Correspondence by FKij3B


									Introduction to Correspondence
 Memos, E-mails, and Basic Letters

 By Jennifer L. Bowie
• Memorandum shortened to memo, either
  is fine
• Brief internal correspondence
• Sent up and down corporate ladder
• Short, clear, and organized
• Has a specific form
• Most common workplace communication (and
  increasingly so)
• Can substitute for paper memos
• Often contains similar layout and info to paper memos
• Informal and casual, book compares to a telephone call,
  but should still be professional
   – Edit it and make it clear and concise
• Make sure subject line is clear, concise, specific, and
  written to pass through spam filters
   – Limit length to a short phrase
• Do include a signature block, especially for work emails
• Has an ideal form
• Official and traditional method of
• Constitutes a legal record and represents
  your company’s image
• More permanent and less forgiving
• Confidential
• Has a recognizable form
More on Letters
• Whenever possible specifically name recipient
  and include job title
• Attention/Subject line: for when you don’t know
  the name or want to draw attention to something
• What names and title to use when:
  – Include the person’s personal title (Dr./Ms./Mr. …), full
    name, and job title in the inside address
  – Only include the last name and personal title
    (Dr./Ms./Mr. …) in the salutation (along with “Dear”, of
Letter Formats:
Block and Modified Block

• Only difference is the placement of date,
  closing and signature, and your address
     • Modified block: indented 1/2 to 2/3 of the way and
       aligned to each other
     • Full Block: Aligned left with the rest of the letter
• Block looks more modern and clean
Correspondence Matrix
Type     Internal or   Power      Formality     Ideal Length   Subject line   Signed
         External      levels

Memo     Internal      All        moderate      ~1 page (try   Yes            Initialed at
         rarely                                 to keep                       top, nothing
         external                               under 4                       at bottom
         (usually                               pages)

Email    Both          All        Informal      < 1 page       Yes            Name
                                  (depends on                                 provided but
                                  situation)                                  no

Letter   Both, more    Usually    Formal        Longer, but    Not usually    Yes in ink
         likely        above or                 ~1 page
         external      outside                  ideal
And that’s all for now folks
Have fun corresponding!

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