert Whitley      b.      Md. Mar 16, 1854 Rebbeca Eveline Bowling\
        108. William B           b.      Md.
        109. Henry Harvey        b. 1830 md. Jan 22, 1852 Lucinda Shrader
        110. John                b. 1820 md. June 20, 1837 Sally Pruett
        111. Nancy               b.      md. Dec. 26, 1837 William Pruett
        112. Braxton             b. Sept 1829 md.
        112a. James              b.      Md. Mar 13, 1853 Jane E. Harper

25. Sarah Ann Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
        b. Apr 22, 1838 d. Oct 23, 1911 age 73 md. Hezekiah Augustus Harmon, b. Feb 23, 1831, d. Jan 22, 1894.
        Folklore: Hex would yell this at his boys (he lost his mind in old age, said Lef Shrader of Bluefield, VA) “Rhuban
        & Shields, Alex & Peels flee to the Mountain the devil will catch you.” He was the son of Hezekiah Harmon, Jr.
        He d. Nov. 1, 1876 & Nancy Harman (dau of Henry Harman, Jr) she b. Nov 13, 1801, d. June 2, 1877 (and they
        were 1 cousins) and his grandfather Hezekiah Harman, Sr who was age 72 yrs, 6 mo, 29 days when he died
        May 29, 1845. Buried on his home farm one mile east of the Courthouse. The following is inscribed upon the
        stone that marks his grave “Sacred to the memory of Hezikiah Harman.” He left in his will that his slaves not to be
        hired out without their consent and then only to stay awhile with the children. Henry, one of the slaves, to be
        liberated at my wife’s death upon his good behavior - to be judged by my executors. If the law will permit his
        freedom, if not, let him choose which of the children shall be his guardian to treat him well in old age. Ruth to be
        liberated at my wife’s death if the law will permit her freedom. If not, let her choose any one of my children as her
        guardian. I allow my estate to give her comfortable support in old age till death. I think she has been an
        affectionate attendant upon myself and family for which she must be rewarded.
        113. Kiah David Harman               b. Oct 23, 1859 md. Molly E. Perry
        114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman            b. Sept 26, 1862 md Dec 24, 1886 Isabell Harman
        115. Backsdale                     b.                D. yes
        116. Peel                          b. July 1867 d. 1922 md Mary Harman
        117. Alexander Marrs               b. Mar 18, 1870 md Feb 28, 1914 Rose Brown
        118. May                           b. Aug 30, 1872 md. Mar 4, 1896 W. C. Daniels
        119. Dovie                         b. Aug 4, 1879 md Dec 20, 1900 Charles E. Harman

26. Thomas Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
       d. age 8 of T.B. Named after his grandfather Thomas Maxwell

        27. Rebecca Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    12
        md. John Brooks

        28. Henry Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
        no data

        29. Jane Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
        md. James Brooks Aug 16, 1810. He son of William Brooks who came from Botitcourt VA. Settled in Thompson
        Valley during the revolution. His wife was Ann Locke, a niece of John Locke an English philosopher. He was the
        son of William Brooks of Fauquier Co. VA. He d. in Tazewell Co, VA Jan 24, 1841. he md. Ann Locke Sept 5,
        1768. She b. Aug 11, 1749, d. Oct 21, 1846. William and Ann were buried on a hillside south of Tazewell once
        known as Jeffersonville, VA to the right of the Thompson Valley road running south-southwest near the head of
        Plum Creek, on the farm now owned in 1959 by Sam Bishop Ward. He was a soldier of the Revolution and was
        granted a pension of $26.00 annually. The certificate being issued June 21, 1833, which pension commenced
        Mar 4, 1831, Pension Claim no. R.1259. They had the following ch.
                John Brooks b. June 11, 1770, md. Jane Whitley, Feb 1795;
                 Margaret b. Apr 7, 1772, md. Mr. Kirk;
                Richard, b. Feb 12, 1774, d. July 18, 1853, md. Margaret McClancey July 9, 1794;
                Thomas, b. Jan 22, 1776 d. Aug 8, 1859 md. Catherine Clancy Oct 8, 1796
                Polly, b. 1778
                Nancy, b. Dec 30, 1780 md. Lemuel Clyburn Dec 12, 1809
                William, b. Sept 20, ??
                Sarah, b. Mar 10, 1783 d. 1840, md. George Todd in 1803/7
                Elizabeth, b Feb 12, 1785 md. Mathrew Stephenson, Feb 1805
                James, b 1788 d. Oct 28, 1852 md. Jane Marrs, Aug 16, 1810
                Louisa or Levica, b. Sept 2, 1791 d. 1841, md. Thomas Asbury Mar 23, 1820
                         (Data sent to Leon Marrs from Lef Shrader of Bluefield, VA)

30. Samuel Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
       b. 1799 md Cynthia May; Samuel’s father disinherited him over his marriage so he took his wife and went to live
       in Kentucky to live, as the May family was already there. He bought a farm which cost him a rifle gun, one side
       of cured pork and $50. This farm at this time was wilderness. Later years there was large coal found on this farm
       an he increased much wealth. They had 10 ch. 8 boys 2 girls.
       120. James Marrs b.
       121. Samuel
       122. Elizabeth
       123. William
       124. Thomas
       125. Henry
       126. Doreah
                (Above Ch. could be wrong as it was given to me; I put here with questions??

31. Robert Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
       b. 1796ca        d. 1875 Horse Pen Cave Cem. md. a Miss McClure - 5 girls & 7 boys

32. Charlie Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)

        32a. Olive Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
        md 1839, Mar 18 John McClure settled on Big Creek in VA

        112a. James Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
        md Rebecca Maxwell, settled Big Creek VA. 4 ch. Was he also Maxwell 24's son?? Yes. Braxton md Miss
        McClure ; 130a Braxton, William, John, Elizabeth Marrs. William md Mar 7, 1865 Sarah Moore.

33. William Wesley Marrs (4a. Henry Marrs)
         b. 1810, md. Sarah E. “Sally” Brooks, b. Aug 24, 1815, dau. of Tom & Catherine Clancey Brooks. They built
         home at River Jack where the Tazewell National Bank now stands - in 1958. No children. She d. Nov. 11, 1853,

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 13
        bur. in cemetary that layed in front of Clinch Valley Lumber Co, near where they lived today called Hubble
        Cemetary. He md. the next day after Sally was bur, Nov 12, 1853, Sabetha Tabor who was 16 yrs of age and a
        niece to Sally. Sabetha took care of Sally while she was ill. they had ch. He d. 1892ca.
        130. Samuel W. Marrs b.           D. in his front yard with T.B.

        34. John Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        No data other than b. May 4, 1783, md Dec 23, 1810 Olivia Peery. (Dan’s note: separate note attached here - I
        assume it refers to John Wynne 34, but not sure how all the information fits together.). John md. Miss Baldon.
        Rebecca d. and md 2 Feb 9, 1853 Jane E. Harper. Elizabeth - 130a. md. Rolly Pruett

35. Mary “Polly” Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
       b. Mar 19, 1784 md. a Mr. Peery

         36. Margaret “Peggy” Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
         b. June 23, 1786 md. 1807 Hugh Curry
37. Elizabeth Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
         b. Apr 10, 1787

        38. Phoebe Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Jan 10, 1788 md Jan 8, 1807 Samuel Whitten

        39. Samuel Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. July 31, 1789 md. Sept 2, 1813 Sally Hix

        40. Robert Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Sept 10, 1790 md Sept 1, 1812 Peggy Russell

        41. Henry Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. May 9, 1793 md Miss Whitten

        42. Martha Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. May 10, 1794

        43. Anne Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Nov 19, 1795 md Jan 19, 1815 James Charles

        44. James Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. July 30, 1800 md Sophia Peery

        45. Nancy Ann Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Jan 11, 1802

        46. Miner Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Apr 11, 1803, md Emilie Peery

        47. Peter Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. Feb 9, 1797

        48. William Wynne (5. Phyllis Marrs)
        b. 1804

        49. Samuel Owens (6. Elizabeth Marrs)
        b. May 18, 1785 md Oct 9, 1806 Katherine Rutherford

        50. Nancy Owens (6. Elizabeth Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                14
       b. Dec 10, 1786 md. Jan 13, 1801 Daniel Cloud (Betty’s note: was it their son David Cloud (Cowd) that went to
       the Alamo a d. there??

51. Avy Owens (6. Elizabeth Marrs)
        b. Mar 27, 1788 Tazewell Co, VA, d. Nov 3, 1858 Benton Co, MO. bur. Rice & Sone Cemetary, Jefferson City
        MO. md. Andrew Rice b. Aug 26, 1782. md on Oct 30, 1806 Green River, KY, d. Jan 1, 1846 Jefferson City, MO
        134. Sarah C. Rice b. Sept 8, 1807 Jessamine Co, KY
        135. Nancy b. Nov 8, 1808 Jessamine Co, KY
        136. Samuel O           b. July 19, 1810
        137. Marietta           b. Apr 2, 1812
        138. William R.         b. Sept 15, 1814
        139. Jasper D.          b. Apr 24, 1815
        140. Elizabeth Ann      b. July 6, 1816
        141. Catherine          b. June 6, 1818
        142. John James         b. Feb 28, 1820
        143. Rebecca Ann        b. Feb 2, 1822
        144. Prudence Ellen     b. Feb 26, 1824
        145. Carolyn M.         b. Aug 30, 1826
        146. Infant             b. Aug 10, 1831

52-59. Owens (6. Elizabeth Marrs)
        See previous pages on nos. 52-59 ancestors.

       60. Abijah Thompson Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs, Jr.)
       b. Oct 17, 1789 Fincastle or Montgomery Co, VA. md. Nov 12, 1838, Marion Co, KY. d. Dec 26, 1872, in same
       house that he had been since 1803, Tompkinsville, KY. Vol. soldier in War of 1812. He md. Cassander Drane,
       the dau. of Joseph Drane, esq of Marion Co KY. He md. in his 50 year and they had 5 ch. 3 girls and 2 boys, 2
       of whom are deceased, Thomas H. and Cassander, Sarah D, Samuel J. and Lydia Marrs are still living. Miss
       Lydia Marrs md. Mr. G. Lou, esq. and resides in the state of Missouri. Miss Sarah Drane Marrs md. Jonathan W.
       Counts, Esq, Thompsonvile, KY. He enlisted in Capt Hugh Browns Company, Mounted Riflemen KY, served
       from Sept 18, 1812 to Oct 30, 1812 and 11 days travel. He was discharged 230 miles away from where he lived.
       (Leon Marrs, R#3, has his war and pension records from the Nat’l Archives, Wash. D.C.)
       147. Thomas H. Marrs b.
       148. Cassander b.
       149. Sarah Drane Marrs b.                Md. Jonathan W. Counts
       150. Samuel J.          b.
       151. Lydia              b.               Md. G. Lou, Esquire

61. William Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
         b. Feb 15, 1791 d. 1838

62. John A. Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
        b. Jan 19,1793

       63. Sinah Fraley Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Nov 23, 1794 d. unmarried

       64. Samuel Wayne Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Nov 23, 1795 d. Oct 19, 1881. md Oct 19, 1821 Fanny King d. 1839 Woodyard Cem, Edmonton, KY bur.
                    nd    rd
       between his 2 & 3 wife.
       152. Elizah Marrs       b. June 1822
       153. James Francis Marrs         b. July 31, 1824 md Jan 12, 1848 Eliza Wilson
       154. Mary Jane          b. Dec 3, 1827 d. June 2, 1900
       155. John Thompson b. Aug 8, 1830
       156. Azariah King       b. Aug 8, 1833
       157. Samuel Henry       b. April 23, 1839 d. 1898

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               15
         nd                                                    rd
       2 md Susanna ( ), b. Mar 1, 1799 d. Mar 22, 1858; 3 md Susan T ( ), b. Oct 27, 1820, d. July 9, 1905. No ch.
       but by 1 wife.

65. Elizabeth Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs
         b. 1797 not md.

       66. Lydia Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. 1799

       67. Henry Bradshaw Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Feb 20, 1801, md. Dec 3, 1822 Polly Hammer (his middle name is not Bascom) he also signed a document for
       Abijah Thompson Marrs (60) (we have a copy that is in archives in Washington, DC - Leon Marrs, Bloomington,
       IN). State of Kentucky, county of Monroe on this the 15 day of June 1878. Personally appeared Henry
       Bradshaw Marrs who after being sworn according to law, says that he was personally acquainted with Abijah T.
       Marrs and Cassandra Drane before they were married and that he was present and an eye witness of the
       marriage of said Abijah T. Marrs to Cassandra Drane which took place on the 12 day of November, 1838 at
       Joseph Drane in Marion County, KY about 5 miles north of Lebanon KY and that he is entirely disinterested in
       this matter. Signed by his own writing Henry B. Marrs. Subscribed and sworn to before me on the day and date
       above written. I certify that I am entirely disinterested in this matter, signed J. W. Vandover - clerk of Monroe
       County, KY.
       158. Lydia Ann Marrs b. Sept 8, 1823
       159. Richard Franklin Marrs        b. Sept 18, 1824 md Elizabeth Gist
       160. Kitty Melinda                 b. Feb 8, 1827
       161. infant                        b. & d. Oct 1, 1829
       162. Abijah Thomas                 b. Feb 12, 1831
       163. William L.                    b. Aug 3, 1832
       164. Mary Malina                   b. Jan 18, 1834
       165. Sarah Turner                  b. Jan 25, 1836
       166. Emilie Virginia               b. Apr 1, 1837 md William Ray Chism.
       167. Gillie F. Marrs               b. May 14, 1841
       168. Eva M.                        b. Sept 28, 1844

68. Ruth Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
        b. Jan 19, 1803 d. 1817, age 14

       69. Icypheny Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Feb 25, 1816 md a Mr. Vaughn
       169. Pheny Vaughn b.           Md. Nick Grindstaff

70. Mulkey Watts Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
        b. Dec 25, 1818 no more data

       71. Hannah Boone Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Mar 19, 1821 no more data

       72. Sirena Ann Marrs (7. Samuel W. Marrs)
       b. Jan 28, 1824 no more data

       73. James Marrs (8. Christopher Marrs)
       no data

       74. Daniel Marrs

       75. Isaac Marrs

       76. dau

       77. dau

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 16
        78. Hiram Alderson (9. Ruth Marrs)
        md Nicholasville, KY, Betty Knox, dau of Benjamin Knox occ. Blacksmith. Move to Missouri.
        170. Zacarriah Knox Alderson b.
        171. Washington Alderson

        79. John Marrs (10. William Marrs)
        b. 1796 d. 1865 md Nov 14, 1816 Mary Pepper md 2 in 1825 to Elizabeth Johnson, Nov 17, 1825. he died in
        172 Johnson Marrs        b. 1827
        173. Mary                b. 1829
        174. Ruth                b. 1829 (twins)
        175. Ellen               b. 1830
        176. William             b. 1832

80. Samuel Marrs (10. William Marrs)
       b. July 16, 1798 d. Nov 1, 1866 Sidney Ohio east of Sidney settlement now called Pasco on side of road 29 is the
       graves. they are right on the roadside. His tombstone is a tall one can’t miss it (we have a picture of it had been
       there twice - Leon Marrs) Also have his picture sent to us by Mabel Marrs of Fowler Kansas. she is our 5 cousin.
       He married Elizabeth Berry.
       177. Henry Marrs         b. 1827 not md
       178. John                b. Aug 14, 1828 d Feb 17, 1871 md Fannie Goodrich
       179. Berry               b. 1832 md. Sarah Russell
       180 Acre                 b. 1834 md Elizabeth Deweese

81. William Marrs, Jr (10. William Marrs)
         He was blind for several years before his death and for the last seven years of his life he regained his sight and
         so as food was past, he could see his wife Mary Jane sneak food to the children under the table - he was, as Clair
         Marrs Petty (406) told us when we visited with them that he was what you call Chinchey - in other words, down
         right stingy.
         They made their own clothing and he didn’t like the color Mary Jane his wife had chosen for his pants. He made
         some dye and dug him a pit in the ground to dye his pants blue. Afterwards the sheep came along and stumbled
         into it and turned them blue. People from all around would ask how they got blue sheep and he wouldn’t tell them
         - he let them think they were born that way and were freaks.
         His first wife was Roxanna (Roxy)_Mitchell, b. 1792 and they md Sept 15, 1822 in Ohio. She dau of Ensign
         Mitchell and Lucy Hubbard. Ensign was baptized Deerfield, Mass July 1, 1759 and he d. Madison County Ohio in
         1839. He md. 1786 to Lucy Hubbard b. in Vermont and d. in 1845. Ensign’s parents were: Joseph and Lydia
         (Foster) Mitchell. The family attempted to get a pension - refused. But served in Pvt. Capt. Daniel Mill’s
         company. Col. Van Schaik’s N.Y. bn, fought around Skeensborough, N.Y. (White Hall) Cert. 8673, 8721, 8742
         Archives - all in 1779. Roxy’s brothers and sisters are as follows: Ensign Mitchell Jr, b 1787 Jan 14, md 1815
         Elizabeth Calvin in Brown Co Ohio. She b. 1754 d. 1845. they had ch. Calvin Mitchell, a Capt. of Mexican War,
         Samuel Mitchell in Civil War, md. 1850 Mary Riley, and John Mitchell. Chandler Mitchell b. 1790; Experience
         Mitchell md. Nathaniel Griffin (in Mechanicsburg, Cem is a Nathaniel 1804-1881) Newman Mitchell bought the
         Griffin farm in 1865, 433 acres for $20,000.00. Their ch. Thomas Griffin, Andrew Griffin, John Griffin, and James
         Griffin. Claudius Mitchell b. Jan 6, 1794 VT d. May 17, 1866, md Oct 10, 1815 Nancy Ann Lambert in Brown Co
         Ohio, b. 1795 d. Oct 24, 1839. he md 2 Apr 2, 1840 Mary Ann Reed 1803-1888. His ch. Sarah Mitchell b. 1817
         Mar 15, d. Jan 29, 1905 md Sept 25, 1834 Remembrance Williams b. 1813-1880, son of Remembrance Williams
         who d. in Indiana. They had Claudius W. Williams b. 1835, Mary W. Williams b 1837 md 1855 Eli Arogast, and
         1 child Marion Arbogast b. 1860-1950 and grch. Morris, Ruby, and a girl. John Williams b. 1839 Aug 2, 1922,
         Lucy Williams 1843, Matilda Williams 1848-1927, Lavina Williams 1850-1912, Lovina Mitchell Jan 22, 1819 -
         Dec 10, 1882 md 1836 Gabriel M Potee, Champaign Co Ohio. Both bur. at Summerford-Wilson cem. They had
         6 ch., Martha Ann Mitchell, b. 1821. My mistake, Lovina and Martha Ann are ch. of Claudius Mitchell*)
        William Marrs md. 2 Mary Jane Sunderland Corns, dau of Dye Sunderland, Private in Capt Samuel McCormick
        U.S. Rangers Ohio War of 1812 - Archives: WT 3423-80-55. State of Ohio Allen County, Mar 16, 1858,
        personally appeared before me Nathan H. Webb a Justice of Peace within and for the county and state aforesaid
        Dye Sunderland aged 61 years a res. of Allen co. being duly sworn according to Law declares that he is the

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   17
        identical Dye Sunderland who was a Private in the Company commanded by Captain James McMormeck United
        States Rangers in the War between U.S. and Great Britain in 1812 that he enlisted at Dayton Ohio according to
        the best of his recollections in the month of Mar 1813 for the term of one year and was honorably discharged at
        Cincinnati, Ohio at what date it does not say or recollect as will appear by the muster roll of said Company and for
        which service he has heretofore received a Warrant for 80 acres of land through his agent or attorney Charles C.
        Marshall and he makes his Declaration for obtaining the Bounty Land granted by the Act of Congress passed
        Mar 3, 1855 and he hereby declares that he has not applied for or rec’ and except as above stated. His mark X
        Dye Sunderland, . Sunderland 3 Earl - descended from Henry Spencer. Dye’s grandfather Samuel
        Sunderland came to America from England in 1737 settled Philadephia PA. he was b. 1719 known are 5 ch. and
        he was the 4 son of an Earl of Sunderland. ch. John Sunderland, a tinner in Trenton, NJ, Thomas Sunderland,
        a tinner in NJ Trenton, William Sunderland, b. 1730-1828 bur. Centerville OH, Peter Sunderland 1737-1827
        md. Catherine Holman, and Elizabeth Sunderland md. John Duncan.Dye
        ‘s father was Peter Sunderland b. 1737 md in New Jersey, Catherine Holman 1746 - Sept 1, 1831. both bur. Ft.
        Amanda, Ohio. he was in Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 and was wounded in that battle (Revolutionary War) they
        had ch. Dye Sunderland 1794-1856, bur. Ft. Amanda, Ohio, md Mercy Berryman 1798-1859 Ft. Amanda OH.
        they were md Mar 16 1815, Montgomery Co, Ohio and also Johnny Appleseed stayed one winter at Dye and
        Mercy Berryman Sunderland’s cabin and planted 1 acre of apple trees from his seeds. Isabell Sunderland
        1789-1859, Frances Sunderland, Daniel Sunderland, William Sunderland, 1819- , Richard Sunderland, Dye
        Sunderland and Mercy’s ch. Daniel Sunderland 1815-1875, William Sunderland 1819-1852, Mary Jane
        Sunderland 1817 - 1906, Catherine Sunderland 1823-1854, Eliza Ann Sunderland 1825-1904, James
        Sunderland (writer of biography of Sunderland) 1827-1899, Isabell Sunderland, George Sunderland 1831-1898,
        Henry Sunderland 1835-1864, Tabitha Sunderland (she is the one who paid for material for her sister Mary Jane
        Marrs burial dress and wanted them to pin a white rose at her neck) 1837 - , Martha Ellen Sunderland
        1839-1876. (We met Carl Sunderland’s wife Minnie Schafer Sunderland in Spencerville Ohio in 1970. The sent
        us their lin - Carl Sunderland, b. Oct 15, 1923 md. Minnie Schafer b. Sept 16, 1926. Their ch. Patty Nov 2, 1957,
        Dick June 7, 1950, Steve Sept 17, 1952, Phyllis Mar 31, 1963, and Brad (we’ve met) Oct 25, 1960). Carl’s father,
        Martin Sunderland 1902, Aug 4, md Minnie Brown 1902 on May 21, 1923, Carl’s grandfather: James Sunderland
        1873; Carl’s Greatgrandfather: Jacob Sunderland 1848-1928, Carl’s great great grandfather: James Sunderland
        1827-1899, a brother to our Mary Jane and Carl’s 3 great grandfather Dye Sunderland 1794. Isabell
        Sunderland sister to Dye md. Andrew Russell and built their home at Ft Amanda in 1817 and she is supposed to
        have had the first white child in that area named Susanna Russell b. July 1817.

        Continuance of Henry Bradshaw Marrs (67) ch.
        182. David Marrs       b. 1835
        183. Josiah            b. 1838 md. Dec 26, 1867 Syrena Bryan
        184. Annie             b. 1843 md. Sam Zerbe

81. William Marrs, Jr (10. William Marrs)
         b. May 20, 1800 Bourbon Co. KY md Sept 27, 1822 Shelby Co Ohio d. Jan. 15, 1880 Champaign Co IL. bur.
         Jesse cemetary north of Villa Grove, Illinois. His tombstone gone now, but his grave is by the Petty baby, as
         Uncle Leo Marrs (391, son of Greenup Marrs 192; Greenup the son of William Marrs, Jr 81)(Arkansas City, KS
         said in 1975) put a stone (not a tombstone - just a rock to mark the spot, as there are no markers and the
         cemetery has been farmed over. Leo left there in 1918 and moved to Kansas with his cousin, Marshall Richman)
         there in 1918 so he is buried there. he md 1 to Roxanna Mitchell b. 1792 d. Aug 1839 dau of Ensign and Lucy
         Hubbard Mitchell.
         185. Lucy Sina Marrs              b. June 27, 1823
         186. Ensign                       b. July 3, 1825
         187. William III                  b. June 19, 1827
         188. Elenor Jane                  b. June 13, 1830
         189. Roxena Experience            b. Sept 21, 1832
         190. Lydia Elizabeth              b. Apr 1, 1835 md Mr. Deever of Illinois
         191. Euniee Amelia Elizabeth b. 1837/8
        md. 2 Jan 5, 1840 by Daniel Hoak, J.P. Of Allen Co Ohio to Mary Jane (Sunderland) Corns, a widow of Samuel
        Corns. and a son Dye S. (Sunderland) Corns. She b. Oct. 3, 1817 Montgomery Co Ohio, dau of Dye Sunderland
        & Mercy (Berryman) Sunderland. She d. Apr 21, 1906 bur. Harristown, IL. (We have a picture of her tombstone.
        Her grandfather was in the Revolutionary War and her father in the War of 1812. We have a picture of her mother
        Mercy Berryman Sunderland and also one of her and William Marrs, Jr) Johnny Appleseed stayed at her parents
        cabin one winter and planted an acre of appleseeds.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   18
        192. Greenup Marrs         b. Dec 23, 1840 md. Kansas (Wampler) Newall
        193. Samuel                b. Nov. 1843
        194. Mercy                 b. July 6, 1845 d. Dec 3, 1920 md John March
        195. Ira                   b. Oct 3, 1847 md. Minnie Marksman
        196. Henry                 b. Nov 8, 1849 md. Mary
        197. Daniel                b. Dec 21, 1851 d. Mar 6, 1942 md Lottie May Maddock
        198. John                  b. Feb 14, 1853
        199. Priscilla             b. April 6, 1856 d. 1925 md. Joseph Bradley Petty
        200. Betsy Ann             b. Mar 22, 1858 md. Mr White and a Mr. Allen

82. Betsy Marrs (10. William Marrs)
        b. 1801 d. May 5, 1876 74 yrs 4 mos, 16 days. bur. in cemetery beside road 29 at Pasco, east of Sidney Ohio on
        her homeplace now rd goes through it. She is bur. beside bro. Samuel (80) we took a picture of her stone as
        well. She md. William Pepper on Oct 23, 1817. he d. Dec 11, 1854 on homeplace and his stone is gone but there
        are a lot that have been vandalized and broken till one can’t read them no more. there are a lot of Peppers bur
        there. I suspect as well as her parents are too.
        201. Greenup Pepper b. 1819
        202 Marshall             b. 1822 md Mar 1845 Elizabeth Hollopeter
        203. James               b. 1824
        204. John Pepper         b. 1827
        205. Cynthia             b. 1825
                 408. md. in 1875 Harriet E. Frazier of Plattsville, Ohio. Back of Betsy’s grave is : William J. Pepper d.
                 June 27, 1864

83. James Marrs (10. William Marrs)
       b. 1809 md. 1830 Elizabeth O’Neal b. Dec 15, 1814 Champaign co Ohio. md. Christian Church. she d. Aug 13,
       1904. She dau of Daniel O’Neal
       206. Rebecca Marrs      b. Nov 28, 1833 Shelby Co Ohio
       207. Daniel             b. Sept 23, 1834
       208. Mary A.            B. 1835
       209. Serena C           b. Apr 18, 1838
       210. John F             b. July 16, 1840
       211. William H.         b. Apr 10, 1842
       212. Preston B.         b. Apr 14, 1847
       213. Elizabeth A.       b. Feb 3, 1853
       214. J. H.              b. Feb 3, 1855
       215. Emma A.            b. Dec 2, 1858

84. Samuel Marrs (11. John Marrs)
       b. 1790 in Tazewell Co VA. d. 1846 in Park Co. IN. md. 1 in Jessamine Co KY (Courthouse record), Samuel
       Marrs to Jane Hind 1814. He had by 1 wife 3 ch. die in infancy.
       216. William Marrs       b. ca 1815 md. Mildred Perkins in Lexington KY
       217. Samuel, Jr          b. ca 1817 d. Williamson Co IL ca 1860
                                                   st                nd
       218. Nancy               b. ca 1818 md 1 Mr. Berry md. 2 unknown whom
       219. Mary                b. ca 1820 not md. living in Williamson Co IL 1869.
                        nd                                              st
               He md 2 after the death of Jane (Hind) Marrs his 1 wife, to Elizabeth Utinger ca 1836 and moved to
               Park Co IN. If they had ch. it is not known here.

85. Polly Marrs (11. John Marrs)
         b. 1794 md. Mr. Elliot

        86. James Marrs (11. John Marrs)
        b. 1797 Jessamine Co KY md Nancy Hulett. He was a pious man - an elder in the Christian Church in
        Nicholasville KY - later one in Danville KY. 2 of his sons moved to Kansas City. He had five dau and two sons.
        He died in Danville, Boyle Co KY in 1858. In court house there was the following: Last will and testament. Wife,
        Nancy, house and Negro, Charity; pay debt to Thomas Cotton; sons: James R. Marrs, John R. Marrs daus.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  19
        Nancy Marrs, Jane - wife of Paul J. Donegy; Ophelia - wife of James Zimmerman; and grandson, George
        Donegy, attest; W. I. Moore & John Gowan, July 23, 1858. Seal B Note; the son of James R. Marrs was Editor of
        Kentucky Advocate and John R. Marrs was a jeweler in Kansas City. In 1869 Ref. John Marrs sketch written
        1869 - Marrs & Allied Families by 4 sisters in Tex.
        220. Nancy Marrs        b.
        221. Jane Marrs                 b.        md. Oct 23, 1843 Boyle Co KY Danville Co to John Depeau
        222. Mary Ellen         b.      Md. Aug 20, 1844 James K. Martin md. 2 Paul J. Donegy
        223. Opelia             b.      md. James Zimmerman
        224. dau                b.
        225. James R.           B.
        226. John R.            B.

87. Letticia Marrs (11. John Marrs)
         mentioned in her grandfather’s last will and testament, Samuel Marrs (2)
88. Jane Marrs (11. John Marrs)
         b. Jan 10, 1801 md Thomas Cravens
         227. Juretta F. Cravens b. Jan 10, 1834 md her 2 cousin John Marrs who wrote the sketches in 1869**

89. Richard Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Jan 22, 1799 Jessamine Co KY d. Feb 4, 1857. he md. 1 Mahala Calvert on Sept 12, 1822. She d. July 14,
        1831 ch. died young. He md. 2 Aug 17, 1837 Winifred Boling of Grant Co KY
        228. William Richard Marrs      b.              Md. Mary Ann Whitt, 2 md. Fannie Thomason
        229. Kate                       b.
        230. Joel                       b.
        231. John Henry                 b.
        232. Samuel                     b. Dec 15, 1848 d. Oct 2, 1922

90. Samuel Marrs (12. James Marrs)
       b. Feb 9, 1800 d. Mar 14, 1880 bur at Lexington KY md. Mariah Stone. she d. Oct 2, 1881 with no ch. She was
       the dau of John and Polly Stone.

91. Sinea Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. May 31, 1801 d. Dec 10, 1834 never md.

        92. Betsy Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Nov 3, 1804 d. Nov 30, 1803

        93. Margaret “Peggy” Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. May 30, 1804, d. Mar 20, 1874 not md.

        94. Polly Marrs (12.James Marrs)
        b. Feb 16, 1806 d. Nov 26, 1833 not md

        95. Nancy Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Sept 24, 1807 d. June 23, 1861 not md

96. son Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Dec 27, 1809 d. Jan 1, 1810 just a few days old

        97. Sallie Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Jan 7, 1811 d. Aug 25, 1834 not md.

        98. Eliza Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Aug 5, 1813 d. July 9, 1882 not md.

        99. James Marrs, Jr (12. James Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                20
        b. Mar 12, 1815 d. Sept 20, 1887 md. July 22, 1840 Lucinda C. Foley (middle name was Catherine) b. July 22,
        1816 in Fayette Co KY. Both bur. at Lexington KY. She dau of Elizabeth Stone & William Foley. His oldest bro.
        Richard (89) lived in Cincinnati OH. They went to visit him on their honeymoon, rode horseback almost 100
        miles. She rode side saddle, ch. all born in Jessamine Co
        233. William Marrs       b. July 22, 1841
        234. Martha              b. Sept 4, 1843
        235. George              b. Sept 14, 1848 d. Nov 20, 1868 Jessamine Co bur. Lexington KY. Single.
        236. Annie               b. Nov 6, 1852

100. William Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. Nov 8, 1816 Jessamine Co KY. d. Nov 20, 1868 Jessamine Co. bur at old home place on Catnip Hill Rd. Md.
        Rebecca Farra.
        237. William Marrs       b. ca 1845 moved to Denver, Colorado - no more data
        238. Mary                b. ca 1847 md. Mr. McClure
101. John Marrs (12. James Marrs)
        b. May 20, 1881 d. Jan 15, 1891 md Martha Kennedy, dau of ??? Harbaugh and Ebenezer Kennedy. 3 ch by this
        union, both daus died before maturity and 1 son. James Ebenezer Marrs b. May 5, 1854 was living in 1868 when
        his father, John Marrs (101) wrote the sketch of the family in 1869.
        239. dau Marrs           b.       D. before maturity
        240. dau                 b.       D. before maturity
        241. James Ebenezer b. May 5, 1854
                 md 2 Nov 29, 1855 Juretta F. Cravens, b. Jan 10, 1834 (227) dau of Jane Marrs (88) and Thomas
                 Cravens. she was his 2 cousin.
        242. John Marrs          b. July 2, 1863
        243. Jane                b. Apr 6, 1867
        244. Infant
        245. William Henry Marrs          b. July 2, 1863
        246. Theodore                     b. Jan 6, 1867
        247. Ida May                      b. July 16, 1869
        248. Roberta                      b. Jan 16, 1877

102. Louisa Jane Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       md. Feb 17, 1852 Benjamin Brewster d. Civil War md. 2 Temple Rose

103 - 105 no more data than shown earlier in this writing.

106. Margaret C. Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       md. July 26, 1866 James Harvey Brooks “Smoking Jim,” d ca 1909
       249. Laura Brooks       b.     md. Robert Lawrence
       250. Lemuel             b.     n. md
       251. Sarah              b.     n. md
       252. Nancy Jane (a midget) b.
       253. William Brooks     b.     Md. Margaret Shrader

107. Robert Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       md. Mar 16, 1854 Rebecca Brooks. Moved to Tenn.

        108. William B. Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
        b.              Md.
        Moved to Tenn in 1865

        109. Henry Harvey Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
        b. 1830 md Jan 22, 1852 d. 1894 of T.B. a Civil War vet. son of Maxwell & Nancy Jane Brooks Marrs. md to
        Lucinda Shrader b. 1839 d. 1889 of T.B. bur Shrader cem at Crocketts Cover. He was a trustee of the Church
        (Methodist) for 46 years. it was built 1872. Private Co. F. 16 Reg’t Virginia Calvary. Enlisted Oct 9, 1862

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    21
       Tazewell Co by Captain R. W. Taylor for 3yrs. last pd by Capt Ward July 31, 1863 absent wounded since Aug 7,
       Capt Taylor’s Caldwell’s Battalion. Wounded since Aug 7, 1864, he was struck by a bullet in the mouth. this
       bullet struck the stomach tooth made 3 teeth that he lost) an the right side & ranged a little up and split his tongue
       & went out at the back of his neck barely missed spine and cut some of the nerves in the back of his neck this
       affected his health to some extent for ever. He took T. B. When he came in from the war he was under such a
       condition of face health that he never was able to work anymore the rest of his life. They lost there Sabrina at
       age of 16 she was b. 1870 d. 1886 bur cem. Shrader) at Crockettes Cove. Lucy his wife was 50yrs of age at
       death & d of T.B. He was age 64 at time of his death. She was only 13 when she md. Henry.
       254. Samuel Erastus Marrs         b. Oct 29, 1854 River Jack VA
       255. James                        b. 1860
       256. Patrick Frazier              b. Jan 24, 1888
       257. William Marion               b. June 20, 1863
       258. Maxwell                      b.
       259. Louisa                       b.
       260. Mack Henry                   b.
       261. Molly E.                     b.
       262. Nellvina                     b.
       263. Virginia                     b.
       264. Sabronia                     b. 1870 d. 1886
       265. Nickati                      b.
       266. Jane                         b.

110. John Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       b. 1820                md. June 20, 1837 Sally Prote
       266a. Herman Marrs b

       111. Nancy Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       md. Dec 6, 1837 William Pruett
       266b. Harvey - Killed hisself age 14
       266c. Rolly
       266d. Maxwell
       266e. John Pruett

       112. Braxton Marrs (24. Maxwell Marrs)
       b. Sept 8, 1829

112a. James Marrs (24 Maxwell Marrs)
       b.    Md. Mar 13, 1853 Jane E. Harper

113. Kiah David Reuban Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
       b. Oct 23, 1859         md. Molley E. Peery md. 2 Mollie L. Ireson on Oct 1, 1891. He was a merchant
       large land owner & grazier, stockholder in several Coal companies. 1885 Deputy for John W. Crockett Sheriff &
       also deputy for Dr. C. W. Greever, Treas. of county.
       267. Howard Harman b.            md. Bertie Sparmer of (either PA or IA)
       268. Charles            b.       D. young
       269. Mamie              b.       Md. M. D. Artrip (269 is by his 2 wife, Mollie L. Ireson)

114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman (25 Sarah Ann Marrs)
       b. Sept 26, 1862. Constable of Tazewell Co VA in 1889 - Sheriff in 1903-1907, 1911, 1915, 1919, and 1923 for
       24 years. Mem. of Harman Bros. Merchants at North Tazewell - extensive land owner, grazier & stock holder of
       several coal companies. md. Dec 24, 1886 md. Isabelle Harman. she d. Apr 16, 1888 dau of Colonel Henry B.
                          nd                                 rd
       Harman. He md. 2 Edna Franklin Apr 16, 1901. md 3 Martha Wray on Nov 9, 1916.
       Ch. by 2
       270. Kate Harman
       271. Shields Sidney Forest Harman, Jr.         b. 1907 d. Aug 29, 1974, Maplewood cem at Tazewell VA

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   22
        Ch by 3 wife
        272. Cassandra Ward Harman
        273. Frank Wray (272 and 273 were twins)
        274. Sarah Ann

        115. Backsdale Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
        b.     d. yes

116. Peel Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
       b. July 1867 d. 1922 Cavitts Creek, owned a good farm on Cavitts Creek & lived & died there. md. Mary
       275. Robert Peel Harman        b.      md. Bessy Munsy
       276. Hallet H.                 B.      Md. Lora Avis he d. 1922
       277. Charles                   b.
       278. Forest
       279. Dovie
       280. Pearl May

        117. Alexander Marrs Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
        b. Mar 18, 1870 md. Feb 28, 1914 Rose Brown - merchant at War West VA. Trustee of Public Schools in
        McDowell Co WV. Stockholder in Coal co. Landowner in Tazewell Co.
        281. Mary Katheryn Harman
        282. Alexander Marrs Harman, Jr.

        118. May Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
        b. Aug 30, 1872 d. Dec 8, 1903        md. Mar 4, 1896 W. C. Daniels a merchant, Welch WV
        283. Dovie Daniels    b.       Md. A. J. Bartlett
        284. Mary Louise Daniels       b.     md. Herbert Cooper
        285. Sallie Ann       b.       Md. Dexton Lafon

119. Dovie Harman (25. Sarah Ann Marrs)
       b. Aug 4, 1879 md. Charles E. Harman on Dec 20, 1900. he b. Aug 6, 1866 son of Mathias S. Harman md. at
       Bristol, VA he d. Mar 5, 1924.
       286. Charles E. Harman, Jr.
       287. Rosa May
       288. Daisy Belle
       289. Erline

        120. James Marrs (30. Samuel Marrs)
        b.      Became an Attorney at Law

121-126 - no more data than earlier in this document

127. Sarah Ann Marrs (30. Samuel Marrs)
       md. July 27, 1820 Moses Workman

        128 to
        129. Marrs no data (30. Samuel Marrs)

        130. Sameul W. Marrs (30. Samuel Marrs)
        He never md. Appointed Constable in Tazewell Co in 1912. He lived at Ballsmill VA. This was the only peace
        officer ever known in the name of Marrs. He died a few years later on, was buried at Falls Mills with his father
        (33). He fell dead a standing out in the yard at his home. He had T.B. and it finally took him.

131-133 Marrs no data (33. William Wesley Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 23
134. Sarah C. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Sept 8, 1807 Jessamine Co KY. md. Dec 31, 1823 Augustine Reeder

       135. Nancy C. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Nov 8, 1808 Jessamine Co. KY

       136. Samuel O. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. July 19, 1810 Jessamine Co KY. md Jan 23, 1834 Sarah Tice. He d. Mar 4, 1879

       137. Marietta Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Apr 2, 1812 Jessamine Co KY md Oct 9, 1828 Robert Brock She d. Sept 18, 1833

138. William R. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Sept 15, 1814 Logan Co KY md Apr 17, 1838 Sarah Jane Gordon. he d. Feb 21, 1900

139. Jasper D. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Apr 24, 1815 Logan Co KY d Aug 22, 1815

       140. Elizabeth D. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. July 6, 1816 in Logan Co KY d Nov 8, 1870 Cole Co MO. bur in Rice-Sone cem Jefferson City MO. md Sept
       6, 1838 William Franklin Askren b. Jan 2, 1812 VA d. Nov 27, 1853 Cole Co MO, son of Rebecca Ferguson and
       Dennis Askren.
       290. John M. Askren b Dec 16, 1840 d. Mar 23, 1841 Cole Co ?
       291. Sarah Elizabeth Askren b. May 24, 1842 d. ca 1909 Jefferson City MO md James Knox Boggs on Mar 22,

       292. Laura Virginia Askren b. Jan 15, 1844 d ca 1918 at Knob Noster MO md Oct 9, 1865 William Wallace

       293. Jasper Newton Askren b. Sept 4, 1845 d ca 1936 Little Rock Ark. md Sally Mitchell

       294. Clifford Scottland Askren b. Oct 6, 1847 d ca 1933 Sedalia MO md Molly _____.

       295. California Cannallis Askren b. Mar 4, 1849 md. Thomas Benton Hunter

       296. William Spencer Askren b. Aug 16, 1851 d ca 1880 at Sedalian MO md Caroline Weigus

141. Catherine Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. June 6, 1818 d. Sept 22, 1845 age 27

       142. John James Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Feb 28, Cole Co MO

       143. Rebecca Ann Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b Feb 2, 1822 md Oct 10, 1839 Abraham Barton she d. Apr 28, 1907

       144. Prudence Ellen Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Feb 26, 1822 d Nov 12, 1904 not md. Age 80

       145. Carolyn M. Rice (51. Avy Owens)
       b. Aug 30, 1826 md July 4, 1855 George J. Rice. she d Feb 1897 71 yrs of age.

146. infant (51. Avy Owens)

147. Thomas H. Marrs (60. Abijah Thompson Marrs)
151. Lydia Marrs (60. Abijah Thompson Marrs)
       no data

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              24
       152. Elijah Marrs (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. 1822 no data

       153. James Francis Marrs (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. July 31, 1824 Edmonton KY. md Jan 12, 1848 Eliza Wilson. he d. Nov 12, 1877 Kickman KY wife of
       Rebecca Hamilton and James Wilson
       300. Roxana H. Marrs b. Dec 13, 1849 md. Oct 30, 1872 Joseph D. Liech md in Hickman KY d in the late

       301. Zerina Hervey Marrs b. Jan 2, 1851

       302. Mary Susan b. Apr 5, 1853 d. May 19, 1854

       303. Ferdinand Samuel b. Mar 1, 1855

       304. William Boone b. Jan 18, 1857 d. June 17, 1858

       305. Edward Wilson b. Feb 4, 1859
       306. James Pulaski b. Mar 11, 1861 d. Jan 15, 1900

       307. Lula Ellen b. Jan 30, 1863

       308. Minnie Eliza b. June 10, 1865

       309. Rowan Norton b. May 6, 1868 d. Oct 1912 Austin TX
       154. Mary Jane Marrs (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. Dec 3, 1827 Barren Co KY d June 2, 1900 Metcalfe Co KY. Woodward cem Edmonton KY. dau of (64) md.
       Julius Woodward b. May 27, 1818 Barren Co KY. md Dec 13, 1843 Adair Co KY. d. Oct 22, 1887 Metcalfe Co
       KY Woodward cem Edmonton KY son of Abraham & Nancy (Patterson) Woodward.
       297. Callie Woodward b.               Md. John Pendleton
       298. Orleanor          b.             Md. James H. Kinnaird
       299. Theo              b.             Md. John Hamilton

155. John Thompson (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. 1830 no data

       156. Azariah King Marrs (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. Aug 8, 1833 Monroe Co KY md in Tarrant Co TX, Nancy Ragland dau of Thomas Jefferson Ragland and wife
       Isabelle Edwards and sister to Eliza Jane Ragland who md Pleasant Thompson Woodward.
       310. Samuel T. Marrs             md. Cassie Back

157. Samuel Henry Marrs (64. Samuel Wayne Marrs)
       b. Apr 23, 1839 Edmonton, KY d 1898 md Telitha Jane Woodward dau of Abraham and Nancy (Patterson)
       Woodward who were also parents of Julius Woodward who md Mary Jane Marrs (154)
       311. Silas Thompson Marrs b. Oct 13, 1861
       312. Nancy G b. Feb 11, 1863
       313. Samuel Obediah b. May 13, 1867
       314. Naomie S. “Sudie”         b. 1870 d. 1896
       315. William G. b. Nov 28, 1872
       316. James King        b. May 13, 1865
       317. Henry Clay        b. Nov 28, 1872 d. 1900

158. Lydia Ann Marrs (67. Henry Bradshaw Marrs)
       no data

       159. Richard Franklin Marrs (67. Henry Bradshaw Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                            25
       b. Sept 18, 1824 d Aug 8, 1901 Monroe Co KY md Nov 6, 1849 Elizabeth Gist b Sept 14, 1830 Jackson Co TN
       d Mar 18, 1858 Monroe Co KY dau of Levi & Ruth (McPherson) Gist
       318. Sarah Turner Marrs        b. 1850 md William T. Gentry she d Sept 7, 1869
       319. Mary Thomas       b. Aug 27, 1852 d July 12, 1922 md Tolbert Smith Pitcock
       320. Laura Belle       b. Feb 13, 1856 d Oct 8, 1911 md as 2 wife to William T. Gentry (318)
       321. William Levi      b. Apr 10, 1854 d May 3, 1909 md Mary Ellen Payne

160. Kitty Melinda Marrs (67. Henry Bradshaw Marrs)
        no data to 165 Sarah Turner Marrs (67 Henry Bradshaw Marrs)

       166. Emilie Virginia Marrs (67 Henry Bradshaw Marrs)
       b. Apr 1, 1837 md William Ray Chism Dec 26, 1854 son of William Chism & grandson of Nathan Chism. she d
       Oct 16, 1908 he d. May 16, 1909
       322. Queen Robert Chism         b. May 24, 1880 d. Oct 28, 1962
       323. John Crittenden Chism      b. Feb 8, 1864 md. Violet Harriet Bush
               Migrated from KY to Nebraska in 1885. Jesse Chism’s mother. d. Mrs. Alice Graham Aug 1968 age 96
               a cousin of Neal Chism (grandson of 323). D. Mrs. Bertha Smock in Feb 1968 in Wichita, KS Neal’s
               (grandson of 323) niece Nancy Chism received her diploma from Southeast High School, Lincoln, NE.
               His other niece, Janet Boatman, was engaged Nov 1968 to John Tucker, a young Marine who was to
               leave soon for Viet Nam. 323 had a dau, too, Margaret who lives in Salina KS in 1970 a high school grad
               of Neal’s (323)nephew Robert Boatman, the wedding of his niece Janet Boatman to John Tucker. 323
               had a son Ralph A. Chism who md Jessie Graham & he d. Mar 1965.

       324.   Armilda Demarius         b. Mar 31, 1856 md John C. Robinson
       325.   Alice Ann                b. Nov 5, 1857 md William R. Robinson
       326.   Elizabeth Harriet         b. Dec 13, 1859
       327.   Martha Ellen             b. Oct 6, 1861 d. Nov 7, 1938
       328.   Mary Belle                       b. Oct 6, 1861 (twins 327 & 328) d Oct 21, 1952
       329.   William Thomas           b. Apr 5, 1866 d. Nov 7, 1938
       330.   Kittie Virginia          b. Aug 3, 1868 d Jan 3, 1941
       331.   Phebe Turner             b. July 28, 1870 d Aug 13, 1953
       332.   Sarah Frances            b. July 28, 1872 d Aug 22 1892
       333.   Samuel Huston            b. Mar 8, 1875 d July 30, 1943
       334.   Eva Birdie               b. June 13, 1877 d. Feb 5, 1951

167 to 168 Marrs no data (69. Icypheny Marrs)

169. Pheny Vaughn (69. Icypheny Marrs)
       md. Nick Grindstaff
       335. Ada Grindstaff   md. Joah Combs res. Tompkinsville KY

170. Knox to 171 no data (78 Hiram Alderson)

172. Johnson Marrs (79 John Marrs)
       no more is known on this family to 176 William Marrs (79 John Marrs)

       177. Henry Marrs (79. John Marrs)
       b. 1827 not md. no data

       178. John Marrs (80 Samuel Marrs)
       b. Aug 14, 1828 md Nov 5, 1851 d Feb 17, 1871 md Fannie Goodrich b Nov 5, 1831 d. July 22, 1911
       336. Warren Marrs b. 1852 Larwell IN md Catherine Palmer
       337. Mary      b. 1854                 md. George Knox
       338. Anna      b. 1856                 md.     D. 1872
       339. Franklin b. Jan 9, 1859 Whitney Co IN d. Feb 15, 1944 md Amy Rebecca Bryan
       340. Edna Marrs        b. 1862 d. July 3, 1886 md Loyal Wingold

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                26
        341. Alva              b. 1866 d 1942 md Jesse Sapington
        342. Mattie     b. 1869 d. Dec 29, 1951 md Harry Brennamon

179. Berry Marrs (80. Samuel Marrs)
       b. 1832 md. Sarah Russell
       343. Reeder Marrs
       344. Arthur Marrs

        180. Acre Marrs (80. Samuel Marrs)
        b. 1834 md Elizabeth Deweese b. Jan 11, 1837 d Aug 6, 1924 dau of Jesse & Amy (Blue) Deweese. Her
        brothers and sisters were Isabelle Deweese md William Bryan, Lou Deweese md Mr. Burton, Dame Deweese
        md. Mr. Gordon, Clara Deweese md Mr. Jones, Jim and Asa Deweese.
                *Isabelle Deweese b. Dec 17, 1829 d 12 day, 1924 age 95 at Sidney OH, dau of Jesse and Amy Blue
                Deweese md William Jennings Bryan, a distant cousin of the William Jennings Bryan who ran for
                President of the United States. He b June 7, 1827 md on Aug 13, 1848 d June 12, 1875 age 48. he
                washed his sheep in the canal so he could shear them and he took a cold & died of pneumonia. Their
                345. Syrenna Bryan b. Sept 8, 1849 d Jan 23, 1924 md (183) Josiah Marrs, son of Samuel Marrs 1798
                346. Annie Elizabeth Bryan b. Apr 5, 1856 d Nov 13, 1956
                347. Amy Rebecca Bryan b. Dec 10, 1857 d Dec 19, 1938 md. Dec 24, 1879 Franklin Marrs, son of
                John Marrs (178) and 339.
                348. Edna Aurilla Bryan b Apr 4, 1860 d Apr 3, 1905.
                349. Nancy L. Bryan b. June 19, 1863 d Sept 10, 1889
                350. Francis M. Bryan b Sept 10, 1865 d Mar 8, 1890 not md was an epileptic
                351. William D Bryan b. July 20, 1870 d June 22, 1907 md Ruby Marts

                I have a picture of Elizabeth Deweese Marrs - coverlet she carded the wool, spinning and dyeing but not
                the weaving. It is navy blue and white reversible in corner shows county and state and 1800 something
                - Shelby Co, Ohio, Sidney and a picture of Samuel Jesse Marrs 1874 (356) rocking chair at age of 7.

        Ch. Of Acre Marrs and Elizabeth DeWeese Marrs
        352. Emma Marrs b. Mar 22, 1861 not md d Feb 20 1882
        353. Minnie Mae Marrs b. Apr 24, 1864. she had a club foot d May 10, 1945 md Noah Martin
        354. Betsy “Bessie” Marrs b. Feb 14, 1869 d 1964 md Fletcher Pepper
        355. Nancy Marrs b. June 21, 1874 d Mar 28, 1962 md Ned S. Grangwer *Marie Walter’s mother
        357. Eva Marrs b. Aug 10, 1862 d Sept 5, 1937 md Mr Rinehart

        I have a picture of Samuel Jesse Marrs (356) and 2 pictures of 180 Acre Marrs and his wife Elizabeth Deweese
        Marrs, dau Nancy, son Samuel Jesse standing on chair in front of their cabin (log) . Rec. all data from Carrie
        Marrs Walters, R#1 Box 61 H, Tawas City, Michigan 48763. After a year of writing each other and really enjoying
        every minute of every letter, her husband wrote, telling us never to write again, giving no reason and I’m sure it
        was his request only, not Carrie’s. She was the one who contacted us and gave us all the data and pictures, etc.
        We never knew they existed until Carrie wrote us. We still enjoyed her letters regardless how her husband feels
        about sharing Carrie. We have their pictures and home they built and his picture too. They have no children.

182. David Marrs (80. Samuel Marrs)
       b. 1835 Private Co C 134 Reg’t Ohio National Guard Inf, age 26 years appears on Co Muster-out Roll, dated
       Camp Chase O, Aug 31, 1864. Amt for clothing in kind or money advanced $8.80. Muster in and descriptive Roll
       of the organization named above Camp Chase O. May 6, 1864 where b. Shelby Co Ohio age 26 Occupation
       farmer enlisted May 2, 1864 Sidney Ohio period of 100 days. eyes blue, hair auburn, complexion light, height 5
       ft 10 in. His wife’s name is unknown at this time.
       358 Jennie Marrs
       359. Florence
       360. Lizzie
       361. Bertha
       362. Maggie

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  27
        363.   Kad
        364.   Lou
        365.   Dot
        366.   Dode
        367.   Sherman
        368.   Robert
        369.   Charley

        183. Josiah Marrs (80. Samuel Marrs)
        b. 1838 md Dec 26, 1867 Syerna Bryan (345) dau of William J. & Isabel Deweese Bryan. b. Sept 8, 1849 d.
        Jan 23, 1924. He d Apr 15, 1909 Sidney OH. certified copy of marriage record Josiah Marrs and Syrena Bryan
        issued Dec 25, 1867 return. the State of Ohio, Shelby Co as. I do hereby certify that Mr. Josiah Marrs and Miss
        Syrena Bryan were joined in marriage by me on the 26 day of Dec 1867, signed I. A. Eshman, Judge &
        Ex-Officio Clerk of the Probate Court, within and for said county, hereby certify the foregoing to be a full and
        complete transcript from the record of marriages, Vol 5, Page 126 required by the laws of Ohio to be kept in the
        Probate court of said county. Witness my signature and seal 21 day of Apr 1909.

