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									Honors English II Pre-Diploma:
Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. Recommended ISBN: 0-446-60025-3.
     This novel is recommended to be read by the first day of school.
     Annotate the novel as you read it. Annotation involves connecting with the text as you read,
       supplying critical or explanatory ideas by underlining or circling certain words or passages and
       writing marginal notes. Look for examples of literary devices, such as irony, sarcasm, wit and
       humor, repetition, hyperbole and understatement; also make notes on characters, significant
       events, and interesting quotations. This process will deepen your intellectual engagement with
       the novel and your understanding of the work.
     Expect classroom activities the first weeks of school that will focus on instruction and general
       classroom discussion relating to Bless Me, Ultima. A comprehension-level test on it will be given
       on the Friday of the first week of school. An essay on some aspect of the novel will also be
       written that first week

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