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					                Health Science Libraries of Minnesota (HSLM)
                    Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

HSLM Annual Membership Meeting
June 6, 2008
Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota

Chair: Donna Barbour-Talley

Members in Attendance: Erinn Aspinall, Pam Barnard, Kathie Bouchard,
Michelle Brasure, Karen Brudvig, Jim Bulger, Katherine Chew, Frances
Cockrum, Laurie Cole, Paul Dahl, Jennifer Feeken, Liz Fine, Nancy Greenwood,
Martha Hardy, Dottie Hawthorne, Judy Heeter, Sharon Kambeitz-Lumphrey,
Anne Mackereth, Lisa McGuire, Jennifer Neville, Sherry Oleson, Kolleen Olson,
Barbara Olson-Bullis, Wendy Roehlke, Susan Schleper, Della Shupe, Nicole
Theis-Mahon, Kitty Warner, Kathy Williamson, and Mary Wittenbreer.

There were a total of 32 in attendance.


The business meeting was convened by Donna Barbour-Talley at 2 p.m. There
was some discussion among the HSLM membership earlier in the day about the
direction and purpose of HSLM. It was reaffirmed that educational programming
and collaboration/networking were the primary purposes of HSLM.

1. Approval of Membership Meeting Minutes
   A previous correction offered by Secretary Paul Dahl for the 2006 Annual
   Membership Meeting was shared. Dottie Hawthorne humorously confirmed
   that she wasn’t in attendance at the 2006 meeting. The minutes of
   the 2006 Annual Membership Meeting (June 16, 2006) were accepted with
   the correction.
   It was then moved and seconded that the minutes of the June 8, 2007
   Membership Meeting be approved. Minutes were approved without dissent
   by HSLM membership.

2. Board Reports

   Chair – Donna Barbour-Talley mentioned that there was a need for the
   following HSLM positions: Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Program Co-chairs for
   HSLM. Chair-Elect Frances Cockrum would move into the Chair position due
   to Donna’s early ascent as Chair following Cindy Gruwell’s resignation as
   Chair. Donna encouraged others to step up and serve in leadership positions.

   Chair-Elect – No report offered since the position is presently vacant.
Past Chair – Judy Heeter mentioned that an election would be held via e-mail
following the meeting to fill the vacant officer positions.

Secretary – Paul Dahl announced that he had one final duty after recording
the minutes of the 2008 Membership Meeting. He would turn in print copies
of all meetings that he recorded from 2006-2008 to the Bio-Medical Library at
the University of Minnesota.

Treasurer/Membership – Doreen Roberts sent in a May 23, 2008 financial and
membership report since she was in England.. The financial statement
indicated that there was a balance of $12,262.73 in the HSLM treasury.
There are 57 members as of June 7, 2007. There are 2 lifetime members and
2 student members among the 57 members from the membership report
provided by Doreen.

Program Co-Chairs – No report provided.

Newsletter/Blog Editor – Lisa McGuire called for news items to be sent to her
for the HSLM blog since there is a dearth of news items being turned in. E-
mail notification to membership will continue publicizing new items added.

Consortium Representative – Connie Schulz was not in attendance since she
had earlier stated that she was resigning as Consortium Representative.
Connie also felt that the Consortium Representative position could be
removed from the HSLM Executive Board due to lack of interest by consortial

GMR Representative – Liz Fine reported that there is a new GMR of the
NN/LM contact for Minnesota. She also mentioned that Paul Dahl was the
Regional Coordinator for Minnesota for emergency preparedness and
response. Liz also pointed out the hand-outs available on GMR’s website. A
training opportunity in September will be available for HSLM members.

Midwest Chapter Representative – Sharon Kambeitz-Lumphrey shared that
her term would be ending. She then reviewed her activities. She was active
in 2 committees: Hospital Library section for Grants and Scholarships and
AHIP Credentialing. She also did an outreach event at St. Kate’s. There is a
need for mentors for new health science librarians so any volunteers are
greatly welcomed.

Blog Editor – Lisa McGuire also indicated that she will continue to
send out e-mail notifications and HSLM blog postings of events and activities
to HSLM members.

Resource Library Representative – No reports were provided.
3. New Business
   A. Vacancies
      The follwing vacancies exist for HSLM Officers: Chair-Elect, Secretary,
      and Program Co-Chairs. After some discussion the following persons
      offered their names as candidates. An e-mail election will follow this

      Chair Elect: Jennifer Feenken
      Secretary: Jim Bulger
      Program Co-Chairs: Martha E. Hardy, Nicole Theis-Mahon, and Paul Dahl

   B. Future Programs

      Medical Library Association, 2011 – May 13-18 in Minneapolis

      Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association, 2011 – Will be
      rescheduled to a different year

      The meeting concluded at 2:54 p.m. by general consensus.

      Respectfully submitted by Paul Dahl, Secretary of HSLM

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