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									Why Google require site has to be 6 months old before AdSense Ads
                           can be used

Google introduced a policy that a site has to be active for 6 months before AdSense
Ads can be used on it. If you are a blogger or content writer looking for
information on whether you can use AdSense before 6 months, read this article.

Google did not introduce this rule for no reason. They make money from AdSense program and so they
want to promote it as much as possible. However, they introduced the new rule to ensure the overall
quality of the program is not compromised.

In last couple of years, AdSense has become so popular such that many students think they can earn huge
money from AdSense and live without a job. You can see numerous websites claiming "Yου саn fire уουr
Boss аnԁ mаkе yourself уουr οwn Boss". There are lot of online fraud services offering ways to get rich
by doing fraud with Google AdSense.

Such fraud programs have been affecting the quality of AdSense program. Google does not want their
advertisers to be affected by fraud clicks on their Ads. In order to prevent or reduce fraud clicks and loss
of revenue for the advertisers, Google introduced several rules and policies.

One of such policies to reduce fraud activity on Google Ads is, website should be active for 6 months
before you can use AdSense Ads.

Why this rule is applicable only for certain countries?

The 6 months requirement is applicable for certain countries. Publishers from countries like USA, Canada
and most native English speaking countries can use AdSense on their websites or blogs from day 1. Why?
Is it racism?

Google is not in to racism or discrimination. This policy is applicable for certain countries because
Google is facing large volume of fraud activities from those countries, especially because a large number
of AdSense users from those countries do not have good writing skills in English and so they engage in
illegal ways to monetize their online content. Some of the fraud ways they engage include click-exchange
where they click on Ads of their friends in exchange of clicks by them. Google takes fraud clicks very

This does not mean there is no fraud clicks from countries like USA. Since the people from those
countries are native English speakers, they can actually write content in English and monetize the content
in genuine ways rather than engaging in fraud clicks and get some quick money and then later lose their
AdSense account.

Another reason the fraud activities are higher in countries like India and China are, there is no proper
address and identification system. For example, in India, a person can be known in multiple names and
have different variants of the same in name in various bank accounts. People can use different addresses
and can still receive mails. Sometimes people write name and initials, sometimes they write first name
and last name and so on. The problem here is, if a person lose an AdSense account, it is easy for him to re
apply for a new AdSense account in another name. If he get approved in that name, he can go to bank and
open another bank account with that name and still cash the AdSense cheques. Most addresses in India
include landmarks like "Near High School", "Near Railway station" and so on. When the fraud publishers
re apply for new AdSense accounts, they will use different variants of the address and it is almost
impossible for Google to detect the applicant is the same person.

In countries like USA, it is almost impossible to use a different variant of an address or name. Name and
Address are well defined and bank will not accept an altered name or address.

So, there is racism or discrimination is not the reason for 6 months requirement for AdSense publishers
from countries like India, Pakistan and China. Rather, Google want to reduce fraud publishers and
increase the overall quality of AdSense program.

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