        Pension U.S. Office May 10, 1909 Western Division May 10, 1909 1919 3-402 certificate no. 298311
        Department of the Interior Bureau of Pension Washington, D.C. Jan 15, 1898.
        Name; Josiah Marrs Sir; in forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly
        payment, please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below. Very
        respectfully, McClay Evans, Commissioner, A.C. Rice, U.S. Pension Agent, Columbus Ohio. First, are you
        maried, if so, please state your wife’s full name - answer: Syrena Bryan Marrs md. Dec 26, 1867 Probate Ct.
        Witness Clara Conklin, Ollie Wells by W. J. Wells, Pastor. ch. Opra B., Dellie H., Edgar O,. Walter W., Louie E.,
        Elmer N, Ada F, Ruth and Tina (twins) and their date of births Dec 11, 1868, May 30, 1870, May 14, 1872, Feb 6,
        1877, Sept 26, 1879, Sept 8, 1881, Feb 16, 1885, Apr 1, 1889, last two Apr 15, 1892. signed Josiah Marrs. Date
        of reply, June 4, 1898.
        419.981 War Department, Adjutant General Office August 13, 1883, Washington, D. C.
        Respectfully returned to the commissioner of pensions. Josiah Marrs, a Pvt of Company F. 20 Reg’t Ohio
        Infantry Volunteers, was enrolled on the 16 day of September, 1862 May and June 1862 present to June 30,
        1863 July and August, 1863 absent sick at Convalescent Camp near Vicksburg, Miss. since Aug 21, 1863 Sept
        and Oct 1863 absent sick so to Feb 29, 1864 Mar and Apr 1864 present so to June 31, 1864. July and Aut 1864
        absent sick in Div. Hospital since Aug 25, 1864. Return for Apr 1862 shows him sent home from Indianapolis
        Ind. Feb 27, 1862 on sick leave. Mustered out on Det M.O.Roll at East Point, Georgia, Oct 1, 1864. Nature of
        sickness, and extent of leave not stated, medical certificate and regimental Hospital records are on file. signed
        M. Baxter Assistant Adjutant General.
        370. Cora B. Marrs b. Dec 11, 1868 md Frank Williamson
        371. Dellie b. May 30, 1870 d. Feb 20, 1961 md John Burch
        372. Edgar O. b. May 14, 1872 d. May 12, 1960 md Lida Whitmer
        373. Walter W. b. Feb 6, 1877 d July 5, 1910 md Emma Stevenson
        374. Bessie M. B. Sept 26, 1879, d. May 12, 1880
        375. Louie E      b. Sept 8, 1881 md Bertha Fish
        376. Elmer N. b. Feb 16, 1885 d May 22, 1972 md Cora Weber
        377. Ada F.       b. April 1, 1889, d June 15, 1907
        378. Ruth         b. Apr 15, 1892
        379. Tina         b. Apr 15, 1892 (378 & 379 twins)

184. Annie Marrs (80. Samuel Marrs)
       b. 1843 md Sam Zerbe
       380. Clara Zerbe
       381. Ida
       382. Sam
       383. Tim (Sam and Tim twins)
       384. Lizzie

        185. Lucy Sina Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr)
        This family is at this time lost and hope some one can one day find them for us.
to 190, Eunice Amelia Elizabeth Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  28
192. Greenup Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.
       B. Dec 23, 1840 d. Oct 3, 1906 Bloomington, Ind bur at Clear Creek cem age 66 at time of his death. Md. Oct 5,
       1881 in Tuscola, Ill he was 41 at the time, to Kansas (Wampler) Newall, b. Jan 16 1858 d. Nov 17, 1899 of T.B.
       age 41 at the time of her death. She was a widow with dau. Bertha Newall who md. a Loomis and had 2 ch. Ruth
       and Newall Loomis - lived around the Chicago area of Illinois. She daughter of William Wampler and Julileah
       Sherrill Wampler be b. Aug 1820 d. Feb 16, 1900 bur Clear Creek cen and beside his dau Kansas. His wife bur
       at Hammets cem n. of Camargo, Illinois. Greenup md 2 Sarah Ping no ch. by this union. he was 61 yrs of age
       at this time.
       Service Record:
       He & Wineager got their horses and rode to Springfield, Ill, Aug 27, 1862 & enlisted in Co. L. 10 Reg’t Ill Cav.
       Commanded by Capt. John G. Roberts. Contacted Chronic diarrhea caused by exposure & bad water. 1
       regimental Hospital near Pilot Knob, MO. middle of June 1863 2 Regimental Hosp. on Cashe River Arkansas
       on Aug 25, 1863. Moved to Claridon Ark then to DuValls Bluff in Aug 1863. Came home on a 30 day furlough
       then agin in the Little Rock Hospital in June 1864. Mustered out at New Orleans, LA June 15, 1865 age 25. He
       was known as Doc Marrs, as he did Veterinary work. He & Kansas traveled around place to place, trying to
       improve their health. There fore debt was always around him & after his passing, son Evert paid off his father’s
       debts. Greenup and Evert was here in the corn field using their corn knives when Greenup stopped to rest & told
       Evert he & his bride to be, Grace, could build across the road (at present driveway) if he so chose. They started
       back to work & he whistled as he did so. Evert said his last audible breath was a whistle. He d. 2 days later on,
       Oct 3, 1906. He was 5ft 6 in. in height. Sarah Ping his 2 wife had a dau b. after her marriage to him. She was
       Lorean who went by Marrs, but wasn’t by birth a Marrs. (Dan’s note: Sarah was pregnant, but not by Greenup.
       He married her so the child would have a father.) She was b. May 13, 1902 b. about 7 mo. after her mother md.
       Greenup Marrs. Sarah got a pension from his Civil War Service. (Dan’s note: Kansas [actually Arkansas] Marrs
       had died in Nov, 1899 - 10 months after my father was born in Jan. 1899)
                 On this 13 day of Jan 1879 personally appeared before me J. S. McCullough, Clerk of said court of
                 record within and for the County and State aforesaid, Greenup Marrs, aged 38 yrs, a resident of
                 Crittenden 7 miles from Camargo. P.O cou. of Champaign State of Ill, who being duly sworn according
                 to law declares that he is the identical Greenup Marrs who entered service under the name of Greenup
                                   st                                             th
                 Marrs on the 31 day of Aug, 1862 as Private in co L. in the 10 reg’t of Illinois Calv. commanded by
                 Capt John G. Roberts and was . . . . . discharged at New Orleans LA on the 5 day of June 1865 by
                 reason of close of the war. that was his personal description is follows: age 38 yrs. height 5ft 6 inches,
                 complexion fair, hair brown, eyes blue. That while a member of the organization aforesaid in the service
                 & in line of his duty at Pilot Knob, MO, on or about the 15 day of June 1863 he contracted chronic
                 diarhrea caused by exposure & bad water. He hereby apporints, with full power of Substitution &
                 revocation B George E. Lemon, Washington, D. C. his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim
                 that he has never received or applied for a pension. That his P.O. Office address is Camargo, Co of
                 Douglas, State of Illinois. 2 signatures: Frances Logan and Robert Logan. Signed Greenup Marrs.

        Letter written to Greenup Marrs: (Dan’s note: this is a letter written by Greenup’s sister, Mercy. The death she is
        describing is of Mary Jane Sunderland Corns Marrs - wife of William Marrs, Jr, and granddaughter of Peter
        Sunderland. Pearl is my dad’s - Leo Marrs - sister.)
        May 27, 1906. Dear Brother and family, all I will try to rite we was going over to Ed’s this evening but it looks like
        rain. Pearl went out from Decatur on the Interban for today. they are to have the Memorial service to decorate the
        graves so Pearl took some white geraniums to put on graves Grandpa’s. Dock, Ed Fay will be baptized to nite. I
        would love to go an see her buried with Christ in Baptism. She is such a good girl to work. You wrote about Pearl
        coming home I can’t go and do without her she is the life of the house she is a good match for her Unkel (uncle)
        to tease. Dock I will be glad to have her live with us an I will teach her as far as I no she learns very fast at sewing
        an I will teach her as far as I can. She learns fast at school when she went Mamy was so poorly after we moved
        an weather so bad that she did not go to school out here the school was nearly out after Mamy was buried this
        fall she will start & I nont want her to miss any if it can be helped I am afraid she will have weak lungs but she
        grows so fast she is tall as me she is a woman now I take good care of her don’t let her go barefooted at all she
        seems to be satisfide but talks of her home every day & the children that is natural. Evert come out this winter
        when you wont have to work. Well it has been 5 weeks today since Mamy lay here in death. Now time flies by I
        have so busy since then & have been writing to nearly all the boys you the last one to write to Dock. She asked
        me one day if I was going to bury her at Boiling Spring. I said no I thot’ Harrisontown outside of Decatur, Ill. was
        pretty & I wanted to be buried there an it was close to Ed’s he is only quarter from Mamy she said that would be
        nice well her prayer was that she would go easy so her wish was granted. Thursday before she d. I saw there
        was a change in her Friday & I told Bet (Betsy) she wouldn’t live till Sunday her left arm was useless. Ed and
        Anna was here Friday nite, Saturday we wired to Ira an told him to phone to Sill (Pricilla) so she wasn’t home so

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     29
       Ira left the message with the telephone girl at Effingham so she did not try to get to Sill so we thot’ she would be
       here Sunday an Monday but she did not come I wrote to her she got it Friday was the first she new Mamy was
       dead it pretty near killed her when she got it with all the news she had been buried since Monday but Sill don’t
       blame us it was the Effingham girls fault Sill an Joe went over to Ira’s Sunday after she got the letter from me an
       Ira told her all about the burial Sill has poor health so she said maby it was for the best she didn’t come she says
       she doesn’t weigh a hundred Lbs. Mamy did not talk any all day Friday but in the morning she said to me I will be
       on the other shore today but she lived till Sat. nite at 8:00 but she set up in the rocker twice but was so limber an
       weak about half hour before she died she folded her arms across her little body an breath grew short an shorter
       like a baby asleep not a struggle or a groan not even a twitter or a muxcle she went in Peace to the God who
       gave her sweet life it is so lonesome but she wanted to go home to Heaven an rest she would say that every day.
       If she saw Bet or me (Mercy) crying she would say don’t cry after me I am old enough to die let me go in peace
       little Pearl was so good and faithful to gramy to the last she would say Pearl don’t you get tired waiting grany.
       Pearl never would say she was and then Mamy would say I took c
       are of you when you a baby now I am a baby you have to care for me. Monday morning Pearl has got home they
       brot’ her part way she said Fay was baptised she was dressed in white an looked nice. Dock, you an Sarah
       come out this summer an eat muskemellon. Aunt Tibitha Sunderland Bice (b. 1837 md Dec 12, 1856 to William
       Bice, she the sister of Mamy Jane Sunderland Corns Marrs b. 1817) said to pin a white rose at her neck so Anna
       put the rose on her the last thing that was done. This is her robe I made it before she died I made silk cape
       trimmed in lace an ribbon the front of the robe was silk. She was such a house plant all her life I dressed her like
       she always dressed. I put white flanell next to her body every thing was white. We wrote to Aunt Tabitha Bice
       she was a Florida wintering with ? an Bent Hoover have a farm there they go every winter so Aunt Tabitha wrote
       from me to get the goods an make it for Mamy an show it her if she was alive send her the bill she would pay for
       it so I did an she wanted and she sent $5.00 for that she is going to be layed away like Mamy. This is what the
       funeral bill is: Coffin $40.00, hearse $12.00, Carriage $5.00, white slippers $2.00, grave $5.00, digging $3.50, all
       total $67.50. Dye sent $5.00 (this was Dye S. Corns, her son by 1 marriage to Samuel Corns who d), Daniel
       sent $5.00 (this is her son by 2 marriage to Wm Marrs, Jr), Priscilla sent $5.00 (dau also), Earl Petty a nephew
       $2.00 and Ira $5.00. Total $27.000 it will be $8.00 & something a piece for each of us children; written by Aunt
       Mercy Marrs March (1845)
       A letter written to Greenup by his brother Ira Marrs. Dec 3, 1899 Ozone Ark. Dear Brother Greenup & family
       May God Bless & strengthen you through your lonely time. I never felt surer of anyone being safe in Heaven
       then I do Kansas being there when Jesus was transfigured on the Mount Moses & Elias was seen with him they
       had left this life long before that May the Great God Love be in you all. Your brother Ira (1847).
       Letter written by Charles Allen son of Betsy Marrs sis to Greenup. Apr 22, 1906, Dear Uncle & all. This Sunday
       finds Mother Marrs sleeping in the land of glory past off at 8:23 Sat. evening with me and friends at her bedside
       she folder her hands on her breast & never struggled sleep away & we hardly knew it. Funeral will be Monday
       23 in p.m. at Harristown. Bless all she is happy I know. Charles Allen.
       385. Evert Franklin Marrs b. July 23, 1882 Champaign Co Ill
       386. Edna J         b. Aug 30, 1888 Lamar MO
       387. Henry Ellsworth        b. Sept 13, 1890 Decatur Ill
       388. Mercy Pearl            b. May 30, 1892 Decatur Ill
       389. Ira b. & d infancy Iantha MO
       390. Paul Wampler           b. April 12, 1894 Decatur Ill
       391. Leo Raymond            b.Jan 8, 1899 Bloomington Ind. Moores Creek Rd homeplace

       193. Samuel Marrs (81 William Marrs, Jr.)
       B. 1843 no more data

       194. Mercy Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
       B. July 6, 1845 d Dec 3, 1920 she b. Noble Co Ind md John L. March near Argenta, 1862. Obituary. Decatur Ill
       newspaper. Mercy Marrs March b. 1845 dau of William Marrs Jr & Mary Jane Sunderland Marrs, her grandfather
       was soldier in Colonial army died Thurs. morn resident of Macon Co for 60 yrs. Wife of John L. March 1845
       North Oakland Ave. died in the family home Thurs. morn of uremic poisoning. For 60 yrs she had been a
       resident of Macon Co & was known especially in a circle of acquaintances among the older people. she was b. in
       Noble Co, Ind, July 6, 1845 on her mother’s side her grandfather was Peter Sunderland a soldier in the Colonial
       Army in the Revolutionary War. Being Mercy’s great grandfather & Dye Sunderland her mothers father was in
       War of 1812. She md. John L. March near Argenta, 58 yrs ago. Her husband & son Edward March survive. Her
       descendants include 12 grch. & 2 gr-grch. She leaves 2 brothers Ira Marrs of Effingham Ill & Daniel Marrs of
       California, 2 sisters Mrs. Betsy White of Decatur, and Mrs. Priscilla Petty of Montrose, Ill. The body was taken to
       the undertaker rooms of Dawson and Wikoff. The funeral services will be Sunday afternoon in Central Church of

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  30
        Christ. She had long been a member of the Christian Church. She was bur. in Fairlawn cem (note. she didn’t get
        buried with her mother in Harristown cem). Aunt Mercy was a kind and loving person, not a lazy bone in her body
        so to speak, had a rooming house for years. Her husband John L. March not too ambitious. They had one child
        Edward March and he had 10 ch. John d. several years before Mercy she had a stroke and stayed with Priscilla
        her sister for some time before going to her sons home to live in Decator. This told by Clair Marrs Petty, 1888,
        son of Priscilla. He gave us a picture of them also sure was please to get it. We enjoyed our visit with Clair and
        Winnie Petty of Effingham, Ill 1971 to 1972)

        Granddau of Mercy were in charge of flowers at her funeral. They were Ruth March, Mrs. Helen March and Irene
        Hockaday. The bearers were Ray, Orville, Rex and Vernelle March, Lester Hockaday all grandsons and Ed Heil
        a nephew. Bur Fairlawn cem. Those buried there are Mercy March (Dec 3, 1920 death date) John L. March d
        June 25, 1926, James Edgar March d July 2, 1938, John Edgar March Feb 12, 1942.
        392. Edward March b. 1870 d July 2, 1938 md 1890 Annebelle Shutter b. 1872 d. 19?? 12 ch
        195. Ira Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
        B. Oct 3, 1847 Noble Co Ind. mem of Grace M. E. Church in Decatur, Ill. He was 5ft 7 weighed 105 lbs had blue
        eyes and gray hair and lump on forepart of head. He d. Nov 11, 1918. Oakridge cem Effingham Ill. On his
        tombstone the carver spelled his name Maars & had it not been for Clair Petty, we would never of known this to
        be Ira Marrs. He was in Co K 35 US Inf. I now have his records from Archives in Washington, D. C. He enlisted
        Oct 1866 Springfield Ill. Occ tanner or farmer. Discharged summer of 1867 at San Antonio, Texas. Res after
        discharge Macon City Ill, 1867 to 1876 Douglas Co Ill 1876-18778, Allen Co Ohio 1878 to 1880 Jolona Ill, 1880
        to 1883 Decatur Ill, 1883 to Effingham in 1920 from 1904. His certificate of death says he d. Nov 10, 1923 not
        1918 as on his tombstone in cem. He was 76 yrs 1 mo 7 da. He was said to of been b. in Ohio, by Byron Petty
        his nephew in Effingham, as he stated on Certificate. He d of Chronic Nephritis (kidney failure), signed by Dr. H.
        A. Long, Effingham, Ill. bur. Oakridge cem Nov 12, 1923 undertaker J.A. Johnson. He d. at Stanthomp Hospital.
        He was md to Minnie R Marksman, Apr 19, 1923 at his brother Greenup Marrs on N.Edward St in Decatur, Ill. It
        is recorded at Decatur Ill Court House. Ira Marrs signature on his records from archives says he was b Noble Co
        Ind. He signed this March 18, 1915 for a pension. His records say on about Jan 15, 1867 he was disabled by
        paralysis in May 12, 1926 his wife Minnie applied for a pension. On it is stated she was b. Oct 16, 1859 Elk
        Grove Cook Co near Chicago Ill. She was 66 at time she applied.
        393. died was stillborn

        196. Henry Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
        B. 1849 md Mary () . have picture of them and their son Leo Marrs Nov 8. He d. in Illinois, we think?? No more
        is known about him.

197. Daniel Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
       B. Dec 21, 1851 d Mar 6, 1942 San Diego, Calif. Md Lottie May Maddock b. Sept 25, 1855 d. Apr 14, 1941 San
       Diego, Calif. (We have a picture of them and children as well as when they were older. She had a broken hip the
       latter years and never went to a doctor, so spent her time in a wheel chair. A letter written us by Mary Dela
       Johnson, 3505 3 Alpine Blvd, Alpine Calif, 92001, gave us some data on above, etc. It is a pleasure always to
       hear from our relatives. She wrote us in Sept 7, 1973. Also a letter from Roy Merton Marrs in Dec 29, 1973 he
       d. 1974. I’m sad to say.) He says in the letter. My father did not see his parents Daniel and Lottie for something
       like 20 years and I was 10 when we visited them in San Diego, Calif. We were there for about one week and that
       is the only time I knew them. Grandpa Daniel was a laborer all his life, mostly on farms, never accumulated any
       property, except that his sons got together when he and grandma were in their late sixties and sent them money
       each month to maintain them in a very small but comfortable home in the outskirts of San Diego. The both lived
       into their nineties and were in excellent health into their 80's, so while they were not blessed with worldly
       acquisitions, they were more than compensated by excellent health and long life. Another letter from Mr. and
       Mrs. Alderman (who also died in 1973 a short while after we found them too). Here is a portion of the letter:
       Daniel Marrs had moved to Lawrence Kansas about the time Jay entered KU Kansas University. After Virgils
       death Florence (Dan’s dau) took Elbert and Sylvia to Lawrence where they lived for a time with her parents. She
       resumed work as a nurse. She later bought a home in Lawrence and took up dressmaking so she could be at
       home. When Elbert was about 8 or 9 he went to live with Aunt and Uncle on a farm near Larkingburg. He was
       with them most of the time until he was old enough to be on his own. He then got a job as an apprentice to a
       plumber. He worked for quite awhile but decided he’d rather be an auto mechanic and that has been his life work
       ever since, except during WWII when he worked for Boeing at Wichita as a welder. His wife worked there too, for
       a time as a machine operator. Before she md. she taught a rural school in Kansas for 2 years. Daniel and Lottie
       moved to San Diego Calif as the grew older for the mild climate. Eventually she fell and broke a hip not trusting

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  31
        doctors and hospitals, she persuaded Daniel to just help her and let nature heal it. By the time their children
        knew of it, it healed in a position that left her in a wheel chair the rest of her lifetime. Elbert’s mother sold her
        home in Lawrence, KS a that time 1933 and came out to San Diego to look after her parents. Some years after
        their death went to work in a cafeteria for 2 or 3 years and also did some dressmaking along for special
        customers. She was always busy and cheerful never married again. High blood pressure and a series of
        strokes took her life. She was a wonderful mother in law. Our oldest dau Dorothy married a Marine so she has
        lived many places. Their home is in Garden Grove and he is now retired after 20 years of service, which included
        Korea and 2 tours of duty in Viet Nam. They are only about 100 miles from us, so we get together fairly often.
        Their oldest dau Leah md over a year ago, but lives only about 2 miles from her parents so they see each other
        often too. Barbara, their youngest, grad form high school last spring and is to go to work in Sept in the City of
        Santa Anna Print Shop. She is busy in the mean time brushing up on her typing. Signed Elbert and Hope
        Alderman. Donald and Goldie Marrs, of N. Jersery, visited with us and they sent pictures of Daniel, Lottie and of
        the children and of family of their own. Was a very good visit we had. Also, Mrs.
        Cecil (J.D) Marrs of Ames IA sent me pictures of Jay D. her husband and son and his family. Aunt Edna Marrs
        Hoppes also sent us pictures of Gifford and wife and more on Marrs (Gifford is father of Don).
        394. Edoth Marrs           b. June 27, 1881 Decatur Ill d Mar 12, 1967 San Diego Calif
        395. Ralph Merton          b. Feb 26, 1883, Diller NE
        396. Florence Elva         b. Apr 14, 1885 Reynolds NE
        397. Gifford Leslie        b. Feb 19, 1888 Omaha NE
        398. Jay Dean              b. Jan 4, 1894 Fairburg NE

198. John Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
        B. Feb 14, 1853 no data

        199. Priscilla Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
        B. Apr 6, 1856 d. 1925 Effingham, Illinois bur Oakridge cem. We took a picture of tombstone (Leon Marrs). Md.
        Joseph Bradley Petty b 1855 Hendricks Co Ind. Aug 24, son of Nathan & Ann Mariah (Wood) Petty. The former
        b in Chatham Co, N. Carolina & the latter in Mercer Co KY. Md 1881 Champaign Co were Priscilla was born.
        Following taken from Douglas County Illinois, Biographical History, illustrated by John Gresham, USA 1900.
        Book owned by Mrs. Nell Joley, Van Allen Ave, Tuscola, Ill. We visited with her and they took us around places
        Priscilla and Joe lived.
        Joseph B. Petty - one of the successful business men of Tuscola, engaged in merchandising and identified with
        several other enterprises of the city. Was born in Hendricks Co, IN, Aug 25, 1855 and is a son of Nathan and
        Ann Mariah (Wood) Petty. He was engaged in farming for several years in Champaign co and from 1884 to 1891
        he resided at Iantha, MO, where he engaged in blacksmithing and hardware merchandising. In the latter year,
        he returned to Illinois and settled in Tuscola where he has since worked at his trade and in 1898 opened up a
        general store in connection with his other business. (Nell Jolley and her husband took us up where it stands and
        we took pictures) In 1881, he was united in marriage to Priscilla Marrs of Champaign Co. They had 5 boys, Earl
        Shirley Petty, Bryon Talmage Petty, Clair Marrs Petty (we’ve met 1971-2), Virgil Ira Petty, and Nathan William
        Petty and a dau. Grace, b. Dec 4, 1884 d. Mar 2, 1885, Jesse cem, beside her grandfather William Marrs, Jr. He
        works in his home and store building is a hard working man and is one of the honorable and representative
        citizens of Tuscola. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and of the Court of Honor. Mrs. Petty, a
        lady of good intelligence and fine business tact, is a dau of William Marrs and Mary Jane Sunderland Marrs, the
        former a native of Bourbon Co, KY and the latter of Montgomery Co, Ohio. At age of 4 yrs, William Marrs, with
        his father William, moved to Shelby Co Ohio, where William Marrs, Jr was raised. He moved to Macon Co,
        Illinois in 1859 and there engaged in agricultural pursuits. Priscilla Marrs taught school 7 years in Champaign Co
        Ill, then became Mrs. Petty. She has the Agency and field manager for the Viavi company for Douglas Co and
        also has the agency and field manager for the magnetic Shield Co, of Chicago. In her county, Viavi is purely
        vegetable compound the outgrowth of a physician prescription to his years of experimenting was added an
        incredible amount of patience and money and viavi in its present form is the result. It is virtually predigested food
        and is used with most perfect safety by the most delicate young and old. This remedy is world famed and is
        successfully used by every nation. The motto of the Viava (or Viavi) worker “The High Physical Life of Women
        and this Preserve the Health of the race.” (Dan’s note: I did a Google search on Viavi and think this was
        developed by Dr. Kellogg, who is mostly famous for his corn flakes.) Mrs. Petty has in her 6 years agency done
        a business of over4,600. She is thoroughly capable, and with the time that she has given to her special work she
        has been remarkably successful. (He son, Clair Marrs Petty told us the following: She was a school teacher, was
        teaching school in or around Macon or Murdock, Ill, when she met Joseph Bradley Petty, md. in 1881. They had
        7 children, 2 girls died in infancy. Had a general store feed grinding and blacksmith shop at Tuscola, Ill. Was
        called Pettyville - still goes by that name yet when the boys were in early teens. Traded business for 165 acres

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   32
       farm about 15 miles east of Effingham. Lived there until boys married and gone. After a few years, farm work too
       much for them, moved to Effingham and that’s where the family Bible and records on Earl of Mar were lost in the
       fire at Effingham. Proof of Earl of Mar went up in flames and broke Priscilla and Betsy’s hearts. Betsy had went
       to Scotland with son Charles Allen and they had proof but it all burned in the fire. They continued to live in
       Effingham till their deaths. After she d. Joe never md again. Priscilla was an educated person, loved to read,
       kept informed on events of her time, devoted to their church and was greatly missed
       when they left the farm permanently. Clair remembers his mother Priscilla being very religious person. Every
       time they went out on a convention, she’d tie right into them. Joe, her husband, became devout religious after
       his business in Iantha MO failed because his partner stole him blind and he returned to Tuscola, Ill believing the
       Lord would provide and He did and this made him a believer. He was so disgusted with the way things happened
       in Iantha that he rolled up the deed to the property and he shoved it down a craw dad hole. He said “The damned
       Craw-dads can have it”. They loaded up all their belongings on a wagon and headed to Illinois. Clair told us
       about the time his mother Priscilla was picking feathers off of the geese and this one kept pecking her on the
       behind as she was picking his feathers, so she put his head under her arm and when she was finished she put
       him down, but he was dead, as he had smothered. Clair has a picture of Mary Jane Sunderland Corns Marrs.
       We now have one too, only it is different as she is older in ours. We got a copy of it from Uncle Leo Marrs,
       Arkansas City, KS - Mary Jane’s grandson. Would love to copy the one Clair has too. He gave us a picture of
       Mercy and her husband John March for which we are thankful to get.
       Family reunion for Mrs. Mary Marrs, date, 1904 in Decatur newspaper: Mother of Mrs. John L. March, now 87
       years of age (Uncle Leo sent us a clipping of this and we wrote to the newspaper, never dreaming they would in
       turn send us the actual clipping and picture, but they did. It was a thrill, I must say. Leon Marrs) On Christmas
       Day, a family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John L. March, about 2 miles west of Decatur, on the
       Springfield Road. The reunion was held for Mrs. Mary Jane Marrs, the mother of Mrs. March. All the members
       had not been together for 28 years. All of her children were not able to be with her on Christmas Day. One son,
       Daniel Marrs, of Arrington, Kansas, expected to arrive on time but did not get there until Tues. morning. Three
       other ch were also absent. The guests - Those who spent the day with their mother were the following: Mrs.
       John L. (Mercy) March, of this city, Dye S. Corns of Lima, Ohio, Mrs. Priscilla Marrs Petty, of Jasper Co, Ill, and
       Mrs Betty (Betsy) White, Walnut Grove, Decatur Ill. There were also present: J.L. March, E. White and dau
       Edith, Miss Callie Corns of Lima Ohio, Ed March and family. The day was spent in a social way, with a big turkey
       dinner at noon. Dye S. Corns, the oldest son of Mrs. Marrs (her son by her 1 marriage to Samuel Corns who
       died) had not been her for since 1875. Another son Daniel Marrs had not been here for 14 years. Born in Ohio,
       she was born in Oct. 1817 in Montgomery Co Ohio. Her grandfather, Peter Sunderland, was a revolutionary
       soldier and was wounded at the battle of Bunker Hill. She was only a young girl when he died, but she
       remembers him well and also remembers stories which he told of the Revolutionary War. Her father, Dye
       Sunderland (1794) was a soldier of the War of 1812. Two of her sons fought in Civil War, Greenup Marrs and Ira
       Marrs. She was first married when she was 19 yrs. old(1836) to Samuel Corns of Sidney Ohio. Her husband
       died when they had been married less than 2 years. After being a widow 2 years, she m. William Marrs, Jr. of
       Lima, Ohio. She had a son by her first husband, Dye S. Corns. Came to Illinois B the family came to Illinois in
       1859 and settled near Clinton in the Spring of 1860 they moved to Macon co and have since made this their
       home. Mr. Marrs d. in 1890 at the home of a son (Greenup Marrs) in Douglas Co. She lives with her daughter
       Mercy, Mrs. J. March and still active. She loves to cook and can make as good a meal as anyone. She can also
       do all other kinds of housework. Her hearing is affected but her health is otherwise very good. She was never
       educated so can not read and write, but she is bright and intelligent and has a wonderful memory. She was very
       often to tell of her early life in Ohio, when the Indians were there also. She learned the language of the Shawnee
       Indians and often traded with them. Her daughter, Mrs. Petty, left Friday morning for her home at Montrose. The
       other children will return home next Monday. Mrs. Marrs brother, James, recollects the time when drunken
       Indians caused some bother and his mother knocked one down in their house with an iron poker for attempting to
       take a skein of sewing thread from her. Upon being helped to his feet and out of the house by his companion, he
       turned and said “You good Squaw, no coward.” (Taken from the Reporter, Allen Co Historical Society, No. 55,
       May 1952 Issue. It is about 5 pages long and to lengthy to type for now, but if one is interested, write to the Allen
       Co Historical Society and they will, for a small fee of 25 cents a page - or maybe a little more now on Zerox
       copies on Sunderland)
       400. Byron Talmage Petty              b. 1886 d. 1955 md Lucretia Teets
       401. William Nathan                   b. 1896 d 1942 md Margaret Kingery
       402. Virgil Ira                       b. 1891 d. 1949 md Bessie I. Pyles
       403. Earl Shirley                     b. 1883 d. 1926 md. Rose Cooper
       404. Grace                            b. 1884 d 1885 Jesse Cem north of Villa Grove
       405. Leone                            b&d
       406. Clair Marrs                      b. Dec 22, 1888 md Winnie E. Gaskill

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  33
                 (We have all their pictures too)

200. Betsy Ann Marrs (81. William Marrs, Jr.)
        b. Mar 22, 1858. md Mr. Allen. When we visited Clair Petty, her nephew in Effingham in 1971, he told us she
        didn’t know the value of a dollar - spent it like water off of a ducks back, so to speak. She and her sister Priscilla
        had all the data needed to prove William Marr, the Earl of Mar, but it burned up with home of Priscilla in
        Effingham. They were in the process of obtaining the inheritance at the time. He told us Betsy’s son, Charles
        Allen, came out to their farm when they were making sorghum and Clair thought he was a city boy that was
        “windy,” for he told them they could use bed springs for a radio antenna ..... Actually, Clair said he was very smart
        but they didn’t think so at that time. He also said that if they’d had Talk-a-Thon’s in those days like they have
        walk-a-thon’s today, that Betsy would have won first prize, for she was a talker. We remember Dad (Evert)
        telling about Aunt Betsy and son Charles Allen going to Scotland to check on Inheritance of Earl of Mar.
        Throughout his lifetime, he mentioned this a lot and saddened because all proof burned up in the home of
        Priscilla and Joe Petty in Effingham, Ill. Aunt Edna Marrs Hoppes told us that Betsy md 2 a Mr. Charles Allen
        in New Castle, PA and died there so she is bur in a cem in New Castle PA. Her son moved to Florida and died
        & buried there. She mentions following in letter, Oct 16, 1972: All I can tell you of Charles Allen he used to work
        for my brother-in-law, Byron Loomis, in Chicago, as an electrician - he was very good at the job. Then he went to
        WWI and lost an eye. I never heard very much of him except through Aunt Mercy March, who lived in Decatur,
        Ill. He md and lived in New Castle, PA. That is when Aunt Betty (Betsy) went to live with and she died and buried
        there. Then Jenny, Charles wife died. He md again so as far as I know, he is buried in Tampa, Florida. I never
        saw him after I married and moved to Iowa (Ames). Yes, Bertha was Mother’s dau by her 1 marriage to a
        Newall, John, and he d. And Mother md. Greenup Marrs, my father. Bertha md a Byron Loomis and they gave
        me a good home after Mother’s death and I helped raise their children, Newall Loomis and Ruth Loomis. They
        are both dead now too. Bertha had TB and for many years was more or less an invalid. She d. in July 1912. I
        don’t remember anything of Uncle Henry Marrs, who lived I believe in Ohio. I just remember Aunt Betty and Aunt
        Mercy telling he had a daughter named Priscilla Marrs and a son named Leo. I know nothing else and everyone
        is gone who could have told us anything. I have much love to you all, Aunt Edna Marrs Hoppes. (We have their
        pictures - Betsy and Charles)
        407. Charles Allen b.     Md. Jennie d. Tampa, FL

201. Greenup Pepper (82. Betsy Marrs)
        b. 1819 d. 1840 probably bur in same graveyard beside Rd 29 east of Sidney OH near settlement now called
        Pasco. Also he, without any doubt, is where Greenup Marrs got his name, since he was b. the year Greenup
        Pepper died. No more is known about him. He was only 21 at his death.

202. Marshall Pepper (82. Betsy Marrs)
       b. 1882. He was an Esquire, and lived all his life in Perry Twp, Sidney Ohio. While in Perry twp. , the people
       honored him with the office of Justice of the Peace for 18 yrs. In March of 1845, he md. Elizabeth Hollopeter, by
       Thompson Vaugh, Esq. Their ch. consisted of six sons and four daus, all of whom died in childhood except one,
       Rudolph James Pepper, who was b 1854 and he md in 1875 to Harriet E. Frazier, of Plattsville, Ohio. Four
       children have been born to them - three of whom are living. (Taken from 1883 Beers History of Shelby co Ohio,
       Sidney Ohio)
       He wrote letter to Henry Bradshaw Marrs (67) in July, 1877. Mr. H. B. Marrs, Dear Cousin, I wrote to you
       sometime since and have not received a reply as yet and I suppose you never got my letter. I now repeat my
       request. Please send me all the information you are in possession of in regard to the Estate left in Scotland by
       our ancestor William Marr. We want all the information of every kind and please tell me from what source your
       information was derived, whether by tradition or from history or how it came and if you have the Bible our
       ancestor William Marr brought from Scotland. Please let me know that, for I learn that he brought one and there
       is no doubt but it contains records of value in this case. Please be careful to send me every idea you have
       whether it be a positive or only a probability. Send it as soon as possible, as we now intend to give the matter a
       complete investigation and either succeed or fail, and that will be final. We think now, from what we have found
       out, that there is a fair chance for our success. You may know who I am, I will tell you that my grandfather was
       William Marrs, b 1770, who died in March of 1844. He was my mother’s (Betsy) father. I suppose you know who
       he was. I think his father’s name was Samuel Marrs, b. 1740. Please attend to all this as soon as possible. I’m
       very truly your Cousin, Marshall Pepper.
       408. Rudolph James Pepper b. 1854 md 1875 Harriet E. Frazier
       409. son          b and d
       410. son          b and d

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       411. son        b and d
       412 son         b and d
       413 son         b and d
       414. dau        b and d
       415. dau        b and d
       416. dau        b and d
       417. dau        b and d all Sidney Ohio, probably cen on Rd 29
203. James Pepper (82. Betsy Marrs)
       b. 1824 resides in Pulaski Co, Indiana - no more data

204. John Pepper (82. Betsy Marrs)
        b. 1827 d. 1854 age 27, probably bur in graveyard on Rd 29 east of Sidney
205. Cynthia Pepper (82. Betsy Marrs)
        b. 1825 no data

        206. Rebecca Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. Nov 28, 1833 Shelby Co Ohio (4 miles east) md. R.N. Shaw Mar 12, 1852
        A newspaper clipping given us by Calvin and Edith Marrs (1900) in 1971 at a church camp meeting in Midland,
        A lovely Life, Mrs. Eliza O’Neil Marrs, wife of James (83). 86 years ago on the 15 of Dec, she was born a the
        home of her father, Daniel O’Neil (or Neal) in Champaign Co, Ohio. In the companionship of her brothers and
        sisters, she grew to womanhood, an was as accustom in those days the girls were taught to spin and card the
        wool of sheep for making clothing. Three months out of the year at subscription school was the best the country
        afforded. (Dan’s note: I looked up “subscription school” on Google and it looks like the school was built with
        public subscription - which I assume meant each family “subscribed” with funds for the school - similar to
        property tax today, except it was voluntary. This is just my interpretation from the Google search.) In 1830, she
        married to James Marrs (83) and they lived and began housekeeping on a farm in Shelby Co, Ohio, where they
        lived for 30 years. In 1866, James Marrs, her husband, died, leaving his wife and 3 children (213, 214, 215).
        After the marriage of her children, she broke up housekeeping and made her home with them. For 20 years she
        made her home with her widowed dau Mrs. Gilbert. For 60 years she has been a member of the Christian
        Church, but for several years she has been deprived of the privilege of attending church services on account of
        a fractured hip, the result of a fall, however she gets about the house with the aid of a crutch, even going up and
        down stairs. Her general health is good for one of her age. Her early habits of industry are persistent and she
        busies herself with such work as she can do a sitting. Knitting is a favorite occupation, she is also fond of
        reading, and takes a lively interest in all the pertains to the welfare of mankind. How better can we close this brief
        sketch of a useful, beautiful life than by quoting the remark of a neighbor. “Mrs. Marrs is such a lovely old Lady.”
        She was b. Dec 15, 1814 d. Aug 13, 1904 age 90. No more data is known of her dau Rebecca and husband
        R.N. Shaw.

207. Daniel Marrs (83. James Marrs)
       b. Sept 23, 1834, his first name is David Daniel, and he md Feb 27, 1857 Margaret Bird - no more data is known.

208. Mary A. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
       b. 1835 md J.Z.A. Frazier on June 10, 1857. no more data

        209. Serena C. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. Apr 18, 1838 md Thomas A. Shaw Jan 3, 1861 and we got a clipping also from Calvin Marrs (1900) from

        The Editor’s Letter, by MacHaughton
        In His 100 Year.
        So far, as I can recall, I’ve just talked to the first person I ever visited with who was in his 100 year. A century,
        let me tell you, is some stretch for a human being to live in the 20 century. I guess Methuselah wouldn’t have
        thought much of it with his 969 birthdays, but in this day, it’s an accomplishment. I’ve always wanted to see a
        man celebrate his 100 birthday and if I live, I expect to see it next December 31, at Mackinaw, Illinois. I’m not
        worried about Tom Shaw living out the year. He neither rides automobiles nor runs a newspaper, with it’s
        chance of being shot every night. So I think he will be here all right, as strong and alert as he was when I talked
        to him a while ago.

                                          100 Years Old

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    35
       Tom Shaw md. Serena Marrs (209), dau of James Marrs (83) and Eliza O’Neil Marrs. Tom was born in Kentucky
       Dec 31, 1832, before Kentucky ever knew that it would be famous as the birthplace of Abe Lincoln. The nation
       then was vastly, more interested in Andrew Jackson for Old Hickory was about to be re-elected to his second
       term as President of the U.S.A. Tom’s sire has 2 wives and each bore him 6 children. Tom was the last of the
       first half-dozen. While Tom was still a suckling babe, his mother got dinner for harvest hands one day in the
       rough Kentucky country. That afternoon she took cholera and at supper time she lay dead. So a Negro slave
       took Tom over, aided by a 12 year old sister. A couple years later, the lure of a good buy tempted Bill Shaw, his
       father, across the Mason-Dixon line into Ohio, where he bought what was known as “The Kentuck Section,” 640
       acres of heavily timbered land. He took his little brood along with him and wanted to take the Negro Mamy. In
       fact, she and other slaves begged to go along, but even then, 27 years before the Civil War, feeling was high.
       The Ohio abolitionists would not stand for slaves. So Mamy was left behind and Bill Shaw found him a Buckeye
       girl to care for his children and became mother of his second brood of 6. Those Ohio days are the earliest of Tom
       Shaw’s memories. When the fire went out, they would send him to a neighbors to borrow some fire for a fresh
       start. Carrying coals on a shovel, he would toss little sticks on the fire as he walked along to keep the fire going.
       Firing a stump was the best way to keep a fire going and handy. He showed me a picture of his old Ohio home.
       Quite a mansion, then. Built of brick. Two stories high with a hall in the middle of both floors and one great room
       on each floor and a big fireplace in each of the 4 rooms. Mr. Shaw remembers that they were burning the brick for
       this house when some friends loaded their belongings into a prairie schooner and joined the great gold rush to
       California in 1849. Eight years later, he, too climbed into a covered wagon and pushed west - maybe because
       Mr. James Marrs (83) was going west and taking Serena Marrs along. Anyway, he came and 4 years later in
       Clinton, Illinois, he and Serena Marrs were wed. She traveled a life’s trail with him till their golden wedding day,
       then d a few weeks afterwards of cancer. To Mr. Shaw, that seems only a few years ago. Time slips swiftly for
       him now. But not the nights. “The nights are pretty long,” he told me. “Some nights it seems like the dawn will
       never come.” But I must tell it all today. I must save some for next Dec 31, when there will be a post card shower
       of 100 postcards and a birthday cake of 100 candles. For Thomas A. Shaw is taking care of himself this winter
       and plans to live to be 100 years old. (Serena died in 1911 and Tom, if he lived to be 110, d in 1932. We have
       their pictures taken by T.P. Garrett at Bloomington, IL. Also one of her mother taken by Cabinet Portrait, 402 N.
       Main, St. Blgyton, IL. No ch is mentioned by Tom and Serena Marrs Shaw in sketch.)

210. John F. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. July 16, 1840 no data

       211. William Henry Marrs (83. James Marrs)
       b. Apr 10, 1842 d. Oct 15, 1921, age 79. He enlisted June 13, 1861 for service in the Civil War, and was
       assigned to duty as a Pvt. of Company E, 20 Infantry, for a term of 3 years. He was mustered into the service
       at Joliet, Illinois, promoted to Corporal Sept 1, 1861. Discharged on account of wounds received at Shiloh, by
       order of General Wright, Oct 12, 1862. Description at time of enlistment: age 19, height 5ft 8in. hair brown, eyes
       blue, complexion fair, occupation farmer, native of Shelby Co, Ohio. Signed by L.V. Regan, the Adjutant General
       in Apr 11, 1940 (Dan’s note: this year can’t be right - must be 1861 or 62). His reg’t saw service at Frederickton,
       MO. Oct 21, 1861; Fort Henry; Feb 10, 1862; Fort Donelson Feb 13, 14, 15, 1862 and Apr 6, 1862; at Shiloh and
       at Cornith Sept 1, 1862. About 924 men mustered in to service but about 70 of the original roster were finally
       mustered out of service at the end of the Civil War. From Archives and from Clayton Marrs of Minneapolis MN,
       our 5 cousin. He told us about a special book “The Patriotism of Illinois”, written in 1865 and 1866 by Thomas
       Mears Eddy, located now at the Historical Library at Springfield, IL. In this book will be found a short history of
       every regiment from Illinois.

       He md E.A. Grissom (Elizabeth Ann Grissom) Dec 25, 1864, b. Feb 2, 1843 IN, d Feb 3, 1886 near Hartsville,
       New Grove, Ill, dau of William Grissom from Germany. Another Grissom was an uncle and was a Circuit
       preacher for 50 years in the Ozarks. Md 2 Lucinda Jane Manory, May 6, 1891
       ch. 1 wife
       418. Ida Mae Marrs b Aug 28, 1866 d. July 28, 1943
       419. Eva Maude           b. Nov 12, 1868 d July 8. 1876 8 yrs of age.
       420. Omer        b. Jan 14, 1871 d. Oct 7, 1908
       421. Frank       b. Feb 2, 1873 Burlington, KS d. Oct 2, 1944
       422. Frederick b. Aug 21, 1876 Burlington, KS d. Feb 6, 1886 age 10
       423. Eliza Sylvesta      b. Apr 20, 1879 Newman Ill d Feb 8, 1962
       424. William Herbert     b. Feb 16, 1882 Camargo, Ill d Jan 7, 1962
       ch. 2 wife
       425. James Foster Marrs b Oct 18, 1897 d. May 6, 1967
       426. Lorena Rebecca b. Jan 23, 1896

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  36
        427. Mary Jane b. Mar 10, 1892 Odin Mo d Dec 10, 1928
        428. Millie Anna Vinetta b Feb 3, 1900 d Sept 14, 1906 age 6.

        212. Preston B. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. Apr 14, 1847 md Reba Carroll

        213. Elizabeth Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. Feb 3, 1853 md S.J. Gilbert d Feb 4, 1886 age 33

        214. J.H. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b. Feb 3, 1855 no data

        215. Emma A. Marrs (83. James Marrs)
        b Dec 2, 1858 md Nov 16, 1874 William Rasert

        216. William Marrs (84. Samuel Marrs)
        b. 1815 Jessamine Co, KY md Mildred Perkins at Lexington, KY. They were living in Randolph co, MO in 1869.
        They had 2 sons 3 daus, names unknown

        429. son
        430. son
        431. dau
        432. dau
        433. dau

        217. Samuel Marrs, Jr (84. Samuel Marrs)
        b. ca 1817 d. in Williamson Co IL ca 1860. Left ch names and wife unknown
        434. Marrs

        218. Nancy Marrs (84. Samuel Marrs)
                       st                                                                              nd
        b. ca 1818 md 1 Mr Berry. They lived in Williamson Co ILL and after Mr. Berry’s death, she md 2 to name
        unknown. No more data.

219. Mary Marrs (84. Samuel Marrs)
       b. ca 1820 never md. Living in Williamson co ILL in 1869. No data.

220. Nancy Marrs (86. James Marrs)
       no data other than found earlier in this document - to

226. John R. Marrs (86. James Marrs)

227. Juretta F. Cravens (88. Jane Marrs)
        b. Jan 10, 1834 md her 2 cousin John Marrs on Nov 29, 1855. He also is the one who wrote the sketch in 1869
        of the Marrs family.
        435. John Marrs b Dec 17, 1856 Jessamine Co KY
        436. Jane        b. Apr 6, 1858
        437. infant      b and d
        438. William Henry       b. July 2, 1863
        439. Theodore b. Jan 6, 1867
        440. Ida May b. July 16, 1869
        441. Roberta b. Jan 16, 1877.
                 The above numbers are also listed as no’s 242-248, earlier in this document, due to cousins marrying.
                 So the 242 - 248 numbers should be used, rather than the 435-441.

228. William Richard Marrs (89. Richard Marrs)
        no more data on this family other than is what listed earlier in this document - to 232 Samuel Marrs

233. William Marrs (99. James Marrs, Jr.)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 37
        B. July 22, 1841 KY md Nov 15, 1879 Amanda Catherine Hamer. He d Jan 15, 1928. She was from Scott Co,
        442. George H. Marrs b         md. Jennie Christman
        443. Lulie Marrs       b. Oct 26, 1873 md E.H. West
        444. Lida              b. June 18, 1875 md James Garrett
        445. Charles Harbaugh b. Nov 21, 1876 md Betty Fitzgerald
        446. Martha Anna       b. Nov 8, 1878 Md Al Brumfield
        447. E. Foley          b. Oct 9, 1881 md Jannie Sharp
        448. Clarence          b. Sept 7, 1883 md Sadie Lanham Dec 28, 1907
        449. James Oliver b. Feb 27, 1880 md Emma Cooper Starks June 20, 1922

        234. Martha Marrs (99. James Marrs, Jr.)
        B. Sept 4, 1843 Jessamine Co KY d Jan 2, 1894 in Jessamine Co KY bur Nicholasville KY md Dec 13, 1876 to
        James Lawrence Smith, b. Aug 25, 1842 son of Mary Chrisman and Robert Smith in Jessamine Co KY. He d
        Sept 7, 1919 Jessamine Co also bur Nicholasville KY 5 ch.
        450. Mary Lucinda Smith b. ca Feb 28, 1877 md Thomas Sellars
        451. James Robert Smith b Aug 6, 1878 md Lottie Cecil
        452. Benjamin George Smith b May 2, 1881 md Hattie Logan
        453. William Chrisman Smith b. Jan 22, 1882 md Stella Arnold
        454. Henry Marrs Smith b. Aug 26, 1884 md Era Logan

        235. George Marrs (99. James Marrs, Jr)
        b. Sept 14, 1848 d Nov 20, 1868 bur Lexington KY d single

        236. Annie Marrs (99. James Marrs, Jr.)
        B. Nov 6, 1852 Jessamine Co. KY d Nov 16, 1924 Jessamine Co bur Nicholasville KY, md Oct 22, 1884
        Jessamine Co Robert Jefferson Smith, b Mar 31, 1844 Jessamine co KY son of Mary Chrisman and Robert
        455. Charles Clayton Smith b. Feb 8, 1886 d 1959 Nicholasville KY
        456. Elmer Ulysses Smith b Aug 2, 1887 md Catherine Allender
        457. Lucian Sylvanus Smith b. Sept 11, 1889 d single KY Nicholasville
        458. Florence Smith b. Oct 12, 1891 n. md d Nicholasville, KY
        459. Robert Marrs Smith b. Aug 1, 1893 md Mar 16, 1921 Lillian Scoggin
        460. James Arthur Smith b. Oct 29. 1896 md Clara Baker

        237. William Marrs (100. William Marrs)
        no more data on this family than earlier in this document
        to 238, Mary Marrs

        239. dau Marrs & 240 dau Marrs d young (101. John Marrs)

        241. James Ebenezer Marrs (101. John Marrs)
        b. May 5, 1854 was living in 1868 when his father wrote the Marrs sketch. This is all that is known.

242. John Marrs (101. John Marrs)
        no more data is known to 246 of family.

        246. Theodore Marrs (101. John Marrs)
        b. Jan 6, 1867 has grandson, Dr. Theodore Marrs, III, living in Montgomery AL. This too is all data and none on
        247 Ida May Marrs

248. Roberta Marrs (101. John Marrs)
       b. Jan 16, 1877 d Dec 20, 1964 at Lexington KY md Henry M. Gunn on July 6, 1897
       461. Henry M. Gunn, Jr b. July 7, 1898
       462. Jane       b. Sept 19, 1902
       463. Bonnie Roberts b. Jan 19, 1904 d age 4

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 38
       249. Laura Brooks (106. Margaret C. Marrs)
       no more is known on this family to 253 William Brooks
       254. Samuel Erastus Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. Oct 29, 1854 River Jack VA md Jan 9, 1879 d July 24, 1932 bur Johnson & Bandy cem in VA md Jan 9, 1879
       to Martha Jane Riley, b Aug 11, 1847 d June 26, 1930 Johnson & Bandy cem. They lived in Campbell Hollar in
       464. Charley Maxwell Marrs b Oct 24, 1879 d Nov 5, 1897 age 18 bur Johnson & Bandy cem with parents
       465. Robert Lee b. Mar 11, 1881 Tazewell Co VA md Kate Peery
255. James Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. 1860 md Matilda Myers
       466. Casper Marrs b. 1929

       256. Patrick Frazier Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       md Bess Velara Hannah on Jan 15, 1928 b Aug 30, 1893, dau of William H. Hannah md 1 Mary Rose
       467. Patrick Frazier Marrs, Jr b Dec 27, 1928
       468. Dudley
       469. Britton
       470. Tom
       471. Annie md Rector G. Whitt
       472. Hattie d Jan 11, 1974 md Hobart McCann
       473. Edna
       474. Josephine
       474. Susie
       476. Viola

       257. William Marion Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. June 20, 1863 d Nov 11, 1938 md Mary Ellen Burress b 1865 Tazewell Co VA d May 22, 1945
       477. Rufus William Marrs b Mar 4, 1901 md Lettie Spence
       478. Estel Harvey b. Mar 24, 1890 d Apr 1, 1972
       479. Laura Belle b. July 11, 1892 d Oct 12, 1966
       480. Samuel Gilespie b. Aug 11, 1894
       481. James Arthur b Aug 21, 1897 d Apr 28, 1913
       482. Grace Beatrice b. Apr 30, 1896
       483. Robert Johnson b. Aug 1, 1905
       484. Mabel Blanch b. May 21, 1907
       485. Leeola b. June 11. 1899

       258. Maxwell Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. River Jack VA no data

       259. Louisa Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)

       260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. Jan 29, 1873 d May 11, 1936 md Sept 16, 1899 Lula Dorothy Blankenship b Sept 15, 1884 d Nov 24, 1945.
       486. Clarence James Marrs b. June 16, 1902 d June 23, 1972 md Beatrice Irene Barrett
       487. William Otha      b. Mar 25, 1910? or 11 c Jan 24, 1974 md Tula Yost
       488. Ralph Ernest      b. Feb 22, 1912 res. Gainsville FL
       489. Ethel Mary        b. Dec 10, 1908 d May 9, 1975 md Clyde Newman
       490. Rose Marie        b. Apr 5, 1914 md Fred Green
       491. Lillie            b. July 3, 1905 md Luther Workman
       492. Goldie Virginia   b. May 6, 1916 md Ferrell Garland Ruble
       493. Orithea Elizabeth b. Jan 13, 1919 d Feb 13, 1974 md Joseph W. Smith
       493a. Rejina Melvinne b. Apr 21, 1921 d June 1953
       493b. Cecil Junior     b. Dec 26, 1925 d 1972
       493c. Henry Joseph     b. Sept 29, 1900 d Dec 1939

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              39
        493d. Anna Bell Marrs b. Apr 28, 1904

261. Molly E. Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       b. Sept 12, 1869 d June 29, 1958 md Wallace Rye on Feb 21, 1888 or 1889, he b May 21, 1955 res of Abbs
       Valley, VA. Are celebrating their 65 anniversary today, 1954. She was from Crocketts Cove VA and have
       resided with husband in Abbs Valley since they md. They Ryes have 5 sons and 3 daus. All living except one
       son. (Lef Shrader sent us a newspaper clipping of them on their porch 1954 clipping).
       494. Jesse Marvin Rye b. Sept 10, 1891
       495. Walter Thompson b Jan 10, 1893
       496. John Henry          b. Jan 5, 1890
       497. Wallace Casper      b. Mar 8, 1898 d Aug 31, 1940 by car
       498. Charlie Maxwell     b. Mar 8, 1903 d Jan 7, 1968 cancer
       499. Ida Mae             b. Oct 20, 1896
       500. Gracie Virginia     b. Oct 7, 1900
       501. Laura Stella        b. Aug 7, 1907
262. Nellvina Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
       no data

        263. Virginia Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
        md Ed Rose no data

        264. Sabronia Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
        she was engaged to John Peery but she d 1886. No grave marker there yet. She was b 1870, so she was just
        16. probably died of appendicitis for it is said she d of a pain in her side. Her sister, Virginia, has some folklore
        about her as Lef Shrader told us: Rejina Shrader and her niece, Virginia (263) retired one night. the niece said
        Ahere lies Jina long and Jina short@ from that time on she was called Jina Short the rest of her life. Many of her
        relatives knew no other name.

265. Nickati Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
        md Cyrus Shrader
        502. Jack Shrader        d killed in mine in Montana
        503. Mae         md John Bowles
        504. Nannie Shrader      md James Taylor
        505. Major       d New York State
        506. Greever d early age
        507. Ada md Mr. Snyder
        508. Matilda     b. 1896           md Willian Folden she d Nov 1, 1972
        509. Robert      b. 1895 d. June 13, 1970

266. Jane Marrs (109. Henry Harvey Marrs)
        b. Sept 6, 1878 md Patton

        267. Howard Harman (113. Kiah David Reuben Harman)
        md Bertie Sparmer of Pennsylvania - no more data

        268. Charles Harman (113. Kiah David Reuben Harman)
        d young

        269. Mamie Harman (113. Kiah David Reuben Harman)
        md M.D. Artrip
        510. Erline Artrip
        511. Beulah May
        512. Glenn Harlen
        513. Molly Melissa
        514. Belle
        515. Brown
        516. David Harman    b. 1899 d Jan 30, age 24

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   40
       517. Annie
       518. Martin Luther

       270. Kate Harman (114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman)
       md J. G. Walin of Camarill CA - no more data

       271. Shields Sidney Forest Harman, Jr (114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman)
       b. 1907 d Aug 29, 1974 age 67 at Moorehead City, Hospital following a short illness. b. Tazewell, VA. He was an
       alumnus of VMI and a veteran of WWII. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Havelock, NC. He had
       recently retired from the Marine Corps at Cherry Point, NC. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Flossie(Roggess)
       Harman of the home, 3 sisters Mrs. J.G. Wahlin of Camarillo CA, Mrs LH Garnder of Shawville VA (one sis is left
       out, probably by mistake of the newspaper) and 1 brother, Frank Wray Harman of Tazewell. Bur Maplewood
       cem in Tazewell. Clipping sent me be Lef Shrader of Bluefield. Apparently he had no children.

272. Cassandra Ward Harman (114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman)
       no data

       273. Frank Wray Harman (114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman)
       twin to 272 and he resides in Tazewell VA no more data.

       274. Sarah Ann Harman (114. Shields Sidney Forest Harman)
       no data

       275. Robert Peel Harman (116. Peel Harman)
       no data on this family except what is in this document earlier
       to 280 Pearl May Harman.

       281. Mary Katheryn Harman (117. Alexander Marrs Harman)
       no data on this family to 282, Alexander Marrs Harman, Jr.

