LESSON PLAN NUMBER 3

Teacher Education Candidate                  Supervising Teacher                   UWG Supervisor

    Caroline Erkes                           Mrs. Kristie Staples                  Mrs. Wanda Calhoun

School: Carrollton Elementary School         Date of Implemented Lesson Plan: March 21st 2011

Block No.: II                                Subject: Social Studies               Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Using Questions and Responding to Students

                                                            Stage 1 The Desired Results
           Standards               SS2CG1 The student will define the concept of government and
                                   the need for rules and laws.
      Specific Learning            Students will understand the need for rules and laws.
                                                           Stage 2 Assessment Evidence
   Assessment Instrument                                   Venn Diagram Worksheet
      (Ex. Test, Poster,
 Presentation, Picture, etc.)
    Evaluation (Grading)                                               Checklist
 (Ex. Point System, Rubric,
       Checklist, etc.)
                                                              Stage 3 Learning Plans
           Materials                                  Community Rules and Laws Video
                                                         Venn Diagram Worksheet
                                                              Smart Board
    Sequence of Teacher

*Attention-Getter/Motivator                Who has rules at home?

 *Tie to Previous Learning                 Does anyone know why we have rules?

   *Significant Actions to                 Teacher will play the “Community Rules and Laws” video
    Introduce and Guide                     for the students to watch.
            Lesson                         After the video the teacher will ask students some questions
                                            about the video.
                                           Teacher will be writing on the smart board the different rules
                                            that students say they have to follow at home and school as
                                            well as the ones that are the same.
                                           At the end of the lesson the teacher will have students write
                                            down a rule that they would have in their school if they were
Sequence of Student Actions

*Explain How Students Are                  Students will watch a video at the beginning of the lesson.
  Engaged During Lesson                    Then students will discuss the video as a class.
                                           Students will be filling in a Venn Diagram worksheet as the
                                            teacher is discussing the different rules everyone must
 * Explain How Students               Students will be given a blank Venn diagram to fill in.
 Discuss or Present Results           Students will label one side of the Venn diagram “Home
 of What They Did During               Rules” and the other side “School Rules” and the middle
         the Lesson                    “both.”
                                    The students will be telling the teacher (while the teacher is
                                       writing on the smart board) rules that they have at home and
                                       different rules they must follow at school.
                                    Then in the middle of the diagram the students will be
                                       writing down the rules that they must follow at both home
                                       and school.
     Teacher’s Lesson          To wrap-up the lesson the teacher will have the students write down
      Closure/Wrap-            a rule that they would have in their school if they were the principal.
Adaptations for Exceptional    Students who are unable to completely fill out the Venn diagram
   Students (Anyone who        worksheet during the lesson will have extended time to complete the
 requires modifications for    assignment.
        their needs)
           Related             Students can use the back of the Venn diagram worksheet to write
    Activities/Extensions      down what happens when they break different rules and laws.
(What can students do who
  need more than is in the
lesson? Should be related to
    Connections to Other       Writing

EQ: Why do we need rules and laws?
SS2CG1: The student will define the concept of government and the need
for rules and laws.

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