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Shahneer Alam


									Shahneer Alam                                                        Mobile: +91-9927264788

Career Objective:

Aspire a growth oriented career in industry wherein I can explore my potential and future aspects for
personal satisfaction and organizational growth.


      Certificate in Industrial Automation from Kaizer Automation, Noida (1st june, 2011-18th
       august, 2011)
      Worked with Asahi India Glass Ltd.-Roorkee (6th december, 2010 –27th may, 2011) as a Trainee.
       o I was engaged in the services of organization in the Electrical & Instrumentation Department
          and worked for the maintenance of all electrical equipments. This job helped me to develop
          an attitude to work in a team.

Technical Exposure and Skills:

      PLCs: Siemens (S7-200) ,Allen Bradley (Micrologix1000, Analog), Mitsubishi (FX1N)
           o Basic Ladder & Logic Development.
           o PLC Wiring & Troubleshooting.
           o Sourcing & sinking concept.
           o Practical Knowledge of Basic programming instructions.
      SCADA: Wonderware’s Intouch.
           o Application Development.
           o Communication with PLC
           o Communication with Excel
      Process Instrumentation:
           o knowledge of RTDs PT 100, Thermocouples, Level Sensors, Flow sensors, Pressure
               sensors, Inductive / capacitive Proximity Sensors (PNP or NPN Type), Photo electric
               sensors, Relays, Contactors, Thermal overload relays
      Motors Control Circuits & Panel:
           o Induction Motors.
           o DOL Starters, interlocking circuits & control diagrams
           o Star Delta Starters control diagrams
      Variable Speed Drive :
           o Variable Frequency drives, its V/F control
           o Energy saving concepts
           o Interface with sensors & PLC
           o Parameter programming
      Maintenance of all electrical equipments like sensor or proximity, limit switches,
       thermocouple, VFD drives, induction and servomotors, transformers and all L.T, H.T panels.
      Breakdown handling, counter measure of breakdown and proper preventing maintenance.
      Troubleshooting of faults in electrical equipments, wiring and input/output of equipments.
      Responsible in smooth operation of drives, motors with zero breakdown target.

Professional Qualification:
        Bachelor of Technology (2010)
        Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut.
        Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow.
        Specialization: Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Educational Qualification:

Grade                                   Board                        Year of Passing
Intermediate                            U.P.Board (Allahabad)        2003
High School                             U.P.Board (Allahabad)        2001

Summer Training:

       Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Ranipur Haridwar.

Extra Curricular Activities:

       Active participation in group discussion.
       Part of discipline committee in college fest.
       Participated in Cultural Activities in college Annual Day.


       Good Team Player
       Quick in learning from mistakes
       Self Confidence

Personal details:

Father’s Name:          Mr.Ameer Ahmad
Date of Birth:          July 9th 1986
Gender:                 Male

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