       283. Dovie Daniels (118. May Harman)
       md A. J. Bartlett
       519. Herbert Bartlett

       284. Mary Louise Daniels (118. May Harman)
       md Herbert Cooper
       520. Jack Daniel Cooper

       285. Sallie Ann Daniels (118. May Harman)
       md Dexton Lafon
       521 Winifred Lafon

       286. Charles E. Harman, Jr (119.Dovie Harman)
       no data on this family to 289 Erlene Harman

       290. John M. Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
       b. Dec 16, 1840 d Mar 23, 1841 Cole Co, MO

       291. Sarah Elizabeth Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)’
       md James Knox Boggs Mar 22, 1865 she d 1909 Jefferson City, MO

       292. Laura Virginia Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
       b. 1844 d 1918 Knob Noster, MO md Oct 9, 1865 William Wallace Woodmancey - no more data

       293. Jasper Newton Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
       b. 1845 d. 1936 Little Rock, Ark md Sally Mitchell

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 41
        294. Clifford Scotland Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
        b. 1847 d 1933 md Molly          d. at Sedalia, MO

295. California Cornallis Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
       b. Mar 6, 1849 in Cole co MO d Aug 10, 1939 at Wichita, KS md Aug 4, 1870 in Cole Co to Thomas Benton
       Hunter b. Apr 20, 1842 d Dec 24, 1909 Wichita KS Maple Grove cem.
       Letter written by a Caledonia C. Tucker, Shreveport LA and one in Hotchitoches LA June 29, 1877 (can’t place
       her rightful parent yet but hope to do so) by putting her letters her. Dear Uncle Henry Bradshaw Marrs, I write
       you again in regard to the Marrs Estate in Scotland. I have just received a letter from one of our relatives in Ohio
       (Marshall Pepper) stating he intended to ferret the matter out and asking me for all the information I was
       possessed of in regard to it. He believes we are the heirs and says it is time that we put in out claim. His is the
       first and only letter I have received from any of the Marrs family since this matter has been agitated and I feel
       hopeful. I desire you to have your testimony taken before the proper authority, all you know personally of the
       family history. What you know of Great Uncle Barnabus Marrs, what he said about his father, William Marr, that
       he was an Earl and commanded the Queen’s Gunadies, fled from Scotland on acc’t of Religious persecution;
       That you can trace your lineage back to the time your great grandfather William Marr lived in Scotland. You
       wrote this in a letter to me bearing the date Feb 5, 1875. Now for God’s sake .... your children’s sake ... for that
       of your brother John A. Marrs’ (1793) children ... please have your testimony taken properly. You know how as
       you were Clerk so long. You are old and your testimony will be invaluable in the future. Go to Uncle Samuel
       (1795) and have him to attend to this matter immediately, he and you are the oldest, and think of all the Marrs
       living. This matter now since I have received this letter from Ohio (Mashall Pepper?) must be attended to. I have
       devoted all my energies to it since the beginning of the summer of 1873 and now I believe God is with me at last,
       and I will gain Hope .... Tell Uncle Samuel to give his testimony in full, state his own age. That he has heard his
       father, Samuel W. Marrs, Jr. 1769 and Uncle Barnabus say all about his Great Grandfather William Marrs fleeing
       from Scotland on account of religious persecution and tell everything as far back as he can remember. Ask him,
       particularly, if he don’t think William Marr came to America with his family. Does Samuel (1740) b. in Scotland or
       America? James and I relie on you now, Uncle Henry, to attend to this business about the testimony
       immediately. And you can also say what Uncle Abijah (1789) has said about the Marrs History. Things are
       brightening and I trust yet great estate will be ours, who I think are the rightful heirs. I’ve never had such bright
       hopes as now. And if you will all help me now in furnishing means and especially testimony we will soon, I pray,
       be crowned with success. This Marr Estate has been too long awaiting the rightful heirs. Our regards ... write
       immediately, Dear Uncle Henry Bradshaw.

        Written June 10, 1879, Caledonia C. Tucker, Natchtoches, LA Dear Uncle Henry Bradshaw Marrs. It has been
        so long since I had news from you my dear Uncle, that it seems almost a lifetime. I hope however Uncle Henry
        you are enjoying good health and still hearty. Have you any more news with respect to the Marr Estate?? Will
        you write me all you know, all you remember, relative to our family history? Commence with Great Great
        grandfathers at what time he came to America. I mean of his children that he brought here have you any
        recollection in what part of Virginia did he die? Oh: I pray that your strong memory may serve you right and that
        you will tell me all that. Hope to hear of my forefathers. I wish to know all you can tell me of my family history. Do
        not omit anything pertaining thereto. My great grandfather whom death took away from me at the tender age of
        3 yrs, he died 1817. I’m such a stranger to all my family been brought up away from all the family therefore I
        desire information on them. My husband joins my children in sending Dear Uncle Henry much love to you. Write
        soon to me and I hope you will tell all you know of my family history. Your dear niece, Caledonia C. Tucker.
        522. Annie Laurie Hunter b May 17, 1871, Pettis Co MO md William Smith
        523. Nelson Grant Huner b. Dec 19, 1872 d Feb 16, 1920
        524. Thaddeus Winslow b. Feb 12, 1874 d May 8, 1963
        525. Sarah Elizabeth        b. Oct 11, 1875 d Feb 29, 1956
        526. Caroline Sherman b. Jan 23, 1877 Burlington IA d. Jan 1958
        527. Edna May b. Nov 3, 1884 d Sept 17, 1949

296. William Spencer Askren (140. Elizabeth Ann Rice)
        No more data than earlier in this document

        297. Callie Woodwars (154. Mary Jane Marrs)
        no data to 299 Theo Woodward than earlier in this document.

        300. Roxana H. Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
        b. Dec 13, 1849 md Oct 30, 1872 Joseph D. Liech in Hickman, Fulton Co KY she d in late 1800's at Hickman KY

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    42
301. Zerina Hervey Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
        b. 1851 Jan 2, d Oct 6, 1940 at Beumont TX md July 2, 1873 at Hickman KY Edward Cura McLean d June 6,
        529. Ruth Wilson McLean b. Apr 25, 1874 Gainesville TX md June 1896 Sherman TX William D Gordon were
        living in Beumont in 1959
        530. Roxie Mary McLean b. Feb 10, 1877 Grayson co TX d Nov 16, 1884
        531. Marrs McLean b June 20, 1883 at Sherman TX md Verna
        532. Edward Cura McLean, Jr b mar 14, 1885 Sherman TX

       302. Mary Susan Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
       no data

       303. Ferdinand Samuel Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
       b. Mar 1, 1855 md Addie Cunnimgs of Waco, TX who d Jan 7, 1889. He md 2 May 21, 1890 at Dallas, TX
       Mollie Fulerson
       ch by 2
       528. Ferdinand Samuel Marrs, Jr b. Mar 1891 md Nov 17, 1921 Lula D. Harrison at Waco TX no ch he d Oct
       1964 Waco TX

304. William Boone Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
        No data than earlier in this document

       305. Edward Wilson Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
       b. Feb 4, 1859 d Aug 4, 1926 at Houston TX
       533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr b. June 5, 1892 Houston TX
       305 md 2 Oct 2, 1901 Margaret Carlyle at Toronto Canada. If ch by this union unknown.

       306. James Pulski Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
       b. Mar 11, 1861 d Jan 15, 1900 age 39

       307. Lula Ellen Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
       b. Jan 30, 1863 d Sept 4, 1943 Vernon, TX md June 19, 1888 Sherman, TX James N. Johnson
       534. Mary Isora Johnson b Feb 16, 1891 Hillsboro TX d July 21, 1951 Amarillo TX md June 2, 1931 Kansas City
       MO Guy Donald Stephens - no ch
       535. Minnie Claire Johnson b Dec 26, 1893 md Frederick Elliott
       536. Rose       b & d Nov 29, 1897
       537. Lily       b & d Nov 29, 1897 (twins)

308. Minnie Eliza Marrs (153. James Francis Marrs)
        b. June 10,1865 no data on her or her bro 309 Rowan Norton than earlier in this document.

310. Samuel T. Marrs (156. Azariah King Marrs)
       md Cassie Back
       538. Gortie Marrs       md Ab Fitts, Ft. Worth TX
                           st               nd
       539, Mona        m 1 a Poindexter, 2 Dr. Pipes, doctor of Kid Key College, Denton, TX
       540. Autie Maud         md Mr. Brindley, son of S.E. Brindley of mansfield, Tarrant Co TX
       541. Maggie      md Dutch Myers, a former football coach at TCU at Ft. Worth
       542. Eula, Eulalia?     md Wylie C. Turner

311. Silas Thompson Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
         b. Oct 13, 1861 Edmonton KY md Marrion Moly Loyd
         543. Cecil Marrs b 18895 md Lora Richardson, he was a Baptist minister
         544. Ruel Marrs b. 1897 md Mary Jane Trice
         545. Loucelle Marrs b 1903 md E. Witt Ardmore, OK

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                43
        546. Louise Marrs b 1908 single, a nurse in Oklahoma City OK

        312. Nancy G. Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
        b. Nov 28, 1872 Edmonton KY b Feb 11, 1863 md Charles Kinnaird, lived at Chicasha OK
        547. A. Charles Kinnaird, Jr b 1895 d Mansfield TX
        548. Naomi Irene        b. 1897 d 1923 md E. Rigden

313. Samuel Obediah Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
       b May 13, 1867 md Gertrude Smith. “Obie” was a Dr and lived in Chichasha OK
       549. Larue (dau) Marrs b. 1896

314. Naomie S. “Sudie” Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
       b. 1870 KY md J. Alleson she d 1896

        315. William G. Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
        b Feb 18, 1872 Edmonton KY md Nannie Ballard lived in Pauhuska OK
        550. Buford Marrs b. 1900
        552. Orin Marrs b. 1903 md May Carey at San Pedro CA
        552. Clifford Marrs     b. 1906 md Odess Brandon and lived at Pauhuska OK

316. James King Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
       b. May 13, 1865 Edmonton KY Metcalfe Co d Apr 1947 Galveston TX. md 1896 Eulalia “Eula” Ralston b Jul 27,
       1876 Waller Co TX d 1918 Galveston TX bur Hubbard TX dau of Marha Julia Doffan and William George
       553. James King Marrs, Jr.     b. Mar 19, 1897
       554. George Ralston Marrs      b. Jan 18, 1889
       555. Helen Marrs       b. Oct 24, 1901
       556. Frances Marrs     b. Apr 19, 1910
       557. Mary Jane Marrs b. Feb 25, 1914 Abilene TX

317. Henry Clay Marrs (157. Samuel Henry Marrs)
       b. Nov 28, 1874 md Mary Williamson and d 1900 he was a Baptist minister

318. Sarah Turner Marrs (159. Richard Franklin Marrs)
        b. 1850 md William T. Gentry she d Sept 7, 1869. he b Oct 29, 18?? d Jan 23, 1902 Monroe Co KY md 2 her
        sister Laura Belle

319. Mary Thomas Marrs (159. Richard Franklin Marrs)
       b. Aug 27, 1852 d July 12, 1922 Monroe Co KY md Sept 8, 1870 Tolbert Smith Pitcock b Sept 20, 1848 Monroe
       Co KY d June 21, 1941 Monroe Co KY
       558. Edgar Pitcock b Nov 28, 1871 d Dec 19, 1916 md Apr 4, 1895 Lydia Marshall no ch
       559. Eva Pitcock        b. Feb 2, 1876 d Nov 20, 1906 md Dennis Edmund Davis
       561. Avery Pitcock      b. Aug 29, 1883 d June 23, 1918 md Ada Page
       562. Hughey Pitcock     b. May 16, 1887 d June 18, 1906 age 19

320. Laura Belle Marrs (159. Richard Franklin Marrs)
        b. Feb 13, 1856 d Oct 8, 1911 Monroe Co KY. md Apr 3, 1873 to her sister former husband who was now a
        widower after her sister died in 1869 - 5yrs before - William T. Gentry.
        563. Zadus Gentry        b. Jan 8, 1875 d Feb 23, 1875
        564. Sarah Gentry        b. Oct 11, 1876 d young
        565. Eva Ellen Gentry b. June 13, 1878 md Bruce Evan Biggerstaff
        566. Eena Dell           b. Feb 2, 1883 md Lorenzo Randolf Rush

321. Williiam Levi Marrs (159. Richard Franklin Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                44
       b. Apr 10, 1854 md Mary Ellen Payne he d May 3, 1909 she d Nov 2, 1921 and b Feb 5, 1855
       567. Maud Marrs b Feb 4, 1885 md. Jefferson Jesse Comer
       568. Frank Marrs        b. Oct 15, 1880 md May 7, 1946 he was a doctor
       569. Fred Payne Marrs b. May 18, 1882 md Eula Franklin
       570. Julia Pearl Marrs b. Aug 4, 1879 md Thomas N. Web
       571. William Faunus Marrs b. July 17, 1883 md Verna Pearl Davis
       572. Mary Alice Marrs b. Dec 28, 1886 md Elmer McCreary
       573. Pernie Glade Marrs         b. Aug 1, 1890 md Ralph Ashton Cherry
       574. Mettie Ellen Marrs b. Apr 6, 1892 md John Arvid Carlson
       575. Herman Levi b. Apr 6, 1892 md Maud Christine Laughlin

321. William Levi Marrs (159. Richard Franklin Marrs)
        b. Apr 10, 1854 Clemetsville, TN md Feb 24, 1878 Monroe Co. KY to Mary Ellen Payne. He d May 3, 1909
        Thompkinsville KY at the Hospital. bur Bethleham cem on May 4, 1909. She d Nov 25, 1920 at home of son Dr.
        John Frank Marrs, Tompkinsville, KY bur Nov 26 Bethlehem cem dau of Julia (Ferguson) and John Payne.

323. John Crittenden Chism (166. Emilie Virgina Marrs)
        b. Feb 8, 1864 d Jan 8, 1950 md Dec 3, 1890 Violet Harriet Bush and they migrated to Nebraska from Kentucky
        in 1885, not his parents, as indicated earlier in this document.
        576a. Mable Ola Chism b Oct 14, 1894
        576. Ralph Asa Chism b. Oct 30, 1897 md Jessie Ann Graham Dec 1, 1917
        no more on 324 Chism to 334 Chism (166. Emilie Virginia Marrs)

       335. Ada Grindstaff (169. Pheny Vaughn)
       md Josh Combs res Tompkinsville KY

       336. Warren Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       md 1852 Catherine Palmer in Larwell IN
       577. Clyde A. Marrs    b. Aug 9, 1880 d Apr 20, 1963 md Ruth V. Brown md 2 Bea Daniels
       578. Neva Marrs        b.
       579. John Marrs
       580. Harley Marrs
       581. Carl Marrs
       582. Grace Marrs

       337. Mary Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       md George Knox
       583. Ray Knox
       584. Alva Knox
       585. Lela Knox
       586. Jesse Knox md Mr. Bishop

       338. Anna Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       b. 1856 d. 1872 age 16

       339. Franklin Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       b. Whitley Co IN md Amy Rebecca Bryan Dec 24, 1879, b Shelby Co Ohio
       587. Roscoe R. Marrs b. July 6, 19’880 IN d May 22, 1884 Sidney OH
       588. Otto Franklin Marrs        b. Dec 28, 1881 IN
       589. Ralph Lee Marrs b. Dec 17, 1885 OH d Aug 27, 1970
       590. Fanny Isabelle Marrs       b. Feb 24, 1888 Meade Co KS d Sept 16, 1932
       591. Dessie Dell Marrs b. Jan 2, 1890 Meade Co KS
       592. Edna Edith Marrs b. Jan 6, 1892 Meade Co KS d. June 23, 1970 Bard NM
       593. Walter Warren Marrs        b. Nov 10, 1894 Meade Co KS d May 9, 1964
       594. Lela Marrs b. May 28, 1897 Meade Co KS

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               45
        595. Chester I. Marrs    b. Mar 22, 1900 Meade Co KS

340. Edna Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       md Loyal Wingard
       596. Harry W. Wingard b Nov 7, 1885

        341. Alva Marrs (178. John Marrs)
        b. Apr 9, 1866 d 1942 md Jessie Sapinton on Dec 16, 1888. he b 1867 d 1932
        597. Alva Frank Sapington b Dec 22, 1894 d Feb 25, 1959 md Edna B
        598. Inez Sapington     md Clee Younce
        599. Jake Sapington     md Bessie

342. Mattie Marrs (178. John Marrs)
       b. Jan 7, 1869 d Dec 29, 1951 md Henry Brennamon
       600. Fanny Brennamon md Tyler
       601. Ruby Brennamon md Berk Clinkscale
       602. Ruth Brennamon
       603. Orda Brennamon

        343. Reeder Marrs (179. Berry Marrs)
        no data to 344 Arthur Marrs

        345. Syrenna Bryan, who md 183 Josiah Marrs and her family to 351 William D Bryan

        352. Emma Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
        b 1861 not md d Feb 20, 1882 age 21

        352. Minnie Mae Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
        b. 1864 md Noah Martin. She had a club foot and d May 10, 1945. In 1935, Mae was nearly blind and later her
        husband was too.
        604. Arby Martin

        Letter from Carrie Marrs Walters (Dan’s note: from the letter, she’s obviously a granddaughter of Acre Marrs
-180- but can’t determine which of that family is her dad. Probably Samuel Jesse Marrs -356, as he was the only boy in
that family.) of R#1, Box 61, Tawas City MI, 48763 July 1973
        Dear Betty and Leon: Enjoyed your letter, sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I’m sending you a list of
        my family but I may never get the right dates. I wrote to Bub - that’s my bro. Floyd - he is such a good guy, have
        never known him to say any bad words and always helping down and out people. He took the place of my Dad
        B he was only 11 years old at that time and I think he lost his childhood and went right to being an adult and head
        of the family. We were so poor even the mice stayed away. I look back and realize we had something money
        could never buy. My Ma was very strict. We couldn’t to other homes much, but she let all the neighborhood kids
        come to our house. We always had lots of fun and we were taught to share chores, etc. We were also taught
        manners, a thing that seems to be non-existent now adays. My brother Birdie .. Paul .. Was and still is a fun
        loving good natured nut - always getting away with murder. He was little and cute. When I was 7 and he was 10,
        people took us for twins, as far as size. The two boys are as different as nite and day. They have drifted away
        from each other, but they find out about each other thru me. I’m a big old thing .. big boned like my Dad’s sisters.
        I remember them as big women, but that could be thru my child’s eyes. One sister came and stayed a few weeks
        when Dad died, but I don’t know if it was Eva or Nan. The next few years Aunt Bet and Uncle Fletcher Pepper
        used to come visit but they lost interest when they realized the couldn’t control my mother. I think in about the
        early >30's Arby Martin, Aunt Mae’s boy
        , came to visit and I thought he was purely wonderful. He had won an Irish sweepstakes ticket and he came to S.
        Haven to look at the electric organs at Everett Piano. He played like nothing I’ve ever heard. That’s when I got
        my organ bug. Later about 1935, he came again and bro’t Mae, she was nearly blind. Later, she and her
        husband were both blind. Arby always took care of them. He was a bit sisyish, we tho’t at the time B he baked
        pumpkin pies out of this world. He could do more things like a woman, not because of being sisy, but because of
        his devotion and care of his parents. I think he died when he was about 42 years of age. Do you know about

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   46
        Marie Walters, Sublette, Kansas? (Dan’s note: Marie Walters was the daughter of 355 Nancy Marrs - I think,
        although she married a Grangwer, so Marie must have married a Walters. If not, additional research needs to be
        done on this linkage) She’s my first cousin, but I don’t know Nan’s or Eva’s girl. We were coming back from a 3
        month laze in Arizona came thru Kansas on the way back. We looked her up. Her husband Virgil came to the
        door - it was Easter and they had company. I will never forget it. It’s funny now, but not then. I was black as 2
        Mexicans and my hair was very dark brown and glossy. I guess I did look like a Mexican at that. Anyway, I
        asked to see Marie and he tho’t I was some kind of imposter ... and a Mexican to boot. I said who my Dad was
        and told them about their two sons who at the time had never seen green grass. Finally Marie came to the door,
        along with all their company, listening to me explain and explain. She had forgotten there was a girl - me. But
        then the royal red carpet was literally rolled out. What a good time we had; Mike, my husband, had sat in the car
        during the whole thing and he tho’t I was kooky trying to make them give in and accept me. I think she’s still alive,
        but Virgil is dead. I think that all happened in 1953. I can’t keep things straight, we’ve been to Arizona and other
        western states so many times. My I have really run on. I told Mike I feel so rich, finding someone from my Dad’s
        people to get acquainted with. Hope to hear from you again. (This is just a portion of the letter she wrote ...
        doesn’t sound like she was the one who wanted to quit writing us and we miss her letters of news of the Marrs
        family. Maybe one day she’ll contact us once again. We’ll be hoping.)

354. Betsy “Bessie” Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
        b. Feb 14, 1869 md Fletcher Pepper         she d 1964 no more data

355. Nancy Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
       b. Nov 26, 1871 d Mar 28, 1962 md Ned S. Grangwer
       605. Marie Grangwer md Virgil
       606. Edna       res Logansport IN

356. Samuel Jesse Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
       b June 21, 1874 d Mar 31, 1928 md Edith Irene Trowgridge. He was b at Polo MI
       (Here is the first very 1 letter we rec’ from their dau Carrie Marrs Walters of R#1, Box 61H, Tawas City MI
               Dear Mr. and Mrs Marrs (May 5, 1973)
               I found your article in an old magazine in a laundermat. I can’t help you with your book you are looking
               for, but I’m a MARRS. I’ll explain the little I know. I have a blue and white woven coverlet with Shelby Co
               OH and I think the date was either 1881 or 1883. The story about it is that my grandmother raised
               sheep, she carded the wool and spun it, dyed it blue and then had it woven. It is a sort of snowflake
               design. Reversible. Across the ends are houses. My father was Samuel Jesse Marrs from Indiana. His
               mother was Elizabeth Deweese. I do not know his fathers name. I am named after her. My father died
               Mar 28, 1928. I was 7 at the time. His mother died about the same time I was born. I think? My father
               had 4 sisters, Nan, Eva, Betsy md Pepper, Mae md Martin - I can’t remember their last names. After my
               father’s death, his family sort of lost track of us. I expect they are all gone by now. I have 2 brothers,
               Floyd Alfred Marrs, 422 Cherry St, So. Haven, Michigan and Paul Edwin Marrs, Pleasant Valley, New
               York. I think my father was born 1873 or maybe 1874. I do know it was June 21. He was md to my
               mother, Edith Irene Trowbridge, of Ionia County, Mich. for about 12 or 13 years. He died of cancer. Do
               you think perhaps that we are related? Even remotely? It’s rather fun to find out about our backgrounds.
               I have a picture of my father when he was a boy - shows his father, mother and sisters in front of an old,
               old log house - part log. Not very clear, tho’ (she sent so we could have a copy made - it is good)_ I also
               have his child size rocking chair and his cup when he was 7 (we got pictures of this as well as the
               coverlet mentioned above). I remember him as a gentle, kind and loving man. He was 6ft 2 and slim. I
               still miss him and I’m 52 now. Perhaps I will hear from you. Signed Carrie Elizabeth Marrs. Mrs.
               Michael Marrs.

                Portions of another letter Aug 9, 1973: We got out a map, but I couldn’t find your town. Mike told me I
                was blind, as there it was. But the idiot .. it was in Illinois. So where are you?? Wish it would be near
                Mich border. My Ma’s family used to go to Kendalville, IN for Trowbridge reunions, but I have lost track
                of them - probably all gone now. I have to wear ritzy ole clod hopper oxfords with a brace inside. The
                last pair aren’t holding me up and I’m in a lot of pain all the time, so I expect I’ll have to get new ones
                made. They cost, along with Dr. office calls a fortune. Can’t wear pretty shoes at all, but they wouldn’t
                look so well with my worn out blue jeans. Ha!!! I’ve had problems all my live with my joints, but last few
                years it has become worse. Bursitus and writus and wrists, shoulder, fingers and hands. It comes and
                goes .. depends how much I use things like a hammer, shovel, etc. Now that the house is nearly done,

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   47
               it is letting up some what. I was born with very weak muscles .. all over, not just feet. That’s also why I
               don’t have children. Doctor told me when I was first married that the muscles were too weak to hold.
               Can’t miss someone I never had, right? Glad you understand about me and religion. I expect someday
               it will happen all by itself. I really hope it will but I can’t lie about it. About Billy Graham .. I always listen
               to him on TV. He really explains things. Who knows.. I may get with it thru him. Bye for now, love Carrie
               . P.S. we enjoy your letters - write us soon) Another letter written Aug 27, 1973 - portions of it:
               Dear Betty, it’s 1:30 a.m wee hours. Another of my sleepless nites. So if this is disjointed.. just consider
               the source and time!!! It’s so aggravating to be so tired and not be able to sleep. I get good nite out of 3,
               usually. First I rec’d the old, old picture back today. Thank you. I’d hated to have it lost in the mails.
               Other than knowing the in it are my dad and his 5 sisters (one whose name I never knew .. think she died
               young) and his ma at the corner of his house and his father with the beard. My dad is standing on a chair
               by the door. He was supposed to have been 7 or so. As to where it was, I have no way of finding out. I
               know my brothers don’t know. The front part made with hewn logs. The rest is clapboard. Must have
               been quite a house back then. I took snapshots of the coverlet and Dad’s rocker. Black and white film.
               Still a lot of film to use on that one yet so it will probably be ages before I get around to finishing it. (She
               did, though and we now have it). Leon is a handsome man! Don’t tell him or he’ll get the big-head. Ha.
               Your children are a fine lot. I get a bit mixed up yet as to their ages. Going to make a notebook and put
               things in it about you and your family so I can remember and sort everyone out. I look forward to hearing
               from you. Maybe you all could come up some time. Love Carrie.
               letter written Oct 9, 1973 - wee small hours - again can’t sleep. You’re quite the artist! The sketch really
               looks like my dad. THANK YOU so much. Also, the coat of arms snapshot. Imagine, I’m from royalty.
               Unbelievable. I never go to weddings if I can get out of them or funerals. Argued with myself right up to
               the time about going to my mother’s. Didn’t think I could bear to see her dead. But once there, it was
               OK. She looked about 40 years old and so pretty and peaceful. I’ve fought and won so far on funerals
               on Mike’s side I get in a lot of hot water, but I stand firm. I’d really like to hear about Leon’s sisters
               sometime when you write. Really enjoy your letters and Mike does too. Some of the people I write to ..
               he doesn’t even read their letters, but yours he reads, sometimes before I do. If he goes to the mailbox.
               So that’s a big gold star for you. Write soon, love Carrie.

               Another letter July 17, 1973. Think about you often and rec’d your letter today so am not going to let
               another day go by without answering. Mike is a fishing nut - goes nearly everyday year around. He
               retired because he has emphysema and we having difficulty breathing. Up here, the air is clean and
               fresh. He still huffs and puffs, but works like a horse. He was 62 and now he’s 68, will be 69 Sept 1973
               (at this writing, he is 70). We came here in 1970 and started building our home here on 3 acres. So if we
               are not building, we are gardening, canning, freezing or getting firewood. I love to swim and ski and do
               both up here. I was 40 before I learned to snow ski. I also like bicycle and I’m a nut over it, do about 13
               miles last time out. I like to go by myself. So now I guess you’re getting some idea of what kind of a
               kooky cousin you’ve unearthed.! Write again soon, Carrie.

               Portions of another letter Dec 11, 1973: I have several nieces and I hit it off with Birdie’s son Steve
               Marrs. Nov. 8, 1973 - My grandparents came to Ionia Co Michigan in a covered wagon and were
               pioneers. I’ve been to the land but the log cabin was gone. Have heard many good stories. They’re all
               gone now. Just a few cousins left and I never see them.
               March 16, 1974: Birdie’s son, Steve is a car nut too. Think he hopes to have his own shop. He has a
               couple of small foreign cars plus both Birdie and he have Hondas.
               Jan. 7, 1974: Bub has a big family with all 5 girls married and 4 grandchildren and another expected in
               July - the one in Arizona.

               (We miss her letters coming - usually about 12 pages each one, so that is why portions put down here)

       607. Floyd Alfred Marrs b Oct 29, 1916 Polo MI md Catherine Smith
       608. Paul Edwin Marrs b. Jan 31, 1918 Belding MI md Alice Bernath
       609. Carrie Elizabeth Marrs     b. Mar 21, 1921 Ionia MI md Michael Walters

357. Eva Marrs (180. Acre Marrs)
       b. Aug 10, 1862 d Sept 5, 1937 md Mr. Rinehart

       358. Jennie Marrs (182. David Marrs)
       no data on this family to 369, Charley Marrs (182. David Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    48
       370. Cora B. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       b. Dec 11, 1868 md Frank Williamson - no more data
       371. Dellie Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       b. May 30, 1870 d. Feb 20, 1961 md John Burch
       616. Leona Burch

       372. Edgar O. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       b. May 14, 1872 d May 12, 1960 md Lida Whitmer bur Graceland cemetary in Sidney Ohio. He md 2 Jennie
       610. Eugene C. Marrs b Jan 21, 1905
       611. Joseph A Marrs b Feb 11, 1900 md Ruth Catherine Paul div md 2 Lureen
       612. Edna A. Marrs b Apr 14, 1907
                                                                  nd                   rd
       613. Lucille C. Marrs b Nov 1, 1912 md Joseph K.Clinggman 2 Valentine W. Baab 3 , Walter J. Jurgeleit
       614. Mary L. Marrs b Apr 13, 1902
       615. Paul William Marrs b Oct 19, 1910

       374. Bessie M. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       B. Sept 26, 1879, d. May 12, 1880

       373. Walter W. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       b. Feb 6, 1865 d July 10, 1910 Sidney Ohio md Emma Stevenson
               (We visited their son’s settlement east of Sidney and on St Rd 29, just a short way from the Marrs
               graveyard beside road. [Samuel and Betsy Marrs Pepper]. At that time we couldn’t connect, but since
               then we have. That was a good time they showed us their home - a new one - John and his wife have
               one son and brother Chester was there with his wife too. They have no ch. John was a farmer and well
               known in Sidney. Walter’s middle name was Walton. He was only 45 years of age at his death.
                       Sidney Ohio - 65 miles nnw of Columbus, Ohio. 1 settlement 1810. Incorporated 1819.
                       Chartered as a city 1897 - population in 1910 6,607.
       616a. Chester Marrs
       616b. John

       375. Louie E. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       b. Sept 8, 1881 md Bertha Fish no issue - he is the one who sent data for Marrs Allied Families to 4 sisters in

376. Elmer N. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
        b. Feb 16, 1885 d May 22, 1972. Md Cora Weber
        617. Charles Richard “Dick” Marrs
        618. Stanley Marrs
        619. George Marrs

               Letter from 617 Sgt C. R. Marrs, Florida Highway Patrol, Box 220 Riverside Station, Miami FL 33135,
               sent in 1973. He lives in Ft Lauderdale. We called him while we were on vacation there in the Hilton
               (owned by Westinghouse) on the Galt mile.
               Dear Leon: Just a note to let you know that we haven’t forgotten you folks. We enjoyed hearing from
               you. The information you sent us is priceless, even though I haven’t had the time to really read all of it.
               Enclosed is some photostats of our family. Some of the dates of death are missing, but I believe you can
               put it all together because from what I read, it fits like a jigsaw puzzle. I’m sorry the photostats did not
               come out better. Since I talked to you on the phone, this place has been busy. We have had the Orange
               Bowl festivities, Parade, Bowl game, a riot, and a terrible plane disaster and we had to work all of it.
               Maybe in a few days things will slow and get back to normal. Our family are all doing well and staying
               busy. I haven’t seen Stanley or heard from him for a couple of weeks, but we will get together soon and
               compare notes. We received a Christmas card from John and Mickey Marrs, Sidney Ohio. (we’ve met
               them too, Leon) and they are OK, even though Mickey had a heart problem. I think I have everyone
               named right on the picture, I hope so. Let us know what happens when you start putting this information

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  49
               with what you already have. I feel it will fill quite a gap that you have been looking for. Sure hope you
               and your family are in the best of health and we wish for you a prosperous New Year. Dick and Adeline
377. Ada F. Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)
       No more data on this family to 379 Tina Marrs (183. Josiah Marrs)

        380. Clara Zerbe (184. Annie Marrs)
        no data on this family to 384 Lizzie Zerbie (184. Annie Marrs)

        384b. Ensign Mitchell Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b. 1852 md Feb 28, 1878 Callie Dorn. He d Oct 26, 1903
        618a. Jessie E. Marrs md a Mr. Shiflett

        384c. Emory Franklin Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b. 18855 d 1944 Graceland cemetary Sidney Ohio or Cedar Pt cem. Md Sept 11, 1879 Jennie Key b 1856 d
        1951 dau of John and Anna (Rinehart) Key
        619a. Myrtle Marrs b. 1880 d 1938 Cedar Point cem Pasco Ohio
        619b. Emory B. Marrs b. 1884 d 1966 Cedar Point cem Pasco Ohio
        619c. Anna Marrs        md. Clarence Shoyer
        619d. Fatima Marrs      md Harry Johnston

384d. Elizabeth Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        md. Samuel Dorn

        384e. Ella (Eleanor Jane) Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b. 1857

        384f. Nettie Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b 1861

        384g. Mary Margaret Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b 1864 md Jonas Valentine
        619e. Clyde B. Valentine

        384h. Emoretta Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b 1867

        384i. Roxena Experience Marrs (187. William Marrs)
        b 1853 md a Mr. Doren
        619f. James F Doren

        385. Evert Franklin Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
        b. July 23, 1882 Champaign Co Illinois d Dec 27, 1970 Columbus Hospital in Columbus IN. Had been staying at
        the home one of his daus Edna at that time. Had just ended his stay with Doris, another dau. They took turns the
        last year of his life. Before that, Doris was the one from the time Mom (Evert’s wife, Grace) died to see her
        father’s needs daily. She is a faithful dau. All the children are fine people and a fine family for their closeness.
        Md Oct 7, 1906 Grace Delista Baxter, b May 2, 1889, member of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in our
        neighborhood. Dad helped with the 1 one built here - a log Church, designed by my sister-in-law, Alice Marrs,
        who was an inspiration to everyone, even now, though she has been with the Lord sinde Dec 1934. Dad was yet
        a kid at heart, for while they were putting mud between the logs, he and the men got in a playful mud fight every
        once in a while. I bet they were a pretty sight to behold. Mom d Nov 21, 1949, from a stroke she’d had just a
        week before. She was so cheerful up to the end when she finally went into a coma in the night in her sleep. She
        had been preparing a big dinner the night she had the stroke and never got to eat of the food she had prepared
        with loving hands for her family she loved so dearly and always felt good to be able to prepare them meals and
        have them all once again at her table. She loved life so very much and it showed in her daily walk with the Lord.
        Her eyes glistened, even though she was in bad health, she did her utmost to hide it so the children would come

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   50
       around and not feel they were a burden to her, for indeed, they were never a burden in her mother’s heart. She
       was the finest Christian Lady I ever knew and I know her prayers as well as that of her daughters are still being
       answered. That
        ‘s the kind of close walk here with God they lived. Dad, too, finally the last year gave himself to the Lord, so now
       he too is dwelling with the Savior and his beloved wife, son and daughter gone on before him. To this we ever
       more give the Praise to His name, for soon, He will call us home, the ones of us in Christ who are yet walking the
       pilgrim journey preparing our way with Christ in us to help in all things that confront us. For now, Dad, Mom, Alice
       and Orville’s bodies are in Knightridge cem one day to return for them and be transformed in Glorified bodies
       liked the Lord Jesus Christ. When he returns for His church (all those born again and sins forgiven) Orville
       Raymond died of Whooping Cough and pneumonia Nov 24, 1916 and Alice just a few days before Christmas
       year being 1934 Dec 15. This was another time of grief for Mom and Dad. Alice d of T.B. had been invalid for 5
       years. The night before she went to be with her Lord and Savior, she called all the family to her bedside and
       made each one tell her they would meet her in Heaven. There are only a few more to go to give their life to the
       Lord and I’m sure they will do so before it is too late. Thanksgiving Day wasn’t the same, but we gathered around
       Dad and all brought food to share the day with him. Mom just over at Knightridge (that is her body only), it is
       different without her and lonely too, for Dad sure missed her so deeply, as we all did and still do. When the
       children were little, she would take a rubber boot of Dad’s and make imprints on the roof if there was snow and
       tell the children next morn that ole St. Nick had been there for sure. They saw 2 sons and a son-in-law go off to
       WWII and the Lord brought them safely back home to her. I can remember after I married Leon, we would spend
       weekends with them and I could never getup the next morning without finding Dad had played some prank on
       me, such as putting walnuts in my stockings or shoes B Never will I forget the time they butchered the pigs and
       that evening when I about to retire for the night of rest - low and behold there in the doorway was that awful pig’s
       head sticking up from a big tub looking right at me B that Leon and Dad had put it there and you guessed it -
       scared me scared B you’d better believe it. I could have crowned them right there, you’d of thought they’s
       knowed better doing such a trick - me a city gal. Reason it was even scarier no electric light, they yet had oil
       lamps until around 1947 or 8 did the electric lights come into being at the Marrs home. What a blessed day it was
       when Mom turned on the switch and got electricity for the first time. My, she was thrilled and so very thankful.
       Dad sure was a cute baby, we have his baby picture too, thanks to sis Doris. And their war ration books during
       WWII our son gave them to us when he moved in on the homeplace in 1971. He is buying it from sis Edna. They
       always went up to Snoddy corner to get their mail, but I believe it was moved down in front of their home in 1948.
       Mom had to wash clothes back in the ole spring for years, so it was a long time through the woods and west of
       them that was something our generation doesn’t have to do. They got a well dug just a very short while before
       Mom died, so she wasn’t thrilled, but it wasn’t a good one to support their needs. Today, 1975, it is no more the
       - the casing broke while Dad was alive 3 or 4 times and had to be pulled. Now it is useless. They also carried
       water from where now Lee Hardin family live, but then it was the Bud Brown place. I carried a few buckets for
       Mom myself when Leon and I moved in with them a few months till our home got enclosed enough to move in 2
       rooms of the 4 at that time. Now we have 9 rooms. Mom’s parents were William Baxter and Mahalia Francis
       Head Baxter. Mahalia came here with her parents by covered wagon when she was around 9, which would be
       1863, if 9, but probably a little earlier, because the Civil War was in 1862, so maybe it was 1861 when they came
       west. Hope to find out one day for sure. She may have been 7. Mom did a lot of gardening and canning of her
       labors and my how good a cook she was. Her canned food was out of this world and I know her children miss her
       homecooking as much as us in-laws (out-laws!! Ha ha). We were their children too and it really was a good
       feeling being part of the family. Dad worked at the local creosote plant here for 30 some odd years and walked
       back and forth - rain, sleet and snow. He retired from there and he missed that boiler room very much .. it had
       been part of his life for too long. The Marrs have been here since before 1889 and now we have 3 acres to
       continue on and our oldest son is buying 5 acres for his family. It is the homeplace where Leon was born in.
       Before the present house, with the hip roof, they lived in the original log cabin, but when Edna was little a tornado
       came through here and really tore this ridge up, including the old log cabin (Dan’s note: Leo Marrs, my dad, was
       born in that cabin in 1899) so they had to build again. More could be mentioned here, but I feel I am not doing
       justice to them and know that the children could do a better job. So until then, hope this will do.
       620. Edith Hester Marrs b Mar 1, 1907
       621. Alice Leona Marrs b. May 26, 1910 d Dec 15, 1934 Knightridge cem
       622. William Greenup Marrs           b. Jan 14, 1913
       623. Orville Raymond Marrs           b. Aug 2, 1915 d Nov 24, 1916 Knightridge cem
       624. Ralph Edgar Marrs               b. Sept 29, 1917
       625. Edna Louise                     b. Feb 11, 1920
       626. Doris Lucille Marrs             b. May 18, 1922
       627. Evert Leon Marrs                b. July 29, 1924
       628. Erma Grace Marrs                b. Apr 25, 1927

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  51
386. Edna Julia (I think) Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
       b Aug 30, 1888 md Carroll Hoppes of Ames IA. Lived till he d in Los Angeles, CA. She then moved to Arkansas
       City KS in about 1966 to be by her brother, Leo Marrs and his family. Res 116 2 Plaza Apts, Arkansas City KS
       67005. Her brother lives R#1. She still is homesick for California. She wrote me letter containing the following:
       May 7, 1974 - Dear Betty and Leon: I’m afraid I can’t tell you very much about Roxanna Mitchell. All I know was
       grandfather Wm Marrs’ 1 wife. Among the children was Ensign Marrs, he must have died young. Aunt Lydia
       Marrs Deever was a dau. I never saw her - they lived some place in Illinois. This was the only aunt I ever heard
       them to speak of, other children must have died young. Only one who could of helped is now dead - Charles
       Allen, Betsy’s son. He died several years ago in Florida
       629. baby Hoppes b and d at or before birth

        387. Henry Elsworth Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
        b 1890 d July 1933 in Los Angeles Calif. never married. Edna gave us some pictures of him. He was his own
        worst enemy by liking the bottle too well, Aunt Edna his sister said.

388. Mercy Pearl Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
       b May 30, 1893 Decatur Illinois md August Victor Nelson, b Dalarno Sweden in May 12, 1892. He came to
       United States when he was a year old and was an American citizen by the time he was 2. In those days, when
       the men of the family took out naturalization papers, his wife and children under 21 automatically became
       citizens. Donawayne, their dau, wrote that her mother was born when all the flags were flying, being Memorial
       Day and the day she died, the flags were all at half mast because of the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Both
       died same day, June 6, 1968, a week after her 75 birthday, and Vic, Daddy, died after a lengthy illness in May,
       1952, a wee after his 60 birthday. They are buried at Rose Hills cemetery. Mama and Daddy met through
       Uncle Henry (Slim), they were best friends. When Aunt Edna married Uncle Hopp, Aunt Bertha sent for mama to
       come out and live with her. Aunt Bertha’s marriage to Byron Lomas was always off and on and she was fighting
       a losing battle with T.B., so they moved a lot. When they moved to So. Calif, Uncle Slim boarded with them. My
       dad was his foreman and I guess responsible for Uncle Slim (Henry) learning the carpenter’s trade. Aunt Bertha
       always needed money, so Daddy came to board there too. I’m surprised they didn’t all get TB, but only Mama
       did. As far as I could find out, mama and daddy didn’t even date. However, when Aunt Bertha died, Mama had
       to return to live with Aunt Meck and Uncle Lon Richman. When Uncle Slim told daddy how miserably unhappy
       she was, daddy said he’d marry her if she was willing. Actually, Daddy was a catch for Mama. He was a big
       handsome man with a trade and she was a sickly little thing who had been kicked around a lot. They had a
       stormy marriage which my arrival didn’t improve, but they couldn’t get along without each other. They were
       married Sept 11, 1913 and I came along Oct 10, 1914. Daddy worked for Paramount Pictures for more than 30
       years and never worked it a steady job. He and mama bought their property on Bonnie Beach in 1918. There
       was an old house on the rear of the lot and when they paid off their mortgage, they took out another one and
       Daddy built a new house in front, and when mama died, I sold it. ( Her mother passed away in 1899 with T.B., so
       that made Pearl only 6 yrs of age at that time and that is why Donawayne mentioned her being kicked around a
       lot. Her mother, Kansas, before she died worried over her children and was trying to find kinfolk to take her
       children in before they were separated brothers and sisters as they grew up) I know from a letter of Mercy Marrs
       March that Aunt Pearl also stayed with them and helped with her grandmothe, Mary Jane Sunderland Corns
       Marrs before she died in 1906, Pearl being age 13 at her death in Decatur. The letter is under Mercy March’s)
       630. Donawayne Nelson b Oct 10, 1914 md George Tanner

        389. Ira Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
        b & d Iantha MO

        390. Paul Wampler Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
                                                   nd                      st                              nd
        b 1984 d Sanford Florida bur there with 2 wife Aunt Clover. Md 1 Lela ch by her and 2 adopted by 2 . We had
        a wonderful visit there in the early 50's. Dad Marrs (Evert), Doris and husband John Mitchner and dau Sonnie,
        went down too. We got to go to Daytona Beach and new Symyrna Beach on the ocean. Too, we went into
        Sanford and shopped come. Uncle Paul had a banana tree growing in yard. Also told us not to walk too much in
        the marshy yard for alligators was around. We met one of their adopted sons too while there. Can’t remember
        which one. He loved Mom Marrs so deeply and came up for her funeral, he was only 5 years younger then she
        and when she married Evert in 1906, he was only 12, so Mom took over caring for him. A letter about him

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 52
               On your Way - speed in Auto wash-Western Auto Wash 9 and Western Ave, Los Angeles Calif. To our
               Customers: we are more than pleased to announce PAUL MARRS has come with Western Autowash as
               Manager of Brake Department. As you doubtless know from experience brake specialists that really
               know all kinds of brakes, how to adjust them, how to reline them B how to give you the best possible
               brakes B are might hard to find. PAUL MARRS is such a man. He has been manager of a large brake
               shop in the east, employing seven men and doing a very large business and Paul adjusted ever set of
               brakes that left the shop. He has worlds of experience and has made a splendid name for himself. Paul
               has actually been with us for six weeks, but we have quiet about him until we ourselves were sure that
               he deserved his reputation. And we are not more that sure he does. Many customers have “discovered”
               Paul already and proclaim him to be “the best brake man in southern California.” We know for a fact he
               is at least one of the best. Paul is ably assisted by Bob Christianson and Carl Keith and the 3 of them
               make a team mighty hard to beat. Give your car and yourself a treat and let these boys give you real
               Brakes. You owe it to yourself as well as those who ride with you. Just one accident averted by good
               brakes will make you more than thankful PAUL MARRS is with us. Sincerely yours, Western Autowash.
               P.S. on this letter by his sister, Edna Marrs Hoppes follows: Evert, this was in the ad the Western Auto
               wash got out when Paul went to work for them. He is back in N.Y. now. He had such a good offer he
               could not afford to loose it. $65.00 a week and 5% after taking in $500. Carl Keith also worked with him
               in New York.

               A letter written by Donawayne Anna Nelson Tanner on Dec 5, 1975, she says: I can’t give you any dates
               concerning Uncle Paul and Aunt Lela. They were married very young and were two of the most beautiful
               people I’ve ever seen. Uncle Paul was over six feet tall and very dark. He had small feet, which
               embarrassed him so that he used to buy larger shoes and stuff the toes with toilet tissue paper. Uncle
               Henry (Slim) 387 - also had small feet and used to make me want to murder him when he put on my
               shoes to kid me. I wore 6 2 AAAA, so you know how small his feet were. Aunt Lela’s maiden name was
               Ford. She was almost six feet tall and got more beautiful as she got older. We loved her, but she sorta
               drifted away from us because of their divorce. She died in 1969 and never married until after Uncle Paul
               died. Their older girls is named Bertha Alice Marrs md a Nelson. She is about 58 yrs of age now. The
               other girl was named Marjorie Rose Marrs md a Duncan and I heard only 2 weeks ago that she died last
               January 10, 1975. She was about 55 years of age. Bertha called me two weeks ago to tell me that she
               and her husband were moving to Honolulu for 2 years. Her husband is taking charge of the Systems
               Auto Parks there. They have one son. Marjorie had 3 daus and one son. We are not close, since we’ve
               been older, but we’ve always known how to get in touch. More about Uncle Paul. My dad, who was
               pretty handy himself, said that Uncle Paul was one of the smartest men he ever knew. He said he could
               learn anything faster, then do it better than anyone else. He was a full-fledged engineer when he was
               only a boy. (Leon mentioned to me after reading this that he remembers something about Paul being an
               engineer and that he even traveled because of it - traveled to Argentina, South America. I’m putting this
               down here in hopes that someone who may read this can enlighten us about this and then we can put it
               down correctly. I know personally I admired him so much when I met him at Mom and Dad’s Marrs after
               we were married, that when our first child , a son, was born, we named him Paul after his Uncle Paul and
               his middle name Franklin after his grandfather -Leon’s Dad - Evert Franklin Marrs. I also know that he
               dearly loved Grace (Evert Marrs’ wife) and when she died, he cried so and told how he found happiness
               after Grace and Evert were married and she made a home for him as well and it was the first complete
               home since he had lost his mother Kansas with T.B. He was only 5 when she passed away. When
               Grace died in Nov 1949, he came up from Sanford Florida just to be able to be here for her funeral.
               (Dan’s Note: Leon Marrs told me that this was the first time my dad, Leo Marrs, had seen his brother
               Paul since they were all separated when Leo was a small child. Leon said that Leo cried he was so
               happy to see Paul. This was also the last time that Leo and Paul saw each other.) Truthfully, everyone
               who came in contact with this dear lady, Grace Delista Baster Marrs, loved her. Paul and Aunt Clover
               sent us from Sanford Florida our son Paul’s first baby bed.
       631. Marjorie Rose “Marge” Marrs        d Jan 10, 1975
       632. Bertha Alice Marrs res Hawaii in 1975
       md 2 Clover () Marrs and then adopted 2 boys
       633. Bob Marrs
       634. Jack Marrs

       391. Leo Raymond Marrs (192. Greenup Marrs)
       b. Jan 8, 1899 Bloomington IN homeplace, log cabin. md Mildred Mullett, dau of Vela Vesta Ayers and William G.
       Mullett. They live on farm in Arkansas City KS, R#1. It was a dairy farm as well until he retired. Letter from him

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 53
        Oct 21, 1971. Dear Kids: Well, I’m going to send you those pictures. If the one of Mercy Berryman, my great
        grandmother is not reproduced soon, it will be lost forever. You are the only ones trying to continue our family
        history. I told you wrong how I got them. Paul visited Aunt Mercy when he lived in Arizona. She gave them to
        him, when he went to New York, he gave them to Edna and she gave them to me. I’d forgotten. Our wheat
        planting is all over out here and it rained an inch the last two days, but it’s clearing off today. I helped Dick
        Tuesday. He had the vet and a neighbor, we branded, vaccinated, etc. 114 head in about 4 hours. He had
        pens, shutes and the vet had a squeeze , no rough stuff. Dan’s girl is Catholic, but never went to anything but
        public schools. We like her, don’t know if Dan will join her church or not. Sure enjoyed your letter Betty. Your’s
        too Leon. Signed Uncle Leo
        July 26, 1971 - Dear Kids; it’s 11 a.m. Just got your letter and pictures will be send them back so you can file
        them. Is the big stone the graves of David Jesse and wife ?? Jesse cem north of Villa Grove Illinois? My
        grandfather’s William Marrs 1800 grave is there. It is not more than 3 ft south of the Petty baby grave. Uncle
        Lon, Aunt Mec Richman and me were at Dan Burnetts and Edna Edwards wedding 1915 or 16. We lived 1/4
        mile east of the Edwards home for 3 years. His wife inherited the farm, he was a poor boy whose folks sacrificed
        to send to Urbana University, at that time the colleges of the 30's produced more than their share of ****ugh. He
        married a rich girl and it went to his head. I’m of the opinion Dave Jesse gave the site or Edward may have
        deeded it. I remember Harold Congelton well, but if he is living he wouldn’t know me as Marrs from a bale of hay.
        Everyone called me Dick Richman. We corresponded with the Kemp sisters of Wichita, they were also great
        grand children of Dye and Mercy Berryman Sunderland. They are dead now (No they aren’t, Uncle Leo, got a
        letter from them the other day will send it one to you to read). We stopped at the Deckert home in Greensburg
        July 18, no one home. I’ll warn you once more if you shake that tree too hard, you may shake down a striped
        ape!! Ha. Uncle Leo.
        Sept 28, 1971 - the clippings of grandmother Mary Jane Sunderland Corns Marrs was given to Sis Pearl in 1917,
        by Aunt Mercy the last time she saw Aunt Mercy. I have a small tintype of my mother Kansas taken in 1875 age
        16. Dan is to be md the week after Christmas in Bismarck N.D. The whole famdamile is planning to go. We
        have to fly, for is snow there. Uncle Leo. P.S. Dad Greenup’s picture was taken while he was home on leave in
        1862 or 1863 from Civil War. He come out of the Civil War with a beard. You two are really shaking the tree. I’m
        glad someone is. Betty, at the Thanksgiving Dinner in 1949 you brought persimmon pudding. Would you send
        the recipe for it? We have wild ones here too, but no one ever heard of it till we told them.
        635. Mildred Louise Marrs b Feb 12, 1931 md Jack Speer 1951
        636. Robert Ethan Marrs b. Jan 9, 1925 d July 8, 1993 md Georgia Ann Rahn 1948
        637. Dan Ralph Marrs b. Apr 23, 1941 md Carol Finneman Dec 28, 1971
        638. William Russell Marrs         b. Nov 17, 1927 md Roma Donna Westhoff 1951
        639. Karl Ray Marrs        b. Nov 18, 1923 md Betty Marie Messner 1944
        640. Richard Leo Marrs b. Dec 23, 1929 md Marilynn Joy Welton 1957

392. Edward March (194. Mercy Marrs)
       641. Ruth March         md Roy Dunn
       642. Carl        md Helen Spencer
       643. Irene Effie March b Dec 27, 1897md Lester Hockaday
       644. Ray Washburn March        md Blanche Dodd
       645. Orville March      md Jennie Gring
       646. Rex                md Clarire King
       647. Vernelle March     md Maxine Nell
       648. Margaret March     md Harold Stuckey
       649. Grace March        md Denton Burwell
       650. Nettie Faye March md Grant McGowan
       650a. Minerva March md Robert Lyman
       650b. Paul March        md Lois Hughes
       651. Ed Heil     a nephew of Mercy Marrs March bur also at Harristown cem.

