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					DEFENDANT NAME                                                                                                  CASE
                                            COURT                 HEARING TYPE    PROSECUTOR      UNIT
Charge(s)                                                                                                      NUMBER
EDDY, DAVID EDWARD                          05/15, C58, 8:30 AM   MENTAL HEALTH   KEITH        SPECIAL        08CF2402
14-year-old Jane Doe and her friend were                          COMPETENCY      BOGARDUS     PROSECUTIONS
walking back to the friend’s house in
Villa Park after having breakfast at a
nearby bagel shop. Eddy is accused of
seeing the two girls and walking toward
them. As Jane Doe and her friends tried
to pass the defendant, Eddy is accused of
pulling out a knife and lunging at the
victim. He is accused of inflicting two
puncture wounds. Jane Doe and her
friend ran to a nearby gas station where
good Samaritans called 9-1-1 and helped
the victim put pressure on her wounds.
Eddy is accused of leaving the scene, but
three men chased him down and held him
until police arrived.
MANSELL, MARGIE                             05/15, C5, 9:00 AM    ARRAIGNMENT     JIM BACIN    CHILD       85CF01088
In May 1983, Mansell is accused of                                                             ABDUCTION •
taking her 5-year-old son and fleeing the
State. Mansell was divorced from the
child’s father who had visitation rights
with their son. She is accused of taking
her son from their Mission Viejo home
and spending the next 25 years as a
fugitive by moving from state to state,
including Kansas and Tennessee, and
taking refuge in churches. She is accused
of changing her name and her son’s name
several times to avoid being found. The
defendant was arrested May 19, 2008, at
a carpet and flooring business owned by
her current husband. Mansell is accused
of living in Georgia under the name
Christy Spiers. Mansell was found after
an anonymous caller contacted the
National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children on May 7, 2008 and
reported that Mansell and her now 30-
year-old son were living in Ware County.
HOWELL, MURRELL MICHAEL* /                   05/15, C5, 9 AM*     SENTENCING*   JIM BACIN   FAMILY       07CF2191
HOWELL, MARY ELIZABETH                                                                      PROTECTION •
Murrell Howell pleaded guilty to child
abduction for taking his 10-year-old son
and fleeing California to Colorado
Springs, Colorado. The defendant had
visitation rights with the boy, but Murrell
Howell’s ex-wife had custody of their son.
The defendant was living in an apartment
provided to him by his mother, Mary
Howell. Defendant was found living in
Colorado Springs after a tip was received
by someone who had seen the child’s
picture on a National Center for Missing
and Exploited Children flyer. Mary
Howell also pleaded guilty to child
abduction for helping her son illegally
take her grandson.
MENDEZ, ORLANDO                              05/15, N10, 8 AM     PRE-TRIAL     REBECCA     SPECIAL        08NF3691
Mendez, a Long Beach Police                  06/03, C5, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL    OLIVIERI    PROSECUTIONS
Department Officer, is accused of driving                                                   •
through Anaheim searching for his ex-
girlfriend, Jane Doe #1, who had taken a
rental car from Mendez a few days
earlier. Mendez is accused spotting the
victim and her two friends in the car and
driving up alongside their car while
driving on the wrong side of the road. He
is accused of pulling out a gun and
pointing it at the car while yelling for the
three women to pull over. Mendez is
accused of getting out of his car and
firing shots into the air as he approached
the victims. As Jane Doe #2 began to get
out of the car, Mendez is accused of
grabbing her and dragging her out of the
vehicle, throwing her to the ground. As
the victims got out of the car and ran in
different directions, Mendez is accused
of firing shots into the air for the second
time. He is accused of physically
attacking Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #3
by hitting and kicking both victims.
AVALOS, ERNESTO HERNANDEZ                     05/18, C5, 9 AM           JURY TRIAL             MATT MURPHY    HOMICIDE •   07HF0244
On January 29, 2007, Avalos was working
as a landscaper in a residential area in
Irvine. When his boss, Woo Park, gave
him directions that he didn’t like, Avalos
is accused of taking a pick ax and beating
Park multiple times on the back of the
head. When police arrived, Avalos is
accused of going after the officers and
attempting to attack them with a shovel.
DO, QUANG HAL /                               05/18, 9 AM               JURY TRIAL             SONIA          GANGS        07ZF0003
AGUIRRE, JASON ALEJANDRO                      09/11, C30, 9 AM*         SENTENCING*            BALLESTE                    03WF1939
Gang members charged with shooting and
murdering a 14-year-old boy who they
mistakenly thought was a member of a
rival gang. The shooter, Aguirre, is also
charged with shooting the victim’s cousin
and brother. Defendant Le pleaded guilty
and was sentenced to 23 years and four
months in state prison.
CATINAS, FLORIN [a]                           05/18, C57, 9AM [l]       ARRAIGNMENT            JO ESCOBAR &   INSURANCE    09CF0236 [a]
TICHELAAR, MARK ALLEN [b]                     05/21, C55, 9 AM [a, d]   [c, h, m]              DEMETRA        FRAUD •      09CF0232
NGUYEN, TAM VAN [c]                           05/28, C57, 8:30 AM [e,   PRE-TRIAL [b,c,e-l]    LEWIS                       [b]
GONZALEZ, DAVID [d]                           f, g]                     PRELIMINARY                                        09CF0235
CALLAWAY, KEITH TRAN [e]                      05/29, C55, 8:30 AM [h,   HEARING [a, b, d, j,                               [c]
TRAN, KY HOANG [f]                            i]                        k]                                                 09CF0236
TRAN, LISA MARIE [g]                          06/01, C57, 8:30 AM [j,                                                      [d]
SALOMAN, MICHAEL BENJAMIN                     k]                                                                           09CF0231 [e,
[h]                                           06/04, C57, 8:30 AM                                                          f, g, m]
MILLER, LAYN FORD [i]                         [m]                                                                          09CF0149
LE, DUNG TUAN [j]                             06/05, C55, 8:30 AM [b]   [h]
MAI, ROSALYN [k]                                                        09CF0136 [i]
TRAN, QUANG HOANG [l]                                                   09CF0234 [j,
NGUYEN, LAM THI [m]                                                     k]
The OCDA sent letters to medical                                        09CF0233 [l]
providers suspected of engaging in
fraudulent practices or billing. The letter
explicitly outlined the opportunity for the
medical professional to engage in an
illegal fee splitting scheme with a fake
attorney’s storefront office set up by the
OCDA. The scheme involved medical
professionals agreeing to pay up to 30
percent of specific patient billings to the
OCDA undercover investigators posing
as law office administrators in exchange
for that patient’s referral. OCDA
undercover investigators also posed as
“patients” claiming to be suffering from
soft tissue damage from car accidents.
The OCDA has charged 12 defendants in
nine criminal cases including eight
chiropractors, one attorney, and three
administrative staff members. In the
storefront operation, the OCDA charged
seven chiropractors and one chiropractic
administrator/chiropractor’s wife for
engaging in an illegal fee splitting
scheme. Two of these eight defendants
are also charged with billing for more
services than rendered. In addition to the
law office storefront undercover
investigation, the OCDA also conducted
walk-in investigations of chiropractic
clinics and law offices, where a
chiropractor is accused of making a
referral to an attorney and law office
administrative staff are accused of
making a referral to a chiropractor. In
these cases, a chiropractor and an
attorney have been charged with
overbilling and engaging in an illegal fee
splitting kickback schemes in 2005 and
2007. Additionally, the OCDA has
charged one law office administrator, a
chiropractor, and his chiropractic
administrator with engaging in
overbilling and an illegal fee splitting
kickback scheme.
BUTLER, JEFFREY GORDON/                        05/18, C41, 9:00 AM   JURY TRIAL   BILL       ECONOMIC      06NF0425
BUTLER, PEGGY WARMATH/                                                            OVERTOOM   CRIMES •
Jeffrey Butler is charged with 835 counts
of the sale of unqualified securities, fraud
in the sale of securities, and elder abuse.
Peggy Butler is Jeffrey’s wife and is
charged with filing false tax returns.
Accused of persuading elderly people to
invest in an overseas telecommunications
business and promising an interest return
each month. Accused of conducting a
“ponzi scheme” and using the money for
personal benefit and to pay off past
investors. There are 121 elderly victims
that lost their life savings, totaling over
$12 million.
CARLSON, SUZANNE AMELIA                        05/18, C4, 9 AM       JURY TRIAL   STEVE      HOMICIDE •    07NF0250
A drunk driver with a blood alcohol level                                         MCGREEVY
of .26 percent and prior DUI convictions
charged with murdering a friend after she
crashed into an 18-wheel FedEx truck and
he was crushed in the passenger seat of
her car. Firefighters had to pry the victim
from the car using the jaws-of-life.
FIELDS, SAM/ ALARCON, ADAN*                    05/18, DEP. C,        PRE-TRIAL    WALT       CAREER        07CF3779
Two men charged with a 1-day, nine             LONG BEACH*                        SCHWARM    CRIMINALS •
victim crime spree in Orange County. One
of the victims included a Superior Court       05/26, DEP. C,
Judge. Defendants are charged with             LONG BEACH
felonies for grand theft, two counts of
carjacking, three counts of 2nd degree
robbery, attempted 1st degree robbery, first
degree residential burglary, two counts of
1st degree robbery, and one counts each of
possession of a firearm by a felon. Fields
faces two sentencing enhancements for the
personal use of a firearm, and Alarcon
faces enhancements for the personal use
of a firearm and being armed with a
firearm. If convicted of all charges,
Alarcon faces 30 years in prison. Fields is
a third striker and faces 35 years to life.
URBANO, FRANK/                              05/18, C55, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL     DOUG BRANNAN MAJOR      08CF2755
CORRAL, LUZ/                                07/15, C55, 9 AM   PRELIMINARY                FRAUDS •
DeROSIER, KEVIN/                                               HEARING
An owner and three desk managers of
Douglas Nissan in Orange have been
arrested and charged for an elaborate
conspiracy to steal unsuspecting
customer identities and defraud banks in
the sale of used cars. The defendants are
accused of participating in an elaborate
ongoing conspiracy to sell used cars at
prices above their value to drive up the
cost of monthly payments by the
customer. They are accused of
participating in illegal business practices
by submitting false loan information to
defraud lenders and defrauding
vulnerable customers by securing
unaffordable loans in the customer’s
name. They are accused of defrauding
the banks out of an estimated $911,500
in financing through the submission of
the falsified records. They are accused of
obtaining or creating false identities and
assigning the identities to customers
without their knowledge in order to
qualify for higher loans. In many cases
the victims could not afford the payment
on the higher loans and lost their cars. In
some cases, they are accused of
misleading victims into believing they
were acting as a reference for another
customer, and instead using that victim
as a co-signer without the victim’s
DO, DAVID HUNG                                05/19, N12, 8 AM     PRELIMINARY   LORI SMITH   NORTH •     08NF3614
Do was a general practitioner at Kaiser                            HEARING
Permanente in La Palma and Anaheim.
Between July 2007 and June 2008, Do is
accused of sexually assaulting three
women, ages 28 to 46 years old, at Kaiser
hospitals and urgent care facilities. He is
accused of abusing his position of trust
by molesting the victims under the false
pretense of performing routine medical
exams. Do is accused of touching the
victims’ breasts and vaginas under their
clothing. The sexual touching was
unnecessary and unrelated to the medical
treatment needed by the women.
MARTINEZ, JUAN CARLOS                         05/19, H1, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   DREW         SEXUAL      08HF1709
At approximately 10:30 p.m. on May 8,                              HEARING       HAUGHTON     ASSAULT •   08HF1893
2008, 26-year-old Jane Doe #1 was
walking on Harbor Boulevard
approaching McFadden Avenue in Costa
Mesa. Martinez is accused of driving up
to the victim in a red pick-up truck and
offering to give Jane Doe #1 a ride. After
the victim got into the car, Martinez is
accused of parking in a secluded
commercial zone parking lot. He is
accused of pulling out a switchblade
knife and pushing it against Jane Doe
#1’s neck. Martinez is accused of
demanding “sex or money, b****,” and
then forcing the victim at knife point to
undress because she had no money.
Martinez is accused of forcibly raping the
victim as she struggled to get away. He is
accused of pulling away, gripping his
knife, and stabbing the victim in the left
temple. Martinez is accused of pulling
the knife out from the victim’s head,
cutting her face from her neck to her
cheek, and stabbing her in the stomach as
Jane Doe #1 fought for her life. Jane Doe
#1 was able to escape naked from the car
and run to the parking lot of a nearby
motel. At approximately 11:30 p.m. on
Aug. 21, 2008, 23-year-old Jane Doe #2
was sitting on a bus bench on Harbor
Boulevard in Santa Ana. When Jane Doe
#2 got up and began walking down the
street, Martinez is accused of pulling up
in his truck, parking at the curb, and
running up to the victim. He is accused of
grabbing her by the neck and holding a 4-
inch knife to her neck. Martinez is
accused of demanding sex or money and
then forcing Jane Doe #2 into the
passenger seat of his truck. He is accused
of parking in an industrial area, climbing
over the seat, and forcibly orally
copulating the victim at knife point.
Martinez is accused of cutting Jane Doe
#2’s hands with the knife as she struggled
to get away and escaped.
ETTIMA, JOSEPH ELIJA                         05/19, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   SONIA      HOMICIDE •   09CF0187
On Jan. 19, 2009, Ettima is accused of                        HEARING       BALLESTE
visiting the Los Alamitos home of his 69-
year-old grandmother, Emma Louise
Hardwick–Street, to see if he could move
in with her. Hardwick-Street was already
raising two young children in her home
including the defendant’s 8-year-old
brother and 3-year-old niece. When the
victim refused to let Ettima move in, the
defendant is accused of arguing with his
grandmother and murdering her. Ettima
is accused of dousing clothes and other
flammable items in the house with
rubbing alcohol and setting the home on
fire. He is accused of fleeing the scene.
The 8-year-old boy was able to escape
from the fire to the front of the house and
rescued the 3-year-old girl by taking her
with him. A warrant was issued for the
defendant on Jan. 21, 2009. He was
arrested by the United States Marshals
Service in a town south of Mexico City
and deported from Mexico to the United
States April 14, 2009.
MORALES, GABRIELA/                            05/19, C5, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   DAN WAGNER   HOMICIDE •   08CF1695
Morales and her boyfriend Guzman were
living together in Santa Ana with
Morales’ 4-year-old son Brandon.
Guzman is accused of abusing Brandon
by punching and hitting the victim.
Morales is accused of assaulting her son,
causing several blunt force trauma
injuries to the victim’s head and
rendering Brandon unconscious. Morales
is accused of waiting several hours
before calling 9-1-1 at approximately
4:00 p.m. Paramedics arrived and
transported the unresponsive victim to
the Children’s Hospital of Orange
County, where he was pronounced dead.
FRLEKIN, STEPHEN ANTHONY                      05/19, N3, 8 AM   PRELIMINARY   MARC         MAJOR        08NF2093
Frlekin, a Certified Public Accountant                          HEARING       LABRECHE     FRAUDS •
since 1980, had been employed as an
accounting manager with Veterinary Pet
Insurance (VPI) in Brea since June 2006.
Between February and June 2008,
Frlekin is accused of stealing
approximately $2.7 million from VPI by
transferring money from the company
bank account into his own personal
account. After diverting money into his
personal account, Frlekin is accused of
wire-transferring the majority of the
funds, more than $2 million, to various
international bank accounts that he had
opened in Asia, Europe, and the
Caribbean. He is accused of cashing out
the remainder of the stolen money and
wire-transferring the cash to unknown
associates throughout the world.
HOLT, DELECIA                                 05/20, C58, 9 AM   MENTAL HEALTH   MARC       MAJOR      08CF2906
In July 2005, Holt is accused of going to                        COMPETENCY      LABRECHE   FRAUDS •
a Mercedes Benz dealership and writing
a bad check for just under $13,000 as a
down payment for a $32,000 car. She is
accused of leaving the dealer lot in the
car and never making any legitimate
payments for the vehicle. Between July
2007 and September 2007, Holt is
accused of defrauding the Comfort Suites
in Lake Forest out of $5,000 by writing
three separate bad checks and failing to
make any legitimate payments for her
bill. In August 2007, Holt is accused of
committing perjury by intentionally
deceiving the Orange County Social
Services Agency by lying on a welfare
document and failing to disclose that she
had received income in the form of child
support. She is accused of committing
welfare fraud by accepting welfare funds
for which she was ineligible. In October
2007, Holt is accused of writing several
bad checks amounting to thousands of
dollars following a failed fundraiser. Holt
is accused of writing a check for $15,000
to the host hotel and a check to four
comedians for $2,000. The checks were
declined when the victims attempted to
deposit them. In 2005, Holt ran as a
write-in candidate for the 47th
Congressional District in Orange County.
In 2006, Holt was a candidate for the 53rd
Congressional District in San Diego.
COETZEE, SUSANNA MARIA                       05/20, N12, 8 AM      PRE-TRIAL     ANDY          SPECIAL        09NF1216
Coatzee is accused of meeting 37-year-       06/03, N12, 8 AM      PRELIMINARY   MANSSOURIAN   PROSECUTIONS
                                                                   HEARING                     •
old John Doe for drinks after meeting
him on a “Sugar Daddies, Mommies, and
Babies” dating website. After meeting for
drinks, the defendant is accused of going
with John Doe to a hotel and beginning
to have consensual sex with him. After
several moments, the defendant is
accused of pulling away from the victim
and asking him for a check in exchange
for sex. When John Doe refused, Coatzee
is accused of telling John Doe that he had
raped her. Coatzee is accused of going to
APD and filing a false report by claiming
that the defendant had raped her. Over
the next two weeks, Coatzee is accused
of sending several dozen text messages to
John Doe attempting to extort $15,000
from him in exchange for not proceeding
with her false rape allegation. Coatzee is
accused of going to a meeting on April
14, 2009, to exchange a letter clearing
John Doe’s name of rape for $5,000 in
cash. The defendant was arrested by
police when she arrived for the meeting.
KHAN, OMAR*/                                 05/20, H2, 8:30 AM*   PRELIMINARY   CHUCK         WHITE          08HF1157
SINGH, TANVIR                                                      HEARING*      LAWHORN       COLLAR
Two Tesoro High School seniors have                                                            CRIME •
been charged with hacking into the
school computer system and changing
grades to better their chances of college
admission after breaking in to the high
school late at night. Khan is charged with
breaking into the school and changing
grades on several occasions. Singh is
charged conspiring on one occasion with
Khan and breaking into the school.
Defendant Singh pleaded guilty and was
PETRONELLA, MICHAEL                          05/20, C57, 8:30 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   DEBBIE    WORKERS’       09CF1067
VINCENT/                                                                         JACKSON   INSURANCE
KILE, DEVON LYNN                                                                           FRAUD •

Husband and wife accused of living a
lavish lifestyle of high-end cars,
vacations, and shopping which was
financed by committing more than $38
million in premium insurance fraud in the
largest known Workers’ Compensation
Insurance fraud case in California’s
history. They are charged with 106
felony counts. Petronella is accused of
fraudulently submitting 42 claims for
uninsured injured workers and
underreporting $29 million in payroll in
order to avoid paying his Workers’
Compensation Insurance premiums. They
are accused of engaging in a scheme that
resulted in insurance premium losses
exceeding $38 million. Petronella and
Kile are accused of reporting $2.9 million
in payroll, while having an actual payroll
of $29 million. The defendants are also
accused of underreporting their income
on their individual state income tax
returns. Petronella is accused of
underreporting his income between 2005
and 2007 on his tax returns by more than
$2.3 million. Kile is accused of
underreporting her income by more than
$1.7 million during the same time.
