visual summary directions by RU4pDvu6


									Using the information provided on pg. 476 of your textbook, create a visual about the events
leading to Southern secession in 1861. Use the following events in your visual:
- Dred Scott v. Stanford
- "Bleeding Kansas"
- Election of 1860
- Attack on Harper's Ferry
- Compromise of 1850
- Wilmot Proviso
- Caning of Sumner

Your visuals should be appropriate to the topic, and demonstrate an understanding that the
events listed above lead to Southern secession and eventually to the Civil War.

In addition, you must include the following words in the following locations:
- "The Nation Breaking Apart" (Top of the visual, centered)
- SLAVERY (Beginning of the visual)
- SECESSION (End of the visual)

Some suggested visuals might include the following:
- Rainstorm
- Lightning
- Pinwheel

As always, extra credit will be awarded for students who complete all of following 3 items:
- Information is typed
- Color appears on the back of the visual
- At least 4 of the 7 dates must have images and be either printed in color or taken as black/white
images from the time period

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