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					                                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR!
                                                                   Winter Edition 2009
                                                                   C. Lyon, Editor

Principal’s Message
Dear Parent/Guardian,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support of our vision and plan for improvement
at Edsel Ford High School. We are confident that the second semester of the 2008-2009 school year will
bring more success for our building. This improved level of student achievement will remain our focus as we
highlight the economic realities and the importance of school success in securing a brighter future for our

First semester, Edsel Ford High School established several academic intervention programs guided towards
improved student achievement. One program I would like to highlight is the “EPIC” program(Edsel Ford
Program for Intervention and Credit Recovery). A portion of this program is computer based through
NovaNet. Over one hundred and fifty students have taken advantage of this intervention program thus far.
Credit reacquisition and literacy skill improvements are two of its main components. Basically, we are
presenting our students an avenue to make up any credit deficit they may have experienced. This program
creates an opportunity for our students to improve their chances of receiving an Edsel Ford diploma on time
with the rest of their class.

This coming semester, it has become necessary to explore a change in our regular school day format. This
change, pending central office and board of education approval, will provide our teachers increased
opportunities to engage in staff development, professional learning community concepts and addressing the
needs of our school improvement plan. We anticipate implementation of this proposed late start schedule on
certain Wednesdays between February 11 and April 29. Please see the attached sheet for a possible list of
dates and the designated Wednesdays. This will entail students starting school at 8:20 on these Wednesday
mornings instead of 7:20. We are working on pushing the bus schedule an hour late on these days. If that
doesn’t workout, students who are bused to school will report to the cafeteria at the regular time. Several
educational opportunities will be provided to our students during that time such as homework help, Re-test
room, peer tutoring and others. It was imperative for us to inform you about our proposed plan at this stage.
We will mail you a letter home once we receive final approval for this late start schedule. This program is
also being implemented at both Fordson and Dearborn High. This concept of improved professional dialogue
is very powerful. It is research based and widely implemented in many high schools throughout our nation.
Ultimately, it will serve as another tier of intervention geared towards improved student achievement.

Please don’t hesitate to contact my office or your child’s counselor for more information regarding this
intervention plan.

Hassane Jaafar
Edsel Ford High School
                              Proposed Dates for Late Arrival

                                     Wednesdays in 2009


                    Edsel Ford Proposed Time Schedule Late Arrival


 1                                  8:25 – 9:15
 2                                  9:20 – 10:10
 3                                  10:15 – 11:00

“A” lunch                           11:05 – 11:30
 4                                  11:35 – 12:25

 4                                 11:05 – 11:55
“B” lunch                          12:00 – 12:25

5th hour                           12:30 – 1:20
6th hour                           1:25 – 2:15

* Please note that implementation of this plan is pending the board of education and central
office approval. We will supply pre-boxed lunches to the aftrernoon DCMST and MBCC
students. Time provisions will be considered at these centers so that students may eat their lunch
before heading to their classes.

On May 7, 2008, the Edsel Ford PTSA will sponsor a “Staff Appreciation Luncheon”
for our teachers and staff at Edsel Ford H.S. This is a great opportunity for us to
show our gratitude and to also to thank them for their support/membership. We are
asking volunteers to help set up/clean up or if you would rather donate a dish,
dessert, beverage or paper product for the luncheon, please contact Connie Lyon,
clyon02@aol.com, 565-5932. Reminders will be sent one week prior to the event.
Our EFHS Staff really look forward to this luncheon      Thank you!

The EFHS PTSA is looking for individuals who possess good leadership skills,
organized, and more importantly are dedicated and supportive of the Parents,
Teachers, and Students of EFHS to serve on our PTSA board for the 2009-2010
school year.

