New Safety Contract by HC12072714103


									                                        Science Laboratory Safety Contract

         I will act responsibly at all times in the science laboratory and classroom.
         I will follow all instructions about lab procedures given by the teacher.
         I will keep my work area clean and clutter-free.
         I will wear safety goggles and protective clothing at all times when necessary.
         I know what to do in case of a fire.
         I will immediately notify the teacher of any emergency.
         I will tie back long hair, remove dangling jewelry, and secure loose clothing.
         I will not take chemicals or equipment out of the lab without direct permission from the teacher.
         I will never eat or drink in the laboratory unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
         I will only handle living organisms or preserved specimens when authorized by the teacher.
         I will not enter the storage area unless directed by the teacher.

Student and parent sign and date in the appropriate spaces below and return contract to the teacher.

I, ________________________________________, have read each of the statements above and understand these
safety rules. I agree to abide by the safety regulations and any additional written or verbal instructions provided by the
school district or my teacher.

_____________________________________________________                               ________________________
                    Student Signature                                                            Date

_____________________________________________________                               _________________________
                    Parent Signature                                                             Date

Please answer the following important questions:

Does your child wear contact lenses?
Y or N

Is your child color blind?
Y or N

Does your child have any allergies?
Y or N

If so, please list:

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