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									  Bison Strategic Community Plan 2007

                                   Bison, South Dakota

                                                 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY

                                                 College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences

                                                 Cooperative Extension Service


Horizons is a partnership between the South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service and
                            the Northwest Area Foundation of St. Paul,MN.
      Horizons II: Community Visioning

Bison’s Strategic Planning Committee
                 Heidi Collins

                 Mary Haggart

                 Teddi Carlson

                 Robert Drown

                 Lola Hedstrom

                 Jeff Van Vactor

                 Rownea Gerbracht

                 Marci Brownlee-Kari

                 Brad MacKaben

                 Bert Lewton

                 Dennis Lewton

                 Tracy Collins

                 Samantha Gerbracht

                 Susan Carmichael

                 Kevin Weishaar

                 Dan Kvale

                 Todd Gerbracht

                 Carolyn Hendricks
                 Horizons II Community Coordinator
        People of the Bison area have participated in the Study Circles and Leadership Plenty training
through Horizons II program which was provided by the Northwest Area Foundation. Through surveys
distributed at Grand Electric, Bison School, Bison Fireman’s Supper, businesses and other places we have
compiled the following results:

        A. What is the one thing our community could do to help our families?

                1. Housing

                2. Child care/after school center

                3. Family Restaurants

                4. Assisted living

        B. The most important aspects for the Bison Community.

                1. Schools

                2. Safety

                3. Generating Revenue

        C. What improvements would you like to see in our community in the next five years?

                1. Economic Development

                2. Improved Community Communication

                3. Beautification/Parks/recreation

Many other ideas were presented and discussed and are listed for future goals.
                                Mission Statement for Bison
The Horizons Strategic Planning Team is committed to the growth and development of the Bison area.
We will pursue our goals to improve the community and engage community members in a cooperative
improvement effort, by linking local assets to the goals of our plan. We will consider the opinions of all
community members and respect the views of all people to make the plan a reality.

                                 Vision Statement for Bison
The Bison Community will be vibrant, thriving, progressive, attractive, and inviting. Revenue generating
businesses will provide an environment that maintains and improves the infrastructure and provides a
foundation of sustainability for the community. Programs and activities will be available for people of all
ages. We will provide a safe, beautiful community and support a quality family life which encourages
the next generation to raise their families in the Bison area.

                                    Bison’s Strategic Goals
     Develop and support community activities.

     Develop an After School Program Committee to set up program for kids k-
      6th grade.

     To provide job opportunities for the Bison Community.

     Improve the appearance of Bison.
            Bison’s Goals, Objectives, and Implementation Steps
Goal: Develop and support community activities
Objective 1: Support Established Activities.

Implementation Steps:

   1. Form a committee consisting of Community Members and Horizon’s Strategic Planning
      Committee, who will write articles and use personal contact to encourage people to become
      involved in existing Bison Community activities.

                                  Starting: January 1, 2008 and ongoing

Method of Evaluation:

   1. Increased numbers of community involvement in Community activities in the Bison area.

Objective 2: Develop and organize young adult activities

Implementation steps:

   1. Committee of Community members will be developed to research young adult interests, and to
      develop activities based on those results.

                                  Starting: January 1, 2008 and ongoing

   2. Develop an Action Plan to meet the needs of the community.

                                         Starting: March 1, 2008

   3. Research of grant monies/donations to help fund the activities that are to be implemented.

                                  Starting: March 15, 2008 and ongoing

Method of Evaluation:

   1. The number of activities that have been implemented for our young adults
Goal: Develop After School Program for children kindergarten through 6th
Objective 1: A committee will be established to research needs and funding for the program.

Implementation Steps:

   1. Committee will be formed.

                                     Completed by: January 15, 2008

   2. Committee will research the needs and funding for the program.

                                       Completed by: May 1, 2008

   3. Implementation of the After School program.

                                     Completed by: May 1, 2008

Method of Evaluation:

   1. After-School program implemented (August 2008)
   2. Number of children using the program (August 2008)

Goal: To provide job opportunities for the Bison Community.

Objective 1: combining the Bison Economic Development Committee and the Bison
Development Corporation.

Implementation Steps:

   1. Committee is formed to meet and compare purpose, objectives and goals of the two groups in
      order to achieve agreement to merge.

                                        Completed by: June, 2008

Evaluation: The Bison Economic Development Committee and Bison Development Corporation
combined into one entity.
Objective 2: Start an internet-based business.


   1. Committee formed to perform a feasibility study.
   2. Contact existing businesses to see if they might be interested in the Bison area.

   3. Determine a location for the business.

   4. Research funding.

   5. Write a business plan.

                                      Completed by: January, 2009


   1. Results of feasibility study.

   2. New business started.

Objective 3: Plan Advertising and promoting the Bison Area as a hunting destination.


   1. Enlist the help of the Bison Economic Development Committee.

   2. Pursue guide services, starting bed and breakfasts and/or hunting lodges and coordinating hunts
      on area ranches.

                                          Completed by: 2010

    1. Increased number of hunters in the Bison area, along with increased revenue produced by those
Goal: Improve the appearance of Bison.
Objectives 1: To improve the appearance of Coleman Avenue and Main Street.

Implementation Steps:
   1. Contact equipment owners, property owners, and clubs.
   2. Volunteers will remove old buildings and dead trees, mow tall grass, help with the pruning of
      trees, paint the face of the old bar and improve the appearance of the livestock yard.
      Completed: June 15, 2008

Evaluation: Before and after pictures of Coleman Avenue and Main Street.

Objective 1: Removal of old cars and junk.

Implementation Steps:
   1. Contact Bison residents and city employees to request volunteers.
   2. Contact car crushers and scrap metal dealers.
   3. Contact the city dump.
   4. Set a clean-up date.
   5. Publicize event to help recruit volunteers
                                         Completed by: August, 2009

    1. Before and after pictures
    2. Record tons of trash taken to the dump.

                                          Future Goals

      To provide an assisted living facility for the Bison area.

      To provide adequate housing to Bison

      To construct signage at the 79-20 junction and 20-73 junction.

      Curb & Gutter

      Tree-lined streets
The Bison Community Blog was up and running on October 23rd, 2007. It was established not only as a
way to measure Horizons success, but as a way to bring the community together. Blogs posted are of
upcoming events, past events, news and valuable resources and educational materials. It is hoped that
the blog will not only bring internet and computer savvy residents to the site, but by holding training
sessions teach others the basics of internet and computer usage. The blog is a great way of unifying and
also promoting our wonderful community.

To read or participate in the blog, go to To comment simply click on
any comment area located under each blog post. Registration is not necessary to read or comment, if
you’re interesting in posting new blogs you will need to become a registered user. To do so you can
contact Rownea Gerbracht at or Tonya Collins at

After you’ve registered, go to the Bison page and login (found on right hand side under admin). Once
logged in, comment on any post that you’d like. If you would like to post blogs, contact the local
Horizons Community Coach and they will change your status in the system to allow you to post your
own blogs. Then simply start blogging! A handy user’s guide put together by the SDSU Cooperative
Extension Service and can be obtained by emailing .

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