393. Stillborn baby Marrs (195. Ira Marrs)

393a. Leo Marrs (196. Henry Marrs)
       we have his picture with his mother Mary and his father Henry, but this is all we have about him. Aunt Edna
       Hoppes mentioned him and his sister Priscilla below as the only ones she could remember of this family.
394. Edoth Marrs (197. Daniel Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  54
        b June 27, 1881 Decatur Ill d Mar 12, 1967 San Diego Calif. Greenwood cem md Otto August Johnson, b Mar 5,
        1871 in Tencoping Sweden. he d June 12, 1922. We have her picture too. A letter from their dau to us on Sept
        7, 1973 - portions of it: A brief history of our Johnson group - my father, Otto August Johnson, was b in
        Tincoping, Sweden in 1871 and came to the U.S. when he was 17 yrs of age - presumably to make his fortune
        and return to the homeland, but not making out that well, he never returned to Sweden to the sorrow of his
        parents. He married the first time in the Pacific Northwest and they had 4 ch, his wife died with the birth of the 4
        child who he left with a sister in Oregon while he took the three other ones and moved to Kansas where he met
        our mother, Edoth May Marrs. They were md in 1908 and had 5 children. I’m the youngest. My father had an
        accident on the farm which eventually took his life when I was one year old. So I don’t remember him. My
        mother, being left with 5 children and no money, left the farm and moved to the small town of Eudora, Kansas,
        where she managed to keep us fed and clothed by taking in washings, ironings, cleaning homes, and selling
        door to door. About 5 years later, my mother lost our oldest sister, Ethyl, in death - another severe blow in such
        a short time. She bravely went on taking care of the 4 of us remaining. She managed to get us all thro high
        school and she never became bitter or full of self pity, but was always cheerful and able to laugh. My bothers all
        worked in the CCC Camps (Civilian Conservation Corps), which helped us out a lot. Two of us, Alvin and I,
        managed to go to college. With all the boys all gone from home and word coming about the crutial health of our
        grandparents, Daniel and Lottie Marrs in Calif, my mother and I moved out there in 1939. My mother hadn’t seen
        her parents for about 20 years and I had never seen them. She got to be with them for a few years before they
        passed away. Her sister, my Aunt Florence, had been caring fro the aged parents. She having become a
        Seventh Day Adventist when she was a young lady, shared her faith with us. So my mother and I joyfully
        accepted Christ and all His word and were baptized together the same year we arrived. Such a thrilling and
        meaningful message relevant to the times and to our needs. I had never heard, nor yet has it surpassed in my
        experience. It did so much for me I decided I wanted to pass it on to others, so went to an Adventist college and
        studied Bible, History, Prophecy, personal evangelism and all the wonderful related material and became a Bible
        Teacher. I have been teaching the glories of His word ever since B a period of 30 years now this summer. I have
        had the privilege of introducing hundreds of people to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What a thrill such a work
        it is! What “Amazing Grace”, indeed has been extended to us poor sinners! And how wonderful it is that Jesus is
        soon coming back again. Indeed, that is the “blessed hope” according to Titus 2:13. I’m so glad you folks
        believe in Jesus too. He is the only hope for this world and the best hope it could have. He is so wonderful! I
        couldn’t live without Him. My oldest brother, Leslie, lives in Prescott, Arizona and is a foreman in US Motors
        Plant. My second brother, Carl, is an electrical engineer and lives near Riverside, California. My youngest
        brother, Alvin, is a pharmacist and lives in Camas, Washington. On the last letter from Leslie, he said he would
        like to get something on the Marrs family tree. He wanted to know about a book on the Marrs family that my
        Doctor cousin, Walford Marrs in Texas has. When I was there 10 yrs ago, he said a copy would cost $15.00. I
        have not been in touch with them lately, but will have to try to reestablish contact thro his brother here in Calif.
        Will close for now. Write soon. God Bless and keep you folks. Love, cousin Mary.
        652. Ethyl Evelyn Johnson b Aug 5, 1909 d Oct 27, 1927 age 18
        653. Leslie Raymond Johnson b Nov 9, 1912
        654. Carl Andrew Johnson            b. May 18, 1915
        655. Alvin Marrs Johnson            b. July 23, 1919
        656. Mary Dela Johnson                       b. May 20, 1921

395. Ralph Merton Marrs (197. Daniel Marrs)
       b. Feb 26, 1883 Diller NE. md Mary Edith Walford b May 29, 1884 Grant Iowa. His brother’s wife Cecil Marrs of
       Ames IA sent us his pictures by school houses he taught at. One taken Sept 12, 1932 Templin school District 94
       Jefferson Co NE, his first school began teaching here Sept 4, 1904. Also one in Jefferson NE District #25 Miss
       Spear was Ralph Marrs first teacher here in 1890. He used to sit and watch smoke from Rock Island trains over
       the hills in Kansas, 9 miles away to the south, and Star School, S.W. corner of Atchinson Co Kansas, where
       Gifford and Jay (Cecil’s hus) Marrs went to school spring of 1901. Taken Sept 11, 1932. From Ft. Worth paper
       Aug 8, 1960:

                Ralph M. Marrs, 77, of 3620 Hill Top Rd, died Sunday in a Dallas Hospital. He retired from the University
                of Nebraska in 1952 where he was the chairman of the Department of Education. He had lived here
                since that time. He was a Mason and a member of the University Christian Church. Survivors are his
                wife, 3 sons, Dr. Wolford D. Marrs, of Ft Worth, Roy M. Marrs of Ventura Calif, and Ralph E. Marrs of
                Campbell Calif. A daughter, Mrs Maxine Kirkendall of New Rochelle NY, 13 grandchildren and a
                great-grandchild. (Excerpts from newspaper files, Omaha NE. Dr. Ralph M Marrs retired as principal of
                Omaha South High School in 1949 where he served 31 yrs, totaling 40 yrs in secondary education. A
                picture of Dr and Mrs. Marrs had this caption: For being kind to children ... a student presents keys to a

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    55
               new automobile to Dr. and Mrs. Marrs as a tribute to his years of devotion to the community whose
               parents and children he loved. He then went to Nebraska Wesleyan University as head of the Education
               Department from which position he retired in 1952. Headlines from Omaha Sun paper - Group wants
               new school named after Dr. Ralph M. Marrs - dedication of new school Jan. 27, reunion. At the
               dedication of the new one and a half million dollar Junior High school in Omaha Jan 28, 1963, were his
               widow, Mrs Mary Edith Marrs and son, Dr. Walford D. Marrs of Ft. Worth, TX. Another son, Roy M.
               Marrs, superintendent of schools at Ocean View, Calif, and the daughter, Mrs. Ernest Kirkendall, of New
               Rochelle, NY. Ralph Merton is buried at Greenwood cem Ft Worth TX d Aug 7, 1960 at Dallas TX. He
               md Dec 25, 1911 at Raynard NE Mary Edith Walford and she d Apr 24, 1963, bur beside husband at
               Greenwood cem. She got to live to see her husband have a junior high school named after him in Jan
               1963, but she lived only till Apr. Just 4 months after dedication. She was the dau of Richard Henry and
               Rose Elizabeth (Allard) Walford.
       657. Walford D. Marrs b Mar 29, 1913
       658. Maxine May Marrs b. Feb 22, 1916
       659. Roy Merton Marrs b. Oct 28, 1917
       660. Ralph Eugene Marrs b July 22, 1926

       396. Florence Elva Marrs (197. Daniel Marrs)
       b. Apr 14, 1885 Reynolds NE md Olin Virgil Alderman, b Nov 12, 1882 Bishopville OH d Aug 30, 1916
       Letter for Aug 6, 1973 Mr and Mrs Elbert N. Alderman, 8921 Edgemoor Dr, Santee Calif 92071
       Elbert retired in March, age 64, he works one day a week at his old job - Wheel alignment and front end repairs
       on his successor’s day off. He had worked for this firm about 23 years. By working 1 day a week, besides
       keeping his Social Security, he is able to keep the group insurance till we are eligible for Medi-Care. He took 3
       days off in June and we had almost a months vacation trip. It was 45 years since I graduated from high school in
       Effingham, Kansas. We took our travel trailer and went back there for the class reunion. We visited a cousin of
       Elbert’s in Alexander, KS and another in Topeka, also 2 fo my cousins there. After the reunion, we went to
       Independence MO to visit Sylvia and family. From there, we drove to Decatur, GA to visit our youngest dau Doris
       and family. She is head of the Music Dept at Clayton Jr. College. Nearby her husband is professor of Music at
       Georgia State University in Atlanta. The are both teaching this summer. She has her classes in the mornings
       and he has his in the afternoons, so one can be home with the children. Lenora, age 13, and Richard, age 7,
       both play violin and piano. Elbert’s parents grew up on neighboring farms in Kansas, about 2 miles south of
       Larkinburg. Florence later went to Nebraska to take nurses training in a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. By the
       time she graduated, Virgil, who was a carpenter, was also working up in Nebraska. They got married and lived
       there about a year, then returned to the old neighborhood in Kansas and bought a farm. He continued to do
       carpenter work in the community. In the summer of 1916, he had an ear infection, a mastoid operation and later
       complications which caused his death. Daniel Marrs had moved to Lawrence, KS about the time Jay entered KU
       (Kansas University). After Virgil’s death, Florence took Elbert and Sylvia to Lawrence where they lived for a time
       with their parents. She resumed dressmaking so she could be at home. When Elbert was about 8 or 9, he went
       to live with an aunt and uncle on a farm near Larkinburg. He was with them most of the time until he was old
       enough to be on his own. He then got a job as apprentice plumber. He worked quite a while, but decided he’d
       rather be an auto mechanic and that has been his work ever since, except during WWII when he worked for
       Boeing at Wichita as a welder. I worked there too for a time as a machine operator. Before our marriage, I had
       taught in a rural school in Kansas for 2 years. Daniel and Lottie Marrs moved to San Diego Calif as they grew
       older for the mild climate. Eventually, she fell and broke her hip. Not trusting doctors and hospitals, she
       persuaded Daniel to just take care of her and let nature heal it. By the time their children knew of it, it healed in
       a position that left her in a wheel chair the rest of her life. Elbert’s mother sold her home in Lawrence at that time
       B 1933 - and came out to San Diego to look after her parents. Some years after their death went to work in a
       cafeteria for 2 or 3 years and also did some dressmaking along for special customers. She was always busy and
       cheerful - never married again. High blood pressure and a series of strokes took her life. She was a wonderful
       mother in law. Our oldest daughter, Dorothy, married a Marine, so she has bivec in many places. Their home is
       in Garden Grove, and he is now retired after 20 yrs of service, which included Korea and 2 tours of duty in Viet
       Nam. They are only about 100 miles from us so we get together fairly often. Their oldest dau, Leah, md over a
       year ago, but lives only about 2 miles from her parents so they see one another often. Barbara, their youngest,
       graduated from high school last spring and is to go to work in Sept in the city of Santa Anna Print Shop. She is
       busy in the meantime brushing up on her typing. Signed, Elbert and Hope Alderman. (A short time after this
       letter was written, Elbert passed away, Dec 12, 1973, age 64 of massive pulmonary embolism. It followed minor
       surgery for hernia only 3 days earlier.
       661. Elbert Noland Alderman b Feb 22, 1909 Kearney NE d Dec 12, 1973

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   56
       662. Sylvia Maurine b Nov 8, 1910 Larkinburg, KS

       397. Gifford Leslie Marrs (197. Daniel Marrs)
       b Feb 19, 1888 Omaha NE d July 13, 1963 Renselear IN md Edna Lefler b Feb 27, 1890 at McCoysburg, IN d
       Nov 14, 1971 - picture given us by their son Donald, who visited us and one from Aunt Edna Marrs Hoppes.
       (McCoysburg General Store, G.L Marrs Proprietor. General Merchandise, Produce, Poultry and Coal. Phone
       940-J - in 1920. On the back of this is the following: Roofing $64; Jacks $99.34; gravel $2.50; hauling gravel
       $7.50 Roy Boze $17.65 Rols Claud and team $8; painting $15; old lumber $300; cement $15.20; Korah Eldridge
       $35. 84; Cookson $31.88; Jeffries $15.30; H. Cockram $29.14; Wiring garage $21; wiring P.O. $23; Mairs wire
       and pole $102.70; Sec. C Paint $15; Total $803.04 for garage. Also, Donald gave us pictures of his dad’s patent:
       G.L. Marrs parchel carrier for motor cycles, application files June 3, 1913 patented June 30, 1914 1,1, 02, 159
       signed G.L. Marrs, Inventor, witnesses Charles Kemper, Francis Boyle, by Chandler Chandler Attorney.
       Columbia Poanographco. Washington, DC and all about the invention on page 110 of the United States Patent
       Office, copies of this may be obtained by sending 5 4 each by addressing the ACommissioner of Patents,
       Washington DC, may cost a little more now since this was stated in original copy in 1914. It is too lengthy to put
       down here all the patent details of his invention. Our copy was given us by his son Donald when he visited us
       here in our home. We took their pictures a that time and we are so glad to know them and their son Barry and
       family who was a professor at the time at IU (Indiana University). That was how we came in contact with our
       cousins. Later, Donald’s sister came out with Barry to visit us. Mable and Jack Herr of Gary IN gave us pictures
       of his family, himself, Mable and Jack Herr, his mom and dad, and their children in a group picture. Also one of
       Daniel, his son Gifford and his mother Lottie in a wheel chair in Calif and one before she broke her hip with her
       husband Daniel in Calif and a picture of Gifford and wife celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary Nov 27,
       1938, holding 2 large cakes in front of home. Also one of Gifford kneeling holding a footstool he made when
       attending Kansas State University Agricultural College - Manhattan KS in ca 1930. Aunt Edna Hoppes sent us
       one of her and Uncle Hop standing with Gifford and Edna his wife in Los Angeles, Calif when they visited with
       Aunt Edna and Uncle Hop in 1983. Aunt Edna wrote the following in letter Sept 16, 1972. I’m sending you a
       snapshot of a cousin and wife who visited us in Los Angeles, Gifford and Edna Marrs, parents of Donald Marrs
       who you said called you. Edna Marrs came the winter after Uncle Carroll Hoppes died in Aug and spent a week
       with me. I didn’t know she had died until you sent the list of Uncle Dan’s ch. I knew Florence, Edoth, Ralph and
       Gifford as well as Uncle Dan and Aunt Lottie, we visited Uncle Dan and Aunt Lottie many times in San Diego.
       They were Seven Day Adventist, that is Florence, Edoth, and Aunt Lottie. Uncle Dan and boys were not. I never
       met Jay Marrs, he moved to Ames IA after we left there. As you know, Ames was Carroll’s home - b and raised
       there. Ralph Marrs was you Uncle Henry’s double - both had red hair. Out of a crowd at Union Depot in Los
       Angeles, Uncle Carroll and Uncle Vic picked him out. There was a junior high school in Omaha NE named for
       him and several years ago a write up on him in Reader’s Digest for his teaching a blind student. He was a very
       fine man and his son, Merton or Roy as he likes to be called, is a very fine person. They too have been to see
       me. When I lived in Los Angeles, they lived in Ventura Calif and he teaches in Oxnard Calif. I’m just fine and
       hope when the curtain falls, I will just go to sleep. Signed, Aunt Edna Marrs Hoppes.
       Donald also sent us a picture of Gifford, Ralph and Jay in an old photo in a horse and buggy. As well as a group
       picture of Florence, Gifford, Ralph and Edoth taken later years.
       663. Mabel Louise Marrs b Sept 15, 1914
       664. Donald Lee b Sept 28, 1918

       398. Jay Dean Marrs (197. Daniel Marrs)
       b. Jan 4, 1894 Fairburg NE d July 7, 1946 Ames IA, Municipal cem md Cecil Francis Fenner b Oct 29, 1898
       Carthage MO. She sent us pictures of her husband, herself and their son Jack W and one of them and son and
       Dr. W. F. Marrs taken in 1936 at Lawrence KS. One taken about 1940 with Jay and bro Gifford. Letter in answer
       to ours from Cecil: Dear Cousins: your letter addressed to Jay D Marrs came several days ago. I’m Jay’s widow,
       as he passed away Dec 24, 1946 and I looked through pictures hurriedly, but didn’t seem to find any old ones. I
       am checking on several more recent ones will send soon. We have one son, a surgeon MD in Michigan. I think
       we are mentioned in the book. Edoth Marrs, Ralph’s wife when living mentioned the Texas book and annual
       meetings. Address Apt 39, Crawford Apt Ames IA 50010. Signed Cecil. Sept 20, 1972: Dear Betty and Leon,
       I have been trying to catch up on some things since returning from Michigan. Our office was moved Jan 1, 1972
       and I closed out books for etc, but did not move to Ankery. I had worked for this Dairy Company for 18 years. It
       was a nice association, but I missed our own business. Jay and I had a New York Life Partnership and I
       managed all details. Jay was an electrical engineer, but only worked at it about 4 years. He loved to sell, when
       I met him at reunion in Kansas, where I was a Senior, he was in insurance. We are getting used to 3 ministers at
       our Methodist church. Rather hard, as our members had been here 12 yrs of course it is a large church for tours
       of people and students. We were md in Christian church C.K.C, where Jay was in a quartet. But I have been a

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 57
        Methodist for years since college days. Jay and I both transferred to Methodist here. When Jack joined, Deane,
        age 3, had an emergency appendectomy. He went home the following Saturday, operated on Sunday. He is ok
        now. Love Cecil.
        665. Jack Winton Marrs b July 14, 1927

        400. Byron Talmage Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
        b 1886 d 1955 md Lucretian Teets bur Oak Ridge cem Effingham IL. He inherited all of Priscilla and Joe Petty’s
        in a last will and testament. We got a picture of grave by Clair Petty’s taking us around Effingham.
        666. Carl Petty b May 27, 1908 Jefferson Co IL
        667. Earl Wesley Petty b.
        668. Byron L Petty

        401. William Nathan Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
        b 1896 d 1942 Oak Ridge cem Effingham IL md Margaret Kingery
        669. Leonard Petty d killed at 11 bur Oak Ridge cem
        670. Lovel Petty
        671. Eugene Petty
        672. Lucretia Petty

        402. Virgil Ira Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
        b 1886 d 1949 md Bessie I. Pyles b 1892
        673. Herbert William Petty b Apr 21, 1913
        674. Vernon Talmage Petty           b May 29, 1915
        675. Virgil Frederick Petty         b. June 30, 1917
        676. Wayne Pershing Petty           b. Mar 24, 1919
        677. Leona Marie Petty              b Dec 28, 1921
        678. Ralph Bradley Petty            b Dec 15, 1923
        679. Ray Edward Petty               b Apr 8, 1926
        680. Roy Edwin Petty                b. Apr 8, 1926 (679-680 twins)
        681. Mary Louise Petty              b Aug 29, 1928
        682. Bobby Joe Petty                b. Oct 26, 1932

403. Earl Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
       b Jan 27, 1883 Champaign Co IL d Mar 26, 1926 md Rose Cooper Tuscola IL b July 8, 1883 d Sept 20, 1964 bur
       Tuscola grave yard. Rose was dau of Martin Luther and Mary Bryant Cooper.
       683. Mary Ethel Petty b. Dec 2, 1904 Tuscola IL md Nov 26, 1922 McNeeley he d May 10, 1970 Jarman Hospital
       Tuscola IL. he b Sept 30, 1899 Beecher City IL. He was a Baptist by faith. md at Tuscola. He son of Burl H and
       Minnie Myrtle Yeskie McNeely. Mar is a Methodist by faith. She sent us this data Dec 9, 1975 from her home in
       Florida for the winter: Mary McNeely 5827 Flore Lane, Orlando, FL 32808
       683a. Maude R. Petty b. Apr 30, 1903 Tuscola IL md Paul Gillespie div
       683b. Joseph M. Petty b. Mar 30, 1907 Tuscoloa IL d Mar 27, 1947
       683c. Frances Priscilla Petty    b Mar 29, 1910 Tuscola IL md Don Tuttle June 10, 1936 d July 14, 1970
       683. Mary Petty md Mr. McNeely

        404. Grace Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
        b. 1884 d 1885 buried Jesse Cemetery beside her grandfather Wm Marrs 1800. She was killed when her aunt,
        a sister to her father Joe Petty, was carrying her out in a big snow and her Aunt fell on her and killed her.

405. Leone Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
       b & d infancy

        406. Clair Marrs Petty (199. Priscilla Marrs)
        b 1888, we met them 2 times. They are really fine people and so good to be with. He was b. Dec. 22, md Ethel
        Gaskill b May 23, 1890 md on Nov 7, 1909. 4 ch 9 grch 9 gr gr grch. Some in New Mexico and Arizona,
        Colorado, Tennessee, and Illinois. Mrs. M C. “Ruth” Alwert of Altamont, Paul of Effingham and Mrs. Joseph

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   58
       ”Enola” Jones of Akron OH. Levon of Collinsville, at the first meeting as of Mar 5, 1971, their health was as this
       - he is a diabetic and a heart condition. Winnie has Parkinson disease which makes writing very hard for her
       therefore all her letters are precious to me. Res 500 Edgar Ave, Effingham IL 62401. While we were there he
       took care of a car wash in Effingham. We got the privilege of eating dinner at their house and it was such a good
       meal. We will always remember how kind they were to us and in helping us in our search for Marrs. They took
       us around the places that was of interest for Marrs - where born, lived, died, etc. Also took us to the cemetery
       and showed us the important graves of the family. He has actions like our Dad Marrs - not looks, just actions.
       My, so very much alike.
       684. Ruth Leone Petty b. 1911
       685. Paul E. Petty         b. 1913
       686. Enola May Petty
       687. Levon Petty           b. 1922

407. Charles Allen (200. Betsy Marrs)
       no more data than earlier in this document

       408. Rudolph James Pepper (202. Marshall Pepper)
       no more data on his ch to 417.

       418. Ida Mae Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
       b. Aug 28, 1866 d July 28, 1943 md William H. Reeves

       419. Eva Maude Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
       b. Nov 12, 1868 d July 8, 1876

       420. Omer Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
       b. Jan 14, 1871 d Oct 7, 1908 md Lillie Mae Jester
       688. William Henry Harrisom Marrs        b. Jan 17, 1890 Camargo IL
       689. Gladys Viola Marrs          b. Apr 15, 1892 d Apr 20, 1968
       690. John Harlen Marrs           b. Jan 23, 1894 d Dec 29, 1962
       691. Frank Ray or Roy Marrs              b. Jan 20, 1896 d WWI Jan 1917
       692. Jenny Ruth Marrs            b. Mar 7, 1898 md Ben Sowers
       693. Carl Ted Marrs              b. June 20, 1905
       693. Carl Ted Marrs      b. Apr 18, 1902 md Ruth Carr (Dan’s note: both entries in text, not sure which is correct)
       694. Sarah Ellen Marrs b.June 20, 1905 md Piercefield Earl Swick
       695. Calvin Eugene Marrs         b. Dec 10, 1900 md Edith Starwalt

421. Frank Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        b. Feb 2, 1873 Burlington KS md May 4, 1902 Lakefield MN d Oct 3, 1944 Bemidji, MN md Martha Ann Wood b
        Apr 14, 1883, Wahpeton ND d July 8, 1924 Bemidji MN dau of George Henry and Ellen Funderhyde Wood
        696. Clayton William Marrs b Feb 28, 1903 Minot ND
        697. Charles Augustus Marrs d 2yrs 1 day
        698. Beulah Marie Marrs        b. Dec 1, 1912
        699. Hazel Rebecca Marrs       b. Dec 29, 1916
        700. Stewart Frankie Marrs     b. Dec 29, 1919
        701. John Sherman Marrs        b. Aug 13, 1914
        702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs     b. Aug 28, 1909

422. Frederick Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        B Apr 21, 1876 d Feb 6, 1886 age 10

       423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
       b. Apr 20, 1879 Newman IL d Feb 8, 1962 Christianed Oct 22, 1936 St. Leo’s Catholic Church at Minot ND bur
       Freeze cem, 3 miles north of Potlatch off highway no 95. Md Joseph Spillman Reese b Aug 13, 1868 Wright Co,
       near Hartville MO on Mar 9, 1899 d Dec 16, 1942. Son of George and ( ) Stacey Reese. she md 2 William C.
       Leonard on Oct 1932 he d 1937 of cancer.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 59
        703. Daisy Beryl Reese b July 29, 1900 Hartville MO
        704. Pansy Carmen Reese        b. Feb 3, Tuscola IL
        705. Wayne Basil Reese         b. Dec 29, 1903 Ficklin IL d Nov 13, 1946
        706. Fern Phyllis Reese        b. Dec 2, 1905 Ficklin IL
        707. Ina Violet Reese          b. Jan 1, 1908
        708. Oden McIntyre Reese       b. Aug 29, 1910 Walford ND

424. William Herbert Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        b. Feb 16, 1882 Camargo IL md Nov 22, 1908 d Jan 5, 1962 bur Aten cem at Hidalgo IL md Eva Ethel Myers b
        Nov 14, 1890 d Feb 3, 1927
        709. Vesta Marrs        b Dec 6, 1909 md Wallace Hedrick
        710. Oda Herbert Marrs b Oct 28, 1911 Hidalgo IL
        711. Frederick William Marrs    b. July 8, 1914
        712. Charles Omer Marrs         b. Oct 6, 1916
        713. Claude Franklin Marrs      b. Mar 20, 1919
        714. David Asa Marrs b Feb 3, 1922
        715. Oscar Dale Marrs b Sept 23, 1924

425. James Foster Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
       b Oct 18, 1897 d May 6, 1967 md Iva Belle Hamilton

        426. Lorena Rebecca “Rena” Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        b Jan 23, 1896 md William Isaac Bisbee

        427. Mary Jane Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        b. Mar 13, 1892 Odin MO d Dec 10, 1928 md Roscoe John Tombleson

428. Millie Anna Vinetta Marrs (211. William Henry Marrs)
        b Feb 3, 1900 d Sept 14, 1906 age 6

429. son Marrs (216. William Marrs)
        no data to 433 dau Marrs (216. William Marrs)

        434. Marrs (217. Samuel Marrs Jr)
        no data

        435. John Marrs (277. Juretta F. Cravens)
        b Dec 17, 1856 Jessamine Co KY - information listed earlier to no’s 242, etc, so will jump to

442. George H. Marrs (233. William Marrs)
       Harold is his middle name b May 23, 1872 d Jan 2, 1962 md Jennie Chrisman on Jan 15, 1896 she d Oct 12,
       1947 at Lexington KY. no ch he md 2 Martha Sellers Banks Mar 4, 1946 no ch

443. Lulie Marrs (211. William Marrs)
        Catherine is her middle name b Oct 26, 1873 Jessamine Co KY d July 18, 1963 Marrs family lot at Lexinton KY
        md Dec 17,1903 Jessamine Co KY Edward Hockensmith West b Aug 25, 1868 Jessamine Co d Apr 1, 1951
        Jessamine Co bur Lexington KY. Son of Ellen Marshall and John Hockensmith West. A tribute to her is in Marrs
        and Allied Families book. She was 14 when her mother d, leaving 9 ch. They lived on a farm. Her father never
        married again, but raised the ch the best he could. When she was 16, she took care of the grandmother, who
        was an invalid, with the help of her sister Lida.
        716. John West

                More from Marrs Book: My grandfather, James Marrs, was the best old man, how we loved him and
                grandmother. We lived just about a mile and walked to see them. My great grandfather Foley was b in
                Bowman’s Fort near Harrodsburg in 1780. They came from near Fredericksburg Va . In 1779, a crowd
                of them started in Sept and when they got to Cumberland Gap, they couldn’t get over with their wagons
                and had to walk the rest of the way. They got to the Fort by Nov. I am named Catherine for my mother,
                my grandmother Foley, and my great grandmother (Foley) Marrs. The graveyard on the old home place

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   60
                 Catnip Hill Rd Nicholasville KY, has five generations of the family buried there, but has only a few

444. Lida Harmon Marrs (233. William Marrs)
        b June 18, 1875 Jessamine Co KY d May 29, 1932 Lexington KY md Feb 29, 1908 Scott Co KY James Garnett
        of Scott Co Ky. He d Aug 29, 1932 Scott Co KY.
        717. Gladys Garnett b Jan 14, 1911 md Nolan E Price.

        445. Charles Harbaugh Marrs (233. William Marrs)
        b. Nov 21, 1876 Jessamine Co KY d Dec 14, 1955 Lexington KY md Ced 28, 1898 Lexington, Bettie Fitzgerald b
        1872 Jessamine Co KY bur Lexington
        718. William Fitzgerald Marrs b Sept 28, 1899
        719. Nancy Catherine Marrs b Apr 25, 1901
        720. Lara Wiley Marrs b Nov 20, 1902

446. Martha Anna Marrs (233. William Marrs)
       b Nov 8, 1878 Jessamine co KY d Nov 8, 1937 Lexington KY md July 26, 1906 Albert Lee Brumfield b July 26,
       1906 d July 24, 1963
       721. Fred Brumfield b May 8, 1907

        447. Eliud Foley Marrs (233. William Marrs)
        b. Oct 9, 1881 Jessamine Co KY md July 26, 1906 Janie Sharp b June 27, 1885 res Richmond Rd, Lexington KY
        722. Edna Hamon Marrs            b. Apr 17, 1907
        723. Clara Jane Marrs b Mar 8, 1909
        724. William Marlin Marrs b Feb 25, 1911
        723. Euliud Foley Marrs b Dec 20, 1913 all Jessamine Co KY

448. Clarence Marrs (233. William Marrs)
        b. Sept 7, 1883 Jessamine Co KY md Dec 28, 1907 Sadie Lanaham b Cincinnati OH dau of Margaret Taylor and
        Sheppard Lanaham. They live at R#1 Nicholasville KY, built their house new, moved in on June 20, 1938, paid
        $10,000 for it and paid 504 an hour for carpenters. They lit all the lights in the house and went out and looked at
        it. It was the night of Joe Louis and Max Schmelling fight and it lasted a half minute - Louis knocked him out.
        They all hurried back in to hear the rest of the fight, but to their surprise, it was all over. This year, 1970, that we
        had the privilege to meet them in their home. He had put up by hisself 7,000 bales of hay and he was a young 87
        yrs of age. His wife, Sadie, drives and gardens and does all her daily work. She is 82 yrs young (b 1888). They
        live on road call the Ash Grove Pike, north of Nicholasville, KY. He told us about one of the early members of the
        local Christian Church who paid his tithes to the pastor - a barrel of bourbon whiskey. So of his relation is an
        auctioneer of pure breed race horses up at Lexington KY. Sold more race horses that any man in the USA. He
        sold one for a million dollars. His middle name is Marrs, forgot what he said his last name is. He told us it was a
        Marrs cemetery of that year too, on Catnip Hill Rd. There are 2 grave sites and some stones are readable, they
        were Foleys and Farra’s. He told me Samuel (1740) is buried there as it is his home place that he bought when
        he came and settled KY. Bur there in 1817. Some of his children and his 3 wife is also there (no stones
        standing). This all now is owned by a syndicate of Horse breeding plantation - it is a huge place and a beautiful
        house like those you see on the big southern plantations and in our history books. It was the first time we ever to
        be on one of these plantations. It sure was a privilege to be there
         and see for ourselves. The veterinarian lived in that huge house with his family, to care and oversee the horses.
        There are no homes as regal as this up in our Indiana. We had to travel many acres on them before coming to
        this first gravesite up beyond this big house. It was surrounded by stone fence. Second grave site was several
        more acres away, so more traveling to get to it and it was near the now caretaker’s house. Both were stoned
        fence around, but being hundreds of years old, the graves were in terrible disarray. There was a family from
        Holland living in the Caretakers house and they had a great big St. Bernard dog. They offered to help us the next
        morn it we stayed over, to give us shovels and they too, if they had time to dig around the now nearly buried
        stones. But we knew we had to head home and wish we could stay. We knew, though we were fortunate to be
        able to find our Samuel 1740 home and gravesite. Although nothing remains but the graves that would remind
        one of when he dwelt there. Thanks to Clarence for telling us how to get to this property on Catnip Hill Rd.
        Clarence was one of 9 children and not one of them smoked or drank liquor, but their grandson is William Marrs

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     61
       up at Columbus Ohio University studying to be a veterinarian. Clarence and Sadie had 2 ch, a son is a tobacco
       buyer - yet his uncles and father never used it. Now he sells it. Their dau is a high school teacher of math at Oak
       Ridge, Tenn. She never married and when she first started as a teacher in Oak Ridge, it was a wilderness. What
       a beautiful home Clarence and Sadie have - so very homy and large too. It was a privilege just to be there. They
       gave us some very large turnips and would have given us a bushel, but we appreciated the ones they gave us.
       They were fine eating too. Sadie and I had a wonderful time discussing lineage and also of our Lord and Savior.
       They belong to the Christian Church, not modern as so many are today. She pointed out they believe in the
       virgin birth and being born again and also enjoy music as we do in our church. They now farm 72 acres. One of
       his neighbors, a mortician, is in Nicholasville, said Clarence could out fish anybody around there. He has one
       remaining brother living, of the 9 children. Nephew of Clarence, John West, son of Lulie and E. H. West, his
       grfather Marrs quit the church because of music in it and never returned. He was a real straight-laced person
       and radical in every way. (James Marrs) Our visit was Oct 23, 1970. Sadie told us that Martha and Annie Marrs
       md brothers Robert and James Smith, one d your. They moved from Woodward Co KY to Jessamine Co KY
       about 1840. Amanda Hamon was from Scott Co KY and she d when the oldest child was 14 and the youngest
       about 2 (Clarence her husband) was about 4 yrs of age at that time and the 2 yr old d shortly after his mother d.
       Clarence was the 2 youngest. His father never md again, guess he couldn’t find another woman to marry him
       with 8 children, Sadie mentioned. As I write this now, in 1975, I wonder how our dear cousins are?? We had
       hoped to get back down to see them, but we’ve never got to yet.
       726. Margaret Lulu Marrs b Jan 14, 1909 Nicholasville KY
       727. Merritt William Marrs         b. Mar 21, 1911 Nicholasville KY

449. James Oliver Marrs (233. William Marrs)
       b. Feb 27, 1880 d June 20, 1922 md Emma Cooper Starks b Nov 9, 1886 at Mt Washington, Bullittco KY d Mar
       31, 1935. both bur at Lexington KY. dau of Alice Jackson and Francis Starks
       728. Alice Lucille Marrs b Mar 25, 1909 Portland OR
       729. James Jackson Marrs b Dec 23, 1910 Portland OR
       730. Evelyn Catherine Marrs b June 12, 1914 Portland OR

       450. Mary Lucinda Smith (234. Martha Marrs)
       b Feb 28, 1877 md Thomas Sellers no more data

       451. James Robert Smith (234. Martha Marrs)
       b. Aug 6, 1878 md Lottie Cecil, both deceased had 2 sons
       731. Smith

       452. Benjamin George Smith (234. Martha Marrs)
       b. May 2, 1881 md Hattie Logan res in Oregon one child
       733. Smith

       453. William Chrisman Smith (234. Martha Marrs)
       b. Jan 22, 1982 md Stella Arnold both deceased, had 2 ch
       734. Smith

       454. Henry Marrs Smith (234. Martha Marrs)
       b. Aug 26, 1884 md Era Logan he deceased on ch
       736. Smith

       455. Charles Clayton Smith (236. Annie Marrs)
       b Feb 8, 1886 d 1959 Nicholasville KY no more data

       456. Elmer Ulyssess Smith (236. Annie Marrs)
       b. Aug 2, 1887md Catherine Allender, Dec 4, 1917 and 2 ch

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 62
       737. Smith

       457. Lucian Sylvanus Smith (236. Annie Marrs)
       b. Sept 11, 1889 d single at Nicholasville KY

       458. Florence Smith (236. Annie Marrs)
       b. Oct 12, 1891 never md bur Nicholasville, KY

       459. Robert Marrs Smith (236. Annie Marrs)
       b. Aug 1, 1893 md Mar 16, 1921 Lillian Scoggin had a son (his name was Robert Marrs Smith - not Marrs for last
       name (459) ((dan’s comment - 459 should be Robert Marrs Smith, as Annie Marrs married a Smith. So the child
       is correctly surnamed Smith.)
       739. Smith

       460. James Arthur Smith (236. Annie Marrs
       b. Oct 29, 1896 md Clara Baker one son
       740. Smith

       461. Henry M. Gunn, Jr (248. Roberta Marrs)
       b. July 7, 1898 lives in Palo Alto, Calif, he is head of education department in a college there.
       741. John Barkley Gunn an attorney in Palo Alto, Calif
       742. Mary Elizabeth Gunn           md Mr. Vail
       743. Ruth Anne

       462. Jane Gunn (248. Roberta Marrs)
       b Sept 19, 1902 md Mr Ratchford
       744. Roberta Ratchford        md Mr. Graviss, Elizabethtown, KY
       745. Betty Jane Ratchford     md. Mr. Higgins, Reno NE where her husband is a professor at State University

463. Bonnie Roberta Gunn (248. Roberta Gunn)
       d age 4

       464. Charley Maxwell Marrs (254. Samuel Erastus Marrs)
       d age 18 data earlier in this document.

       465. Robert Lee Marrs (254. Samuel Erastus Marrs)
       b Mar 11, 1881 Tazewell VA. Had black hair, blue eyes and red beard and square jaws. He md Jan 1, 1908 at
       Shrader VA, now Bishop (1973) he d Nov 21, 1929 md Kate Peery b Mar 8, 1890, had black hair and brown
       eyes. Both were Christian Baptist.. He joined in 1905 she d June 30, 1932 bur Peery cem in VA, dau of William
       Whitten Peery and Mary Susan Rhudy Peery.
       746. Charlie Maxwell Marrs b Sept 30, 1910 Sayersville VA
       747. William Henry Marrs        b. Mar 11, 1912 Sayersville VA d July 20, 1968
       748. Samuel Boyd Marrs          b. Jan 28, 1909 Sayersville VA
       749. Thulia Nannie Elizabeth Marrs b Aug 5, 1913 Sayerville VA
       750. James Doak Marrs           b. Apr 21, 1915 Sayersville VA
       751. Fanny Virginia Marrs       b June 21, 1917 d July 16, 1918
       752. Birdie Lee Marrs b. Jan 10, 1919
       753. Reese Whitten Marrs        b Apr 2, 1923 d Sept 22, 1931

466. Casper Marrs (255. James Marrs)
       b 1929
       754. James Marrs d Feb 26, 1974

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 63
       467. Patrick Frazier Marrs, Jr (256. Patrick Frazier Marrs)
       b Dec 27, 1928 md June 29, 1957 Patricia Jane Jones b June 13, 1925 dau of Tolley B. Jones res 19201
       Harleigh Dr Saratoga Calif 95070
       ch (adopted)
       754a. Bruce Norman Marrs b June 16, 1950
       754b. Janet Linda Marrs b Apr 22, 1960
       754c. Kimberly Catherine Marrs b Nov 24, 1963

       468. Dudley Marrs (256 Patrick Frazier Marrs)
       no data to 470 Tom Marrs

       471. Annie Marrs (256. Patrick Frazier Marrs)
       md Rector G. Whitt. He is still living in 1975 and is 93
       755.Crockett Lockhart Whitt b 1915 d 1972
       756. Graham Whitt
       757. George B
       757a. Mary W. md Mr. Elam

       472. Hattie Marrs (256. Patrick Frazier Marrs)
       no more data on this family to 476 Viola Marrs

       477. Rufus William Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
       b 1901 md Lettie Spence b Feb 19, 1909. They have written to us and helped us get data on their family. Sent
       us pictures of him and his brothers and sisters in a group picture an one of he and his wife. We so appreciate
       them and their help in getting data on their family. His son is the Pastor here in Bloomington First Methodist
       758. Ross William Marrs b 1926 md Eugena Hodges in 1948
       759. Frank R Marrs       b. 1927 md Ella Sue Phipps in 1945
       760. Lila Mae Marrs      b. 1930 md Kermit Johnson in 1949
       761. Richard Marrs       b. 1933 md Jaunita Read in 1953
       762. Margaret Marrs      b. 1935 md Carl Davidson in 1955
       763. John Marrs                  b. 1943 md Ann Quatley in 1966
       764. Cheryl Ann Marrs b 1944 md Eddy Minnica in 1965

478. Estel Harvey Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b. 1890 md Hannah Jane Webb he d Apr 1, 1972
        765. Freida Marrs      md Clarence Weatherford
        766. Wanda Marrs
        767. Garnet Marrs
        768. Bernard Marrs
        769. Esther Marrs
        770. William Douglas Marrs b 1931
        771. Wilford Marrs     deceased

479. Laura Belle Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b. 1892 d Oct 12, 1966 md Sie Robinson in 1911 son of Thomas Robinson
        772. Thelma Robinson b. May 24, 1912 md Frank Givens
        773. Bernice Robinson b. Dec 1916
        774. Mildred Phyllis Robinson b. Dec 11, 1919
        775. Raymond Lewis Marrs       b. Oct 27. 1926

480. Samuel Gilespie Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
       b. 1894 md Grace Wilson b Aug 5, 1883 dau of James Wilson
       776. Geraldine Mae Marrs         b. July 3, 1923

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  64
        777. James William Marrs        b. June 27, 1919
        778. Samuel Gillespie Marrs, Jr b. Mar 1916
        779. Rex Byron Marrs b. Nov 25, 1917 md Phyllis Marg Weber

481. James Arthur Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
       b 1897 d Apr 28, 1973 md Alice Waldron b Nov 5, 1905 deceased. Dau of Samuel Waldron.
       780. Mary Ellen Marrs b. Apr 30, 1927 md Charles Jackson
       781. Shelba Jean Marrs b. Jan 3, 1941 md Eugene Corella
       782. Kathleen Marrs     b. Feb 6, 1929 md Ellis Johnson she d
       783. Alfred Marrs       deceased
       784. Dale Marrs         deceased
       785. Allen Marrs        deceased
       786. Virginia Marrs     deceased

482. Grace Beatrice Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b 1896 md John Earls son of Julius Earls, res R#1, Box 608 Princeton WV 24740
        787. Louise Earls       md Lawrence Pruett
        788. Paul Earls
        789. Ruth Earls         b Dec 12, 1917 md Jack Bowling
        790. Roy Earls          b. Dec 17, 1925 md Daisy
        791. Ralph Earls        deceased
        792. Jack Earls         deceased
                md 2 Peter Carter
        793. Denver Carter
        794. Vivian Carter
        795. Clarence Carter
        796. Peter Carter, Jr

        483. Robert Johnson Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b 1905 md Dec 31, 1927 Lessie Blevins b Feb 22, 1909 dau of Allen and Bettie ( ) Blevins
        797. Ramona Marrs b Oct 2, 1928 md James Light
        798. Robert Johnson Marrs, Jr b Sept 3, 1930 md Patricia Stewart
        799. Barbara Lynn Marrs b Jan 15, 1939 md J. Wilson Dorff

        484. Mable Blanche Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b 1907 md Bill Blankenship b June 23, 1903 son of Patrick Blankenship
        800. William T. Blankenship, Jr b Nov 30, 1932 md Dicksie Smaller
             nd              rd
        md 2 Zed Ellison 3 Roy L. Brown

        485. Leeola Marrs (257. William Marion Marrs)
        b 1900 md 1918 George Snyder b Apr 19, 1890 son of Alec and Julia ( ) Snyder md June 18, 1918 res Box 65
        Jolo WV 24817
        801. Charles Ray Snyder b. Jan 10, 1920 md Clara Marsh b
        802. Helen Margaret Snyder b Sept 17, 1921 md Clyde Brown b Jan 7, 1921
        803. Harold Loyd Snyder b Jan 9, 1926 md Loretta Addair

486. Clarence James Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b. 1902 d June 23, 1972 age 70 of Nemours, d Friday a.m. in Bluefield hospital following a long illness. md
        Beatrice Irene Barrett, b July 28, 1907 md on Sept 8, 1923. He b in VA, was a retired Norfolk and Western
        Railway employee. Surviving are 2 brothers, Bill Marrs of Nemours and Ralph Marrs of Gainsville FL. 6 sisters,
        Mrs. Joe Fleshman of Tucson, AZ, Mrs. Clyde Newman of Greenboro NC, Mrs Fred Green of Pocahontas, Mrs.
        Luther Workman of Nemours, and Mrs. Goldie Ruble and Mrs. Joseph W. Smith of Bluefield. Funeral 2 p.m.
        Sunday, Mount Herman Church, cem at Nemours. Pallbearers were Junior Marrs, Frank Green, Teddy Green,
        Bob Ruble, Claude Ruble, Clyde Barker, Otis Duncan, Kenneth Duncan, and David Phipps

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                65
        803. Clarence James Marrs, Jr b July 20, 1930 d Nov 16, 1930
        803a. Richard Lane Marrs      b Jan 22, 1932 d Apr 26, 1932

487. William Otha Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b 1910/11 d 1974 md Ruby Crawford Mar 4, 1934 md 2 Tula Y. Yost.
        Died Jan 24, 1974, age 73 of Nemours. Died Thursday in a Princeton hospital following a short illness. Born at
        Yards VA. He was a retired coal miner, formerly employed by the DuPont Corporation for 15 years. He was also
        a retired employee of the Pocahontas Fuel Company’s central shop in Pocahontas VA. A member of UMWA,
        local 6114. He had been a life-long resident of Nemours and attended the First United Methodist Church in
        Pocahontas. (We have his picture and obituary from their paper - sent us by Lef Shrader) Surviving are his
        widow, Mrs. Tula Yost Marrs, one daughter, Mrs. Jack (Shirley) Gilmore of Maple Acres, one son, William Lee
        Marrs of Bluefield VA. Mrs. Goldie Ruble of the Bluefield Tazewell Rd, Mrs Luther Lillie Workman of R4
        Bluefield, Mrs Fred Marie Green of Pocahontas VA, Mrs Ethel Newman of Greensboro NC and Mrs Joseph Anna
        Belle Fleischman of Tucson AX, one brother Ralph Marrs, of Gainsville, FL. bur in Roselawn Memorial Gardens
        and pallbearers Lawrence Phipps, Howard Evans, Jim Crounch, David Phipps, Frank Nunguesser, Arnold
        Wimmer, C. A. Phipps, and Jesse Matson. Honorary pallbearers are Dr. A R Piracha, Dr Henry Warden, Clifford
        Lawrence, Roscoe Patrick, Dr. Mian W. Shah and Dr. Generoso Dremdis. Ladies of the church will carry the
        804. Shirley Marrs b Dec 21. 1934        md Jack Gilmore
        805. William Lee Marrs b June 6, 1939

        488. Ralph Ernest Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b Feb 22, 1912 md Nell Cumby Dec 1, 1933. res Gainsville, FL
        805a. Patsy Nell Marrs b Jan 4, 1935
        805b. Jerry Ralph Marrs b Sept 27, 1938

        489. Ethel Mary Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b. Dec 10, 1908 d May 9, 1975 md Clyde Newman

        490. Rose Marie Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b. Apr 5, 1914 md Fred Max Green Dec 10, 1932 he b Apr 12, 1908 res Box 745 Pocahontas VA 24635.
        Received this letter from her Sat eve. Aug 30, 1975. Dearest Betty and Leon, I was real surprised to hear from
        you and glad to hear from some cousins I haven’t met. I have been a little down lately, but I’m working on the
        book. I’ll gather all that I can and send. I have made a few phone calls and wrote some letters, trying to collect
        all I can. It may not be a lot, but it will be what I can find out. If you are ever through Bluefield and Pocahontas,
        come see me. who was your mother and father, grandmother and grandfather? I don’t think I know half of my
        kin. I would love to know them all. So bye for now, your cousin Marie Green. Mrs. Fred Green, box 745,
        Pocahontas, VA. I’m anxious to hear from her again. It is a thrill for us each time our letters are answered and
        we feel thankful too.
        806. Bobby Joe Green b. July 31, 1948 d Feb 28, 1974 age 26 at Gary IN
        807. George Elwood Green b Sept 19, 1941
        808. Ted Lane Green b. Apr 19, 1950,
        809. John Mack Green b. May 31, 1937
        810. Franklin Lee Green             b. Aug 14, 1944
        811. Betty Marie Green b. Mar 8, 1939 md Russell Synan

491. Lilli Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
          b. July 3, 1905 md June 28, 1928 Luther E. Workman b Dec 16, 1903
          812. James Maxwell Workman b. Mar 29, 1929
          813. Easter Workman            b. Dec 4, 1930
          813a. Ruth Workman             b. Sept 25, 1932
          813b. Willie May Workman       b. Apr 13, 1936

492. Goldie Virginia Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
       b May 6, 1916 md Ferrel Garland Ruble b Sept 21, 1914 d Dec 3, 1965

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   66
       814. Robert Mack Ruble           b. May 21, 1946
       815. Claude Ruble                b.
       815a. Lila Elizabeth Ruble       b Feb 4, 1940
       815b. Joyce Aillen Ruble         b. Aug 11, 1943
       815c. Kenneth Eugene Ruble       b. May 31, 1956

493. Oritha Elizabeth Marrs (260. Henry “Mack” Maxwell Marrs)
        b 1919 d Feb 14, 1974 md Joseph W. Smith b. Sept 1, 1909 md Mar 12, 1937. His middle name is Wesley. Res
        Bluefield VA
        815d. Betty Jo Smith b mar 26, 1939
        815e. William Ray Smith b Apr 6, 1946

       494. son Rye (261. Molly E. Marrs)
       no data on this family to 501 dau Rye

       502. Jack Shrader (265. Nickati Marrs)
       no more data than earlier in this document - to 509 Robert Shrader (265. Nickati Marrs)

       510. Erline Artrip (269. Mamie Harman)
       no more data on this family except what’s earlier in this document to 518. Martin Luther Artrip.

       Only 516 David Artrip served World War, having volunteer for the Navy at the age of 19 and was accepted on
       May 11, 1918 in Co 158 Naval Station St. Helena, Norfolk, VA and assigned to the USS Anniston. About Oct 1,
       1918, his ship conveyed the last ammunition from New York to France. On return voyage, the ship touched at
       Bermuda Islands, where the news of the signing of the Armistice was received. Honorably discharged, Aug 20,
       1919. On Dec 27, 1919, he was advised by his officer that on account of his services, he was entitled to wear the

519. May Harman (283. Dovie Daniels)
       no data

       520. Jack Daniel Cooper (284. Mary Louise Daniels)
       no data

       521. Winifred Lafon (285. Sallie Ann Daniels)
       no data

       522. Annie Laurie Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
       b. May 17, 1871 Pettis Co MO md William Smith Sept 2, 1893 at Los Angeles CA she d Apr 2, 1903

523. Nelson Grant Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
        b. Dec 19, 1872 d Feb 16, 1920 Wichita, KS md Mar 18, 1895 Minnie Roselle Ashenfelter

524. Thaddeus Winslow Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
       b Feb 12, 1874 d May 8, 1963 San Jose CA md Feb 5, 1903 Catherine Noyes

525. Sarah Elizabeth Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
        b. Oct 11, 1875 d Feb 29, 1956 Mesa AZ (b at Sedalia MO) md Mar 30, 1893 Wichita KS, George Stebbins
        Worthington b Oct 12, 1858 Pittsfield, Pike Co IL d Aug 18, 1934 Pueblo CO, widower, formerly md 1 Nannie M.
        Church 2 Susan B Parkhurst. Worthington. Ch by Sarah Elizabeth Hunter
        816. George Hunter      b. Feb 1, 1894
        817. Abraham Lincoln Hunter b Apr 24, 1896
        818. Mary Elizabeth Hunter       b. Feb 11, 1900
        819. Annie Laurie Hunter         b. Oct 4, 1902, d June 3, 1904 Smyrna Ark.

526. Caroline Sherman Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
       b. Jan 23, 1877 Burlington IA d Jan 27, 1958 Wichita KS md Nov 4, 1894 Charles Commodore McCoy

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 67
527. Edna May Hunter (295. California Cannallis Askren)
       b. Nov 3, 1884 d Sept 17, 1949, Wichita KS md June 22, 1904 Lloyd Maxamus Wilson

528. Ferdinand Samuel Marrs, Jr (303. Ferdinand Samuel Marrs)
        no more data than earlier in this document.

        529. Ruth Wilson McLean (301. Zerina Hervey Marrs)
        b. Apr 25, 1874 Gainsville TX md June 3, 1896 Sherman TX William D. Gordon, were living in Beaumont in 1959

530. Roxie Mary McLean (301.Zerina Hervey Marrs)
       d at age of 7, Nov 16, 1884

        531. Marrs McLean (301. Zerina Hervey Marrs)
        b. 1883 Sherman TX md Verna ...
        820. Ruth McLean md J. T. Bowman

        532. Edward Cura McLean, Jr (301. Zerina Hervey Marrs)
        no data other that earlier in this document.

        533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr (305. Edward Wilson Marrs)
        b. June 5, 1892 Houston TX md Feb 20, 1917 Elzora Belle Bennett at Wichita Falls TX. If ch by this union,
        unknown. Md 2 June 3, 1925 Mildred Louise Love at Jamestown NY
        821. Edward Wilson Marrs III   b. Oct 21, 1928 Jamestown
        822. John Carlyle Marrs        b. Apr 22, 1933 Syracuse NY
        823. Melissa Alice Marrs       b. Apr 24, 1937 Syracuse NY
        824. David Henry Marrs         b. Nov 30, 1939 Syracuse NY md Pat Casey

535. Minnie Clair Johnson (307. Lula Ellen Marrs)
        b Dec 28, 1893 Hillsboro TX md Frederick Benjamin Elliott b Sept 8, 1887 Charlotte NC md on Aug 24, 1906
        Vernon TX. A retired teacher and school supt of Mexia TX and a rancher. Son of Robert Harvey and Nancy
        Amanda (Kirkpatrick) Elliott.
        825. Frederick Benjamin Elliott, Jr     b. June 17, 1919
        826. James Robert Elliott               b. Apr 21, 1927 Vernon TX
        827. Thomas Johnson Elliott             b. Nov 29, 1929 Vernon TX

536 and 537 b&d (307. Lula Ellen Marrs)

538. Gortie Marrs (310. Samuel T. Marrs)
       md Ab Fitts, Ft Worth TX
       828. Samuel Marrs Pitts res Arlington TX

        539. Mona Marrs (310. Samuel T. Marrs)
             st              nd
        md 1 a Poindexter 2 Dr. Pipes, Dr of Kid Key College, Denton TX
540. Autie Maud Marrs (310. Samuel T. Marrs)
        md Mr. Brindley, son of S. E. Brindley of Mansfield, Tarrant Co TX

541. Maggie Marrs (310. Samuel T.Marrs)
       no more data on family than earlier in this document - to 542, Eula Marrs

        543. Cecil Marrs (311. Silas Thompson Marrs)
        no more on this family to 546 Louise Marrs

        547. A. Charles Kinnaird, Jr (312. Nancy G. Marrs)
        no more data on this family than earlier in this document to 548 Naomi Irene Kinnaird

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 68
        549. Larue Marrs (3113. Samuel Obediah Marrs)
        no more data than earlier in this document

        550. Buford Marrs (306. James Pulski Marrs)
        no more data than earlier in this document to 552 Clifford Marrs

        553. James King Marrs, Jr (316. James King Marrs)
        b Mar 19, 1897 Mansfield TX d Sept 14, 1960 Houston TX. Md Apr 3, 1924 First Baptist Church, Waco TX Mary
        Claypool, b May 26, 1902, New Haven CT, dau of Claudia Irene Robbins and Thaddeus Hugh Claypool.
        829. James Hugh Marrs b Feb 26, 1926
        830. George Robbins Marrs       b. Nov 10, 1927 Galveston TX md Feb 11, 1950 Bernice Cohrs at Chicago IL
                James Daniel Marrs b. Nov 18, 1950
                David Glen Marrs        b. Sept 22, 1953
                Becky Sue Marrs         b. Oct 2, 1959
                They live in Houston where the three ch were born and where George R Marrs is employed at the
                Houston Bank and Trust Company.