Between 2005 and 2007, Petronella and
Kile are accused of claiming less than
$290,000 of income on their tax returns,
but spending more than $2.1 million on
their American Express credit card for
personal items.
STEVENS, CRAIG                                05/20, C55, 9 AM   PRELIMINARY   JAN CHRISTIE   WHITE      09CF0124
Stevens is accused of being married to                           HEARING                      COLLAR
Ann S. in Orange County. On Aug. 4,                                                           CRIME TEAM
2007, the defendant is accused of                                                             •
marrying Illinois resident Elizabeth D.
while still married to Ann S. and
committing bigamy without the
knowledge of either woman. Stevens is
accused of having victim Ann S. use her
property inheritance to pay $147,000 in
restitution for him to resolve an unrelated
criminal embezzlement case. He is
accused of fraudulently obtaining
$47,000 from Elizabeth D., who believed
she was married to the defendant, by
claiming that he needed the money to pay
for his daughter’s college tuition. The
defendant does not have a college-aged
daughter. Stevens in accused of having
sexual intercourse with Elizabeth D., who
was unaware that the defendant was
legally married to another woman and
believed Stevens to be her spouse.
VERDUZCO, JOSE ANTHONY                        05/20, C45, 9 AM   SENTENCING    CAMERON        HOMICIDE •   05CF3963
Verduzco lived with his girlfriend of 24                                       TALLEY
years and their four children in an
apartment in Orange. The victim, 35-
year-old Miguel Jimenez, was an
employee of Verduzco’s neighbor.
Jimenez met Verduzco’s girlfriend and
the two began a 6-month affair. Verduzco
became increasingly suspicious of his
girlfriend’s relationship with Jimenez and
made several comments to his girlfriend
about wanting to murder the victim. On
the night of Nov. 28, 2005, Verduzco
told his 10-year-old son, “tomorrow, I’m
going to shoot someone in the head.” On
Nov. 29, 2005, at approximately 4:30
p.m., Jimenez was driven to his boss’s
house with several other workers.
Verduzco was waiting outside of the
complex on a bicycle. When the driver
parked the car, Verduzco rode his bike to
the car, parked it, and began chasing
Jimenez around the car. Jimenez finally
stopped and turned to face Verduzco,
who pulled out a firearm and shot him
several times in the head, chest, back,
and arm. The defendant fled to Mexico to
avoid prosecution. Jimenez was
pronounced dead at the scene.
TRUJILLO, ALEX                               05/21, C5, 8:30 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08WF2093
On Oct. 12, 2008, 46-year-old Catherine
Busse was riding her bike on the
sidewalk on Lampson Avenue in Seal
Beach with her 15-year-old son, Samuel
Busse. Trujillo, who was under the
influence of prescription drugs and had a
blood alcohol level of .13 percent, is
accused of veering off the road and
driving up onto the sidewalk at 45 mph.
He is accused of crashing his car into
Catherine Busse. Catherine Busse died at
the scene from blunt force trauma to the
head. Her son, Samuel Busse, was
transported the hospital to be treated for
minor injuries.
KIRBY, JEFFREY DAVID                         05/21, H1, 9 AM      ARRAIGNMENT   JASON BAEZ    VEHICULAR    09HF0445
At approximately 1:00 a.m., Kirby is                                                          HOMICIDE •
accused of speeding in his 1977 Porsche
on Jamboree Road with a female
passenger alongside a 2004 Ferrari driven
by 45-year-old Charles David Lewis, Jr.
Kirby is accused of losing control of his
car due to his unsafe speed and crashing
into Lewis’ vehicle. Lewis lost control of
his Ferrari, which crashed into a cement
light pole and was torn in half. Kirby is
accused of swerving and coming to a stop
on Jamboree Road for several seconds
before accelerating and fleeing the scene.
A Newport Beach Police officer, who
had been passing northbound on
Jamboree, observed the crash and
immediately stopped to assist Lewis and
called for back up. Lewis was trapped
inside the front half of the Ferrari, which
had to be dismantled in order to remove
him. He was pronounced dead at the
scene. Lewis’ 23-year-old passenger,
Lacy Lynn White, was ejected from the
car and landed on the nearby dirt
embankment. White was transported to
Western Medical Center to be treated for
a fractured elbow and several lacerations
and abrasions. She is currently in stable
condition. After fleeing the scene, Kirby
is accused of parking his Porsche, which
had body damage consistent with having
been involved in a crash, on Bison
Avenue. Within minutes of the crash, a
responding Newport Beach Police officer
observed Kirby’s parked car and saw the
defendant and Nabozny walking outside
of the defendant’s vehicle. Kirby and
Nabozny were both apprehended. The
defendant is accused of emitting an odor
of alcohol, slurring his speech, and
having bloodshot and watery eyes. He
was arrested at the scene. At
approximately 3:00 a.m., two hours after
the crash, Kirby is accused of having a
blood alcohol level of .13 percent.
Nabozny was arrested for public
intoxication and later released.
SOARES, JOSEPH PERRY/                        05/21, C55, 9 AM   PRELIMINARY   DEBBIE    WORKERS’       09CF1164
                                                                HEARING                 COMPENSATION
SOARES, KIMBERLY JANE/                                                        JACKSON   INSURANCE
CAMPBELL, JAMES GREGORY/                                                                FRAUD •
Husband and wife defendants Joseph and
Kimberly Soares are accused of owning
Democo, a demolition and construction
clean-up company. James Campbell is
accused of working as the general
manager for Democo. Robert Campbell
is James Campbell’s son. The defendants
are accused of conspiring to commit
insurance fraud by failing to pay over
$5.7 million in insurance premiums. The
defendants are accused of failing to
secure Workers’ Compensation Insurance
for Democo employees. Over the course
of eight years, the defendants are accused
of opening eight policies with the
insurance company using different
business annual the audits. They are
accused of stealing the identities of
former colleagues and industry
professionals and opening the businesses
under the victims’ names. When
employees were injured while working at
Democo, the defendants are accused of
not providing insurance for their
employees and taking injured employees
to walk-in clinics for treatment. The
defendants are accused of stealing more
than $14,000 from home owners during a
remodel project by receiving double
payment for their work and knowingly
refusing to return the overbilled $14,718.
James Campbell is accused of
committing perjury by lying under oath
during a judicial hearing by falsely
claiming that Democo did not have any
employees. Joseph and Kimberly Soares
are accused of failing to file tax returns
and committing more than $6.4 million in
tax fraud.
CABRERA, GUILLERMO [a]                       05/21, C55, 9 AM [b]    ARRAIGNMENT   DEMETRA    INSURANCE   09CF1125 [f,
TSAI, ROSE [b]                               06/04, C57, 8:30 AM [a-               LEWIS      FRAUD •     g]
REAL, BLANCA ESTRELA [c]                     g]                                                           09CF1124 [a,
PHAM, TUNG THE [d]                                                                                        b, c]
HUA, THU THI [e]                                                                                          09CM04446
HAN, NGA THI THA [f]                                                                                      [d, e]
Seven defendants charged in an
undercover sting operation targeting
insurance overbilling schemes, the illegal
practice of law, and the misuse of
attorney-client trust accounts. The OCDA
conducted walk-in investigations of
chiropractic clinics and law offices where
undercover investigators posed as
“patients” claiming to be suffering from
soft tissue damage from car accidents. As
a result, the OCDA has charged seven
defendants in three criminal cases
including three chiropractors, two
attorneys, and two law office
administrative staff members with
various charges including insurance
fraud, the unauthorized practice of law,
and the unlawful receipt of funds.
FAHEY, MATHEW MACUL                          05/21, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL        DREW       SEXUAL      09HF0428
                                             07/02, H2, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY      HAUGHTON   ASSAULT •
In the summer of 2001, Fahey was
walking his dog in Laguna Beach and is
accused of meeting Jane Doe #1. The
defendant is accused of claiming to be a
professional photographer and flattering
the victim by telling her that she should
be a model. On Sept. 5, 2001, Fahey is
accused of instructing Jane Doe #1 to
remove her clothes during a photo shoot
in his Laguna Beach studio while the
victim’s mother was not present. The
defendant is accused of touching and
photographing the victim’s vagina and
instructing her not to tell her mother.
Jane Doe #1 did not disclose the molest
at that time. In January or February 1997,
Fahey is accused of sexually assaulting
Jane Doe #2, the 8-year-old female
relative of his then-live-in girlfriend. On
one occasion, the defendant is accused of
digitally penetrating the victim while
lying in bed together watching a movie
with the victim’s mother present but
unaware of the sexual assault. During a
search of Fahey’s Aliso Viejo residence
in June 2008, Laguna Beach police
detectives discovered hundreds of images
of graphic child pornography and sexy-
lingerie erotica featuring little girls
appearing to be between infancy and 14
years old.
ROBINSON, STEVEN                              05/22, C38, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    ANDREW KATZ   SPECIAL          08ZF0029
                                                                 JURY TRIAL                 PROSECUTIONS •
Robinson was indicted on two counts of        06/30, C5, 9 AM
attempted murder with premeditation and
deliberation and two counts of mayhem.
On February 24, 2008, Robinson is
accused of buying a ticket for a horror
movie at an AMC Theatre in Fullerton.
Robinson is accused of getting up from
his seat during the movie and
approaching Julio Sanchez, 38, and
stabbing the victim in the arm, chest, and
head. Robinson is accused of then
approaching Eloy Uresti, 65, cutting his
arm with the knife, and hitting him on the
head with a hammer. He is accused of
fleeing the scene through a rear theater
GARAY, JOSE LUIS/                            05/22, C57, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   LARRY YELLIN   HOMICIDE •    09CF0663
On March 5, 1996, 16-year-old Troy
Garena was waiting outside of his
girlfriend’s home. Gang members Garay
and Carlson are accused of driving by,
stopping their car, getting out, and
punching and stabbing the victim
multiple times. The defendants are
accused of fleeing the scene. On May 12,
1996, gang members Garay and Parra are
accused of driving in Parra’s car with
several other gang members and
engaging in a verbal confrontation with
other gang members at a stoplight. They
are accused of shooting multiple times at
the other car using two firearms. Garay
and Parra are accused of shooting and
murdering one passenger in the other car,
Martha Gonzalez, a 21-year-old mother.
She was shot in the head. The defendants
are accused of fleeing the scene. In April
2008, the Fullerton and Santa Ana Police
Departments and the Orange County
District Attorney’s Office began re-
investigating the two 1996 murders after
new evidence became available.
NORIEGA, RUDY ANTHONY                        05/22, W18, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL     SANDRA         CAREER        09WF0394
On Dec. 4, 2008, Noriega is accused of                                        NASSAR         CRIMINALS •
walking into a “Check Into Cash”
location wearing a dark hooded
sweatshirt and a Halloween mask,
pointing what appeared to be a small
handgun at the worker, demanding
money, grabbing $977 in cash, and
running out of the store. On Dec. 20,
2008, the defendant is accused of
entering the same business wearing a
black hooded sweatshirt with the hood
pulled over his head, pointing what
appeared to be a small handgun at the
worker, demanding money, grabbing
$995 in cash, and running out of the
store. On Dec. 31, 2008, the defendant is
accused of trying to enter the same
business, wearing a black hooded
sweatshirt and a Dracula mask, knocking
on the front door of the establishment
with what appeared to be a gun, then
pulling on the door, and running off
when he realized the door was locked.
On Jan. 3, 2009, Noriega is accused of
walking into another “Check Into Cash”
location wearing a dark beanie and
jacket, pointing what appeared to be a
small handgun at two workers,
demanding money, forcibly taking
approximately $4,000 in cash, and
running out of the store. On Jan. 5, 2008,
the defendant is accused of trying to enter
the original business wearing a black
hooded sweatshirt, pulling on the door,
and running off when he realized the
door was locked. On Jan. 14, 2008, the
defendant is accused of trying to enter a
third “Check Into Cash” location of
wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with
what appeared to be a gun, demanding
money, grabbing the $1600 in cash, and
running out of the store.
VELTRE, JOSEPH ANOTHONY                       05/22, H2, 8:30 AM   ARRAIGMENT   GEORGE       WHITE      09HF0772
Between 2002 and 2007, Veltre is                                                MCFETRIDGE   COLLAR
accused defrauding three people in a                                                         CRIME TEAM
Ponzi and real estate fraud scheme. Using                                                    •
his two Orange County based businesses,
Sea View Financial and Allied Corporate
Investments, Veltre is accused of
operating as a “hard money lender” by
soliciting money from private investors
for borrowers looking for funds from
non-bank lenders. He is accused of
stealing from his private investors by
keeping the money they lent for
borrowers looking to take out second and
third mortgages and not funding the loan
as promised. Veltre is also accused of
operating a Ponzi scheme and using
funds from new investors to pay off older
ROJAS, MANUEL/                               05/22, C5, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT ON   MIKE MURRAY   HOMICIDE •   09ZF0057
BRECEDA, JOHN RAYMOND                                          INDICTMENT
On March 13, 1994, Breceda, Rojas, and
an uncharged third male are accused of
loitering in front of apartments in Santa
Ana. Breceda and Rojas were both 15
years old at the time. While the three
males were outside of the complex, 55-
year-old resident Valentina Giles Roque
yelled from her balcony for the
defendants to go away. Breceda is
accused of giving Rojas a .25 caliber
semi-automatic firearm and instructing
him to shoot Roque. When the victim
came down from her apartment to the
street level to confront the defendants,
Rojas is accused of shooting her in the
chest and fleeing the scene with Breceda.
The victim was able to get back into her
apartment, where she collapsed and died.
On March 14, 1994, a Santa Ana patrol
officer noticed Rojas outside of a liquor
store and stopped to conduct a routine
field interview. Rojas is accused of
pulling out the .25 caliber semi-automatic
firearm used in the murder of Roque and
pointing it at the officer. The officer was
able to wrestle the gun from Rojas. In
February 2009, police were able to link
the .25 caliber semi-automatic firearm to
the murder using technology not
available in 1994.
HARISON, JON PATRICK                          05/22, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL   TONY          SEXUAL      09SF0094
Harison is accused of fondling 4-year-old                                      FERRENTINO    ASSAULT •
Jane Doe by touching her groin region
over her clothing while she was at his
self defense studio. He is accused of
lying down next to the victim while alone
with her and sexually assaulting her.
Harison is a co-owner and instructor at
United Studios of Self Defense at 2675
Irvine Ave., Suite G, in Costa Mesa.
VARGAS, MIGUEL ALEXANDER                      05/22, N3, 8 AM      PRE-TRIAL   DAVE PORTER   TARGET •    09NF0461
Vargas is accused of repeatedly calling
former girlfriend Alvarado one week
after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor
domestic violence charge. On Feb. 5,
2009, Vargas is accused of being driven
to Alvarado’s home by a friend. While
his friend was waiting outside, Vargas is
accused of entering Alvarado’s home and
bedroom, where she and their two
children were sleeping. Vargas is accused
of grabbing the victim, throwing her on
the ground, dragging her into the living
room, and hitting her repeatedly. Vargas
is accused of kneeling over the victim,
who was lying face down, and stabbing
the victim 20 times in the back of her
head, neck, and back while their two
children were watching. The victim’s
father, who had been in the backyard,
heard her screaming, grabbed a baseball
bat, and ran inside to save her. Vargas is
accused of running out of the house,
getting back into the front passenger seat
of his friend’s car, and instructing him to
drive away. Shortly after, Vargas is
accused of ordering his friend to stop the
car and get out, forcing him out of the
car, and driving away. The defendant is
accused of fleeing the scene and hiding in
Tijuana, Mexico until his arrest.
McCLAIN, ROBERT AVERY                         05/22, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL   ANDY          SPECIAL        08HF1870
McClain was a 10-month deputy on                                               MANSOURRIAN   PROSECUTIONS
probation with the Los Angeles County
Sheriff’s Department. On Sep. 28, 2008,
McClain’s 31-year-old wife, Jane Doe,
with whom he shares four children, told
him that she was leaving him. Jane Doe
wanted to leave McClain for 23-year-old
John Doe. McClain is accused of asking
Jane Doe to take him to meet John Doe.
In the residence office on John Doe’s
apartment complex, McClain is accused
of starting to argue with Jane Doe and
John Doe, and then repeatedly punching
and kicking both victims. McClain is
accused of taking out a knife and forcing
both victims to undress at knife point.
While at knife point, McClain is accused
of unsuccessfully ordering Jane Doe to
orally copulate both him and John Doe.
He is accused of giving Jane Doe the
knife and instructing her to castrate John
Doe. Jane Doe fearfully pretended to
follow his instructions. He is accused of
using the knife to repeatedly slice John
Doe’s face. McClain is accused of
leaving John Doe and fleeing the scene,
taking Jane Doe with him against her
will. After leaving the leasing office, he
is accused of forcibly sodomizing Jane
Doe, chopping off her hair with the knife,
and ultimately driving her back to their
Irvine home.
JESSEE, SANDRA / AEHLERT,                   05/26, C41, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL    MIKE MURRAY   HOMICIDE •   07ZF0009
Mother and son indicted on financial gain
conspiracy murder plot charges. Between
June 1, 1998 and July 1, 1999, Sandra
Jessee and Aehlert are accused of
conspiring together to hire a hit man to
murder Jessee’s third husband, Jack
Jessee. In June, 1998, Aehlert is accused
of calling Brett Schrauben to solicit and
arrange the murder of Jack Jessee. On
June 24, 1998, Sandra Jessee is accused of
meeting Schrauben in a store parking lot
in Placentia and paying him $5,000 to kill
her husband of 15 years.
On August 13, 1998, Aehlert is accused of
calling Schrauben regarding the murder
plot. Schrauben and a close friend,
Thomas Garrick, went to Jessee’s home.
When Aehlert was told by Schrauben that
both he and Garrick could not get into the
Jesse home, Aehlert is accused of telling
Schrauben that Jack Jessee had to be
killed that night. Sandra Jessee is accused
of leaving her house. While Sandra Jessee
was gone, Garrick is accused of stabbing
and murdering Jack Jessee and leaving the
scene with Schrauben. On December 18,
1998, Aehlert is accused of paying
Schrauben $10,000 in Phoenix. During
the next six months, Aehlert is accused of
paying Schrauben another $15,000 in
Laughlin, NV, and $20,000 in Phoenix.
