SMART SHIRT SYSTEM by jennyyingdi




                                       IImprrovementt off tthe qualliitty and effffiiciiency off
                                         mp ovemen o he qua y and e c ency o
                                       healltthcarre iin mediiciine,, botth att home and iin
                                       hea hca e n med c ne bo h a home and n
                                       hospiittall,, iis becomiing morre and morre iimporrttantt
                                       hosp a s becom ng mo e and mo e mpo an
                                       fforr pattiientts and sociietty att llarrge.. As many
                                         o pa en s and soc e y a a ge As many
                                       ttechnollogiies ((miicrro ttechnollogiies,,
                                         echno og es m c o echno og es
                                       ttellecommuniicattiion,, llow--powerr desiign,, new
                                         e ecommun ca on ow powe des gn new
                                       ttexttiilles,, and ffllexiiblle sensorrs)) arre now avaiillablle,,
                                         ex es and ex b e senso s a e now ava ab e
                                       new userr--ffrriiendlly deviices can be develloped tto
                                       new use          end y dev ces can be deve oped o
Submiitttted by,,
Subm ed by                             enhance tthe comfforrtt and securriitty off tthe pattiientt..
                                       enhance he com o and secu y o he pa en
MAR YANAA SWETHA D V yea               As cllotthes and ttexttiilles arre iin diirrectt
                                       As c o hes and ex es a e n d ec
HARIINII..V..S[[IIV yearr]] ,,
HAR N V S V yea                        conttactt wiitth aboutt 90% off tthe skiin surrfface,, smarrtt
                                       con ac w h abou 90% o he sk n su ace sma
  NSTRUMENTAT ON AND CONTROL DEPT      sensorrs and smarrtt cllotthes wiitth noniinvasiive
                                       senso s and sma c o hes w h non nvas ve
SARANATHAN COLLEGE OF ENGG             sensorrs arre an attttrracttiive solluttiion
                                       senso s a e an a ac ve so u on
PANJAPUR TR CHY 12                     fforr home--based and ambullattorry healltth
                                         o home based and ambu a o y hea h
                                       moniittorriing.. Morreoverr,, wearrablle deviices orr smarrtt
                                       mon o ng Mo eove wea ab e dev ces o sma
                                       homes wiitth exosensorrs arre allso pottenttiiall
                                       homes w h exosenso s a e a so po en a
                                       solluttiions.. Allll tthese systtems can prroviide a saffe
                                       so u ons A hese sys ems can p ov de a sa e
                                       and comfforrttablle enviirronmentt fforr home
                                       and com o ab e env onmen o home
                                       healltthcarre,, iillllness prreventtiion,, and ciittiizen
                                       hea hca e ness p even on and c zen
                                       mediiciine.. Thiis paperr expllaiins tthe applliicattiion off
                                       med c ne Th s pape exp a ns he app ca on o
                                       wearrablle biiosensorr,, whiich iis userr ffrriiendlly..
                                       wea ab e b osenso wh ch s use                   end y
                                       The smarrtt shiirrtt can conttrriibutte tto rreducttiion iin
                                       The sma sh can con bu e o educ on n
                                       healltth carre costt whiille enhanciing tthe qualliitty off
                                       hea h ca e cos wh e enhanc ng he qua y o
                                                                           sensorrs have a huge pottenttiiall fforr diisease
                                                                           senso s have a huge po en a o d sease
                                                                           prreventtiion iin mediiciine and fforr diiagnosiis..
                                                                           p even on n med c ne and o d agnos s
                                                                           IInttegrrattiion off such sensorrs iintto cllotthiing can,,
                                                                             n eg a on o such senso s n o c o h ng can
                                                                           ttherrefforre,, enhance home healltthcarre,, ciittiizen
                                                                             he e o e enhance home hea hca e c zen
    INTRODUCTION                                                           mediiciine,, and diisease prreventtiion IIn “ciittiizen
                                                                           med c ne and d sease p even on n “c zen
                                                                           mediiciine,,” sttrructturres and solluttiions arre prroposed
                                                                           med c ne ” s uc u es and so u ons a e p oposed
As tthe popullattiion iis gettttiing prrogrressiivelly ollderr,,
As he popu a on s ge ng p og ess ve y o de                                 tto allllow a pattiientt tto ttake carre off hiis own
                                                                             o a ow a pa en o ake ca e o h s own
tthe need fforr hiigherr qualliitty and betttterr effffiiciiency iin
  he need o h ghe qua y and be e e c ency n                                healltthcarre att home orr anywherre he goes.. The aiim
                                                                           hea hca e a home o anywhe e he goes The a m
healltth and mediiciine,, botth att home and iin hospiittall,,
hea h and med c ne bo h a home and n hosp a                                off such systtems iis tto enhance ciittiizen comfforrtt and
                                                                           o such sys ems s o enhance c zen com o and
arre becomiing morre iimporrttantt.. IItt iis obviiouslly a
a e becom ng mo e mpo an                    s obv ous y a                  tthe effffiiciiency off healltthcarre and iillllness prreventtiion
                                                                             he e c ency o hea hca e and ness p even on
rrequiirrementt fforr tthe pattiientt iin orrderr tto iincrrease
  equ emen o he pa en n o de o nc ease                                     .. Forr healltthy subjjectts,, tthe systtem wiillll nott onlly
                                                                              Fo hea hy sub ec s he sys em w no on y
comfforrtt,, butt iitt iis allso valluablle fforr sociietty iin orrderr
com o bu                 s a so va uab e o soc e y n o de                  hellp tthe userr tto adoptt a healltthiierr lliiffesttylle,, butt wiillll
                                                                           he p he use o adop a hea h e es y e bu w
tto iincrrease effffiiciiency and prroviide cheaperr healltth
  o nc ease e c ency and p ov de cheape hea h                              allso effffecttiivelly iimprrove perrsonall perrfforrmance
                                                                           a so e ec ve y mp ove pe sona pe o mance
delliiverry.. A hiigherr qualliitty off lliiffe iis now expectted
de ve y A h ghe qua y o e s now expec ed                                   due tto betttterr ffiittness and morre effffecttiive ways off
                                                                           due o be e ness and mo e e ec ve ways o
by pattiientts,, even when sufffferriing ffrrom varriious
by pa en s even when su e ng om va ous                                     copiing wiitth sttrress.. Forr ciittiizens att rriisk off diisease,,
                                                                           cop ng w h s ess Fo c zens a sk o d sease
chrroniic diiseases.. Pattiientts generralllly wantt tto be
ch on c d seases Pa en s gene a y wan o be                                 tthe systtem wiillll prroviide adequatte iinfforrmattiion on
                                                                             he sys em w p ov de adequa e n o ma on on
ttrreatted att home and wiitth as lliittttlle paiin and
    ea ed a home and w h as                 e pa n and                     how tto deall wiitth iindiiviiduall rriisk ffacttorrs lliike
                                                                           how o dea w h nd v dua sk ac o s ke
diiscomfforrtt as possiiblle.. Many mediicall deviices can
d scom o as poss b e Many med ca dev ces can                               hyperrttensiion,, obesiitty,, diiabettes,, physiicall
                                                                           hype ens on obes y d abe es phys ca
now prroviide such ffeatturres.. iimplliies a devellopmentt
now p ov de such ea u es mp es a deve opmen                                iinacttiiviitty,, and sttrress tthrrough perrsonalliized
                                                                             nac v y and s ess h ough pe sona zed
off alltterrnattiive solluttiions tto tthe ttrradiittiionall hospiittall
o a e na ve so u ons o he ad ona hosp a                                    ttrraiiniing pllans,, and wiillll prroviide mottiivattiion tto
                                                                               a n ng p ans and w p ov de mo va on o
metthods fforr diisease prreventtiion and conttiinuous
me hods o d sease p even on and con nuous                                  change behaviiorr.. Earrlly dettecttiion tthrrough llong--
                                                                           change behav o Ea y de ec on h ough ong
healltth moniittorriing.. Costt--effffiiciientt access tto tthe
hea h mon o ng Cos e c en access o he                                      tterrm ttrrend anallysiis wiillll drramattiicalllly rreduce tthe
                                                                             e m end ana ys s w d ama ca y educe he
bestt carre and iillllness prreventtiion can empowerr each
bes ca e and ness p even on can empowe each                                pottenttiiall damage due tto severre eventts.. Forr postt
                                                                           po en a damage due o seve e even s Fo pos
iindiiviiduall and enablle tthem tto have a llongerr and
  nd v dua and enab e hem o have a onge and                                eventt pattiientts,, tthiis systtem can siigniiffiicanttlly
                                                                           even pa en s h s sys em can s gn can y
healltthiierr lliiffe and iincrreased perrsonall perrfforrmance..
hea h e e and nc eased pe sona pe o mance                                  iimprrove tthe rrehabiilliittattiion prrocess,, and can dettectt
                                                                             mp ove he ehab a on p ocess and can de ec
Att prresentt,, tthe agiing popullattiion has rresulltted iin a
A p esen he ag ng popu a on has esu ed n a                                 any complliicattiions att an earrlly sttage.. Daiilly
                                                                           any comp ca ons a an ea y s age Da y
new,, verry llarrge marrkett iin develloped counttrriies..