        831. Mary Ann Marrs     b Oct 5, 1936

        The Baylor Line - Baylor University, Waco TX Nov-Dec Issue, 1960
        James K. Marrs, Jr, 63, one of Houston’s most loyal Baylor supporters, although he had never attended this
        university, died at his home on Sept 14, 1960. Mr. Marrs started the Marrs Insurance Agency in 1931 and for the
        last 12 years had been in partnership with his son, James Hugh Marrs (829) BBA 1949. Mr. Marrs was treasurer
        and a deacon of the south main Baptist Church and a member of the Masonic Lodge in Galveston. He had
        always supported all Baylor drives in Houston and it was his contribution a year ago which put the Houston
        Baylor Club Scholarship fund over the top. He was also a generous donor to the athletic scholarship program.
        This year, the Houston Baylor Club has decided to name its scholarship the James K. Marrs, Jr Athletic
        Scholarship. Immediate survivors include his widow, the former Mary Claypool, BA 1922 or Garnet St, Houston
        TX, two sons, George R. Marrs 1945-1948, and James Hugh Marrs BBA 1949, both of Houston and a dau Mrs.
        John Robert Barlow (Mary Ann Marrs) BA 1959, of Montgomery Alabama. Mr. Marrs’ mother d in 1918 was
        Eulalia Ralston, an 1893 Baylor graduate. (Also from Marrs and Allied Families)

554. George Ralston Marrs (316. James King Marrs)
       b. 1899 Mansfield TX md Sept 14, 1929 First Methodist Church, Lufkin, TX, Mabel Singleton b Mar 16, 1902,
       Lufkin, dau of Miami Adelaide O’Quinn and James J. Singleton. They live in Dallas and are members of the
       Highland Park Methodist Church. His occupation, vice president of T.P.L Co retired (Texas Power and Light?)
       832. Marilyn Marrs b Apr 11, 1931 Dallas md Jean Robert Gillet on Nov 25, 1960

        555. Helen Marrs (316. James King Marrs)
        b Oct 24, 1901 Mansfield TX md 1924 Monroe Leo Elliott b 1894 Sherman TX, son of Joseph Elliott. They live in
        Houston where he is a physician.
        833. Helen Margaret Elliott b Aug 16, 1925
        834. Alma Jane Elliott b. July 20, 1926 d July 1946
        835. Monroe Leo Marrs, Jr b. July 15, 1929
556. Frances Marrs (316. James King Marrs)
        b. Apr 19, 1910 Abilene TX md July 16, 1934, Galveston TX, Clement d’Albergo, b Jan 1, 1911 Berwick PA, son
        of Lina Machera and Arturo d’Abergo. They are both instructors in Galveston schools and are active in the
        Presbyterian Church.
        836. Linda K. d’Albergo b Nov 2, 1963
        837. Deana d’Albergo b Aug 30, 1940
        838. Helen d’Albergo b July 4, 1942 md Sept 1, 1962 Robert Mason
        839. Patricia d’Albergo b Aug 6, 1944
        840. Arthur James d’Albergo b Aug 29, 1935 md Ruth Carter Oct 3, 1959

        557. Mary Jane Marrs (316. James King Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 69
       no data

       558. Edgar Pitcock (319. Mary Thomas Marrs)
       no more data than earlier in this document

       559. Carrie Pitcock (319. Mary Thomas Marrs)
       b June 16, 1874 d June 26, 1941 md Oct 19, 1902 John Swift
       840. Hallie Swift Pitcock md and living in Muskegon, Michigan
       841. Eula Pitcock md and living in Muskegon Michigan

       560. Eva Pitcock (319. Mary Thomas Marrs)
       b Feb 2, 1876 d Nov 20, 1906 md Aug 11, 1901 Dennis Edmund Davis
       842. Marie Davis Pitcock b Sept 19, 1902 unmd
       843. Herman Davis Pitcock b Jan 27, 1906 md Dec 26, 1926 Lena Debree

       561. Avery Pitcock (319. Mary Thomas Marrs)
       b. Aug 29, 1883 d June 23, 1918 md Dec 14, 1910 Ada Page
       844. Lawrence Pitcock b Aug 19, 1912 md Velma Frodge
       845. Lorraine Pitcock b. Sept 25, 1914, md Delbert W. Robertson

562. Hughey Pitcock (319. Mary Thomas Marrs)
       b. May 16, 1887 d June 18, 1906 unmd age 19

       563. Zadus Gentry (320. Laura Belle Marrs)
       no more data on this family than earlier in this document to 566 Lena Dell Gentry

       567. Lizzi Maud Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
       b. Feb 4, 1885 Mudlick KY, member of Methodist d Dec 25, 1973, Monroe Co KY Hospital. bur Gamaliel KY cem.
       md Jefferson Jesse Comer, Ass’t Postmaster Gameliel Ky in 1865. he b May 1, 1880 Sugar Creek KY Rocky Hill.
       md on Mar 6, 1904, Bethlehem Church and Mary Harlin Comer. Letter from her to us in Nov 30, 1965: Dear
       Leon Marrs and family’ Dear unknown friends or perhaps relatives! Recently my nephew, W. F. Marrs, sent me
       a letter you had written to him requesting information concerning the Marrs generation. As he did not have much
       information you see. I’m a lady of 80 yrs old and my eyesight has failed so much I shall write a short record on
       another sheet and hope you can read it. My father was William Levi Marrs. He married Mary Ellen Payne, to this
       union were b 4 boys and 5 girls. My oldest brother, Dr. John Frank Marrs was a successful Doctor of
       Tompkinsville KY. He d May 7, 1946. Fred F. Marrs, another brother, lives in Santa Ana, CA, another brother ,
       William Faunus Marrs, deceased, is the father of W.F. Marrs a merchant at Mt.Herman KY, to whom you wrote
       the letter. My youngest brother, Herman L. Marrs, lived in Chicago IL, or rather in River Forest IL. A son, Homer
       Le Marrs, still living there, also a dau, a registered nurse and wife of Dr. Earl N. Silver lives there. My brother d
       June 25, 1962. Two of my sisters have passed away and two are living as widows and growing old. You may
       have difficulty in making out this letter I have written, also the record of the Marrs generations which I’m
       enclosing. My pen has give out, so I’m finishing in pencil. Yes, I believer you are right in stating that the most
       important thing to all of us is that we are Christians born of the Spirit and to live for Jesus. The most of the Marrs
       families I have known were and are member
       s of the Methodist, yet many of my relatives are members of the Baptist church. May we all live that we will have
       a home in Heaven. I trust the Lord will bless you and yours family. Let me hear from you, a man Neal A. Chism
       of Lincoln NE is to make a record book of the Marrs family. His grandmother was Mily Virginia Marrs Chism, dau
       of Henry Bradshaw Marrs. I shall send your letter to him. I Pray the Lord will bless you and your family. A friend
       or perhaps a relative. Maud Marrs Comer .......I know she is with the Lord by the time of this writing 1973. We
       found this out when we visited with W. F. Marrs at Mt.Herman KY. She was in a nursing home and didn’t know
       anyone. We were too late to meet her on this side of Jordan, but when we meet on the other shore, what a
       meeting it will be. We were there in Mt. Herman in 1970, Aug 22. W. F. Marrs has been Postmaster there since
       1933. Maud and I corresponded after our first letter, but never knowing we were actually kin until 1973 and too
       late to let her know our findings. I’d like to give her a special place here for she was the start of our long pilgrim
       search of Marrs and now we’ve got a lot of data because of her first data to us - it kept us going on.....
       846. Mary Maxwell Comer b May 22, 1907 Mudlick KY

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   70
       847. Robert Thurman Comer b July 13, Mudlick KY
       848. William Marrs Comer     b. Feb 6, 1911 Gamaliel Ky
       849. Jesse Pearl Comer       b. Sept 26, 1912 Gamaliel KY
       850. Earl Payne Comer        b. Oct 26, 1914
       851. Frank Carleton Comer    b. Jan 31, 1918
       852. Herman Jefferson Comer b. Dec 5, 1920
       853. James Harlin Comer      b. Apr 30,1925

568. John Frank Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
        b. Oct 15, 1880 Mt Herman KY md Jan 4, 1904 d May 7, 1946 md to Nancy Parker Gushong md 2 Cloe Conkin
        on Oct 3, 1920. Yet alive inf 1974. He bur Bethlehem cem Mt Herman KY
        854. Mary Clifford Marrs b. Mar 20, 1905 md Beldon Long
        855. George Frank Marrs b Mar 27, 1910 md Aileen Stephens
         by 2 wife
        856. John Conkin Marrs b July 19, 1927 md Gayle Smith he d
        857. Sarah Ellen Marrs b. July 2, 1926 md Edward Anderson

569. Fred Payne Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
        b May 18, 1882 md Apr 9, 1909 d Nov 18, 1969 res Santa Anna Calif md Eula Franklin b Feb 3, 1887 d July 27,
        858. Donald Frank Marrs        b. May 1910
        859. Mary Lou Marrs            b. Mar 1923 md Walter Orvis
        860. Fred Payne Marrs, Jr      b. July 1914 Md Helen

                       570. Julia Pearl Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
       b. Aug 4, 1879 md Aug 23, 1902 Thomas N. Webb b. 1872 d 1936 Bethlehem cem. she d Mar 29, 1903 no

571. William Faunus Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
        b July 17, 1883 Mt. Herman KY d Jan 22, 1919 md Verna Pearl Davis on Mar 25, 1905 b Nov 21, 1886 d June 4,
        861. William Fleming Marrs b Jan 9, 1908 Mt. Herman KY md Inez Bowman
        862. Clarine Marrs      b. Feb 1913 md Truman Hollingsworth
        863. Mary Rose Marrs b. Nov 2, 1914 md Wendell Downing

572. Mary Alice Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
       b. Dec 28, 1886 Mudlick KY alive in 1974 md Elmer McCreary b July 21, 1883 md Sept 3, 1908 d Apr 21, 1947
       864. Reba Ruth McCreary          b. July 25, 1909 d Apr 28, 1946
       865. Arthur Rex McCreary         b. June 21, 1911 md Apr 1932 Ina Bowman
       866. John Frank McCreary         b. Nov 26, 1915 md Pauline Moore
       867. Eula Glodelle McCreary      b. May 28, 1913, md James Thomas Hamner
       868. Eleanor Emmaline McCreary            b. Dec 2, 1926 md Paul Freeman Birdwell
       869. Robert Leon McCreary        b. Apr 8, 1918 d Nov 10, 1918

573. Pernie Glade Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
        b. Aug 1, 1890 alive in 1974 md Ralph Axton Cherry Feb 6, 1916. he d Mar 5, 1961 res North Hollywood CA
        870. Lois Marrs Cherry b. Dec 1916 md Robert Morrison
        871. Ralph Axton Cherry         b. Mar 1918 md Eugena
        872. Lynn Pedigo Cherry         b. May 1, 1926 md Eva
        873. William Bille Redford Cherry b. July 31, 1924 md Elizabeth
        874. Hetty Mildred Cherry       b. Aug 1921 d young

574. Hettie Ellen Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
       b Apr 6, 1892 d July 20, 1950 md June 1922 John Arvid Carlson

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               71
       875. Glade Marrs Carlson       b. Mar 20, 1929 md William Wyman
       876. Gladys Marie Carlson (twins) b. Mar 20, 1929 md Christian Goedike
       877. Herman Carlson            b. Dec 1, 1935
       878. John Arvid Carlson, Jr.   b. Dec 5, 1924 md Dorothy Krumme
       879. Mary Christine Carlson    b. Feb 12, 1926 d Feb 12, 1926

575. Herman Levi Marrs (321. William Levi Marrs)
       b. Apr 6, 1892 md Nov 1913 Maud Christine Laughlin he d June 25, 1962 res Forest City IL
       880. Homer L. Marrs    b. Mar 20, 1917 md Dorothy
       881. Marilyn Marrs     b. Mar 29, 1920 md William Mikita

576. Ralph A. Chism (323. John Crittenden Chism)
       b. Aug 30, 1897 md Jessie Graham Dec 1, 1917 he d Mar 11, 1965 she b Sept 19, 1847
       882. Neal Chism         b. Nov 5, 1924 Md Joan Johnson on Feb 27, 1965
       883. Margaret Lorene Chism      b. June 21, 1923 md Boatman md 2 Edward Trohlar (or Troblar)
       883a. Clair LeRoy Chism         b. Nov 6, 1918 md Joan Crocker

577. Clyde Marrs (336. Warren Marrs)
       no more data on this family other than shown previously in this document to 582 Grace Marrs

       583. Ray Knox (337. Mary Marrs)
       no more data on this family other than shown previously in this document to 586 Jessie Knox

       584. Roscoe R. Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       d age 3 yrs, 11 mo 15 da bur Sidney OH

       588. Otto Franklin Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b Dec 28, 1881 and at age year and a half moved to Meade Kansas in a covered wagon. There he drilled the first
       artesian well in Artesian Valley, the beginning of the agriculture in Kansas, now well under irrigation. He studied
       mechanical engineering at Kansas University and md Maude Ella Pinnick in Fowler, KS, where he operated the
       city power plant. He moved to Los Angeles and began working for the Ford division there. It was his job to work
       the bugs out of the new “Tin Lizzies”, reporting his findings directly to Henry Ford, who order necessary tooling
       changes at the factory. Later, he returned to Kansas in a Model T Ford, over mere wagon trails. About that time,
       the inventor of the combine ferreted out the young and clever machinist, Otto Marrs, who spent months in
       Hutchinson making and fitting together the parts on the plans came to him form the drawing board. In 1923, he
       brought his family to Texas, starting his nursery in 1925. When the Ferguson Ford hit the market, Marrs was
       immediately interested and started hooking up unique pieces of machinery to the tractor to adapt it to this area.
       He was the first to make a 3-point hookon border disc, and many other arrangements. 18yrs ago, he rigged up
       a spring shanked Ford cultivator for his orchard and threw away his disks. Many orchard owners and caretakers
       have found the cultivator to be a great moisture saver. Without the help of his wife, Maude Ella, the family tree
       might still be a bush, for it was she who packed out oranges by the bushels and expressed them to friends all
       over the United States to determine their shipping quality and to get consumer reactions in their quality. Present
       status of the Marrs orange is a tribute not only to the discoverer and his daughter, but also his wife. O. F.
       MARRS WINNER OF ARTHUR T POTTS AWARD, from the Valley Horticultural Society for his work in
       developing the Navel orange sport into t
       he areas leading orange variety, after surviving droughts, freezes, and even hurricanes. (February 1967 issue of
       Texas Farming and Citriculture, with Otto F. Marrs picture on the cover and his daughter, Gwynevere in side
       picture of her by the Marrs Orange tree. (too lengthy here to copy all)
       884. Lorene Roberta Marrs          b. Jan 21, 1912
       885. Gwynevere Marrs               b. 1914 Single

589. Ralph Lee Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b. Dec 17, 1885 Ohio md Dec 2, 1908 Rosa McGuire he d Aug 27, 1970; a short biography written by him of his
       parents or by his sister Dessie Marrs Masters, anyway, it is a good history of the family:

       My father, Frank Marrs, was the fourth child of John and Fannie Marrs. They had seven children, three boys,
       Warren, Frank, and Alva, and four girls, Mary, Ann, Edna and Mattie. All were born and raised on farm north of

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 72
       Larwell, Indiana, Whitley county. Pa was 12 years old when their father died of lingering illness - consumption
       (dan’s note - I think consumption was a term used for TB in those days), at the age of 42. Aunt Ann got her feet
       wet at her father’s funeral, took cold and it developed into TB, and a year later she died at the age of 15.
       Grandma raised the family until they were on their own or married. She built a new house that they had planned
       to build and it is still there. Harley Marrs bought it and his wife and son live in it. When Pa was about 20 years
       old, he went to work for his Uncle Joe Marrs, who was a brother of John Marrs, my grandpa and lived in Ohio.
       Uncle Joe was married to Ma’s sister, Aunt Rean (Syrena Bryan md. Josiah Marrs 183). Ma was helping Aunt
       Rean care for Cora and Dell and help with the chores. Ma was in the barn milking and Pa was feeding the stock
       in the barn and that is where they knew each other the first time. My mother, Amy Rebecca Bryan, was the 3
       child of William J. Bryan and Isabell Deweese Bryan. They had 7 children, 6 girls, Syrena, Elizabeth Ann, Amy
       Rebecca, Aurilla (Edna Moore’s mom), Nancy, and Frances and one boy, William D. Bryan. Grandpa Bryan was
       a distant cousin of William Jennings Bryan, who was the great orator and ran for President of the United States.
       Grandpa died at age 48. He had washed his sheep in the canal to shear them, took a cold and died at the age of
       48. Uncle Will was 5 years old when his father died. Ma and the older girls worked in the fields with their father
       and after his death, Grandma and the girls run the farm until Uncle Will was old enough. He was the youngest
       child. Uncle Will came to Kansas in 1894, then Grandma rented her land, bought a home in Sidney, Ohio, where
       she died at age 95. Pa and Ma were married Dec 24, 1897 at Fort Jefferson, Ohio. They left for his folks near
       Larwell, Indiana, where they made their home for a few years. They had 9 children, five boys, Roscoe Raymond
       who died at a age of 3, Otto Franklin b Dec 28, 1881, Ralph Lee b Dec 17, 1885, Walter Warren b Nov 10, 1894,
       Chester I b Mar 22, 1900 and four girls, Fannie Isabell b Feb 24, 1888, Dessie Dell b Jan 11, 1890, Edna Edith b
       Jan 6, 1892 and Lela b May 28, 1897. Their first two children were born at Grandma Marrs in Indiana. In the 80's
       the cry was “Go West, young man, go west”, Ma and the two little boys were to Ohio to her folks and Pa and
       Uncle Warren headed west in the Spring of 1884. They got to Wellington Kansas and bought lots in Oxford, a
       small town near Wellington. It was here, on May 21, 1884, that Pa received a telegram from Ma that Roscoe had
       passed away with scarlet fever. Pa left immediately for Sidney Ohio. Ma had the doctor to see Otto who had
       scarlet fever and Roscoe came and stood by Ma’s knees and said AI’m not going to have that nasty stuff, am
       I?@ In a few minutes, he began to vomit and have diarrhea. The doctor did everything he could for him, but God
       took the little fellow home just 9 hours after he was stricken with this terrible disease. Aunt Ann and Aunt Rilla
       had lost their little girls just days before and Ma had done Aunt Ann’s washing and Otto and Rosco had gotten
       the germ from her clothing. Pa, Ma and Otto went to Larwell, Indiana, again and I think it was at this time that Pa
       run a butcher shop in Larwell for about a year, but he wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to make a home for his family
       in the West. Ma and Otto went to Ohio and lived with Aunt Ann until Ralph was born in December. Pa and Uncle
       Loyal Wingard (Aunt Edna’s husband) headed west in the spring of 1885 and landed in Leoti, Kansas (west of
       Scott City), where Uncle Loyal made his home, but Pa went on to Meade. Aunt Edna took her little son, Harry, to
       Leoti, Kansas when he was 3 or 4 months old. In Feb or Mar, Harry was born Nov 7, 1885 they were only there
       about 4 months when Aunt Edna had Typoid fever. They sent for Pa at Meade to come at once and Grandma
       went to her bedside as fast as the train would carry her. Aunt Edna passed away July 3, 1886 at the age of 23
       and was buried in Leoti cemetery. Grandma Marrs took Harry and raised him as her own. Pa filed on a
       homestead 2 2 miles northwest of Meade on what is known as the Jim Woods pasture. He dug a half dug out,
       put a roof and had one window and one door. A small room on the end with a square opening in the main
       dugout, where you could reach to put milk, butter, eggs and things to be kept cold. He had dug a well, built a little
       barn and gathered cow chips for fuel. He bought a team and wagon and freighted from Dodge City to Meade. It
       took several days to make the trip. The railroad hadn’t come to Meade yet. The first passenger train on the Rock
       Island was to come through Meade Sunday Feb 12, 1888. On Dec 31, 1885, a terrible blizzard struck Meade
       County and lasted through New Year’s Day. In a near zero temperature, a fine, blinding snow driven by high
       winds covered everything. Thousands of cattle froze and smothered in the storm. Pa took his two hens and a
       rooster and his dog
        into the dugout and he was snowed in for three days. The snow drifted over the door so deep he couldn’t get out
       until a neighbor came and shoveled the snow off. He lived here a year, when Ma, Otto, 4 yrs old, and Ralph 6
       months old, came by train to Cimarron, Kansas in June 1886. Pa met them with a team and lumber wagon. It
       took them all day to drive home to the claim. They made their home here for seven years. Ma would walk to
       Meade and work all day for 504 at any kind of work she could get. She often pulled a little wagon to bring her
       day’s work home in what she needed. She raised a little yellow pie melon or poor-mans peach, we called them.
       She made butter out of them for our bread. Vegetables were scarce on that place. We always had milk, butter
       and eggs. Three girls were born in this dugout home, Fannie, Dessie and Edna. Pa planted some trees and one
       Osage Orange tree still alive when Lela and I went there in 1965 and took pictures. Pa had a chance to buy a
       relinquisnment of 160 acres, 11 mile northeast fo Meade, known as Artesian Valley, for sever head of cattle and
       $150. In June, 1892, we moved into another dugout. We stayed with the Frank Sourbier family until the roof
       from the claim could be transferred to this new dugout. We didn’t live in this very long - only about a year and a
       half, until Pa bought a store building in Jasper, now known as Missler. He made two rooms out of this building

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  73
       and I can remember my mother tacking cheese cloth over the wood walls then pasting wall paper onto the
       cheese cloth to make it warmer and more liveable. Warren was born in this old store building and Uncle Will
       Bryan came to Kansas and stayed with us four years. Warren was just a baby crawling when Pa bought a
       four-room house in Meade and moved it on skids and running gears of a wagon with several teams of horses -
       moved it to the Valley in the spring of 1895. He set it beside the Artesian wells in the valley where he drilled a
       well which flowed 60 gallons a minute. There were several Artesian wells in the valley when he moved there,
       but none flowed as much as ours at that time. He added a kitchen to the east side of this house. This is where
       Lela was born. In the summer of 1898, Grandma Bryan, who had been visiting us and Uncle Will, who married
       Ruby Marts took his bride and left for Sidney, Ohio. Our colored man, Frank Johnson who worked for leaches
       came several to see Pa about working for him, but Pa hesitated, but finally let him come on January 1, 1900. On
       March 22, 1900, a 12 pound bundle of joy came to live with us, he was named Chester I. On April 1, 1901, Pa
       bought the W. F. Foster quarter joining the home quarter on the southwest for $1,000. On May 19, 1903, Pa
       bought another quarter of land from John W. Luttrell for $800, who had filed on it in 1898. In later years, he
       bought another quarter known as the Rice quarter and an 80 with a school house on it. There was acres and
       acres of alfalfa, this required lots of help, so we girls worked in the hay fields to keep from hiring so much help.
       One girl, usually Fannie, would help Ma with the cooking, 10-12 loaves of bread was baked every day. We
       raised everything we ate except flour, sugar and coffee. We had a wild plum patch and sold bushels and bushels
       besides making gallons of jelly and butter. We had a raspberry patch and lots of grapes, cherries, peaches,
       apricots and apples. We dried corn, apples, turnips, beets and potatoes in heaps of straw and dirt. We canned
       hundreds of quarts of fruits and tomatoes. And buried apples, etc. Pa was a jack of all trades, he had a
       blacksmith shop, did welding and all the repair work when machinery was being used. We all worked, believe
       me. But we had our fun too, like baseball games, croquet, horseback riding in the summer and in the winter it
       was school from five months to seven or eight months. We would have skating parties, taffy pulls, literary,
       spelling bees and old time dances in the homes. Pa played the violin for many dances. Otto and Uncle Will
       chorded on the guitar or Fannie or he would chord on the organ. We had many a dance and oyster supper in our
       home. You have noticed all through this biography I have called my parents Ma and Pa. That is what we were
       taught to call them. They didn’t want to be called Papa and Mama. Ask Lela. By the time we were all married,
       except Warren, Lela and Chester, Pa built an eleven room house in 1911. Ma’s health failed when she had a gall
       bladder operation in 1913. After that she went to Otto’s in Los Angeles California and stayed about 18 months
       until she recuperated. I don’t remember how long they lived on the farm until they rented to the boys and they
       spent many winters with Otto and Maude near Donna Texas. They went to several reunions in Indiana and had
       gone to one in September 1938 when Pa took sick at Uncle Alva Marrs in Larwell, Indiana and had come home.
       She called Lela and me to come down and one of us was with her from then on through her illness. Chester and
       family lived on the home place then. Ma wanted to go to Dodge City to the hospital, as she wanted to try
       treatments for cancer of the stomach. She was only there a few days until she wanted to go to Lela’s, so Dr.
       Robb sent the ambulance for her and I rode the ambulance with her to Lela’s. She passed away on Monday,
       Dec 19, 1938, at the age of 81. This tribute to our mother was written by Frank Fuhr, of the Globe News by
       Benjamin C. Hilliard of the Colorado Supreme Court, Denver, CO - he lived in Meade and knew our parents.

       A tribute to the late Mrs. F. Marrs, he says AMrs Marrs’ life, as I study it, typifies the lives of all the women who aid
       in the developing of a community from the raw materials, many of whom did precisely that thing in Meade county.
       To women, more than man, is due the real progress of the world. She excels in modesty .. man must need to
       hop on to the top rail on occasions, flap his wings and advert to his mighty accomplishments, but woman, buoyed
       by faith and constancy, that male knows not of, neither fails to strive to honor to the end nor paused to consider
       what already she has accomplished. She excels in stamina, courage, industry, everything. Only the Omnipotent
       can command her to cease her labors. In obedience to an order from that source, Mrs. Marrs has surrendered
       that working tools of her life’s achievements.
                THE WAITING WORLD

       Now Pa goes on alone, only for a few short years. Most of the winters he spent with Otto and Maude in Texas
       and most of the summers with Lela and George. Since we had moved to Colorado by that time, he would go and
       visit the other kids a few weeks at a time, but was never satisfied to stay away from his home very long. In the
       last years, he stayed with Lela and passed away at her home, Feb 15, 1944 age 85.

       Ch (589 Ralph Lee Marrs)
       886. Ruby Ursula Marrs b. Oct 10, 1909 KS md Seaborne Whatley

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    74
       887. Thomas Franklin Marrs     b. Jan 2, 1912 md Helen Hughes
       888. Marion Lee Marrs          b. Aug 2, 1914 md Ida Eikerman
       889. Rosetta May Marrs         b. Feb 19, 1918 Md Lloyd Thompson
       890. Lulu Mazo Marrs           b. Apr 18, 1920 md Ecckes
       891. Ralph Lee Roy Marrs       b. June 23, 1923 md Frances Trent

590. Fanny J. Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b. Feb 24, 1888 Meade KS d Sept 16, 1932 md Nov 30, 1907 Walker Jesse “Pete” Hardaway b. Dec 28, 1877 d
       Feb 20,
       892. Florence Louisa Hardaway b. June 22, 1908
       893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway b. July 20, 1910
       894. Frances Ruth Hardaway b. Jan 4, 1913
       895. Jessie Jaunita Hardaway b. June 19, 1915
       896. Lela Euvonne Hardaway b. Apr 19, 1918
       897. Loren Walker Hardaway b. Jan 3, 1921
       898. Maudessa May Hardaway b. May 7, 1923
       899. Lewis Dean Hardaway        b. Aug 7, 1925
       900. Warren Luther Hardaway b. July 16, 1928

591. Dessie Dell Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b. Jan 2, 1890 Meade KS md Feb 22, 1910 Harry Elias Masters b Oct 27, 1881 d Sept 13, 1968
       901. Elsie Faye Masters          b. Nov 23, 1910
       902. Harry Raymond Masters b. July 19, 1917
       903. Ada Ruth Masters            b. Sept 30, 1924

592. Edna E. Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b. Jan 6, 1892 Meade KS md Nov 30, 1907 Martin Flint b. June 7, 1886 d June 20, 1970.
       904. Arthur Franklin Flint       b. May 17, 1908 NM
       905. Earl Raymond Flint          b. June 4, 1910
       906. Bertie Marie Flint          b May 4, 1913
       907. Orpha Mae Flint             b Mar 2, 1915 NM
       908. Myrtle Flint                b. Aug 23, 1920
       909. Cora Dell Flint             b. July 23, 1917
       910. Edna Maurine Flint          b July 21, 1921
       911. Violet Virginia Flint       b Dec 29, 1923
       912. Earline Faye Flint          b July 21, 1927

593. Walter Warren Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b. Nov 10, 1894 Meade KS d May 9, 1964 md Aug 5, 1917 Feryl Ione Flinn b July 14, 1900 d June 16, 1937 md
         nd                                                                                                 st
       2 Mabel Furman Sept 7, 1940 (This is the Mabel Marrs of Fowler Kansas. Mabel had three children by 1 md,
       Herman, Elsie, Delbert. She is a great help to me in Marrs lineage)
       913. Gladys Aileen Marrs        b. Mar 6, 1918 KS
       914. Guinola May Marrs          b Sept 21, 1919
       915. Alfred Warren Marrs        b July 31, 1922
       916. Leola Maxine Marrs         b. Aug 22, 1924
       917. Willa Warrenetta Marrs     b. Nov 22, 1926
       918. Marjorie LaVon Marrs       b Mar 3, 1929
       919. Betty Ione Marrs           b Aug 2, 1931
       920. Virgil Eugene              b July 28, 1933
       921. Arwin Wendell Marrs        b Jan 7, 1936

594. Lela Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
        b May 28, 1897 Meade KS md Sept 22, 1915 George Lewis Harris b. Aug 8, 1896 d June 4, 1962
        922. Lela LaVetta Harris       b. Sept 25, 1918 KS
        923. George William Franklin Harris    b. Sept 13, 1928

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              75
595. Chester I Marrs (339. Franklin Marrs)
       b Mar 22, 1900 Meade KS md Nov 21, 1919 Edith Brock b Dec 9, 1900
       924. Chester Lloyd Marrs         b. Feb 3, 1921
       925. Irwin Eugene Marrs          b Dec 30, 1922
       926. Edith Pauline Marrs         b Mar 10, 1924
       927. Roscoe David Marrs          b Dec 28, 1925
       928. Leo Raymond Marrs           b June 3, 1927
       929. Ella Mae Marrs              b Dec 31, 1929
       930. Benjamin Lewis Marrs        b Feb 15, 1932
       931. Richard Dale Marrs                  b Oct 1, 1934
       932. Danny Ray Marrs             b Jan 21, 1945

596. Harry W. Wingard (340. Edna Marrs)
       no data

        597. Frank Sapington (341. Alva Marrs)
        no data on this family other than is earlier in this document to 599, Jake Sapington

        600. Fanny Brennamon (342. Mattie Marrs)
        no data except what shown earlier in this document to 603, Orda Brennamon

        (Sent by Mabel Marrs, Fowler, KS)
        603a. Delila Esteline Marrs (343. Dennis Reeder Marrs)
        b Apr 12, 1884 md Lewis Hyndman

        603b. Loren Wayne Marrs (343. Dennis Reeder Marrs)
        b. Oct 6, 1887

        603c. Mary Elizabeth Marrs (344. Samuel Arthur Marrs)
        b. May 24, 1897 d Feb 14, 1920 Md Lawrence Prescott
        932a. Marcella Adelia Prescott b 1919 d Jan 4, 1943

        603d. Harry L. Marrs (344. Samuel Arthur Marrs)
        b Nov 19, 1907 md Mildred Shenefield
        932b. Geneva Beth Marrs        b Oct 13, 1950
        932c. Kathern Lucinda Marrs    b Jan 6, 1953

604. Arby Martin (342. Mattie Marrs)
        d age 42. He took care of his parents till they passed away. A little about him in a letter following writeup on 352,
        Minnie May Marrs.

605. Marie Grangwer (355. Nancy Marrs)
        no more data than earlier in this document - to 606 Edna Grangwer
607. Floyd Alfred Marrs (356. Samuel Jesse Marrs)
        b Oct 29, 1916 Palo Mich md Catherine Smith
        933. Barbara Jean Marrs b Nov 30, 1939 md Aug 1962 Jerry Bolt
        934. Elaine Kay Marrs b Apr 1, 1941 md Fred Goulden
        935. Marion Phyllis Marrs         b. Apr 5, 1944 md Lynn Johnson
        936. Joan Irene Marrs b Apr 5, 1946 md Lee Jones
        937. Carolyn Lois Marrs b Nov 30, 1949 md Nicky Nelson

608. Paul Edwin Marrs (356. Samuel Jesse Marrs)
       b Jan 31, 1918 Belding Mich md Alice Bernath
       938. Stephen Paul Marrs        b. Aug 1952

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    76
609. Carrie Elizabeth Marrs (356. Samuel Jesse Marrs)
       b Mar 21, 1921, Ionia Mich md Michael Walters in Mar 21, 1942, Peoples Church, East Lansing MI. he b Sept 17,
       1904 Poland. Changed his name from Wtorek to Walters Feb 1942 when he became a US citizen. He is 17
       years older than Carrie and they do not have any children. We miss her letters she used to write and maybe one
       day she will contact us again. We hope so. Portions of her letters are earlier in this document.

610. Eugene C. Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)
       b. Jan 21, 1905 res Saker H I, R#2 Corry PA 16407 no more data

611. Joseph A. Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)
        b Feb 11, 1900 md Ruth Catherine Paul ch by her (div) md 2 Lureen ( ) no ch by this union. They live at 2556
        N. Bentley, Tucson, AZ 85716. We have had the joy of their visits here at our home. They came by and camped
        with their trailer here in our yard. My we will miss them this year of 1975. They came 2 yrs in a row and they
        were sure missed when they left for home. Here in 1972 and 1973 - Joe is not well and that is why he can’t stay
        in our climate - only has one lung now. First letter, June 23, 1971 - Greetings: we were on a little trip and when
        we arrived home yesterday, found your letter. I will list the family tree as I have it. William came to America
        1720, Samuel b 1740, William b. 1770, Samuel b 1798, Josiah b 1838, Edgar O b 1872 and Joseph A b 1900,
        me. This is all I have, but Mable Marrs, Fowler Kansas, has made quite a study of this sort of thing and might
        have information that I do not have. I hope that this will be of some help to you. If you are ever in this part of the
        country, stop by, we will be happy to see you. Best of luck, Joseph A Marrs.
        July 23, 1971: Thanks for the info. I was born and raised around Sidney Ohio. in 1918 my folks moved on to a
        farm a mile or so up the creek from the grave stone you mentioned of Samuel Marrs 1798. I had forgotten all
        about it. I will look it up the next time I am in that neighborhood. Hopefully next month. We are planning to
        attend the Marrs reunion in Fowler Kansas July 31 and Aug 1. Hope to see you there. The best way to find
        about Arizona is come by and we will show you the sights. We like it very much - have lived her since 1961. It
        does get hot her in July and Aug. It has been up to 109, but is dry so it is much easier to live with than the hot
        humid weather back east. I am enclosing a picture taken in our back yard. I’m the tall one. I am not one for
        having his picture taken, so they don’t come out very good. I was born Feb 11, 1900. It was nice of you to write.
        signed Joseph A Marrs, Sunland USA.
        Feb 14, 1974: Greetings all. Thank you for the rememberace of my arrival at the three score and ten plus four
        milestone in this veil of tears. It arrived right on schedule. It don’t seem any different to me except that I seem to
        be much slower, more forgetful and inclined to be more grouchy. We went to a campout over the weekend and
        Lurene had a big birthday cake we all enjoyed the campout and the cake. Also thanks for the gift. It will be used
        to remove rings around the adams apple. The weather here is great - still cool at night but the days are in the
        70's. I spend quite a lot of time in my workshop, I have a woodburning stove installed and I burn anything that I
        can scrounge in it. I did have a gas heater, but due to the energy hassle, I changed and I like it much better, it is
        cheaper. I built a cabt’ for Lurenes sewing room. It came out pretty nice and she is quite pleased with it. Our
        health has held up pretty well, just have the usual old age things. Since we came home, Lu was in the Hosp for
        the removal of a tumor under her right breast. We are thankful it was not malignant. She is now over it and
        almost back to normal. Yesterday she made the announcement that today was yard cleaning day, so we may
        just get some cleaning done today. Lurene told me to include in this message that she will answer your letter
        sometime in the future, as she is still behind from Christmas. I had a job lined up, but could not be hired because
        Arizona has a state law that no one over 65 can be hired into the school system. I am glad, or at least don’t feel
        too bad, as I am a firm believer that I should be an energy saver (my own). Enough of this for now so will ring off
        wishing all of you the best of luck, much happiness and all that goes with living. Much love, Joe and Lureen
        Marrs. He is retired from the National Cash Register Co.
        939. Marilyn Esther Marrs b Dec 11, 1926 Gary IN md C. W. Ahrens
        940. Joseph A Marrs, Jr
        941. Cyril Jacob Marrs md Bonnie
        942. Edgar Paul Marrs
        943. Joan Rose               md Wm H. Buck

612. Edna A Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)
       no data

        613. Lucille C. Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    77
       b. Nov 1, 1912 md Joseph K. Clingman on Apr 28, 1934. He d Mar 21, 1938. md 2 Valentine Baab on Apr 10,
       1943 he d Aug 24, 1957 md 3 Walter J. Jurgeleit on Mar ? he d Dec 10, 1959. res Mrs. W. J. Jurgeliet, 1944
       Victoria Ave, Dayton OH 45406. Letter from her June 14, 1971:
       Dear Cousins: Leon and Betty, so nice to hear from another part of the Marrs family. William Marr of Scotland
       arrived in America 1720 .. Samuel Marrs b. 1740, William Marrs 1770, had son Samuel Marrs 1798 July 16, bro
       to your William Marrs 1800. I’m the youngest of 6 children; the oldest Joseph A. Marrs 1900 (has visited with
       Leon and Betty in 1972 and 1973). I have collected much of the background on bits and peices of paper - fully
       intending to get it all correlated someday. I have a map of the various clans in Scotland, showing the tartans,
       crests and shields; also some of the Gordon Olson clan plaid, which I purchased from the Scottish house in
       London. I have been trying to get additional information about the Marr family from 1720 back, but so far I’m at
       a standstill. If you are ever this way again, would love to have you stop by and see us. Are you a relative of the
       Marrs family living around Decatur or Columbia City IN? I loved hearing from you. Sincerely, Lucille.

614. Mary L. Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)
       no data

       615. Paul William Marrs (372. Edgar O. Marrs)
       b 1910 d 1950 . His wife, Luella lives in Horden OH
       944. William Marrs b 1940 md Nancy d 1974 car accident
       945. Lester O Marrs     b June 24, 1943 res R#1, Ft Laramie d 1975 car accident
       946. Judith K. Marrs    b. July 17, 1942

616. Leona Burch (371 Dellie Marrs)
       no data

       616a. Chester Marrs (373. Walter W. Marrs)
       md Mary no ch he d 1972 heart attach

       616b. John Marrs (373. Walter W. Marrs)
       md. Mildred. Live on State Rd 29, south of settlement called Pasco and about 2 mile from where Samuel Marrs
       1798, is bur beside road (SR 29) and Betsy (Marrs) Pepper, etc. For a time they lived on Slagle road but built a
       new home where we met them in 1967, it is a beautiful home
       946a. Terry Marrs

       617. Charles Richard “Dick” Marrs (376. Elmer N. Marrs)
       md Adeline. Promised to send data but haven’t yet. So far, only data is earlier in the document

       618. Stanley Marrs (376. Elmer N. Marrs)
       b Dec 7, 1909 Sidney OH md Apr 20, 1930 New Port Richy FL, Fern Brake, b Jan 17, 1908 Dutton MI, dau of
       Menno C and Carrie M. (Rooker) Brake no children. Retired in 1975, he said, for three years and now enjoying
       traveling to NC and one trip to MI

619. George Marrs (376. Elmer N. Marrs)
       d 1971

       619a. Myrtle Marrs (384c. Emory Franklin Marrs)
       b. 1880 d 1938 Cedar Point cem at Pasco OH, east of Sidney
619b. Emory B. Marrs (384c. Emory Franklin Marrs)
       b 1884 d 1966 Cedar Point cem Sidney OH md Iva Redinbo b 1898; estate probate, Sidney OH

619c. Anna Marrs (384c. Emory Franklin Marrs)
       md Clarence Shoyer

       619d. Fatima Marrs (384c. Emory Franklin Marrs)
       md Harry Johnston

       620 Edith Hester Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 78
        b. March 1, 1907 md July 8, 1925 Gordon Bush b July 2, 1903 d. 1960 of cancer. bur Rosehill cem, son of
        William and Laura Miller Bush. He was owner of Bush Motorcycle and Bicycle Shop on w 3 in Bloomington IN
        and owned serval houses and lands, buying up real estate that was delinquent. When he passed away, he left
        his wife in good financial state. md 2 Reid Harrell, of R#8 Harrell Rd, Bloomington IN. d in 1966, just a short
        while after they were married. He d of Lou Gerhrigs disease. he is bur at Clear Creek cem, Bloominton IN. In
        1975, Edith broke her hip and she has been in ill health for the two years before. She has been making her home
        with her dau Donna and family on Russell Rd, Bloomington IN. She d May 7, 1976 of bone cancer.
        947. Leona Gayle Bush b Aug 1927
        948. Gordon Leroy “Doc” Bush b. Oct 26, 1930
        949. Donna Kay Bush b Mar 10, 1940

        621. Alice Leona Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
        b May 26, 1910 d Dec 15, 1934 bur Knightridge cem, now beside her brother Orville, and her parents. (This was
        a sad time in losing Alice, for she gave strength and comfort to so many with such a strong faith in her Lord and
        Savior, Jesus Christ. She was well ready to meet Him in eternity. She had lain for 5 years with TB and had been
        a patient loving girl through all her affliction. She was also responsible for drawing the plans for the old log
        church, now replaced by present structure, in 1939 .. Mt Calvary Baptist Church. I believe with all my heart, even
        though she has been long with the Lord, her life prayers have affected the rest of us in the family to want to know
        the Lord. First one was her dear mother, then her sister Doris, then myself (sister in law, Betty) then her brother
        and my husband, Leon Marrs and we are serving the Lord now at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and I know too, that
        she and Mother Grace’s prayers are still being answered. For I know without a doubt that Evert, her father, is
        with the Lord now too. Again affected, I’m sure by her’s and wife’s Grace prayers on his behalf

622. William Greenup Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
        b Jan 14, 1913 md Feb 28, 1942 Lucy Della Hamm, b Feb 18, 1918, dau of Joseph and Lilly (Ham) Hamm. Bill
        worked for Gordon Anderson Oil Company on south Walnut, Bloomington IN, until his death and then the new
        owner and finally bought it himself and operated it until he had to retire because of a heart attach, which almost
        cost him his life. He gave us all a trying time at the hospital in the cardiac ward, but we were thankful God spared
        him. He also was found to have brights disease and a diabatic, so he has several strikes against him, but now he
        is doing fairly well, only he can never work anymore; which is hard for him I’m sure. They live on Harrell Rd R#8.
        Both are members of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, as well and come when they can. His health is his handicap
        now. When he was little, he had polio and left one arm damaged by it, but it was years before I realized he didn’t
        have the use of one arm. Bill has the personality that one never sees his affliction and he has overcome it. I
        think he should receive praise for his accomplishment. When he was still at home and the younger brothers and
        sisters gathered around him, he could always tell them stories that really drew them to him. He made it so
        interesting for them and fun too. There wasn’t any TV or radio, except for one crystal radio they had, but didn’t
        work all the time. So Bill was the delight to them for entertainment. (Dan’s note: Betty was writing all of this in the
        mid-late 1970's. Bill died in June, 1981)
        950. Carolyn Grane Marrs b. Dec 8, 1947
        951. Trecha Marie Marrs             b. Nov 4, 1953.
        952. Billie Annetta Marrs           b. Apr 11, 1957

623. Orville Raymond Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
        b Aug 2, 1915 d Nov 24, 1916, bur Knightridge cem. Died of Whooping Cough and pneumonia. This was indeed
        a sad time for his parents, his sister’s Edith was age 9, Alice age 6 ( and was to live only 18 more years just a
        short life here on earth) and brother Bill was only 3 at the time of Orville’s passing away. In later years, we had
        our first daughter, Kathy, b on Nov 24, 1950, the day of Orville’s passing away. If he had lived, he would have
        been 35 at that date 1950. How sad it must have been in the household of the Marrs. They had more grief
        ahead for which they stood the test.

624. Ralph Edgar Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
       b Sept 29, 1917 just a year after his baby brother Orville passed away. I’m sure he helped fill the aching heart of
       his parents for the loss of their 2 son, Orville. Although we know no child can fill another’s place, but does make
       a place of his own and in this close knit loving family, he was blessed indeed. As he grew to manhood, he had to
       go off to serve our country in WWII and again his parents had to stand another test seeing him go off to war, not
       knowing whether they would see him again , but trusting God would watch over him for them. And indeed, he
       did, for he brought him safely back home when the war ended. (Ralph served in Europe and was involved in the
       Battle of the Bulge - not sure if he was with the 3 Army -Patton- or not Dan’s Comment). He md Oct 11, 1941

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     79
        Hazel Iva Isom, b Dec 26, 1920, dau of Ola and Mattie (Davis) Isom. She is employed with RCA, a group leader
        there for years and Ralph is employed at Woolery’s Stone Mill. They live on Curry Pike in a new home they built
        (Bloomington). As a hobby, they enjoy grandfather clocks and just clocks. They have lovely ones in their home.
        Make a home really homy, I think. Their chimes so welcome to the ears. They also own 3 acres of Marrs land
        next to ours. Mom and Dad Marrs deeded their 20 acres to their 7 living ch before Mom died in 1949. This past
        summer, Ralph and Iva had a garden down here on their on their land and we enjoyed each evening for we could
        have such good visits as we worked in our garden and they in theirs. (1975). Now that summer is gone, as well
        as fall come and gone, now winter is settling in, we miss getting to chat with them. But looking forward to next
        year at gardening time. (Ralph d. Aug 1993)
        953. Marlene Elaine Marrs       b. Aug 19, 1946
        954. Monica Anne Marrs          b. Mar 19, 1954

625. Edna Louise Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
       b. Feb 11, 1920 in the original log house on the homeplace, as were her brothers and sisters before her. When
       she was small, a tornado came through here and really tore a path of destruction. They had to build another
       house, the present hip roofed one now being lived in by our son Paul and family. Dad thought the hip roof was
       safer against wind, etc. But I believe he found it to be more prone to leaky roof during rainy seasons. Edna was
       always the little housekeeper for her mother; this was a chore she enjoyed so while she was growing up and it
       still is today. She md Oct 19, 1939 Willard Clovis Duncan. He is an Elder in the Church of Christ in Columbus
       and a few years back they were on their way to Hendricksvill, to have a prayer meeting service in the Church of
       Christ there (Liberty), but never reached there that fateful evening. It was raining and in a curve, nearing a bridge
       east of Belmont IN, a young fellow lost control of his car and hit them head on. We, at the time, was on a trip to
       North and South Dakota and what a shock to know the following event. Edna was pinned in her seat by the
       engine that had come back on her; her face was cut so severely that it just missed the jugular vein and nearly
       cost her eye it came so close - her legs were a mangled mess, not much hope given for her life, but her faith and
       the Lord spared this wonderful sister (and sister in law). What strength she had to pull through such an ordeal.
       When we were told finally that she would live, but would never walk, well they just didn’t know our Edna, for walk
       she did .. at the same time, Clovis was hurt, but not badly, so they thought. Well, it turned out when he finally
       collapsed after walking around several days with a ruptured spleen. So his life was held in balance all that time,
       unknown to anyone, even the doctors. So thankful they got to him in time. He now is a diabetic and just recently
       Edna had another test to go through; she had to have open heart surgery. Again, just in time for she had an
       embolism (bubble) ready to burst on the aorta. It was caused by the wreck, the doctors seemed to think and had
       been ballooning ever since. So these two dear people have had their share of tests. He was employed with
       Woody Stogsdill Wholesale in Columbus and still with the new firm, after Woody retired. They live at 1341 Grand
       Ave, Columbus IN. (Clovis d July 1, 1999)
       955. Rita Jo Duncan        b. June 14, 1942 md Chet Simmons d Feb 2, 2004
       956. Janis Ann Duncan b Dec 26, 1944
       957. Karen Louise Duncan           b. Aug 12, 1947

626. Doris Lucille Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
       b May 18, 1922 in the present home on the homeplace. She is so faithful to care for the needs of others, those
       of her father was seen from the time of her mother’s passing away to be with the Lord. She never failed to see he
       had proper meal and took his laundry to return clean and fresh from her loving care. She rarely missed a day to
       see him. He was blind the last few years of his life and she got him a walker to use as he insisted on living alone
       on the homeplace and he did real well until the last two years of his life and he got pneumonia and she took him
       home with her. He returned home when well, but was back with her off and on, then came the day she and her
       sister, Edna, took turns to have him in their home. The last time he left his beloved home, he couldn’t see, but he
       took hold of the door knob and said “Good bye old home,” this was a sad parting for him - and for all of us when
       we had to finally give him up. Doris goes now to see Aunt Ice, her mother’s only living sister, that is out at the
       Hospitality House and to see her sister Edith who has the broken hip in the hospital. She, too, is a born again
       child of God, serving her Lord and Savior in her daily life and at the Church where her people had a great part,
       Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. She is a Sunday School teacher, songleader, Sunday School secretary-treasurer.
       She md Oct 10, 1942 at Gulfport Miss by J. P. Charles N. Cruthirds, (while John was stationed there) John Calvin
       Mitchner, b. Mar 7, 1921 d Jan 1, 1992, son of John W. and Eva (Meadows) Mitchner. John is an electrician by
       trade and as a hobby he loves to fish, hunt, etc. They have a cabin down near Williams IN, on the White River -
       west of Bedford IN. Spend most weekends there spring, summer and fall and Doris, if there too, comes back for
       church service on Sundays. He was in the Air Force during WWII. He saw duty in Burma and many other places
       and he too was safely brought back home to his parents and wife. When the electric lights were coming through

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   80
        her in 1947, he and a buddy of his, Bill Shook, was using a huge chain saw for public service, removing large
        trees in the line which would eventually be set light poles and all. It somehow got out of control and cut his foot
        and leg above the ankle, off, with only a piece of skin holding it on. They rushed him to the hospital and was
        about to remove it, when Dr. Holland, a surgeon, decided to try his utmost to save it and indeed, he did just that
        B a miracle was performed B and a long testing time ahead for John and Doris, for it was a very painful ordeal he
        was to go through for several months. Today he is walking on it (1975) outside of a very slight limp, it is not
        noticed. Only when weather is bad he is in pain, but never lets anyone know. So they’ve had their share of tests
        too. The live on R#8 Harrell Rd
        958. Sondra Lynne Mitchner        b. Jan 15, 1947
        959. John Michael Mitchner        b. Aug 17, 1954
        960. Mark Evert Mitchner          b. Mar 20, 1956

627. Evert Leon Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
       b. July 29, 1924. He, too, saw service in WWII, a short biography of it for his son David, when he needed it for a
       school project.
       I landed from a troop transport ship off coast of France at the port of Le Havre. We went by rail (box car) to the
       city of Rouen. We assembled and marched to small town or village by the name of Lyon La Farst. During a part
       of time here some of the battery went up into Belgium to bring Army vehicles and deliver them to the front lines.
       Incidentally, on the way up to Brussels, Belgium, I went through Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated in
       battle. We came south along Luxembourg, through a city called Bar Le Duc, then eastward toward Nancy,
       another city. The front lines of the battle were in this area. We returned to our unit to move up ourselves as a full
       combat armored Division, toward the Saar Basin area. In this area, the Germans had much fortifications. We
       crossed this area and went into Germany, going toward Mainz. We readied ourselves and our equipment, tanks,
       half-tracks, trucks, jeeps, etc to go toward the front lines of battle, which at that time was in eastern France
       around Metz. We also experienced our first buzz bombing while up in the Brussels, by pilotless planes. They
       were radio controlled and carried much high explosives, making them a real flying bomb. The people all along
       the way were most friendly, even though their country was being devastated by war. We delivered our truck, etc,
       at the front battle lines, then on our return, we stopped off two days in Paris, the capitol city of France. It was a
       beautiful city, but unlike any of the rest of France. We returned to our unit and very shortly thereafter, we began
       our movement eastward toward the Saar Basin, as mentioned above. This part of France has much of the
       industry. We crossed over into Germany, after going through cities like Metz and Nancy, also Saar guimenes.
       After going through Germany, my unit also went into Czechoslovakia, our unit went eastward in Europe farther
       than any American unit. Later, after the war was over, I crossed back over France, coming down through cities
       such as Lyon, Valence, Orange and Marsellies. This being on the Mediterranean Sea. After sometime in
       Vienna, Austria for almost one year, I again came back though France coming home. I sailed for home from the
       same port that I landed, Le Harve. 1946 (Pvt Evert L. Marrs, Co A, 1 BN A.F.R.T.C. Ft. Knox, KY U.S. Army)
       (PFC Evert L. Marrs 35096121 Hg. Brty. 391 A.F.A Bn. 1thd Armd Div A.P.O. 412 Camp Chaffee, Ark) He
       received an Honorable Discharge with the following record: Evert L. Marrs 35096121 Technician Fifth Grade
                                    th                           th
       Headquarters Battery 397 Armored Field Artillery 16 Armored Division. Separation center Camp Atterbury
       Ind. Date: Mar 31, 1946 - E. W. Henry, Major) Enlisted Mar 2, 1943, Ft. Benjamin Harrison Ind. Radio Operator
       776, Carbine MM Cal Rifle SS SMG Ex. Battles ahd Theater Ribbon EAME Theater Ribbon, W/I Bronze Star.
       Good Conduct medal, Victory Medal WWII date of entry into active service Nov 9, 1943. Radio operator B
                                                      th                           th
       served with the Headquarters Battery 397 Armored Field Artillery 16 Armored Division in the European
       theater of operations for 14 mo. Installed and operated tactical field radio transmitting and receiving equipment.
       Sent and received messages by international Morse Code (CW, ICW, or tone signals and by the light signals.
       Could receive at a minimum speed of 13 fire letter random code groups per minute without error. (Dan’s note: I
       think Leon mentioned that he could either send or receive at over 30 words per minute) Made minor repairs,
       serviced and maintained all equipment in the care of him. Armored Force Basic (521) Radio Operator Low speed
       (776) projectionist Motion Picture (137).

        He graduated from Bloomington (IN) High School in 1941 and attended NYA school for 3 mo and studied
        machine shop work and blue print reading. He went to Hartford CT and worked as a lathe operator after
        graduation from high school and returned to enlist in the service. He, too, was safely brought back to his parents
        God did indeed answer their prayers. It was a happy reunion on his return home. Md June 20, 1946 at Mt
        Calvary Baptist Church to Betty Jean Albertson, b Mar 1, 1927, dau of Mrs. Nick A. Volk and Albert Wencil
        Albertson. Her mother was Goldie Southern before her marriages, and through her father, she connects to the
                                         th                                                          th
        Pilgrims of the Mayflower. Her 9 great grandfather Pilgrim John Howland, and her two 10 Pilgrim John Tilley
        and Pilgrim Richard Warren. She is a mem of Indiana and General Mayflower - No’s 657 Ind. 35, 082 Gen. and
        Pilgrim John Howland Soc No 1327 and Warren Cousins of RI (Proven lineage). We are both members of Mt.

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   81
        Calvary Baptist Church by choice and born again children of God. Myself, on June 25, 1957, Billy Graham was
        having a televised crusade from Madison Square Garden and God used him to convince me that I needed
        forgiveness of all my sins and on the night of June 25, I gave my life to God. I then joined our church and wasn’t
        long I was a Sunday School teacher and for 3 yrs. was Sunday School Treasurer. Then my health broke and
        since I’ve been laid aside. I still witness for Him and for 10 yrs was Church Treasurer until Dec 31, 1974. Leon
        received Him on our 14 wedding anniversary, here in our kitchen - what a blessed anniversary it was, Bro. Buck
        Deckard led him to the Lord. June 20, 1960 and he too joined Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and has since been an
        usher, Deacan, Sunday School teacher, church treasurer for 10 yrs (I did the book work, he did the rest.) S.S.
        Assistant, Announcer, and an Adult Class teacher as well as at time taught at Wednesday eve. prayer service.
        He has served also as a Trustee. He worked for a time when we were first married, at I.U. Library and then 3 yrs
        at RCA, until laid off and then 3yrs at P.O. as Special Delivery Mail, then for 6 yrs owner and operator of
        neighborhood Marrs grocery, then went to work for Westinghouse when they opened their plant here in
        Bloomington, as a machinist and has been there now for 18 years and is a machinists tool grinder. (for a time,
        Leon was Union President IBEW at Westinghouse. We’ve been thru 3 strikes there, one lasting 5 2 months.
        Next year, 1976, is another one to come up, as it is contract time and we are sure pray all goes well with no
        strike. They are hare to live thru, but with God’s help, one can.) I guess you might say our hobby is genealogy
        - searching for our ancestry while we are yet here and finding relatives alive that we never knew about and
        meeting them and enjoying every minute of it. Being a child of God is far more important, but this is something to
        make history have more meaning to us and our children. While we dwell here in this life as we know it now. Also,
        it is a joy when we find our forefathers also lived for the Lord and is now dwelling with Him to one day return for
        their bodies and rec’ a glorified body like our Lord and Savior when he returns for His Church and we are his will
        be caught up together in the rapture. What a day that will be, how glorious, way beyond our imaginations can
        bare. We have been blessed with 4 children and now a dau and son in law and our first grandchild. To this we
        are thankful to God for everything. Forever give Him praise.
        961. Paul Franklin Marrs            b Jan 3, 1949
        962. Kathy Jean Marrs               b. Nov 24, 1950
        963. David Leon Marrs               b Jan 10, 1957
        964. Betty Kalena Marrs             b. Feb 3, 1959

628. Erma Grace Marrs (385. Evert Franklin Marrs)
       b. Apr 25, 1927. last of the Marrs family to arrive and the hardest birth of all, but mother and dau lived, thankfully..
       She graduated from University High School and worked for a short time at Camp Atterbury, where she met her
       husband, Benny Shiflet, Jr. and they married Mar 23, 1946. He was stationed there in the Army at the time. He
       b Mar 14, 1925 in Charlottesville, VA, son of Bennie and ( o) Knight Shiflett, Sr. They live now in Baltimore MD
       on Gray Haven ave. Left here, I think, sometime in 1958 or so. Lived for a time on 3 acres above us that her
       parents gave her in 1949 before Mom died. Bennie worked while here with her brother Bill at the Pete Anderson
       Filling Station on S. Walnut and she worked for Loudens (now Thrifty Mart is there) as cashier. In Baltimore,
       Bennie works at Bethlehem Steel. They attend the Baptist Church there.
       965. Katherine Gayle Shiflett      b. July 24, 1947 Virginia
       966. Leigh Anna Shiflett           b. June 6, 1949 Bloomington IN
       967. Kimberly Sue Shiflett         b. Sept 11, 1955 Bloomington IN
       968. Deborah Lynn Shiflett         b. Nov 26, 1958
       969. Douglas Aaron Shiflett        b. Apr 17, 1963 Baltimore MD

629. Baby Hoppes (386. Edna J. Marrs)
       b & d or stillborn

        630. Donawayne Nelson (388. Mercy Pearl Marrs)
        b Oct 10, 1914 California (letter from her states: My name is Donawaye Anna (Nelson) Tanner. Aunt Edna
        named me. She stole (ha) the name from a little girl in Denver whose mother had coined it from Donald and
        Wayne. I was married to George Waino Tanner on August 1, 1943. He’s a red-headed Finn from Turku,
        Finland, so I got the Marrs family back in the Scandinavian. They live at 9055 Trwingrove Drive, Downey, CA

631. Marjorie Rose Marrs Duncan (390. Paul Wampler Marrs)
       d. Feb 10, 1975
       631a. dau       Duncan (631 Marjorie Rose Marrs)
       631b. dau       Duncan (631. Marjorie Rose Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     82
        631c. dau         Duncan (631. Marjorie Rose Marrs)
        631d. son         Duncan (631. Marjorie Rose Marrs)

632. Bertha Alice Marrs Nelson (390. Paul Wampler Marrs)
        Moved to Honolulu in mid 1970's
        632a. son       Nelson (632. Bertha Alice Marrs)

633. Bob Marrs (390. Paul Wampler Marrs)
       adopted son

        634. Jack Marrs (390. Paul Wampler Marrs)
        no data adopted son

        635. Mildred Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
        b Feb 12, 1931 md Jack Speer Mar 1951, b. 0ct 10, 1926 In 1974, Jack built a new home for Mildred’s brother
        Bob and family, as theirs had burned. Mildred teaches in Newkirk OK. They visited all of us this year in 1975, as
        they passed through on vacation. They had a camper bus they came in. Their son was with them.
        970. Susan Marie Speer b. Feb 23, 1953 San Antonio TX md Harley Rankin Apr 26, 1972
        971. Brad David Speer b. Dec 8, 1955 Arkansas City, KS d June 14, 1991.
        972. Barry William Speer b. Mar 20, 1959

        636. Robert Ethan Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
        b Jan 9, 1925 d July 8, 1983 md Georgia Ann Rahn, in 1948 b Nov 12, 1929 d Sept 11, 2003. Farmers in
        Kansas. They visited us back in the 50's and their son, Kent fell down our stairs and chipped his tooth. We
        enjoyed their visit, but sorry Kent got hurt.(Dan’s note: Bob died of a brain tumor, which left him in a near coma
        for over a year before his death. Georgia died of Alzheimer’s disease and related complications)
        972. Connie Lea Marrs b Apr 11, 1949 md Richard Asher, md 2 Sam Steele - 2 dau, Heather and Ashley
        973. Julea Ann Marrs b June 27, 1953 md Lloyd Davenport 3 dau
        974. Kent Robert Marrs b Jan 29, 1956 md Karen dau Alison b Apr 23, 2000, son Ethan

        637. Dan Ralph Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
        b Apr 23, 1941 md Carol Marie Finneman Dec 28, 1971 Bismarck, ND. He is one of a staff of 3 named to
        supervise vocational agriculture programs within the Kansas State Department of Education. Marrs will
        specialize in agricultural products and resources and replaces Harold Shoaf as Executive Secretary of the FFA.
        He served as a doctoral awardee with the Education Professional Development Act at Kansas State University
        and completed a training internship at KSDE. He completed his doctoral degree in May 1975. He began his
        educational career as a vocational agriculture instructor at Cherryvale, KS (1964-1966) and Moundridge High
        school in KS (1966-1970). His residence in 1975 is Topeka KS. Carol works at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in
        Topeka. (Dan’s note: in 1980, Dan and Carol moved to Bismarck, ND, where Dan was selected to be the
        program administrator of the North Dakota Career Resource Network. At this writing, he has been in that
        position for 25 years.)
        974a. Brett Roman Marrs b Aug 2, 1978 md Courtney Marie Schaible May 22, 2004, she b Mar 16, 1981. Brett is
        a high school social studies instructor at Edmore and Adams ND and Courtney is completing her Occupational
        Therapy degree at the University of North Dakota.
        974b. Collin Ross Marrs b Sept 30, 1980 currently attending college at Minnesota State Community College in
        Moorhead, MN

638. William Russell Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
        b. Nov 17, 1927 md Roma Donna Westhoff d apr 9, 1986 They planted melons in 1974, Bill starts the melons in
        peat pots, so they are well started for planting after frost. He built a planter that will plant the peat pots and give
        each plant a shot of water. In 1971, his dad wrote that they had the biggest melon year ever; 40 acres of
        cantaloupes and watermelons. This month, he was supposed to send 700 melons to Pahuska OK.
        975. Roger Lee Marrs b 1964
        975a. Debora Jo Marrs b md Michael Glenn Mirt
        975b Monte Russell Marrs b        md Betty Burkhart May 24, 1975

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     83
639. Karl Ray Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
       b. Nov 18, 1923 md Mar 28, 1944 Betty Marie Messner b June 13, 1925 d Feb 12, 2004 res farmers in KS
       Ray was a B-24 pilot during WWII, seeing action in North Africa and England. Being with the Navy, his
       squadrons would patrol the seaways, searching for German submarines. He and Betty were married just before
       he shipped out to North Africa in 1944. His squadron moved to England during the same snowstorm that caused
       havoc during the Battle of the Bulge - Hitler’s last attempt to crush the Allies. Shortly after he arrived in England,
       he got word that he was a father, with Phillip Ray’s birth. (Dan’s Note: Ray has written an excellent book on his
       experiences just prior to and during the war, AI Was There When The World Stood Still.@
       976. Phillip Ray Marrs b Mar 1, 1945 md Catherine J. Henshaw July 31, 1971
       977. Rodney Alan Marrs b Oct 20, 1948 md Sarah Jo Groene Nov 9, 1967
       978. Randy Lee Marrs b Sept 18, 1953 md June 7, 1975 Kathy B McAfoos
       979. Kay Lynn Marrs b Dec 26, 1959

        640. Richard Leo Marrs (391. Leo Raymond Marrs)
        b Dec 23, 1929 md Marilyn Joy Welton Nov 1957 she b Aug 27, 1934. He stayed here a few days one year when
        he was a geologist in South America (Dan’s note: he worked with seismographing the Lake Maricaibo area of
        Venezula) and he had a short wave radio he showed us. We sure enjoyed his stay and missed him when he left.
        He was a geologist in Venzualla, S. America and did real well down there. We have visited twice in Kansas and
        they are fine folks to visit and have visit. They are going to build north of US 166, north of the school house on a
        160 acres they bought in 1973 for $49,100. As Marilynn say’s folks said they were nuts. One year later, it will
        bring three times that .. just like where you live, Leon, you wouldn’t dare set a price on your home.
        Wrote Uncle Leo Marrs, Apr 26, 1974, he wrote Oct 21, 1971 that he helped Dick on Tuesday - had the vet and
        a neighbor - we branded, vaccinated, etc 114 head in about 4 hours. He had pens, chutes and the vet had a
        squeeze , no rough stuff.
        They have been here several times and brought Uncle Leo and Aunt Mildred and Aunt Edna (the last visit) to see
        Dad, Leo and Edna’s brother.
        980. Richard Welton Marrs b Aug 25, 1958 Ada OK
        981. Diane Helen Marrs b Mar 20, 1961 Mattoon IL

        641. Ruth March (392. Edward March)
        md Roy Dunn. no data on this family other than earlier in this document
        1790. Ruth Dunn
        1791 Robert Dunn
        642. Carl March (342. Edward March)
        md Helen Spencer no ch

        643. Irene Effie March (392. Edward March)
        b Dec 27, 1897 d Aug 31, 1970 Decatur IL Fairlawn cem md Lester Hockaday
        1792. Pauline Hockaday
        1793. Charley Hockaday
        1794. Margery Hockaday md R. D. Kelly

644. Rayond Washburn March (392. Edward March)
       md Blanche Dodd
       1795. Don March
       1796. Juanita March
       1797. Dean March
       1798. Barbara March
       1799. Patricia March
       1800. Jacqueline March
       1801. Richard March
       1802. Larry March

        645. Orville March (392. Edward March)
        md Jennie Gring

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    84
       1803. Jack March

       646. Rex March (392. Edward March)
       md Claire King
       1804. Nancy March
       1805. Timothy March

       647. Vernelle March (392. Edward March)
       md Maxine Nell
       1806. Sally March
       1807. John March

       648. Margaret March (392. Edward March)
       md Harold Stuckey
       1808. Julia Stuckey
       1809. Janie Stuckey

       649. Grace March (392. Edward March)
       md Denton Burwell
       1810. Barbara Burwell
       1811. David Burwell
       1812. Kay Burwell

       650. Nettie Faye March (392. Edward March)
       md Grant McGowan d Decatur IL, Fairlawn cem d 7 yrs after they were md.
       No ch

       650a. Minerva March (392. Edward March)
       md Robert Lyman
       1814. Robert Lyman
       1814. Susie Lyman

       650b. Paul March (392. Edward March)
       md Lois Hughes
       1815. Mary Anna March
       1816. Carol March

        651. Ed Heil (
        a nephew of Mercy Marrs March bur also at Harristown cem IL.
652. Ethyl Evelyn Johnson (394. Edoth Marrs)
        b Aug 5, 1909 d Oct 27, 1927 age 18

       653. Leslie Raymond Johnson (394. Edoth Marrs)
       b Nov 9, 1912 md Mar 3, 1939 Port Huenime CA Anna Mae Watts, b Nov 9, 1917 Council Grove KS, dau of
       William Hiram and Bertha May Clymer Watts, res 207 Elwood Lane, Prescott AZ 86301
       982. Janice Louise Johnson b Dec 12, 1942 Maywood CA md Theo Douglas Richards July 18, 1964
       983. Linda Ann Johnson b Feb 2, 1947 Los Angeles CA Md June 14, 1969 Charles Joseph Petrilla
       984. Terri Sue Johnson b Mar 20, 1956 Whittier CA

654. Carl Andrew Johnson (394. Edoth Marrs)
       b. May 18, 1915 Arrington KS Occupation Electrical Engineer and lives in or near Riverside CA

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               85
655. Alvin Marrs Johnson (394. Edoth Marrs)
        b July 23, 1919 Arrington KS md Sept 9, 19?? August KS Dorothy Ball b Apr 23, 1921 El Dorado, Butler Co KS.
        dau of Ples Grant and May (Baldwin) Ball. He wrote us back and sent us the following data: res Alvin Marrs
        Johnson 130 SE Whitney, Camas Washington. He is a pharmacist.
        985. Stephen Ball Johnson b Nov 18, 1946 Lawrence KS md Betty Ann Vandrveen
        986. Stanley Pleas Johnson b Feb 9, 1949 Scott City KS md Nancy Ann Hayes
        987. Douglas Alvin Johnson b June 29, 1950 Wichita KS md Beverly Ruth Sherrell
        988. Sandra Elaine Johnson b Sept 11, 1951 Wichita KS md Loren Stanton Rhodes

656. Mary Dela Johnson (394. Edoth Marrs)
       b May 21, 1921 Teacher in a Seventh Day Adventist School for 32 years, now this year of 1975. Single and lives
       3505-3 Alpine Blvd, Alpine CA. We have a letter from her, shown earlier in this document.