LEE, YOUN BUM                               05/26, C55, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   07CF1356
While under the influence of alcohol, Lee                         HEARING
is accused of driving with his headlights
off and crashing into the center median
due to intoxication. Lee’s car rolled
backwards and came to a stop in the
carpool lane. Victim Ryan Dallas Cook,
23, Fountain Valley, was riding his
motorcycle and was unable to stop in
time to avoid crashing into Lee’s black,
unlit car. The victim was ejected from his
motorcycle and thrown onto the freeway,
where he was run over by several other
vehicles. Lee is accused of fleeing the
scene. Just 24 hours after Cook was
killed, Lee is accused of boarding a flight
to Seoul, South Korea, leaving his wife
and young child behind. The case was
filed by the Orange County District
Attorney’s (OCDA) Office in April 2007.
In September 2008, the OCDA submitted
a request for extradition. Lee was
arrested on the fugitive warrant in Seoul,
South Korea, in December 2008 by South
Korean authorities.
FERGUSON, ELIJAH LEIGH                        05/27, C5, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   09ZF0054
Lance Corporal Ferguson was stationed
at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
(Camp Pendleton). On Feb. 22, 2008,
Ferguson is accused of participating in
a mandatory standard safety briefing at
camp Pendleton about the dangers of
drinking alcohol and driving. After the
briefing, Ferguson is accused of
drinking alcoholic beverages at Camp
Pendleton for several hours and
insisting that he was going to drive
home to Santa Ana. Fellow Marines,
who recognized that Ferguson was
intoxicated, went to get another lance
corporal, who took the defendant’s car
keys. At approximately 11:00 p.m.,
Ferguson is accused of asking a lower
ranking Marine to get his keys and
drive him home. When the private first
class returned with Ferguson’s keys,
the defendant is accused of pulling rank
and order the lower ranking Marine to
give him the car keys. At 11:53 p.m.,
Ferguson is accused of driving
approximately 75 mph in a 50 mph
zone. Ferguson is accused of failing to
hit his breaks or slow down and
crashing his car into the back of an
Aston Martin, driven by 63-year-old
Michael Sein, who was waiting at a red
light. The victim’s car spun out before
coming to a stop. Michael Sein, a
radiologist who lived with his wife,
Grace Sein, in Newport Coast, was
transported to Hoag Hospital, where he
died approximately 30 minutes later
due to severe blunt trauma to the head.
Grace Sein, who was riding in the
passenger seat, was transported to
Western Medical Center and treated for
bleeding in her brain and back injuries.
The defendant is accused of omitting an
odor of alcoholic beverage, slurring his
speech, and having red and watery
eyes. Approximately three hours after
the crash, Ferguson is accused of
having a blood alcohol level of .12
DELEON, SKYLAR/                             05/27, H1, 8:30AM*   PRE-TRIAL*   MATT MURPHY   HOMICIDE •   05HF0372
Charged with the special circumstances
murders of Thomas and Jackie Hawks.
The couple was in the process of selling
their 55-foot yacht when they disappeared
on November 15, 2004. Their car was
recovered in Mexico a month later. They
participated in a plot that had Skylar
Deleon and his then-pregnant wife gain
the Hawks trust, arrange with a gang
member to help kill the Hawks, tying the
Hawks to an anchor while still alive,
throwing them overboard and murdering
them. They forced the Hawks to sign a
power of attorney and getting a notary to
certify the document. In a separate case,
Skylar Deleon was convicted of murder
which occurred a year prior to the Hawks
murder. Sklyar Deleon murdered Jon Jarvi
in Mexico on December 27, 2003. Jarvi
gave $50,000 to Skylar Deleon. The next
day, Jarvi was found murdered with his
throat slashed on the side of the road in
Mexico. Jennifer Deleon helped Skylar
Deleon get rid of Jarvis’ car and spend the
money. Jennifer Deleon was convicted of
first degree murder and sentenced to life
without parole. Skylar Deleon and
Kennedy have been sentenced to the death
penalty. Gardner spent four years in jail
prior to pleading guilty to accessory after
the fact and received credit for time
HARRIS, TOMEKA CHAREE                       05/27, N3, 8:30AM   PRELIMINARY   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08NF2737
on Jan. 12, 2008, Harris is accused                             HEARING
speeding on the westbound on State
Route 91 in her Mitsubishi SUV with her
boyfriend, 27-year-old Alfred Flores, and
her daughter, Zharia Keheian, who was a
day away from turning 2 years old.
Harris is accused of falling asleep at the
wheel and losing control of her car while
exiting at the East Street off-ramp at a
high rate of speed. She is accused of
driving into a fence and crashing into a
steel utility pole. Harris’ baby and
boyfriend both suffered head trauma
from the impact and were killed. Harris is
accused of being under the influence of
methamphetamine at the time of the
DOYLE, JAMES JOSEPH                          05/27, N3, 8 AM   PRELIMINARY   MARK SACKS     SEXUAL      08NF3349
Doyle, a bailiff for the Los Angeles                           HEARING                      ASSAULT •
County Sheriff’s Department, is accused
of offering to take 15-year-old Jane Doe
and her sister to get something to eat
while their father, a friend of Doyle’s,
was is the hospital being treated for a
terminal illness. While the defendant was
driving the two girls home, Jane Doe,
who was riding in the front passenger
seat, complained that her shoulder was
hurting. Doyle is accused of reaching
over, beginning to massage the victim’s
back, and then place his hand under Jane
Doe’s shirt and grabbing her breast.
Approximately one week later, Jane Doe
told her mother about the sexual assault
after her mother saw text message
between Jane Doe and a friend discussing
the incident.
ARIAS, ALEJANDRO                             05/27, C5, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   ALETA BRYANT   SEXUAL      08NF3469
Arias, a certified nursing assistant and                                                    ASSAULT •
assistant physical therapist at Anaheim
Terrace Care Center, is accused of
sexually assaulting two female patients
while they were in his care and unable to
resist due to medication and their medical
conditions. Arias is accused of sexually
assaulting 60-year-old Jane Doe #1 and
84-year-old Jane Doe #2 on separate
occasions while they were in his care for
temporary in-patient rehabilitation
therapy. The victims do not know each
other. He is accused of entering their
respective rooms under the pretense of
performing legitimate medical
responsibilities. Arias is accused of
assaulting the women including digital
penetration, sexually touching their
breasts and vaginas, and making them or
attempting to make them masturbate his
WAGNER, BRADLEY STEWART                      05/27, C5, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL   LYNDA        SEXUAL         05NF4559
Former Anaheim Police Officer charged                                        FERNANDEZ    ASSAULT
with forcible oral copulation, oral
copulation under the color of authority,
and false imprisonment while on duty. He
is accused of fondling the victim’s breast,
touching her vaginal area, demanding oral
sex, threatening to turn her over to
immigration, and forcing her to orally
copulate him.
KIRKEY, DANNY LEE                            05/28, N3, 8 AM    PRE-TRIAL    GEORGE       WHITE COLLAR   09NF0753
On July 8, 2008, and Oct. 15, 2008,                                          MCFETRIDGE   CRIME •
Kirkey is accused of filing three false
documents with the Orange County
Recorders Office to falsely show that he
owned an Anaheim property. Two
buildings existed on the property
including the now-closed Boogie
Nightclub and Flakey Jake’s restaurant.
The defendant is not the owner and has
no known ties to the property. Kirkey is
accused of meeting with commercial real
estate brokers with the intention of listing
the Anaheim property for $11 million. He
is accused of giving the brokers two
forged documents for the listing, one of
which he had altered after it had been
notarized and the other on which he
forged the true owner’s initials.
BALCOM, JASON MICHAEL                        05/29, C45, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    MARC         HOMICIDE •     07ZF0005
Charged with the 1988 murder of Malinda                                      ROZENBERG
Gibbons, a pregnant housewife living in
Costa Mesa. Balcom is currently serving
a 50-year sentence in Michigan for a 1989
conviction for sexual assault, kidnapping
and robbery. A DNA match linked
defendant to the crime. The District
Attorney is seeking the death penalty in
this case.
DIAZ, BETTY                                 05/29, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08HF1280
On July 3, 2007, Diaz was driving in her    06/05, H2, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY
Chevrolet Suburban in Irvine with her two                        HEARING
children near Irvine Center Drive and the
Irvine Spectrum Center. The defendant is
accused of starting to feel sick due to a
pre-existing medical condition as she
drove southbound on Irvine Center Drive.
Diaz, who had on another occasion needed
paramedic assistance while driving due to
her medical condition, is accused of
failing to stop despite knowing that she
was impaired. She is accused of driving
erratically, weaving through traffic, and
crossing over the raised center divider
onto the wrong side of the road. While
weaving across lanes southbound in the
northbound lanes, Diaz is accused of
crashing head-on into a Toyota Camry
driven by 70-year-old Connie Chung. The
victim, a grandmother of six, was
rendered unconscious in the crash and was
taken to Mission Hospital, where she died
of traumatic injuries.
MEADOWS, BLAISE AARON                       05/29, H2, 9 AM      PRELIMINARY   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   09SF0258
At approximately 12:30 a.m. on April 25,                         HEARING
2008, Meadows and an unknown friend
are accused of racing on their
motorcycles at speeds over 100 mph on
State Route 241. Meadows is accused of
crashing his Yamaha motorcycle into the
back of an Alpha Romeo driven by 46-
year-old Andrew Parker. The force of the
impact caused the victim’s car to veer off
the road and crash into a light pole before
flipping onto the roof and landing in a
parking lot. Meadows was thrown from
his motorcycle and landed on the
shoulder of the freeway. The other
motorcyclist drove away. Parker was
pronounced dead at the scene due to
blunt force trauma. Half an hour prior to
the crash, Meadows is accused of sending
instant messages to friends discussing his
intent to speed on his motorcycle and flee
from police.
ACOSTA, WILLIAM VINCENT                       05/29, N10, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL   JERRY      TARGET •   06NF0872
Charged with 6th strike. Charged with                                        SCHAFFER
conspiring to traffic methamphetamine
(meth), possessing a firearm as a felon
and during the commission of drug
trafficking, engaging in street terrorism
as a gang member, and possessing heroin
and meth at the time of his arrest. He is
accused of being the new North Orange
County shot-caller for his Southern
California Mexican prison gang. In
March 1987, Acosta, driving a stolen car,
led police officers from multiple agencies
throughout Orange County on a pursuit
on surface streets and freeways. Two
helicopters during the chase crashed into
each other killing two police officer
pilots and a civilian observer and
critically injuring another police officer.
A jury convicted Acosta of three counts
of first degree murder. Unfortunately,
the case was overturned by an appeals
court and Acosta served less than 10
years for three counts of vehicular
manslaughter. He was paroled in 1994.
Since then, Acosta has been sent to
prison on multiple occasions for felony
child abuse, negligent discharge of a
firearm (STRIKE), two counts of
robberies (STRIKES), assault with a
firearm (STRIKE), residential burglary
(STRIKE), and possession of a firearm
by a felon. He committed these crimes
between 1994 and 1998.
ABREU, FELIX                                 05/29, C40, 9 AM     PRE-TRIAL   SUSAN PRICE    HOMICIDE •   08CF2860
On Feb. 17, 2008, around 4:30 a.m.,
Arthur Carmona, 25, was attending a
birthday party at the Quiet Village
Mobile Home Park in Santa Ana. Abreu
is accused of driving a 2002 Chevy
Silverado gray pick-up truck registered to
a friend who was also attending the
party. Abreu is accused of driving
recklessly on a roadway in the mobile
home park, hitting Carmona who was
running from the car in an effort to avoid
being struck. The collision caused
Carmona to suffer major heart trauma
killing him shortly after the
collision. Abreu is accused of fleeing the
scene after causing Carmona bodily
injury. Carmona was rushed to the
Garden Grove Hospital Medical Center
where he was pronounced dead.
NGUYEN, DON                                  05/29, W9, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL   DAWN VARGAS-   FAMILY     08WF2465
Shortly after midnight on Nov. 2, 2008,                                       KALIBAN        PROTECTION
Nguyen’s wife, son, daughter-in-law,                                                         •
granddaughter, and a 50-year-old male
tenant were sleeping inside their Garden
Grove home. Nguyen is accused of
preparing to set their house on fire by
barricading his sleeping family inside
their bedrooms and dousing the inside of
the house with gasoline. While preparing
to set the house on fire, Nguyen’s
daughter arrived home with her
boyfriend. His daughter noticed that the
doors to the bedrooms had been blocked.
She left the house and drove to a nearby
gas station, where she called her sleeping
brother and told him that he was trapped
inside the house. His daughter returned
to the home and one of the family
members called 9-1-1. Police officers
arrived and found Nguyen in a bedroom
with a lighter in his pocket.
MEDINA, ABEL AVINA                          05/29, N5, 8:30 AM   SENTENCING   GARY LOGALBO FAMILY         08NM09634
A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy                                                      PROTECTION •
convicted of two misdemeanor counts of
violating a protective order. Medina, a 17-
year veteran, has known Jane Doe since
2000. The couple, who share a child, split
up in early July 2008. Jane Doe obtained a
protective order requiring that the
defendant have no contact with her. On
July 28, 2008, Medina is accused of
showing up at Jane Doe’s work in La
Habra. In December 2008, Medina is
accused of calling the victim’s cell phone
while Jane Doe was in the presence of a
District Attorney Investigator.
CAMPBELL, JAMES SCOTT                       05/29, C39, 9 AM     PRE-TRIAL    ROBERT       SEXUAL         08CF2918
On July 15, 2008, Campbell is accused of                                      MESTMAN      ASSAULT •
knocking on the bedroom door of 48-
year-old Jane Doe #1, a live-in
housekeeper, and offering the victim a
bowl of coffee flavored ice cream. He is
accused of having mixed Temazepam, a
type of sleeping pill, into the ice cream
with the intention of drugging the victim
in order to sexually assault her. After
Campbell left the room, Jane Doe #1
began to feel dizzy and disoriented and
went to the hospital, where she was given
a drug test that came back positive for
Temazepam. The ice cream also tested
positive for the same drug. The July 2008
case prompted a review of a 2001
complaint against Campbell. On March
3, 2001, Campbell is accused of going to
the home of Jane Doe #2, with whom he
had a prior relationship. He is accused of
drugging Jane Doe #2 with
benzodiazepines, another type of sleeping
pill, and raping the victim while she was
unconscious. Jane Doe #2 woke up to
find Campbell sexually assaulting her.
The following day Jane Doe #2 tested
positive for the drug at the hospital.
ALCALA, RODNEY JAMES                              05/29, C45, 10 AM      FURTHER       MATT MURPHY HOMICIDE        C-42861
Joint prosecution with Los Angeles                09/28, C45, 9 AM       PROCEEDINGS   &
County. Being retried for the third time                                 JURY TRIAL    GINA SATRIANO
for kidnapping and murdering Orange                                                    (LADA)
County 12-year-old, Robin Samsoe.
Samsoe was last seen riding her bike to an
afternoon dance class in Huntington
Beach in 1979. Her body was found two
weeks later in the Angeles National Forest
by a park ranger who testified at the first
trial but was unable to testify in the
second due to the trauma she suffered.
The defendant was convicted twice for
this murder in two trials but the verdicts
were overturned by appeals courts. The
defendant was also indicted for four brutal
Los Angeles County murders of young
women. Three of the women were
connected by DNA evidence and the
fourth by blood evidence.
LOPEZ, ROSENDO                                    05/29, C55, 8 :30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     LARRY YELLIN   HOMICIDE •   07CF3396
The older brother of a murdered 9-year-           06/11, C55, 8:30 AM    PRELIMINARY
old girl charged with killing his little sister                          HEARING
20 years ago. On June 3, 1987, third-
grader Patricia Lopez went missing from
her elementary school in Santa Ana. Her
body was discovered two days later in a
storm drain along the Santa Ana Riverbed.
She had suffered severe blunt force
trauma to her head. The case remained
unsolved until the Santa Ana Police
Department re-examined the case and
tested evidence from the scene using
forensic technology not available in 1987.
Rosendo Lopez was linked to the crime
through DNA.
MESSING, IRA JAY                            05/29, 9AM         SENTENCING      MARC         MAJOR       07CF3829
Contractor charged with taking more than DEPT R, NORWALK                       LABRECHE     FRAUD •
$670,000 from homeowners to install
sunrooms and failing to perform the work
on the victims’ homes. Messing is accused
of doing little or no work on the projects
for the victims’ homes and using the
victims’ money to complete old contracts.
SON, JOSEPH HYUNGMIN                        05/29, C58, 9 AM   MENTAL HEALTH   ERIC         SEXUAL      08WF2001
On Dec. 24, 1990, Jane Doe was walking                         COMPETENCY      SCARBROUGH   ASSAULT •
back to her apartment with her dog after
going to look at Christmas lights. As she
was walking Son is accused of distracting
Jane Doe by asking for directions and
pretending he was lost. Son and another
suspect are accused of forcibly dragging
Jane Doe to their car, throwing her in the
back, and driving away. Jane Doe’s
purse was later retrieved at the scene, but
her dog was never found. The defendant
and the unknown suspect are accused of
telling her they were driving to Compton,
pistol whipping her, and threatening to
kill her repeatedly. The defendant is
accused of repeatedly raping,
sodomizing, and forcing Jane Doe to
orally copulate him in the back of the car.
The unidentified suspect is also accused
of raping Jane Doe and forcing her to
orally copulate him. The defendant is
accused of penetrating her vagina with a
firearm. The defendant is accused of
threatening to kill the victim and
counting the bullets in the gun, as Jane
Doe pleaded for her life. The defendant
and the unidentified suspect are accused
of finally allowing Jane Doe to leave
naked and with her pants tied around her
eyes. Jane Doe went to a nearby home
and the homeowners called the police.
Son’s DNA sample provided in 2008
from a separate conviction was linked to
DNA collected at the scene and from
Jane Doe in 1990.
VIVEROS, MANUEL OZUNA                        06/01, C5, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL   HEIDI GARREL   FAMILY       07HF0412
Charged with kidnapping his live-in                                                           PROTECTION •
girlfriend and attempting to murder her
two days later by repeatedly stabbing her
outside of their Lake Forest home. The
defendant is also accused of kidnapping
another victim, his girlfriend’s neighbor,
with the intention of robbing her.
OMONDI, GIDEON WALTHER                       06/01, C40, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL   STEVE          HOMICIDE •   07ZF0146
Omondi is accused of murdering his 4-                                          MCGREEVY
year-old son, Richie, by holding him
under water and drowning him in the
bathtub of his Fullerton home. He is
accused of preparing the bath with the
specific intention of drowning and
murdering his son. The little boy’s body
was later discovered by Fullerton Police
on the defendant’s bed.
MAES, ANTHONY                                06/01, H7, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL   KATHERINE      FAMILY     08HM04390
Maes, a police officer with the Santa Ana                                      WALSH          PROTECTION
Unified School District, is accused of                                                        •
getting into an argument with his
girlfriend, Jane Doe, while camping at
Doheny State Beach for Mother’s Day
with their baby. The defendant is accused
of hitting Jane Doe in the face three or
four times, causing scratches and
bruising. Park Rangers, who had gone to
the defendant’s motor home because of a
loud generator, spoke to the victim after
noticing that she was visibly upset. Maes
is accused of instructing the victim in
Spanish not to say anything to the Park
GARCIA, VICTOR MANUEL                         06/01, C40, 9 AM        JURY TRIAL         MATT MURPHY   HOMICIDE •   06CF1227
The first defendant to be extradited from
Mexico to Orange County for murder
charges committed as a juvenile and
charged as an adult. In the early morning
hours of September 21, 2001, 16-year-old
Ceceline Godsoe was found dead at
Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. She had
been severely beaten. Garcia is accused
of being the last person to be seen with
the victim. Accused of knocking her
down, kicking her, and killing her, and
then trying to cover up what he did by
bathing in alcohol, burning his clothes
and fleeing to Mexico. He was later
turned over by Mexican authorities.
