REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL

COURSE: Finance & You
PREREQUISITE: None           TIME SCHEDULE: One Semester
INSTRUCTOR: Janet Strong,, (503) 667-3186 ext. 1222
Please see my blog for assignment and class information: http\\

TEXT & MATERIALS: Oregon Stock Market On-line Game & Lessons, NEFE High School
Financial Planning Program, Simulations & Projects. Please bring a pen, pencil, notebook, and
any current materials/projects/texts to class each day.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Finance and You presents a survey of the principles and practices
of finance and credit in the United States. Students learn about the management of personal
finance, financial services today, and analyzing, buying, selling, and operations of securities.
This program allows students to participate in the Stock Market Game™ and create and manage
personal investment portfolios as a hands-on learning activity. Professionals in the finance
industry share their knowledge with students as guest speakers, field trips hosts, and internship
partners. All students who complete this course will be members of the Academy of Finance and
can earn the opportunity to complete a 6- 8 week paid internship in the finance industry.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
      1. Determine terminology related to the banking and credit industry.
      2. Identify the importance of Banking, features of banks, banks and the economy, and
          banks and financial services.
      3. Understand the history of US banking, early problems that existed, banking reform
          during the civil war, federal reserve act, deregulation, and the FDIC
      4. Recognize the changes in US banking today and study current events associated
          with these.
      5. Determine the financial services offered in US banks today.
      6. Understand the roles of the Federal Reserve System today and the development of
          monetary policy.
      7. Identify the careers in the banking industry.
      8. Recognize the importance of proper use of credit, types of credit and financial
          institutions that offer credit.
      9. Understand the idea of “cash flow” and learn to place assets and liabilities into an
          income statement.
      10. Apply basic investment knowledge in the creation of a stock portfolio through the
          10-week Oregon Stock Market Game. Students learn to buy/sell securities and how
          it affects the economy.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: This course is a part of the Cascade Academy Foundation
(CAF) whose mission is to support the development of our youth toward personal and
professional success by partnering business and education. This course is a part of the
Academy of Finance developed by NAF. It is a 2-year program designed to introduce students
to the broad career opportunities in the financial services industry and provide real life
experiences connecting school with the workplace in the financial services industry. This course
is designed with many hands-on exercises to reinforce learning throughout the lessons.
ASSESSMENT: Student work is based on quality and completeness of daily assignments,
projects, simulations and tests. The grading scale used is: A=90-100% B=80-89% C=70-
79% D=60-60%. Your grade consists of daily assignments consist of 40%, tests 20%,
simulations & projects 40%.

Grades will be updated approximately every two weeks. Grades are posted in the room for
students to see and posted online for parents to see using eSIS. Please check your students
progress online using PARENT ASSIST. For more information and a login to Parent Assist,
Please contact MaryLou Raney in the main office,

LITERACY DEVELOPMENT: Students will complete vocabulary lists and word familiarity
exercises from each unit to help improve their reading and writing literacy.

1. Regular attendance and promptness. In accordance with the school attendance policy, a
   detention will be given for the 4th tardy and referral will be written after the 3 unexcused
2. Initiative and self control:
        - Begin activities when instructed and stay on task
        - Use computer lab for coursework only. Computer games are not allowed at any time.
        - Food and drink are not allowed in the computer lab.
3. Materials brought to class with you everyday.
4. Mature behavior and respect for others and all property.
5. Assignments and exams will be made up when absent. The student will be given one extra
   day to hand the assignment in or take the test for each excused day missed. If make-up
   work is not completed in this timeline, it is late.
        - YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed and when it is due.
6. Late work will be accepted for partial credit, 10% is deducted per class period that it is late.
   You may “buy back” 10% with a PRIDE buck, up to 20%. Late work is not accepted after
   the end of the current 6 week progress period.

Please email me if you have questions,

The curriculum for this course will be completed in approximate order listed above in the course
objectives. Projects and simulations are on going throughout the semester. The computer lab
is utilized to complete research and participate in simulations approximately half of the class
period each day.

I have read and understand the above outlined information:

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Please keep one copy for your records and return a signed copy to Mrs. Strong by the second day of class.

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