657. Walford D. Marrs (395. Ralph Merton Marrs)
       b Mar 29, 1913 res Coffey Clinic 306 W Broadway, Ft. Worth TX. He is an MD. Md Virginia Lee Scott on June
       19, 1938. She b Aug 10, 1912 dau of Howard Scott
       989. Walford Scott Marrs b. Feb 28, 1939 Omaha
       999. Cynthia Mae Marrs b Oct 10, 1940 md June 27, 1959 Louis Brice Hartgraves 2 ch
       1000. Charles Lee Marrs b June 19, 1942 md Oct 2, 1962 Peggy Boyce 2 ch
       1001. Alice Ann Marrs b Oct 15, 1946 Ft. Worth TX
       1001. Mary Elizabeth Marrs b June 9, 1950

658. Maxine May Marrs (395. Ralph Merton Marrs)
       b Feb 22, 1916 d 1968 of cancer md Ernest Oliver Kirkendall, he b July 6, 1914 East Jordan Michigan, son of
       George Oliver Kirkendall and Rachael Elizabeth Geck. Maxine d June 10, 1968 New Rochelle NY Kensico cem
       at Valhalla NY
       1003. Carol Jean Kirkendall b Apr 27, 1939 Highland Park Michigan
       1004. Howard Ernest Kirkendall b May 19, 1941 Highland Park, Michigan
       1005. Barbara Jean Kirkendall b Sept 18, 1945 Highland Park, Michigan

659. Roy Merton Marrs (395. Ralph Merton Marrs)
       b Oct 17, 1917 Lead SD md Oct 27, 1940 Lois Marie Burnett b Feb 21, 1919 Grand Island NE, dau of John
       Wesley and Mildred Rena Hiller Burnett. She is a teacher in Ventura CA and he is superintendent of an
       elementary school district in the Oxnard-Pt Mugu Yerba Buena area of Ventura Co
       1006. John Merton Marrs b Dec 13, 1941 Randolf Field San Antonio TX
       1007. Richard Marshall Marrs b. July 7, 1944 Omaha NE
       1008. Valerie Lynn Marrs b Sept 2, 1957 Ventura CA

660. Ralph Eugene Marrs (395. Ralph Merton Marrs)
       b July 26, 1926 Omaha NE md Oct 13, 1951 Peru IN Mary Rae Radel (or Rodel?) B Beb 10, 1927 Peru IN dau of
       Andrew and Taevillia Viola (Laudenschlager) Radel res Campbell CA
       1009. David Allen Marrs b Sept 29, 1952 Johnson City NY
       1010. Robert Andrew Marrs b Aug 27, 1956 San Jose CA

661. Elbert Noland Alderman (396. Florence Elva Marrs)
        b Feb 22, 1909 Kearny NE d Dec 12, 1973 (also sad for us). Md May 26, 1930 Effingham KS Ida Hope
        Anderson. A letter we received from them Aug 6, 1973, just a short time before his passing. Elbert retired in
        March, age 64, he works one day a week at his old job wheel alignment and front end repairs. Entire letter earlier
        in this document.
        1011. Dorothy Jeanne Alderman b Oct 9, 1932 Atchison KS md May 6, 1951 Charles W. McKissick
        1012. Doris Joan Alderman b Dec 13, 1933 md Homer W. Holloway

662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman (396. Florence Elva Marrs)
        b Nov 8, 1910 Larkinburg KS md Dec 25, 1933 El Dorado KS Paul J. Grist b Aug 25, 1907 Holland IL

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  86
        1013. Margaret Ann Grist b Aug 6, 1936 Shawnee OK md Eldon Yeager
        1014. Betty Grist b May 3, 1939 md Barry Workentin
        1015. Anita Grist b Aug 7, 1939 md Gerald Ganser
        1016. Eileen Grist b Feb 24, 1944 md ?? B Warrensburg MO
        1017. Donna Grist b Dec 2, 1952 Independence MO

        663. Mabel Louise Marrs (397. Gifford Leslie Marrs)
        b Sept 15, 1914 md Jack Herr res 3749 Polk St, Gary IN 46408
        1018. Doloris Herr b Nov 26, 1945 adopted her in May 1946 she was 5 days old
        1019. Larry Herr b Jan 31, 1950

        664. Donald Lee Marrs (397. Gifford Leslie Marrs)
        b Sept 28, 1918 White Co IN md Goldie Mack b Apr 22, 1922
        1020. Stuart Lynn Marrs b Sept 29, 1948 md Gianna Felix Apr 30, 1945
        1021. Judith Kay Marrs b Feb 9, 1945 md Dennis Rowan
        1022. Barry Lee Marrs b Sept 23, 1942 md Barbara Griswald res 712 Pennsylvania Ave, University City MO

665. Jack Winton Marrs (398. Jay Dean Marrs)
        b July 14, 1927 Kansas City MO md Jan 1951 Sue Sussman div. He is a medical doctor and surgeon in
        1023. Jay W. Marrs b Oct 30, 1951
        1024. David Marrs b Apr 24, 1956
        1025. Peter B. Marrs b Sept 25, 1957
        1026. Laurie Marrs b July 19, 1960
        md 2 Gaynell Kidder, b Mar 6, 1942 dau of Martin Kidder in Michigan
        1027. Deane Marrs b July 7, 1969
        1027a. Jamie Marrs b Aug 1975

        666. Carl Glen Petty (400. Byron Talmage Petty)
        b May 27, 1908 Jefferson Co IL; church Methodist, Effingham IL md June 3, 1930 Champaign Co IL Marguerita
        A. Webb b Aug 29, 1907 Effingham IL Church Methodist dau of Steve and Sadie E. McKinnon Web
        1028. Charlotte A. Petty b May 1, 1938 Saline Co Harrisburg IL md Thomas L. Reeder

667. Earl Wesley Petty (400. Byron Talmage Petty)
       no data

668. Byron L. Petty (400. Byron Talmage Petty)
        Silk screen processing Effingham IL
669. Leonard Petty (401. William Nathan Petty)
        he is buried beside his father at Oak Ridge cem Effingham IL He was killed at the young age of 11.

670. Lovel Petty (401. William Nathan Petty)
        no data

        671. Eugene Petty (401. William Nathan Petty)
        no data

        672. Lucretia Petty (401. William Nathan Petty)
        no more data

        673. Herbert William Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Apr 21, 1913 md Edytha Irene Radley b June 2, 1914 d June 18, 1975

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 87
        1029. Doris Jane Petty b Dec 20, 1933 md Samuel Myron Rednour
        1030. Norma Jean Petty b Oct 8, 1937 md Frank Louis Hren md end Sept 20, 1957 Francis Waldren

674. Vernon Talmage Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        md May 29, 1915 Martha Heck b 1914
        1031. Louis Vernon Petty b Mar 10, 1936
        1032. Nancy Ellen Petty b Sept 14, 1938

        675. Virgil Frederick Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b. June 30, 1917 md Beulah Kingery b Sept 14, 1916
        1033. Joyce Marie Petty b Aug 14, 1938
        1034. Sharon Rose Petty b Aug 28, 1941

        676. Wayne Pershing Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Mar 24, 1919 md Feb 15, 1947 Anna B Gaddis no ch

677. Leona Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
                                                          nd                      rd                     th
       b Dec 28, 1921 md Sept 20, 1940 Clifford Beals md 2 1943 Oliver Miller md 3 1946 Van E. Riley md 4 1957
       Leroy A Dean b Oct 12, 1928 and adopted dau
       1035. Pameal Kay b July 4, 1960

        678. Ralph Bradley Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Dec 15, 1923 md Jan 20, 1957 Carol Mae Myers b Sept 25, 1931
        1036. Daniel Bradley Petty b June 13, 1952
        1037. Steven E. Petty b. Apr 28, 1955
        1038. Gerald E Petty   b Mar 25, 1957
        1039. Brenda Carol Petty b Aug 3, 1960

        679. Ray Edward Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Apr 8, 1926 md Norma Jean Burgess b Aug 10, 1928 d Feb 6, 1976 md Apr 10, 1948 res 1210 S 2 Effingham
        1040. Dennis Ray Petty b July 9, 1956
        1041. Martha Ann Petty b Sept 24, 1958

        680. Roy Edwin Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Apr 8, 1926 Twin of Ray, 679 never md

        681. Mary Louise Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Aug 29, 1932, md Sept 27, 1947 Norman Cook b Aug 6, 1922 she d Jan 4, 1975
        1042. Gerald Clark Cook b Mar 27, 1949
        1043. Wayne Eugene Cook b Oct 18 1951 d Jan 12, 1962
        md 2 Jan 6, 1965 Tharon Goldsberry no ch by this union. he d June 18, 1975

        682. Bobby Joe Petty (402. Virgil Ira Petty)
        b Oct 26, 1932 md Dec 9, 1954 Gritel Kahtl Berth Heinze b Juen 9, 1934 in Germany
        1044. Alice Petty b June9, 1953
        1045. Harry Petty b Jan 25, 1952
        1046. Erick Petty b Jan 2, 1951

        683. Mary Ethel Petty (403. Earl Petty)
        b Dec 2, 1904 md Nov 26, 1922 Ralph T. McNeely. he d May 10, 1970, Tuscola, IL h b Sept 30, 1899 Beecher
        City IL. He son of Burl H and Minnie Myrtle Yeskie NcNeely. A letter from her June 29, 1971, Tuscola IL: Hello
        folks. Thank you for the extra copies of the family record. I know nothing of grandmother’s brothers except I met

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  88
        Uncle Ira several times. About his family I know nothing; that’s not much help is it? Best wishes, Mary E.
        We met her the year that we went to Tuscola and Nell Jolly showed us around and took us to the buildings of
        Priscilla and Joe Petty in what was called Pettyville. Mary gave us pictures of Priscilla and the boys and another
        one of their wives. We really appreciated all they did. Mary goes to Florida in the winter months at that time.
        1970. Her husband had passed away and she lived alone. No ch.

683a. Maude R. Petty (403. Earl Petty)
       b Apr 30, 1903 Tuscola IL md Paul Gillespie div

683b. Joseph M. Petty (403. Earl Petty)
        b Mar 30, 1907 Tuscola IL d Mar 27, 1947

        683c. Frances Priscilla Petty (403. Earl Petty)
        b Mar 29, 1910 Tuscola IL md Don Tuttle June 10, 1936 he d July 14, 1970

684. Ruth Leone Petty (406. Clair Marrs Petty)
       b 1911 md M. C. Alwert no more data

685. Paul E. Petty (406. Clair Marrs Petty)
       b. 1913 no data

        686. Enola May Petty (406. Clair Marrs Petty)
        md Joseph Jones no data

        687. Levon Petty (406. Clair Marrs Petty)
        b 1922 no data

        688. William Henry Harrison Marrs (420. Omer Marrs)
        no more data than earlier in this document to 694 Sarah Ellen Marrs

695. Calvin Eugene Marrs (420. Omer Marrs)
       b Dec 10, 1900 md Edith Starwalt res Montrose IL He gave me a chair made out of pop cans - really something.
       1047. Helen Marrs b Sept 4, 1923 md William Dyer
       1048. Harold Eugene Marrs b July 18, 1925 md Dorothy Davis

       696. Clayton William Marrs (421. Frank Marrs)
       b Feb 28, 1903 Minot ND md Oct 18, 1929 Minneapolis MN Gladys Ann Sorum b Oct 31, 1902 Marshall Co MN
       dau of John A Sorum and Annis Anderson b in Norway
       1049. Patricia Ann Marrs b Dec 8, 1930 Minneapolis MN
       1050. Robert William Marrs b May 20, 1933, Minneapolis MN
       1051. Richard Joseph Marrs b Apr 9, 1939 Minneapolis MN
697. Charles Augustus Marrs d 2yrs 1 day

698. Beulah Marie Marrs (421. Frank Marrs)
       b Dec 1, 1912 Walford ND md Peter Ralph Parise b July 9, 1913 Manhattan, son of Francesco Parisi and Venera
       1052. Venera Parisi b Dec 3, 1946 Oakland CA md June 24, 1967 Gary DeVoe
       1053. Francis Marrs Parisi b Mar 31, 1948, Oakland CA md Heidi Ducklor
       1054. John Paul Parisi b Sept 4, 1950 Oakland CA
       1055. Martha Paul Parisi b July 23, 1954 Oakland CA

        699. Hazel Rebecca Marrs (421. Frank Marrs)
        b Dec 29, 1916 church Roman Catholic md June 21, 1941 Minneapolis MN Dennis Keane g Oct 3, 1913 Pine
        Island MN son of James P. Keane
        1056. James William Keane b Jan 5, 1950 Rochester MN

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  89
        1057. Richard Dennis Keane b Oct 17, 1954 Rochester MN

        700. Stewart Frankie Marrs (421. Frank Marrs)
        never md

701. John Sherman Marrs
        b. Aug 13, 1914 md Sylvia Marriner

702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs (421. Frank Marrs)
        b Aug 28, 1909 md Aug 28, 1928 Charles Gray b Oct 20, 1900 Van Wert OH son of James Anderson and Mary
        Anne (Davis) Gray
        1058. Martha Ellen Gray b May 16, 1929 St. Paul MN
        1059. James Robert Gray b Dec 28, 1932 Black Duck MN
        1060. Alice Louise Gray b Apr 11, 1937 Bemidji MN
        1061. Margaret Rose Gray b Jan 13, 1943 Black Duck MN

703. Daisy Beryl Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs )
       b July 29, 1900 Bartville MO christianed at Rugby ND, Presbyterian Church md Gilbert Ami Paroz b Aug 15,
       1897 Le Fuet, Switzerland, Christened at Tavannee Switzerland June 3, 1898 md Oct 4, 1942 Coeur d’ Alene,
       ID. He d Jan 10, 1971 Moscow ID bur Jan 12, 1971 Greeze cem, 3 miles north of Highway 95, son of Emile Leon
       Paroz b 1841 d 1926 and Rachael Julie Desvoignas
       1062. Ami Beryl Paroz b Mar 26, 1947 Colfax WA

704. Pansy Carmen Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs)
       b 1902 Tuscola IL md Dec 1, 1924 Edward McKenna

705. Wayne Basil Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs)
       b 1903 Ficklin IL d Nov 13, 1946 bur Gran Luthern cem near Mayville ND md July 23, 1932 Adelaide Andrew.

706. Fern Phyllis Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs)
        b 1905 Ficklin IL md Apr 11, 1927 Clifford O. Aus he d Jan 21, 1960

707. Ina Violet Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs)
        b 1908 md June 4, 1932 Richard C. Pederson he d Oct 18, 197?

708. 708. Oden McIntyre Reese (423. Eliza Sylvesta Marrs)
       b 1910 Walford ND md June 8, 1939 Helen Tastad

709. Vesta Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
       b 1909 md Wallace Hedrick res 3331 Florence Ave, Steger IL 60475
       1063. Lois Hedrick b 1924
       1064. Ray Hedrick b 1925

        710. Oda Herbert Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
        b 1911 Hidago IL md Zelma res R#5, Box 454 Valparaisa IN 46383

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                90

       711. Frederick William Marrs (424 William Herbert Marrs)
       b 1915 res Crete IL

       712. Charles Omer Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
       b. 1916

       713. Claude Franklin Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
       b 1919 res Lincoln IL

       714. David Asa Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
       b 1922 res Twin Falls ID

       715. Oscar Dale Marrs (424. William Herbert Marrs)
       b 1924 res Merriman NE

       716. John Marrs West (433. Lulie Marrs)
       b May 30, 1911 md May 8, 1943 Dois Poindexter b Mar 22, 1921 dau of Charles and Minnie Bates Poindexter.
       Nicholasville KY
       1077. John Howard West b Mar 3, 1944 6 2 ft tall
       1078. Charles Edward West b Mar 4, 1947 in Jessamine Co KY Nicholasville.
        We have a picture of John West, co-owner of Marrs-Despain in Nicholasville KY.

717. Gladys Garnett (444. Lida Hamon Marrs)
        b 1911 md Nolan E. Price on June 8, 1932 res Richmond VA
        1079. Lidetta Price
        1080. Gladys Jean Price
        1081. Nola Lee Price

       718. William Fitzgerald Marrs (445. Charles Harbaugh Marrs)
       b 1899 md Hilda Bechem b in IN no ch

719. Nancy Catherine Marrs (445. Charles Harbaugh Marrs)
       b 1901 single

720. Lara Wiley Marrs (445. Charles Harbaugh Marrs)
        b 1902 md Barksdale Aubrey Hayes on Nov 15, 1924
        1082. Thomas William Hayes b July 15, 1928 md Jane Jeter

       721. Fred Brumfield (446. Martha Anna Marrs)
       b May 8, 1907 md Evelyn Owen
       1083. Shirley Brumfield b Dec 14, 1933 md Lenwood Walters
       1084. Betsy Louise Brumfield b Mar 31, 1931 md June 19, 1965 David Hunt Armes of Northumberland, England

722. Edna Hamon Marrs (447. Eliud Foley Marrs)
       b 1907 md Dec 30, 1930 Richard D. Featherston, Jr, b Sept 3, 1908 res Lexington KY and she teaches in the
       Fayette Co schools
       Richard Dudley Featherston, III b Aug 23, 1937 md Martha McCarth

       723. Clara Jane Marrs (447. Eliud Foley Marrs)
       b Mar 8, 1909 md John William Fitch Sept 18, 1935 b July 17, 1905
       1086. John William Fitch, Jr b May 8, 1938
       1087. Francis “Frank” Foley Fitch b Mar 14, 1940

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               91
        724. William Marlin Marrs (447. Eliud Foley Marrs)
        b Feb 25, 1911 md May 1935 Rita Mount. He co-owner of Marrs and Despain International Harvester in
        Nicholasville KY. I have his picture which we took while there and in Jessamine Journal, Nicholasville, Thursday
        Jan 14, 1971 is his picture and article of Kentucky silversmiths, Silver topic for Historical Society. Silver Authority
        visits: Henry H Harned, an authority on early Kentucky silver, chats Tuesday after the Jessamine Historical
        Society meeting at Withers-Jessamine County Library with Marlin Marrs, Henry Houston Harned, son of the
        Frankfort guest speaker, collects some of his father’s display material. There is more coin silver B so named
        because it was made from melted Spanish, Mexican and English coins B in the bluegrass region than in any
        other comparable part of the United States, including Boston and Philadelphia. The reson for so much here, he
        said, is the popularity of livestock shows and the use of solid silver cups as awards for the finest animals. Local
        breeders, Harned explained, went to Scotland for sheep, the Guersy Islands for cattle and Arabia for blooded
        horses, just to win the coveted cups. It was customary, he noted, for the winner to pay the cost of the cup after
        the award had been given. To his knowledge, no silversmith ever settled in Nicholasville KY. Then on Thursday,
        Oct 22, 1970, in Jessamine Co Journal is picture of Marlin’s wife, Rita M. Marrs of R#4 Nicholasville KY, displays
        painting which won first place in acrylics division of the 6 District meeting of the Kentucky Federation of
        Women’s clubs, held Oct 13, at the Hospitality Motor Inn in Lexington. The club featured competition in the art
        divisions of collage, oil, water color, and acrylics as well as competition in needle work and floral arrangement.
        The blue ribbon makes Mrs Marrs eligible to compete in the state contest of the Kentucky Federation of
        Women’s Clubs next spring.
        1088. Jo Rita Marrs b Sept 21, 1939 md Peter C Jordan
        1089. Jere Marlin Marrs g Sept 28, 1941 unmarried (Dr. Jere Marlin Marrs has moved to Beverton OR, where he
        has accepted a position in Research chemist for Textronics, IN Thurs May 20, 1971 Jessamine Journal

725. Eliud Foley Marrs, Jr (447. Eliud Foley Marrs)
        b 1913 Jessamine co KY md Aug 14, 1946 Helen Veal b Apr 11, 1918 219 Larch Lane Lexington KY
        1090. Fred Foley Marrs b June 26, 1949

        726. Margaret Lulu Marrs (448. Clarence Marrs)
        b 1909 Nicholasville KY never md teacher

727. Merritt William Marrs (448. Clarence Marrs)
         b Mar 21, 1911 Nicholasville KY Jessamine co. md Nov 1941 Edna Brumagen. His great great grandfather
         James Marrs, was 19 when he move to KY. He was a charter member of the Providence Christian Church. His
         dad, Clarence, has the old church book, organized in 1817 (year that Samuel Marrs 1740 d on Catnip Hill Rd).
         He was first clerk. He must have been well educated, as he uses good English and good handwriting. Mr.
         Clarence Marrs, my father, is the church clerk there now. There has been a Marrs there ever since it was
         organized. I should say instead of my father having the old church book, my aunt Lulie Marrs West does
         (Clarence, my dad’s sister)
         1091. William Marrs b Nov 1946 Lexington KY Studying to be a Veterinarian.
728. Alice Lucille Marrs (449. James Oliver Marrs)
         b 1909 Portland OR md July 1937 Fred Clark McDaniel
         1092. Fred Clark McDaniel, Jr b Apr 2, 1938 res 210 Floral Park Lexington KY

729. James Jackson Marrs (449. James Oliver Marrs)
       b 1910 Portland OR md July 1936 Louisville KY Sara Joanne Cotton he d Aug 11, 1953 Louisville KY
       1093. Myra Joanne Marrs b Jan 11, 1938
       1094. James Jackson Marrs, Jr b Feb 15, , 1940
       1095. Billie Jean Marrs b. Mar 3, 1945
       1096. Bobbie Jane Marrs b Mar 3, 1945 (1095 and 1096 twins)

        730. Evelyn Catherine Marrs (449. James Oliver Marrs)
        b 1914 Portland OR md Feb 28, 1939 Lloyd Howard Harrison
        1097. Bennie June Harrison b June 2, 1942, md Larry Thomas Gill

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    92
        1098 Lloyd Howard Harrison, Jr? b Mar 10, 1944

        731 to 732 no data (451. William Chrisman Smith

        733. Smith no data (452. Benjamin George Smith)

        734 to 735 Smith no data (453. William Chrisman Smith)

        736. Smith

        737 to 738 no data (456. Elmer Ulysses Smith)

        739. Smith no data (459. Robert Marrs Smith)

        740. Smith no data (461. Henry M. Gunn, Jr

        741. John Berkely Gunn (461. Henry M. Gunn, Jr)
        an attorney in Palo Alto CA . No more data on him or his sisters 742 to 743 Ruth Anne Gunn

744. Roberta Ratchford (462. Jane Gunn)
       no more data on her and her sister, 745 Betty Jane than earlier in this document.

746. Charlie Maxwell Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
       b 1910 Sayersville VA R#1 Bandy VA church Advent Christian. Md Jan 24, 1934 Mary Belle Bandy b May 17,
       1906 Sayersville VA, dau of Thomas C and Maggie Pruett Bandy (the Blessed Hope program, C. M. Marrs R#1
       Box c3-North Tazewell VA 24630 telephone 988-2178 - Minister’s report, 14 yers, 2 mo, 7 ad. Begin 9-1-57 to
       11-7-71. Sermons preached 634, radio programs 15min ea 519, decisions for Christ at my services 24 and 37
       baptized. Church membership received 38, rec the Lord thru my radio ministry some say 40 or 50. Tracts
       distributed 3,125 miles traveled for the ministry 47, 587. chapters read in the Bible 19, 822. My wife and me work
       as a team, the joy and the sorrow. What costs one costs both of us. I am a broke down coal miner and preacher.
       Haven’t worked since Feb 27, 1962. I get pension, social security, and Black Lung pay. We have enough
       income at this time to live on without help from others, though its not always been so. Life income of both of us
       $137, 889.75. This looks like a lot of money, but we are in our 60's. Taxes has got a lot of it. C. M. Marrs written
       Nov 9, 1971 to Leon Marrs: Dear cousins. It was good to hear from you. Willie Marrs is a 2 cousin of mine; his
       father was a brother to my grandfather, Samuel Erastus Marrs. His father was Maxwell Marrs. I don’t remember
       much about them, we never visit. I am glad to hear Leon is a church worker, that is worth more to me than
       anything else. Cousins in Virginia, Charlie and Mary. He preached on Sunday at Adria Advent Christian Church
       in the a.m. service July 9, 1972 for fillin for the pastor who was absent. He sent us a picture of the ch with their
       church bulletin. It is a big church. He sent us a copy of E. H. Marrs, who is his 2 cousin, an obituary. His father
       and Charlie grandfather were brothers
       1099. Rachel Lena Marrs b Apr 6, 1940 Bishop VA md Kenneth J. Mulkey
       1100. Robert Shawver Marrs b Aug 12, 1937 md Peggy Wingoe
       1101. Reese Edward Marrs b Nov 2, 1935 md Carol Kiser
       1102 son b&d

        747. William Henry Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
        b 1912 Syersville VA d July 20, 1968 md Mary res R#1 Box 125 Tazewell Va 24651 bur Bushy Hill cem Tazewell
        1103. William Henry Arthur Marrs b Sept 1950
        1104. Trena Ellen Marrs b Mar 1951

        748. Samuel Boyd Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
        b 1909 md Maryland Mitchell b June 7, 1914 md on July 3, 1929
        1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs b Apr 12, 1930 md David William Johnson
        1106. Maggie Lee Marrs b June 20, 1931 md Joe Beavers Harrison
        1107. William Kenneth Marrs b July 26, 1933 md Betty Ruth Mitchell
        1108. John Henry Marrs b Feb 21, 1936 md Ruth Arlene Lehman

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   93
        1109. Virginia Ann Marrs b Mar 6, 1938 md Roy Anderson Wise

        749. Thulia Nannie Elizabeth Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
        b. 1913 md Mr. Robbins

750. James Doak Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
       b. 1915 md Ida Altizer on Jan 30, 1937 Tazewell VA she b July 29, 1913 War VA d July 14, 1953 Highrock PA
       Franklin ch (he has written us too, he lives in Delta PA R#2 17314) Darlington RI md she dau of Alex and
       Melissa Boothe Altizer
       1110. George Dudley Marrs b Nov 27, 1937 Bishop VA d Apr 7, 1942
       1111. Doris Alverta Marrs b June 11, 1939 Bishop VA md Garland Leonard Blevins July 19, 1960
       1112. Claude Dallas Marrs b Jan 4, 1943 md Apr 22, 1972 Bonnie
       1113. Denver Lee Marrs b July 9, 1947 Darlington MD d May 18, 1957
       md 2 Loretta Y. Ilyes on Sept 25, 1954 dau of Harry and Lenetta Ness Ilyes of Seven Vallies PA
       1114. Darlene Marie Marrs b Nov 20, 1955 Highrock PA York Co
       1115. David Arthur Marrs b Feb 17, 1957 Woodbine PA
               one stepson, Thomas Leon Ilyes b Feb 14, 1952 Seven Vallies PA

751. Fanny Virginia Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
       b June 21, 1917 d July 16, 1918

752. Birdie Lee Marrs (465 Robert Lee Marrs)
        b 1919 md Oscar D. Owens

753. Reese Whitten Marrs (465. Robert Lee Marrs)
       b 1923 d 1931 only 8 yrs of age

        754. James Marrs (466. Casper Marrs)
        d Feb 26, 1974

        755. Crockett Lockhart Whitt (471. Annie Marrs)
        b. 1915 Tazewell Va d Sept 10, 1972 age 57 Salem VA - formerly of Tazewell VA d Sunday in a Roanoke VA
        hospital, following an apparent heart attack. Survivors include his widow, Frances Pierce Whitt; 4 sons Preston
        R. Whitt of Salem, Marshall W. Whitt of Roanoke, Specialist Five Donald S. Whitt with the US Army at Ft Hood
        TX and William Charles Whitt of Valley Jo, CA. 2 bro Graham Whitt of FL, George B. Whitt of CA; one sister
        Mary W (Whitt) Elam of Tazewell VA. Bur in Sherwood cem, Salem VA
        1116. Marshall W. Whitt
        1117. Preston R. Whitt
        1118. Donald S. Whitt
        1119. William Charles Whitt
756. Graham Whitt to Mary W. Whit no data (471 Annie Marrs)

758. Ross William Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
       b 1926 md Eugena Hodges in 1948 Rev Marrs is a Big Creek High graduate and has been superintendent of the
       Indianapolis West District of the United Methodist Church in Bloomington IN. Still is in 1975, is Pastor of First
       Methodist Church since 1973. A native of McDowell co VA is the new Senior minister at Bloomington. Oct 14,
       1972 he attended a special conference on Garrett Theological Seminary in Evanston. He was one of 22 United
       Methodist ministers named to a special council of volunteers to the development committee of the Garrett board
       of trustees.
       1120. Krystal Marrs md James M. Williams in KS 1974
       1121. Elyce Marrs md Daniel B. Higgins.

        759. Frank “Randy” Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
        b 1927 md Ella Sue Phipps in 1945. He was elected advertising officer of the United Virginia Bankshares, Inc, of
        Richmond. Randy is a Big Creek High and Marshall graduate, once worked to the Bank of War and has also
        worked for newspapers in Huntington WV and Evansville IN

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 94
       1122. Gregory Thurl Marrs b Apr 15, 1957
       1123. Bradley Phipps Marrs b Jan 15, 1959
       1124. Leslie Ann Marrs b May 21, 1963

       760. Lila Mae Marrs (477. Rufus Marrs)
       B 1930 md in 1949 Kermit Johnson
       1125. Deborah Christine Johnson b Feb 7, 1950
       1126. Kerry Lee Johnson b Oct 20, 1951
       1127. Cynthia Dianne Johnson b Aug 19, 1954
       1128. Barry William Johnson b Nov 22, 1956
       1129. Melony Dawn Johnson b Nov 23, 1958
       1130. Beverly Denise Johnson b Nov 23, 1958 (twins)
       1131. Bryan Kermit Johnson b Jan 20, 1962
       1132. Deidre Cheryl Johnson b Mar 4, 1964

       761. Richard Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
       b 1933 md 1953 Jaunita Read
       1133. Tara Beth Marrs b Sept 10, 1961
       1134. Richard Eric Marrs b Mar 5, 1964

       762. Margaret Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
       b. 1935 md Carl Davidson in 1955
       1135. Randy Carl Davidson b July 25, 1956
       1136. Gregory Wayne Davidson b Aug 15, 1957
       1137. Carlana Jean Davidson b Dec 23

       763. John Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
       b 1943 md 1966 Ann Quatley
       1138. Sharon Denise Marrs b Oct 5, 1968

       764. Cheryl Ann Marrs (477. Rufus William Marrs)
       b 1944 md 1965 Eddy Minnica
       1139. Angela Dianne Minnica b Apr 11, 1968
       (Thank you, Rufus William Marrs for giving us the data on your family - it is most appreciated and I’m sure your
       children will be glad of it too, one day. It is a proud heritage the Marrs name)

765. Freida Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)
        her father is a retired Mine supt for the New River and Paco Coal co for 44 yrs. He d Apr 1, 1972 Glenwood
        Nursing home, bur at Mapewood cem in Tazewell VA. He mem of North Minister Presbyterian church, Roanoke
        VA. He md Hannah Jane Webb (her mother) she b 1885. Frieda md a Clarence Weatherford.

766. Wanda Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)
       md Dennis Hume

       767. Garnet Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)
       md Mr. Jamison

       768. Bernard Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)
       no data

       769. Esther Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)
       md Mr Ruff (Robert Ruff) no data

       770. William Douglas Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                95
       b 1931 he wrote us Oct 24, 1972 res Bluefield Va 24605 and gave us his children’s names and births
       1140. Douglas Eugene Marrs b May 24, 1957 (we have his 1 birthday picture given us by Lef Shrader of
       1141. Rick Marrs b 1958
       1142. Chuck Marrs b 1959

       771. Wilford Marrs (478. Estel Harvey Marrs)

       772. Thelma Robinson (479. Laura Belle Marrs)
       b 1912 md Frank Givens
       1143 Francis Givens b Apr 1, 1932
       1144. Leonard Givens b June 17, 1933

       773. Bernice Robinson (479. Laura Belle Marrs)
       b 1916
       1145. Bernice Jane b 1933
       1146. Betty
       1147. Barbara
       1148. Woodrow
       1149. A. C.

       774. Mildred Phyllis Robinson (479. Laura Belle Marrs)
       b 1919
       1150. Phyllis Ann
       1151. Jane

       775. Raymond Lewis Robinson (479. Laura Belle Marrs)
       b 1926
       1152. Tommy Robinson
       1153. Jeff
       1154. Mike

       776. Geraldine Mae Marrs (480. Samuel Gilespie Marrs)
       b 1923 (I wrote to her brother Samuel G Nov 1975)

777. James William Marrs (490. Samuel Gilespie Marrs)
       b 1919
778. Samuel Gilespie Marrs, Jr. (480. Samuel Gilespie Marrs)
       b 1916 hope he writes - he lives Bidwell OH

779. Rex Byron Marrs (480. Samuel Gilespie Marrs)
       b 1917 md Phyliss Marg Weber, a minister and was at Williamsport IN in Nov 1968 - Mabel Marrs, Fowler KS
       told me this.
       1155. Rex Wilson Marrs

       780. Mary Ellen Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)
       b 1927 md Charles Jackson
       1156. Sharon Faye Jackson b July 15, 1950
       1157. Travis Charles Jackson b Aug 17, 1957

       781. Shelba Jean Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)
       b 1941 md Eugene Corella

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                96
       1158. Kelly Ann Corella
       1159. Jeoffery Corella

       782. Kathleen Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)
       b 1929 md Ellis Johnson she died
       1160. Elleen Johnson md Mr Ruble

       783. Alfred Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)

       784. Dale Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)

       785. Allen Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)

       786. Virginia Marrs (481. James Arthur Marrs)

       787. Louise Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)
       md Lawrence Pruett
       1161. Curtiss Pruett
       1162. Ruth Ann Pruett
       1163. Minnie Pruett
       1164. Barbara Pruett

       788. Paul Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)
       no data

       789. Ruth Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)
       b 1917 md Jack Bowling
       1165. Jack Bowling, Jr
       1166. Billy Bowling

       790. Roy Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)
       1925 md Daisy
       1167. Claudine Earls

791. Ralph Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       792. Jack Earls (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       793. Denver Carter (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       794. Vivian Carter (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       795. Clarence Carter (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       796. Peter Carter, Jr (482. Grace Beatrice Marrs)

       797. Romona Marrs (483. Robert Johnson Marrs)
       b 1928 md James Light

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  97
       1168. Connie Lynn Light b June 19, 1950
       1169. David Marrs Light b Oct 30, 1961

       798. Robert Johnson Marrs, Jr (483. Robert Johnson Marrs)
       b 1930 md Patricia Stewart
       1170. Robert Johnson Marrs III b Jan 23, 1955
       1171. Beth Stewart Marrs        b. July 16, 1959

799. Barbara Lynn Marrs (483. Robert Johnson Marrs)
        b 1939 md J. Wilson Dorff
        1172. Christy Lynn Dorff b Apr 29, 1959
        1173. Jay Wilson Dorff, Jr b Oct 16, 1961
        1174. Mark Allen Dorff b July 1, 1969

       800. William T. Blankenship, Jr (484. Mabel Blanche Marrs)
       b 1932 md Dicksie Smaller
       1175. Elizabeth Blankenship b Mar 22, 1957
       1176. Mary Ellen Blankenship b Nov 7, 1959
       1177. Donald Lee Blankenship b Feb 4, 1963

       801. Charles Ray Snyder (485. Leola Marrs)
       b 1920 md Clara Marsh

       802. Helen Margarett Snyder (485. Leola Marrs)
       b Sept 17, 1921 md Clyde Brown b Jan 1, 1921 son of Luther and Chloe ( ) Brown
       ch (thanks to Leola and Rufus Marrs)
       1178. Betty Brown b May 6, 1941
       1179. Dennis “Buddie” Brown b June 8, 1943
       1180. Margaret Brown b Nov 7, 1951

       803. Harold Loyd Snyder (485. Leola Marrs)
       b. Jan 9, 1926 md Loretta Addair

       804. Shirley Marrs (487. William Otha Marrs)
       md Jack Gilmore res Maple Acres VA

       805. William Lee Marrs (487. William Otha Marrs)
       res Bluefield VA

       806. Bobby Joe Green (490. Marie Marrs)
       b 1948 funeral services for Bobby, age 26, of Gary IN and Formerly of Pocahontas VA who died Monday, will be
       held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Pocahontas Baptist church.

807. George Green (490. Marie Marrs)
       no data to 811 Betty Green

       812. Workman no data (491. Lili Marrs)
       to 813 Workman

       814. Bob Ruble (492. Goldie Marrs)
       no data to Claude Ruble 815

       816. George Hunter Worthington (525. Sarah Elizabeth Hunter)
       b 1894 md Vivian Norene Cale b June 12, 1897 Wichita KS dau of Anna Adkins and William Cale
       1181. Helen Irene Worthington b Jan 31, 1920 d same date
       md 2 Mertie Marie Ford b Nov 15, 1897 IL dau of William and Minnie Belle Simpson Ford

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 98
       1182. Norah Marie Worthington b Feb 5, 1925 md Carthel Quattlebaum
       1183. Dortha Ellen Worthington b Aug 29, 1928
       he md 3 Floy Livingston Morris, no ch

       817. Abraham Lincoln Worthington (525. Sarah Elizabeth Hunter)
       b Apr 24, 1896 Ft. Scott KS md Jan 22, 1918 Marvel Marguerite Elliot b June 21, 1897 Des Moines IA dau of
       Alfred and Ida May (Ashenfelter) Elliot.
       1184. Naomi Lavonne Worthington b Apr 22, 1920 md Charles G. Blalack
       1185. Robert Thane Worthington b July 22, 1922 Wichita KS Md Donna Cass

       818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington (825. Sarah Elizabeth Hunter)
       b Feb 11, 1900 at Joy Arkansas md Lewis Grant Shane, Jan 1, 1918 Wichita KS b Oct 27, 1898 Aurora MO son
       of Sarah Molinda Bruce and Ulysses Grant Shane
       1186. Carol Marie Shane b Feb 18, 1919 md Francis E. Gavin
       1187. Donald Lewis Shane b July 11, 1920 md Betty Jean West
       1188. Darlene Claudia Shane b Mar 30, 1922 md Christopher A. Pfeifer
       1189. Dale Worthington Shane b July 9, 1924 md Mary A. Dougherty
       1190. Bruce Clyde Shane b Sept 29, 1926 md Fermina M. Bronzert
       1191. Margaret Mary Shane b Aug 2, 1929 md Leone Louis Mortensen

       819. Annie Laurie Hunter
       b. Oct 4, 1902, d June 3, 1904 Smyrna Ark.

820. Ruth McLean (531. Marrs McLean)
       no more data than earlier in this document.

       821. Edward Wilson Marrs III (533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr.)
       B Oct 21, 1928 Harrisburg PA md Perthenia Northcraft res Pittsburg PA. Holds a PhD in English Literature and
       is at University of Pittsburg. Also an author, having had several books published in recent years.
       1192. Nancy Jo Marrs b Jan 5, 1953
       1193. Lisa Ann Marrs b Oct 6, 1957 Syracuse NY
       1194. Jenny Lee Marrs b Sept 27, 1968 Pittsburgh PA

       822. John Carlyle Marrs (533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr.)
       B Apr 22, 1933 Syracuse NY md Beverly Thomas dau of Charles and Nellie Thomas
       1195. John Charles Marrs b May 6, 1953 Syracuse
       1196. Dana Robert Marrs b Mar 27, 1954
       1198. Elaine Beverly Marrs b Aug 14, 1957
823. Melissa Alice Marrs (533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr)
       b Apr 24, 1937 Syracuse NY md Alfred Sweet
       1198. Jeffery Edwin Sweet b Aug 22, 1959 Kingston NY
       1199. Elizabeth Ann Sweet b Apr 26, 1962
       1200. Stephen Alfred Sweet b Feb 21, 1964
       1201. Jonathan David Sweet b Feb 3, 1966
       1201a. Kimberly Sweet b Aug 1975

       824. David Henry Marrs (533. Edward Wilson Marrs, Jr)
       b. Nov 30, 1939 Syracuse NY md Sept 1960 North Syracuse Patricia Casey b July 30, 1939 Syracuse dau of
       John J. and Louise Sackett Casey. Letter from them, Aug 16, 1971: Dear Betty and Leon, we are pleased to
       receive your letter. I’m sorry we don’t have more information for you. My father was raised by an Aunt, Mrs.
       Pearl McWhorter, of Lubbock TX. His mother died during his birth. Evidently, he didn’t know too much about his
       family background. We have heard him mention an Uncle, Rowan Marrs, but he was last heard from in 1916,
       living in England. Thank you again for your interest and we hope to hear from you again. Sincerely, Dave and
       Pat. Letter on Oct 21, 1971 saying their whole family is just fascinated by their past. They sent us their family

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 99
       picture - my they are a good looking family and the children too. Thank you Dave and Pat. res 6 Rustlers Rd
       Marcellus NY 13108
       1202. David Henry Marrs, Jr b July 22, 1962 Syracuse NY
       1203. Melinda Louise Marrs b June 13,1965
       1204. Amy Elizabeth Marrs b Oct 10, 1969

       825. Frederick Benjamin Elliott, Jr (535. Minnie Claire Johnson)
       b June 17, 1919 Mexia TX md Dec 11, 1943 Passaic NJ Eva Trude Spilcher b in Germany. he is now a test and
       research engineer with the Lufkin TX Foundry. Is active in the Presbyterian Church and Professional Engineers
       1205. Frederick Benjamin Elliott III b Aug 4, 1945 Passaic NJ. Student at University of NC
       1206. Evette Gizel Elliott b Dec 26, 1955 Lufkin TX

       826. James Robert Elliott (535. Minnie Claire Johnson)
       b. 1927 Vernon TX d Apr 21, 19??

827. Thomas Johnson Elliott (535. Minnie Claire Johnson)
       b 1929 md Mary Helen Pippen. He is a science teacher in the Vernon school
       1207. Jennifer Lynn Elliott b Oct 3, 1963 Vernon TX

       828. Samuel Marrs Pitts (538. Gortie Marrs)
       res Arlington TX

       829. James Hugh Marrs (553. James King Marrs, Jr.)
       B Feb 26, 1926 at Galveston TX md June 14, 1947 San Antonio TX md Margery Scholl
       1208. Nancy Jean Marrs b Nov 19, 1848 Waco TX
       1209. Mary Kay Marrs b Oct 18, 1951 Houston TX
       Mrs. James K. Marrs is carrying on the Marrs Insurance Agency which James King Marrs, started in 1931. They
       live in Houston, where James H. and his mother run the agency together.

830. George Robbins Marrs (553. James King Marrs, Jr.)
       B 1927 Galveston TX md Feb 11, 1950 Bernice Cohrs at Chicago IL. They live in Houston where the 3 ch were
       b and where he is employed at Houston Bank and Trust Co
       1210. James Daniel Marrs, b Nov 18, 1950
       1211. David Glen Marrs b Sept 22, 1953
       1212. Becky Sue Marrs b Oct 2, 1959

       831. Mary Ann Marrs (553. James King Marrs, Jr)
       b Oct 5, 1936 at Houston md John Robert Barlow. They are living in Japan at present, where he is in the US Air
       Force, but will probably settle near Houston after his discharge. He is a veterinarian, receiving his degree from
       Texas A&M.
       1213. Robert Andrew Barlow b June 26, 1962 Knob Noster MO
       1214. Timothy James Barlow b Mar 6, 1964 Fukuoka Japan

       832. Marilyn Marrs (554. George Ralston Marrs)
       no more data than earlier in this document.

833. Helen Margaret Elliott (555. Helen Marrs)
       no more data to 835 Monroe Leo Elliott

       836. Linda K. D’Alberto (556. Frances Marrs)
       no more data to 836

       840. Swift (559. Carrie Pitcock)
       no data to 841

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                100
       842. Marie Davis (560. Eva Pitcock)
       never md

       843. Herman Davis (560. Eva Pitcock)
       b Jan 27, 1906 md Dec 26, 1926 Lena Debree
       1215. Hallie J. Davis b Dec 31, 1927
       1216. Robert Bruce Davis b Nov 28, 1930
       1217. Eva Frances Davis b Mar 31, 1933
       1218. Glaydene Davis b Oct 4, 1937
       1219. Roy W. Davis b Jan 10, 1946

       844. Lawrence Pitcock (561. Avery Pitcock)
       b 1912 md Velma Frodge Dec 31, 1937 res Tomkinsville
       1220. Roger Pitcock b Feb 27, 1946

       845. Lorraine Pitcock (561. Avery Pitcock)
       b 1914 md Mar 19, 1938 Delbert Waldo Robertson, Knoxville
       1221. Donald George Robertson b Jan 17, 1948 d Apr 29, 1953

       846. Mary Maxwell Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b May 22, 1907 md Jan 7, 1928 Perry Frank Lane - she wrote me and gave our letter to Judy Downing
       1222. Frank Comer Lane b May 26, 1930 md May 1950 Lera Emmert

       847. Robert Thurman Comer (567. Lizzie Maud Marrs)
       b 1909 md Apr 23, 1933 Alma Hale
       1223. Billie Joe Comer b. Jan 4, 1942

       848. William Marrs Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b 1911 Gamaliel KY md June 30, 1933 Mabel Lyons
       1224. Mary Ann Comer b Oct 9, 1941
       1225. William Jeff Comer b June 1, 1945

       849. Jesse Pearl Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b 1912 md Basil Glen Jackson on Apr 28, 1933
       1226. Judy Ann Jackson b June 24, 1938 md Mr. Downing div

       850. Earl Payne Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)_
       b 1914 md Aug 3, 1945 Gloria Dean Hicks or Hix
       1227. Gary Marrs b June 13, 1946
       1228. Tana M. Marrs b. June 25, 1951

       851. Frank Carleton Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b Jan 31, 1918 md Jewel Morgan Mar 2, 1956
       1229. Jeffery Carl Comer

       852. Herman Jefferson Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b Dec 5, 1920 md Apr 8, 1948 Moleen Morgan
       1230. Janet S. Comer b Sept 6, 1949
       1231 Joseph C Comer b June 18, 1951

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               101
       1232. David Comer
       1233. Kevin Comer

       853. James Harlin Comer (567. Lizzi Maud Marrs)
       b Apr 30, 1925 June 19, 1949 Helen Morgan
       1234. Jimmy Wayne Comer b Feb 22, 1951
       1235. Jessie June Comer b Aug 1952

       854. Mary Clifford Marrs (568. John Frank Marrs)
       b Mar 20, 1905 md Beldon Long he d
       1236. Lenora Long b July 1925 md Robert Rumble

       855. George Frank Marrs (568. John Frank Marrs)
       b 1910 md Aileen Stephens he d
       1237. Richard Stephens Marrs
       1238. Noveta Jane Marrs

       856. John Conklin Marrs (568. John Frank Marrs)
       b July 19, 1927 md Gayle Smith he d
       1239. John Conklin Marrs b June 1, 1949
       1240. Sue Ellen Marrs b Dec 9, 1950
       1241. Pamela Ann Marrs b Dec 7, 1952

       857. Sarah Ellen Marrs (568. John Frank Marrs)
       b July 2, 1926 md Ray Edward Anderson on June 1, 1952

858. Donald Frank Marrs (569. Fred Payne Marrs)
       b 1910
       1242. Don Marrs
       1243. Danny Marrs
       1244. Michael Marrs

       859. Mary Lou Marrs (569. Fred Payne Marrs)
       md Walter Orvis she b Mar 1923

        860. Fred Payne Marrs, Jr (569. Fred Payne Marrs)
        b July 1914 md Helen
        1245. Judy Marrs
861. William Fleming Marrs (571. William Faunas Marrs)
        b Jan 9, 1908 Mt. Herman KY md Inex Bowman on June 19??.
        1246. Doris Jean Marrs b 1941
        1247. Brenda Bowman Marrs b 1945
        1248. William Faunis Marrs b 1949
        1249. Martha Rose Marrs b 1950

       862. Clarine Marrs (571. William Faunus Marrs
       b Feb 1913 md Truman Hollingsworth, Tomkinsville KY
       1250. Carolyn Marrs Hollingsworth b May 1938

       863. Mary Rose Marrs (571. William Faunus Marrs)
       b Nov 2, 1914 md Wendell Downing
       1251. Peggy Ann Downing
       1252. Sandra Downing

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                102
        864. Reba Ruth McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
        b 1909 d Apr 28, 1946 age 37

        865. Arthur Rex McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
        b 1911 md Apr 1932 Inez Bowman
        1253. Gary B. McCreary b Aug 8, 1933
        1254. Chan Rex McCreary b Dec 6, 1935

        866. John Frank McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
        b 1915 md Pauline Moore
        1255. John F. McCreary b Sept 27, 1943
        1256. Sheldon Marrs McCreary b July 6, 1947

        867. Eula Glodelle McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
        b 1913 md James Thomas Hamner
        1257. James T. Hamner b Feb 1939
        1258. Elmer McCreary Hamner b Feb 1942

        868. Eleanor Emmaline McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
        b 1926 md Dec 19, 1943 Paul Freeman Birdwell

869. Robert Leon McCreary (572. Mary Alice Marrs)
       b Apr 8, 1918 d Nov 10, 1918 7 mo old

870. Lois Marrs Cherry (573. Pernie Glade Marrs)
        b 1916 md Robert Morrison
        1259. Sandra Kay Morrison b
        1260. Richard Morrison

        871. Ralph Axton Cherry, Jr. (573. Pernie Glade Marrs)
        b 1918 md Eugenia

        872. Lynn Pedigo Cherry (573. Pernie Glade Marrs)
        b May 1, 1926 md Eva
        1261. Lynn Pedigo Cherry b June 1949

873. William “Billie” Radford Cherry (573. Pernie Glade Marrs)
        b 1924 md Elizabeth

        874. Hetty Mildred Cherry (573. Pernie Glade Marrs)
        b Aug 1921 d young

        875. Glade Marrs Carlson (574. Hettie Ellen Marrs)
        b 1929 md William Wyman
        1262 Timothy Wyman b 1951

        876. Gladys Marie Carlson (574. Hettie Ellen Marrs)
        b 1929 twin to 875 md Chistian Goedike or Goedeke
        1263. Linda Marie Goedeke b June 1949

        877. Herman Carlson (574. Hettie Ellen Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                103
       878. John Arvid Carlson (574. Hettie Ellen Marrs)
       b 1924 md Dorothy Krumme
       1264. Arvid Dale Carlson b Dec 26, 1949

       879. Mary Christine Carlson (574. Hettie Ellen Marrs)
       b & d Feb 12, 1926

       880. Homer L. Marrs (575. Herman Levi Marrs)
       b 1917 md Dorothy Forest City IL
       1265. Billy Marrs
       1266. Kathleen Marrs
       1267. Jimmy Marrs
       1268. Patricia Marrs
       1269. Michael Marrs

       881. Marilyn Marrs (575. Herman Levi Marrs)
       b 1920 md William Mikita

       882. Neal A. Chism (576. Ralph A. Chism)
       md Joan Johnson
       Letters from them in 1965, 1968, 1966. His father d Mar 1966 and he said Awe cannot tell you in words how
       much we appreciated your sympathy cards and prayers during Neal’s father’s illness and death last March
       (1966). Needless to say his absence has had an appreciable affect on all our lives and it is hard to realize that he
       is no longer with us. Despite all of the events of the past year, our hearts are still full of joy with the assurance
       and hope and renewal that comes from the meaningfulness of the Christmas season. In the spirit of Christmas,
       Neal and Joan wrote in 1968 - Dear friendes - Joan continues her first grade teaching duties - 1969 Neal was
       promoted to an Associate Professor of Economics, and Neal’s sister Margaret lives in Salina KS. Neal’s mother
       remains in good health. 1970 - Neal’s life is dominated by the routine of the Wesleyan Campus. When school is
       underway, he can hardly think of anything else. This is the sixth year at Wesleyan, so finds his duties include
       many assignments other than just class room teaching. With the retrenchment program, he has been spared, for
       which we are grateful. But we are concerned about the future, as private colleges beginning to hurt financially.
       1271. John Neal Asa Chism b Jan 27, 1971