HERNANDEZ, NORBERTO*/                         06/01, C30, 9 AM****    JURY TRIAL****     COLLEEN       GANGS •      08ZF0020
GARCIA, ANGEL**/                              06/05, C38, 9 AM**      SENTENCING**       CROMMETT
ROLDAN, JUAN***/                              06/08, C30, 9 AM ***    JURY TRIAL ***
AYALA, OIRAM***/                              06/10, N10, 9 AM*       SENTENCING*
                                                                      JURY TRIAL *****
PEREZ, MARCO****/                             06/22, C30, 9 AM*****
On Dec. 15, 2006, Hernandez and two
fellow gang members, Roldan and Ayala,
walked into a rival gang neighborhood
with a firearm in search of rival gang
members. The defendant and his fellow
gang members began shooting at a rival
gang. Victim Gumaro Rojas, then-47,
was nearby selling corn on the cob from
his street vendor cart and was caught in
the crossfire. Rojas, who was an innocent
civilian, was shot in the back, penetrating
his spinal cord. He remains paralyzed
from the waist down. The defendants fled
the scene. Two days later, on Dec. 17,
2009, Hernandez was riding in a car with
fellow gang members Perez,
Guadarrama, Roldan, Ayala, and Garcia.
The defendants were armed with two
firearms and drove around Santa Ana
searching for rival gang members to
murder. While driving through a rival
gang neighborhood, the defendants
noticed three rivals, 14-year-old Angel
Secundino, 15-year-old Gabriel Perez,
and 16-year-old Fernando Garcia. The
defendants stopped the car, got out, and
confronted the victims. The defendants
then murdered Secundino and Perez by
shooting them execution-style in the
head. Victim Garcia was shot in the
stomach and was left in a coma. He
survived after undergoing seven
surgeries. The defendants fled the scene.
KILLEBREW, JOSEPH MICHAEL                     06/01, H2, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL   SEAN O’BRIEN   MAJOR     99HF1000
In July 1999, Killebrew is accused of                                                      FRAUD •
purchasing several original oil paintings
valued over $261,000 from Laguna
Beach art galleries DeRus Fine Art,
Redfern Gallery, and Joan Irvine Smith
Fine Art. The defendant is accused of
writing four personal checks for the
paintings. After leaving the galleries with
the paintings, Killebrew is accused of
stopping payment on the checks. When
the galleries contacted Killebrew after
failing to receive payment on his
canceled checks, the defendant is accused
of claiming that he had to leave the state
for a family emergency and would
resolve his due payments when he
returned. Killebrew is accused of then
fleeing the state. In September 1999, the
Orange County District Attorney’s Office
(OCDA) charged Killebrew with grand
theft and filed a warrant for his arrest.
The case remained cold until November
2008, when OCDA investigators located
Killebrew living in Las Vegas under the
alias “Michael Palmer.” Killebrew is
accused of being in possession of all of
the Laguna Beach paintings at the time of
his arrest.
KRUGER, WESTON SCOTT                        06/01, C40, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   MATT MURPHY   HOMICIDE &   07HF1539
A Newport Beach man charged with                                                          FAMILY       06HF1684
murdering a liquor store clerk while he                                                   PROTECTION   07HF0842
was out on bail for two separate criminal                                                 •
cases. Kruger is accused of violently
knocking the clerk to the ground after
attempting to steal a magazine, and fleeing
the scene. Defendant also charged in two
separate cases for attacking and beating
his live-in girlfriend and robbing an Aliso
Viejo home while pretending to be a
police officer.
MARTINEZ, CARLOS                            06/01, C40, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   DAVE BRENT    HOMICIDE •   05CF3954
Charged with the special circumstances                         RE-TRIAL
murders during a robbery of a beloved
elderly couple in their home on Dec. 29,
2004. Also charged with the special
circumstances allegation for committing a
double murder and murder in the
commission of a residential burglary. The
victims had been stabbed multiple times
and their house was ransacked. Their
daughter went to check on her parents and
discovered the gruesome sight. The
daughters had tried to get their parents to
move from the neighborhood because they
thought the neighborhood had become
dangerous. DNA was found on a Pepsi
can at the scene. Defendant accused of
leaving DNA and mixture of DNA all
over the crime scene. DNA hit was a
result of passing Proposition 69, which
mandated DNA testing of felons. The
District Attorney is seeking death on this

FITZGERALD, LYDIA                          06/02, C5, 8:30 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   BRIAN         MAJOR FAUDS 08CF2767
Between April 2004 and December 2007,                                         MULHERIN      •
Fitzgerald is accused of stealing
approximately $450,000 from the Casa
Youth Shelter in Los Alamitos, a
charitable organization that provides
temporary shelter and counseling for
runaways and youth in crisis. While
employed as an executive assistant,
Fitzgerald is accused of forging
numerous checks to herself and obtaining
a credit card on a pre-existing company
account in her own name without
authorization from the shelter. She is
accused of using the stolen money and
credit cards on personal expenses for
herself and her family including
remodeling their home and purchasing
vacations, meals, clothes, a car, a boat,
and numerous other luxury items.
Fitzgerald is accused of attempting to
conceal her theft by altering the books
and records to show untrue payees or
payment amounts. When the bank
account used for payroll began to deplete
from Fitzgerald’s theft, she is accused of
opening a line of credit in the shelter’s
name and using the line of credit to
transfer money into the payroll account.
ALMANZA, NICOLAS                           06/02, C43, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL    JEFF WINTER   FAMILY       07CF2699
On the morning of August 9, 2007,                                                           PROTECTION
Almanza is accused of waking 7-year-old                                                     •
Jane Doe as she slept on the couch of a
residence, where she was being babysat by
a relative. Almanza, who lived in the
home, is accused of taking the victim into
the bathroom, closing the door behind
them, and stabbing her multiple times in
the stomach and throat. Family members
heard the victim screaming and ran to the
bathroom to break down the door.
Almanza is accused of running from the
bathroom and fleeing the scene. Jane Doe
was transported to Western Medical
Center in Santa Ana.
LOBEL, CARY LYNN                            06/04, C58, 8:30 AM   MENTAL HEALTH   KATIE WALSH    FAMILY     08HF1553
Lobel and her ex-husband have two                                 COMPETENCY                     PROTECTION
children, ages 4 and 7, of which he has                                                          •
custody. A family court order was issued
in March 2007 prohibiting the defendant
for having any contact with her children
and ordering her not to be within 100
yards of her ex-husband’s home. On July
25, 2008, Lobel is accused of violating
the protective order by driving to the
Newport Coast home, going inside and
leaving gifts for the children in their
bedrooms. When officers arrived, Lobel
is accused of fleeing in her car and
leading police on a high speed chase
from Newport Coast to Los Angeles. She
is accused of driving between 60 and 120
mph with the knowledge that officers
were following her and attempting to pull
her over.
SHIPP, JAMES DETORY                         06/04, C41, 9 AM      PRE-TRIAL       MATT MURPHY    HOMICIDE     04ZF0052
Charged with the 1998 murder of an
Irvine copying business employee and the
kidnap and attempted rape of a second
FAITH, CHARLES EDWARD                       06/04, C5, 8:30 AM    ARRAIGNMENT     LARRY YELLIN   HOMICIDE •   07CF3621
A 67-year-old man charged with murder
for killing a hotel manager in 1964 after
the cold case was linked to him using
newly developed forensic technology. On
February 16, 1964, Faith is accused of
murdering Christine Wariner in her room
at the California Hotel in Santa Ana,
where she worked as the hotel manager.
He is accused of strangling the victim and
bludgeoning her with a blunt force object.
The victim, whose door was left ajar when
Faith fled the scene, was discovered by a
tenant who had gone to pay his rent. The
victim was found nude with signs of a
sexual assault. During the investigation,
police collected evidence from the scene
including a sexual assault kit and bloody
fingerprints found above the door. The
case went unsolved after police were
unable to find a fingerprint match. The
Santa Ana Police Department cold case
team began re-investigating the case and
was able to link Faith to the crime through
forensics using computer technology that
did not exist in 1964.
CAMPBELL, CECILE NHUNG*/                      06/05, C41, 9 AM*   SENTENCING*   MARC         ECONOMIC       06HF1161
CAMPBELL, MEL WAYNE/                          06/05, C41, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL    LABRECHE     CRIMES •
Woman, her husband, and her brother
accused of embezzling almost $1 million
by transferring money from KIA Motors
into a private account. This account was
made to look like a US Customs tax
service for imported goods. Charged with
grand theft, three counts of computer
access and fraud, and three counts of
money laundering.
FLEMING, JAMES/ MCGILL,                       06/05, C40, 9 AM    PRE-TRIAL     REBECCA      SPECIAL        07ZF0013
                                                                  JURY TRIAL                 PROSECUTIONS
SUSAN                                         08/17, C40, 9 AM                  OLIVIERI &   •
Former Superintendent and Assistant                                             KEITH
Superintendent of the Capistrano Unified                                        BOGARDUS
School District (CUSD) charged for using
public and school funds to create an
“enemies list” of citizens supporting a
2005 recall election against the School
District Board of Trustees.
HUNT, LYNETTE ANN                            06/05, N3, 9 AM    PRE-TRIAL     JASON BAEZ   HOMICIDE •   09NF0431
On July 11, 2008, Hunt and two friends,      06/10, N3, 9 AM    PRELIMINARY
27-year-old Vanessa Herrada, Fullerton,                         HEARING
and 30-year-old Maria Zamarripa,
Fontana, were celebrating Zamarippa’s
30th birthday at California Girls
Gentleman’s Club in Santa Ana. The
three friends left the club in Hunt’s
Honda sedan. Hunt is accused of driving
recklessly and weaving in and out of
lanes on westbound State Route 91. At
approximately 6:35 p.m., she is accused
of accelerating and suddenly veering
across several lanes of traffic. Hunt’s
vehicle flipped down the freeway
embankment, rolled over, and ejected
Hunt and Zamarripa from the car. When
California Highway Patrol officers
responded to the crash, Hunt is accused
of emitting a strong odor of alcohol,
slurring her speech, and having bloodshot
and watery eyes. Approximately two
hours after the crash, Hunt is accused of
having a blood alcohol level of .15
percent. Herrada was pronounced dead at
the scene due to major head trauma.
Zamarripa was transported to UCI
Medical Center with severe internal
injuries and died at the hospital shortly
after the crash.
DOMANIC, LISSA MARIE                         06/05, C30, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL     JIM          GANGS •      08ZF0024
Domanic began working as a 9-1-1 call                                         MENDELSON
taker for the Orange County Sheriff’s
Department (OCSD) in February 2007.
In June 2008, she is accused of violating
her position of trust by accessing
confidential criminal history information
from a state law enforcement database
and illegally sharing the information with
her gang. In May 2008, Domanic is
accused of communicating with an
inmate at the Orange County jail, a male
associate from her gang, and providing
him with the details of a sexual child
annoyance criminal case against another
inmate, with whom she had a personal
conflict. In July 2008, she is accused of
attempting to get information to the same
gang member inmate about another man,
who was also an inmate who was a rival.
HILL, DAMON/ KELLY, JARRELL                  06/05, C30, 8 AM   PRE-TRIAL   JOHN CHRISTL   GANGS •   08NF3012
On March 17, 2006, several people went
to an Anaheim Denny’s after leaving a
nearby nightclub. While at the restaurant,
friends Giovanni Boyd and Dwayne
Washington went into the restroom, and
defendants Hill and Kelly are accused of
following them inside with a few
unidentified friends. The defendants and
their friends are accused of identifying
themselves as gang members and
robbing Boyd and Washington inside the
restroom at gunpoint. As Boyd and
Washington were being robbed, their
friend Armond Jones entered the
restroom. Hill, Kelly, and their friends
are accused of robbing Jones of his
jewelry and fleeing the restroom. Jones
chased the defendants through the
restaurant and outside into the parking
lot, where Hill and Kelly are accused of
shooting him in the chest. After being
shot, Jones went back inside the
restaurant bleeding, where he died.
Victim Ronnell Spencer, who had also
been at the nightclub and was at
Denny’s, ran outside after seeing the
defendants and victim run into the
parking lot. Hill and Kelly are accused of
shooting him one time in the head.
Spencer survived the shot. Jones, an
actor, had recently finished filming a role
in the movie “Freedom Writers,” which
was released after his murder.
MURTAZA, IFTEKHAR/                            06/05, N12, 8 AM      PRE-TRIAL     HOWARD         HOMICIDE •   07NF2178
KRASNOPEROV, VITALIY/                         07/14, N12, 8 AM      PRELIMINARY   GUNDY
MURPHY, CHARLES ANTHONY                                             HEARING
Murtaza, the ex-boyfriend of UCI student,
and co-defendants, Krasnoperov and
Murphy, are charged with murdering the
girl’s father and sister and dumping their
bodies and attempting to kill her
mother. They have been charged with two
felony counts of murder for Karishma
Dhanak and Jayprakash Dhanak and one
count of felony attempted murder for
Leela Jayprakash Dhanak. They also face
sentencing enhancements for committing
multiple murders, murder during the
commission of kidnapping Karishma
Dhanak, and murder during the
commission of kidnapping Jayprakash
PHAM, TAM VU/                                 06/05, C35, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     RICK WELSH &   ECONOMIC     08ZF0025
NGO, HUONG THIEN/                             10/26, C35, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL    GEORGE         CRIMES •
NGUYEN, LAN THI NGOC/                                                             McFETRIDGE
Charged with running an elaborate
medical insurance fraud scam in which
healthy people from all over the US were
recruited to have unnecessary surgeries at
Unity Outpatient Surgery Center in Buena
Park. Unity is accused of billing
insurance companies more than $154
million in fraudulent claims. Chan,
Hampton, and Rosenberg are doctors
charged for performing unnecessary
surgeries to bill insurance companies.
Attorney Dickson and accountant Harnen
are accused of using their respective roles
to keep Unity open and operating. Francis
and Landon are accused of being Clinic
administrators charged with conspiracy
and insurance fraud. Rosales, Toscano,
Nanda, Keophimphone, Thuy Huynh, and
Ngoc Huynh are charged as cappers for
recruiting patients. Ngo, Pham, Nguyen,
Truong, Tran, and Vu have pleaded guilty
and been sentenced.
RUANO, JONATHAN ULLOA                         06/05, C34, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    NIKKI       SEXUAL      08CF3568
Ruano was an instructional assistant at                                       BURACCHIO   ASSAULT •
Community Day School in Santa Ana.
Jane Doe is a ninth-grade student at the
school. Between June 1, 2008, and July
31, 2008, Ruano is accused of having an
unlawful sexual relationship including
intercourse with the victim on multiple
occasions at his Santa Ana home.
SPRIGGS, ANITA JUDITH                         06/05, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   BROCK       FELONY      07NF3525
Spriggs is charged with attempted murder                                      ZIMMON      PANEL
with enhancements for the personal
discharge of a firearm causing great
bodily injury. She is accused of shooting
her neighbor in the shoulder after a
dispute over the trimming of bushes in the
victim’s back yard.
LANKFORD, DENESHIO                            06/05, W15, 8:30 AM    PRE-TRIAL        JASON BAEZ      HOMICIDE •   09WF0612
Lankford is accused of speeding over 100      06/26, W15, 8:30 AM    PRELIMINARY
mph in a 45 mph zone eastbound on PCH
in Seal Beach. He is accused of driving at
an unsafe speed, losing control of his car,
and veering into the westbound lanes
facing the wrong direction on PCH.
Lankford is accused of crashing head-on
into an oncoming BMW, driven by 52-
year-old Rick Vetter. The impact of the
crash sheared the defendant’s car into two
pieces. Lankford is accused of causing
five cars, including his own, to collide.
Vetter was trapped inside his car and died
at the scene due to blunt force trauma.
Lankford’s passenger, 17-year-old Grisna
Meas, was also killed at the scene. Two
other drivers from the lesser-involved
crash vehicles suffered minor injuries
including soreness, small cuts and bruises.
AGUILAR, MATTHEW JOHN**/                      06/08, C5, 9 AM +      JURY TRIAL +     ERIK PETERSEN   GANGS •      08HF1532*
AGUILAR, PHILLIP RUSSELL**/                   06/11, H1, 8:30 AM++   PRE-TRIAL++                                   08HF1498**
HESLINGTON, BRIAN DAVID +/                    07/06, C5, 9 AM***     JURY TRIAL ***                                08HF1533 +
LLOYD, JOHN PHILLIP***/                       08/10, H2, 8:30 AM**   PRE-TRIAL**                                   08HF1496**
QUINONES, JOSE ENRIQUE ++/                                                                                         *
REQUEJO, RODRIGO JOSE*/                                                                                            08HF1497++
Members of two separate outlaw
motorcycle gangs facing charges related
to a fight at Newport Beach bar Blackies
by the Sea. Requejo is accused of
punching John Doe, a member of the
rival gang. Quinones is accused of
pulling a knife from his pocket and
stabbing Heslington one time in the
Schoeman is accused of fleeing the scene
and attempting to help hide weapons
used in the fight in his car. Schoeman
was pulled over while driving and
Newport Beach police located two
bloody knifes hidden in the car. Search
warrants were served on Aug. 6, 2008.
Phillip Aguilar, a felon, is accused of
being in possession of a firearm,
ammunition, and brass knuckles. His son,
Matthew Aguilar, is accused of also
being in possession of brass knuckles.
Timanus, who lives in a home owned by
the Aguilars’ and is a felon, is accused of
possessing two firearms. Heslington is
accused of being in possession of
cocaine, more than a dozen pills of
ecstasy, and a loaded semi-automatic
firearm. Lloyd is accused of having a
loaded concealed firearm in his car.
Reuejo pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to three years formal probation, 30 days
in jail, and was ordered to have no
association with his gang.
                                              06/08, N3, 9 AM   ARRAIGNMENT   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   09NF1165
At approximately 12:23 a.m. on April 9,
2009, Gallo is accused of speeding at
approximately 65 mph in a 35 mph zone
while under the influence of alcohol and
driving on a suspended driver’s license.
Gallo is accused of driving in Fullerton
and running through a red light, crashing
into a Mitsubishi that was legally
passing through the intersection and
pushing it into a third car. The driver of
the third car sustained minimal injuries
with moderate damages to his car. Gallo
is accused of murdering three people in
the crash and seriously injuring a fourth.
