Introduction to SOCS Teacher Web Pages by cy3MhAF


									                        Introduction to SOCS – Teacher Web Pages
                                        (For 1st-Time Users)
                                          September 2009

1. After you have been added to the SOCS                  4. Click on My Teacher Pages (if this is not
   site to make teacher pages (Ask Sandy                     showing or you can’t log in, see #1 – you
   Smith or Carrie Rathsack), complete the                   need access to these before going any
   following steps…                                          further)
2. Log in to SOCS -
3. Click on Editor (in left margin)…then

5. You will now see all your article (webpage) templates – 25 of them! These can be used as they are
   or modified however you’d like.

6.   THINKING TIME – How do you want your site to look – What will be on the main/home
     page? What pages will be linked to the main/home page? What links will you have to other
     sites? To get an idea of what is offered, look at a few template pages by clicking on the “View
     Art.” icon to the left of the template you’d like to view:
7. After taking a look around the 25 options, begin with one of your supporting pages (such as
   Calendar or Schedule, or Favorite Links – NOTE: the Main/Home page will be made last to link
   all these other to it) – Click the “Edit Art.” icon on the far left to begin editing this page…

8. At the top of the window, select “Teacher Page” – and add a Headline (at least; most teachers do
   not include their Byline “by Your Name,” but you can if you like!) – do leave the author as you.
9. To make changes to your page (article), do so within the editing window – change fonts, colors,
   insert pictures, etc.

… for Mac Computers

… and PC/Windows computers…
10. Final selections before saving…

    If you want, you can
    allow for feedback on this
    page (usually not done)

     Select date to make page
     active (“live”); Most
     click “don’t display the
     publish date…”

     Must click “Approved”
     to make it “live”

     Usually left alone –
     assigned to you

     To save your page…
     Click “Submit Article”

11. Did you click “Submit Article” to save the page?
12. Repeat steps 7-11 for all pages you want to create, including the Main Teacher page – which you
    will identify as “Main Teacher Page” with the selection at the top of the edit page.

   REMEMBER, only ONE can be called the “Main Teacher Page”

LINKING MAIN/HOME PAGE to other pages –
13. After creating and identifying the “Main Teacher Page” and all your “Teacher Pages,” create links
    to the Teacher Pages from the Main Page – FIRST, find/open your Main Teacher Page (if you
    have it open, skip to #14, otherwise, do these steps):
       a. Click on Editor (in left margin)
       b. Click on “Search Articles”
       c. Select “Status – Approved” which will bring up only the articles you have created and
          approved (not all 20-some blank templates).
14. Edit your Main Teacher Page (by clicking on the icon on far left)
       a. Make any changes as needed (or go on to make links).
       b. You must create a link to at least one of your supporting pages. You do this by placing the
          cursor where you want to insert the link (or highlight the word/s)… then…
       c. Choose Insert on the Toolbar (within SOCS editor window) and click on “Teacher
          Page link”

       d. Choose the webpage/article you want to insert from the “Article to be displayed”
e. Choose a design from the “Template Design” drop down
   Note: If you want the same design for all pages/articles (SUGGESTED), choose the
   design for one page/article and the others with automatically take on that design. If you
   want a different design for other pages/articles you will have to link them to the Main
   Teacher Page and choose another design.
f. Type the name of the linked page in the “Hyperlink Text to Display” (this will create the
   link to the page/article on your Main Teacher Page
g. Click on Insert
h. Repeat this process for other articles or blogs that you want to link to the Main Teacher
   Page. If you do not link them there will still be navigation on each page, allowing
   movement from one article to another—using the Table of Contents in the left

i. The publish date is set so your Main Teacher page will not expire
j. Check the box if you do not want the date to display (recommended)
k. Check the Approved box
l. The section is automatically chosen for you
m. LASTLY, click Submit the Article to save these settings.

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