After 15 years of PTA Leadership, and volunteering in the Dearborn School District, I
will be moving on at the end of this 2008/2009 school year. This has been a very
rewarding experience for me, one that I will never forget. If you would like to get
involved as an advocate for our kids, please join us at one of our meetings, February
18, March 18, April 22, May 20, or feel free to contact one of the Edsel Ford PTSA
board members. Thank you. Connie Lyon, President EFHS PTSA

Edsel Ford PTSA Executive Board 2008-2009

President -   Connie Lyon 565-5932
V. President – William Ali
              wmali05@aol.com 843-7153
Treasurer - Brenda Zeben 945-5347
Secretary - Patty Hartshorn 565-8799

    PTA Takes Action: Federal Policy Update:
    January 2009
    PTA Releases 2009 Public Policy Agenda

    2009 initiatives to be highlight of PTA Legislative Conference

    PTA is publishing its 2009 Public Policy Agenda after presenting the
    document to President-elect Barack Obama's transition team in a one-
    on-one meeting last month. The Agenda focuses on three key
    priorities: parent engagement in education; opportunity and equity for
    all children; and child health. The priorities were selected based on
    the following criteria:

          Timeliness of issue (is it being considered before Congress
    and the Administration)
          Opportunities for PTA to provide leadership and expertise to
          Alignment to mission and resolutions
          Ability to achieve a meaningful policy change that will produce
    positive results for children and their families

    Public Policy Agenda builds on history of great achievements for
    PTA has a rich history of effective national advocacy — including
    President Theodore Roosevelt's service on PTA's advisory board;
    PTA's national campaigns on child labor laws, school vaccinations,
    school lunches, and the creation of the juvenile justice system; and
    organization efforts to ensure that television networks provide ratings
    for informing parents on the content of programming. With the
    incoming administration and new Congress, there will be many
    opportunities for PTA members to speak up for every child and
    advocate for the new annual public policy agenda. So stay tuned in,
    be ready for action, and join us at the 2009 Legislative Conference.

    Additional Resources

           PTA.org — Download PTA's 2009 Public Policy Agenda

                        SENIOR CLASS OF 2009

            “Party in Paradise 2009”

Plans are moving right along for the class of 2009 Senior Grad Party. The Dearborn
Racquet Club will host the Senior Party following commencements, on June 6th.
The tropical themed event will begin at 9:00 pm- 3:00 am, (check in at 8:30 p.m.)

 Each student will be required to submit a Guest Waiver, signed by a parent/guardian
if student is under 18 years of age. Students will not be allowed to attend without a
signed waiver. Students will be supervised by parents and staff at the Dearborn
Racquet Club. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises, unless
arrangements are made by a parent or guardian.

Students will be able to enjoy a memorable evening with their classmates. A variety
of food, snacks and beverages will be available during the evening.

Students have many activities that they can participate in such as: Baby Photo
contest, access to Club pool and Jacuzzi, computer Wii games, walley ball, ping
pong, Karaoke, Texas Holdum.

The Talent Network will be providing Interactive and Hi Tech games such as: Air
Bots, The equalizer (Tug of war with a twist, participants attached by a bungee cord,
Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Revolution, Adreline Obstacle Course, giant
inflatable game of Twister. Pop noggins, (each participant will get their own 90
second music video, Immortalize your hands in a variety of shapes and colors with
our Wax Hands Factory, Photo booth (many creative and fun frames to choose from).
Students may choose to enjoy some food, order smoothies from the Tikki Hut,
people watch or just hang out with their friends. We have something for everyone!
By the way, students are encouraged to dress in their favorite tropical attire.
Appropriate Dress codes do apply!

Tickets are $55. Tickets must be purchased no later May 29th

Grad Party Tickets can be purchased by mail, Enclose a self addressed stamped
envelope and a check made out to EFHS Class of 2009 and SEND TO: Connie
Lyon 3604 Parker St, Dearborn 48124. Please make sure student’s name is on the
check. Tickets will also be available in the cafeteria during lunch hours. Tickets to
be sold during lunch hours will be announced in the morning bulletin, and posted by
the cafeteria.


