A_Football_Story by smFF0Hn


									            The CPSC Home Quiz
             7 November 2003

                    Interval Round
          “A Football Story”
              Overleaf is a story with 38 “blank spaces”

  To make the story (semi) readable simply fill in the blanks with the
names or nicknames of British Football Teams - Numbers represent the
                letters required for the correct answer

Team Name
The sun shone         7 Brighton                 the day we set sail for the             6                            in a ship
with a    4                  riddled with holes. We sailed down the river which                                  5                to
the sea and waved to the fair maiden near a windmill leaning against the                                         8

The   5               was made up of Scots, Irish and others of the                              6                       race, the
exception was the cabin boy named Roger whose job it was to                                      5                   the boilers.
He was illiterate, but won our                   6                  with his     8                               efforts to
improve his       7                           . He was sent to           8                       by the other villains who
had brought their        7                            of weapons on board. They were a rowdy lot and
after a bout of drinking they did in fact                   7                        furniture.

The voyage made my               10                             as she had not had a holiday                 6

too long and the sea         3                did her   7                        lot of good.

We landed one day on the                 8                         of an island. Just a few yards from where the
natives   4                  their dead. We             7                        even though we could hear the
sound of the howling             6                    . We eventually met a group of                   7                     (7
dressed in    7                              green who were also wearing cowboy hats and                             5

After a days journey we caught some dirty fish in a                          9                              and also tried to
get some milk from a herd of cows but they did not like having their                                   12

At last we came to the home of the Hawaiian monarch, the                               5-2-3-5

She greeted us with friendly                 5                   but she was clearly very upset as her
7-6                           had been destroyed when the                    7                             fell down. While
her   9                              was being built she had to live in a sumptuous                          5

When we found treasure someone suggested we put the                              5                         the ship in a cabin
with a    6                          the door. We were going to put it all in the                      7                          when
we got home.

That night we had        6                           cake and        7                    buns, and for supper we had
some pickle and some                 6                      which had gone off and made us all ill.

                                         Interval Round Score                                        /38

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