new ve y a ge ma ke n deve oped coun es                                    moniittorriing wiillll enablle new fforrms off perrsonalliized
                                                                           mon o ng w enab e new o ms o pe sona zed
IInttelllliigentt biiomediicall cllotthes and wearrablle
  n e gen b omed ca c o hes and wea ab e                                   drrug ttrreattmentt and tthe sellff--admiiniisttrrattiion off drrug
                                                                           d ug ea men and he se adm n s a on o d ug
ambullattorry healltth--moniittorriing systtems can actt as
ambu a o y hea h mon o ng sys ems can ac as                                mediicattiion,, accorrdiing tto tthe speciiffiic behaviiorr and
                                                                           med ca on acco d ng o he spec c behav o and
a key enabllerr fforr lliiffellong conttiinuous healltth
a key enab e o e ong con nuous hea h                                       ciirrcumsttances off each iindiiviiduall.. Forr chrroniic
                                                                           c cums ances o each nd v dua Fo ch on c
moniittorriing fforr allll iindiiviidualls.. Noniinvasiive
mon o ng o a nd v dua s Non nvas ve                                        pattiientts,, iinttelllliigentt biiomediicall cllotthes empowerr
                                                                           pa en s n e gen b omed ca c o hes empowe
tthe userr tto betttterr underrsttand and sellff--manage tthe
  he use o be e unde s and and se manage he                           lliimiittattiions off ambullattorry ttechnollogy and
                                                                          m a ons o ambu a o y echno ogy and
diisease sttatte.. Earrlly dettecttiion can lliimiitt tthe
d sease s a e Ea y de ec on can m he                                  prroviide a rresponse tto tthe need fforr moniittorriing
                                                                      p ov de a esponse o he need o mon o ng
occurrrrence off acutte eventts and complliicattiions tthatt
occu ence o acu e even s and comp ca ons ha                           iindiiviidualls overr weeks orr montths.. They
                                                                        nd v dua s ove weeks o mon hs They
may llead tto hospiittalliizattiion and exttended hospiittall
may ead o hosp a za on and ex ended hosp a                            ttypiicalllly rrelly on wiirrelless miiniiatturre sensorrs
                                                                        yp ca y e y on w e ess m n a u e senso s
ttrreattmentt.. The rrehabiilliittattiion prrocess wiillll become
    ea men The ehab a on p ocess w become                             encllosed iin pattches orr bandages orr iin iittems tthatt
                                                                      enc osed n pa ches o bandages o n ems ha
a lliiffellong prrocess iin whiich pattiientts and ffamiilly arre
a e ong p ocess n wh ch pa en s and am y a e                          can be worrn,, such as rriing orr shiirrtt.. The datta setts
                                                                      can be wo n such as ng o sh The da a se s
acttiivelly iinvollved.. Howeverr,, as a pattiientt iis
ac ve y nvo ved Howeve as a pa en s                                   rrecorrded usiing tthese systtems arre tthen prrocessed
                                                                        eco ded us ng hese sys ems a e hen p ocessed
generralllly nott a mediicall speciialliistt,, tthese solluttiions
gene a y no a med ca spec a s hese so u ons                           tto dettectt eventts prrediicttiive off possiiblle worrseniing
                                                                        o de ec even s p ed c ve o poss b e wo sen ng
mustt be desiigned tto be userr ffrriiendlly,, and
mus be des gned o be use              end y and                       off tthe pattiientt’’s clliiniicall siittuattiions orr tthey arre
                                                                      o he pa en s c n ca s ua ons o hey a e
iinttelllliigentt enough tto dettectt whettherr tthe pattiientt
  n e gen enough o de ec whe he he pa en                              expllorred tto access tthe iimpactt off clliiniicall
                                                                      exp o ed o access he mpac o c n ca
uses tthem corrrrecttlly.. Morreoverr,, tthe systtems
uses hem co ec y Mo eove he sys ems                                   iintterrventtiions..
                                                                        n e ven ons
shoulld be suffffiiciienttlly diiscrreett so as nott tto diistturrb
shou d be su c en y d sc ee so as no o d s u b
tthe norrmall way off lliiffe off tthe pattiientt,, and shoulld
  he no ma way o e o he pa en and shou d                              iiiiii)) SMART SHIRT ((WEARABLE
                                                                               SMART SHIRT WEARABLE
perrmiitt communiicattiion wiitth a speciialliistt iiff needed..
pe m commun ca on w h a spec a s needed                               MOTHERBOARD))
Systtems mustt moniittorr tthe sensorrs,, tthe varriious
Sys ems mus mon o he senso s he va ous
viittall parrametterrs,, and make tthe apprroprriiatte
v a pa ame e s and make he app op a e                                 smarrtt shiirrtt iis an applliicattiion off wearrablle
                                                                      sm a sh            s an app ca on o wea ab e
measurrementts att tthe rriightt ttiime.. Thiis conceptt iis
measu emen s a he gh me Th s concep s                                 biiosensorrs.. Smarrtt shiirrtt develloped att Georrgiia ttech
                                                                      b osenso s Sma sh deve oped a Geo g a ech
tterrmed smarrtt sensiing..
  e med sma sens ng                                                   whiich rreprresentts tthe ffiirrstt attttemptt att rrellyiing an
                                                                      wh ch ep esen s he s a emp a e y ng an
                                                                      unobttrrusiive,, mobiille and easy tto use viittall siigns
                                                                      unob us ve mob e and easy o use v a s gns
       BIO SENSORS                                                    moniittorriing systtem;; prresentts tthe key applliicattiions
                                                                      mon o ng sys em p esen s he key app ca ons
                                                                      off tthe smarrtt shiirrtt ttechnollogy allong wiitth iitts
                                                                      o he sma sh echno ogy a ong w h s
Wearrablle sensorrs and systtems have evollved tto
Wea ab e senso s and sys ems have evo ved o                           iimpactt on tthe prracttiice off mediiciine;; and coverrs
                                                                        mpac on he p ac ce o med c ne and cove s
tthe poiintt tthatt tthey can be consiiderred rready fforr
  he po n ha hey can be cons de ed eady o                             key opporrttuniittiies tto crreatte tthe nextt generrattiion off
                                                                      key oppo un es o c ea e he nex gene a on o
clliiniicall applliicattiion.. The use off wearrablle
c n ca app ca on The use o wea ab e                                   ttrrully “adapttiive and rresponsiive” mediicall systtems..
                                                                          u y “adap ve and espons ve” med ca sys ems
moniittorriing deviices tthatt allllow conttiinuous orr
mon o ng dev ces ha a ow con nuous o
                                                                      Researrch on tthe desiign and devellopmentt off a
                                                                      Resea ch on he des gn and deve opmen o a
iintterrmiittttentt moniittorriing off physiiollogiicall siignalls
  n e m en mon o ng o phys o og ca s gna s
                                                                      smarrtt shiirrtt fforrtt a combatt casualltty carre has lled tto
                                                                      sma sh o a comba casua y ca e has ed o
iis crriittiicall fforr tthe advancementt off botth tthe
  s c ca o he advancemen o bo h he
                                                                      tthe rrealliizattiion off tthe worrlld’’s ffiirrstt wearrablle
                                                                        he ea za on o he wo d s s wea ab e
diiagnosiis as wellll as ttrreattmentt off diiseases..
d agnos s as we as ea men o d seases
                                                                      mottherrboarrd orr an “iinttelllliigentt” garrmentt fforr tthe
                                                                      mo he boa d o an “ n e gen ” ga men o he
                                                                      21sssttt centturry.. The Georrgiia ttech wearrablle
                                                                      21 cen u y The Geo g a ech wea ab e
Wearrablle systtems arre ttottalllly non--obttrrusiive
Wea ab e sys ems a e o a y non ob us ve
                                                                      mottherrboarrd ((GTWM)) uses opttiicall ffiiberrs tto
                                                                      mo he boa d GTWM uses op ca be s o
deviices tthatt allllow physiiciians tto overrcome tthe
dev ces ha a ow phys c ans o ove come he
dettectt bullllett wounds and speciiall sensorrs and
de ec bu e wounds and spec a senso s and                                  hospiittall.. Thiis degrree off uncerrttaiintty can grreattlly
                                                                          hosp a Th s deg ee o unce a n y can g ea y
iintterrconnectts tto moniittorr tthe body viittall siigns
  n e connec s o mon o he body v a s gns                                  iinfflluence ttheiirr posttoperrattiive rrecoverry.. Therrefforre
                                                                            n uence he pos ope a ve ecove y The e o e
durriing combatt condiittiions.. Thiis GTWM ((smarrtt
du ng comba cond ons Th s GTWM sma                                        ttherre iis a need tto conttiinuouslly moniittorr such
                                                                            he e s a need o con nuous y mon o such
shiirrtt)) prroviides an exttrremelly verrsattiille ffrrameworrk
sh p ov des an ex eme y ve sa e amewo k                                   pattiientts and giive tthem tthe added peace off miind so
                                                                          pa en s and g ve hem he added peace o m nd so
fforr tthe iincorrporrattiion off sensiing,, moniittorriing and
  o he nco po a on o sens ng mon o ng and                                 tthatt tthe posiittiive psychollogiicall iimpactt wiillll
                                                                            ha he pos ve psycho og ca mpac w
iinfforrmattiion prrocessiing deviices.. The prriinciipall
  n o ma on p ocess ng dev ces The p nc pa                                speedup tthe rrecoverry prrocess..
                                                                          speedup he ecove y p ocess
advanttage off smarrtt shiirrtt iis tthatt iitt prroviides fforr tthe
advan age o sma sh s ha p ov des o he
ffiirrstt ttiime a verry systtemattiic way off moniittorriing tthe
      s me a ve y sys ema c way o mon o ng he
                                                                          Menttalllly iillll pattiientts need tto be moniittorred on a
                                                                          Men a y pa en s need o be mon o ed on a
viittall siigns off humans iin an unobttrrusiive mannerr..
v a s gns o humans n an unob us ve manne
                                                                          rregullarr basiis tto gaiin a betttterr underrsttandiing off tthe
                                                                            egu a bas s o ga n a be e unde s and ng o he
                                                                          rrellattiionshiip bettween ttheiirr viittall siigns and ttheiirr
                                                                            e a onsh p be ween he v a s gns and he
                                                                          behaviiorrall patttterrns so tthatt ttheiirr ttrreattmentts can be
                                                                          behav o a pa e ns so ha he ea men s can be
                                                                          suiittablly modiiffiied.. Such mediicall moniittorriing off
                                                                          su ab y mod ed Such med ca mon o ng o
Casuallttiies arre associiatted wiitth combatt and
Casua es a e assoc a ed w h comba and
                                                                          iindiiviidualls iis crriittiicall fforr tthe successffull prracttiice off
                                                                            nd v dua s s c ca o he success u p ac ce o
somettiimes arre iineviittablle.. Siince mediicall rresourrces
some mes a e nev ab e S nce med ca esou ces
                                                                          ttellemediiciine tthatt iis becomiing economiicalllly
                                                                            e emed c ne ha s becom ng econom ca y
arre lliimiitted iin a combatt scenarriio,, ttherre iis crriittiicall
a e m ed n a comba scena o he e s c ca
                                                                          viiablle iin tthe conttextt off advancementts iin
                                                                          v ab e n he con ex o advancemen s n
need tto make opttiimum use off tthe avaiillablle
need o make op mum use o he ava ab e
                                                                          computtiing and ttellecommuniicattiion,, lliikewiise
                                                                          compu ng and e ecommun ca on kew se
rresourrces tto miiniimiize tthe lloss off human lliiffe,,
  esou ces o m n m ze he oss o human e
                                                                          conttiinuous moniittorriing off asttrronautts iin space,, off
                                                                          con nuous mon o ng o as onau s n space o
whiich has vallue tthatt iis prriicelless.. IIn a siigniiffiicantt
wh ch has va ue ha s p ce ess n a s gn can
                                                                          atthllettes durriing prracttiice sessiions and iin
                                                                          a h e es du ng p ac ce sess ons and n
deparrtturre ffrrom tthe pastt,, tthe lloss off even a siinglle
depa u e om he pas he oss o even a s ng e
                                                                          compettiittiion,, off llaw enfforrcementt perrsonnell and
                                                                          compe on o aw en o cemen pe sonne and
solldiierr iin a warr can alltterr tthe nattiions engagementt
so d e n a wa can a e he na ons engagemen
                                                                          combatt solldiierrs iin tthe lliine off dutty arre allll
                                                                          comba so d e s n he ne o du y a e a
sttrrattegy makiing iitt allll tthe iimporrttantt tto save lliives
s a egy mak ng a he mpo an o save ves
                                                                          exttrremelly iimporrttantt..