Class 2009 Senior Baby Photos

Senior parents please submit a picture of your graduate for the "Senior Baby Photo
Contest." Pictures should not be larger than a 5x7. Baby pictures will be on display
in the showcase by the auditorium. Pictures will then be showcased the night of the
party at the Dearborn Racquet Club. Students will be matching the senior photos to
the corresponding graduate. Prizes will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd place

Pictures can be dropped off in the PTSA mailbox or send directly to Jackie Boettger
3440 Williams, Dearborn, 48124. Any questions, contact Jackie jjjdb1@yahoo.com,

If you are interested in chaperoning/working the party, or helping with committees
please contact the appropriate committee chairperson.


Event Planner - Connie Lyon 565-5932 home, 682-9344 cell

Treasurer -     Keith Keveney 561-0070        kkeveney@yahoo.com

Decorations –   Pat Hartman 278-1731          thehartmangang@yahoo.com

Tickets Sales - Connie Lyon 565-5932          clyon02@aol.com

Baby pictures Jackie Boettger     561-8603    jjjdb1@yahoo.com

Food -          Marylyn Jesulaitis 561-7158    Marylyn.jesulaitis@usfood.com

Gift/Prizes     Jake & Pam Latigo 275-5070     jplatigo@ameritech.net

Class 2009 Grad Party meeting is scheduled for Feb 11 at EFHS cafeteria, at 7 pm..

Two $500.00 Scholarships are awarded each year from the Edsel Ford PTSA. If you
are interested in applying for the PTSA scholarships, Contact school counselor, Mrs.
Welmers, @ 827-1524 or WelmerG@dearborn.k12.mi.us

Dearborn PTA/PTSA scholarships also available for HFCC. Apply directly to HFCC
admissions. “Scholarship websites attached.”

                       NovaNet Comes to Edsel Ford

       Parents and students have been hearing about a new intervention program
now in place at EFHS called NovaNet (NovaNet) but many are unsure exactly what it
is. NovaNet is an alternative way of earning core class credit via online, self-paced
curriculum modules. At the beginning of each semester teachers receive a list of
students who have fallen onto Academic Probation for the previous semester. If the
student is again falling behind in a core area class their teacher may choose to fill
out a referral for that student to be transferred to the NovaNet program to complete
that course. Limited space is available and students are selected based on their
likelihood for success including their grade in the class, attendance and behavior.

        The class meets the same national and state benchmarks as our regular
classes, but the delivery of the information is different. It is important to understand
that the NovaNet classes are not easier but many students do find increased
success due to the design of the course. Each course is broken into modules or
chapters. At the start of each chapter the student will take a pre-test on the material.
If the student scores 80% or higher on each benchmark in that module, they may
skip ahead to the next module as they have demonstrated mastery of that material.
If they score below 80% on one or more benchmarks, the program will create a
customized set of lessons that will teach the student the benchmarks they did not
understand. At the completion of the lessons the student will take a post-test on the
benchmarks. Students in the day classes must attain a 70% or higher to move ahead
to the next module. Students have three attempts at each module pre-test with
specific interventions after each unsuccessful attempt. This way, students may not
move ahead until they truly have an understanding of the lesson.

       We have already found that a majority of students referred to NovaNet have
difficulty with their overall reading comprehension ability. This is a root cause of
their academic struggles and until we can assist them with being able to understand
what they are reading they are likely to continue to struggle in all their classes. To
that end we assess each NovaNet student’s reading comprehension level and if they
fall below the 8th grade level they will first complete a Reading Skills Improvement
class before moving onto the academic class they were referred for. Successful
completion of the Reading class will earn the student ½ elective credit on their

       For additional information contact your student’s counselor, an administrator,
or the NovaNet teacher, CarolAnn Barr-Gutkowski (gutkowc@dearborn.k12.mi.us).

                         What is Credit Recovery?

        Students at Edsel Ford High School, along with all other high school students
in the state of Michigan, must now meet some of the highest graduation standards
anywhere in the United States. Many of our students will meet these new, higher
standards with little additional effort, some will meet them with a noteworthy amount
of extra time and effort in their studies and we know there will be some students that
will struggle in their attempt to earn passing marks and graduate. Sometimes, a
student comes close to passing, but falls short. This is the type of student that
Credit Recovery was designed to assist.