The three murdered victims include 22-
year-old Nicholas Adenhart, a pitcher for
the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
playing in his fifth professional season,
20-year-old Courtney Stewart, a student
and former Titans cheerleader at
California State University, Fullerton,
and 25-year-old Henry Pearson, a law
student working toward becoming a
sports agent. The fourth victim, 24-year-
old Jon Wilhite, a former player for the
Titans baseball team, remains in critical
condition. After crashing into the
victims’ car, Gallo is accused of fleeing
the scene on foot. He was arrested less
than 30 minutes later approximately two
mile away on the shoulder of State
Route 91 by officers from the Anaheim
Police Department. When contacted by
officers, Gallo is accused of attempting
to flee again and run from the police. At
the time of the crash, Gallo is accused of
having a blood alcohol level of almost
three times the legal limit.
GALLARDO, ARTHUR KENNETH                     06/08, C5, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL   COLLEEN    GANGS •   08ZF0028
On December 29, 2006, Gallardo and                                             CROMMETT
another gang member, Edmundo Gomez,
were passed out in a stolen car that had
been carjacked from Fresno. The car was
running but parked and was blocking
traffic in the number three lane on Harbor
Boulevard at approximately 2:30 a.m.
Fullerton Police arrived and could see a
shotgun on the driver’s seat near Gomez.
Gallardo is accused of sleeping on the
passenger’s seat holding a handgun on his
lap. The officers strategically parked their
cars around the defendant’s car and
attempted to wake the gang members
using their loud speaker. Gallardo is
accused of waking up and immediately
using his semi-automatic handgun to fire
multiple shots through the front
windshield of his vehicle at a police car
parked in front of him. Police returned
fire. Gallardo was shot but survived his
injuries. Gomez was killed.
MAFFEY, RICARDO                               06/08, H2, 8:30 AM    PRE-TRIAL     TONY         SEXUAL         08SF0904
A Protestant pastor of the Apostolic                                              FERRENTINO   ASSAULT •
Christian Church in San Clemente
charged with molesting a 14-year-old
female parishioner that he met through
his job. Between May 2008 and August
2008, the defendant is accused of
violating his position of trust by engaging
in illegal sexual contact with Jane Doe.
On multiple occasions, he is accused of
passionately kissing Jane Doe on the
mouth. He is also accused of contacting
her several times to meet and engage in
CHRISTENSEN, SCOTT                            06/08, C5, 9 AM       JURY TRIAL    HEATHER      SEXUAL         06SF0747
After-school child care worker for the                                            BROWN        ASSAULT •
Saddleback Valley Unified School District
convicted of molesting a young boy.
Defendant was employed at a Rancho
Santa Margarita elementary school with
The Learning Connection. Christensen
molested John Doe in the victim’s home
while babysitting.
DUFFEY, NEIL DEONTRAI/                        06/08, C41, 9:00 AM   JURY TRIAL    SANDRA       SPECIAL        06NF2865
CARTLIDGE, WILLIAM DESHAWN                                                        NASSAR
Cartlidge and Duffey are charged with                                                          •
two counts of attempted murder and two
counts of second degree robbery for
shooting two people, a liquor store owner
and customer, in a Buena Park liquor
store, and stealing the cash register.
ATTEBURY, CARLIE                              06/09, C55, 9 AM      PRELIMINARY   NIKKI        SEXUAL         08CF3103
Between February and September 2008,                                HEARING       BURACCHIO    ASSAULT •
Attebury is accused of having unlawful
sex on numerous occasions with a male
high school student beginning when he
was 15 years old at her home in Orange.
She is accused of illegally engaging in
digital penetration, oral copulation, and
intercourse with the victim. Attebury is
accused of meeting the student while
working as a band instructor at El
Modena High School in Orange.
LEAL, ANGEL HERRERA                           06/09, N12, 8 AM   PRELIMINARY   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08NF4162
Leal is accused of driving several miles                         HEARING
on the wrong side of the freeway with a
blood alcohol level of .29 percent. Leal is
accused of crashing his pick-up truck
head-on into an oncoming Toyota
Corolla, driven by 29-year-old Jisun
Park. Both cars involved in the crash
spun and came to a stop on the freeway.
Park’s passenger, 29-year-old Rebecca
Moon, suffered blunt force trauma to the
head and was killed. Park was
transported to the University of
California, Irvine Medical Center for
injuries to her abdomen.
WESTBROOK, AARON EDWIN                        06/10, H1, 9 AM    PRE-TRIAL     NIKKI         SEXUAL       09SF0099
Westbrook is accused of having an                                              BURACCHIO     ASSAULT •
unlawful sexual relationship with two
separate female victims on separate
occasions, both 17 years old, whom he
met while teaching at Capistrano Valley
High School. He is accused of giving
alcohol to both victims and illegally
engaging in oral copulation and
intercourse at his home and at the home
of one of the victims.
RAMIREZ, DIEGO/                               06/10, C55, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL     MARK BIRNEY   SEXUAL       09CF0570
SANTIBANEZ, MARIO/                            06/24, C55, 9 AM   PRELIMINARY                 ASSAULT •
RAMIREZ, DANIEL/                                                 HEARING
On Feb. 27, 2009, Jane Doe #1, 13, and
Jane Doe #2, 14, met after school with
Gomez and Santibanez. The defendants
are accused of going with the victims to a
party at the Orange home of cousins
Diego and Daniel Ramirez. Prior to going
to the party, the victims consumed
alcoholic beverages and were intoxicated
when they arrived at Ramirez’s house.
Once at the party, Jane Doe #1 and Jane
Doe #2 continued to consume alcoholic
beverages. The defendants are accused of
taking turns raping and orally copulating
Jane Doe #1 while she was intoxicated
and unable to resist. Gomez is also
accused of having unlawful sexual
intercourse with Jane Doe #2.
SHARPSKI, MARY KATHERYN/                     06/11, W14, 9AM   PRELIMINARY   LYNDA       SPECIAL        09WF0727
ORTEGA, ANTONIO CINCO/                                         HEARING       FERNANDEZ   PROSECUTIONS
Frank and Mary Sharpski are married
with three children. Sharpski is accused
of having an affair with Shores, a tenant
in their home for approximately one year.
Sharpski is accused of planning to
murder her husband, Frank Sharpski, in
order to live with Shores and her three
children as a family. Sharpski and Shores
are accused of meeting and conspiring
with Ortega, a good friend of Shores.
Sharpski is accused of agreeing to pay
Ortega to murder her husband and
providing him with information of the
victim’s daily route. In the early morning
of March 3, 2009, Ortega is accused of
attacking Frank Sharpski outside his
apartment in the alley of the complex on
Euclid Street with a machete. Ortega is
accused of fracturing the victim’s skull,
severing a thumb and fingers, partly
severing his nose, causing several
machete wounds, and leaving him to die.
When Fountain Valley Police
Department officers responded at 5:51
a.m. to the scene, they found the victim
on the ground near the carports bleeding
severely and semi-conscious. He was
transported to a hospital, where he
received several surgeries and is
recovering from the attack. Ortega is
accused of leaving forensic evidence at
the crime scene, linking the three to the
murder-for-hire plot.
QUEBE, KIMBERLY JOY/                        06/11, N3, 8 AM       PRELIMINARY   CHRISTINE   FAMILY     08NF2401
QUEBE, JOHN HERMAN                                                HEARING       SIMMONS     PROTECTION
The married defendants have two                                                             •
children, Jane Doe, 15, and John Doe, 11.
For the past six years, the Quebes are
accused of physically and verbally
abusing their children. They are accused
of frequently tying up the victims for
hours at a time by binding their wrists and
ankles using tights to punish the children
for minor issues. They are accused of
leaving the children’s wrists and ankles
bound overnight and leaving them to sleep
on the floor. The Quebes are accused of
placing a latch approximately 6 inches
from the top of John Doe’s door, out of
his reach, and locking him in his room for
hours. The defendants are accused of
frequently verbally assaulting the children
by screaming obscenities and calling them
degrading names.
FOSTER, JOHN PAUL/                          06/12, C35, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     ROBERT      SEXUAL      09ZF0047
CLEMMONS, MICHAEL                           06/22, C35, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL    MESTMAN     ASSAULT•
In July 2008, the three defendants were
partying at the Key Inn in Tustin. Jane
arrived and later passed out. The three
are accused of knowing that Jane Doe
was unconscious. Foster is accused of
using a video camera to tape the duration
of the charged assaults. Clemmons and
Lewis are accused of removing her
clothes and sexually assaulting the
victim. Clemmons and Lewis are accused
of moving the victim from the bed to the
floor and putting her body in different
positions as they repeatedly raped, orally
copulated, and digitally penetrated Jane
Doe. One defendant is accused of
ejaculating on the victim’s face. Foster is
accused of handing the camera to another
defendant and sexually assaulting the
victim on tape by rubbing his penis
against her face. Foster is accused of then
urinating on Jane Doe. Throughout the
sexual assault, the non-responsive Jane
Doe was either unconscious or prevented
from resisting because she was under the
influence of an intoxicating substance.
The defendants are accused of slapping
her in the face, telling her to wake up,
and holding the victim’s nose closed to
suffocate her in order to wake her up.
Jane Doe did not wake up on the video.
BETANCES, JOHN LAURENCE                       06/12, C43, 9 AM          FURTHER            MATT MURPHY    HOMICIDE •   04HF1168
WHITAKER                                                                PROCEEDINGS
Charged with the 1983 strangulation
murder of a woman in Laguna Beach.
Through TracKRS, a DNA match linked
Betances to the killing. He was living in
Oregon at the time of his arrest. He has
been extradited to California to face
murder charges.
[a] MACIAS, ARMANDO /                         06/12, C45, 1:30 PM [a,   PRE-TRIAL [a, b]   DAN WAGNER &   GANGS •      02NF3143
[b] MARTINEZ, ALBERTO /                       b]                                           MIKE MURRAY
[c] LOPEZ, GERARDO /                          09/24, N3, 8:30 AM [f]    SENTENCING [f]
Gang co-defendants charged with killing a
Compton business owner near his Buena
Park home and going on a high-speed
chase. The victim’s sister (Perna) and her
co-worker (Corona) were later charged
with murder-for-profit for arranging the
murder. The District Attorney is seeking
the death penalty for Macias, Martinez,
and Navarro. Corona pleaded guilty to
manslaughter. Lopez was convicted of
first degree murder in a separate jury trial
and sentenced to life without parole.
Perna was sentenced to life in state prison.
KUEHL, MARTIN BURT                           06/12, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     JASON BAEZ   HOMICIDE •   09HF0538
On Aug. 29, 2008, Kuehl is accused of        06/23, H2, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY
illegally text messaging while driving                            HEARING
westbound on Westcliff Drive in
Newport Beach in a sport utility vehicle.
At approximately 8:30 a.m., the
defendant is accused of being distracted
and failing to slow or stop as he
approached a crosswalk, where 32-year-
old Martha Ovalle was crossing the
street. Kuehl is accused of hitting and
killing the victim. Ovalle was
pronounced dead at the scene due to
blunt force injuries.
SALAZAR, VICTOR                              06/12, N10, 8 AM     PRE-TRIAL     MARK SACKS   SEXUAL       08NF1236
Salazar worked as a counselor at                                                             ASSAULT •
Florence Crittenton Home, a facility that
houses children living in the United
States without parents, either because the
parents have been deported or the child
came to the United States alone. Between
May 25, 2007 and February 5, 2008,
Salazar is accused of molesting six boys
between the ages of 15 and 16 years old.
In each case, the defendant was the
assigned counselor for the victim. Each
victim would go into Salazar’s office to
make a personal telephone call to their
family in South or Central America. In
each case, while the boy was on the
phone the defendant is accused of
sexually assaulting the boy by putting his
hand down the victim’s pants and
fondling the victim’s penis. He is accused
of orally copulating John Doe #4 and
John Doe #5.
HARRYMAN, JEREMY GENE                         06/12, C41, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    HEATHER   SEXUAL      09CF0107
third-striker sex offender charged with       06/19, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   BROWN     ASSAULT •
grooming two young brothers, John Doe
#1, age 12, and John Doe #2, age 9, after
befriending their mother when she was a
customer at his then-workplace, Big O
Tires in Orange. The defendant is
accused of spending time with the
victims at their home and while on
vacation with them and their mother.
Harryman is accused of grooming the
victims by speaking to John Doe #1
about masturbating. He is accused of
trying to convince the boys to undress in
front of him and taking off his own
clothes to change in front of the boys.
Harryman is accused of refusing to leave
a restroom stall as John Doe #2 used the
restroom. The defendant is also accused
of attempting to touch John Doe #1’s
groin region. The victims’ mother
contacted police after becoming
suspicious of Harryman’s relationship
with her sons. Harryman has two prior
strike convictions for child molest against
a young male family member in Oregon
and a former neighbor’s male son in
Anaheim. As in the current case, the
defendant groomed his prior victims by
speaking to them about masturbation.
The defendant was required to register as
a sex offender for both cases.
CALDERON, JOEL/ LOZANO,                     06/12, C41, 9 AM *   PRE-TRIAL *   NICK        TARGET •     04NF4470
CEASAR*/ PEREZ, STEVEN/                                                        DOURBETAS
Gang members accused of attacking two
innocent men with a shotgun. Calderon
and Perez pleaded guilty and were
sentenced. Mejia was convicted by a jury
and was sentenced to 25 years to life.
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                         06/12, C41, 9 AM     PRE-TRIAL     DOUG BRANNAN ECONOMIC    07NF2349
WIMBERLY / CUNNINGHAM,                                                                      CRIMES •
Father and son charged with stealing more
than $1 million from Calvary Baptist
Yorba Linda Church and School while
working there as pastors. Accused of
stealing money that came from church
offerings and givings, and using it for
personal benefit. Cunningham and
Cunningham had complete control of
eight church bank accounts, and are
accused of moving money between
accounts to hide their crime and making
withdrawals as cash or unauthorized
payments to themselves. The pastors are
also accused of using credit cards that had
been issued to them by the church for
unauthorized personal expenses.
CHARCAS-FERNANDEZ, MARCO                    06/12, C35, 9 AM     SENTENCING    CAMERON     HOMICIDE •   06CF2031
ANTONIO / SALDIVAR JR.,                                                        TALLEY
Charcas-Fernandez, Saldivar, and Ruben
Oliveros are accused of shooting and
murdering a blind Latino albino during the
commission of a robbery. The other five
defendants are accused of being an
accessory to the murder for trying to
harbor, conceal, or aid the accused to help
prevent them from being caught and
prosecuted. All are accused of
committing the crime for the benefit of a
criminal street gang.
TSUYUKI, HITOMI                              06/15, C62, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   YVETTE PATKO   ECONOMIC     08CF1853
Tsuyuki, a financial planner, is accused                           HEARING                      CRIMES •
of stealing more than $2.8 million from
clients by convincing them to invest in
bonds and instead spending the money
for personal use. Many of the victims had
been associated with Tsuyuki since he
was a child, as they had attended the
church where the defendant’s father was
a minister. The defendant is accused of
encouraging victims, many of whom
were elderly and trusted him, to invest in
an opportunity that he falsely represented
as the purchase of a tax free municipal
bond. He is accused of instructing the
victims to make the checks out to his
company, Tsuyuki Integrated Financial
Resources. Tsuyuki is accused of
depositing the money into his own
accounts instead of investing it as
promised and using the money for
personal expenses.
CORTEZ, OCTAVIO REYES                        06/15, C35, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL    MARK BIRNEY    SEXUAL       06CF0648
Grandfather charged with molesting his                                                          ASSAULT •
granddaughter’s 7-year-old friend who
came over to play “Barbies” at his house.
Also charged with molesting two other
girls when they were 6.
NAJERA, JOSE                                 06/15, C35, 9:00 AM   JURY TRIAL    MIKE MURRAY    HOMICIDE •   08WF1517
In 1999, Najera, then 19, is accused of
scaring his parents into taking all of their
money out of banks and putting the funds
in a safety deposit box in anticipation of
the Y2K bug. In the early morning of
December 28, 1999, Najera’s friend,
Gerald Johnson, drove to the Najera
home and entered through a bedroom
window. Defendant Najera is accused of
leaving the window open so that Johnson
could enter the house. Johnson then
stabbed each victim more than 20 times.
At approximately 4:30 a.m., Najera
called 9-1-1 call to report that he had
found his parents deceased in the family
home. Najera is accused of pretending
that he had no part in the killing of his
parents. Johnson was charged and
convicted of murder.
WALSH, JUSTIN CHARLES/                       06/16, H1, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL         VANESSA     HARBOR •    09SF0357
HAYES, ANDREW SOUTHERLAND/                                                          WOODS
Between March 22, 2009, and April 6,
2009, the three defendants are accused of
committing a series of robberies in South
Orange County. Hayes and Johnson are
accused of acting as the get-away drivers
for different robberies. Walsh is accused
of entering several businesses carrying a
realistic-looking replica handgun and
demanding money from store employees.
Walsh is accused of ordering several of
the employees to move around the store.
The defendants are accused of stealing
cash, cigarettes, lighters, a knife, and
other small items from South Orange
County businesses including Jack In The
Box, Mobil, Papa John’s, Round Table
Pizza, San Clemente Smoke Shop, Shell,
Subway, and Wienerschnitzel.
HERNANDEZ, GERARDO MEDINA                    06/17, N3, 8 AM      PRE-TRIAL         JIM HICKS   MAJOR       09NF1125
On April 4, 2009, Hernandez is accused                            DISPOSITION AND               NARCOTICS •
of suspiciously walking repeatedly                                 RESET
between an Anaheim apartment on
Lincoln Avenue and the corresponding
detached garage. While inside the garage,
Hernandez is accused of dismantling a
Volkswagen Toureg with several false
compartments containing 95 pounds of
heroin. The heroin has an estimated street
value of $10 million. Narcotics officers
arrested Hernandez and discovered the
heroin lying next to the car in the garage.
Hernandez had no furniture, aside from
some air mattresses and a television, in
the apartment, which he is accused of
using to store narcotics.
HORNING, SHANE GARRETT                        06/17, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL   NIKKI       SEXUAL      09HF0436
Horning is accused of meeting Jane Doe                                         BURACCHIO   ASSAULT •
#1 while working as a youth pastor at
Santa Margarita Methodist Church.
Between January 2005 and January 2006,
Horning is accused of sending Jane Doe
#1, then 16 years old, sexually suggestive
text messages. The defendant was 25
years old at the time. Horning is accused
of having Jane Doe #1 come to his home
on several occasions to orally copulate
him. The defendant left Santa Margarita
Methodist Church in approximately 2006
and eventually moved to San Jose. Jane
Doe #1 did not disclose the sexual assault
until 2009, when she learned that Jane
Doe #2 could be victimized by Horning.
In January 2009, Horning is accused of
sending sexual text messages to Jane Doe
#1’s 15-year-old female relative, Jane
Doe #2. Jane Doe #1 disclosed the sexual
assault and text messages to her and Jane
Doe #2 to her parents.
JACOBY, HOPE ASHLEY                           06/17, H2, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL   NIKKI       SEXUAL      09HF0102
Jacoby is accused of having an unlawful                                        BURRACHIO   ASSAULT •
sexual relationship with a male student,
whom she met while working as an
athletic trainer at Tustin High School.
She is accused of having unlawful sex
with the victim in her car and at her San
Juan Capistrano home on several
occasions when the victim was between
16 and 17 years old.