                                                                          ex eme y mpo an

Siimiillarrlly on tthe ciiviilliian siide,, tthe popullattiion iis
S m a y on he c v an s de he popu a on s
                                                                          v)) ARCHITECTURE
                                                                          v ARCHITECTURE
agiing and tthe costt off tthe healltth carre delliiverry iis
ag ng and he cos o he hea h ca e de ve y s
expectted tto iincrrease att a rratte ffastterr tthan iitt iis
expec ed o nc ease a a a e as e han s
ttoday.. Wiitth tthe decrreasiing numberr off docttorrs iin
  oday W h he dec eas ng numbe o doc o s n
rrurrall arreas,, tthe docttorr//pattiientt rrattiio iis iin cerrttaiin
  u a a eas he doc o pa en a o s n ce a n
iinsttances rreachiing unaccepttablle llevells fforr
  ns ances each ng unaccep ab e eve s o
ensurriing a basiic sense off securriitty when tthey lleave
ensu ng a bas c sense o secu y when hey eave
tthe hospiittall because tthey ffeell “cuttoffff” ffrrom tthe
  he hosp a because hey ee “cu o ” om he
conttiinuous wattch and carre tthey rreceiived iin tthe
con nuous wa ch and ca e hey ece ved n he
ffiigure1:: tthe "Smartt Shiirtt" Sensory
    gure1 he "Smar Sh r " Sensory                                         diisconttiinuiittiies att tthe arrmholle usiing a novell
                                                                          d scon nu es a he a mho e us ng a nove
Arch ec ure                                                               modiiffiicattiion iin tthe weaviing prrocess..
                                                                          mod ca on n he weav ng p ocess

                                                                          An iintterrconnecttiion ttechnollogy was develloped tto
                                                                          An n e connec on echno ogy was deve oped o
                                                                          ttrransmiitt iinfforrmattiion ffrrom ((and tto)) sensorrs
                                                                              ansm n o ma on om and o senso s
                                                                          mountted att any llocattiion on tthe body tthus crreattiing
                                                                          moun ed a any oca on on he body hus c ea ng
                                                                          a ffllexiiblle “bus” sttrructturre.. T--connecttorrs –siimiillarr
                                                                          a ex b e “bus” s uc u e T connec o s –s m a
                                                                          tto “butttton clliips” used iin cllotthiing arre attttached tto
                                                                            o “bu on c ps” used n c o h ng a e a ached o
                                                                          tthe ffiiberrs tthatt serrve as a datta bus tto carrrry tthe
                                                                            he be s ha se ve as a da a bus o ca y he
                                                                          iinfforrmattiion ffrrom tthe sensorrs ((e..g..:: ECG sensorrs))
                                                                            n o ma on om he senso s e g ECG senso s
                                                                          on tthe body..
                                                                          on he body

                                                                          The sensorrs wiillll pllug iintto tthese connecttorrs and att
                                                                          The senso s w p ug n o hese connec o s and a
                                                                          tthe ottherr end siimiillarr T--connecttorr wiillll be used tto
                                                                            he o he end s m a T connec o w be used o
Fiigure 2 :: Dettaiill off tthe "Smartt Shiirtt
F gure 2 De a o he "Smar Sh r
                                                                          ttrransmiitt ttheiirr iinfforrmattiion fforr moniittorriing
                                                                              ansm he n o ma on o mon o ng
                                                                          equiipmentt orr DARPS ((Deffense Advanced
                                                                          equ pmen o DARPS De ense Advanced
                                                                          Researrch Prrojjectts Agency)) perrsonnell sttattus
                                                                          Resea ch P o ec s Agency pe sonne s a us
                                                                          moniittorr ..By makiing tthe sensorrs dettachablle ffrrom
                                                                          mon o By mak ng he senso s de achab e om
                                                                          tthe garrmentts,, tthe verrsattiilliitty II\\off tthe Georrgiia Tech
                                                                            he ga men s he ve sa y o he Geo g a Tech
                                                                          Smarrtt Shiirrtt has been siigniiffiicanttlly enhanced..
                                                                          Sma Sh has been s gn can y enhanced
                                                                          Siince shapes and siizes off humans wiillll be
                                                                          S nce shapes and s zes o humans w be
                                                                          diifffferrentt,, sensorrs can be posiittiioned on tthe rriightt
                                                                          d e en senso s can be pos oned on he gh
                                                                          llocattiions fforr allll userrs and wiitthoutt any consttrraiintts
                                                                            oca ons o a use s and w hou any cons a n s
                                                                          beiing iimposed by tthe smarrtt shiirrtt can be ttrrully
                                                                          be ng mposed by he sma sh can be u y
                                                                          “custtomiized”.. Morreoverr tthe smarrtt shiirrtt can be
                                                                          “cus om zed” Mo eove he sma sh can be
                                                                          llaunderred wiitthoutt any damage tto tthe sensorrs
                                                                            aunde ed w hou any damage o he senso s
The GTWM was woven iintto a siinglle –piiece
The GTWM was woven n o a s ng e –p ece                                    tthemsellves..
                                                                            hemse ves
garrmentt ((an underrshiirrtt)) on a weaviing machiine tto
ga men an unde sh on a weav ng mach ne o
ffiitt a 38--40” chestt.. The pllasttiic opttiicall ffiiberr ((POF))
       a 38 40” ches The p as c op ca be POF                              The Smarrtt Shiirrtt Systtem iis a uniisex wearrablle
                                                                          The Sma Sh Sys em s a un sex wea ab e
iis spiirralllly iinttegrratted iintto tthe sttrructturre durriing tthe
  s sp a y n eg a ed n o he s uc u e du ng he                             wiirrelless T--shiirrtt desiigned tto collllectt physiiollogiicall
                                                                          w e ess T sh des gned o co ec phys o og ca
ffabrriic prroducttiion prrocess wiitthoutt any
  ab c p oduc on p ocess w hou any                                        siignalls and movementt ffrrom tthe human body.. The
                                                                          s gna s and movemen om he human body The
Systtem collllectts anallog siignalls tthrrough conducttiive
Sys em co ec s ana og s gna s h ough conduc ve                          vii)) GEORBIA TECH WEARABLE
                                                                        v GEORBIA TECH WEARABLE
ffiiberr sensorrs and passes tthem tthrrough a
    be senso s and passes hem h ough a                                  MOTHERBOARD
conducttiive ffiiberr grriid kniitttted iin tthe T--Shiirrtt.. A
conduc ve be g d kn ed n he T Sh A
                                                                        Georrgiia Tech develloped a "Wearrablle
                                                                        Geo g a Tech deve oped a "Wea ab e
ttexttiille connecttorr passes tthe anallog siignalls tto a
  ex e connec o passes he ana og s gna s o a
                                                                        Mottherrboarrd" ((GTWM)),, whiich was iiniittiialllly
                                                                        Mo he boa d" GTWM wh ch was n a y
smallll perrsonall conttrrollllerr helld iin a pockett on tthe
sma pe sona con o e he d n a pocke on he
                                                                        iinttended fforr use iin combatt condiittiions.. Georrgiia
                                                                          n ended o use n comba cond ons Geo g a
shiirrtt.. The perrsonall conttrrollllerr diigiittiizes tthe siignall
sh The pe sona con o e d g zes he s gna
                                                                        Tech''s rresearrch was ffunded by tthe US Deparrttmentt
                                                                        Tech s esea ch was unded by he US Depa men
and ttrransmiitts tthe siignall tto a Blluettootth orr Ziigbee
and ansm s he s gna o a B ue oo h o Z gbee
                                                                        off Navy.. The Sensatte Liinerr fforr Combatt Casualltty
                                                                        o Navy The Sensa e L ne o Comba Casua y
rreceiiverr connectted tto a base sttattiion wherre tthe
  ece ve connec ed o a base s a on whe e he
                                                                        Carre uses opttiicall ffiiberrs tto dettectt bullllett wounds
                                                                        Ca e uses op ca be s o de ec bu e wounds
iinfforrmattiion iis collllectted,, diispllayed and//orr sttorred..
  n o ma on s co ec ed d sp ayed and o s o ed
                                                                        and speciiall sensorrs tthatt iintterrconnectts iin orrderr tto
                                                                        and spec a senso s ha n e connec s n o de o
                                                                        moniittorr viittall siigns durriing combatt condiittiions..
