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									                             St Joseph High School
       Parent Guardian Group/Catholic School Community Council Meeting
                         Wednesday, February 10, 2009

Present: Brandon Stroh, Brad Lefebvre, Marianne Taillon, Anita Rollack, Mike Vereschagin,
Sharon Compton, LoriLee Cooper, Bev Balon, Terry Sirois, Tracey McHardy.

Welcome & Prayer: Meeting chaired by Brad Lefebvre, with prayer led by Brandon Stroh.

Minutes: Motion to accept the minutes of December 9, 2009 meeting as printed, by Terry Sirois,
seconded by Tracey McHardy.

Principal’s Report:

   1. Past Activities
      - Thursday, January 21 – Wednesday, January 27th – Final Exams – everything went
         quite well.
      - Monday, January 25th – Administrative Lunch with Centennial Administrators
         provides us with an opportunity to get together regarding common concerns,
         programming, to liaise, etc.
      - Wednesday, January 27th – CSCC/Board Liaison Meeting – thank you Marianne and
         Sharon for attending – more information under other.
      - Monday, February 1st – 2nd Semester Start-Up – everything went smoothly.
      - Tuesday, February 2nd – Grade 8 Information Evening – over 250 students and one of
         the biggest numbers of parents in attendance that I can remember.
      - Thursday, February 4th – Saturday, February 6th – Guardian Invitational Basketball
         Tournament – another successful event.
      - Friday, February 5th – Grade 8 Students at STJ – had lunch, watched our pep rally and
         feature game – compliments to our students who made them feel welcome.

   2. Upcoming Activities
      - Thursday, February 11th – Staff Appreciation Breakfast Hosted by the GSCS
         Foundation – 9:30 start for students.
      - Monday, February 15th – Friday, February 19th – No School for Students.
      - Thursday, February 18th – Teachers’ Convention.
      - Friday, February 19th – In-School Professional Learning Day.
      - Monday, February 22nd – On-Line Registration Begins
      - Friday, February 26th – Grade 10 Retreat and School Newsletter Distributed.
      - Wednesday, March 3rd – Lenten Reconciliation.
      - Thursday, March 4th – Friday, March 5th – Wrestling Cities.
      - Thursday, March 4th – Staff Meeting – 12:20 dismissal.
      - Friday, March 5th – Basketball Playoffs begin.
      - Wednesday, March 10th – Grade 10 mass and Next PGG Meeting.

   3. Other
      Staff Leaving, Returning Staff and New Staff:
      i.     Andrea Regier – Maternity leave – had a baby boy, Ivan, today.
      ii.    Mike Zambon - Opening Doors Program
      iii.   Maureen Bzdel – Opening Doors Program
      iv.    Tracey Closson – Bethlehem

       v.      Carla Puetz-Aaro – returning from maternity leave
       vi.     Sandi Scissons-Neith – returning from maternity leave
       vii.    Dan Jarcan – replacing Mike Zambon
       viii.   Angela Caswell – replacing Andrea Regier
       ix.     Jodi Lorenz – replacing Tracey Closson
       x.      Jason Fenrich – back from parental leave

       -   Hoopla – one of four host sites for the provincial basketball championships – March
           18, 19, and 20 – will need staff and parent volunteers
       -   Joint Cathedral Fundraiser – Jason Cody (school chaplain) and Fr. David looking at
           something for later this semester
       -   National Marriage Enrichment Conference – March 19 & 20, Sheraton Cavalier –
           contact any parish office or visit
       -   Catholic School Community Council – Board Liaison Meeting – presentation by the
           Board chair and an opportunity to discuss in small groups how CSCCs are different
           than traditional Home and School or Parent Associations; the election/selection
           process; the opportunity to share the school’s learning improvement plan; and how
           the operating grant is being used.

Treasurer’s Report: Since the last meeting, we gave $400 for the Christmas hampers and
earned interest of $0.01. The current bank balance is $449.96. There was no activity in the
School Councils Fund; the balance remains at $1,190.81. The $928.00 in student fees has been
requested from downtown. Rick will let Tracey know when the cheque has arrived.

Old Business:
      SRC and PGG joint fundraiser for New Cathedral: Discussed in Principal’s Report.

       Info sessions for the year? Topics?Formalize?: The information sessions/topics for the
       coming years has been finalized as follows:
           - September: Grade 9 parent information night
           - November: University and post-secondary information night
           - February: Course selection curriculums for grade 9s and 10s
           - April: Guest speaker, such as someone from Klassen Driving School, to discuss
               drivers’ education rules and regulations
           Funds for guest speakers could come out of the School Councils’ Fund.

       Elections: Elections will be targeted for the April PGG/CSCC meeting. Positions for
       Chair and Treasurer will stand. Will advertise elections in upcoming newsletter.

New Business:
     Teacher Appreciation week lunch: Brad ordered pizza from Bell Island Pizza for Friday,
     February 12th at 11:30. Cost for 94 staff is $380.00 (40 large pizzas x $8.90 each).

       Motion: made by Terry Sirois that the St. Joseph PGG/CSCC pay for the pizza luncheon
       ($380.00) plus 5% tip ($19.00) for the Teacher Appreciation Week. Seconded by Anita
       Rollack. All in favor. Passed.

Next PGG/CSCC Meeting: Wednesday, March 10th, 2010, Home Ec Room, at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned: Terry Sirois, seconded by Anita Rollack.

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