LOONEY, PAIGE ELIZABETH                      06/17, C5, 9 AM       PRE-TRIAL     HOWARD    HOMICIDE •   08NF0715
An Anaheim mother charged with the                                               GUNDY
murder of her 13-month-old baby. ,
Instead of caring for her two little boys,
ages 4 and 13-months, Looney is accused
of becoming intoxicated after spending
the day drinking in her home. Eric, the
13-month-old baby, went out into the
backyard and drowned in the pool.
Looney’s 12-year-old daughter came
home from school and called 9-1-1.
Responding paramedics arrived to find
the lifeless baby. They were unable to
revive the child and he was pronounced
dead at the hospital.
MARIN, FIDELIO                               06/18, W14, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   SCOTT     HOMICIDE •   08WF2161
On Oct. 10, 2008, Marin is accused of                              HEARING       SIMMONS
calling his wife, 32-year-old Felix
Mendez, and asking her to meet him at a
motel in Huntington Beach. The
defendant had been staying in the motel
because his wife wanted a divorce. The
victim went to meet Marin and Marin is
accused of stabbing Mendez repeatedly
in the neck. He is accused of murdering
the victim in the motel room and leaving
her body on the floor in the bathroom. At
approximately 4:00 p.m., after several
failed attempts to reach her mother and
father by phone, the victim’s 17-year-old
daughter drove to the motel to check on
her mother. When the daughter was
unable to open the motel room door, she
opened the adjacent window and climbed
into the motel room, where she
discovered her dead mother in a pool of
blood. Mendez’ daughter called 9-1-1. At
approximately 7:00 p.m., police officers
located Marin on an Orange County
Transit Authority bus in the Huntington
Beach area.
ROMERO, MIGUEL ANGEL                        06/18, H2, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   TONY         SEXUAL      08HF0524
On March 15, 2008, Romero is accused                             HEARING       FERRENTINO   ASSAULT •
of meeting 18-year-old Jane Doe and
forcibly orally copulating and raping the
victim while she struggled to get away.
The defendant then fled the scene and
Jane Doe called the police. Responding
officers located the defendant in his car
and attempted to pull Romero over. The
defendant is accused of not completely
stopping his vehicle, turning his car and
driving toward a police officer, and
forcing the officer to jump out of the
way. Romero is accused of breaking into
a home to hide from police and was later
arrested in the backyard of a nearby
HOLLEY, MICHAEL AMZIE                       06/19, C43, 9 AM     PRE-TRIAL     DEBRA        INSURANCE   08CF0483
A roofing contractor and business owner                                        JACKSON      FRAUD •
charged with failing to provide Workers’
Compensation Insurance for an employee
who fell from a roof and failing to pay
the insurance company more than
$700,000 in premiums.
SALCIDO, TRACY LYNN                         06/19, C5, 9 AM      PRE-TRIAL     MARC         ECONOMIC    07CF0398
From March 3, 1999 to July 27, 2005, as                                        LABRECHE     CRIMES •
the Chief Financial Officer for
Orangewood Children’s Foundation in
Santa Ana, Salcido is accused of
manipulating accounts and forging checks
on approximately 206 occasions to steal
more than $780,000 from the nonprofit.
Salcido is accused of forging checks and
then hiding the stolen money by
underreporting revenue and overstating
Orangewood’s expenses. She is accused
of depositing forged checks into the
account of another company that she was
also employed by, United Retailer/United
Convenience Stores, and then accessing
that account to withdraw the money and
use it for personal gain.
PATTON, RASAAN RAYMON                         06/19, C55, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     NICOLE         SEXUAL      09CF0923
At approximately 2:40 a.m. on June 21,        08/07, C55, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   NICHOLSON      ASSAULT •
2008, 17-year-old Jane Doe was driving                              HEARING
home alone in her parents’ mini-van.
Patton, who does not know Jane Doe, is
accused of following the victim in
another car and intentionally causing a
minor car crash to get her to pull over.
When Jane Doe got out of her car, Patton
is accused of forcing her to the other side
of the vehicle out of sight of passing
traffic and sexually assaulting her. Jane
Doe was able to escape and flee after the
defendant got startled by passing cars.
Forensic evidence was collected from the
scene including a partial handprint from
the right rear door of the victim’s car. On
April 9, 2009, the handprint from the car
was matched to Patton’s fingerprints.
Patton is a registered sex offender.
FRANKLIN, GENE ANTHONY                        06/19, C44, 9 AM      SENTENCING    YVETTE PATKO   MAJOR       07WF1009
Former fugitive who fled while awaiting                                                          FRAUD •
trial for multiple white collar crimes was
convicted of committing $2.8 million in
fraud by stealing the identities of over a
dozen victims and using them to buy a
home, attempt to purchase a boat, open
lines of credit, and illegally transfer
properties from a homicide jail inmate in
order to post criminal bail. Franklin was
found guilty by a jury of 46 felony counts
including identity theft, false
impersonation, grand theft by false
pretense, making false financial
statements, attempted grand theft by false
pretense, falsely stating financial
condition, identity theft with intent to
defraud, acquiring access card account
information, resisting arrest, child abuse,
conspiracy, forgery of signature, forgery
of deed, recording a false or forged
instrument, failure to appear on a felony
while on bail, attempted extortion by
threat, and dissuading a witness from
prosecuting a crime.
BERGGREN, JARED NOBEL                         06/19, N3, 8 AM      PRE-TRIAL    SUSAN PRICE    HOMICIDE •   09NF1375
Berggren is accused of driving
approximately 70 mph in a 25 mph zone
in a residential area while under the
influence of alcohol with passengers
Jacquelyn Ardalan, 19, and Miles
Andrew Christensen, 19. Berggren is
accused of losing control of his vehicle
and crashing into a large eucalyptus tree.
Victims Ardalan and Christensen were
ejected from the truck and landed nearby
on the ground. Both were pronounced
dead at the scene. Berggren is accused of
having a blood alcohol level above .10
percent at the time of the crash.
LUNA, ERIC DAMION/                            06/19, W9, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL    PAUL           TARGET •     08WF2072
BAUTISTA, IVAN                                07/02, C5, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL   CHRISOPOLOUS
Two juvenile gang members charged as
adults for attacking an 86-year-old
woman and stealing her purse as she
walked to a Fountain Valley bus stop.
Luna is named as a gang member in the
2006 injunction against a Santa Ana
criminal street gang. Bautista is an
associate of the gang, but is not named in
the injunction. On Oct. 20, 2008, 86-
year-old Jane Doe was walking to a bus
stop on Newhope Street in Fountain
Valley. Luna and Bautista are accused of
approaching the victim and blocking her
path to prevent her from passing. Once
she had passed, Luna and Bautista are
accused of grabbing Jane Doe’s purse,
struggling with the victim, hitting her,
and knocking the 4’10”, 85-pound victim
to the ground. The defendants are
accused of fleeing the scene with Jane
Doe’s purse containing cash, jewelry,
identification, and other personal items.
The Fountain Valley Police Department
located the defendants hiding in a nearby
yard approximately 30 minutes after the
attack. When officers arrived, Luna is
accused of attempting to run and flee
from police.
HODGE, SEAN CHRISTOPHER*/                    06/19, C41, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL   SONIA         HOMICIDE •   08ZF0031
ZIMMER, DAVID JOSEPH                                                           BALLESTE                   07WF2313*
Two men charged with murdering a
security guard, who suffered from a high
functioning form of autism, during a
robbery at a construction site at a church
in Cypress.
CERVANTES, MIGUEL                            06/19, C35, 9 AM     SENTENCING   HOWARD        HOMICIDE •   06ZF0132
Indicted for murdering his estranged wife                                      GUNDY
and mother of his two children. Accused
of shooting her four times in her Anaheim
apartment, where she was discovered by a
roommate bloody and lying face down on
the couch.
SEPULVEDA, SHAWN KELLI                       06/19, C39, 9 AM     PRE-TRIAL    JEFF WINTER   FAMILY     08HF1557
Sepulveda is accused of putting her new      08/10, C5, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL                 PROTECTION
baby girl, Jane Doe, in a dumpster of the                                                    •
Laguna Niguel apartment complex where
she lived. Jane Doe was only a few hours
old. She is accused of leaving the baby to
die and failing to care for her baby’s
health and well being. A resident of the
complex found the naked baby and
alerted apartment staff. The staff
removed Jane Doe from the dumpster
and called
CALVILLO, EDGAR/                            06/19, C35, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    EBRAHIM        HOMICIDE •   08CF0919
ESCAMILLA, SANTOS/                          07/20, C35, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   BAYTIEH
In the evening of March 20, 2008,
Calvillo, Escamilla, and Cruz are accused
of driving to the Lake Forest home of
Luis Rivera and parking outside of the
house to wait for the victim. Calvillo is
accused of bringing a firearm with him in
the car. The defendants are accused of
waiting to confront Rivera because of a
dispute about a girl. When Rivera
arrived at his house, the three defendants
are accused of getting out of their car and
approaching the victim. Calvillo is
accused of pointing the firearm at the
victim as Escamilla punched him. A
neighbor came out of his home and tried
to diffuse the situation, and the three
defendants are accused of getting back in
their car to leave. As the defendants
began to drive away, Calvillo is accused
of pointing the firearm out of the car
window and shooting several times at the
victim. Rivera was hit once and killed.
WIECHECKI, LOUIS STANLEY                    06/26, C35, 9 AM   MOTION       LARRY YELLIN   HOMICIDE •   06ZF0137
Retired maintenance man charged with
murdering nurse’s aid Linda Cummings in
1974. He was living in the same
apartment complex as the victim with his
then-wife. Miss Cummings was found
hanging in her apartment by the
defendant. The death was ruled a suicide
by law enforcement based on the
information provided by the defendant at
the time of her death. He was later
convicted of manslaughter for the death of
his landlady, which occurred within weeks
of Cummings’ murder. The landlady was
found strangled with a rope and discarded
near their apartment complex.
Wiechechki changed his name to David
Stanley and was living in a retirement
community in Nevada.
LIVINGSTON, WAYMON                         06/22, N12, 8 AM   PRE-TRIAL   HOWARD   HOMICIDE •   07NF3664
Stanton man linked through DNA                                            GUNDY
charged with two murders and five rapes.
On August 21, 2005, Livingston is
accused of forcibly raping Jane Doe #1 in
an Anaheim parking lot. On October 25,
2006, the defendant is accused of raping
Jane Doe #2, a motel housekeeper, in
Stanton. On May 7, 2007, Livingston is
accused of strangling and raping Jane
Doe #3, a private masseuse, in a Costa
Mesa motel room. Through the work of
the Orange County crime lab, DNA
evidence from the three rapes was linked
to Livingston. He was arrested by the
Anaheim Police Department on October
11, 2007 at his residence. On September
9, 2007, Livingston is accused of
murdering a 21-year-old Sacramento
resident, Melissia Ann Gonzalez, in an
Anaheim motel room. Anaheim
detectives investigating the homicide
collected evidence from the scene and
were notified on October 29, 2007, by the
crime lab that DNA linked Livingston,
who was already in custody for the three
rapes, to the murder. After the case
against Livingston was filed in
November 2007, additional forensic and
DNA testing was conducted, linking the
defendant to three additional crimes. On
Sept. 14, 2006, Livingston is accused of
raping Jane Doe #5 in his car in Costa
Mesa. On Oct. 10, 2007, the defendant is
accused of raping Jane Doe #6 in a
Fullerton hotel room. On Sept. 5, 2007,
Livingston is accused of murdering Mary
Jane Clark in a Costa Mesa hotel room
by suffocating her with a pillow.
MARIAN, JASON ALAN                              06/22, C5, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL    TONY         SEXUAL       07SF0537
Marian was a coach at the Mission Viejo                                          FERRENTINO   ASSAULT
Dance and Performing Arts Center. He is
accused of hiding a video camera in the
bathroom of his Aliso Viejo home and
taping young female students as they were
changing after a trip to the park. He is also
accused of sexually assaulting a female
student by digitally penetrating and orally
copulating her.
NELSON, TANYA JAIME /                           06/22, C35, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL     SONIA        HOMICIDE     05WF1591
ZAMORA, PHILLIPE                                06/29, C35, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL    BALLESTE
Charged with the special circumstances
murder of a Westminster fortune teller and
her daughter. Nelson is also charged with
using the victim’s credit cards to purchase
clothing, gifts and plane tickets. The
District Attorney is seeking the death
penalty in this case.
LOPEZ, JAIME JEZZUEL                            06/23, N3, 8 AM    PRELIMINARY   STEVE        HOMICIDE •   08NF3673
In the morning of June 4, 2007, Rejinold                           HEARING       MCGREEVY
Harry, 45, a married father of two sons,
came home after working the graveyard
shift as a laboratory technician. At 1:30
p.m., Harry was found dead by his wife
when she returned from work in their one
bedroom studio apartment. The victim’s
body was discovered lying face down
and naked on his bed with multiple
injuries to the back of his head. The
residence had been ransacked and there
was jewelry and currency missing. Lopez
is accused of murdering Harry during the
commission of a robbery in the victim’s
home. The defendant is accused of
leaving his DNA at the crime scene in a
relevant location. Approximately one
month after the murder in July of 2007,
Lopez was arrested on a misdemeanor
warrant in the city of Garden Grove. At
the time of his arrest, the defendant is
accused of possessing multiple items of
female jewelry believed to have been
taken from the victim’s residence.
GEORGANTAS, MARK                              06/26, C44, 9 AM   SENTENCING   DOUG BRANNAN MAJOR     06HF1759
Georgantas is a part-owner of a Santa Fe                                                   FRAUD •
Springs company, Fire on Ice, which
manufactures fireplace products.
Between Dec. 16, 2005, and Jan. 10,
2006, Georgantas used stolen credit card
information belonging to other people to
sustain his business by purchasing parts
to build products for his company and
making payments on invoices for
company answering services. In January
2006, the defendant was arrested in a
Costa Mesa hotel lobby on a warrant for
violating probation on another criminal
case related to the fraudulent sale of
business franchises. At the time of his
arrest, Georgantas was in possession of a
briefcase full of stolen credit card
information belonging to other people,
which led to the investigation and
charges in this case. The defendant struck
the arresting officer, giving the officer a
black eye. He was also in possession of a
gun. Georgantas pleaded guilty on May
24, 2006, to possession of a firearm by a
felon, resisting an officer, and battery on
a peace officer. The most recent trial
against Georgantas for grand theft and
use of stolen credit cards lasted 10 days.
After lunch on March 3, 2009, the ninth
day of trial, Georgantas asked the court
to use the restroom prior to resuming the
People’s closing arguments. After
leaving the courtroom, Georgantas fled
and did not return for the conclusion of
his trial. A $1 million warrant was issued
for Georgantas’ arrest. Closing
arguments were resumed without the
defendant being present and Georgantas
was convicted March 4, 2009, in
absentia. He was arrested one week later
in San Diego County.
VO, NGAN PHI BICH                             06/26, C30, 9 AM ***   PRE-TRIAL***   MARK GELLER   GANGS       04WF2678
TRAN, DANNY ***                               10/13, C30, 9 AM **    JURY TRIAL**
Charged with the murder of two men in
the Hawaiian Cafeteria in Garden Grove
and the attempted murder of a security
guard. Vo was a waitress working in the
restaurant and became angry with one of
her customers when he tried to pull her
skirt. She is accused of calling the co-
defendants, who are members of a
criminal street gang, to come and take
care of the two men.
GHAVAMI, FEREYDOUN                            06/26, H1, 8:30 AM     PRE-TRIAL      TONY          SEXUAL      08SF0847
On Oct. 17, 2008, 18-year-old Jane Doe        07/15, H1, 8:30 AM     PRELIMINARY    FERRENTINO    ASSAULT •
went to Royal Fine Jewelry at 23016                                  HEARING
Lake Forest Drive, Suite D, in Laguna
Hills to buy a necklace for her mother.
While Jane Doe was trying on necklaces,
store owner Ghavami is accused of
approaching the victim, grabbing her
breasts, and putting his hands down the
victim’s pants. Ghavami is accused of
previously owning Royal Jewelers at
32411 Golden Lantern Street in Dana
WOODS, JEFFREY                               06/26, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08ZF0040
Shortly after noon on Aug. 29, 2007,
Woods is accused speeding at 50 mph in
a residential area while driving eastbound
in his pick-up truck on Indianapolis in
Huntington Beach. He is accused of
driving erratically and following too
close to other vehicles while under the
influence of narcotics (Vicodin). Woods
is accused of driving distracted while
sending text messages. Woods is accused
of suddenly swerving over several lanes
into oncoming traffic. The defendant is
accused of crossing into the bike lane on
the wrong side of the road in his truck
and crashing into 14-year-old Daniel
Oates, who was riding his bicycle with a
friend. The victim was thrown 150 feet
from his bicycle and landed in a traffic
lane. Oates died from the impact of the
crash caused by Woods. The defendant is
accused of then crashing into a palm tree,
through a wall, and into the backyard of a
nearby home.
PEREZ, JAVIER ENRIQUE                        06/26, C28, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    ROBERT        SEXUAL       08CF2172
On July 16, 2008, 9-year-old John Doe                                        MESTMAN       ASSAULT •
was dropped off at a Santa Ana home by
his mother, who was leaving him to be
watched while she went to work. Perez,
who is associated with the homeowner,
was at the house along with several other
children ranging in age from 8 to 19
years old. While two boys watched,
Perez is accused of sexually assaulting
John Doe in the kitchen with the help of a
third child, age 8, who participated at the
instruction of Perez. Perez is accused of
pushing John Doe over the kitchen table,
holding him down, and forcibly anally
penetrating him with a hand and a toy
light saber. After assaulting the victim,
Perez is accused of instructing the other
boys not to tell anyone what he had done.
The victim’s mother arrived at
approximately 9:00 p.m. to pick up John
Doe, and the victim told his mother about
the assault.
KOSTER, IREN                                06/26, N3, 8 AM    ARRAIGNMENT   MARK SACKS   SEXUAL       09NF0881
Koster, a movie producer, is accused of                                                   ASSAULT •
meeting Jane Doe on MySpace when the
victim was 14 years old. The defendant is
accused of speaking with the victim
several times a week for months on Instant
Messenger, leading to sexual
conversations. Between Jan. 1, 2007, and
Dec. 31, 2008, the defendant is accused of
meeting Jane Doe, who had turned 15, on
four occasions and engaging in oral
copulation with the victim at her home
and in his car.
MOLINA, MAURICIO/                           06/29, C5, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL    STEVE        HOMICIDE •   07SF0626
SERMANO, JULIAN                                                              MCGREEVY
Two men charged with murder for
stabbing and killing man in a park after a
dispute over who was a better singer.