                                                                        mon o v a s gns du ng comba cond ons
                                                                        Mediicall sensiing deviices tthatt arre attttached tto tthe
                                                                        Med ca sens ng dev ces ha a e a ached o he
                                                                        body pllug iintto tthe computterriized shiirrtt,, crreattiing a
                                                                        body p ug n o he compu e zed sh c ea ng a
Fiigure3::smartt shiirtt systtem
F gure3 smar sh r sys em
                                                                        ffllexiiblle mottherrboarrd.. The GTWM iis woven so
                                                                            ex b e mo he boa d The GTWM s woven so
                                                                        tthatt pllasttiic opttiicall ffiiberrs and ottherr speciiall tthrreads
                                                                          ha p as c op ca be s and o he spec a h eads
                                                                        arre iinttegrratted iintto sttrructturre off tthe ffabrriic.. Therre
                                                                        a e n eg a ed n o s uc u e o he ab c The e
                                                                        arre no diisconttiinuiittiies iin tthe GTWM.. The GTWM
                                                                        a e no d scon nu es n he GTWM The GTWM
                                                                        iis one piiece off ffabrriic,, wiitthoutt seams.. Because tthe
                                                                          s one p ece o ab c w hou seams Because he
                                                                        sensorrs arre dettachablle ffrrom tthe GTWM,, tthey can
                                                                        senso s a e de achab e om he GTWM hey can
                                                                        be pllaced att any llocattiion,, and iis ttherrefforre
                                                                        be p aced a any oca on and s he e o e
                                                                        adjjusttablle fforr diifffferrentt bodiies.. Furrttherrmorre,, tthe
                                                                        ad us ab e o d e en bod es Fu he mo e he
                                                                        ttypes off sensorrs used can be varriied dependiing on
                                                                          ypes o senso s used can be va ed depend ng on
                                                                        tthe wearrerr''s needs.. Therrefforre,, iitt can be
                                                                          he wea e s needs The e o e can be
Smarrtt Cllotthiing" iis made ffrrom ffabrriics tthatt arre
Sma C o h ng" s made om ab cs ha a e                                    custtomiized fforr each userr.. Forr examplle,, a
                                                                        cus om zed o each use Fo examp e a
wiirrelless and washablle tthatt iinttegrratte computtiing
w e ess and washab e ha n eg a e compu ng                               ffiirreffiightterr coulld have a sensorr tthatt moniittorrs
                                                                              e gh e cou d have a senso ha mon o s
ffiiberrs and matterriialls iintto tthe iinttegrriitty off tthe
    be s and ma e a s n o he n eg y o he                                oxygen orr hazarrdous gas llevells.. Ottherr sensorrs
                                                                        oxygen o haza dous gas eve s O he senso s
  ab cs                                                                 moniittorr rrespiirrattiion rratte and body ttemperratturre orr
                                                                        mon o esp a on a e and body empe a u e o
                                                                        can collllectt voiice datta tthrrough a miicrrophone..
                                                                        can co ec vo ce da a h ough a m c ophone
Georrgiia Tech iis one uniiverrsiitty among severrall,,
Geo g a Tech s one un ve s y among seve a
whiich iincllude MIIT and Uniiverrsiitty off Calliifforrniia att
wh ch nc ude M T and Un ve s y o Ca o n a a
Daviis,, tthatt conductt rresearrch iin tthe arrea off
Dav s ha conduc esea ch n he a ea o
"iinttelllliigentt ffabrriic"..
" n e gen ab c"
 Figure 4: the GTWM worn underneath                                      off viittall sttattiisttiics.. Forr examplle,, tthe ellderrlly and
                                                                         o v a s a s cs Fo examp e he e de y and
combat fatigues                                                          ottherrs wiitth ffrragiille healltth condiittiions coulld allso
                                                                         o he s w h ag e hea h cond ons cou d a so
                                                                         beneffiitt ffrrom tthiis ttechnollogy.. The GTWM coulld
                                                                         bene           om h s echno ogy The GTWM cou d
                                                                         enhance communiicattiion bettween tthe wearrerr and
                                                                         enhance commun ca on be ween he wea e and
                                                                         hiis orr herr healltth prroffessiionall.. Forr examplle,, tthe
                                                                         h s o he hea h p o ess ona Fo examp e he
                                                                         GTWM coulld be outtffiitttted fforr pattiientts who rretturrn
                                                                         GTWM cou d be ou ed o pa en s who e u n
                                                                         home ffrrom surrgerry,, so tthatt ttheiirr docttorrs coulld
                                                                         home om su ge y so ha he doc o s cou d
                                                                         moniittorr ttheiirr viittall iinfforrmattiion.. Thiis kiind off
                                                                         mon o he v a n o ma on Th s k nd o
Befforre tthe GTWM was adjjustted and iimprroved fforr
Be o e he GTWM was ad us ed and mp oved o                                moniittorriing woulld allso be hellpffull fforr pattiientts iin
                                                                         mon o ng wou d a so be he p u o pa en s n
commerrciiall use,, tthe iinfforrmattiion was ttrransmiitttted
comme c a use he n o ma on was ansm ed                                   rrurrall arreas who arre ffarr ffrrom mediicall
                                                                           u a a eas who a e a om med ca
viia a "perrsonall sttattus moniittorr" tthatt connectts tto
v a a "pe sona s a us mon o " ha connec s o                              prroffessiionalls.. Offtten peoplle iin geogrraphiicall arreas
                                                                         p o ess ona s O en peop e n geog aph ca a eas
tthe shiirrtt and iis usualllly worrn att tthe hiip.. IItt allso
  he sh and s usua y wo n a he h p a so                                  wiitth sparrse mediicall ffaciilliittiies ffeell uncomfforrttablle
                                                                         w h spa se med ca ac es ee uncom o ab e
serrved as a perrsonall computterr so tthatt wearrerrs can
se ved as a pe sona compu e so ha wea e s can                            aboutt lleaviing tthe hospiittall siince tthey arre no llongerr
                                                                         abou eav ng he hosp a s nce hey a e no onge
access tthe iintterrnett,, lliistten tto musiic,, orr check e--
access he n e ne s en o mus c o check e                                  underr tthe carre off mediicall prroffessiionalls.. Thiis
                                                                         unde he ca e o med ca p o ess ona s Th s
maiill.. Now,, tthe perrsonall sttattus moniittorr has been
ma Now he pe sona s a us mon o has been                                  uncerrttaiintty and iinsecurriitty can offtten hiinderr ttheiirr
                                                                         unce a n y and nsecu y can o en h nde he
iinttegrratted iintto tthe shiirrtt iittsellff.. The systtem iis allso
  n eg a ed n o he sh                   se The sys em s a so             rrecoverry.. Wearriing tthe GTWM and knowiing tthatt
                                                                           ecove y Wea ng he GTWM and know ng ha
compllettelly wiirrelless.. The GTWM iidenttiiffiies tthe
comp e e y w e ess The GTWM den es he                                    ttheiirr healltth iis conttiinuiing tto be moniittorred
                                                                           he hea h s con nu ng o be mon o ed
exactt llocattiion off tthe physiicall prrobllem orr iinjjurry
exac oca on o he phys ca p ob em o n u y                                 rremottelly may allllay ttheiirr ffearrs and hellp tthem
                                                                           emo e y may a ay he ea s and he p hem
and ttrransmiitts tthe iinfforrmattiion iin seconds.. Thiis
and ansm s he n o ma on n seconds Th s                                   rrecoverry morre quiicklly and successffulllly..
                                                                           ecove y mo e qu ck y and success u y
hellps tto detterrmiine who needs iimmediiatte attttenttiion
he ps o de e m ne who needs mmed a e a en on
wiitthiin tthe ffiirrstt hourr off combatt,, whiich iis offtten tthe
w h n he s hou o comba wh ch s o en he                                   The GTWM coulld allso be used tto llearrn morre
                                                                         The GTWM cou d a so be used o ea n mo e
mostt crriittiicall durriing battttlle..
mos c ca du ng ba e                                                      aboutt menttalllly iillll pattiientts.. These pattiientts need
                                                                         abou men a y pa en s These pa en s need
                                                                         consttantt moniittorriing iin orrderr tto gett a betttterr
                                                                         cons an mon o ng n o de o ge a be e
v OTHER USES OF GTWM                                                     underrsttandiing off how ttiierr viittall siigns arre rrellatted tto
                                                                         unde s and ng o how e v a s gns a e e a ed o
                                                                         ttheiirr behaviiorr patttterrns.. Thiis iinfforrmattiion coulld
                                                                           he behav o pa e ns Th s n o ma on cou d
Alltthough tthe GTWM iis iinttended fforr use iin
A hough he GTWM s n ended o use n
                                                                         hellp docttorrs detterrmiine tthe effffectts off tthe ttrreattmentt
                                                                         he p doc o s de e m ne he e ec s o he ea men
combatt and iis lliikelly tto be used by tthe miilliittarry,,
comba and s ke y o be used by he m a y
                                                                         menttalllly iillll pattiientts rreceiive and coulld hellp
                                                                         men a y pa en s ece ve and cou d he p
polliice,, and ffiirremen,, iitt iis morre wiidelly applliicablle..
po ce and emen                     s mo e w de y app cab e
                                                                         docttorrs deciide how and iiff tthe ttrreattmentt shoulld be
                                                                         doc o s dec de how and he ea men shou d be
Siince tthe GTWM prroviides a ffrrameworrk fforr
S nce he GTWM p ov des a amewo k o
                                                                         adjjustted.. Asttrronautts allso need consttantt
                                                                         ad us ed As onau s a so need cons an
iincorrporrattiing sensorrs,, moniittorrs,, and iinfforrmattiion
  nco po a ng senso s mon o s and n o ma on
                                                                         moniittorriing off ttheiirr viittall sttattiisttiics,, and tthe GTWM
                                                                         mon o ng o he v a s a s cs and he GTWM
prrocessiing deviices,, iitt coulld be used fforr any
p ocess ng dev ces cou d be used o any
                                                                         coulld hellp peoplle on tthe earrtth underrsttand tthe
                                                                         cou d he p peop e on he ea h unde s and he
purrpose tthatt rrequiirres arround tthe cllock moniittorriing
pu pose ha equ es a ound he c ock mon o ng
effffectts off tthe enviirronmentt iin outterr space on tthe
e ec s o he env onmen n ou e space on he                              GTWM,, may become parranoiid aboutt ttheiirr healltth
                                                                      GTWM may become pa ano d abou he hea h
body                                                                  wiitth tthe added iinfforrmattiion..
