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									                            Lunenburg Minor Hockey Association
                                  Annual General Meeting
                                     Meeting Minutes
                                       May 1, 2011

The AGM of the Lunenburg Minor Hockey Association was called to order at 6:05 pm on May 1,
2011 at The Lunenburg & District Fire Hall by Jamie Green, President.


Dawn Francis
Jamie Green
Melanie Collins
Missy Romkey
Jackie-Lee Chisholm
Jamie Myra
Kevin Chisholm
Shelley Maun
Carmel Zinck
Stephen Zinck
Mike Nodding
Tara Green
Terri Green
John Lohnes
Jamie Keays
Cindy Beck
Chris Beck
Kim Laws
J. Laws
Sherri Ritcey
Rod Francis

A.     Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous AGM meeting were read. John brought a motion to approve the
minutes and Rod 2 the motion, all were in favor.

B.      Old Business

Amalgamation update was given by Jamie Green stated that everything has remained status quo
since last years vote. Any new developments would be brought forward as they occur.

Treasurer’s report was given by Missy with a closing balance of $9352.35. There were no hard
copies to provide of the break down as there was a miscommunication between Missy and the
bookkeeper and financials were not ready for the time of the meeting. Once received, the
financials will be posted on the LMHA Website.

Fundraising Report was given by Jamie Green with a final total of $10, 081.39:

                   Lunenburg Minor Hockey Fundraising Report 2010-2011

Lunenburg Minor Hockey held 4 fundraising events this year, not including tournaments.
They consisted of the 200 Club, 1 Falcon Quest Street Hockey Tournament (which included the
T-shirt promo), Comedy Night, and the February Dance. We had a very aggressive goal of raising
10k this past year, and I am please to say that we in fact met that goal with a total of $10,081.39
broken down as follows:
200 Club – Profit $1468
Street Hockey – Profit $1235
Comedy Night – Profit $3129
Dance – Profit $4,185 (should add that record search shows this is the most money the dance
has ever made)

A thank you to all the volunteers, coaches, managers, parents, and players who worked together
to achieve this fantastic result. As always a select few drove the bulk of these results and with
continuing buy in from everyone in the association, we are excited about what opportunities will
present themselves in the future.

        2010/2011 Lunenburg Minor Hockey Fundraising Overview

           Initiatives               Revenue      Expense        Profit
 200 Club                            $3,600.00     -2,068.87   $1,468.13
 Street Hockey Tournament            $4,936.61     -3,700.83   $1,235.78
 Comedy Night                        $8,266.20    -5,137.02    $3,129.18
 Dance                               $8,643.73     -4,458.43   $4,185.30
                            Totals   $25,446.54   -15,365.15   $10,081.39

Respectfully submitted,
Jamie Green

Equipment Report was not given

Registration Report shows that the numbers are trending upwards and projected as below.
Quite possible we can form a Midget team next year depending on what effect High School teams
have on us.

IP – 8
Novice – 36
Atom – 32
Pewee – 20
Bantam – 16
Midget – 10

Development Report not given (Ian unable to attend)

Coaching Report:

                     Lunenburg Minor Hockey Coaching Report 2010-2011

First I want to thank all of the coaches, bench staff, and managers for their contribution and
dedication this past season. Thank you all for a job well done.

LMHA had a total of 37 coaches/bench/managers put through various levels of qualification and
certification this year. There were some certification changes made that affected some of our IP
coaches and some coaches had to be pulled from the bench due to late submissions of
documents or not meeting certification requirements.

Please know these certification requirements are dictated to us by Hockey Canada and Hockey
Nova Scotia to ensure the safety of everyone involved, especially the players.
Certainly there are some challenges in regards to qualification cross over, specifically on how
being a qualified paramedic still requires the safety program, however I have addressed this with
Hockey Nova Scotia, and was advised we must follow the regulations as stated (HNS Regulation

Moving forward for next season, and a process which has already started with limited results, will
be a regular feedback process for our coaches, so they can gain insight on their development and
continued learning.

Further, a coach selection committee will also be in place where multiple applications are
received, and will be made up of a combination of executive members, parents, and qualified
coaches. This committee will follow the Coach interviewing process as per the Hockey Canada
Coach Development Guide.

The association will continue towards its goal to have the best coaching available, and to provide
those coaches with the resources and tools to assist them.

Respectfully submitted,
Jamie Green

C.      New Business

LMHA Constitution changes were presented by Jamie green with a motion to adopt the changes,
Jamie Myra brought the motion, John Lohnes 2 the motion and all present were in favor (100%).
The updated Constitution will be posted on the website.

League Update was given by Jamie Green that a 1hr Respect in Sport Parent Program may be
made mandatory for all parents next season. One parent of each child must take this course and
he was told their child will not be allowed on the ice unless this course is taken.
There will be some changes next season regarding how Provincial reps are decided (HNS
change, not League), however the league will continue as very positive feedback.

Call for Executive Members

President – Jamie Green reoffered, no other nominations
Vice President – Jeff Green reoffered, no other nominations
Head Coach – John Lohnes nominated Kevin Chisholm, Kevin accepted
Secretary – Dawn Francis reoffered, no other nominations
Treasurer – Jackie-Lee Chisholm nominated Jamie Keays, Jamie accepted
Inc Scheduler – Jackie-Lee Chisholm reoffered, no other nominations
Registrar – Melanie Collins reoffered, no other nominations
Development Coordinator – John Lohnes nominated Jamie Myra, Jamie accepted
Equipment Manager – Sherri Ritcey reoffered, no other nominations
Time Keeper – Trudy Demone reoffered, no other nominations
Publicity – vacated position, no nominations, may be filled later by Executive appointment

New Business

Jamie Green asked if there was any other new Business

Stephen Zinck asked what the Executive’s response was to the email/SSMHA report regarding
his removal from the bench this season. Specifically regarding his reinstatement as head coach,
his coaching credentials to be reinstated, and wanted his name put back on the website as Head
Coach. Jamie advised Stephen that the decision made by LMHA to remove him from the bench
was supported by SSMHA and HNS and that there would be no reinstatement. The report
wording is that they are recommendations, but the wording also advised that the review board
supported the actions of LMHA. Stephen was reminded that his Hockey Canada Coaching
credentials were never part of his removal, and this had been communicated to him several times
during the course of this event. Jamie advised that he was present when the report was released
at the SSMHA meeting, and further advised that he communicated that he felt that report did not
address the concerns, nor did he think it would satisfy Stephen’s issues/concerns. Stephen asked
regarding the status of his request regarding an apology from the LMHA board and was advised
that the LMHA Executive voted unanimously against any apology during the last meeting. Jamie
advised Stephen to please take any concerns or escalation to SSMHA and/or HNS.

No other New Business was brought forward.

D.     Adjournment:
Meeting was adjourned by a motion from Jamie Myra, 2 by Melanie.

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