       Credit Recovery is an intervention program to assist those students who
missed earning credit in a core class by just a small margin. A final percentage of
45% or higher, for example, meant the student did master certain material but fell
short of the minimum to earn credit. The fee for Credit Recovery is the same as the
new fee for “night school;” $150.00. This tuition provides the student the
opportunity to work through the curriculum using NovaNet (see other article) for
eight weeks. Credit Recovery meets after school, Monday through Friday, from 2:25
p.m. to 3:25 p.m. Permission and documentation of the student’s final grade is
required from the original class teacher. Students must earn an overall grade of 80%
or higher to recover their credit.

       What is the difference between the NovaNet program during the day and
Credit Recovery? During the day, students are taking their core classes via NovaNet
for the first time. They started in the regular classroom setting, were not being
successful and were referred to NovaNet by their teacher as an intervention. All
students are entitled to take each required class one time for free so there is no
tuition for the day program. Students taking Credit Recovery have already taken,
and failed, the course. They pay tuition to re-take the class, but because they have
taken it previously and were close to passing, they should be able to complete the
content much faster and with higher results. Students with lower final grades
should enroll in a regular “night school” class and those with higher failing grades
should consider Credit Recovery. The after school Credit Recovery program is also
ideal for the day student that needs more time in order to finish a course they have
begun on NovaNet but were unable to complete within the semester.

     For additional information please contact your guidance counselor, an
administrator or a Credit Recovery teacher: Mrs. Barr-Gutkowski or Mrs.

                         EFHS Class Notes…………

The Senior Class is planning a Black and White Dance on Friday, February 27th, at
7:00 p.m. Tickets are $7.

Parents/Guardians interested in chaperoning, please contact: PTSA Secretary, Patty
Hartshorn @ 565-8799 or pjhart22@sbcglobal.net.

Senior Prom tickets will go on sale in February. Senior class is also considering
having a hoedown dance sometime in April.

                By Andrew Lyon

German Class-

The Edsel Ford German program took language exploration to the next level through
their December trip to Chicago. Under the direction of German instructor Herr
Sedore, the second annual Chicago trip gave students the opportunity to speak and
learn German outside of school without the expense and hassle of traveling to
Europe. On the first day, students visited the University of Chicago for a campus
tour. In addition, a German professor spoke about possible career opportunities for
college students with German majors. Following the tour, the group explored the
Christkindlmarkt, the largest authentic German Christmas market in North America,
and also the location of Chicago’s Christmas tree. Other activities included a visit to
the Lincoln Park Zoo, shopping on the magnificent mile, and dinner at Gino's East
Pizzeria. On the final day, the group visited Navy Pier, a shopping and entertainment
location on the lake. They spent the rest of the day at the Museum of Science and
Industry, with the highlight being a guided tour of U-505, an actual German U-Boot
from WWII.

 It may not have been Deutschland, but Chicago was surely a fantastisch trip for
everyone involved.
                                 By LAUREN VALLEE

This just in from EF Newstaff—

Be sure to check out our new online newspaper!!! No, it’s not just a PDF of the print
version (although those are on the website as well)—it is an interactive site
resembling other major newspapers, like the Detroit Free Press or the Detroit News,
and it contains many of our previous articles, along with pictures that we did not
have the space to publish. We update the website daily, so the most recent news can
make it to our readers in the shortest amount of time possible. It is not quite
finished, but feel free to check out our progress at
http://thebolt.dearbornschools.org. We would love some feedback!
—The Editors, Megan Filipowski and Lauren Vallee
Yearbooks are still on sale for $70. We will not be buying extras for the end of the
year because of high costs. If there are any over-runs available, there will be very
few, and the cost will be $80. Don't forget to pre-order yours today! Remember, they
make great gifts for grandparents, as well. Thanks for your support,

The 2009 Flight Staff

Good news! The Edsel Ford art department has enough students interested in
photography, second semester to offer three sections. Unfortunately, we are under
prepared to lend every student in three sections a camera. We have only had two
sections for quite some time. So, if you are looking for a tax deduction, or you are
trying to get rid of some unwanted items in your basement, Ms. Daly is looking for
up to twenty to twenty five (working) 35mm single lens reflex cameras. Even if you
suspect the camera you would like to donate is not working properly, send it
anyway. Mrs. Welmer's husband is kind enough to fix these cameras for us in his
spare time.