                                                                      w h he added n o ma on

Addiittiionalllly,, tthe "Smarrtt Shiirrtt" can be ttaiillorred tto
Add ona y he "Sma Sh " can be a o ed o                                viiiiii)) THE VALUE ADDED BY GTWM
                                                                      v THE VALUE ADDED BY GTWM
ffiitt anyone,, lliike any ottherr shiirrtt.. Forr examplle,, a
       anyone ke any o he sh Fo examp e a
                                                                      The GTWM iis a brreaktthrrough ttechnollogy
                                                                      The GTWM s a b eak h ough echno ogy
baby wearriing a GTWM coulld have hiis orr herr viittall
baby wea ng a GTWM cou d have h s o he v a
                                                                      because iitt iis tthe ffiirrstt unobttrrusiive and noniinvasiive
                                                                      because s he s unob us ve and non nvas ve
siigns moniittorred.. Thiis woulld be especiialllly hellpffull
s gns mon o ed Th s wou d be espec a y he p u
                                                                      way off moniittorriing viittall sttattiisttiics.. Furrttherrmorre,,
                                                                      way o mon o ng v a s a s cs Fu he mo e
siince some babiies arre prrone tto sudden iinffantt
s nce some bab es a e p one o sudden n an
                                                                      tthe GTWM iis worrn comfforrttablly underrneatth
                                                                        he GTWM s wo n com o ab y unde nea h
deatth syndrrome ((SIIDS)),, whiich offtten sttrriikes
dea h synd ome S DS wh ch o en s kes
                                                                      cllotthiing,, lliike an underrshiirrtt,, and can be siized tto ffiitt
                                                                      c o h ng ke an unde sh and can be s zed o
unexpecttedlly durriing slleep..
unexpec ed y du ng s eep
                                                                      a varriietty off peoplle.. Therrefforre,, iitt iis ffllexiiblle and
                                                                      a va e y o peop e The e o e                      s ex b e and
                                                                      custtomiizablle tto tthe wearrerr.. Anottherr iintterresttiing
                                                                      cus om zab e o he wea e Ano he n e es ng
                                                                      ffeatturre off tthe GTWM iis tthatt iitt iis washablle..
                                                                        ea u e o he GTWM s ha                    s washab e

                                                                      The GTWM coulld be cllassiiffiied as a wearrablle
                                                                      The GTWM cou d be c ass ed as a wea ab e
                                                                      computtiing deviice.. Once tthe wearrerr has pllugged
                                                                      compu ng dev ce Once he wea e has p ugged
  Fiigure 5:: An iinffantt wears a ttaiillored "Smartt
  F gure 5 An n an wears a a ored "Smar                               tthe sensorrs iintto tthe GTWM,, he orr she prroceeds as
                                                                        he senso s n o he GTWM he o she p oceeds as
                             Sh r "                                   iiff wearriing any ottherr iittem off cllotthiing.. IItt iis
                                                                           wea ng any o he em o c o h ng                         s
                                                                      iinttended tto be as unobttrrusiive as possiiblle,, and no
                                                                        n ended o be as unob us ve as poss b e and no
Atthllettes coulld allso use tthe moniittorriing systtem
A h e es cou d a so use he mon o ng sys em
                                                                      diirrectt maniipullattiion off tthe deviice iis rrequiirred once
                                                                      d ec man pu a on o he dev ce s equ ed once
durriing prracttiice and compettiittiions tto ttrrack and
du ng p ac ce and compe ons o ack and
                                                                      tthe iiniittiiall settup iis complletted.. IItt iis unlliike ottherr
                                                                        he n a se up s comp e ed                        s un ke o he
enhance perrfforrmance..
enhance pe o mance
                                                                      wearrablle computterrs iin tthatt iitt iis nearrlly iinviisiiblle
                                                                      wea ab e compu e s n ha                  s nea y nv s b e
Morreoverr,, healltthy peoplle coulld wearr tthe GTWM
Mo eove hea hy peop e cou d wea he GTWM                               siince iitt iis worrn underrneatth norrmall cllotthiing.. Stteve
                                                                      s nce s wo n unde nea h no ma c o h ng S eve
durriing exerrciise iin orrderr tto make surre tthatt tthey arre
du ng exe c se n o de o make su e ha hey a e                          Mann,, a wearrablle computtiing piioneerr,, suggestts
                                                                      Mann a wea ab e compu ng p onee sugges s
exerrciisiing wiitthiin saffe parrametterrs,, and tthe GTWM
exe c s ng w h n sa e pa ame e s and he GTWM                          tthatt "Smarrtt" cllotthiing iis a fforrm off exiisttenttiiall
                                                                        ha "Sma " c o h ng s a o m o ex s en a
encourrages iindiiviidualls tto ttake an acttiive rrolle iin
encou ages nd v dua s o ake an ac ve o e n                            mediia.. "Exiisttenttiiall mediia deffiines new fforrms off
                                                                      med a "Ex s en a med a de nes new o ms o
diiagnosiis and maiinttenance.. The ottherr siide off tthiis
d agnos s and ma n enance The o he s de o h s                         sociiall iintterracttiion tthrrough enhanced abiilliittiies fforr
                                                                      soc a n e ac on h ough enhanced ab es o
iissue iis tthe possiibiilliitty off prromottiing
  ssue s he poss b y o p omo ng                                       sellff exprressiion and sellff acttualliizattiion,, as wellll as
                                                                      se exp ess on and se ac ua za on as we as
hypochondrriia.. As iin tthe case off mediicall sttudentts
hypochond a As n he case o med ca s uden s                            tthrrough sellff--detterrmiinattiion.."
                                                                        h ough se de e m na on "
who ffiirrstt llearrn aboutt sympttoms off diiseases,, tthe
who s ea n abou symp oms o d seases he
                                                                      iix)) AVAILABILTTY AND ACCESS OF
                                                                        x AVAILABILTTY AND ACCESS OF
userrs off a healltth--moniittorriing deviice such as tthe
use s o a hea h mon o ng dev ce such as he
The GTWM iis currrrenttlly beiing manuffactturred fforr
The GTWM s cu en y be ng manu ac u ed o
commerrciiall use underr tthe name "Smarrtt
comme c a use unde he name "Sma
Shiirrtt".. Sensattex//Liiffelliink iis manuffactturriing tthe
Sh " Sensa ex L e nk s manu ac u ng he
"Smarrtt Shiirrtt",, whiich shoulld be avaiillablle earrlly
"Sma Sh " wh ch shou d be ava ab e ea y
nextt yearr.. The company pllans tto devellop
nex yea The company p ans o deve op
rrellattiionshiips wiitth ffiirreffiightterr grroups,, docttorrs and
  e a onsh ps w h e gh e g oups doc o s and
ottherrs iin orrderr tto crreatte "wearrablle mottherrboarrds,,"
o he s n o de o c ea e "wea ab e mo he boa ds "
tthatt meett ttheiirr diifffferrentt needs
  ha mee he d e en needs

                                                                       The iintterrconnecttiion ttechnollogy has been used tto
                                                                       The n e connec on echno ogy has been used o
                                                                       iinttegrratte sensorrs fforr moniittorriing tthe ffollllowiing
                                                                         n eg a e senso s o mon o ng he o ow ng
                                                                       viittall siigns:: ttemperratturre,, hearrtt rratte and rrespiirrattiion
                                                                       v a s gns empe a u e hea a e and esp a on
         Mediicall Moniittorriing
          Med ca Mon o ng                                              rratte ..IIn addiittiion a miicrrophone has been attttached
                                                                         a e n add on a m c ophone has been a ached
               o    Diisease Moniittorriing
                    D sease Mon o ng                                   tto ttrransmiitt tthe weaverrs voiice datta tto moniittorriing
                                                                         o ansm he weave s vo ce da a o mon o ng
               o    IInffantt Moniittorriing
                      n an Mon o ng                                    llocattiions.. Ottherr sensorrs can be easiilly iinttegrratted
                                                                         oca ons O he senso s can be eas y n eg a ed
               o    Obsttettrriics Moniittorriing
                    Obs e cs Mon o ng                                  iintto tthe sttrructturre.. The ffllexiiblle datta bus iinttegrratted
                                                                         n o he s uc u e The ex b e da a bus n eg a ed
         Clliiniicall Trriialls Moniittorriing
          C n ca T a s Mon o ng                                        iintto tthe sttrriictturre ttrransmiitts tthe iinfforrmattiion ffrrom
                                                                         n o he s c u e ansm s he n o ma on om
         Atthllettiics
          A h e cs                                                     tthe suiitte off tthe sensorrs tto tthe mullttiiffuncttiion
                                                                         he su e o he senso s o he mu unc on
         Biioffeedback
          B o eedback                                                  prrocessorr known as tthe Smarrtt shiirrtt conttrrollllerr..
                                                                       p ocesso known as he Sma sh con o e
         Miilliittarry Uses
          M a y Uses                                                   Thiis conttrrollllerr iin tturrn prrocesses tthe siignalls and
                                                                       Th s con o e n u n p ocesses he s gna s and
                                                                       ttrransmiitt tthem wiirrellesslly tto desiirred llocattiions ((eg::
                                                                           ansm hem w e ess y o des ed oca ons eg
    Figure 6: Scenarios of Use for the "Smart
                                                                       docttorr’’s offffiice,, hospiittall,, battttlleffiielld)).. The bus allso
                                                                       doc o s o ce hosp a ba e e d The bus a so
                                                                       serrves tto ttrransmiitt iinfforrmattiion tto tthe sensorrs ((and
                                                                       se ves o ansm n o ma on o he senso s and
                                                                       hence tthe weaverr)) ffrrom tthe extterrnall sourrces,, tthus
                                                                       hence he weave           om he ex e na sou ces hus
                                                                       makiing tthe smarrtt shiirrtt a valluablle iinfforrmattiion
                                                                       mak ng he sma sh a va uab e n o ma on
                                                                         n as uc u e
                                                                       A combatt solldiierr sensorr tto hiis body,, pulllls tthe
                                                                       A comba so d e senso o h s body pu s he
smarrtt shiirrtt on,, and attttaches tthe sensorrs tto tthe
sma sh on and a aches he senso s o he                                    hearrtt beatt and rrespiirrattorry rratte.. Thiis iinfforrmattiion
                                                                         hea bea and esp a o y a e Th s n o ma on
smarrtt shiirrtt.. The smarrtt shiirrtt ffuncttiions lliike a
sma sh The sma sh unc ons ke a                                           iis viittall fforr accessiing who needs assiisttance ffiirrstt
                                                                           s v a o access ng who needs ass s ance s
mo0ttherrboarrd,, wiitth pllasttiic opttiicall ffiiberrs and
mo0 he boa d w h p as c op ca be s and                                   durriing tthe ``so--calllled “Gollden Hourr” iin whiich
                                                                         du ng he so ca ed “Go den Hou ” n wh ch
ottherr speciiall ffiiberrs woven tthrroughoutt tthe acttuall
o he spec a be s woven h oughou he ac ua                                 ttherre arre numerrous casuallttiies..