       883. Margaret Chism (576. Ralph A. Chism)
       md Boatman res Salina KS
       1272. Janet Boatman md John Tucker
       1272a. Robert Boatman

       883a. Chism (576. Ralph A. Chism)
       1273. Nancy Chism

       884. Lorene Roberta Marrs (588. Otto Franklin Marrs)
       b Jan 21, 1912 Fowler KS md June 14, 1932 Donna TX Arthur V. Shull b June 5, 1910 Neosho MO
       1274. Robert Victor Shull b July 22, 1935 Progress TX md Janis E. Henson
       1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull b Nov 19, 1937 md Richard C. Chapman
       1276. Mary Ann May Shull b Apr 27, 1945
       1277. Beverly Jean Shull b Apr 1, 1947
       1278. Patricia Lorene Shull b June 13, 1948
       1279. Richard Gary Shull b Oct 18, 1950 (last 4 b in Monte Alto TX)

       885. Gwenevere Marrs (588. Otto Franklin Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  104
       b 1914 never md
       July 19, 1971 letter: Dear Mr and Mrs Marrs, your letter was forwarded to me and received it today. I am up here
       running our business until Nov and will return to Texas then. I am sending your letter, with your line of Marrs, to
       our historian, my Aunt Mabel Marrs of Fowler KS. She is the best I’ve ever seen at this kind of thing, and I’m sure
       that she will be thrilled to have this information and I can guarantee that you will be hearing from her in the near
       future. My father is the originator of the Marrs Early Orange some time back, and I came home, improved the
       line of orange and put it on the market. It is now the top, most profitable, type of orange being planted and
       produced in the Magic Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Both my mother and father are spending their summer in
       their cabin on their 16 acres in the national forest in NM. We will pick them up on our return to Texas about the
       middle of Nov and take them to their home in TX for six months for the winter. I am sending you, under separate
       cover, a magazine that has the history of the Marrs Early Orange and my Daddy’s picture on the cover when he
       was presented the highest Citrus Award in the Valley, for his contribution to the citrus world. Thank you again
       for the information. Sincerely Gwynevere Marrs, Safari Lodge, R#1, Bayfield CO 78538.
886. Ruby Ursula Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
       b Oct 10, 1909 KS md Oct 31, 1932 Seabornt Whatley
       1280. Kentana Bryn Whatley b Oct 13, 1934
       1282. Larry Arlen Whatley b Mar 21, 1939

        887. Thomas Franklin Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
        b 1912 md Helen Hughes b Sept 21, 1918 md Nov 16, 1940
        1282. Fred Lee Marrs b Nov 30, 1941
        1283. Janet Kay Marrs b Apr 8, 1947

        888. Marion Lee Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
        b 1914 md Dec 20, 1938 Ida Eikerman b Jan 18, 1920
        1284. Dana Sharlee Marrs b Apr 3, 1947 KS
        1285. Debra Elaine Marrs b Apr 9, 1950 CO
        1286. Delores Lee Marrs b Aug 16, 1956 CO

        889. Rosetta May Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
        b 1918 md Jan 1, 1941 Lloyd Thompson b Aug 12, 1915
        1287. Leslie Dwane Thompson b Aug 15, 1947 KS
        1288. Darla Jean Thompson b Oct 9, 1949
        1289. Verlan Grant Thompson b Oct 22, 1953 d Oct 23, 1953
        1290. Darwin Lance Thompson b Dec 15, 1956

890. Lulu Mazo Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
        b 1920 md Eccleston

        891. Ralph Lee Roy Marrs (589. Ralph Lee Marrs)
        b 1923 md Nov 27, 1947 Frances Trent b Nov 27, 1929
        1291. Garalee Frances Marrs b Nov 27, 1951 KS
        1292. Douglas Roy Marrs b Jan 19, 1953
        1293. Forrest Lee Marrs b Sept 16, 1956 d Feb 14, 1959
        1294. Duke Edward Marrs b Jan 19, 1960

        892. Florence Louisa Hardaway (590. Fanny J. Marrs)
        b 1908 md July 4, 1929 Robert Warren Wells b May 23, 1904
        1295. Elsie Marie Wells b July 21, 1930
        1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells b Feb 16, 1932 KS d Nov 7, 1965
        1297. Robert Warren Wells, Jr b Jan 14, 1934 KS
        1298. John Walker Wells b Mar 7, 1938
        1299. Thelma Ann Wells b Mar 27, 1938
        1300. Larry Dwane Wells b Jan 23, 1940

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  105
       893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway (590. Fanny J. Marrs)
       b 1910 md Nov 15, 1928 Cecil McBee
       1301. Donald Lee McBee b Feb 4, 1929 KS
       1302. Joyce Fern McBee b Nov 24, 1935
       md 2 Dec 26, 1940 Silas Emberton b Dec 5, 1901
       1303. Thomas Jerry Emberton b May 24, 1943 KS
       1304. Paul Evert Emberton b Aug 24, 1948
       1305. Velda Arlene Emberton b Mar 26, 1950

       894. Frances Ruth Hardaway (590. Fanny J. Marrs)
       b 1913 md Dec 20, 1934 Eugene Flinn b July 20, 1909
       1306. Kenneth Eugene Flinn b July 11, 1937 KS
       1307. Gale Dee Flinn (twins) b Jan 16, 1940
       1308. Dale Lee Flinn    b. Jan 16, 1940
       1309. Douglas Ray Flinn b Oct 17, 1945

       895. Jessie Jaunita Hardaway (590. Fanny J. Marrs)
       b 1915 md Feb 12, 1938 Kenneth Hayes b Feb 3, 1915 d Feb 9, 1970
       1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes b Nov 20, 1938 KS
       1311. Arlen Milton Hayes b July 16, 1940
       1312. Billie Duane Hayes b Aug 24, 1943

       896. Lela Euvonne Hardaway (590. Fannie J. Marrs)
       md William Arron
       ch (Euvonne’s ch)
       1313. Ronald Dean b Feb 7, 1934 KS
       1314 Fannie Leila b May 17, 1944
       ch by Arron
       1315 Richard Neal Arron b Mar 1, 1962 ID

       897. Loren Walker Hardaway (590. Fannie J. Marrs)
       b 1921 md Feb 14, 1942 Lorene Faye Apple b July 29, 1922
       1316. Louetta Lynn Hardaway b Sept 27, 1945 KS
       1317. Loretta Lee Hardaway b Sept 9, 1946 d Nov 9, 1946
       1318. Loren Kent Hardaway b Feb 1, 1950

       898. Maudessa May Hardaway (590. Fanny J. Marrs)
       b 1923 md Jan 17, 1943 Bryon Walter Linville
       1319. Michael Bryon Linville b July 27, 1945 CA
       1320. Daniel Walker Linville b May 18, 1949 NC

       899. Lewis Dean Hardaway (590. Fannie J. Marrs)
       b 1925 md Dec 25, 1946 Joyce Nelson b Sept 29,
       1321. Bryan Keith Hardaway (adoption) b Aug 26, 1963 CA
       1322. Roger Dean Hardaway (adoption) b Nov 27, 1966 CA

       900. Warren Luther Hardaway (590. Fannie J. Marrs)
       b 1928 md Oct 17, 1953 Dorothy Shields b Jan 4, 1934
       1323. Cynthia Diann Hardaway b Apr 26, 1954 KS
       1324. James Walker Hardaway b Apr 29, 1955
       1325. Phillip Joe Hardaway b Mar 31, 1956

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                            106
       1326. Kathie Faye Hardaway b Mar 25, 1959

       901. Elsie Faye Masters (591. Dessie Dell Marrs)
       b 1920 md Jan 20, 1934 J. Russell Ottinger b June 24, 1906
       1327. Phillip Lane Ottinger b Jan 23, 1939 CO
       1328. Delbert Earl Ottinger b Feb 14, 1946 CO

       902. Harry Raymond Masters (591. Dessie Dell Marrs)
       b 1917 md May 11, 1957 Elsie Lavon Fuhrman b Oct 26, 1926
       1329. Larry Ray Masters b Feb 17. 1948 CO
       1330. Ravonda Faye Masters b July 4, 1951 KS
       1331. Linda Kay Masters b Aug 31, 1954 CO

       903. Ada Ruth Masters (591. Dessie Dell Marrs)
       b 1924 md Aug 7, 1949 Robert A. Tripet b May 4, 1924
       1332. Rebecca Ruth Tripet b Dec 26, 1951 TX
       1333. Robert Brent Tripet b June 14, 1959 KS

       904. Arthur Franklin Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1908 md Sept 6, 1930 Addie Lee Whatley b Sept 16, 1908
       1334. Quinnie Martinea Flint b June 26, 1933 NM
       1335. Ora Lee Flint b Jan 2, 1939 NM
       1336. Arthur Franklin Flint, Jr b Jan 3, 1941 NM
       1337. Martena Wardner II Flint b June 6, 1949 NM

       905. Earl Raymond Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1910 md Sept 21, 1929 Edna Mae Thrasher b June 30, 1910
       1338. Violet Louise Flint b Sept 14, 1930
       1339. Richard Martenia Flint b Nov 17, 1932 NM
       1340. Clyde Everett Flint b Aug 1, 1936 NM

        906. Bertie Marie Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
        b 19134 md June 2, 1932 C. A. Ragland b May 30, 1913
        1341. Edna Diane Ragland (adopted) b May 10, 1957 NM
907. Orpha Mae Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
        b 1915 NM md Oct 1931 Lloyd Ragland b Oct 17, 1905
        1342. Bermond Clark Ragland b Feb 27, 1933 NM
        1343. Evelyn Lavern Ragland b Feb 27, 1938
        1344. Ellen May Ragland b Sept 12, 1940

       908. Myrtle Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1920

       909. Cora Dell Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1917 md Jan 2, 1936 Jack White b Dec 27, 1914
       1345. Lois Marie White b Oct 29, 1936 NM
       1346. Arthur Lee White b June 27, 1939
       1347. Norma Jean White b Sept 23, 1953
       1348. Raymond Leon White b Aug 31, 1957 NM

       910. Violet Virginia Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1923 md Mar 27, 1941 Joe Shiplet b Feb 19, 1918

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                             107
       1349. Vernon Joe Shiplet b Sept 19, 1942 NM
       1350. Ronnie Tex Shiplet b Mar 23, 1945
       1351. Dennis Leon Shiplet b June 12, 1950

       911. Edna Maurine Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1921 md Oct 17, 1948 Fred Boatman b Oct 20, 1920
       1352. Alvin Earl Boatman b Sept 29, 1941 NM
       1353. John Wardner Boatman b June 29, 1944
       1354. Lloyd Fred Boatman b July 17, 1948

       912. Earline Faye Flint (592. Edna E. Marrs)
       b 1927 md Apr 25, 1946 Hermie Paris b Oct 8, 1925
       1355. Duel Dwayne Paris b Sept 18, 1950 NM
       1356. Loren Curtis Paris b Dec 18, 1954

       913. Gladys Aileen Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs )
       b 1918 KS md Mar 25, 1939 Reynolds Bruington b June 11, 1908

       914. Guinola May Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1919 md Oct 13, 1941 Myron Kenneth Tacha b Feb 28, 1918
       1357. Myron Duane Tacha b May 12, 1950 KS
       1358. Melton Kenneth Tacha b June 24, 1954

       915. Alfred Warren Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       md Dec 25, 1947 Melba Voncille Lee b Jan 12, 1928
       1359. Joetta Drucilla Marrs b Sept 21, 1949 KS
       1360. Charles Denton Marrs b July 28, 1951

       916. Leola Maxine Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1924 md Feb 17, 1946 George Henry Butler b Nov 15, 1921
       1361. Feryl Elizabeth Butler b July 12, 1947 KS
       1362. Carolyn Sue Butler b June 1, 1948 CO
       1363. Dianna Kay Butler b June 12, 1950 KS
       1364. George Warren Butler b Sept 29, 1952
       1365. Marvena Faye Butler b May 20, 1959
       1366. David Eugene Butler b Jan 18, 1961
       1367. Walter Lee Butler b Dec 22, 1963

       917. Willa Warrenetta Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1926 md June 4, 1947 Donald LeRoy Fisher b July 1, 1929
       1368. Steven Douglas Fisher b Nov 3, 1949 KS
       1369. Stanley LeRoy Fisher b Nov 29, 1952 KS
       1370. Randall Alan Fisher b Apr 21, 1954
       1371. Bryan Lee Fisher b Dec 26, 1959.

       918. Marjorie LaVon Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1929 md Oct 30, 1948 Rolla John Miller b Sept 24, 1922
       1372. Deborah Elaine Miller b Sept 11, 1951 KS
       1373. Mark Allen Miller b Aug 13, 1954

       919. Betty Ione Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                             108
       b 1931 md June 10, 1952 Clarence Andy Lois b Feb 6, 1932
       1374. Daniel Alan Lois b Mar 6, 1953 WA
       1375. Gary Wayne Lois b June 5, 1955 KS
       1376. James Kelvin Lois b May 22, 1956 KS
       1377. Theresa Louise Lois b Feb 4, 1958 OK
       1378. Gregory Warren Lois b Dec 23, 1965 Arkansas

       920. Virgil Eugene Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1933 md Dec 12, 1958 Ver Mae Russel b May 5, 1940
       ch separated in 1971
       1379. Kevin Eugene Marrs b Sept 13, 1959 KS
       1380. Kelly Michelle Marrs b Sept 22, 1961
       1381. Kerry Lynn Marrs b May 28, 1967

       921. Arwin Wendell Marrs (593. Walter Warren Marrs)
       b 1936 md Jan 20, 1957 Myrna Louise Covert b Nov 14, 1940
       1382. Tony Michell Marrs b Sept 5, 1957 KS
       1383. Tine Marsa Marrs b Nov 14, 1958
       1384. Tod Mitchell Marrs b Dec 8, 1959
       1385. Trace Marlin Marrs b Aug 14, 1962 KS
       1386. Tami Machelle Marrs b Sept 26, 1963

       922. Lela LaVetta Harris (594. Lela Marrs)
       b 1918 md June 1, 1940 Gordon McManamon b June 23, 1910
       1387. Carolyn Rae McManomon b Jan 19, 1947 KS

       923. George William Franklin Marrs (594. Lela Marrs)
       b 1928 md Aug 17, 1950 Darlene Joan Middleswart b Nov 27, 1931
       1388. George Daniel Marrs b Aug 19, 1951
       1389. Dana Sue Marrs b July 19, 1953 KS
       1390. KeAnn Kay Marrs b July 31, 1956
       1391. David Ray Marrs b Oct 23, 1957

       924. Chester Lloyd Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
       b 1921 md Aug 1941 Martha Camillia Glass. Sh had dau Catherine Kay (Jacobson) b Aug 10, 1938
       1392. Leslie Leon Marrs b Feb 3, 1945 KS

       925. Irwin Eugene Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
       b 1922 md Apr 12, 1944 Genevieve Barger b Nov 9, 1925
       1393. Diann Sue Marrs b Dec 22, 1945 KS
       1394. Gary Lee Marrs b Jan 16, 1948
       1395. Perrie Neal Marrs b Feb 6, 1957

       926. Edith Pauline Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
       b 1924 md Apr 23, 1951 Johnnie Diello b Jan 17, 1924
       1396. Randy Joe Diello b Apr 8, 1952 KS
       1397. Tony Renee Diello b Oct 7, 1953 NY
       1398. Terri Ann Diello b Oct 13, 1958 KS

       927. Roscoe David Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
       b 1925 d Feb 24 1945 md

928. Leo Raymond Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                109
        b 1927 d July 2, 1929

929. Ella Mae Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
         b 1929 md Nov 20, 1947 Leon Deckert b Sept 12, 1925
         1399. William Gordon Deckert b Sept 7, 1948 d Apr 3, 1958 KS age 10
         1400. Susan Lynn Deckert b Oct 13, 1952 d Sept 30, 1960 age 8

        930. Benjamin Lewis Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
        b 1932 md Sept 21, 1953 Shirley Handy b June 21, 1934
        1401. Steven Lewis Marrs (adopted) b July 17, 1965 SD
        1402. Michele Joy Marrs (adopted) b Oct 29, 1967 SD

        931. Richard Dale Marrs (595. Chester I. Marrs)
        b. 1934 md Apr 15 1956 Helen Downing b July 31, 1934
        1403. Rachelle DeAnn Marrs b Mar 20, 1957 KS
        1404. Timothy Dale Marrs b May 11, 1958
        1405. Teddy Wayne Marrs b July 9, 1959
        1406. Valerie Dawn Marrs b Dec 20, 1960
        1407. Phillip Gordon Marrs b Apr 6, 1962

        932. Danny Ray Marrs (595.Chester I. Marrs)
        b 1945 d Jan 21, 1945 same day

933. Barbara Jean Marrs (607. Floyd Alfred Marrs)
        b 1939 md Aug 1962 Jerry Bolt res Scottsdale AZ
        1408. Bradley Bolt b Jan 5, 1972

        934. Elaine Kay Marrs (607. Floyd Alfred Marrs)
        b Apr 1, 1941 md Fred Goulden Res Dallas TX

935. Marion Phyllis Marrs (607. Floyd Alfred Marrs)
       b 1944 md Lynn Johnson
       1409. Jill Ann Johnson b Nov 30, 1969
       1410. Joel Loren Johnson b Dec 8, 1972

936. Joan Irene Marrs (607. Floyd Alfred Marrs)
        b 1946 md Lee Jones res Sheridan, MI
        1411. Derek Lee Jones b Sept 16, 1971

        937. Carolyn Lois Marrs (607. Floyd Alfred Marrs)
        b Nov 30, 1949 md Nicky Nelson res South Haven MI

938. Stephen Paul Marrs (608. Paul Edwin Marrs)
        b 1952

        939. Marilyn Esther Marrs (611. Joseph A. Marrs)
        b 1926 Gary IN md C. W. Ahrens May 24, 1947 Maywood IL - she works for community college in the bookstore.
        He b. Apr 30, 1925 Forest Park IL, son of Henry and Lillian Ahrens. Letter of 1973 he was appointed Postmaster
        of Maywood IL and a first grchild Lisa, needless to say grandparents are delighted and looking forward to buying
        dresses and dolls for a change.
        Through her, we got in touch with her father and he has visited us.
        1412. Dale Ahrens b July 23, 1948 Melrose Park IL
        1413. Richard Ahrens b June 20, 1949 Melrose Park IL

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 110
       1414. Robert Ahrens b Jan 8, 1951
       1415. Steven Ahrens b Feb 17, 1958
       1416. James Ahrens b Dec 14, 1963

       940. Joseph A. Marrs, Jr (611. Joseph A. Marrs)
       1417. Kevin Marrs
       1418. Gary Marrs
       1419. Theresa Marrs
       1420. Karin Marrs
       1421. Joey Marrs
       1422. Dan Marrs

       941. Cyril Jacob Marrs (611. Joseph A. Marrs)
       md Bonnie
       Letter written Mar 28, 1973 - 8606 Bayberry Dr NE, Warren OH 44484. Dear Leon and Betty. I apologize for not
       writing sooner, but I am not much of a letter writer. We received both of your letters and thank you for the
       biography of William Marrs. I sent copies to my father, brothers and sisters. I can not contribute to the accuracy
       of the family trees as I have been the recipient of the information from other relatives. I ever receive any info, I
       will be sure to send a copy to you. Your 6 cousin, Jake, Bonnie and Douglas. (Our Kathy met him at Torp Aero
       coming in on a private flight where she works. She noticed the name being Marrs and that got the conversation
       started on Marrs.)
       1423. Douglas Marrs

       942. Edgar Paul Marrs (611. Joseph A. Marrs)
       res 606 Marshall, Dellwood IL 60104

       943. Joan Rose Marrs (611. Joseph A. Marrs)
       md William H. Buck res 242 S Princeton St, Addison IL 60101
       1424 Cheryle Buck
       1425. Billy Buck

       944. William Marrs (615. Paul William Marrs)
       b 1940 md Nancy R#1 Houston OH he is a farmer and she is a teacher
       1426. Kevin Marrs (adopted)

       945. Lester O. Marrs (615. Paul William Marrs)
       b June 24, 1943 res Ft Laramie

       946. Judith K. Marrs (615. Paul William Marrs)
       b July 17, 1942 res 1484 Presidential Dr, Columbus OH

       947. Leona Gayle Bush (620. Edith Hester Marrs)
       b 1927 md June 22, 1946 Morris Chitwood
       1427. Maureen Gay Chitwood b Mar 14, 1948 Bloomington IN
       1428. Gregory Quinn Chitwood b June 1, 1953
       1429. Laura Chitwood

       948. Gordon Leroy “Doc” Bush (620. Edith Hester Marrs)
       b 1930 md 3 to June Mauder day of Dewey Mauder. Res Russell Rd
       1430. Ronda Kay Bush b Aug 1, 1956
       1431 Tamara Sue Bush b Apr 28, 1958
       1431. Cheri Dawn Bush b Mar 31, 1962

       949. Donna Kay Bush (620. Edith Hester Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 111
       b 1940 md Paul Bradley, son of Alfred Bradley
       ch - div
       1433. Paul Douglas Bradley b Apr 20, 1958
       1434 Richard Lane Bradley b and d Rosehill cem
       md 2 Harley Crouch
       1435. Harley Dean Crouch b Jan 18, 1964
       1436. Gordon David Crouch b Feb 20, 1965
       md 3 James Oswald no ch Res Russell Rd Bloomington IN

       950. Carolyn Grace Marrs (622. William Greenup Marrs)
       b 1947 md Mark Hankins
       1437. Cheryl Lucille Hankins b Aug 1, 1969
       1438. Angela Michelle Hankins b Aug 15, 1971

       951. Trecha Marie Marrs (622. William Greenup Marrs)
       b 1953 md George Freeman
       1439. George Grant Freeman b May 14, 1971
       1440. Eric Glen Freeman b June 26, 1972

       952. Billie Annetta Marrs (622. William Greenup Marrs)
       b 1957 single in 1975 - lives in apartments behind where she works at McDonalds on E 3 Md Lewis

953. Marlene Elaine Marrs (624. Ralph Edgar Marrs)
       b Aug 19, 1946 md Nov 6, 1965 Jerry Lopossa - div. Ch md by her Uncle Clovis Duncan at home of her parents.
       1441. Ralph Anthony Lopossa b Aug 11, 1966
       md 2 Nov 18, 1969 Michael Johnson, son of Oscar Johnson
       1442. Jeffery Michael Johnson b&d Jan 4, 1971 Valhalla Memorial Gardents
       1443. Trent Michael Johnson b Apr 20, 1972

       954. Monica Anne Marrs (624. Ralph Edgar Marrs)
       b 1954 md Oct 12, 1974 at Beck Chapel on the IU Campus to Gilbert H. Rios

955. Rita Jo Duncan (625. Edna Louise Marrs)
        b Jun 14, 1942 d Feb 2, 2004 md Chet Simmons b June 24, 1941 Seymour IN. He works at Cummings at
        Columbus IN
        1444. Bryon Scott Simmons b Sept 7, 1962
        1445. Michelle Susan Simmons b Sept 4, 1964.
        1446. Jeffery Lynn Simmons b Oct 1, 1965
        1447. Eric Todd Simmons b June 10, 1969

       956. Janis Ann Duncan (625. Edna Louise Marrs)
       b 1944 md Joseph Lawrence Finney, b June 24, 1945 Philadelphia PA
       1448. Melanie Jo Finney b Oct 19, 1968 Champaign Co IL
       1449. Maria Leigh Finney b Sept 30, 1971 Warner Robbin GA
       1450. Clinton Joseph Finney b Nov 4, 1975

       957. Karen Louise Duncan (625. Edna Louise Marrs)
       B 1947 md Aug 26, 1966 Dennis Allan Houchen, son of Hoyt H Houchen
       1451. Dennisa Doreen Houchen b Aug 10, 1969 Columbus IN
       1452. Jason Wade Houchen b Feb 15, 1975 Audra CO (Aurora?)

       958. Sondra Lynne Mitchner (626. Doris Lucille Marrs)
       b 1947 md Nov 30, 1968 Daniel Dean Scherschel, son of James Scherschel

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              112
       1453. Gregory Dean Scherschel b Mar 12, 1971
       1454. Karra Marie Scherschel b May 9, 1974
       1454a ??

       959. John Michael Mitchner (626. Doris Lucille Marrs)
       b. 1954 md Dec 23, 1973 Constance Marie Mitchner dau of Ronald Mitchner
       ch girl

       960. Mark Evert Mitchner (626. Doris Lucille Marrs)
       b 1956 md Millie

       961. Paul Franklin Marrs (627. Evert Leon Marrs)
       b 1949 md Sept 29, 1973 Mary Ann Hall b May 26, 1957 dau of Betty Lou Hall div 1977
       1455. Alice Renee Marrs b May 17, 1974
       1455a. Jessica Joann Marrs b Oct 17, 1976 d Oct 17, 1980
       md 2 Christine Price
       stepchildren Jennie Price, Scott Price, Amy Price

       962. Kathy Jean Marrs (627. Evert Leon Marrs)
       b 1950 md June 17, 1972 Roger Lee Kinser b June 23, 1945, son of Hebert and Helen (Hillenburg) Kinser
       1455b. Kerry Lee Kinser b Sept 11, 1979
       1455c. Kacie Kinser b ??

       963. David Leon Marrs (627. Evert Leon Marrs)
       b Jan 20, 1957 md May 26, 1979 Donna Lee Young, b 1956 dau of Leon Young

       964. Betty Kalena Marrs (627. Evert Leon Marrs)
       b Feb 3, 1959

       965. Katherine Gayle Shiflett (628. Erma Grace Marrs)
       b. 1947 md Jan 1968 Stephen Julian div
       1456. Aaron Lee Julian b Dec 21, 1969
       md 2 Connley Franklin b Aug 16, 1947 son of Conley Hal and Motoka Love Wright Franklin
       1457. Kari Elizabeth Franklin b Apr 26, 1971

       966. Leigh Anna Schiflett (628. Erma Grace Marrs)
       b 1949 md Jerry Slewinski
       1458 Christina Lynne Sliwinski b Feb 1971 MD

       967. Kimberly Sue Shiflett (628. Erma Grace Marrs)
       b. 1955

       968. Deborah Lynn Shiflett (628. Erma Grace Marrs)
       b 1958

       969. Douglas Aaron Shiflett (628. Erma Grace Marrs)
       b 1963 Baltimore MD

       970. Susan Marie Speer (635. Mildred Louise Marrs)
       b 1952 San Antonio TX

       971. Brad David Speer (635. Mildred Louise Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                113

       972. Barry William Speer (635. Mildred Louise Marrs)

       972a. Connie Lea Marrs (636. Robert Ethan Marrs
       b Apr 11, 1949

       973. Julia Ann Marrs (636. Robert Ethan Marrs)
       b 1953

       974. Kent Robert Marrs (636. Robert Ethan Marrs)
       b 1956
       Allison, b Apr 23 ??
       Ethan Edward b

       975. Roger Lee Marrs (638. William Russell Marrs)
       b 1964

       975a. Debra Jo Marrs (638. William Russell Marrs)
       b 1953 md Michael Mirt

       975b. Monte Russell Marrs (638. William Russell Marrs)
       b md Betty Burkhart

       976. Phillip Ray Marrs (639. Karl Ray Marrs)
       b Mar 1, 1945 md July 31, Catherine J. Hinshaw
       1459. Chad Ray Marrs b Oct 31, 1972
       1460. Tyson Edgar Marrs b Apr 20, 1974
       1460a. Cole Marrs

977. Rodney Alan Marrs (639. Karl Ray Marrs)
       b 1948 md Nov 9, 1968 Sarah Jo Groene
       1460b. Ryan Alan Marrs b May 25, 1968
       1460c. Courtney Michelle Marrs b Mar 31, 1971

       978. Randy Lee Marrs (639. Karl Ray Marrs)
       b 1953 md June 7, 1975 Kathy Beatrice McAfoos, b Jan 2, 1953

       979. Kay Lynn Marrs (639. Karl Ray Marrs)
       b 1959

       980. Richard Welton Marrs (640. Richard Leo Marrs)
       b Aug 25, 1958 Ada OK md Laura Johns dau of Chuch and Ruth Johns b Aug 1, 1965
       Brittany Faith Marrs b Oct 24, 1988
       Kaellyn Joy Marrs b Oct 29, 1992

       981. Diane Helen Marrs (640. Richard Leo Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               114
       b Mar 20, 1961 Mattoon IL md James Brian Lawrence b July 21, 1958, son of Jay and Iris (Henman) Lawrence
       Julie Beth Lawrence b June 21, 1986
       Brian Jacob Lawrence b Jan 19, 1988
       Adam James Lawrence b Jan 21, 1992

       981a. Brett Roman Marrs (637. Dan Ralph Marrs)
       b Aug 2, 1978 md Courtney Marie Schaible may 22, 2004, b Mar 16, 1981 dau of Randy and Jane ( ) Schaible

       981b. Collin Ross Marrs (637. Dan Ralph Marrs)
       b Sept 30, 1980

       982. Janice Louise Johnson (653. Leslie Raymond Johnson)
       b 1942 Maywood CA md Theo Douglas Richards Jul 18, 1964
       1461. Catherine Ann Richards b Jan 22, 1968
       1462. Victoria Sue Richards b Feb 27, 1970

       983. Linda Ann Johnson (653. Leslie Raymond Johnson)
       b 1947 Los Angeles CA md June 14, 1969 Charles Joseph Petrilla
       1463. Jeffrey Charles Petrilla b Aug 31, 1972

       984. Terri Sue Johnson (53. Leslie Raymond Johnson)
       b 1956 Whittier CA

       985. Stephen Ball Johnson (655. Alvin Marrs Johnson)
       b 1946 Lawrence KS md Betty Ann Vandrveen

       986. Stanley Pleas Johnson (655. Alvin Marrs Johnson)
       b 1949 Scott City KS md Nancy Ann Hayes

       987. Douglas Alvin Johnson (655. Alvin Marrs Johnson)
       b 1950 Md Beverly Ruth Sherrell

       988. Sandra Elaine Johnson (655. Alvin Marrs Johnson)
       b 1951 md Loren Stanton Rhodes

       989. Walford Scott Marrs (657. Walford D. Marrs)
       b 1939 Omaha NE

       990 Cynthia Mae Marrs (657. Walford D. Marrs)
       b 1940 Omaha NE md June 27, 1959 Ft Worth TX Louis Brice Hartgraves
       1464. Lisa Lynn Hartgraves b July 6, 1960 Ft Worth TX
       1465. Scott Brice Hartgraves b July 13, 1962, Sweetwater TX

       1000. Charles Lee Marrs (657. Walford D. Marrs)
       b 1942 Omaha NE md Oct 2, 1962 Peggy Boyce
       1466. Jeffrey Daniel Marrs b Nov 13, 1962
       1467. Shelly Renee Marrs b Oct 7, 1964 Ft Worth TX

       1002. Mary Elizabeth Marrs (657. Walford D. Marrs)
       b 1950 Ft Worth TX

       1003. Carol Joan Kirkendall (658. Maxine May Marrs)
       b 1939 Highland Park MI md Sept 10, 1960 New Rochelle NY John George Leunk, Jr.
       1468. Grethchen Ann Leunk b July 18, 1961

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 115
       1469. Karen Suzanne b June 19, 1963 Wooster OH

       1004. Howard Ernest Kirkendall (658. Maxine May Marrs)
       b 1941 md Dec 15, 1963 Sandra Johnson
       1470. Brice Kirkendall b Oct 25, 1964 Boston MA
       1471. Londen Del Kirkendall b Aug 29, 1966 New Brunswick NJ

       1005. Barbara Jean Kirkendall (658. Maxine May Marrs)
       b 1945 res in 1969 Cleveland OH

       1006. John Merton Marrs (659. Roy Merton Marrs)
       b 1941 Randolf Field, San Antonio TX md Sept 27, 1963 Judith Ann Rehm - div . He followed journalism, from
       his second year of high school. He is now city editor of the Ventura County Star Free Press, a paper with a
       circulation of about 35,000. He and Judy seem to have a perfect marriage and after 7 yrs. they went their
       separate ways. They are still the best of friends (his father wrote this to us). John is a Unitarian in religion. Md
       2 , summer of 1975, Robin. He is now managing editor at San Luis Obispo CA
       1472. Jeffrey Alan Marrs b May 17, 1967 Oxnard CA
       1473. Joanne Marie Marrs b Aug 15, 1969 Ventura CA

       1007. Richard Marshall Marrs (659. Roy Merton Marrs)
       b 1944 Omaha NE md July 14, 1965 Ventura CA md Elizabeth Joanne Cross b June 19, 1945 div
       1474. Marianne Michelle Marrs b Jan 10, 1957 Ventura CA
       md 2 Feb 17, 1973 Ventura CA Pamela Lynne Olson b Oct 21, 1949 San Luis Obispo CA
       1474a. Rebeca b 1975

       1008. Valerie Lynn Marrs (659. Roy Merton Marrs)
       b Sept 2, 1957 Ventura CA md Richard D. Miller separated in Aug. Expecting in Spring of 1976
       1474b. Roy Merton Miller b Apr 1976 8# 14 oz

       1009. David Allen Marrs (660. Ralph Eugene Marrs)
       b 1952 Johnson City NY

       1010. Robert Andrew Marrs (660. Ralph Eugene Marrs)
       b 1956 San Jose CA

1011. Dorothy Jeanne Alderman (661. Elbert Noland Alderman)
       b 1932 Atchison KS md May 6, 1951 Charles W. McKissick
       1475 Leah Jeanne McKissick b July 4, 1953 Oakland CA md July 9, 1972 Wayne Gillespie
       1476. Barbara Ann McKissick b July 9, 1955 San Diego CA

1012. Doris Joan Alderman (661. Elbert Noland Alderman)
       b 1933 md June 7, 1958 Santee CA Homer Winson “Dick” Holloway, Jr, a professor of Music at Atlanta GA
       1477. Lenora Jeanne Holloway b May 3, 1960 Atlanta GA
       1478. Richard Allan Holloway b Feb 18, 1966

       1013. Margaret Ann Grist (662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman)
       b 1936 Shawnee OK Md Eldon Yeager res Florissant MO
       1479. Victor Yeager b Apr 13, 1960
       1480. Kimberly JoAnn Yeager b Sept 4, 1962
       1481. Todd Yeager b July 17, 1964
       1482. Joyce Michelle Yeager b July 23, 1969

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 116
        1014. Betty Grist (662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman)
        b 1938 Shawnee OK md Barry Workentin res Westlake Village CA in 1973
        1483. Deborah Workentin b Dec 16, 1961
        1484. Laura Leigh Workentin b May 28, 1965
        1485. Bradley Garrett Workentin b Aug 22, 1969

        1015. Anita Grist (662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman)
        b 1939 Shawnee OK md Gerald Ganser res in 1973 Kansas City MO
        1486. Sherry Ganser b Jan 2, 1961
        1487. Teresa Ganser b July 21, 1964
        1488. Dale Ganser b Nov 21, 1966

        1016. Eileen Grist (662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman)
        b 1944 Warrensburg MO

        1017. Donna Grist (662. Sylvia Maurine Alderman)
        b 1952 Independence MO

        1018 Doloris Herr (663. Mabel Louise Marrs)
        no data

        1019. Larry Herr (663. Mabel Louise Marrs)
        came home from service in 1973, stationed in Germany. Now going to University of Southwest LA. He rode his
        bike in England, Scotland, and Wales before he came home. A thousand miles on bike plus the train. Working
        in hospital doing computer and going to Southwestern University LA 1975

1020. Stuart Lynn Marrs (664. Donald Lee Marrs)
        b 1948 he called us when he attended IU and talked about Marrs lineage, but at that time he said he would let us
        know as soon as he talked to his parents - he never did, but events happened when his bro and wife was here in
        Bloomington and we got together and indeed we are kinfolk. He now lives in Costa Rica and md Gianna Felix
        Apr 30, 1975

1021. Judith Kay Marrs (664. Donald Lee Marrs)
        b 1945 md Dennis Rowan - he is professor of art at University of Illinois - no ch

1022. Barry Lee Marrs (664. Donald Lee Marrs)
       b 1942 Barbara Griswald - he was associate professor of microbiology at IU. They visited with us and we
       enjoyed them so much. On another visit, they brought his aunt and uncle Mabel and Jack Herr
       1489. Abbe Marrs
       1489a. Wendy Marrs b Sept 23, 1974

        1023. Jay W. Marrs (665. Jack Winton Marrs)
        b 1951

        1024. David Marrs (665. Jack Winton Marrs)

        1025. Peter B. Marrs (665. Jack Winton Marrs)
        b 1957

        1026. Laurie Marrs (665. Jack Winton Marrs)
        b 1960

        1027. Deane Marrs (665. Jack Winton Marrs)
        b 1969
        1027a. Jamie Marrs b Aug 1975

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  117
       1028. Charlotte A. Petty (666. Carl Glen Petty)
       b 1938 Saline Co Harrisburg IL md Thomas L Reeder res CA

1029. Doris Jane Petty (673. Herbert William Petty)
       b 1933 md Samuel Myron Rednour on Dec 20, 1951 he b Jan 3, 1927
       ch (Doris helped us getting her family’s data - thanks Doris)
       1490. William Randall Rednour b June 19, 1953
       1491. Ronald Gene Rednour b Apr 5, 1956
       1492. Linda Sue Rednour b June 18, 1957
       1493. Rex Wayne Rednour b May 28, 1959

       1030. Norma Jean Petty (673. Herbert William Petty)
       b. 1937 md Frank Louis Hren on July 19, 1955 he b Nov 28, 1937
       1494. Debra Jean Hren b July 21, 1955
       1495. Frankie John Hren b Sept 10, 1957
       1496. Rickie Lee Hren b Oct 18, 1958
       1497. Ronnie Dee Hren b Oct 18, 1958 (twins)
       1498. Vincent William Hren b Dec 6, 1959
       1499. John Anthony Hren b June 27, 1964

       1031. Louis Vernon Petty (674. Vernon Talmage Petty)
       b 1936 md Oct 11, 1953 Wanda Bottoms b Mar 7, 1938
       1500. Cindy Lou Petty b Apr 15, 1955
       1501. Bret Louis Petty b Sept 8, 1959
       1502. Leighanne Petty b May 21, 1967

       1032. Nancy Ellen Petty (674. Vernon Talmage Petty)
       b 1938 md 1954 Dale Bryant
       1503. Theresa Jo Bryant b July 27, 1955
       1504. Brenda Lee Bryant b Nov 15, 1957
       md 2 Phil Larah b May 9, 1938
       1505. Kevin Larah b Oct 29, 1963
       1506. Lisa Larah b July 25, 1967

1033. Joyce Marie Petty (675. Virgil Frederick Petty)
        b 1938 md Mar 30, 1957 Floyd Heuerman b Feb 20, 1937
        1507. Gregory Paul Heurman b May 18, 1959
        1508. Cheryl Marie Heurman b Mar 10, 1962
        1509. Douglas Frederick Heurman b Jan 30, 1958
        1510. Beth Ann Heurman b Sept 13, 1965

       1034. Sharon Rose Petty (675. Virgil Frederick Petty)
       b 1941 md Aug 26, 1961 Gerald Stephens b Mar 13, 1938
       1511. Christine Stephens b July 20, 1962
       1512. Rebecca Stephens b Aug 30, 1963
       1513. Kenneth Stephens b July 3, 1966

       1035. Pamela Kay (677. Leona Marie Petty)
       adopted dau b July 4, 1960

       1036. Daniel Bradley Petty (678. Ralph Bradley Petty)
       b 1952

       1037. Steven E. Petty (678. Ralph Bradley Petty)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 118
       b 1955

       1038. Gerald E. Petty (678. Ralph Bradley Petty)
       b 1957

       1039. Brenda Carol Petty (678. Ralph Bradley Petty)
       b 1960

       1040. Dennis Ray Petty (679. Ray Edward Petty)
       b July 9, 1956 - he got his foot cut up in a lawnmower a few years back.

1041. Martha Ann Petty (679. Ray Edward Petty)
       b 1958

       1042. Gerald Clark Cook (681. Mary Louise Petty)
       b 1949

       1043. Wayne Eugene Cook (681. Mary Louise Petty)
       b Oct 18, 1951 d Jan 12, 1962

       1044. Alice Petty (682. Bobby Joe Petty)
       b 1953 md 1971 Kenttin Knoffe b Sept 23, 1943

       1045. Harry Petty (682. Bobby Joe Petty)
       b 1952

       1046. Erick Petty (682. Bobby Joe Petty)
       b 1951.

       1047. Helen Marrs (695. Calvin Eugene Marrs)
       b 1923 md William Dyer
       1513. Mark Dyer b Dec 23, 1952
       1514. Eric Dyer b Aug 26, 1949

       1048. Harold Eugene Marrs (695. Calvin Eugene Marrs)
       b July 18, 1925 md Dorothy Davis
       1515. Thomas Lynn Marrs b Sept 5, 1946 md Nancy Proferock

       1049. Patricia Ann Marrs (696. Clayton William Marrs)
       b 1930 Minneapolis MN md Oct 1, 1954 Eugene Frances McDaniel

       1050. Robert William Marrs (696. Clayton William Marrs)
       b 1933 Minneapolis MN md Aug 3, 1957 Rosemary Elizabeth Baron

1051. Richard Joseph Marrs (696. Clayton William Marrs)
        b 1939 Minneapolis MN md July 14, 1962 Judith Jean Pollock

1052. Venera Parisi (698. Beulah Marie Marrs)
       b 1946 Oakland CA md June 24, 1967 Gary DeVoe

       1053. Francis Marrs Parisi (698. Beulah Marie Marrs)
       b 1948 Oakland CA md Heidi Duckler

       1054. John Paul Parisi (698. Beulah Marie Marrs)
       b 1950

       1055. Martha Lia Parisi (698. Beulah Marie Marrs)
       b 1954

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 119
        1056. James William Keane (699. Hazel Rebecca Marrs)
        b 1950 Rochester MN

        1057. Richard Dennis Keane (699. Hazel Rebecca Marrs)
        b 1954

        1058. Martha Ellen Gray (702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs)
        b 1929 md Louis Laverne she d Dec 27, 1948

        1059. James Robert Gray (702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs)
        b 1932

        1060. Alice Louise Gray (702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs)
        b 1937 md Nov 11, 1955 Herbert E. Swanson d July 2, 1974

        1061. Margaret Rose Gray (702. Ellen Elizabeth Marrs)
        b 1943 md Dec 22, 1961 Raymond E. Hutchins

        1062. Ami Beryl Paroz (703. Daisy Beryl Reese)
        b 1947. She was in London England in 1973 and her mother went over with her. I believe she was an airline

1063. Lois Hedrick (709. Vesta Marrs)
       b 1924

        1064. Ray Hedrick (709. Vesta Marrs)
        b 1925

        1065. Marrs (710. Oda Herbert Marrs)
        no data on his ch to 1076 Marrs

        1077. John Howard West (716. John Marrs West)
        b Mar 3, 1944

        1078. Charles Edward Marrs (716. John Marrs West)
        b Mar 4, 1947

1079. Lidetta Price (717. Gladys Garnett)
        no data to 1081 Nola Lee Price

        1082. Thomas William Hayes (720. Lara Wiley Marrs)
        b 1928 md Jane Jeter on Sept 1951
        1516. Thomas William Hayes b Dec 12, 1952
        1517. Nancy Jane Hayes b Nov 14, 1956
        1518. Robert Aubrey Hayes b July 19, 1962

        1083. Shirley Brumfield (721. Fred Brumfield)
        b 1933 md Lenwood Walters

        1084. Betsy Louise Brumfield (721. Fred Brumfield)
        b 1941 md June 19, 1965 David Hunt Armes of Northumberland England. She is employed by Lake Central
        Airlines of Indianapolis IN

1085. Richard Dudley Featherston III (722. Edna Ramon Marrs)
        b 1937 md July 23, 1962 Martha Ann McCartha

        1086. John William Fitch, Jr (723. Clara Jane Marrs)
        b 1938 md Alive Caravati on Sept 24, 1960

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                120
        1519. Jacqueline Ann Fitch b Aug 2, 1961
        1520. Alan John Fitch b Sept 7, 1963

        1087. Francis “Frank” Foley Fitch (723. Clara Jane Marrs)
        b 1940 md Mildred Ann Whalen on Sept 21, 1963
        1521 Francis Eliud Fitch b July 25, 1964

        1088. Jo Rita Marrs (724. William Marlin Marrs)
        b 1939 md Peter Jordan on Sept 22, 1962

        1089. Jere Marlin Marrs (724. William Marlin Marrs)
        b 1941, Dr. Jere Marlin Marrs has moved to Beverton OR where he has accepted a position in Research chemist
        for Textronics Industry, Thurs, May 20, 1971 in Jessamine Co Journal newspaper.

1090. Fred Foley Marrs (725. Eliud Foley Marrs, Jr.)
        B 1949

        1091. William Marrs (727. Merritt William Marrs)
        b 1946 Studying veterinary medicine at University of Ohio.

1092. Fred Clark McDaniel (728. Alice Lucille Marrs)
        b 1938 res Lexington KY md Nancy Louise Braden in 1962
        1522. Karen Louise McDaniel b June 4, 1963

        1093. Myra Joanne Marrs (729. James Jackson Marrs)
        b 1938 Louisville KY md July 20, 1957 Albert Lee Early, Jr.
        1523. Albert Lee Early III b Mar 27, 1959
        1524. Deborah Joanne Early b Dec 13, 1960
        1525. Douglas Morgan Early b Feb 17, 1964

        1094. James Jackson Marrs, Jr (729. James Jackson Marrs)
        b 1940 md Nov 5, 1960 Carmen Watkins
        1526. James Jackson Marrs III b May 25, 1962 Germany
        1527. Scot Leon Marrs b Sept 30, 1963 CO

        1095. Billie Jean Marrs (729. James Jackson Marrs)
        twin b 1945 no data

        1096. Bobbie Jane Marrs (729. James Jackson Marrs)
        b 1945 - twin - Louisville KY md Dec 22, 1961, Smith Barlow Bushong, Jr.
        1528. Mary Elizabeth Bushong b Nov 17, 1962 Louisville KY

        1097. Bennie June Harrison (730. Evelyn Catherine Marrs)
        md Sept 8, 1962 Larry Thomas Gill

        1098. Lloyd Howard Harrison (730. Evelyn Catherine Marrs)
        b 1944 no data

        1099. Rachael Lena Marrs (746. Charlie Maxwell Marrs)
        b 1940 Bishop VA md Kenneth Jackson Mulkey b June 6, 1933, Pounding Mill, VA md on Dec 24, 1959 Tazewell
        North VA, son of Andrew Jackson and Vivian Virginia (Trivett) Mulkey
        1529. Kenneth Jackson Mulkey, Jr b Sept 15, 1962 Bluefield VA
        1530. Michael Raymond Mulkey b Dec 31, 1966 Bluefield VA

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 121
        1100. Robert Shawver Marrs (746. Charles Maxwell Marrs)
        b 1937 md Peggie Wingo b Feb 8, 1939 Tazewell VA dau of Henry Charlie and Margaret Eula (Lee) Wingo
        1531. Donna Lee Marrs b Aug 27, 1964 Jackson MS
        1532. William Bradford Marrs b May 29, 1967 Jackson MS

        1101. Reese Edward Marrs (746. Charles Maxwell Marrs)
        b 1935 md June 30, 1955 Tazewell (North) VA md Carol Nadine Kiser b May 9, 1938 Bishop VA dau of Clarence
        and Ada Lee (Vance) Kiser.
        1533. Vickie Lynn Marrs b May 7, 1957 Bluefield VA
        1534. Reese Edward Marrs, Jr b May 22, 1959
        1535. Pennie Sue Marrs b May 6, 1960 Chicago IL
        1536. Samuel Maxwell Marrs b May 13, 1962 Chicago IL

        1102. Son Marrs (746. Charles Maxwell Marrs)

        1103. William Henry Arthur Marrs (747. William Henry Marrs)
        1950 no more data to 1104 Trena Ellen Marrs b 1951

        1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs (748. Samuel Boyd Marrs)
        b 1930 md Aug 4, 1951 David William Johnson
        1537. Marilyn Kay Johnson b May 8, 1953
        1538. Helen Hope Johnson b Apr 30, 1954
        1539. Evelyn Divide Johnson b July 26, 1955
        1540. Cynthia Johnson b Nov 10, 1957

        1106. Maggie Lee Marrs (748. Samuel Boyd Marrs)
        b 1931 md Dec 1, 1951 Joe Beavers Harrison b Apr 16, 1921
        1541. JoAnn Harrison b Apr 11, 1953
        1542. Robert Boyd Harrison b Sept 28, 1959
        1543. Brenda Kay Harrison b Sept 28, 1959 (twins)

        1107. William Kenneth Marrs (748. Samuel Boyd Marrs)
        b 1933 md Betty Ruth Mitchell b Jan 4, 1933

        1108. John Henry Marrs (748. Samuel Boyd Marrs)
        b. 1936 md Ruth Arlene Lehman b Jan 15, 1941

        1109. Virginia Ann Marrs (748. Samuel Boyd Marrs)
        b 1938 md Roy Anderson Wise b Feb 23, 1936
        1544. Scott Allen Wise b Apr 2, 1961

        1110. George Dudley Marrs (750. James Doak Marrs)
        no more on family than earlier in this document to 1115 David Arthur Marrs

1116. Marshall W. Whitt (755. Crockett Lockhart Whitt)
       no more on this family than earlier in this document to 1119 Whitt

1120. Krystal Marrs (758. Ross William Marrs)
       md James F. Williams

1121. Elyce Marrs (758. Ross William Marrs)

1122. Gregory Thurl Marrs (759. Frank “Randy” Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                122
       1957 no more data than earlier in this document to 1124 Leslie Ann Marrs

1125. Deborah Christine Johnson (760. Lila Mae Marrs)
       b 1950 no more data except earlier in this document to 1132 Deidre Cheryl Johnson

1133. Tara Beth Marrs (761. Richard Marrs)
       b 1961 no more data than earlier to 1134 Richard Eric Marrs b 1964

       1135. Randy Carl Davidson (762. Margaret Marrs)
       b 1956 no more data to 1137. Carlena Jean Davidson

       1138. Sharon Denise Marrs (763. John Marrs)
       b 1968

       1139. Angela Dianne Minnica (764. Cheryl Ann Marrs)
       b 1968

       1140. Douglas Eugene Marrs (770. William Douglas Marrs)
       b 1957 no more data to 1142 Chuck Marrs b 1959

       1143. Francis Givens (772. Thelma Robinson)
       b 1932 no more data to 1144 Lenard Givens b 1933

       1145. Bernice Jane (773. Bernice Robinson)
       b 1933 no more data to 1149. A. C.

       1150. Phyllis Ann (774. Mildred Phyllis Robinson)
       no more data to 1151 Jane

       1152. Tommy Robinson (775. Raymond Lewis Robinson)
       no more data to 1154 Mike Robinson

       1155. Rex Wilson Marrs (779. Rex Byron Marrs)
       no data

       1156. Sharon Faye Jackson (780. Mary Ellen Marrs)
       no data to 1157 Travis Charles Jackson

1158. Kelly Ann Corella (781.Shelba Jean Marrs)
       no data to 1159

       1160. Elleen Johnson (Kathleen Marrs)
       no data

       1161. Curtis Pruett (787. Louise Earls)
       no data to 1164

       1165. Jack Bowling, Jr (789. Ruth Earls)
       no data to 1166

       1167. Claudine Earls (790. Roy Earls)
       no data

       1168. Connie Lyn Light (797. Romona Marrs)
       no data to 1169

       1170. Robert Johnson Marrs III (798. Robert Johnson Marrs, Jr
       no data to 1171

       1172. Christy Lynn Dorff (799. Barbara Lynn Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  123
       no data to 1174

       1175. Elizabeth Blankenship (800. William T. Blankenship)
       no data to 1177

       1178. Betty Brown (802. Helen Margarett Snyder)
       no data to 1180

       1181. Helen Irene Worthington (816. George Hunter Worthington)

       1182. Norah Marie Worthington (816. George Hunter Worthington)
       b 1925 Romance Ark. Md Jan 11, 1944 Carthel Quattlebaum, b Mar 13, 1923 Romance Ark, son of Dora Hays
       and Phillip Quattlebaum.
       1545. Charles Donald Quattlebaum b mar 14, 1946 Searcy Ark
       1546. Martha Ann Quattlebaum b Nov 2, 1949 Searcy Ark
       1547. Barbara Jean Quattlebaum b Oct 20, 1952 Duncan OK

       1183. Dortha Ellen Worthington (816. George Hunter Worthington)
       b 1928 Romance Ark md Jan 1947 Jesse Merrill Holland, b Feb 13, 1925 Marlow OK son of Zimmer Irene Potter
       and James W. Holland
       1548. Janice Marlene Holland b June 13, 1948 Eugene OR
       1549. Ronald Keith Holland b Apr 28, 1950 Duncan OK
       1550. Roger Wayne Holland b Oct 26, 1951 Duncan OK

       1184. Naomi Lavonne Worthington (817. Abraham Lincoln Worthington)
       b 1920 Wichita KS md Nov 30, 1941 Charles Grene Blalack, b July 19, 1915, Aurora MO son of Grene Adams
       Blalack and Samantha Ann McDonald
       1551. Richard Eugene Blalack b May 8, 1947 Wichita KS
       1552. Marilee Sue Blalack b Apr 1, 1951

       1185. Robert Thane Worthington (817. Abraham Lincoln Worthington)
       b July 22, 1922 Wichita KS Md Donna Cass

1186. Carol Marie Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1919 md Francis E. Gavin on Dec 24, 1937 Wichita KS he b Oct 3, 1915 Joplin MO son of Alma Krudweig and
       Walter Morton Gavin
       1553. Sharon Gayle Gavin b Aug 9, 1938 Wichita KS
       1554. Francis Edward Gavin, Jr b May 2, 1940 Md Kathleen Morris in 1963
       1555. Joan Carol Gavin b Mar 31, 1944
       1556. Paulette Ann Gavin b Sept 22, 1947 Mesa AZ
       1557. Jack Randolph Gavin b Mar 5, 1950 Mesa AZ
       1558. Richard Lance Gavin b Aug 9, 1955 Mesa AZ

       1187. Donald Lewis Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1920 Wichita KS md Aug 2, 1947 Betty Jean West, b Feb 15, 1932 Wilmar CA dau of Eva Lee Milam and Willis
       1559. Michael Lee Shane b May 4, 1948 Covina CA
       1560. Anna Marie Shane b Sept 14, 1948 Alhabra CA
       1561. Lawrence Willis Shane b July 2, 1952 Mesa AZ

       1188. Darlene Claudia Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1922 md Oct 31, 1942 Wichita KS, Christopher Augustus Pfeifer b Oct 10, 1921 Pittsburg PA son of Margaret
       Hughes Sullivan and Christopher Anthony Pfeifer

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              124
       1562. Christopher Francis Pfeifer b June 26, 1949 Baltimore MD
       1563. Jan Lewis Pfeifer b Jan 19, 1949
       1564. Bruce Wayne Pfeifer b Nov 10, 1946
       1565. Donald Ray Pfeifer b Jan 9, 1950
       1566. Carol Ann Pfeifer b July 29, 1952
       1567. Dean Richard Pfeifer b Dec 14, 1955
       1568. Mark Robert Pfeifer b Sept 27, 1959
       1569. Beth Mary Pfeifer b June 26, 1960 Baltimore MD

       1189. Dale Worthington Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1924 Wichita KS md Nov 7, 1944 Wichita to Doris Jeanne Hardwick, div, no issue, md ca 1945 Baltimore MD
       Mary Agnes Dougherty, b June 21, 1924 dau of Elizabeth Lentz and Archibald Thomas Dougherty.
       1570. Contance Marie Shane b Apr 4, 1946 Baltimore MD
       md 3 Marjory Roberta Cluff in May 1950 she b Nov 24, 1930 Globe AZ dau of Alice Maybelle Johnson and
       Robert Thomas Cluff
       1571. Jimmy Dale Shane b Aug 22, 1950 Mesa AZ
       1572. Ronald Dean Shane b Mar 2, 1958 Lynnwood WA
       md 4 Rita Antoinette Rose Ann Beauvais Burns b June 1, 1934 Chicopee MS dau of Albert Chrisologue
       Beauvais and Alice Marie Olivier.
       1573. Dale Lewis Shane b May 10, 1960

       1190. Bruce Clyde Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1926 Wichita KS md Mar 24, 1945 Fermina Marie Bronzert b May 8, 1927 Baltimore MD dau of Alex John
       Bronzert and Elizabeth Stella Knach. They md at Elkton MD
       1574. Barbara Lee Shane b Mar 13, 1947 Mesa AZ
       1575. Aleta Marie Shane b July 26, 1950
       1576. Bruce Clyde Shane, Jr b Apr 17, 1953
       1577. Donna Ruth Shane b Feb 7, 1957

       1191. Margaret Mary Shane (818. Mary Elizabeth Worthington)
       b 1929 Wichita KS md Sept 19, 1946 Leone Louis Mortensen b Sept 16, 1928 Blue Water, Valencia Co NM son
       of Udell E. Mortensen and Ada Lamb
       1578. Kenneth Leone Mortensen b Apr 13, 1951 Ashland OR
       1579. Rhenda Rae Mortensen b June 11, 1953 Anchorage AK
       1580. Kerby Grant Mortensen b Oct 16, 1956 Hawthorne, NV
       1581. Glen Shane Mortensen b Nov 5, 1962 Ashland OR

       1192. Nancy Jo Marrs (821. Edward Wilson Marrs III)
       md Apr 1974 David Goblet res Pittsburg PA
       1 ch expected in Apr 1976
       no more data to 1194 Jenny Lee Marrs

       1195. John Charles Marrs (822. John Carlyle Marrs)
       no data to 1197 Elaine Beverly Marrs

       1198. Jeffrey Edwin Sweet (823. Melissa Alice Marrs)
       no data to 1201 Jonathan David Sweet

       1202. David Henry Marrs, Jr (824. David Henry Marrs)
       no data to 1204 Amy Elizabeth Marrs

       1205. Frederick Benjamin Elliott III (825. Frederick Benjamin Elliott, Jr)
       b 1945 no more data to 1206. Evette Gizel Elliott

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  125
       1207. Jennifer Lynn Elliott (827. Thomas Johnson Elliott)
       no more data than earlier in this document

       1208. Nancy Jean Marrs (829. James Hugh Marrs)
       no data to 1209 Mary Kay Marrs

       1210. James Daniel Marrs (830. George Robbins Marrs)
       no data to 1212 Becky Sue Marrs

       1213. Robert Andrew Barlow (831. Mary Ann Marrs)
       no data to 1214 Timothy James Barlow

       1215. Hallie J. Davis (843. Herman Davis)
       no data to 1219 Roy W. Davis

       1220. Roger Pitcock (844. Lawrence Pitcock)
       no more data

       1221. Donald George Robertson (845. Lorraine Pitcock)
       no more data than earlier in this document

       1222. Frank Comer Lane (846. Mary Maxwell Comer)
       b 1930 md May 1950 Lera Emmert
       1582. Frank Comer Lane b Mar 24, 1951

       1223. Billie Joe Comer (847. Robert Thurman Comer)
       no data

       1224. Mary Ann Comer (848. William Marrs Comer)
       no data to 1225 William Jeff Comer

       1226. Judy Ann Jackson (849. Jesse Pearl Comer)
       b 1938 Letter Mar 20, 1974 Gamaliel KY: Dear Betty, My Aunt, Mary Lane, has given me your letter relating to
       the Marrs family history. I became quite interested in the history of my family about 4 years ago and have done
       some work on different branches of the family. I am delighted to know someone else is working on the Marrs
       family. I am Judy Ann Jackson Downing. My parents are Glen and Jessie Pearl Comer Jackson and I have
       three children - Lisa Ann, 14, Lori Lynn 12, and Jack Reed, 5. I teach school, am divorced, and enjoy working on
       the family history. Could you please send me the address where I could obtain a copy of the Marrs and Allied
       Families? Grandmother Comer (Maud Marrs Comer) knew so much about her close relatives and seemed very
       happy that I was interested in them. I’m sorry I didn’t get interested sooner, as I’m sure there are things I’ll think
       of I could have asked her and she would have known exactly the connection, etc. She was really a beautiful
       person. Sincerely, Judy J. Downing
       Apr 1, 1974: Does your library have AA fork in the Road@ by E. Clayton Gooden? It is about the early settlers of
       Monroe county and mentions Samuel and Abijah Marrs. A very interesting and entertaining book. You Betty is
       about 8 mon older than my Lisa. I had better close and get busy on some of these classes I’m supposed to be
       teaching. Sincerely, Judy PO Box 56 Gamaliel KY
       1583. Lori Downing b Oct 15, 1961
       1584. Lisa Downing b Oct 9, 1959
       1585. Jack Downing b Sept 5, 1968

       1227. Gary Marrs Comer (850. Earl Payne Comer)
       no data to 1228 Tana M. Comer

       1229. Jeffrey Carl Comer (851. Frank Carleton Comer)
       no data to 1233 Keven Comer

       1234. Jimmy Wayne Comer (853. James Harlin Comer)
       no data to 1235 Jesse June Comer

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                  126
       1236. Lenora Long (854. Mary Clifford Marrs)
       md Robert Rumble
       1586. Robert Rumble

       1237. Richard Stephens Marrs (855. George Frank Marrs)
       no data to 1238 Noveta Jane Marrs

       1239. John Conklin Marrs (856. John Conklin Marrs)
       no data to 1241 Pamela Ann Marrs

       1242. Don Marrs (858. Donald Frank Marrs)
       no data to 1244 Michael Marrs

       1245. Judy Marrs (860. Fred Payne Marrs, Jr)
       no data

       1246. Doris Jean Marrs (861. William Fleming Marrs)
       b 1941 she is a teacher of 4 grade Spanish in Glasgow KY

       1247. Brenda Bowman Marrs (861. William Fleming Marrs)
       b 1945 - in 1965, she a junior at Trevecca Nazerine College in Nashville, TN

1248. William Faunis “Billy” Marrs (861. William Fleming Marrs)
       b 1949 - in 1965 a Senior at Tomkinsville KY high school

       1249. Martha Rose Marrs (861. William Fleming Marrs)
       b 1950 - in 1965 a sophomore at Tomkinsville HS KY

1250. Carolyn Marrs Hollingsworth (862. Clarine Marrs)
       no data

       1251. Peggy Ann Downing (863. Mary Rose Marrs)
       no data to 1252 Sandra Downing

       1253. Gary B. McCreary (865. Arthur Rex McCreary)
       no data to 1254
       1255. John F. McCreary (866. John Frank McCreary)
       no data to 1256.