JOHNSON, BILLY JOE                          06/29, C35, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL    EBRAHIM      HOMICIDE •   07CF2849
Convicted gang member charged for his                                        BAYTIEH
involvement in the 2002 white
supremacist gang conspiracy murder of a
fellow gang member who divulged gang
secrets on television. Accused of luring
the victim away from a party and driving
him to be executed. Also accused of lying
about his involvement to the jury during
the murder trial of his co-conspirators,
Michael Lamb and Jacob Rump. The
District Attorney is seeking the death
ROSALES, JESUS GUILLERMO                     06/29, C5, 9 AM       JURY TRIAL      DAN WAGNER    HOMICIDE •     08CF1465
On May 5, 1991, Rosales is accused of
driving to the victim’s house in Santa
Ana. Rosales was a friend of 23-year-old
Gonzalo Mendoza’s uncle, who also
lived at the residence. Rosales is accused
of getting into an argument with
Mendoza and throwing a punch at the
victim. He is accused of driving away
and returning 20 minutes later with a 9
mm handgun, firing one shot at the
victim and hitting the victim’s chin, and
killing him. The defendant is accused of
driving away from the scene and fleeing
the country, leaving a job he had held for
five years. The Santa Ana Police Cold
Case Unit recently began re-investigating
the case and requested the filing base on
newly developed evidence.
SHAMSI, NASIR KAMARUDDIN /                   06/29, C45, 9:00 AM   JURY TRIAL      ANDY          SPECIAL        02WF0793
VELASQUEZ, ERIC ANTHONY /                                                          MANSSOURIAN
Six co-defendants charged with
kidnapping for ransom.
BOLLINGER, MICHAEL JAMES/                    06/29, C35, 9 AM      MENTAL HEALTH   CYNTHIA       FAMILY         06NF2918
NIELSEN, MYRON LEE*                                                                NICHOLS       PROTECTION •
Nielsen is charged with abusing his 2-
year-old daughter in his Buena Park
home. He is accused of beating her below
the waist, shattering her pelvis. Nielsen’s
friend and roommate, Bollinger, is
charged with abusing the baby while she
was in his care by inflicting blunt force to
her head and causing serious head injuries.
Nielsen was sentenced to four years in
state prison.
DECK, STEVEN ROBERT                         07/02, C5, 9 AM       JURY TRIAL   HEATHER       SEXUAL       06HF0372
#4 of 13 charged with attempted child                                          BROWN         ASSAULT
molest. (Age: 51, Lieutenant. – California
Highway Patrol) Accused of going to
meet a fictitious 12 or 13-year-old girl
after hours of chatting on the Internet.
Group accused of bringing sexual
paraphernalia, gifts, alcohol, drugs,
pornography, a camera, etc. Accused of
engaging in graphic, explicit sexual chats.
Search of Deck’s computer led to a real
10-year-old victim. Also, charged with
lewd acts upon a child. (See Also: Say,
The following defendants have been
convicted and sentenced:
Alarcia, Robert Carlos
Arora, Deep
Chuang, Shishhung
Folger, Nery Robert
Mcalister, Benjamin Paul
Mount, Ryan Arnell
Phuong, Pham David
Reese, Jonathan Augustine
Taul, Benjamin Alan
Varela, Jimmy Miguel
Yi, John Inkyoo
MOULAYI, MILAD                              07/06, C36, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08ZF0039
A 17-year-old driver indicted as an adult
for murdering a 16-year-old girl while
speeding over 100 mph without a license
while under the influence of alcohol. At
approximately 2:40 a.m., Moulayi is
accused of leaving his house to drive his
friend, 16-year-old Mackenzie Frazee,
back to her house. He is accused of
driving without a license. He is accused
of driving at speeds between 102 mph
and 112 mph in his Mercedes Benz sedan
on Newport Avenue in Tustin. The
defendant is accused of losing control of
his car, driving over the center median,
crashing into a light pole, and causing the
car to split in half. The front half of the
car caught on fire, and the Orange
County Fire Authority had to cut Frazee
free from her seatbelt. The victim was
transported to Western Medical Center,
where she was pronounced dead due to
blunt force trauma. Moulayi had a blood
alcohol level of .11 percent.
WHITE, SEKAYI RUDO                            07/06, C45, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL    TONY         SEXUAL         06HF2048
Lake Forest man charged with sexually                                           FERRENTINO   ASSAULT •
assaulting three women he met at bars
while they were intoxicated. White was
arrested and charged with the sexual
assaults of Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2,
on October 16, 2006, and was out of
custody on $250,000 bail when he is
accused of raping Jane Doe #3.
AGUILAR, GARRETT EUGENE/                      07/07, C41, 9 AM*   PRE-TRIAL*    EBRAHIM      HOMICIDE/      06CF3677
CARLSTROM, STEPHEN PAUL/                      07/31, C41, 9 AM    JURY TRIAL    BAYTIEH/     SPECIAL        08ZF0021*
GARTEN, MICHAEL STEWART/                      07/31, C41, 9 AM*   JURY TRIAL*   KEITH        PROSECUTIONS
MILLER, ERIC CHARLES/                                                           BOGARDUS
Nine male inmates at the Theo Lacy
Facility in Orange charged with murder
for beating and killing fellow inmate John
Chamberlain. They are accused of
targeting Chamberlain because they
believed he was a child molester.
Chamberlain was in custody on possession
of child pornography charges. The nine
men participated in the beating of
Chamberlain inside a cell in the jail
facility. Chamberlain was transported to
the hospital, where he was pronounced
dead. Defendants Guillen, Villafana, and
Cullman were indicted by a Special
Criminal Grand Jury following a 9-month
ELLIS, JASON/                                07/10, C28, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL        DREW       SEXUAL      08HF1279
HECKER, MICHELLE                                                                 HAUGHTON   ASSAULT •
A photographer charged with having an
unlawful sexual relationship with a 15-
year-old girl after meeting the victim
through his fiancé. Hecker is accused of
meeting Jane Doe when she was 14 years
old through a shared interest in horseback
riding. She is accused of introducing the
victim to her photographer fiancé, Ellis,
under the pretense that he could help Jane
Doe with her modeling career. Between
August 2007 and June 2008, Ellis is
accused of digitally penetrating, orally
copulating, and having unlawful sex with
the victim. Hecker is accused of
facilitating the unlawful sexual
relationship between Ellis and Jane Doe
by gaining the trust of the victim’s
parents and driving the victim to meet
Ellis and driving her home after the
defendant had spent time alone with Jane
Doe. She is accused of having the victim
change into and out of horseback riding
clothes to hide her activities from Jane
Doe’s parents.
HERMOSILLO, RICKY                            07/10, N10, 9 AM   MOTION FOR NEW   KAREN      SEXUAL      08CF1461
From October 13, 2000 to October 13,                            TRIAL            SCHATZLE   ASSAULT •
2002, Hermosillo, a Los Angeles County
Sheriff’s deputy, is accused of
inappropriately touching Jane Doe’s
breasts when she was eight or nine years
old. Hermosillo is accused of continuing
to groom Jane Doe, developing a close
relationship with her, and having
multiple inappropriate sexual
conversations with her. On April 26,
2008, Hermosillo is accused of touching
Jane Doe’s pubic region and breasts and
making inappropriate sexual comments.
Jane Doe reported the incident 10 days
later to her father, who immediately
contacted the police.
RUIZ, DANNY CALVIN                           07/10, C30, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   08ZF0048
A third striker charged with murdering
his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn 5-
month-old baby by crashing into a tree at
70 mph while under the influence of
alcohol. Ruiz is accused of driving more
than 70 mph in a 35 mile per hour zone
in his Chevrolet Blazer on Camino De
Estrella in San Clemente on his way
home from a wedding reception. Ruiz’
pregnant girlfriend, 33-year-old Andrea
Gerdon, was sitting in the passenger seat.
The defendant is accused of having a
blood alcohol level of .18 percent and
crashing into a palm tree. Gerdon and her
unborn baby were killed.
MORDICK, WILLIAM GREGORY                     07/10, C41, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    DAN WAGNER    HOMICIDE •   08NF0487
Estranged husband charged with               09/08, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL
murdering his wife 25 years ago after
being linked to the crime through DNA
evidence. On January 22, 1983, Mordick
is accused of driving to the Anaheim
Hills home of his estranged wife,
Katherine, with whom he had two
daughters, ages 2 and 4 years old, and
murdering the victim by slashing her
throat. The case went unsolved until the
Orange County District Attorney’s Office
Task Force Review Aimed at Catching
Killers, Rapists, and Sexual Offenders
(TracKRS) Unit linked Mordick to the
murder through physical evidence from
the scene using DNA technology that
was not available in 1983.
SNYDER, TERRY RAYMOND                       07/13, C35, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL   STEVE      HOMICIDE •     07HF0707
Snyder is accused of driving to the Irvine                                    MCGREEVY
home of his estranged wife, Yolanda
Snyder, and their three young sons. After
the children had run from the home to a
neighbor’s house, the defendant is accused
of murdering his wife by stabbing her
repeatedly with a kitchen knife, and then
fleeing the scene. After seeing the
defendant leave, the neighbor went to
check on the victim, and found her
murdered, lying in a pool of blood in the
TURNER, RONALD GARY                         07/15, NORTH, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   ISRAEL     SPECIAL        08CF1993
Husband on probation for domestic                                             CLAUSTRO   PROSECUTIONS
violence against his estranged wife
charged with bomb and weapons charges
after making threats against his wife, the
Huntington Beach Police Department,
and the family court judge who had been
presiding over his family court case. On
July 2, 2008, Orange County Sheriff’s
Department deputies conducted a traffic
stop on the 22 Freeway. At the traffic
stop, Turner is accused of possessing
handcuffs, pepper spray, throwing
knives, and a stolen 9 mm firearm with
the serial numbers removed loaded with
hollow point rounds. Turner is accused
of possessing two homemade bombs with
timers, two homemade guns, other bomb
making materials, tactical equipment, a
bullet proof vest, and listening devices in
his Costa Mesa home. Two children,
unrelated to the defendant, were living in
the home in an adjacent room.

MONTES, RENE/                                   07/17, C55, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL    DEBBIE       WORKERS’       09CF1143
PORRATA, HECTOR/                                                                   JACKSON      INSURANCE
MARTINEZ, GEORGE/                                                                               FRAUD •
Montes is accused of owning W.C.
Surgery Centers and W.C.S.C. &
Associates. Porrata and Cruz-Thompson
are accused of going to work at a
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
company, Matrix Absence Management.
Porrata, Martinez, and Cruz-Thompson
are accused of eventually all working
together again as Workers’
Compensation Insurance adjusters at
AIG. Between August 2003 and January
2006, the defendants are accused of
conspiring to commit insurance fraud.
Montes is accused of sending more than
50 letters to Matrix Absence
Management and AIG falsely claiming to
have authority through W.C.S.C. &
Associates to negotiate, settle, and collect
payment on pending liens on behalf of
doctors and hospitals. Knowing these
claims to be false, Porrata, Martinez,
Cruz-Thompson are accused of
fraudulently settling Montes’ claims and
paying him more than $1,170,000 from
AIG and $310,000 from Matrix Absence
Management. Montes is accused of
failing to file tax returns on his fraudulent
ROSENFELD, ETHAN EMANUEL                        07/17, C30, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL   DAN WAGNER   HOMICIDE •     06CF3373
Rosenfeld is charged with choking and
murdering his 82-year-old mother, Helen,
in her Leisure World home in Laguna
Woods. He is accused of strangling her
and then calling the paramedics and
representing to them that his mother had
passed away. The paramedics found Ms.
Rosenfeld on her bed wrapped tightly in a
sheet with her arms crossed across her
QUAN, QUANG VAN                             07/17, C40, 9 AM      MOTION       SCOTT         HOMICIDE •   06CF2227
Third striker charged with the special      07/17, C40, 9 AM      DISCLOSURE   SIMMONS
circumstances murder of a mother, father,   08/24, C40, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL
and their 7-year-old son in their Garden
Grove home. He is accused of knowing
the family and stabbing them and killing
them during the commission of a robbery.
The murdered family was found by police
after a concerned co-worker reported that
the female victim failed to show up for
work. Police also found the couple’s 10-
month-old baby girl dehydrated and left
for dead crawling around the house.
HENRY, LEE DINNIE                           07/21, C5, 8:30 AM    JURY TRIAL   KAREN         SEXUAL       05CF3887
56-year-old Santa Ana High School                                              SCHATZLE      ASSAULT
teacher charged with multiple counts of
child molest. Defendant has been a
teacher for 23 years. Accused of
molesting a male victim whom he met
while he was teaching at the victim’s
school. He is accused of molesting the
victim on multiple occasions when the
victim was 13 to 17 years old.
SCHUETZ, BRITTANY DEANE                     07/31, C30, 9 AM      PRE-TRIAL    SUSAN PRICE   HOMICIDE •   09ZF0055
On Jan. 31, 2009, Schuetz is accused of
drinking alcoholic beverages at a party.
She is accused of ignoring her friends'
pleas for her not to drive. At
approximately 1:30 a.m., Schuetz is
accused of speeding between 90 and 100
mph and entering and intersection against
a red light. After running the red light,
the defendant is accused of striking
victim April Whang’s vehicle, which was
traveling on a green light. When La
Habra Police arrived at the scene, the
defendant was found sitting in the
driver’s seat. The defendant is accused
of causing the impact, which threw
Whang from the driver’s seat to the cargo
area of her car. At the scene, Schuetz is
accused of displaying objective signs of
alcohol intoxication including emitting a
strong odor of alcohol from her breath,
having bloodshot and watery eyes, and
not being able to answer any of the basic
questions asked by investigating officers.
She is accused of having a blood alcohol
content of .24 percent, three times above
the legal limit.
MARTINEZ, SERGIO/                            08/10, C40, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL    COLLEEN       GANGS        08ZF0027
CASTILLO, JUAN CARLOS                                                           CROMMETT
Two gang members charged with murder
for shooting a man who was trying to
protect a 14-year-old boy. The victim put
himself between the gang members and a
boy they were harassing and was shot to
death while other children were playing
GIBSON, ALWYN                                08/14, H1, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL     MATT MURPHY   HOMICIDE •   09HF0287
Gibson is accused of going to the Irvine     08/28, H1, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY
home of his former girlfriend, who no                             HEARING
longer lived in the home and was not
present at the time. The ex-girlfriend’s
family was home having dinner,
including her father, 60-year-old De
Ngoc Le, mother, 47-year-old Ly Le, and
two brothers, 22-year-old Michael Le and
24-year-old David Le. The defendant is
accused of entering the home carrying a
firearm and placing a large citrus fruit
over the barrel to muffle the sound of
shots being fired. Gibson is accused of
demanding money from the family and
searching through Ly Le’s purse. He is
accused of shooting Ly Le one time in
the arm and hitting David Le over the
head with the firearm. Gibson is accused
of forcing De Ngoc Le and Michael Le to
kneel in an upstairs bedroom and
shooting De Ngoc Le in the back of the
head, murdering him. He is accused of
shooting Michael Le in the back of the
neck. Michael Le was in serious
condition in the hospital for several days
but is expected to survive. David Le was
able to escape and ran to a neighbor’s
house to call 9-1-1. Irvine Police
Department Special Weapons and Tactics
Team arrived at the scene, where Gibson
is accused of engaging the officers in
standoff for several hours before finally
TRAN, TRUC NGOC/                             08/14, C35, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL   KEVIN HASKINS   GANGS •   09ZF0050
Four members of a Vietnamese criminal
street gang indicted for the 1995 cold
case execution-style murder of a fellow
gang associate in retaliation for
abandoning them while committing a
home invasion robbery one day earlier.
On the evening of Feb. 24, 1995,
Johnson, Giang Nguyen, Tam Nguyen,
and Tran are accused of meeting and
conspiring to murder Viet Nguyen in
retaliation for fleeing during a home
invasion robbery that morning. Early in
the morning on Feb. 25, 1995, Johnson
and Giang Nguyen are accused of
convincing Viet Nguyen to take Tam
Nguyen with him in his van under the
pretense of buying drugs. While Viet
Nguyen was driving, Tam Nguyen, who
was riding in the back seat, is accused of
claiming to feel ill. When Viet Nguyen
pulled the van over to the shoulder, Tam
Nguyen is accused of pulling out a semi-
automatic firearm and shooting the
victim in the back of the head, executing
Tran, who is accused of following the
van in a separate car as part of the plan to
murder Viet Nguyen, pulled behind the
van on the shoulder of the freeway so
that Tam Nguyen could get into the car
and escape from the scene of the crime.
The four co-defendants are accused of
later meeting at a motel in Anaheim to
procure false alibis in order to hide their
involvement in Viet Nguyen’s murder.
THOMPSON, RICHARD LEE                          08/17, C40, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL   SONIA      HOMICIDE •   08WF0891
Thompson is accused of getting into an                                            BALLESTE
argument with 44-year-old Steven Toole
at Breaker’s Bar in Cypress. The victim
pushed the defendant, who fell to the
floor. When Thompson stood up, he is
accused of grabbing a nearby pool cue
and swinging it at the victim, striking
him one time in the head. The victim
immediately collapsed and was taken to
the hospital. Toole was placed on life
support and died the next day.
NEEDHAM, JOHN WYLIE                            08/21, C40, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL    STEVE      HOMICIDE •   08CF2532
An Iraq War veteran accused of drinking        09/14, C40, 8:30 AM   JURY TRIAL   MCGREEVY
while watching television with a female
friend, 19-year-old Jane Doe. While Jane
Doe was in one room of the house,
another female friend arrived at the
residence and Needham went into the
living room to speak with her. Jane Doe
came out of the room where she had been
watching television with Needham and
Jane Doe became involved in a physical
fight with the other female. Needham
broke up the fight and the other female
left the residence and called 9-1-1 to
report the altercation. After the other
female had left, Needham is accused of
assaulting Jane Doe and severely beating
her, and leaving her to die. When police
officers arrived and entered the home,
Needham is accused of attacking the
officers and attempting to punch them.
The officers tased the defendant to stop
his attack.
GONZALES, CARLOS ROSARIO                     08/21, C41, 9 AM     JURY TRIAL    LARRY YELLIN   HOMICIDE •   06CF3111
Gonzales is accused of going with two
friends to a nightclub in Santa Ana. After
the bouncers asked Gonzales and his
friends to leave the club, a fight broke out
in the parking lot. During the fight,
Gonzales is accused of leaving briefly and
returning with a gun. He is accused of
shooting a bouncer, Michael Blankenhorn,
in the back and murdering him.
BORJA, JESUS*/                               08/24, C40, 9 AM *   JURY TRIAL*   NAGY MORCOS    TARGET •     08SF0509*
HURTADO, ALEJANDRO*/                                                                                        08SF0525
Seven juvenile gang members charged as
adults for their respective roles in a rival
gang attack that left a 14-year-old co-
conspirator dead. Juan Arriaga, Victor
Arriaga, Quezada, and Segura, along
with 14-year-old Jonathan Mendez, are
accused of conspiring to drive into a rival
San Clemente gang neighborhood to
retaliate after a rival gang member
flashed a gang sign at them. They are
accused of finding a 14-year-old male
standing alone in Calle Canasta and
attacking him. Borja, Hurtado, and
Sanchez, members of the rival San
Clemente criminal street gang, are
accused of witnessing the attack by the
five men and began to chase them. Juan
Arriaga, Victor Arriaga, Quezada,
Segura, and Mendez are accused of
attempting to flee the scene and got into
their car to drive away. Borja, Hurtado,
and Sanchez, are accused of hurling
objects at the rapidly moving car,
including a lawn chair and a large
concrete block. The concrete block
smashed the front windshield of the car,
striking Mendez in the head, killing him.
