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									Seat No.: _____                                                  Enrolment No.______

           B. Pharmacy Sem-IV Remedial Examination Nov/Dec. 2010

Subject code: 240002                    Subject Name: Forensic Pharmacy - I
Date: 01 /12 /2010                                        Time: 02.30 pm – 05.30 pm

Instructions:                                                     Total Marks: 80
   1. Attempt any five questions.
   2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
   3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

 Q.1     (a)   Write a detailed note on Pharmaceutical Education in India.             08
         (b)   Give an overview of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries.         08

 Q.2     (a)   Discuss The Education Regulations and Approval of Institutions and      08
               Authorities providing courses of study and examinations for the
               pharmacists, in context to PCI under Pharmacy Act.
         (b)   State the objectives of Drug Policy 2002 and discuss any six salient    08
               features of said policy.

 Q.3     (a)   Discuss in detail the Role of Pharmacist in Relation to his Job in      08
               context to Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics.
         (b)   Discuss in detail Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act.                  08

 Q.4     (a)   Mention the objectives of Pharmacy Act.Discuss the constitution of      08
               State Pharmacy Council and explain the procedure to be followed
               for registration as a registered pharmacist in the said council.
         (b)   Discuss in detail the Role of Pharmacist in Relation to his Trade in    08
               context to Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics.

 Q.5     (a)   State the object of Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act. Discuss      08
               the procedure required to be followed to obtain license for
               manufacture of preparations containing alcohol or other narcotic
               substances in bond under the said act.
         (b)   State the objectives of Factories Act. Define (i) Worker (ii) Factory   08
               and (iii) Relay and Shift under the act.

 Q. 6    (a)   Discuss the composition and functions of Central Advisory Council       08
               and Development Councils in context to The Industries
               (Development and Regulation) Act.
         (b)   Give introduction to Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances         08
               Act 1985 and Define (i) Hemp (ii) Coca leaf (iii) Psychotropic
               substances and {iv) Opium

 Q.7           Write short note on following                                           16
         (a)   Poisons Act
         (b)   Bonded Laboratory
         (c)   Drugs Enquiry Committee
         (d)   Delhi shops and Establishment Act.


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