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									                                Teacher Counselor Exchange Program
                                            2010 - 2011

                                             Career Lifestyle Values
                                                Lesson Planner

Teacher(s) Name: Debbe Dubey and Marlene Bodary
Grade Level(s): 9th – 12th grade
Title of Lesson: Lifestyle Values Clarification
Content Areas: Business Marketing (can be adapted to any content area)
Description/Abstract of Lesson: Students explore and share with partner(s) the importance of personal lifestyle values
that they feel are critical for a meaningful living existence. Students will rethink prior lessons and activities relating to
career values marketing careers and the ranking of these values. They will further explore their personal feelings
regarding these values and may change some following this discussion. Students will report by writing a paragraph on a
typical day in the adult life they would like to lead based on the values that are important to them. These paragraphs will
be posted on a blog so that other students can read and comment.
Timeline of Lesson: 1 day

Answer the following questions --

1. Goals - Content and Cognitive
   What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes do you expect
   students to gain? What important content and concepts will students learn?

       Students will be able to explain various lifestyle values and determine their level of high, medium and low
        importance in their future lifestyle.
       Students will be able to identify the significance between the importance and desirability of these lifestyle values
        to own personal values and resulting lifestyle from career choices.
       Through comparison, students will identify a marketing career that best fit with their own lifestyle values and how
        this could lead to potentially satisfying career and lifestyle.

2. Links to Curriculum Standards
   List state/national standards and benchmarks that will be addressed. List career and employability state/national
   standards that will be addressed.

    These standards are from the Marketing Sales and Services CTE Standards for Employability and Career

                          EMPLOYABILITY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Know
                          and understand the importance of employability skills. Explore, plan,
                          and effectively manage careers. Know and understand the
 IX                       importance of entrepreneurship skills.

                                                                    NCRTEC Inquiry Lesson Planner
            Understand concepts, tools, and strategies used to
A           explore, obtain, and develop in a marketing career.
            Foster self-understanding to recognize the impact of personal
    1       feelings on others.
            Describe the nature of emotional intelligence
            Explain the concept of self-esteem
            Recognize personal biases and stereotypes
            Assess personal strengths and weaknesses
    2       Acquire self-development skills for success in marketing careers.
            Maintain appropriate personal appearance
            Demonstrate systematic behavior
            Set personal goals
            Use feedback for personal growth
    3       Develop personal traits to foster career advancement in marketing.
            Identify desirable personality traits important to business
            Exhibit a positive attitude
            Exhibit self-confidence
            Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm
            Demonstrate initiative
            Foster positive working relationships
    4       Participate in career-planning in marketing.
            Assess personal interests and skills needed for success in business
            Analyze employer expectations in the business environment
            Explain the rights of workers
            Identify sources of career information
            Identify tentative occupational interest
            Explain employment opportunities in business
    5       Implement job-seeking skills to obtain employment in marketing.
            Utilize job-search strategies
            Complete a job application
            Interview for a job
            Write a follow-up letter after job interviews
            Write a letter of application
            Prepare a résumé
            Use networking techniques to identify employment opportunities
            Utilize career-advancement activities to enhance professional
    6       development in marketing careers.

                                                       NCRTEC Inquiry Lesson Planner
                         Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer
                    a    activities, internships)
                         Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker
                         Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs
                         Identify skills needed to enhance career progression
                         Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development (e.g.,
                         trade journals/periodicals, professional/trade associations,
                    e    classes/seminars, trade shows, and mentors)

3. Assessment
   How will you know your students have reached the lesson goal? What assessment tools will students and staff use for
   assessing the project? How will students be involved in ongoing personal assessment? How can technology support
   and/or enhance assessment?

    Students will be assessed through discussion with partners about the lifestyle they desire for their future. Students will
    also review and reflect on the identification of important career values. The will then rank the lifestyle goals as they
    find most to least important. The comparison of the career values to lifestyle values will give them insight to potential
    careers that would meet their needs for lifestyle and career satisfaction.

4. Learning Connections
   What student needs, interests and prior learning are foundations for this lesson? What conceptual difficulties might
   student have? What curriculum connections will you make in this lesson with other topics you teach? (eg. How will
   you make this relevant for students?)

    Students have completed prior research on various marketing careers as well as completing lessons about the skills,
    proficiency, traits, lifestyles, compensations and other aspects of these positions. The students will need to think
    beyond the visible perceptions of the career and through the analysis of the career values, they will be able to delve
    deeper into the necessary values for success in the field. Through the discussion, students will be asked to give
    personal examples to support their findings. In this lesson they will reflect back on the career value lesson completed
    and merge their findings on lifestyle values to what they have discovered on career values.

5. Learning Activities or Tasks
   How will students build and demonstrate knowledge and skills while learning independently and with others? How
   can the use of technology support student learning? (be specific)

    Students may use the internet to search career information through for example, career cruising, to help them identify
    characteristics of a particular marketing job that they may not be very familiar. The will be working with partner(s) to
    discuss what they feel are lifestyle values that they deem important.. Independently, students will rank the listed
    lifestyle values and then reflect on the prior ranking completed on career values to select the jobs with the greatest
    potential for personal fulfillment.

6. Teaching Strategies and Management
   What instructional practices will you use with this lesson? How will your learning environment support these
   activities? How will you provide instructionally for students with special needs? How will you modify this lesson for
   individual learning needs?

    The components of these lessons are student driven. There is both partner work, collaboration, as well as some
    individual refection on the assessment of their personal values. There is also sharing written analysis with the other

                                                                   NCRTEC Inquiry Lesson Planner
    students through a blog and be able to reflect and comment on the findings of other students.. This will allow the
    other students to further reflect on the differing ways that the values are view as they relate to lifestyles.

7. Materials and Resources
   What other support services and technology resources will you need? Will you need additional people to help with
   this lesson? If yes, how?

    Our marketing courses take place in a computer lab giving student access to technology to research and prepare a
    variety of presentation methods. Nothing additional is needed.

8. Workforce Development Connection
   What connections to the world of work will be made to enhance the students learning experience? What essential
   skills will be needed and used? Include resources and materials to be utilized.

    Research will be done with local marketing businesses to determine how they rank their jobs according to the given
    career values. These will also be presented for comparison and analysis regarding the potential lifestyles that various
    careers will produce.

9. Student Activity
   Attach the student activity created for this lesson planner. Samples are available in Career Cruising.

        Activity is attached.

                                                                  NCRTEC Inquiry Lesson Planner

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