                                                                           he e a e nume ous casua es
ffabrriic off tthe shiirrtt.. To piinpoiintt tthe exactt llocattiion
  ab c o he sh To p npo n he exac oca on
off a bullllett penettrrattiion,, a “siignall” iis sentt ffrrom one
o a bu e pene a on a “s gna ” s sen om one                               xii)) APPLICATIONS OF SMART SHIRT
                                                                         x APPLICATIONS OF SMART SHIRT
end off tthe pllasttiic opttiicall ffiiberr tto a rreceiiverr att tthe
end o he p as c op ca be o a ece ve a he
ottherr end.. The emiitttterr and tthe rreceiiverr arre
o he end The em e and he ece ve a e                                             Combatt cassualltty carre..
                                                                                Comba ca ua y ca e
connectted tto a Perrsonall Sttattus Moniittorr ((psm))
connec ed o a Pe sona S a us Mon o psm                                          Mediicall moniittorriing..
                                                                                Med ca mon o ng
worrn att tthe hiip llevell by tthe solldiierr.. IIff tthe lliightt
wo n a he h p eve by he so d e                          he gh
                                                                                Sporrttss// Perrfforrmance moniittorriing..
                                                                                Spo Pe o mance mon o ng
ffrrom tthe emiitttterr does nott rreach tthe rreceiiverr
    om he em e does no each he ece ve
                                                                                Space experriimenttss..
                                                                                Space expe men
iinsiide tthe PSM,, iitt siigniiffiies tthatt tthe smarrtt shiirrtt
  ns de he PSM s gn es ha he sma sh
has been penettrratted ((ii..e..;; tthe solldiierr has been
                                                                                Miissssiion crriittiicall// hazarrdouss applliicattiion..
                                                                                M on c ca haza dou app ca on
has been pene a ed e he so d e has been
shott)).. The siignall bounces back tto tthe PSM fforrum
sho The s gna bounces back o he PSM o um                                        Fiirre-- ffiighttiing..
                                                                                F e gh ng
tthe poiintt off penettrrattiion,, hellpiing tthe mediicall
  he po n o pene a on he p ng he med ca                                         Wearrablle mobiille iinfforrmattiion
                                                                                Wea ab e mob e n o ma on
perrsonnell piinpoiintt tthe exactt llocattiion tthe solliiderr
pe sonne p npo n he exac oca on he so de                                            iinffrrasttrructturre..
                                                                                      n as uc u e

                                                                         The viittall siigns iinfforrmattiion gattherred by tthe
                                                                         The v a s gns n o ma on ga he ed by he
The solldiierrs viittall siigns –hearrtt rratte,, ttemperratturre,,
The so d e s v a s gns –hea a e empe a u e
                                                                         varriious sensorrs on tthe body ttrravells tthrrough tthe
                                                                         va ous senso s on he body ave s h ough he
rrespiirrattiion rratte ettc.. arre moniittorred iin ttwo ways::
  esp a on a e e c a e mon o ed n wo ways
                                                                         smarrtt shiirrtt conttrrollllerr fforr prrocessiing,, ffrrom tthese,,
                                                                         sma sh con o e o p ocess ng om hese
tthrrough tthe sensorrs iinttegrratted iintto tthe T--shiirrtt::
  h ough he senso s n eg a ed n o he T sh
                                                                         tthe computted viittall siignalls arre wiirrellesslly
                                                                           he compu ed v a s gna s a e w e ess y
and tthrrough tthe sensorrs on tthe solldiierr’’s body,,
and h ough he senso s on he so d e s body
                                                                         ttrransmiitttted usiing tthe “communiicattiion
                                                                             ansm ed us ng he “commun ca on
botth off whiich arre connectted tto tthe PSM..
bo h o wh ch a e connec ed o he PSM
                                                                         iinfforrmattiion iinffrrasttrructturre” iin pllace iin tthatt
                                                                           n o ma on n as uc u e” n p ace n ha
IInfforrmattiion on tthe solldiierrs wound and tthe
  n o ma on on he so d e s wound and he
                                                                         applliicattiion ((e..g..:: tthe ffiirreffiightterrs,, communiicattiion
                                                                         app ca on e g he e gh e s commun ca on
condiittiion iis iimmediiattelly ttrransmiitttted
cond on s mmed a e y ansm ed
                                                                         systtems,, battttlleffiielld communiicattiion iinffrrasttrructturre,,
                                                                         sys ems ba e e d commun ca on n as uc u e
ellecttrroniicalllly ffrrom tthe PSM tto a mediicall ttrriiage
e ec on ca y om he PSM o a med ca age
                                                                         tthe hospiittall nettworrk)) tto tthe moniittorriing sttattiion..
                                                                           he hosp a ne wo k o he mon o ng s a on
uniitt somewherre nearr tthe battttlleffiielld.. The ttrriiage
un somewhe e nea he ba e e d The age
                                                                         Therre,, tthe back--end Datta diispllay and
                                                                         The e he back end Da a d sp ay and
uniitt tthem diispattches tthe apprroxiimatte mediicall
un hem d spa ches he app ox ma e med ca
                                                                         Managementt systtem – wiitth a buiilltt –iin knowlledge
                                                                         Managemen sys em – w h a bu – n know edge
perrsonnell tto tthe scene ..The Georrgiia ttech smarrtt
pe sonne o he scene The Geo g a ech sma
                                                                         –based deciisiion supporrtt systtem-- iin rreverrse tthese
                                                                         –based dec s on suppo sys em n eve se hese
shiirrtt can hellp a physiiciian detterrmiine tthe exttentt off
sh can he p a phys c an de e m ne he ex en o
a solldiierrs iinjjurriies based on tthe sttrrengtth off hiis
a so d e s n u es based on he s eng h o h s
viittall siigns ask iin rreall--ttiime and prroviide tthe rriightt
v a s gns ask n ea me and p ov de he gh                                 tthe physiiciian can admiiniisttrratte tthe rriightt
                                                                          he phys c an can adm n s a e he gh
rresponse tto tthe siittuattiion..
  esponse o he s ua on                                                  iinvesttmentt att tthe rriightt ttiime att tthe rriightt costt and
                                                                          nves men a he gh me a he gh cos and
                                                                        iindeed save a lliiffe,, ttherreby rrealliiziing tthe ffullll
                                                                          ndeed save a e he eby ea z ng he u
x IMPACT OF THE SMART SHIRT                                             pottenttiiall off tthe smarrtt shiirrtt ttechnollogy..
                                                                        po en a o he sma sh echno ogy

The smarrtt shiirrtt wiillll have siigniiffiicantt iimpactt on tthe
The sma sh w have s gn can mpac on he
prracttiice off mediium siince iitt ffullffiilllls tthe crriittiicall
p ac ce o med um s nce u s he c ca                                      Furrttherr morre,, perrsons who have known diisorrderrs
                                                                        Fu he mo e pe sons who have known d so de s
need fforr a ttechnollogy tthatt can enhance tthe qualliitty
need o a echno ogy ha can enhance he qua y                              can wearr tthe smarrtt shiirrtt and be underr consttantt
                                                                        can wea he sma sh and be unde cons an
off lliiffe whiille rreduciing tthe healltth carre costt acrross
o e wh e educ ng he hea h ca e cos ac oss                               moniittorriing off tthe physiicall condiittiions by mediicall
                                                                        mon o ng o he phys ca cond ons by med ca
tthe conttiinuum off lliiffe tthatt iis ffrrom newborrns tto
  he con nuum o e ha s om newbo ns o                                    perrsonnell.. Yett anottherr pottenttiiall iimpactt off tthe
                                                                        pe sonne Ye ano he po en a mpac o he
seniiorr ciittiizens,, and acrross tthe conttiinuum off
sen o c zens and ac oss he con nuum o                                   smarrtt shiirrtt ttechnollogy iis tthe eventtuall
                                                                        sma sh echno ogy s he even ua
mediicall carre tthatt iis ffrrom hospiittalls and
med ca ca e ha s om hosp a s and                                        diisappearrance off geogrraphiicall//physiicall
                                                                        d sappea ance o geog aph ca phys ca
everrywherre iin bettween..
eve ywhe e n be ween                                                    boundarriies as barrrriierrs fforr iindiiviiduall seekiing tthe
                                                                        bounda es as ba e s o nd v dua seek ng he
The smarrtt shiirrtt can conttrriibutte tto rreducttiion iin
The sma sh can con bu e o educ on n                                     bestt iin healltthcarre worrlldwiide..
                                                                        bes n hea hca e wo dw de
healltth carre costt whiille enhanciing tthe qualliitty off
hea h ca e cos wh e enhanc ng he qua y o
lliiffe.. Forr iinsttance,, pattiientts coulld wearr tthe smarrtt
      e Fo ns ance pa en s cou d wea he sma                             The smarrtt shiirrtt ttechnollogy has tthe means tto
                                                                        The sma sh echno ogy has he means o
shiirrtt att home and be moniittorred by a moniittorriing
sh a home and be mon o ed by a mon o ng                                 prroviide unobsttrructted moniittorriing fforr iindiiviidualls
                                                                        p ov de unobs uc ed mon o ng o nd v dua s
sttattiion;; ttherreby avoiidiing hospiittall sttay costt and
s a on he eby avo d ng hosp a s ay cos and                              and can ttherreby pllay a crriittiicall rrolle diisease
                                                                        and can he eby p ay a c ca o e d sease
rreduciing tthe overrallll costt off healltthcarre.. Att allso
  educ ng he ove a cos o hea hca e A a so                               managementt fforr tthe llarrge numberrs off iindiiviidualls
                                                                        managemen o he a ge numbe s o nd v dua s
same home,, a home settttiing can conttrriibutte tto
same home a home se ng can con bu e o                                   att rriisk fforr hiigh bllood prressurre,, hearrtt diisease,,
                                                                        a sk o h gh b ood p essu e hea d sease
ffastterr rrecoverry.. Forr examplle,, iiff tthe pattiientt
  as e ecove y Fo examp e                     he pa en                  diiabettes,, chrroniic brronchiittiis,, and deprressiion by
                                                                        d abe es ch on c b onch s and dep ess on by
rrecoverriing att home ffrrom hearrtt surrgerry iis wearriing
  ecove ng a home om hea su ge y s wea ng                               enablliing earrlly systtemattiic iintterrventtiion..