                         Bonjour, parents and students!!

The first semester has seen the French students at Edsel Ford off to a busy start.
Our first field trip to the DIA to see the exhibit Monet to Dali went very well. Also, the
French National Honor Society has been visiting the 5th grade class of Mrs. Jones at
Long School, and the Long students have learned many new words and customs of
France. Merci to Mrs. Jones and her enthusiastic students!! Finally, Madame's
annual Bûche de Noël contest had 25 students participate with beautiful cakes; the
teachers chose "Noelle" Andrea Greb as the winner and "Brigitte" Marie Gaedke as
runner up. Congratulations to them and to all the participants.


DEARBORN ANIMAL SHELTER              Volunteers needed to work with animals,
fundraisers and office work. All volunteers need to go through orientation training.
Call 313 ( 943-2697

OAKWOOD HOSPITAL: go to Oakwood.org

 FIRST STEP-     Project on domestic violence and sexual assault seeks volunteers
to assist with support groups, 24-hour help lines and other areas. Must be 18 years.
734-416-1111 est. 216

 PET-A-PET- seeking friendly animals (dogs, cats, rabbits) and their owner for
therapy visits in the Metro Detroit area. Contact Pat Glinski pgglinski@yahoo.com

Pick up a community service log in the counseling office.


              World Encyclopedia Online
Dearborn Public Schools subscribes to World Book Encyclopedia Online for all
students in all schools to use at school and at home through remote access.

Any Dearborn student with Internet access can use World Book Online by accessing
it through the Edsel Ford Library Media Center website at
or at www.worldbookonline.com

If a username and password are required for remote access from home, they are:
Username: world4
Password: earth

The World Book Encyclopedia Online subscription offers encyclopedias for different
needs and different levels:

      World Book Kids           Pre-K – grade 3
      World Book Student              Grades 4 – 9
      World Book Advanced       Grade 9 – up
      World Book Spanish              Articles written in Spanish language
      World Book Discover       Grade 3 reading level, appropriate for ESL 5th -12th
                                      Articles can be translated into Arabic

To:   Class of 2010 Parents/Supporters, Principal, Class Sponsor
      By e-mail, hard copy to undisclosed recipients
From: Mary Lane Ourchane, EFHS parent
      (mother of Nadia Ourchane, Class of 2010 President)

January 2009

        Traditionally, the task of organizing a “Senior Class Party” for the last night
celebration of graduating seniors falls to the parents of the Class President (unless
other persons are willing?). For this reason, I am writing you to commence our
preparation for a Senior Class Party following our sons’ and daughters’ graduation,
likely to be held on June 4th or 5th, 2010.

       The Senior Class Party is a major venture which will involve dozens of us as
volunteers and thousands of dollars total value (usually at EFHS, the normal cost
has been in the $20,000 range). Fortunately, we have a great group of students,
EFHS staff, and interested people who can help us. However, this means that we
need the volunteering of the largest possible group of parents, grandparents,
guardians, friends, or supporters! We need and invite your participation, at whatever
point in the Party organizing and running, and at whatever task you feel you can help
with, but this must be started soon. There is something everyone can do in this
project to contribute! I ask you to seriously consider how you can help.

     The Class of 2009, lead by Nancy Tebelman, has raised a substantial amount
of money for their Class Party by working a booth at the Detroit Tigers’ baseball
games last summer. The reason I am writing you now is that our group can do the
same; however, this early fundraising needs to be started very soon!

