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      Third Nine Weeks
                                    Eagle's Nest Express
       March-April 2011

   Idlewild Elementary School

      Science Lab                              Third Grade
          News                                     News
Spring brings new life all around us,      The third grade had a wonderful time
especially in the science Lab! We will     completing their ThinkShow projects. Visit
soon have larva from mealworms,            the third grade blog site to view their
butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis,     accomplishments. A warm thank you goes
silkworms, and an ant farm to observe.     out to third grade teacher, Ms. Cremer for
                                                                                                     PTO News
Watching the changes through their life    the photographs. Third grade will begin
cycles will allow the students to learn    preparing for TCAP after Spring Break.
differences between complete and           Check out the bulletin board outside Ms.            Idlewild Yearbook
incomplete metamorphosis, and 3 and 4      Cremer’s classroom for helpful TCAP tips.
                                                                                                -Watch for notices
stage life cycles. Please notice all the
                                                                                               -Reserve your copy
newness spring brings as we continue
                                                                                              -Numbers are limited
our study of life sciences.                         Computer Lab                                  -No reorders

   Library News                                              News
                                            All students, in grades K-5 will be using
                                            Study Island after Spring Break. Study             Idlewild T-Shirts for
                                            Island is an online program designed to
                                                                                               sale - $10 each - see
At Family Literacy Night about 70                                                                 Teresa Davis to
                                            provide skill review and practice. This will             purchase.
students paraded across the stage,
                                            be a helpful TCAP practice tool for
dressed up as their favorite characters
                                            students in grades 3-5. Go to Idlewild
from books. Everyone enjoyed story                                                            Consider running for
                                            School’s web page and click on the
time back in the classrooms, and the                                                          PTO Board officer or
                                            Resources link to gain access to Study
Book Fair was a great success! The
                                            Island or simply type in the URL,
                                                                                             nominate someone you
library was packed with shoppers,                                                              would like to serve.
                                   Students will
purchasing over $1,500 of books that
                                            be given a username and password to login
night alone. Students purchased many
                                            to this site.                                          School News
more new books during the days that
followed, stocking up for spring break
and summer reading. Many thanks go out                                                              Registration
to everyone who helped with the Book
                                                                                                   July 31, 2012
Fair: parents, teachers, and especially
to fifth graders Amaya Marlowe, Laila                                                           First day of classes
Johnson, and Kendall Woodard.                                                                     August 6, 2012
                                                                        We are really excited about this year’s
 Fifth grade students audition in the fall to become members of         Jump Rope For Heart event and the
 the Idlewild Eagles Recorder Club. After practicing all year,          experience it offers our students. Help
 students get a chance to show off their skills. The Recorder Club      your child get involved! First sign and
 will perform at ArtsFest again this year. We will perform a            return the permission slip. Then help them
 concert of songs using recorders, Orff Instruments and singing.        with their learning and with their fund
 It will be in the MCS Board of Education Auditorium March 30th         raising! You can help by asking friends and
 at 2:30 p.m. Parents and friends are welcome to come listen and        family to give in support of your child’s
 support the group.                                                     efforts. By participating in Jump Rope For
                                                                        Heart, your child will join millions of other
                                                                        children across the country in a
                 Second Grade                                           meaningful opportunity to learn and help
                                                                        others. Cash or Checks will be accepted.
The Second Grade classes enjoyed working on and presenting their                 First Grade
Think Show projects. They all did a fabulous job and everyone was
impressed with how much time and effort the students put into their               st
                                                                       In February 1 grade enjoyed a visit from the
work. We are excited about the upcoming visit from Terminix. They
                                                                       Peabody ducks. The students were excited to
always have interesting information to share and terrific specimens
                                                                       invite the ducks to our home turf. Now first
of insects and spiders to see. We are also preparing for the SAT10
                                                                       grade is anxiously awaiting the emergence of
test that will be given during TCAP time. Please review all homework
                                                                       the Painted Lady butterflies. Once they are
and test papers with your child each week, and review reading and
                                                                       here, we will release them outdoors in
math skills to help prepare for this busy time. We are all overjoyed
                                                                       conjunction with our “Earth Day” celebration.
about the arrival of spring and the warmer weather. Enjoy!!!

            Fifth Grade                                                         Fourth Grade
Gillian     News
       Johnson won first place for   fifth grade in the                                 News
                                                                       Students in fourth grade spent an entire week
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) history essay               at the Memphis Zoo studying and learning first
contest. She researched and wrote about the War of 1812.               hand about animals and their behavior.
The DAR honored her at a luncheon at the Germantown
Country Club where she read her essay with clarity and

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