June 2010 Annual Business Meeting Minutes by sQ71LoW1


                              HSLM Annual Membership Meeting
                                      June 4, 2010

Location: Metro State University Library

Members in attendance: (27 total): Donna Barbour-Talley, Anne Beschnett, Kathie Bouchard,
Karen Brudvig, Jim Bulger, Katherine Chew, Amy Claussen, Liz Fine, Lynda Fish, Sue Gray,
Martha Hardy, Wendy Larson, Jacqueline Linn, Jennifer Neville, Sherry Oleson, Kolleen Olsen,
David Peterson, Doreen Roberts, Wendy Roehlke, Susan Schleper, Connie Schulz, Della Schupe,
Eileen Stanley ,Kitty Warner, Linda Watson, Mary Wittenbreer, Kathy Williamson

Guests: Max Anderson, NNLM/GMR; Bill DeJohn, Minitex; Cecelia Boone, Minitex; Mary Ann
Van Cura, State Library Services

The annual meeting was convened by Jennifer Feeken at 1:30 p.m.

1. Approval of 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes
      Minutes approved with no additions or corrections.

2. State Library Services Update
       Mary Ann Van Cura offered a report on the State Library Services, which exists to serve
   libraries in Minnesota. They are available to consult on any matters concerning libraries of all
   types. She encouraged members to take a look at Webjunction MN, a source for centralized
   resources for libraries, including training and web-hosting space.

3. Minitex Update
      Cecelia Boone discussed the Minnesota Union List of Serials (MJLS), which is housed in
   OCLC. Batch-loading to MULS from SERHOLD is available. Contact Cecelia if interested.

       Bill DeJohn described the structure and function of Minitex. He mentioned that current
   MULS data is essential to be able to coordinate serials needs within the GMR. Linda Watson
   will be working with Minitex and HSLM to further explore a set of statewide electronic
   resources. Funding remains an obstacle.

4. GMR Update
       Max Anderson, technology coordinator for the GMR, gave the annual update. Liz Fine is
   our state rep to the GMR. Max mentioned that several awards are available, with funding
   readily available. He also updated us briefly on the e-licensing work. The questionnaire just
   closed. The goal is some sort of group purchase agreement.

5. Board Reports
   a. Treasurer/Membership – Doreen Roberts (see full report attached)
             Total balance: $13,489. Total members: 62
   b. Nominating/Election – Donna Barbour-Tally (see full report attached)
             Elected officers: Nicole Theis-Mahon, Chair-Elect; Jim Bulger, Secretary; Doreen
             Roberts, Treasurer. The electronic balloting resulting in much higher returns.
   c. Resource Library – Linda Watson (see full report attached)
             GoLocal will be decommissioned on July 1. Users will be referred to a “Resources
             or Personal Health” page on the U of M Health Science Libraries page.
   d. Program Committee – Nicole Theis-Mahon (see full report attached)
             HSLM has done a total of 5 programs in the last year, including today’s two on
             Issues in Scholarly Communication and Creating Online Tutorials.

6. Old Business
   a. 2011 MLA Annual Meeting – Linda Watson (see full report attached)
           Linda and Dawn Littleton are co-chairs for the Local Assistance Committee. Kolleen
       Olsen and Eileen Stanley co-chair the subcommittee on promotion. Promotion at MLA in
       Washington D.C. was successful. There was interest in providing an opportunity for some
       sort of community service project, as was done in Chicago, in 2008. We will also need
       help with a restaurant guide, volunteer committee, library tours, and more. Linda will send
       out a list of committee chairs.
   b. 2012 Midwest Chapter/MLA – Donna Barbour-Talley (see full report attached)
           Dates are October 5 – 9, at the Mayo Civic Center and DoubleTree Hotel. Committees
       will be formed in early 2011 to identify a theme and start planning content, but most work
       will not take place until 2012.
   c. St. Catherine’s MLIS Program – David Peterson
           Progress is being made towards accreditation. David described less uncertainty. A new
       associate dean for the MLIS program has been appointed. The ALA will make a site visit
       Oct. 3 -5. All are welcome to participate. David will send communication as time gets
       closer. There is more information on the St. Kate’s website.

6. New Business
   a. Librarian Involvement with EHRs.
          Discussion was held about possibilities for connecting and sharing ideas. We decided to
      set-up a meeting of those interested within HSLM.
   b. TCBC Funds.
          There are funds available from the old TCBC organization. These will be made
      available to pay for e-classes. Jennifer will investigate what might be of interest.

7. Member Updates
   - Regions presented at the recent ICSI Colloquium.
   - No other updates.

8. Gavel passed to Kolleen Olsen

Meeting adjourned, 3:10 p.m.
Submitted by Jim Bulger

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