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Morrison & Foerster
[Joann Chang]
Morrison & Foerster, or “MoFo”, as it is often called, is widely recognized as one of the best firms in the country to work for - maybe that’s why it’s so hard
to get a job there.

If you value quality of life and a diverse work-     The firm receives numerous awards for its            doesn’t seem to be much to complain about
place environment above all else in your job         exemplary workplace atmosphere, including            at Morrison.
search, look no further than San Francisco’s         being ranked #1 for Diversity and #2 for the
Morrison & Foerster. Established in 1883,            “Best Firm to Work For” in the 2004 surveys          Unfortunately for those not already in the
the firm has undergone over a dozen name             conducted by Women report that            firm, the reputation for happy people and
changes in its lifetime, but most attorneys          the firm provides part-time opportunities as         interesting work has made MoFo one of the
now affectionately refer to the firm by its          well as generous maternity leaves. The firm          most difficult places to get hired. At a mini-
nickname, “MoFo.” Cute nicknames aside,              also maintains a progressive stance on gay           mum, first year associates are expected to
the law firm, which boasts 1,000 attorneys           and lesbian issues, offering domestic partner        have graduated from a top law school as well
and 19 worldwide offices, not only man-              benefits. With an overall ranking of 5th in the      as maintained top academic records. Firm
ages to maintain one of the best workplace           nation by Minority Law Journal in terms of           insiders have noted that being liberal and
environments in the legal industry, but gets a       ethnic minority percentage, MoFo demon-              having diverse backgrounds are also valued
lot of impressive work done as well. In 2002,        strates a serious attitude when it comes to          by recruiters. In comparison, making partner
the firm cleared almost $500 million in gross        diversity issues.                                    seems to be an easier task at this firm.
revenue. MoFo has proven that is it pos-                                                                  Although the road to partner can take up to
sible for a law firm to be both laid back and        MoFo also gets recognition both inside and           10 years at MoFo, some associates describe
incredibly profitable.                               outside the firm for their commitment to             it as being a reasonable expectation.
                                                     pro bono cases. The firm’s stellar pro bono
The dotcom boom in the late 1990s led to             program allows many attorneys to bill over
considerable growth for MoFo, as it became           200 hours of pro bono work, with the firm
deeply involved in both Silicon Valley and           considering pro bono cases equal in impor-
New York-based internet companies. With              tance to paying ones. MoFo has received
that work all but gone after the bust, the firm      numerous awards for its pro bono program,
has tended to focus on finance and intellec-         including the 2002 Pro Bono Publico award
tual property law and is historically known          by the American Bar Association.
for its work on intellectual property litigation
and corporate finance matters.                       MoFo lawyers seem to have the best of both
                                                     worlds, earning top compensation and enjoy-
Although associates at MoFo put in long              ing a laid-back workplace. The firm pays out
hours of hard work typical of any large firm,        an average salary of $157,500 and employs a
they also experience unparalleled courtesy           three-tier bonus system. The bonus system
and friendliness in the office. Associates           allows different financial incentives at three
describe a prevailing atmosphere of mutual           separate levels of total billable hours, 1,950,
respect and professionalism. And while as-           2,100, and 2,200. Associates know that they
sociates have been known to complain about           can expect financial rewards even if they do
lacking formal training program, they note           not work the killer 2,400 hours required at
that the informal training opportunities are         some firms. And with the firm throwing other
great.                                               perks at them, such as Blackberrys and
                                                     individual offices for associates, there really


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