       1257. James T. Hamner (867. Eula Glodelle McCreary)
       no data to 1258

       1259. Sandra Kay Morrison (870. Lois Marrs Cherry)
       no data to 1260

       1261. Lynn Pedigo Cherry (872. Lynn Pedigo Cherry)
       no data

       1262. Timothy Wyman (875. Glade Marrs Carlson)
       no data

       1263. Linda Marie Gaedeke (876. Gladys Marie Carlson)
       no data

       1264. Arvid Dale Carlson (878. John Arvid Carlson)
       no data

       1265. Billy Marrs (880. Homer L. Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                127
       no data to 1269

       1270. Mikita No data (881. Marilyn Marrs)

       1271. John Neal Chism (882. Neal A. Chism)

       1272. Boatman (883. Margaret Chism)
       no data to 1272a

       1273. Chism (883a. Chism)
       no data

       1274. Robert Victor Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1935 md Feb 14, 1959 Janis Ellen Henson b Oct 4, 1937 he d Jan 10, 1970
       1587. Mark Allen Shull b Sept 9, 1960 Alaska d Feb 1, 1965
       1588. Eric Glen Shull b Feb 5, 1964 WA

       1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1937 md Dec 26, 1956 Richard C. Chapman b May 21, 1935
       1589. David Charles Chapman b Sept 27, 1957 TX
       1590. James Allen Chapman b July 20, 1959
       1591. Richard Bruce Chapman b Apr 22, 1961
       1592. Deborah Lynn Chapman b May 10, 1963
       1593. John Michael Chapman b July 16, 1965

       1276. Mary Ann May Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1945 md June 4, 1966 Donald Raymond Self b Aug 10, 1944
       1594. Malda Michelle Self b Jan 30, 1969

       1277. Beverly Jean Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1947 md Sept 1, 1966 TX Gerald Murden
       1595. Shelly Jean Murden b Mar 28, 1967 TX
       1596. Patricia Lynn Murden b Aug 20, 1969 TX

1278. Patricia Lorene Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1948 md Jan 26, 1967 Macon Wyndle Hughes
       1597. Macon Travis Hughes b Aug 24, 1967

       1279. Richard Gary Shull (884. Lorene Roberta Marrs)
       b 1950 - he is the one his aunt Gwenevere Marrs (885) wrote about his accident in his father’s car. Md
       1598. dau Marrs

       1280. Kentana Bryn Whatley (886. Ruby Ursula Marrs)
       b 1934 md July 15, 1955 Doris Shields
       1599. Sherry Ann Whatley b May 5, 1956 OK
       1600. Mark Kevin Whatley b May 8, 1958
       1601. Paul Allan Whatley b May 8, 1958 (twins)
       1602. Michelle Renee Whatley b Mar 28, 1963

       1281. Larry Arlen Whatley (886. Ruby Ursula Marrs)
       b 1939 no datat

       1282. Fred Lee Marrs (887. Thomas Franklin Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 128
        b 1941 no data

        1283. Janet Kay Marrs (887. Thomas Franklin Marrs)
        b 1947 md Jan 24, 1970 Louis John Shesa b Feb 12, 1947

        1284. Dana Sharlee Marrs (888. Marion Lee Marrs)
        no data to 1286 Delores Lee Marrs

        1287. Leslie Dwane Thompson (889. Rosetta May Marrs)
        no data to 1290 Darwin Lance Thompson

        1281. Garalee Frances Marrs (891. Ralph Lee Roy Marrs)
        no data to 1294 Duke Edward Marrs

        1295. Elsie Marie Wells (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
        b 1930 md Sept 27, 1958 ID Jack Helmer
        1604. Jon Steele Helmer b May 18, 1959 MT
        1605. Wanda Louisa Helmer b Jan 27, 1962 ID
        md 2 William Hotchkiss

        1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
        b 1932 d Nov 7, 1965 md Mar 29, 1955 NM Bessie Cowens, b Sept 23, 1939. He d in a car wreck and Bessie md
        Robert Warren Wells Feb 10, 1966
        1606. Donna Marie Wells b Aug 11, 1956 KS
        1607. Dilila Louisa Wells b Jan 20, 1958 KS
        1608. DeAnna Kay Wells b Nov 2, 1960 KS
        1609. Ernest Lee Wells b Mar 29, 1962 PA
        ch by 2 md
        1610. Robert Wayne Wells b Apr 25, 1967 KS
        1611. Ronald Montgomery Wells b Aug 14, 1969 KS

        1297. Robert Warren Wells, Jr (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
        b. 1934 Kansas Md his brother’s wife after his brother died in a car wreck November 7, 1965. Md Bessie
        Cowens B 1939 and their children are under 1610 and 1611.

1298. John Walker Wells (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
        B 1936 md Mar 29, 1954 Wilma sisney
        1612. Johanna Marlene Wells d. Oct 6, 1962 Illinois
        1613. Lindell Ray Wells b March 26, 1964
        1614. John Lee Wells b December 7, 1968
        1615. Mark Duane Wells b Jan 8, 1971

1299. Thelma Ann Wells (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
       b 1938 md Mar 29, 1955 Monty Finke – Separated
       1616. Marcella Sue Fink b Nov 8, 1955 Kansas
       1617. Cheryl Ann Fink b Dec 16, 1952
       1618. Brian Lee Fink b Dec 20, 1958
       1619. Keith Allen Fink b May 7, 1963
       1620. Kelly Lewis Fink b Aug 29, 1964

1300. Larry Duane Wells (892. Florence Louisa Hardaway)
 B 1940 Md Sept 10, 1960 Kathleen Britt
 1621. Gregory Allan Wells b Feb 12, 1962 Kansas

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               129
       Md 2 Aug 21, 1963 Janice Sheets - Separated
       1622. Shiela Lynn Wells b June 13, 1964 Kansas
       1623. Alvin Duane Wells b June 14, 1966 Kansas

1301. Donald Lee McBee (893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway)
       b. 1929 Kansas Md Nov 12, 1953 Lauanna Unsicker b March 4, 1933
       1624. Debra Lane McBee b Aug 26, 1954 Kansas
       1625. Doyle Russell McBee b May 10, 1956
       1626. Charles Royce McBee b July 14, 1957
       1627. Jamie Dawn McBee b Dec 25, 1958
       1628. Linda LeAnn McBee b April 6, 1962

1302 Joyce Fern McBee (893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway)
       B 1935 Mc Nov 30, 1952 Kenneth Nichols b Nov 17, 1930
       1629. Jeanette Kay Nichols b Sept 4, 1953 Kansas
       1630. Brenda Louise Nichols b Feb 19, 1955
       1631. Carol Ann Nichols b July 29, 1957
       1632. Nancy Marie Nichols b July 15, 1960
       1633 David Allen Nichols b Mar 21, 1962

1303. Thomas Jerry Emberton (893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway)
       b 1943 md Nov 28, 1963 Judy Batt
       1634. Karen kay Emberton b Oct 18, 1964 KS
       1635. Jared Sy Emberton b June 3, 1966

       1304. Paul Evert Emberton (893. Velma Rebecca Hardaway)
       to 1305 Velda Arlene Emberton no data

       1306. Kenneth Eugene Flinn (894. Frances Ruth Hardaway)
       b 1937 md Sept 13, 1958 Sybil Simmons
       1636. Timothy Wayne Flinn b July 5, 1959 NC
       1637. Tricia Malia Flinn b Sept 13, 1960
       1638. Tonya Denise Flinn b Oct 20, 1962

       1307. Gale Dee Flinn (894. Frances Ruth Hardaway)
       b 1940 KS md Dec 22, 1962 Janet DeMoss
       1639. Bret Duane Flinn b Nov 9, 1965 KS
       1640. Russell Dean Flinn b Dec 26, 1968 CO

       1308. Dale Lee Flinn (894. Frances Ruth Hardaway)
       twin to 1307 b 1940 md Sept 1, 1967 Doris Elaine Overman b Dec 6, 1946

       1309. Douglas Ray Flinn (894. Frances Ruth Hardaway)
       b 1945 md Oct 27, 1962 Judy Harris b Nov 4, 1947
       1642. Michael Shaun Flinn b May 15, 1963 KS
       1643. Todd Allen Flinn b Dec 22, 1964
       1644. Damon Ray Flinn b Oct 12, 1968

       1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes (895. Jessie Jaunita Hardaway)
       b 1938 KS md July 20, 1956 Jim Campbell

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                            130
       1645. Kim Marshae Campbell b Aug 31, 1957 KS
       1646. Christy Jonone Campbell b July 22, 1959
       1647. Jamie Lee Campbell b June 16, 1960
       1648. James Todd Campbell b Dec 1, 1967 (adopted)

       1311. Arlen Milton Hayes (895. Jessie Jaunita Hardaway)
       b 1940 md Aug 10, 1957 Dianna Ediger
       1649. Rocky Allen Hayes b Dec 9, 1957 KS
       1650. Carla Jo Hayes b Aug 21, 1959
       md 2 Nov 28, 1959 Wanda Seal
       1651. Jimmy Christopher Hayes b June 20, 1960 KS
       1652. Keila Renea Hayes b Feb 24, 1962

       1312. Billie Duane Hayes (895. Jessie Jaunita Hardaway)
       b 1943 md June 1962 Pat Berry
       1653. Jeffrey Scott Hayes b June 14, 1963
       1654. Brent Edwin Hayes b Mar 1969
       1655. Dana Lynn Hayes b Mar 9, 1971 MO

       1313. Ronald Dean Hardaway (986. Lela Euvonne Hardaway)
       b 1934 KS md Apr 25, 1965 Diana Stewart b Dec 23, 1942 - she had a dau Rhonda Michelle b Dec 7, 1964
       1656. Suzette Marie Hardaway b Dec 28, 1965 OR
       1657. Daren Jesse Hardaway b Mar 26, 1967

       1314. Fannie Leila Hardaway (896. Lela Euvonne Hardaway)
       b 1944 md Nay 17, 1962 Robert Norton b Aug 28, 1939

       1315. Richard Neal Arron (896. Lela Euvonne Hardaway)
       no data

       1316. Louetta Lynn Hardaway (897. Loren Walker Hardaway)
       b 1945 md Jan 19, 1968 Ronnie Tex Shiplet b Mar 23, 1945
       1658. Russell Dean Shiplet b May 2, 1970 WA

       1317. Loretta Lee Hardaway (897. Loren Walker Hardaway)
       b 1946 d 1956 age 1 2 mo

       1818. Loren Kent Hardaway (897. Loren Walker Hardaway)
       b 1950 md June 25, 1970 Katherine “Cathy” Wenta b July 2, 1951

1319. Michael Bryon Linville (898. Maudessa May Hardaway)
       no data to 1320 Daniel Walker Linville

       1321. Bryan Keith Hardaway (899. Lewis Dean Hardaway)
       no data to 1322 Roger Dean Hardaway

       1323. Cynthia Diann Hardaway (900. Warren Luther Hardaway)
       no data to 1326 Kathie Faye Hardaway.

       1327. Phillip Lane Ottinger (901. Elsie Faye Masters)
       b 1939. CO md Dec 20, 1970 Barbara Kay Leech (he was physician

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                             131
        1328. Delbert Earl Ottinger (901. Elsie Faye Masters)
        no data

        1329. Larry Ray Masters (902. Harry Raymond Masters)
        b 1948 md June 16, 1968 Nancy Mae McCall b Oct 26, 1950

        1330. Rovanda Faye Masters (902. Harry Raymond Masters)
        b 1951 KS md July 24, 1971 James Honeycutt

        1331. Linda Kay Masters (902. Harry Raymond Masters)
        b 1954 no data

        1332. Rebecca Ruth Tripet (903. Ada Ruth Masters)
        no data to 1333 Robert Brent Tripet

        1334. Quinnie Martina Flint (904. Arthur Franklin Flint)
        b 1933 md July 13, 1957 Shirley Hawley
        1662. Quincey Clifford Flint b Mar 30, 1960
        1663. Stephen Carlyle Flint b June 28, 1963
        1664. Franklin Curtis Flint b Oct 14, 1967 NM
        1335. Ora Lee Flint (904. Arthur Franklin Flint)
        b 1939 md May 26, 1957 Leslie Robbins
        1665. James Leslie Flint b Dec 19, 1957 NM
        1666. Mamie Rhealeen Flint b Oct 15, 1959
        1667. Addie Darlene Flint b May 15, 1962

        1336. Arthur Franklin Flint, Jr. (904. Arthur Franklin Flint)
        b 1941 md Aug 17, 1958 Betty Jean Koonsman b Feb 19, 1940
        1668. Debbie Lou Flint b Sept 26, 1959 NM
        1669. Donna Lee Flint b Sept 9, 1967

1337. Martena Wardner Flint II (904. Arthur Franklin Flint)

        1338. Violet Louise Flint (905. Earl Raymond Flint)
        b 1930 md July 17, 1948 Clayburn Helker b Feb 9, 1919
        1671. Roger Clay Helker b May 16, 1949 NM
        1672. Daniel Earl Helker b Feb 10, 1951
        1673. Edward Ray Helker b Aug 14, 1953 TX
        1674. Joyce Lee Helker b Feb 1, 1956

        1339. Richard Martenia Flint (905. Earl Raymond Flint)
        b 1932 md May 1, 1951 Pauline Smith b Feb 10, 1935
        1675. Curtis Paul Flint b Dec 16, 1954 TX
        1676. Belinda Ann Flint b Mar 21, 1956
        1677. Billie Jo Flint b Oct 23, 1957

        1340. Clyde Everett Flint (905. Earl Raymond Flint)
        b 1936 NM md June 15, 1947 Roberta Faye Alvis

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                     132
       1678. David Wayne Flint b Apr 19, 1959 NM
       1679. Tammie Lynn Flint b May 31, 1961
       1680. Michael Lee Flint b July 15, 1967 WA (adopted)

       1341. Edna Dianne Ragland (906. Bertie Marie Flint)
       b 1957 (adopted) NM

       1342. Bermond Clark Ragland (907. Opha Mae Flint)
       b 1933 md July 8, 1950 Almyra Haddock b July 21, 1928
       1681. Cheryl Jensan Ragland b July 19, 1952 NM
       1682. Waymond Lynn Ragland b Feb 3, 1956

       1343. Evelyn Lavern Ragland (907. Orpha Mae Flint)
       b 1938 md Apr 28, 1956 L. Roy Knowles b Oct 10, 1936
       1683. Donsta Kay Knowles b June 12, 1962 NM

       1344. Ellen May Ragland (907. Orpha Mae Flint)
       b 1940 md Nov 21, 1962 A. L. Mitchell b Sept 19, 1935
       1684. Steven Craig Mitchell b Oct 18, 1964 NM
       1685 Orpha Michelle Mitchell b Aug 18, 1967

       1345. Lois Marie White (909. Cora Dell Flint)
       b 1936 md Feb 22, 1953 Jim Paris b Feb 23, 1931
       1686. Janice Marie Paris b June 24, 1955 NM
       1687. Jackie Edwin Paris b Jan 9, 1959
       1688. Glen Dell Paris b Mar 9, 1961 NM

       1346. Arthur Lee White (909. Cora Dell Flint)
       b 1939 md June 25, 1961 Diane Murphy
       1689. Donald Lee White b Feb 28, 1962 CA
       1690. Laura Diane White b Nov 1, 1965 NM

       1347. Norma Jean White (909. Cora Dell Flint)
       b 1953 md Apr 17, 1971 Jack W. Hobbs

       1348. Raymond Leon White (909. Cora Dell Flint)
       b 1957

       1349. Vernon Joe Shiplet (910. Violet Virginia Flint)
       b 1942 md July 12, 1960 Kay Garrison
       1692. David Lynn Shiplet b Nov 19, 1960 NM
       1693. Don Lee Shiplet b May 31, 1962
       1694. Casandra Kay Shiplet b Oct 16, 1963

       1350. Ronnie Tex Shiplet (910. Violet Virginia Flint)
       b 1945 md Jan 19, 1968 Louetta Lynn Hardaway b Sept 27, 1945
       1695. Russell Dean Shiplet b May 2, 1970 WA

       1351. Dennis Leon Shiplet (910. Violet Virginia Flint)
       b 1950 md July 8, 1969 Vickie Vick

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 133
       1696. Jarrod Shawn Shiplet b Feb 6, 1970 NM

       1352. Alvin Earl Boatman (911. Edna Maurine Flint)
       b 1941 Md Oct 3, 1959 Mary Jo Reed
       1697. Robert Earl Boatman b Dec 9, 1960 NM
       1698. Gwendlyn Rhoda Boatman b June 14, 1963
       1699. Kimberly Jac Boatman b July 16, 1964

       1353. John Wardner Boatman (911. Edna Maurine Flint)
       b 1944 md June 5, 1964 LaDonna Box - no ch by this union
       md 2 Dec 5, 1967 Jo Ann Stanley
       1700. John Everett Boatman b Apr 18, 1970 NM

       1354. Lloyd Fred Boatman (911. Edna Maurine Flint)
       b 1948 md May 27, 1968 Rose Marie Flint
       1701. Lloyd Shay Boatman b Apr 28, 1970 TX
       1702. Gregory Heath Boatman b Apr 15, 1971 Germany

       1355. Duel Dwayne Paris (912. Earline Faye Flint)
       b 1950 md June 17, 1971 Rebecca Ruth Clavel
       1356. Loren Curtis Paris (912. Earline Faye Flint)
       no data

       1357. Myron Duane Tacha (914. Guinola May Marrs)
       b 1950 no data to 1358 Melton Kenneth Tracha

       1359. Joetta Drucilla Marrs (915. Alfred Warren Marrs)
       no data to 1360 Charles Denton Marrs

       1361. Feryl Elizabeth Butler (916. Leola Maxine Marrs)
       b 1947 md July 31, 1964 Ralph Hawley b Nov 19, 1943
       1704. Rocky Dean Hawley b Nov 11, 1966 KS (adopted)
       1705. Robbie Clayton Hawley b Aug 20, 1967 KS
       1706. Georgia Christina Hawley b Oct 21, 1969

       1362. Carolyn Sue Butler (916. Leola Maxine Marrs)
       b 1948 md Jan 9, 1965 Johnnie Tucker b Feb 20, 1944
       1707. Carolyn Irene Tucker b June 19, 1965, KS
       1708. Eddie Burman Tucker b Apr 1, 1969

       1363. Dianna Kay Butler (916. Leola Maxine Marrs)
       b 1950 KS
       1709. Demetra Diann b Aug 7, 1970 KS

       1364. George Warren Butler (916. Leola Maxine Marrs)
       b Sept 29, 1952 d Apr 11, 1969 age 17

       1365. Marvena Faye Butler (916. Leola Maxine Marrs)
       b 1959 no data to 1367 Walter Lee Butler

       1368. Steven Douglas Fisher (917. Willa Warrenetta Marrs)
       no data to 1371 Bryan Lee Fisher

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               134
       1372. Deborah Elaine Miller (918. Marjorie LaVon Marrs)
       no data to 1373 Mark Allen Miller

       1374. Daniel Alan Lois (919. Betty Ione Marrs)
       no data to 1378 Gregory Warren Lois

       1379. Kevin Eugene Marrs (920. Virgil Eugene Marrs)
       no data to 1381 Kerry Lynn Marrs

       1382. Tony Mitchell Marrs (921. Arwin Wendell Marrs)
       no data to 1386 Tami Machelle Marrs

       1387. Carolyn Rae McManomon (922. Lela LaVetta Harris)
       b Jan 19, 1947 KS

       1388. George Daniel Harris (923. George William Franklin Harris)
       no data to 1391 David Ray Harris

       1392. Leslie Leon Marrs (924. Chester Lloyd Marrs)
       no data

       1393. Diann Sue Marrs (925. Irwin Eugene Marrs)
       b 1945 md May 3, 1963 Melvin Handy
       1710. Kelly Kathleen Handy b Aug 14, 1965 KS
       1711. Marshall Scott Handy b Mar 2, 1969

       1394. Gary Lee Marrs (925. Irwin Eugene Marrs)
       b 1948 md Aug 9, 1967 Darla Kay Tyler b Feb 9, 1948
       1712. Cala Kay Marrs b Aug 4, 1970 KS

       1395. Perrie Neal Marrs (925. Irwin Eugene Marrs)
       no data

       1396. Randy Joe Diello (926. Edith Pauline Marrs)
       no data to 1398 Terri Ann Diello

1399. William Gordon Deckert (929. Ella Mae Marrs)
       no more data than earlier in this document to 1400 Susan Lynn Deckert

       1401. Steven Lewis Marrs (930. Benjamin Lewis Marrs)
       no more data than earlier to 1402 Michele Joy Marrs

       1403. Rachelle DeAnn Marrs (931. Richard Dale Marrs)
       no more data to 1407 Phillip Gordon Marrs

       1408. Bradley Bolt (933. Barbara Jean Marrs)
       b Jan 5, 1972

       1409. Jill Ann Johnson (935. Marion Phyllis Marrs)
       no data to 1410 Loren Johnson

       1411. Derek Jones (936. Joan Irene Marrs)
       no more data

       1412. Dale Ahrens (939. Marilyn Esther Marrs)
       b 1948 in 1973 got his own apartment and attending Northwestern College - close to Maywood IL

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               135
1413. Richard Ahrens (939. Marilyn Esther Marrs)
        b 1949 md June 17, 1972 Susan Kawalas
        1713. Lisa Ahrens b 1973

       1414. Robert Ahrens (939. Marilyn Esther Marrs)
       b 1951

       1415. Steven Ahrens (939. Marilyn Esther Marrs)
       b 1958

       1416. James Ahrens (939. Marilyn Esther Marrs)
       b 1963

       1417. Kevin Marrs (940. Joseph A. Marrs, Jr)
       no data to 1422 Dan Marrs

       1423. Douglas Marrs (941. Cyril Jacob Marrs)
       no data

       1424. Cheryle Buck (941. Cyril Jacob Marrs)
       no data to 1425 Billy Buck

       1426. Kevin Marrs (944. William Marrs)
       no data
       1427. Maureen Gay Chitwood (947. Leona Gayle Bush)
       b 1948 Bloomington IN md James C Anderson, son of Mrs. Preston Grounds of Martinsville IN. She (I assume
       this is Maureen) graduated 1970 at IU in the school of HYPER and began work on her MA at Ball State
       University. She is currently employed at IGA in Martinsville and a teacher. In 1971, he attended Michigan State
       University and IU Extension. He is former owner of the Martinsville DQ. He is currently in real estate
       development, as of 1971. md Dec 18, 1971 First Baptist Church in Bloomington

1428. Gregory Quinn Chitwood (947. Leona Gayle Bush)
       b 1953 md Sept 1, 1973 Kathy Denise Kent

       1429. Laura Chitwood (947. Leona Gayle Bush)

1430. Ronda Kay Bush (948. Gordon Leroy Bush)
       b 1956

       1431. Tamara Sue Bush (948. Gordon Leroy Bush)
       b 1958

       1432. Cheri Dawn Bush (948. Gordon Leroy Bush)
       b 1962

       1433. Paul Douglas Bradley (949. Donna Kay Bush)
       b 1958 - he was awarded a National Merit Scholarship in Sept 17, 1975

1434. Richard Lane Bradley (949. Donna Kay Bush)
        d at birth

       1435. Harley Dean Crouch (949. Donna Kay Bush)
       b 1964

       1436. Gordon David Crouch (949. Donna Kay Bush)
       b 1965

       1437. Cheryl Lucille Hankins (950. Carolyn Grace Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                136
       b 1969

       1438. Angela Michelle Hankins (950. Carolyn Grace Marrs)
       b 1971

       1439. George Grant Freeman (951. Trecha Marie Marrs)
       b 1971

       1440. Eric Glen Freeman (951. Treacha Marie Marrs)
       b 1972

       1441. Ralph Anthony Lopossa (953. Marlene Elaine Marrs)
       b 1966

       1442. Jeffrey Michael Johnson (953. Marlene Elaine Marrs)
       b 1971 d at birth

       1443. Trent Michael Johnson (953. Marlene Elaine Marrs)
       b 1972

       1444. Byran Scott Simmons (955. Rita Jo Duncan)
       b 1962

       1445. Michelle Susan Simmons (955. Rita Jo Duncan)
       b 1964
       1446. Jeffrey Lynn Simmons (955. Rita Jo Duncan)
       b 1965

       1447. Eric Todd Simmons (955. Rita Jo Duncan)
       b 1969

       1448. Melanie Jo Finney (956. Janis Ann Duncan)
       b 1968

       1449. Maria Leigh Finney (956. Janis Ann Duncan)
       b 1971

       1450. Clinton Joseph Finney (956. Janis Ann Duncan)
       b 1975

       1451. Dennisa Doreen Houchen (957. Karen Louise Duncan)
       b 1969

       1452. Jason Wade Houchen (957 Karen Louise Duncan)
       b 1975

       1453. Gregory Dean Scherschel (958. Sondra Lynne Mitchner)
       b Mar 12, 1971

       1454. Karra Marie Scherschel (958. Sondra Lynne Mitchner)
       b 1974

       1455. Alice Renee Marrs (961. Paul Franklin Marrs)
       b May 17, 1974 Bloomington IN (our first grandchild)

       1455a. Jessica JoAnn Marrs (961. Paul Franklin Marrs)
       b Oct 17, 1976 d Oct 17, 1980

       1456. Aaron Lee Julien (965. Katherine Gayle Shiflett)
       b 1969

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               137
       1457. Kari Elizabeth Franklin (965. Katherine Gayle Shiflett)
       b 1971

       1458. Christina Lynne Sliwinski (966. Leigh Anna Shiflett)
       b 1971

       1459. Chad Ray Marrs (976. Phillip Ray Marrs)

       1460. Tyson Edgar Marrs (976. Phillip Ray Marrs)

       1460a. Cole Marrs (976. Phillip Ray Marrs

       1461. Catherine Ann Richards (982. Janice Louise Johnson)

       1462. Victoria Sue Richards (982. Janice Louise Johnson)

       1463. Jeffrey Charles Petrilla (983. Linda Ann Johnson)

       1464. Lisa Lynn Hartgraves (999. Cynthia Mae Marrs)

       1465. Scott Brice Hartgraves (999. Cynthia Mae Marrs)

       1466. Jeffrey Daniel Marrs (1000. Charles Lee Marrs)

       1467. Shelly Renee Marrs (1000. Charles Lee Marrs)

       1468. Gretchen Ann Leunk (1003. Carol Jean Kirkendall

       1469. Karen Suzanne Leunk (1003. Carol Jean Kirkendall)

       1470. Brice Kirkendall (1004. Howard Ernest Kirkendall)

       1471. London Del Kirkendall (1004. Howard Ernest Kirkendall)

       1472. Jeffrey Alan Marrs (1006. John Merton Marrs)

1473. Joanne Marie Marrs (1006. John Merton Marrs)

1474. Marianne Michelle Marrs (1007. Richard Marshall Marrs)

1475. Leah Jeanne McKissick (1011. Dorothy Jeanne Alderman)
       b July 4, 1953 Oakland CA md July 9, 1972 Wayne Gillespie
       1789. Gary Gillespie b Aug 12, 1975

       1476. Barbara Ann McKissick (1011. Dorothy Jeanne Alderman)

       1477. Lenora Jeanne Holloway (1012. Doris Joan Alderman)

       1478. Richard Allan Holloway (1012. Doris Joan Alderman)

       1479. Victor Yeager (1013. Margaret Ann Grist)

       1480. Kimberly JoAnn Yeager (1013. Margaret Ann Grist)

       1481. Todd Yeaber (1013. Margaret Ann Grist)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                138
       1482. Joyce Michelle Yeager (1013. Margaret Ann Grist)

       1483. Deborah Workentin (1014. Betty Grist)

       1484. Laura Leigh Workentin (1014. Betty Grist)

       1485. Bradley Garrett Workentin (1014. Betty Grist)

       1486. Sherry Ganser (1015. Anita Grist)

       1487. Teresa Ganser (1015. Anita Grist)

       1488. Dale Ganser (1015. Anita Grist)

       1489. Abbe Marrs ( 1022. Barry Lee Marrs)

       1490. William Randall Rednour (1029. Doris Jane Petty)

       1491. Ronald Gene Rednour ( 1029. Doris Jane Petty)

       1492. Linda Sue Rednour (1029. Doris Jane Petty)

       1493. Rex Wayne Rednour (1029. Doris Jane Petty)

       1494. Debra Jean Hren (1030. Norma Jean Petty)
       1495. Frankie John Hren (1030. Norma Jean Petty)

       1496. Rickie Lee Hren (1030. Norma Jean Petty)

       1497. Ronnie Dee Hren (twins) (1030. Norma Jean Petty)

       1498. Vincent William Hren (1030. Norma Jean Petty)

       1499. John Anthony Hren (1030. Norma Jean Petty)

       1500. Cindy Lou Petty (1031. Louis Vernon Petty)

       1501. Bret Louis Petty (1031. Louis Vernon Petty)

1502. Leighanne Petty (1031. Louis Vernon Petty)

1503. Theresa Jo Bryant (1032. Nancy Ellen Petty)

1504. Brenda Lee Bryant (1032. Nancy Ellen Petty)

1505. Kevin Larah (1032. Nancy Ellen Petty)

1506. Lisa Larah (1032. Nancy Ellen Petty)

1507. Gregory Paul Heuerman (1033. Joyce Marie Petty)

1508. Cheryl Marie Heuerman (1033. Joyce Marie Petty)

1509. Douglas Frederick Heuerman (1033. Joyce Marie Petty

1510. Beth Ann Heuerman (1033. Joyce Marie Petty)

1511. Christine Stephens (1034. Sharon Rose Petty)

1512. Rebecca Stephens (1034. Sharon Rose Petty)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                139
1513. Kenneth Stephens (1034. Sharon Rose Petty)

1513. Mark Dyer (1047. Helen Marrs)

1514. Eric Dyer (1047. Helen Marrs)

1515. Thomas Lynn Marrs (1048. Harold Eugene Marrs)

1516. Thomas William Hayes (1082. Thomas William Hayes)

1517. Nancy Jane Hayes (1082. Thomas William Hayes)

1518. Robert Aubrey Hayes (1082. Thomas William Hayes)

1519. Jacqueline Ann Fitch (1086. John William Fitch)

1520. Alan John Fitch (1086. John William Fitch)

1521. Francis Eliud Fitch (1087. Francis Foley Fitch)

1522. Karen Louise McDaniel (1092. Fred Clark McDaniel)

1523. Albert Lee Early III (1093. Myra Joanne Marrs)

1524. Deborah Joanne Early (Myra Joanne Marrs)

1525. Douglas Morgan Early (1093. Myra Joanne Marrs)

1526. Scot Leon Marrs (1094. James Jackson Marrs)

1527. James Jackson Marrs III (1094. James Jackson Marrs, Jr)

1528. Mary Elizabeth Bushong (1096. Bobbie Jane Marrs)

1529. Kenneth Jackson Mulkey (1099. Rachel Lena Marrs)

1530. Michael Raymond Marrs (1099. Rachel Lena Marrs)

1531. Donna Lee Marrs (1100. Robert Shawver Marrs)

1532. William Bradford Marrs (1100. Robert Shawver Marrs)

1533. Vickie Lynn Marrs (1101. Reese Edward Marrs)

1534. Reese Edward Marrs, Jr (1101. Reese Edward Marrs)

1535. Pennie Sue Marrs (1101. Reese Edward Marrs)

1536. Samuel Maxwell Marrs (1101. Reese Edward Marrs)

1537. Marilyn Kay Johnson (1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs)

1538. Helen Hope Johnson (1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs)

1539. Evelyn Divide Johnson (1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs)

1540. Cynthia Johnson (1105. Sylvia Gray Marrs)

1541. JoAnn Harrison (1106. Maggie Lee Marrs)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               140
1542. Robert Boyd Harrison (1106. Maggie Lee Marrs)

1543. Brenda Kay Harrison (1106. Maggie Lee Marrs) (twins)

1544. Scott Allen Wise (1109. Virginia Ann Marrs)

1545. Charles Donald Quattlebaum (1182. Norah Marie Worthington)

1546. Martha Ann Quattlembaum (1182. Norah Marie Worthington)

1547. Barbara Jean Quattlebaum (1182. Norah Marie Worthington)

1548. Janice Marlene Holland (1183. Dortha Ellen Worthington)

1549. Ronald Keith Holland (1183. Dortha Ellen Worthington)

1550. Rodger Wayne Holland (1183. Dortha Ellen Worthington)

1551. Richard Eugene Blalack (1184. Naomi Lavonne Worthington)

1552. Marilee Sue Blalack (1184. Naomi Lavonne Worthington)

1553. Sharon Gayle Gavin (1186. Carol Marie Shane)
       b 1938 md Jan 5, 1956 Florence AZ William Terrence Dawson, b Apr 28, 1933 Gilmer TX, son of A Maurine
       Edgar and William Taylor Dawson
       1714. Daniel Lane Dawson b Aug 15, 1958 Mesa AZ
       1715. Tamara Delite Dawson b Dec 7, 1960
       1716. Benjamin Shane Dawson b Oct 5, 1962

        1554. Francis Edward Gavin, Jr (1186. Carol Marie Shane)
        b 1940 md Kathleen Morris Aug 25, 1963

        1555. Joan Carol Gavin (1186. Carol Marie Shane)
        b 1944 md Oct 5, 1960 Mesa AZ Eldon J Robbins b Mar 29, 1938 Idaho Falls, ID son of Beatrice Elliot Butte and
        Joseph Henry Robbins
        1717. Eldon J. Robbins, Jr b Feb 22, 1962 McAlister OK

        1556. Paulette Ann Gavin ( 1186. Carol Marie Shane)

        1557. Richard Lance Gavin (1186. Carol Marie Shane)

        1558. Jack Randolph Gavin (1186. Carol Marie Shane)

        1559. Michael Lee Shane (1187. Donald Lewis Shane)

        1560. Anna Marie Shane (1187. Donald Lewis Shane)

        1561. Lawrence Willis Shane (1187. Donald Lewis Shane)

        1562. Christopher Francis Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1563. Jan Lewis Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1564. Bruce Wayne Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1565. Donald Ray Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               141
        1566. Carol Ann Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1567. Richard Dean Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1568. Mark Robert Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1569. Beth Mary Pfeifer (1188. Darlene Claudia Shane)

        1570. Constance Marie Shane (1189. Dale Worthington Shane)

        1571. Jimmy Dale Shane (1189. Dale Worthington Shane)

        1572. Ronald Dean Shane (1189. Dale Worthington Shane)

        1573. Dale Lewis Shane (1189. Dale Worthington Shane)

        1574. Barbara Lee Shane (1190. Bruce Clyde Shane)

        1575. Aleta Marie Shane (1190. Bruce Clyde Shane)

        1576. Bruce Clyde Shane, Jr (1190. Bruce Clyde Shane)

        1577. Donna Ruth Shane (1190. Bruce Clyde Shane)

        1578. Kenneth Leone Mortensen (1191. Margaret Mary Shane)

        1579. Rhenda Rae Mortensen (1191. Margaret Mary Shane)

        1580. Kerby Grant Mortensen (1191. Margaret Mary Shane)

        1581. Glen Shane Mortensen (1191. Margaret Mary Shane)

        1582. Frank Comer Lane (1222. Frank Comer Lane)

        1583. Lori Downing (1226. Judy Ann Jackson)

        1584. Lisa Downing (1226. Judy Ann Jackson)

1585. Jack Downing (1226. Judy Ann Jackson)

1586. Robert Rumble (1236. Lenora Long)

1587. Mark Allen Shull (1274. Robert Victor Shull)

1588. Eric Glen Shull (1274. Robert Victor Shull)

1589. David Charles Chapman (1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull)

1590. James Allen Chapman (1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull)

1591. Richard Bruce Chapman (1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull)

1592. Deborah Lynn Chapman (1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull)

1593. John Michael Chapman (1275. Elizabeth Vee Shull)

1594. Malda Michelle Self (1276. Mary Ann May Shull)

1595. Shelly Jean Murden (1277. Beverly Jean Shull)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               142
1596. Patricia Lynn Murden (1277. Beverly Jean Shull)

1597. Macon Travis Hughes (1278. Patricia Lorene Shull)

1598 dau Marrs (1279. Richard Gary Shull)

1599. Sherry Ann Whatley (1280. Kentena Bryn Whatley)

1600. Mark Kevin Whatley (1280. Kentena Bryn Whatley)

1601. Paul Allan Whatley (twins) (1280. Kentena Bryn Whatley)

1602. Michelle Renee Whatley (1280. Kentena Bryn Whatley)


1604. Jon Steele Helmer (1295. Elsie Marie Wells)

1605. Wanda Louise Helmer (1295. Elsie Marie Wells)

1606. Donna Marie Wells (1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells)

1607. Dilila Louisa Wells (1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells)

1608. DeAnna Kay Wells (1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells)

1609. Ernest Lee Wells (1296. Cyrus Alvin Wells)

1610. Robert Wayne Wells (1297. Robert Warren Wells, Jr.)

1611. Ronald Montgomery Wells (1297. Robert Warren Wells, Jr.)

1612. Johanna Marlene Wells (1298. John Walker Wells)

1613. Lindell Ray Wells (1298. John Walker Wells)

1614. John Lee Wells (1298. John Walker Wells)

1615. Mark Duane Wells (1298. John Walker Wells)

1616. Marcella Sue Frinke (1299. Thelma Ann Wells)

1617. Cheryl Ann Finke (1299. Thelma Ann Wells)

1618. Brian Lee Finke (1299. Thelma Ann Wells)

1619. Keith Allan Finke (1299. Thelma Ann Wells)

1620. Kelly Lewis Finke (1299. Thelma Ann Wells)

1621. Gregory Allan Wells (1300. Larry Dwane Wells)

1622. Sheila Lynn Wells (1300. Larry Dwane Wells)

1623. Alvin Duane Wells (1300. Larry Dwane Wells)

1624. Debra Lane McBee (1301. Donald Lee McBee)

1625. Doyle Russell McBee (1301. Donald Lee McBee)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 143
1626. Charles Royce McBee (1301. Donald Lee McBee)

1627. Jamie Dawn McBee (1301. Donald Lee McBee)

1628. Linda LeAnn McBee (1301. Donald Lee McBee)

1629. Jeannette Kay Nichols (1302. Joyce Fern McBee)

1630. Brenda Louise Nichols (1302. Joyce Fern McBee)

1631. Carol Ann Nichols (1302. Joyce Fern McBee)

1632. Nancy Marie Nichols (1302. Joyce Fern McBee)

1633. David Allen Nichols (1302. Joyce Fern McBee)

1634. Karen Kay Emberton (1303. Thomas Jerry Emberton)

1635. Jared Sy Emberton (1303. Thomas Jerry Emberton)

1636. Timothy Wayne Flinn (1306. Kenneth Eugene Flinn)

1637. Tricia Melia Flinn (1306. Kenneth Eugene Flinn)

1638. Tonya Denise Flinn (1306. Kenneth Eugene Flinn)

1639. Bret Duane Flinn (1307. Gale Dee Flinn)

1640. Russell Dean Flinn (1307. Gale Dee Flinn)


1642. Michael Shawn Flinn (1309. Douglas Ray Flinn)

1643. Todd Allen Flinn (1309. Douglas Ray Flinn)

1644. Damon Ray Flinn (1309. Douglas Ray Flinn)

1645. Kim Marshae Campbell (1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes)

1646. Christy Jonone Campbell (1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes)

1647. Jamie Lee Campbell (1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes)

1648. James Todd Campbell (adopted) (1310. Darlene Marilyn Hayes)

1649. Rocky Allen Hayes (1311. Arlen Milton Hayes)

1650. Carla Jo Hayes (1311. Arlen Milton Hayes)

1651. Jimmy Christopher Hayes (1311. Arlen Milton Hayes)

1652. Keila Renea Hayes (1311. Arlen Milton Hayes)

1653. Jeffrey Scott Hayes (1312. Billie Duane Hayes)

1654. Brent Edwin Hayes (1312. Billie Duane Hayes)

1655. Danna Lynn Hayes (1312. Billie Duane Hayes)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                               144
1656. Suzette Marie Hardaway (1313. Ronald Dean Hardaway)

1657. Daren Jesse Hardaway (1313. Ronald Dean Hardaway)

1658. Russell Dean Shiplett (1316. Louetta Lynn Hardaway)




1662. Quincey Clifford Flint (1334. Quinnie Martinea Flint)

1663. Stephen Carlyle Flint (1334. Quinnie Martinea Flint)

1664. Franklin Curtis Flint (1334. Quinnie Martinea Flint)

1665. James Leslie Flint (1335. Ora Lee Flint)

1666. Mamie Rhealeen Flint (1335. Ora Lee Flint)

1667. Addie Darlene Flint (1335. Ora Lee Flint)

1668. Debbie Lou Flint (1336. Arthur Franklin Flint, Jr)

1669. Donna Lee Flint (1336. Arthur Franklin Flint, Jr)


1671. Roger Clay Helker (1338. Violet Louise Flint)

1672. Daniel Earl Helker (1338. Violet Louise Flint)

1673. Edward Ray Helker (1338. Violet Louise Flint)

1674. Joyce Lee Helker (1338. Violet Louise Flint)

1675. Curtis Paul Flint (1339. Richard Martenia Flint)

1676. Belinda Ann Flint (1339. Richard Martenia Flint)

1677. Billie Jo Flint (1339. Richard Martenia Flint)

1678. David Wayne Flint (1340. Clyde Everett Flint)

1679. Tammie Lynn Flint (1340. Clyde Everett Flint)

1680. Michael Lee Flint (adopted) (1340. Clyde Everett Flint)

1681. Cheryl Jensan Ragland (1342. Bermond Clark Ragland)
       1718. Christopher Scott Masters b Mar 4, 1971

        1682. Waymond Lynn Ragland (1342. Bermond Clark Ragland)

        1683. Donsta Kay Knowles (1343. Evelyn Lavern Ragland)

        1684. Steven Craig Mitchel (1344. Ellen May Ragland)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                    145
        1685. Orpha Machelle Mitchell (1344. Ellen May Ragland)

        1886.Janis Marie Paris (1345. Lois Marie White)

        1687. Jackie Edwin Paris (1345. Lois Marie White)

        1688. Glen Dell Paris (1345. Lois Marie White)

        1689. Donald Lee White (1346. Arthur Lee White)

        1690. Laura Diane White (1346. Arthur Lee White)


        1692. David Lynn Shiplet (1349. Vernon Joe Shiplet)

        1693. Don Lee Shiplet (1349. Vernon Joe Shiplet)

        1694. Casandra Kay Shiplet (1349. Vernon Joe Shiplet)

        1695. Russell Dean Shiplet (1350. Ronnie Tex Shiplet)

        1696. Jarrod Shawn Shiplet (1351. Dennis Leon Shiplet)

        1697. Robert Earl Boatman (1352. Alvin Earl Boatman)

        1698. Gwendyln Rhoda Boatman (1352. Alvin Earl Boatman)

        1699. Kimberly Jac Boatman (1352. Alvin Earl Boatman)

        1700. John Everett Boatman (1353. John Wardner Boatman)

        1701. Lloyd Shay Boatman (1354. Lloyd Fred Boatman)

        1702. Gregory Heath Boatman (1354. Lloyd Fred Boatman)


1704. Rocky Dean Hawley (adopted) (1361. Feryl Elizabeth Butler)

1705. Robbie Clayton Hawley (1361. Feryl Elizabeth Butler)

1706. Georgia Christine Hawley (1361. Feryl Elizabeth Butler)

1707. Carolyn Irene Tucker (1362. Carolyn Sue Butler)

1708. Eddie Burman Tucker (1362. Carolyn Sue Butler)

1709. Demetra Diann (1363. Dianna Kay Butler)

1710. Kelly Kathleen Handy (1393. Diann Sue Marrs)

1711. Marshall Scott Handy (1393. Diann Sue Marrs)

1712. Cala Kay Marrs (1394. Gary Lee Marrs)

1713. Lisa Ahrens (1413. Richard Ahrens)

1714. Daniel Lane Dawson (1553. Sharon Gayle Gavin)

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                 146
1715. Tamara Delite Dawson (1553. Sharon Gayle Gavin)

1716. Benjamin Shane Dawson (1553. Sharon Gayle Gavin)

1717. Eldon J. Robbins (1555. Joan Carol Gavin)

1718. Christopher Scott Masters (1681. Cheryl Jensan Ragland)

1719. John Marrs (101e James Henry Marrs)

1720. James Robert Marrs (101e James Henry Marrs)

1721. Sunnie Marrs no data (101e James Henry Marrs)

1722. Donnie Marrs no data (101e James Henry Marrs)

1723. Annie Marrs no data (101e James Henry Marrs)
       b 1878 md Dec 27, 1892 Roseville KY George Gillock, who d July 30, 1904 they had 7 ch 3 to maturity
       1786. Finley Neal Gillock
       1787. Eunice Gillock     d 1950 Louisville KY
       1788. Sevie Agnes Gillock b Aug 28, 1899 md widower Dick Morrison with 2 daus res Lucas KY

       1724. James Vasti Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)
       1725. Lounette May Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1726. Delmar Piercy Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1727. Mary Nell Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1728. Minnie Belle Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1729. Samuel Marrs d age 2 (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1730. Bobbie Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

       1731. William Shelly Marrs (1720. James Robert Marrs)

1732. James Ralph Cox (1724. James Vasti Marrs)
        b 1919 Taylor Co KY md Nov 23, 1938 Pinconning Mich, Pearl Hawden
        1751. Judith Amorelle b Jan 6, 1940 Pinconning Mich
        1752. Constance Cox b Nov 27, 1946
        1753. Pamela Kaye Cox b Aug 17, 1948

       1733. Mable Dorsey Cox (1724. James Vasti Marrs)
       b 1920 md Feb 8, 1941 to Reg. Cowgill
       1754. Janet Lynn Cowgill b July 9, 1949
       1755. Gregory Cowgill b Nov 25, 1950

       1734. Edith Evelyn Cox (1724. James Vasti Marrs)
       b 1921 md June 5, 1949 Pinconning Mich Paul Gregg
       1756. Sandra Kay Gregg b Feb 27, 1952 Lansing Mich
       1757. Brenda Lea Gregg b July 23, 1954
       1758. Rodney Paul Gregg b Aug 12, 1955

       1735. Lee Roy Cox (1724. James Vasti Marrs)
       b 1923 md in Honolulu, has adopted son, William Hideo Cox

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              147
       1759. William Hideo Cox b June 21, 1939
       1760. Robert Lee Cox b Nov 29, 1945 Hawaii
       1761. Alan James Cox b Nov 8, 1951 Pinconning Mich

       1736. Marv Mazetta Bright (1725. Lounette May Marrs)
       b Sept 29, 1922 Action KY md 1950 Richard David Healy res Natick Mass.
       1762. Richard David Healy b Feb 1, 1951 Nurnburg, Germany
       1763. Michael Joseph Healy b July 14, 1953 Camp Polk LA
       1765. Robert Dennis Healy b Jan 31, 1952 Nurnburg, Germany
       1765. Kathleen Ann Healy b Oct 23, 1956 Wurzburg, Germany

       1737. George Robert Bright (1725. Lounette May Marrs)
       b 1925 md 1947 Ollie Marie Cowsert
       1766. Debra Marie Bright b Feb 11, 1952 Detroit Mich
       1767. Donna Sue Bright b July 31, 1954
       1768. Danny Robert Bright b May 27, 1958
       1769. David Joe Bright b Sept 19, 1959

       1738. Rodman Lee Bright (1725. Lounette May Marrs)
       b 1928 md 1953 Pauline
       1770. Rodman Lee Bright, Jr b Sept 7, 1955 Detroit Mich
       1771. Julie Ann Bright b Aug 28, 1957

       1739. Barbara Allen Bright (1725. Lounette May Marrs)
       b 1931 md 1952 Frank Zupan
       1772. Melanie Kay Zupan b Jan 25, 1957 Oak Ridge TN
       1773. Frank Norman Zupan b Sept 7, 1958
       1774. Katrina Lounette Zupan b Feb 18, 1961

       1740. Robert Lawrence (1726. Delmar Piercy Marrs)
       single no data

       1741. Judith Pauline Marrs (1726. Delmar Piercy Marrs)
       b 1940 md Aug 26, 1961 Noble Clarence Chidester no data

       1742. Arland Wilbur Benningfield (1727. Mary Nell Marrs)
       b 1926 md May 27, 1949 Ruth Evelyn Decker
       1775. Brenda Lee Benningfield b Apr 7, 1950 Louisville
       1776. Arland Wilbur Benningfield b Mar 6, 1951 Louisville
       1777. Jerry Ray Benningfield b Mar 30, 1953 Campbellsville KY
       1778. Jeannette Marie Benningfield b June 18, 1954 Campbellsville KY

       1743. Lela Bevelyn Benningfield (1726. Delmar Piercy Marrs)
       B 1928 md Sept 26, 1946 Richard P Burns res Louisville KY in 1962
       1779. Richard Burns b Jan 15, 1950 Jeffersonville IN
       1780. Robin Burns b Feb 12, 1951 Jeffersonville IN
       1781. Mary Bevelyn Burns b Apr 25, 1957 Louisville KY

       1744. Billy Marrs Benningfield (1727. Mary Nell Marrs)
       b 1932 md Aug 5, 1955 Francis Marie Bloyd
       1782. Billy Marrs Benningfield, Jr b Nov 14, 1956 Louisville
       1783. John E Benningfield b Dec 13, 1957

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                148
       1784. Donald Wayne Benningfield b Aug 3, 1960 Chicago IL

       1745. James William Jones, Jr (1728. Minnie Belle Marrs)

       1746. Hiram Anthony Long Goff (1730. Bobbie Lorraine Marrs)
       no data

       1747. Emma Jean Goff (1730. Bobbie Lorraine Marrs)
       b 1935 md Sept 26, 1959 Lowe C Graves
       1785. Pamela Jean Graves b Mar 4, 1962

       1747a. Mitzi Diana Marrs (1731. William Shelly Marrs)
       no data to 1750 Thomas William Marrs

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                              149
There will indeed be much room to blame the defective performance of the author, but this she will bear with the greatest
of pleasure if the person dissatisfied will, for the benefit of the Marrs family, either produce a more perfect work or
contribute to the merits of this Marrs book. I have done my best in preparing this Marrs book. May those who have gone
on to their reward know that they have not been forgotten and through this Marrs book, their memory lingers on.
Especially thrilling to my heart is to find those who have lived for the Lord during ones short life time here on earth,
preparing the way for eternal security, with our Lord and Savior.

Everyone likes to know something about his forefathers, and to be able to tell his children the tales about their ancestors,
which he, himself, has heard from his parents. They left their native hills and glens for the new land of promise -
America. During the period of religious persecution, they fled their native land, Scotland. “My plaid is on my shoulder
and the boat is on the shore, and its all bye wi’ auld days and you; Here’s a health and here’s a heartbreak, for its home,
my dear no more. To the green glens, the fine glens, we knew.” Unknown

The voyage across the sea was without any doubt attended by perils and inconveniences, not now understood by
anyone of us in this generation of 1975. Vessels the came on were small, overcrowded, ill ventilated, slow of speed, ill
fitted to withstand the force of the elements they were to encounter. Their deeds in behalf of American Independence
should ever be cherished in patriotic remembrance, and for religious freedom to serve our Lord and Savior. May we
never know religious persecutions (as our forefathers had to bare in Scotland) in our own beloved country, the United
States of America, for as we know, it could happen, so we pray for our leaders and all the people to turn back to God
before it is too late. I’m sure if our forefathers could speak today in 1975, they’d realize the dangers our country is
condoning in moral breakdowns, etc.

        Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye Children for
        for blessed are they that keep my ways;
        For Whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain
        favor of the Lord.
                                 Proverbs 8:32, 35

        The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness
        and let us put on the armor of light.
                                  Romans 13:12

                God’s Book - The Bible

        How precious is the Book Divine,
        by inspiration given;
        Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine
        To guide our souls to heaven
                                          Unknown author

                                 Mrs. Betty Marrs (wife of E. Leon Marrs)

                                 Signed by the author of this book - Betty J. Marrs

Copyright 2005 Leon Marrs                                   150

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