                                                                        enab ng ea y sys ema c n e ven on
tthe smarrtt shiirrtt,, tthe ECG can be ttrransmiitttted
  he sma sh               he ECG can be ansm ed
                                                                        xiiii)) LIMITATIONS AND ISSUES OS SMART
                                                                        x LIMITATIONS AND ISSUES OS SMART
wiirrellesslly ((tthrrough mobiille phone,, iintterrnett ettc)) tto
w e ess y h ough mob e phone n e ne e c o
tthe hospiittall on a rregullarr basiis.. Thiis moniittorriing
  he hosp a on a egu a bas s Th s mon o ng
wiillll hellp tthe pattiientt ffeell morre “securre” and wiillll
w he p he pa en ee mo e “secu e” and w                                  Some off tthe wiirrelless ttechnollogy needed tto
                                                                        Some o he w e ess echno ogy needed o
ffaciilliittatte tthe rrecuperrattiion whiille siimullttaneouslly
  ac a e he ecupe a on wh e s mu aneous y                               supporrtt tthe moniittorriing capabiilliittiies off tthe "Smarrtt
                                                                        suppo he mon o ng capab es o he "Sma
rreduciing tthe costt ttiime associiatted wiitth rrecoverry..
  educ ng he cos me assoc a ed w h ecove y                              Shiirrtt" iis nott compllettelly rrelliiablle.. The "Smarrtt
                                                                        Sh " s no comp e e y e ab e The "Sma
Morreoverr,, iin tthe eventt off an emerrgency,, tthe
Mo eove n he even o an eme gency he                                     Shiirrtt" systtem uses Blluettootth and WLAN.. Botth off
                                                                        Sh " sys em uses B ue oo h and WLAN Bo h o
docttorr can be nottiiffiied iinsttanttaneouslly.. Usiing tthe
doc o can be no ed ns an aneous y Us ng he                              tthese ttechnollogiies arre iin ttheiirr fforrmattiive sttages
                                                                          hese echno og es a e n he o ma ve s ages
onlliine mediicall rrecorrds ((avaiillablle overr tthe web))
on ne med ca eco ds ava ab e ove he web
and iitt wiillll ttake some ttiime befforre tthey become
and w ake some me be o e hey become                                         prriivacy.. Addiittiionalllly,, tthe datta tthatt iis ttrransfferrrred
                                                                            p vacy Add ona y he da a ha s ans e ed
dependablle and wiidesprread..
dependab e and w desp ead                                                   by tthe "Smarrtt Shiirrtt" coulld be used fforr purrposes
                                                                            by he "Sma Sh " cou d be used o pu poses
                                                                            ottherr tthan tthe iinttended,, and coulld be viiewed by
                                                                            o he han he n ended and cou d be v ewed by
           Fiigure 7:: "Smartt Shiirtt" Pllattfform
           F gure 7 "Smar Sh r " P a orm                                    unautthorriized peoplle.. Dattabases aboutt iindiiviidualls
                                                                            unau ho zed peop e Da abases abou nd v dua s
                         Imp emen a on                                      coulld allso be lliinked tto prroviide morre iinfforrmattiion
                                                                            cou d a so be nked o p ov de mo e n o ma on
                                                                            tthan iis necessarry fforr tthiis applliicattiion.. Allll off tthese
                                                                              han s necessa y o h s app ca on A o hese
                                                                            possiibiilliittiies coulld comprromiise tthe prriivacy off tthe
                                                                            poss b es cou d comp om se he p vacy o he
                                                                              nd v dua

                                                                            Furrttherrmorre,, Drr.. Molllly Coylle,, ffounderr off Healltth
                                                                            Fu he mo e D Mo y Coy e ounde o Hea h
                                                                            Technollogy Centterr iin San Frranciisco,, a non--prroffiitt
                                                                            Techno ogy Cen e n San F anc sco a non p o
                                                                            orrganiizattiion tthatt rresearrches tthe rrolle off ttechnollogy
                                                                            o gan za on ha esea ches he o e o echno ogy
                                                                            iin iimprroviing healltth,, belliieves tthatt moniittorriing fforr
                                                                              n mp ov ng hea h be eves ha mon o ng o
Addiittiionalllly,, tthe ttechnollogy seems tto holld tthe
Add ona y he echno ogy seems o ho d he
                                                                            healltthy peoplle may exacerrbatte hypochondrriia..
                                                                            hea hy peop e may exace ba e hypochond a
grreattestt prromiise fforr mediicall moniittorriing..
g ea es p om se o med ca mon o ng
Howeverr,, tthe "Smarrtt Shiirrtt" att tthiis sttage off
Howeve he "Sma Sh " a h s s age o                                           IIn my rresearrch on "Smarrtt Cllotthiing",, ttherre was
                                                                              n my esea ch on "Sma C o h ng" he e was
devellopmentt onlly dettectts and allerrtts mediicall
deve opmen on y de ec s and a e s med ca                                    neverr any menttiion off tthe costt tto manuffactturre orr
                                                                            neve any men on o he cos o manu ac u e o
prroffessiionalls off iirrrregullarriittiies iin pattiientts'' viittall
p o ess ona s o             egu a es n pa en s v a                          keep up tthe systtem tthatt iitt rrequiirres.. Thiis suggestts
                                                                            keep up he sys em ha               equ es Th s sugges s
sttattiisttiics orr emerrgency siittuattiions.. IItt does nott yett
s a s cs o eme gency s ua ons does no ye                                    tthatt tthe costt may be somewhatt prrohiibiittiive fforr
                                                                              ha he cos may be somewha p oh b ve o
rrespond tto dangerrous healltth condiittiions..
  espond o dange ous hea h cond ons                                         wiidesprread use.. Furrttherrmorre,, siince iitts mostt noblle
                                                                            w desp ead use Fu he mo e s nce s mos nob e
Therrefforre,, iitt wiillll nott be hellpffull tto pattiientts iiff tthey
The e o e w no be he p u o pa en s hey                                      applliicattiions seem tto be iin tthe arrea off mediicall
                                                                            app ca ons seem o be n he a ea o med ca
do fface complliicattiions afftterr surrgerry and tthey arre
do ace comp ca ons a e su ge y and hey a e                                  moniittorriing and ttellemediiciine iin parrttiicullarr,, wherre
                                                                            mon o ng and e emed c ne n pa cu a whe e
ffarr away ffrrom mediicall carre,, siince tthe ttechnollogy
  a away om med ca ca e s nce he echno ogy                                  tthe lliikelliihood tthatt pattiientts arre allrready spendiing a
                                                                              he ke hood ha pa en s a e a eady spend ng a
cannott yett ffiix orr addrress tthese prrobllems
canno ye x o add ess hese p ob ems                                          llott off money on mediicall carre,, iitt iis uncerrttaiin
                                                                              o o money on med ca ca e                  s unce a n
iindependenttlly,, wiitthoutt tthe prresence off a
  ndependen y w hou he p esence o a                                         whettherr tthiis popullattiion wiillll be ablle tto afffforrd tthiis
                                                                            whe he h s popu a on w be ab e o a o d h s
physiiciian.. Futturre rresearrch iin tthiis arrea off
phys c an Fu u e esea ch n h s a ea o                                       kiind off ttechnollogy..
                                                                            k nd o echno ogy
rresponsiiveness iis ongoiing..
  espons veness s ongo ng
                                                                            IIn tthe case off ttellemediiciine and tthe
                                                                              n he case o e emed c ne and he
As iis tthe case fforr any moniittorriing systtem,, tthe
As s he case o any mon o ng sys em he                                       afforrementtiioned scenarriio off use wiitth pattiientts
                                                                            a o emen oned scena o o use w h pa en s
prriivacy off tthe wearrerr coulld be comprromiised.. Forr
p vacy o he wea e cou d be comp om sed Fo                                   rrecoverriing ffrrom surrgerry,, ttherre iis allso tthe
                                                                              ecove ng om su ge y he e s a so he
examplle,, a GTWM tthatt iis outtffiitttted wiitth a
examp e a GTWM ha s ou ed w h a                                             possiibiilliitty tthatt pattiientts may be rrelleased ffrrom
                                                                            poss b y ha pa en s may be e eased om
miicrrophone orr GPS may comprromiise tthe wearrerr''s
m c ophone o GPS may comp om se he wea e s                                  hospiittalls prrematturrelly because docttorrs may
                                                                            hosp a s p ema u e y because doc o s may
x v OTHER INTERESTING SMART                                                   Eassy tto wearr and ttakeoffff..
