2009 Girls Soccer Pre-season Information by iOqX2NNn


									                2010-11 Girls’ Soccer Pre-season Information

Coaching Staff:
Melissa Bibbee         Varsity Head Coach           mabibbee@fcps.edu
Kat Libby              Varsity Assistant            klibby1@gmu.edu
Lindsay Kulp           Head JV/Varsity Asst         Lindsay.kulp@fcps.edu
Steven Brumet          JV Asst Coach                brumbrum135@yahoo.com

Important Pre-Season Dates:
Weight lifting (IN Season Athletes and girls taking Personal Fitness are EXCUSED)
Athletes MUST have an emergency care card and Weight Room form turned in to
Mon/Wed/Fri (Sept. 20-Nov.12) 2:30-3:45 weight room
Mon/Wed (Nov. 15- Feb. 11) 6:30-7:45 PM weight room

Conditioning (ALL IN Season Athletes are excused)
Tues: 2:30-4 (outside!!)
Wed: 5:45-7 (main gym)
Thurs: 2:30-4 (outside!!)
(Jan. 4- Jan. 17)
Returning Varsity Players ONLY: Conditioning begins Dec. 1st, 2:30-3:45 outside
(Dates: 12/1, 12/2, 12/7, 12/8, 12/9, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16)

Information to know:
       This year we will use an outside company to condition our athletes for 4
       weeks in Jan/Feb. The cost will be $100/12 sessions.
    Winter conditioning is for ALL players who are NOT involved in a school winter
     sport. Please let Coach Bibbee know if you are on a winter sports team.
    Conditioning sessions beginning Jan. 4 will include pick-up games as well fitness
    Bring shin guards starting Jan. 11
    Fitness testing will take place the week before tryouts, Fri/Sat February 18/19
              Fitness tests include:
                  1. 3 mile run- under 22 minutes
                  2. Manchester- Goal of 15 (top score is 20)
                  3. Pacer test- 85 or more
                  4. 1 min. Sit up test- 60 or more
                  5. 1 min. Push up test- 25 or more
    Those girls who make 85% of the lifting/conditioning/pick-up dates will be
     EXEMPT from the 3 mile run! If you are playing a school winter sport, you are
     automatically exempt.
    Check our website frequently for updates, schedules, announcements, etc.
   www.chantillysports.org (Girls’ Varsity Soccer)

   *All girls trying out with need to fill out an Emergency Care Card and turn it in to
   Coach Bibbee. Players will also need a completed Physical dated after May 1, 2010. If
   you play another school sport, yours is ON FILE already! Blank emergency care cards
   are on the website under “files.”

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