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									Word List                Timeline
Mecca     Quraysh        c. 570 Birth of
haram     Ka‘ba

Muhammad ibn     ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Abd
al-Muttalib, of the clan of Hashim, of
the tribe of Quraysh

Hashim Abu TalibKhadija
Word List                   Timeline
Mt. Hira’                610 Laylat al-Qadr
                         (Night of Power, 27th
sura (chapter of the     Ramadan)
                         611 Muhammad starts
aya (verse of the        preaching in Mecca.

Qur’an/Koran           ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib
Word List Timeline
Yathrib   615 Some Muslims emigrate to
          619 Deaths of Abu Talib and
Khazraj   Khadija.

Abu Bakr 620 Muhammad meets Yathribis.

          622 Yathribis swear to obey/fight
          for Muhammad.
Word List                Timeline
al-Madina/Medina       622 hijra (started 16th
(the city)             July).

Madinat al-Nabi (the city of the Prophet)

muhajirun (migrants)     ansar (helpers)

umma (Muslim community)

Constitution of Medina
 Word List        Timeline
Banu Qurayza 624 Battle of Badr. Expulsion
              of the Banu Qaynuqa‘.
              625 Battle of Uhud. Expulsion
Banu Qaynuqa‘ of the Banu’l-Nadir.

khandaq (ditch) 627 Battle of the khandaq.
                Execution of the Banu Qurayza.
Sa‘d ibn Mu‘adh
Word List           Timeline
Isma‘il   Ta‘if   628 Truce with Mecca

jizya     hajj    629 Muslim pilgrimage
                  to Mecca
                  630 Muhammad takes

                  632 Death of
                  Muhammad (8th June)
Word List                 Themes in the
al-Fatiha (the Opening)   Qur’an
                          1. God
Abraham, Moses, David,
Jesus and Muhammad     2. Prophets

Hud, Salih, Shu‘ayb and 3. Judgment Day
         khawass al-Qur’an
Word List        Timeline
Khusraw Parviz   602 Persians attack
                 Byzantine Empire.
                 628 Byzantines drive
Ctesiphon        Persians back to Ctesiphon.
                 Persia descends into civil
Abu Bakr         war.

                 632 Death of Muhammad.
                 Succeeded by Abu Bakr.
Word List
khalifat rasul Allah (successor to the
Messenger of God)

khalifa (caliph)                    umma

amir al-mu’minin (commander of the faithful)

rashidun (rightly-guided ones)      Umayyads

hijra                               ‘A’isha
Word List        Timeline
ridda (apostasy) 632-34 Wars of the Ridda

‘Umar ibn        634 Death of Abu Bakr.
al-Khattab       Succeeded by ‘Umar

Yarmuk River     636 Battle of the Yarmuk
                 River. Conquest of Syria/
                 Holy Land follows.

                 637 Damascus taken.
Word List        Timeline
Qadisiyya        637 Battle of Qadisiyya.
                 Ctesiphon and other Persian
Ctesiphon        cities taken.

Zoroastrianism   639-42 Muslims take Egypt.


gnostic Manichaeans         Alexandria
Word List         Timeline
diwan             641-47 Further expeditions
                  vs. Byzantines and Persians.
‘Uthman ibn
‘Affan            644 Death of ‘Umar.
                  Succeeded by ‘Uthman.
                     651 Completion of
fitna (temptation/ conquest of Persia.
time of trials, i.e.
civil war)           655 Muslims take Cyprus.
Word List             Timeline
‘Ali ibn Abi Talib 656 Death of ‘Uthman.
                   ‘Ali acclaimed as caliph.
Basra              Battles of the Camel and
                   Siffin. Arbitration agreed.
Mu‘awiya ibn Abi ‘Ali abandoned by
Sufyan             kharijis.


kharijis (seceders)
Word List         Timeline
Adhruh            658 Arbitration at Adhruh.
                  Rejected by ‘Ali.
                  660 Mu‘awiya acclaimed
al-Husayn         caliph in Jerusalem.

shi‘at ‘Ali/      661 Death of ‘Ali.
shi‘is/Shi‘ites   Al-Hasan gives up claim
                  to caliphate.
Object List
 Façade of the palace at Ctesiphon in the 19th century. Sasanian. (F)

 Iwan of Sasanian imperial palace. Ctesiphon, Iraq. (F)

 Sasanian stucco plaques: rosette from Bishapur; plaque from
        Um-Za’atir near Ctesiphon. (F)

 Sasanian merlon of stucco from Bishapur. Sasanian stucco plaque
        with boar’s head from Damghan. (F)

 Relief showing two ibexes flanking a vine. (F)

 Sasanian silver bowl showing King Peroz (457/9-484 CE) hunting
        moufflons. Silver with partial mercury gilding. Sasanian. (F)

                      F = Ferret, A = Archnet
Object List
 Silver bowl with Khusraw I Anushirvan among dignitaries.
         Sasanian. (F)

 Silver jug with crossed lions. Sasanian. (F)

 Chapel of the Ascension, Jerusalem. Byzantine. (F)

 Sculpted pier from St Polyeuktos, Constantinople, 524-7, reused,
        Piazzetta, Venice. (Early Christian and Byzantine Art:

 Throne of Archbishop Maximian: detail, decorative panel showing
       birds and animals in a vineyard, ca. 545-553. (AICT:

                      F = Ferret, A = Archnet
Object List
The Transfiguration, c. 565/6. Apse mosaic. St Catherine’s Monastery,
       Sinai. (Early Christian and Byzantine Art:

Christ and the Theotokos and Child with saints and angels. 6th cent.
        Ivory dyptich. (Early Christian and Byzantine Art:

Solidus of Heraclius, 641, and Semissis of Heraclius, 610-613
       (Byzantine Coins Home Page:

Bronze Peacock Lamp. Early Byzantine, probably Egypt, 6th-7th
      century. (Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Collection:
                      F = Ferret, A = Archnet

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