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									                                    FINANCIAL AID ADMINISTRATIVE BASICS

The following information is for students who have awarded financial aid. Questions regarding Assistantship
assignments may be directed to Executive Dean Bill Powers, wpowers@umd.edu.

Assistantship Assignments: General graduate assistantships may be awarded without an initial assignment. Dean
Powers will contact GAs in early July with information about the assignment process. Most assignments are not
finalized until near the start of the semester and are worked around students’ course schedules.

Assistantship Start Date: Graduate assistants officially become University employees on August 2, 2010, and may
receive the first paycheck prior to actually working. The start date of work will depend on specific assignments.
Generally, students will not be required to work until the first day of classes, but may begin as early as August 2 with
supervisory consent.

Tax Documents: To receive the first paycheck issued on August 20, completed paperwork must be received
between July 30 and August 6. Submitting forms after the August 6 deadline will result in a delay of the initial
paycheck(s).     First-time GAs and international students must meet with me in person with identification.
Returning GAs who are U.S. residents, and previously provided forms to me, may submit paperwork via mail. Only
original forms (no copies or faxes) completed in black ink will be accepted.

        United States Residents

                Graduate Assistantship: Provide a W4 (MD or other states resident/DC resident), I9 and direct
                deposit form, plus benefits enrollment forms if desired.

                Fellowship: No paperwork is necessary, but email lguay@umd.edu with concerns.

        International Students (Please contact my email, lguay@umd.edu to arrange an appointment required for
        submissions of international paperwork.)

                Graduate Assistantship: Provide a W4 (MD or other states resident/DC resident), Citizenship Status
                Form, 8233 (tax treaty form if applicable) I9 and direct deposit form, plus benefits forms if desired.
                Resident aliens for tax purposes (RAFTP) will provide a W9, and the W9 attachment if a tax treaty
                applies. Additionally, a I20, I94, visa and SSN card (with the envelope in which it was mailed)
                should be provided. IES will conduct orientations to aid in the application for a permanent social
                security card.

                Fellowship: Provide the same documents requested for a Graduate Assistantship. Fellows will
                provide a W8BEN (if tax treaty applies), or an 8233 tax treaty form if a fellowship and GA are
                awarded. Two sets of forms are necessary if awarded both a fellowship and GA.

Hours and Timesheet Requirements: A student with a full Graduate Assistantship must work a total of 340 hours
each semester, which averages out to just over 20 hours per week if your assignment directly parallels the semester.
A half Graduate Assistantship requires a total of 170 hours each semester, which averages out to just over 10 hours
per week. GAs will submit timesheets signed by their supervisors to me on a bi-weekly basis. Blank timesheets are
available outside Van Munching 2113C and at the website mentioned above. The School of Public Policy reserves
the right to terminate payment if a cumulative time record does not satisfy the stated commitment of hours.

Benefits: GAs may enroll in the State health benefits program with bi-weekly paycheck premium deductions.
Plans (excluding retirement) are selected from the 2011 Benefits Booklet and the 2011 Enrollment Form is submitted
together with all other paperwork. It normally takes at least 4 weeks beyond the hire date (August 2) to activate
benefits. Retroactive coverage back to August 2 is possible by paying for any missed premiums.

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