        I am asking that 2 Co-Chairpersons volunteer with me to organize our
volunteers for a total 10 Tiger games this summer. Please call me at 336-3456 or e-
mail me at MaryMLane@comcast.net as soon as possible, if you are willing to
consider undertaking this for our kids. The job of Co-Chair is to call people from our
list of volunteers to be sure that we have at least 12-15 volunteer; occasionally, we
need to call and replace a volunteer who can’t make their date.

       Additionally, we will also need at least 60 people to commit to working simple
tasks at a game, like serving food, ringing up cash registers, cleaning up, etc. Even
if you cannot undertake the specific task as Co-Chair, we need to have people
volunteer to work 1 or more shifts at a Tiger game. Please call or e-mail me. Next fall
we will be compiling a list of Party committees and workers, so please contact me to
show your interest and commitment to the Party. Please insure that our Senior
Class of 2010 Party is memorable, fun and affordable by doing your part. I look
forward to working together for a wonderful finale for our students in June 2010

                        EDSEL FORD HIGH SCHOOL
                        IMPORTANT DATES - Second Semester

January 26, 2009    -    ½ day Teacher Duty day – Students dismissed at 10:30 am
                                     Second Semester begins

January 28, 2009    -    Benefit Concert – 7:00 pm - Auditorium

February 4, 2009    -    Booster Club Meeting – 7:00 pm – Cafeteria

February 7, 2009    -    ACT testing – 7:30am - Cafeteria

February 20 – 23    -    No School – School resumes Tuesday, February 24th

February 18, 2009   -    PTSA Meeting – 7:00p.m. – Cafeteria

March 10, 2009      -    MME Testing – JUNIORS ONLY

March 11, 2009      -    MME Testing – JUNIORS ONLY – ½ DAY

March 12, 2009      -    MME Testing – Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors ONLY

March 13, 2009      -    End of Marking Period
March 13, 2009      -    Sponge Dance – 7:00-10:00pm – Cafeteria

March 24, 2009      -    Parent/Teacher conferences – (4:00 – 7:15)

March 25, 2009      -    Red Cross Blood Drive - Auditorium

April 4, 2009       -    ACT Testing – 7:30 am - Cafeteria

April 10-17         -    Spring Break – School resumes April 20th

April 19 – May 2    -    Spring Play – TBD - 7:00 pm Auditorium

April 22, 2009      -    EFHS PTSA Meeting – 7:00 pm – Cafeteria

May 1, 2009         -    End of marking period

May 11-15, 2009     -    SPIRIT WEEK

May 13, 2009        -    Instrumental Spring Concert – 7:00 pm Auditorium

May 17, 2009        -    SENIOR PROM – Rooster Tail -6:30 p.m.

March 18, 2009            -    EFHS PTSA Meeting 7:00 pm - Cafeteria

May 20, 2009          -       Choral Spring Song – 7:00 pm Auditorium

May 20, 2009           -       Last EFHS PTSA Meeting - 7:00 pm – Cafeteria

May 22-25             -       No School – Memorial Day Recess – school resumes May 26th

May 27, 2009          -       Jazz Spring Concert – 7:00pm – Auditorium

May 28, 2009          -       Red Cross Blood Drive - Auditorium

May 28, 2009          -       SENIOR HONORS CONVOCATION – 6:00p.m. Auditorium

The week of June 1st -        End of Semester Exams
and June 8th

June 6, 2009          -       COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY – 6:00 pm
                      -       Senior Party – 9:00 pm – 3:00 am Dearborn Racquet Club

June 12, 2009         -       LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – Students dismissed at 10:30 am
                              END OF MARKING PERIOD / SEMESTER

June 13, 2009         -       ACT TESTING – Cafeteria - 7:30 am

PLEASE NOTE:          For a schedule of all athletic events please go to

                              Extended Day – ASAP Program

What: An opportunity for students in 9-12 grades to make up classes they have
failed OR take additional classes the students have been unable to fit into their

Where: Edsel Ford High School

When: Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 – 4:15 p.m.


         Wednesday/Friday 2:30 – 4:15 p.m.

Cost: $150.00 per class            Registration begins January 5 –
                                   Classes begin January 27

                See your counselor for further information.
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