LOPEZ, SAMUEL / LOPEZ, XAVIER                 08/24, C40, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   MATT MURPHY   HOMICIDE •   07NF2414
Cousins who provided each other’s alibi
13 years ago have been charged with the
1994 multiple stabbing murder of Sam
Lopez’ girlfriend, Cathy Torrez. On
February 12, 1994, Cathy Torrez, 20,
Placentia, left work from Sav-On Drug
Store in Placentia and never made it
home. A week later her red Toyota
Corolla was discovered in a parking lot
and her body was found inside the trunk.
Sam and Xavier Lopez provided an alibi
for each other on the night of the murder.
In 1997, forensic testing linked Xavier
Lopez’s DNA and fingerprint to evidence
found in the victim’s car. In June 2007,
additional forensic testing was completed
and Sam and Xavier Lopez were linked to
the crime through DNA. Armando Lopez
is accused of helping his relatives conceal
the murder and telling a witness not to
give evidence to law enforcement.
CERNA, ANGEL DUARTE                          09/14, C35, 8 AM   JURY TRIAL   HOWARD    HOMICIDE •   07NF2623
On November 6, 2006, Gabriella Herrera                                       GUNDY
went missing from her Anaheim home
that she shared with her husband Cerna
and her two young sons. Cerna is accused
of suffocating and murdering her, and
dumping her body on the side of the 60
freeway in Los Angeles before going to
work that morning. On November 10,
2006, Herrera’s body was discovered, but
she remained an unidentified Jane Doe
until the Los Angeles County Coroner was
able to identify her several weeks later.
SHIELDS, TERRY LEE                           09/18, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   CYNTHIA   SEXUAL       06CF3470
Los Alamitos School District bus driver                                      HERRERA   ASSAULT •
charged with multiple child molest,
kidnapping, and child pornography
production counts involving three girls
ages 4, 7, and 11. Jane Doe #1 was on her
way to school in Anaheim. Shields, who
did not know Jane Doe #1, is accused of
luring her into his car with promises of
taking her to Disneyland and McDonald’s.
He is accused of kidnapping her with the
intent to commit lewd acts and taking her
from Anaheim to Buena Park. There, he is
accused of committing multiple lewd acts,
and dropping her back off hours later.
Jane Doe #2 and Jane Doe #3 are sisters.
Shields met the sisters through his job as a
bus driver for Los Alamitos School
District. Shields is accused of gaining the
trust of their parents to gain access to the
girls. From April 18 to 21, 2002, he is
accused of committing lewd acts on Jane
Doe #2, including using a foreign object
and producing child pornography showing
these acts. The pornographic images of
Jane Doe #2 were graphic in nature. For
Jane Doe #3, Shields is charged with three
counts of lewd acts upon a child under the
age of 14 and five counts of using a minor
to produce child pornography depicting
these acts. The defendant is accused of
taking pornographic pictures of Jane Doe
#3 on February 18, 2002. Enhancements
alleging multiple victims and substantial
sexual conduct make the defendant
eligible for life imprisonment on these
counts. Shields is in custody on Los
Angeles County charges.
ENGEL, RICHARD G. / ENGEL,                   09/18, C40, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    BILL       ECONOMIC     03HF1207
JOLENE S. / POWERPLANT                       10/13, C40, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   OVERTOOM   CRIMES
Orange County energy executive and ex-
wife charged with failing to file state
income taxes and filing false tax returns.
The couple is accused of failing to report
$190 million in income from 1998 to 2001
and owing the state $11 million in taxes,
penalties, and cost of investigation.
CARNEY, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM*/                  09/25, C40, 9 AM   PRE-TRIAL    EBRAHIM    HOMICIDE •   08ZF0022
LOVELY, ALVIN REED                           WARRANT*           WARRANT*     BAYTIEH
Two indicted Marines stationed at
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
charged with shooting and murdering a
fellow Marine in a secluded area of San
Clemente over a dispute about stolen
drug money. While the defendants were
gone, 20-year-old Stephen Serrano broke
into Carney’s room and stole money with
a friend, John Doe. Carney and Lovely
are accused of learning that Serrano had
stolen the money driving him to a
secluded area in San Clemente. The yare
accused of shooting him once in the face
and three times in the back. Serrano’s
body was discovered by a jogger on May
15, 2008. Carney posted $1 million bail
and was immediately taken into Marine
custody related to the sale of drugs on
base at Camp Pendleton.
NGUYEN, CUONG VIET                           09/25, C30, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL    EBRAHIM    HOMICIDE •     08CF1842
On June 26, 2005, Nguyen is accused of                                           BAYTIEH
going with a group of his friends to the
All Star Bar in Stanton. After getting
onto a fight in the bar with another group
of men, Nguyen and an unknown friend
are accused of waiting outside of the bar
and chasing Bui after he had finished
speaking with a bouncer. The defendant
and his friend are accused of removing
their belts and repeatedly hitting the
victim, including using the buckle to hit
Bui in the head. When Bui was on the
ground, Nguyen is accused of pulling out
a firearm and murdering the victim by
shooting him six times. While firing at
the victim, Nguyen is accused of hitting
another man, John Doe, in the arm.
Nguyen fled the scene and a warrant was
issued for his arrest in 2006. The
defendant was arrested in June 2008 and
last week living in Phoenix, Az., and was
brought back to Orange County to face
MORAN, ROBERT                                09/30, C55, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY   KEITH      SPECIAL        08CF2888
At approximately 5:25 a.m. on June 29,                             HEARING       BOGARDUS   PROSECUTIONS
2008, Moran, that a veteran of the Los
Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, is
accused of driving southbound on Beach
Boulevard in Stanton in a Los Angeles
County Sheriff’s Department issued
Chevrolet sport utility vehicle. He is
accused of being under the influence of
alcohol and having a blood alcohol level
above the legal limit of .08 percent. At
the intersection of Beach Boulevard and
Garden Grove Boulevard, he is accused
of driving through a red light and
crashing into the driver’s side door of a
Mazda sedan. The driver and his female
passenger were both rendered
unconscious and transported to a local
SHAWKEY, GARY                               10/02, C57, 8:30 AM   PRE-TRIAL    EBRAHIM   HOMICIDE •   09CF0369
For a few years prior to February 2008,                                        BAYTIEH
the defendant is accused of swindling
about $1 million from a 71-year-old
Phoenix man, who had retired from the
software industry, by promising him
great returns on imaginary investments.
In February 2008, with victim Robert
Vendrick becoming reluctant to invest
more money, the defendant is accused of
convincing him to invest in a new
venture involving the development of
“top secret computer software” for the
federal government. The defendant is
accused of convincing the victim to wire
$100,000 to a bank account and telling
the victim to fly to Orange County to
meet with federal agents to finalize the
project. When the defendant and the
victim arrived in Orange County, the
defendant is accused of buying a boat and
convincing the victim to sail to San
Clemente Island to meet with “federal
agents.” Shawkey and Vendrick got on
the boat and sailed out of Dana Point
Harbor and the victim was never seen
again. Sometime between Feb. 14, 2008,
and Feb. 24, 2008, Shawkey is accused
of murdering Vendrick and disposing of
the body for financial gain.
RICHARDSON, JASON RUSSELL                   10/02, C40, 9 AM      PRE-TRIAL    CAMERON   HOMICIDE •   07ZF0016
On February 9, 2007, Richardson is          10/13, C40, 9 AM      JURY TRIAL   TALLEY
accused of entering a Home Depot in
Tustin wearing a painter’s mask and
clothes to disguise his identity. He is
accused of walking to the front of the
store and demanding cash from a store
clerk. As the clerk removed cash from the
register, Richardson is accused of turning
and shooting the store manager, Thomas
Egan, a father of twin girls. The
defendant is accused of then fleeing the
scene, and was later linked to the murder
through DNA evidence. The District
Attorney is seeking the death penalty.
ACOSTA JR, LOUIS ROGER                       10/19, C40, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   HOWARD        HOMICIDE •   06ZF0131
Indicted for a special circumstance murder                                   GUNDY
during the commission of a rape. The
murder of an Anaheim liquor store owner
in 1998 had gone unsolved for six years
before DNA evidence linked Acosta to the
crime. Acosta was serving a 12-year
prison term in Washington State. He was
extradited from Washington to stand trial
in Orange County.
ILLIANO, MICHAEL JOHN                        10/31, C41, 9 AM   JURY TRIAL   MIKE MURRAY   HOMICIDE •   08ZF0036
A 48-year-old man charged with a 1985
cold case murder in a Santa Ana
apartment after being linked to the crime
through DNA. On December 28, 1985,
Illiano is accused of going with a friend to
the Santa Ana apartment of Gene Carson,
49, a small-time drug dealer. Illiano is
accused of stabbing the victim multiple
times in a bedroom in the apartment,
killing the victim. On January 3, 1986,
several of the victim’s friends went to
Carson’s home after not hearing from him
for almost a week and found the murdered
victim. The case remained unsolved until
March 2008, when Santa Ana Police
Department cold case detectives linked
Illiano to the murder by testing the
physical evidence from the scene using
DNA technology that did not exist in

JACKSON, QUINTON                               01/07/10, C57, 8:30 AM   PRELIMINARY       KEITH      SPECIAL        08CF2445
Professional Ultimate Fighting                                          HEARING           BOGARDUS   PROSECUTIONS
Championship fighter with Jackson is
accused of driving southbound on State
Route 55 (SR-55) and driving up onto the
curb and sideswiping two vehicles,
causing damage to both. He is accused of
failing to stop after hitting the two cars
and fleeing. Jackson is accused of
aggressively weaving through traffic and
talking on a cell phone and when a police
officer pulled behind the defendant’s
truck and turned on his emergency lights
to conduct a traffic stop, Jackson is
accused of accelerating and continuing to
flee. After the officer turned on his siren,
Jackson is accused of continuing to
weave through traffic and cutting off and
colliding with a Toyota Camry. He is
accused of failing to stop after crashing
into the Toyota and driving over the
center median, heading the wrong way
into oncoming traffic. Jackson is accused
of driving up the curb on the wrong side
of road, narrowly missing a bus stop and
forcing several pedestrians to run out of
the way. Jackson is accused of driving
back onto the correct side of the road,
continuing to talk on his cell phone, and
running multiple red lights while driving
on three tires and only the rim of his left
front wheel. At two separate
intersections, Jackson is accused of
almost hitting a pedestrian and two
bicyclists while running red lights.
BECKER, CHRIS* /                               01/15/10, C35, 9 AM*     PROGRESS REVIEW   JAMIE      SPECIAL        06ZF0127
D’AMATO, ROBERT                                                                           COULTER
Placentia city officials indicted for                                                                •
conflicts of interest for dealings involving
ONTRAC. In June 2004, a group called
the “Citizens for a Better Placentia” filed a
complaint to the Orange County District
Attorney’s Office (OCDA). After an 18-
month investigation by the OCDA Bureau
of Investigation, the Orange County
Grand Jury heard evidence from 30
witnesses from February to March 2006.
Becker, then the Director of Public
Works, is accused of violating conflict of
interest laws while acting in his official
capacity as a Placentia City Officer.
D’Amato, the Placentia City
Administrator, is accused of helping
Becker participate in the making of two
contracts in which Becker had a financial
interest. The first contract, executed on
April 4, 2000, created the Orange North-
American Trade Rail Access Corridor
Authority (ONTRAC), a joint power
authority. The second contract engaged
Christopher Becker as Executive Director
of ONTRAC while he was employed
concurrently as Placentia’s Director of
Public Works. ONTRAC was formed to
facilitate a railroad lowering project in the
City of Placentia. Originally budgeted at
$300 million, projected costs to complete
the railroad lowering plan burgeoned to
over $500 million, before the lack of
sufficient funding forced the abandonment
of the project in 2005. Becker is accused
of making more than $500,000 over his
regular salary ($110,000) and benefits as
Placentia’s Director of Public Works
through the formation of these contracts.
During his employment as Executive
Director of ONTRAC from April 2000
until the fall of 2005, Christopher Becker
is accused of making more than $1.3
million. D’Amato is accused of helping in
the formation of the two contracts
knowing that Becker had a financial
interest in both of the contracts. He is
further accused of not investigating the
possible conflict of interest even though
he was informed of the issue within weeks
of the formation of both contracts. Instead,
D’Amato withheld information or
misinformed other city officials regarding
the conflict of interest and the legality of
the contracts.
SMITH, PAUL GENTILE                            AWAITING      AWAITING      EBRAHIM    HOMICIDE •   09CF0579
On Oct. 24, 1988, Smith is accused of          EXTRADITION   EXTRADITION   BAYTIEH
murdering his high school friend,
marijuana-dealer Robert Haugen, 29, in
the victim’s Sunset Beach apartment. He
is accused of stabbing Haugen 18 times,
leaving the body on the bed, setting the
victim’s body and apartment on fire to
destroy the evidence, and fleeing the
scene. Firefighters were able to put out
the fire before it completely consumed
the apartment and Haugen’s body. Blood
belonging to the victim and an unknown
second person was collected at the scene.
The case was investigated but went cold.
In 2007, Smith was arrested in Nevada
for domestic violence. His DNA was
later entered into the national DNA
database. In late January 2009, Smith’s
DNA was linked to the blood found in
Haugen’s apartment after the murder.
The DNA technology used to link Smith
to the murder did not exist in 1988.
GO, GERALDO SU                                 AWAITING      AWAITING      SONIA      HOMICIDE •   07WF2340
An Orange County fugitive was arrested         EXTRADITION   EXTRADITION   BALLESTE
in Toronto, Canada for the 1984 murder of
a Huntington Beach woman. After the
case remained unsolved for 23 years, the
Huntington Beach Police Department
began re-examining the case and was able
to link Go to the murder through DNA
evidence after testing evidence from the
crime scene using modern forensic
technology. Go, a Canadian citizen, had
been deported in 2007 after serving time
for a prior criminal conviction.
URDIALES, ANDREW                              AWAITING      AWAITING      HOWARD       HOMICIDE    97CF1872
Serial killer charged with the 1986 murder    EXTRADITION   EXTRADITION   GUNDY
of a Saddleback College student. DNA
evidence linked him to the murder of
Robbin Brandley. Urdiales is currently in
prison in Illinois for murder. He is
expected to be extradited to Orange
County to stand trial for the killings of
Brandley and four women from Riverside
and San Diego counties.
JIMENEZ, GIOVANNO                             FUGITIVE      WARRANT       NIKKI        SEXUAL      09CF0143
Jimenez is accused of having an unlawful                                  BURACCHIO    ASSAULT •
sexual relationship with Jane Doe on
multiple occasions when she was 14 and
15 years old at the victim’s house when
her parents were not home. Jimenez is
accused of meeting the victim at Valley
High School in Santa Ana, where Jane
Doe was a student, while volunteering
with the frosh/soph baseball team and
school band. Police began investigating
the case after receiving a complaint from a
concerned parent.
JEON, KYOUNG SEOK                             FUGITIVE      WARRANT       ERIC         SEXUAL      07WF1149
Acupuncturist at Hye Min in Garden                                        SCARBROUGH   ASSAULT •
Grove charged with sexually assaulting a
patient while pretending to be treating her
for back pain. Jeon is accused of having
patient Jane Doe remove her bra and
massaging her breasts and digitally
penetrating her, claiming that it was part
of the medical treatment.
ARNAUD, DANTE                                FUGITIVE   WARRANT   LYNDA         SEXUAL      04WF2626
Blood technician at Garden Grove                                  FERNANDEZ     ASSAULT •
Hospital and Medical Center convicted of
the sexual battery of six women. Found
guilty of sexually assaulting pregnant
women and women who had just given
birth in the hospital’s maternity ward.
Arnaud victimized the women by wearing
a white doctor’s coat and pretending the
victims were submitting to a routine
examination. The defendant fled from
court during trial just prior to the verdict
being read.
GIESE, ROGER ALAN                            FUGITIVE   WARRANT   KAL KALIBAN   SEXUAL      02NF2987
Former voice coach of the All-American                                          ASSAULT •
Boys’ Choir wanted on multiple counts of
child molestation after failing to show up
for jury trial. Giese is accused of
repeatedly sexually assaulting a young
boy he met while working as a voice
coach for The All-American Boys Chorus.
Giese is accused of befriending the
victim’s family by joining the same
church. John Doe was 13 to 17 years old
during this time. He is accused of using
the family’s friendship to gain access and
luring John Doe and his brother to his
house for overnight visits. During the
several months of grooming the molest
victim, Giese is accused of pretending to
be a member of a fake military unit,
“Delta Force,” and molesting the victim
under the pretense that the child could
earn a place in the military unit by
providing semen, urine, blood, and stool
samples to Giese. He is accused of
masturbating, orally copulating, and
anally penetrating John Doe, as well as
masturbating himself in front of the
ROBERTO / CAMARILLO,                                                            PROTECTION
Charged with bilking immigrants by
falsely promising political asylum. Over
2000 possible victims, amounting to
millions of dollars. *Gerardo Calderon
and Ulises Fernandez pleaded guilty of
conspiracy to defraud another of property
and sentenced to jail, 5 years probation,
and restitution.
HERNANDEZ, ISMAEL                           FUGITIVE   WARRANT   EBRAHIM        HOMICIDE     04CF2897
Charged with killing his girlfriend’s 8-                         BAYTIEH
month-old son, whom she left in his care.
When the child’s mother came home the
defendant abruptly left the home and has
not returned. He is currently a fugitive.
The child died from extensive injuries.
Martinez is charged with strangling and
murdering his wife on Christmas Eve
2003. Victim’s 10-year-old son found his
mom in the family’s bathroom. Defendant
Escobar charged with helping his brother,
defendant Martinez, escape to Mexico.
Charged with pimping and pandering for
forcing undocumented young women
from Mexico to work as prostitutes to pay
off the cost of bringing them across the
SAY, NORINDRA                               FUGITIVE   WARRANT   TBA            SEXUAL       06HF0368
#11 of 13 charged with attempted child                                          ASSAULT
molest. (Age: 33, Engineer) Accused of
going to meet a fictitious 12 or 13-year-
old girl after hours of chatting on the
Internet. Group accused of bringing
sexual paraphernalia, gifts, alcohol, drugs,
pornography, a camera, etc. Accused of
engaging in graphic, explicit sexual chats.
(See Also: Deck, Robert)
The following defendants have been
convicted and sentenced:
Alarcia, Robert Carlos
Arora, Deep
Chuang, Shishhung
Folger, Nery Robert
Mcalister, Benjamin Paul
Mount, Ryan Arnell
Phuong, Pham David
Reese, Jonathan Augustine
Taul, Benjamin Alan
Varela, Jimmy Miguel
Yi, John Inkyoo
MARINO, TIMOTHY JAMES* /                       FUGITIVE*   WARRANT*   HEATHER   HARBOR   03HF1577
CROCKER, ALLEN                                                        BROWN
$500,000 bench warrant has been issued
for Marino’s arrest. Accused of
videotaping and participating in a sexual
act with an unconscious woman. Crocker
was convicted of raping an unconscious
woman after videotaping the act and
sentenced to 6 years state prison.

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