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									                                BUSINESS LETTER

A Business Letter is an easy way of sharing information in business. It is used to communicate
in a professional manner with people or firms with whom you do business.
It may be written:
       $      to ask for advice or information;
       $      as a letter of complaint about a defective product or inefficient service;
       $      to compliment an employee or product;
       $      as a cover/application or thank-you letter

                                 PARTS OF A BUSINESS LETTER

       1.     RETURN ADDRESS - Writer’s Address
              This shows the receiver where to send the reply.
              House number
              Street Address
              City, Province
              Postal Code
              The Return Address Should not is typed if a Business letter head is used.

       2.     DATE LINE
              The date the letter was typed. Example: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

       3.     INSIDE ADDRESS
              Name and address of the receiver of the letter (Recipient)
              Job Title
              Company Name and Address
              City, Province
              Postal Code

       4.     SALUTATION
              Greeting within the letter.
              Examples: Dear Mr. Smith (if you know the name of the receiver)
              Use one of these if you do not know the receiver:
              Dear Sir or Madam, Ladies and Gentlemen, To whom it may concern

       5.     SUBJECT LINE (Optional)
              Subject matter should be typed in capital letters.
              Or small letters bold and underlined
6.     BODY
       This is where the message is typed in paragraphs.
       Sentences should be clear, concise and in single line spacing.
       Give an extra line between paragraphs.

       Paragraph 1: Introduction - Tells the reader why you are writing.
       Paragraph 2: Middle - Gives details to why you are writing.
       Paragraph 3: Closing - Gives where and when you could be reached

       Closing Remark: Respectfully Yours (formal), Sincerely Yours (less formal)
       Yours truly (neutral), Cordially (more friendly)

       Name, Signature and Job title of the writer.
       Four to five lines spaces to allow for signature.

       If you have someone else key the letters on your behalf, that person’s initials appear
       here.’ Example: RM:rs

       If there is anything included in the letter, key the number

       CC - Courtesy Copy. Used if you are sending a copy of the letter to another person.
       BCC- used if you do not want the recipient to know those you copied to.

              All margins set at default.

Block Style
In a full block style, all the parts are aligned at the left-hand margin. This has quickly
become the most popular style of letter in the computer era because it requires fewer
bytes for storage on the disk.

Semi-Block Style
Semi-block letters are a modification of the block letter style. In this style of letter, each
new paragraph begins with an indent.

Punctuation Style
Another important part of the business letter is the punctuation. Within a letter, there
are two common options for punctuation B two-point or open punctuation.

In two-point punctuation, you key a colon (:) after salutation, and a comma (,) after
complimentary closing. For example, Dear Mr. Singh: and Yours truly,

In open punctuation, there is no punctuation after these letter parts, leaving these parts
Aopen@ and without clutter.

1.     Return Address
       (1 extra line)

2.     Date

       (4 extra line spaces)
3.     Inside Address
       (1 extra line)

4.     Salutation
       (1 extra line)

5.     Subject Line
       (1extra line)

6.     Body (in paragraphs)
       (1 extra line between paragraphs)

7.     Complimentary Closing
       (4 -5 extra lines)

8.     Writer=s Name/Signature
       (1 extra line)
       9.     Identification Initials
              (1 extra line)

       10.    Enclosure Notation
              (1 extra line)

       11.    Copy Notation
              (1 extra line)

Assignment 1
Type the letter on the next page and format it using the guidelines given above. You are the
writer so use your address, name and signature. You may change the business name to what
you like. Hand in. Communication Mark:            20 marks

                               Summer Bay Resort
Your Address, phone and fax numbers

Date: Insert today=s date

Ms. Jill Jones
55 John Street
P.O. Box 497
Queensville, Ontario
M9K 4L5

Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for your letter requesting information about the Summer Bay Resort. We appreciate
your interest in our resort.

Summer Bay will be opening on June 15th. The following table shows the price/person for the
upcoming season.

             June 15-June 30    July 1-August 15   Aug. 16-Aug. 31      Sept. 1-Oct. 15
                  $150.00               $200.00         $175.00            $150.00
Enclosed you will find a brochure with additional information about the resort. We hope to see
you in the upcoming season. Feel free to contact us again with any further questions.

Yours truly,

Student Name and signature,

Enc: Brochure

cc: Human Resources

                                        Letters Worksheet

Answer the following questions using the handouts given for these topics.

1.     The parts of a letter that are found in all business or formal letters are referred to as

2.     List eight examples of the above parts:
       __________________________                      _________________________________

       __________________________                      _________________________________

       __________________________                      _________________________________

       __________________________                      _________________________________

3.     The style of the letter where all the parts begin at the left margin is known as
       ___________________________ style.

4.     When there is no punctuation mark appearing at the ends of the lines of the parts of the
       letter, this is known as _____________________________.

5.     When parts of the letter begin at the left margin but the paragraphs are indented, this is
       known as ______________________________.

6.     If punctuation marks appear only after salutation (colon) and closing remark (comma), this
       style is called ________________________________.
7.   When a punctuation mark must appear at the end of every line of parts and sentences in the
     body, this style is known as _________________________.

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