                                                                              Ea y o wea and akeo
CLOTHING                                                                      Reduciing tthe healltth carre cosstt
                                                                              Reduc ng he hea h ca e co
Therre arre allso ottherr "Smarrtt Cllotthes" tthatt arre
The e a e a so o he "Sma C o hes" ha a e
                                                                        XVI)) DISADVANTAGES OF THE SMART
                                                                        XVI DISADVANTAGES OF THE SMART
aiimed att consumerr use.. Forr examplle,, Phiilliips,, a
a med a consume use Fo examp e Ph ps a
Brriittiish consumerr ellecttrroniics manuffactturrerr,, has
B sh consume e ec on cs manu ac u e has
develloped new ffabrriics,, whiich arre bllended wiitth
deve oped new ab cs wh ch a e b ended w h
conducttiive matterriialls tthatt arre powerred by                            IIniittiiall cosstt iiss hiigh
                                                                              n a co                   h gh
conduc ve ma e a s ha a e powe ed by
rremovablle 9V batttterriies.. These ffabrriics have been
  emovab e 9V ba e es These ab cs have been                                   Batttterry lliiffe iiss llessss
                                                                              Ba e y e e
ttestted iin wett condiittiions and have prroven rresiilliientt
  es ed n we cond ons and have p oven es en
and saffe fforr wearrerrs.. One prrottottype tthatt Phiilliips
and sa e o wea e s One p o o ype ha Ph ps                               xviiii)) FUTURE TRENDS
                                                                        xv FUTURE TRENDS
has develloped iis a chiilld''s "bugsuiitt" tthatt iinttegrrattes
has deve oped s a ch d s "bugsu " ha n eg a es
a GPS systtem and a diigiitt camerra woven iintto tthe
a GPS sys em and a d g came a woven n o he                              By prroviidiing tthe “pllattfforrm” fforr a suiitte off sensorrs
                                                                        By p ov d ng he “p a o m” o a su e o senso s
ffabrriic wiitth an ellecttrroniic game panell on tthe
  ab c w h an e ec on c game pane on he                                 tthatt can be uttiilliized tto moniittorr an iindiiviiduall
                                                                          ha can be u zed o mon o an nd v dua
slleeve.. Thiis allllows parrentts tto moniittorr tthe chiilld''s
s eeve Th s a ows pa en s o mon o he ch d s                             unobttrrusiivelly.. Smarrtt Shiirrtt ttechnollogy opens up
                                                                        unob us ve y Sma Sh echno ogy opens up
llocattiion and acttiions.. Anottherr Phiilliips prroductt iis a
  oca on and ac ons Ano he Ph ps p oduc s a                             exiisttiing opporrttuniittiies tto devellop “adapttiive and
                                                                        ex s ng oppo un es o deve op “adap ve and
lliive--saviing skii jjackett tthatt has a buiilltt iin
    ve sav ng sk acke ha has a bu n                                     rresponsiive” systtems tthatt can “tthiink” and “actt”
                                                                          espons ve” sys ems ha can “ h nk” and “ac ”
ttherrmometterr,, GPS,, and prroxiimiitty sensorr.. The
  he mome e GPS and p ox m y senso The                                  based on tthe userrs condiittiion,, sttiimullii and
                                                                        based on he use s cond on s mu and
ttherrmometterr moniittorrs tthe skiierr''s body
  he mome e mon o s he sk e s body                                      enviirronmentt.. Thus,, tthe rriich viittall siigns delltta
                                                                        env onmen Thus he ch v a s gns de a
ttemperratturre and heatts tthe ffabrriic iiff iitt dettectts a
  empe a u e and hea s he ab c                      de ec s a           stteam ffrrom tthe smarrtt shiirrtt can be used tto desiign
                                                                        s eam om he sma sh can be used o des gn
drrasttiic ffallll iin tthe body ttemperratturre.. The GPS
d as c a n he body empe a u e The GPS                                   and experriimentt “rreall--ttiime” ffeedback mechaniism
                                                                        and expe men “ ea me” eedback mechan sm
llocattes tthe skiierr,, and tthe prroxiimiitty sensorr ttelllls tthe
  oca es he sk e and he p ox m y senso e s he                           ((as parrtt off tthe smarrtt shiirrtt systtem)) tto embrrace tthe
                                                                          as pa o he sma sh sys em o emb ace he
skiierr iiff ottherr skiierrs arre nearrby.. Phiilliips suggestts
sk e o he sk e s a e nea by Ph ps sugges s                              qualliitty off carre fforr tthiis iindiiviiduall by prroviidiing
                                                                        qua y o ca e o h s nd v dua by p ov d ng
tthatt wearrablle computterrs wiillll be wiidelly used by
  ha wea ab e compu e s w be w de y used by                             apprroprriiatte and ttiimelly mediicall iinspecttiions..
                                                                        app op a e and me y med ca nspec ons
tthe end off tthe nextt decade..
  he end o he nex decade
                                                                        Cerrttaiin iindiiviidualls arre suscepttiiblle tto anaphyllaxiis
                                                                        Ce a n nd v dua s a e suscep b e o anaphy ax s
XV ADVANTAGES OF THE SMART                                              rreacttiion ((an allllerrgiic rreacttiion)) when sttung by a
                                                                          eac on an a e g c eac on when s ung by a
SHIRT                                                                   bee orr spiiderr and need a shott off epiinephrriine
                                                                        bee o sp de and need a sho o ep neph ne
                                                                        ((adrrenalliine)) iimmediiattelly tto prreventt above iillllness
                                                                          ad ena ne mmed a e y o p even above ness
       Conttiinuouss moniittorriing
       Con nuou mon o ng                                               orr even ffattalliittiies.. By appllyiing advancementt iin
                                                                        o even a a es By app y ng advancemen n
       Riightt Trreattmentt att tthe rriightt ttiime att tthe
       R gh T ea men a he gh me a he                                   MEMS ((Miicrro--Ellecttrromechaniicall Systtems))
                                                                        MEMS M c o E ec omechan ca Sys ems
           rriightt costt
               gh cos                                                   ttechnollogy,, a ffeedback systtem iinclludiing a drry
                                                                          echno ogy a eedback sys em nc ud ng a d y
delliiverry systtem--can be iinttegrratted iintto tthe smarrtt
de ve y sys em can be n eg a ed n o he sma                             viittall siigns iin an effffiiciientt and costt effffecttiive
                                                                       v a s gns n an e c en and cos e ec ve
shiirrtt.. Off courrse mechaniism tto guarrd agaiinstt
sh O cou se mechan sm o gua d aga ns                                   mannerr wiitth tthe “uniiverrsall“ iintterrfface off cllotthiing..
                                                                       manne w h he “un ve sa “ n e ace o c o h ng
iinadverrttentt admiiniisttrrattiion off drry can be buiilltt as a
  nadve en adm n s a on o d y can be bu as a
parrtt off tthe conttrroll systtem..
pa o he con o sys em                                                   Advanced ttechnollogiies such as tthe smarrtt shiirrtt
                                                                       Advanced echno og es such as he sma sh
                                                                       have att parrttiiall tto drramattiicalllly alltterr iitts llandscape
                                                                       have a pa a o d ama ca y a e s andscape
Liikewiise,, tthe Smarrtt shiirrtt’’s delltta acquiisiittiion
L kew se he Sma sh s de a acqu s on                                    off healltthcarre delliiverry and att prracttiice off mediiciine
                                                                       o hea hca e de ve y and a p ac ce o med c ne
capabiilliittiies can be used tto dettectt tthe condiittiion
capab es can be used o de ec he cond on                                as we know tthem ttoday.. By enhanciing tthe qualliitty
                                                                       as we know hem oday By enhanc ng he qua y
when an iindiiviiduall iis llapsiing iintto a diiabettiic
when an nd v dua s aps ng n o a d abe c                                off lliiffe,, miiniimiiziing “mediicall” errrrorrs,, and
                                                                       o e m n m z ng “med ca ” e o s and
shock and tthiis iinttegrratted ffeedback mechaniism
shock and h s n eg a ed eedback mechan sm                              rreduciing healltthcarre costts,, tthe pattiientt--conttrroll
                                                                         educ ng hea hca e cos s he pa en con o
can prroviide tthe apprroprriiatte rresponse tto prreventt a
can p ov de he app op a e esponse o p even a                           wearrablle iinfforrmattiion iinffrrasttrructturre can pllay a
                                                                       wea ab e n o ma on n as uc u e can p ay a
ffattalliitty.. Thus,, tthe smarrtt shiirrtt rreprresentts yett
  a a y Thus he sma sh ep esen s ye                                    viittall rrolle iin rrealliiziing tthe ffutturre healltthcarre
                                                                       v a o e n ea z ng he u u e hea hca e
anottherr siigniiffiicantt miillesttone iin tthe endeavorr tto
ano he s gn can m es one n he endeavo o                                systtem.. Justt as tthe sprreadsheett piioneerred tthe
                                                                       sys em Jus as he sp eadshee p onee ed he
save and enhance tthe qualliitty off human lliiffe
save and enhance he qua y o human e                                    ffiielld off iinfforrmattiion prrocessiing tthatt brroughtt
                                                                           e d o n o ma on p ocess ng ha b ough
tthrrough tthe use off advanced ttechnollogiies..
  h ough he use o advanced echno og es                                 “computtiing tto tthe masses”.. IItt iis anttiiciipatted tthatt
                                                                       “compu ng o he masses”                 s an c pa ed ha
                                                                       tthe smarrtt shiirrtt wiillll brriing perrsonalliized and
                                                                         he sma sh w b ng pe sona zed and
                                                                       afffforrdablle healltthcarre moniittorriing tto tthe
                                                                       a o dab e hea hca e mon o ng o he
                                                                       popullattiion att llarrge,, tthus lleadiing tto tthe rrealliizattiion
                                                                       popu a on a a ge hus ead ng o he ea za on
                                                                       off “Afffforrdablle Healltthcarre,, Any pllace,, Anyttiime,,
                                                                       o “A o dab e Hea hca e Any p ace Any me
xviiiiii)) CONCLUSION
xv CONCLUSION                                                          REFERENCES
The smarrtt shiirrtt iis an effffecttiive and comfforrttablle,,
The sma sh s an e ec ve and com o ab e
                                                                            1)) httttp::////
                                                                            1 h p v shwa e ga ech edu g wm g wm h
and mobiille iinfforrmattiion iinffrrasttrructturre tthatt can be
and mob e n o ma on n as uc u e ha can be
made tto tthe iindiiviiduall’’s rrequiirrementts tto ttake
made o he nd v dua s equ emen s o ake
                                                                            2)) httttp::////
                                                                            2 h p www sensa ex com
advanttage off tthe advancementts iin ttellemediiciine
advan age o he advancemen s n e emed c ne
                                                                            3)) httttp::////
                                                                            3 h p www abcnews go com sec ons v n
and iinfforrmattiion prrocessiing.. Justt as speciiall--
and n o ma on p ocess ng Jus as spec a
                                                                                 g Da yNews bodysenso 000919 h m
purrpose chiips and prrocessorrs can be pllugged iintto
pu pose ch ps and p ocesso s can be p ugged n o
                                                                            4)) httttp::////
                                                                            4 h p www dc ade com mn mn177 ga
a computterr mottherrboarrd tto obttaiin tthe rrequiirred
a compu e mo he boa d o ob a n he equ ed
                                                                                 e yhm
iinfforrmattiion prrocessiing capabiilliitty,, tthe smarrtt shiirrtt
  n o ma on p ocess ng capab y he sma sh
                                                                            5)) httttp::////www..wearrcam..orrg//perrsonallttechnollo
                                                                            5 h p www wea cam o g pe sona echno o
iis an iinfforrmattiion iinffrrasttrructturre iintto whiich tthe
  s an n o ma on n as uc u e n o wh ch he
                                                                                 g es ndex h m
wearrerr can “pllug iin” tthe desiirred sensorrs and
wea e can “p ug n” he des ed senso s and
deviices,, ttherreby crreattiing a systtem fforr moniittorriing
dev ces he eby c ea ng a sys em o mon o ng
6)) httttp::////
6 h p www hea hsu ng com hea h 1999
       11 09
7)) httttp::////
7 h p www n osec mu edu compu e e h c
     s ssues h m
8)) httttp::////
8 h p v shwa e ga ech edu g wm g wm h
     m ves 2 g

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