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									Furnishing & Collectors
   Wednesday 14 March 2012 10:00

               Peter Francis
              Towyside Salerooms
                 Old Station Road
                        SA31 1JN
Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 1                                                   Lot: 7
            Poole pottery floral decorated                           Pair of Staffordshire pottery
            baluster shaped lamp base.                               cylinder vases, decorated with
                                                                     fantastic birds amongst foliage.
                                                                     Unmarked. (2).

            Lot: 2                                                   Lot: 8
            Noritaki Japanese porcelain hand                         Royal Doulton "Bunny Kins"
            painted two handled oval dish                            pottery cup, saucer & plate. (3).
            with cottage beyond a hay
            meadow decoration.

            Lot: 3                                                   Lot: 9
            Wedgwood green jasperware                                Barnstaple pottery blue ground
            tapering cylinder jug with                               baluster jug. Impressed marks to
            classical figure decoration.                             base.

            Lot: 4                                                   Lot: 10
            Continental porcelain cabinet                            Japanese porcelain hand painted
            dish with cushion frame &                                tea for two set with Cranes
            printed centre family group on                           amongst foliage decoration.
            beach.                                                   Teapot, sucrier, cream jug & two
                                                                     cups & saucers. (8).

            Lot: 5                                                   Lot: 11
            Japanese painted tortoiseshell                           Two similar Portmeirion pottery
            pedestal dish with fantastic bird                        cylinder vases decorated with
            in landscape decoration.                                 strawberries. (2).

            Lot: 6                                                   Lot: 12
            Portmeirion pottery ovoid flower                         Pair of Bursley ware pottery
            decorated vase & similar                                 ovoid vases, overall decorated
            cylinder vase. (2).                                      with fielded floral design on blue
                                                                     ground. Printed marks to base.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 13                                                  Lot: 19
            Graduated set of four 19c                                Reproduction brass mounted
            Masons ironstone baluster jugs,                          Dutch style two weighted bracket
            printed & painted with Imari pallet                      clock.
             foliate designs. (4).

            Lot: 14                                                  Lot: 20
            Pair of Japanese pottery yellow                          Modern brass skeleton clock
            ground enamel decorated                                  under glass dome.
            baluster vases, decorated with
            birds amongst prunus blossom.

            Lot: 15                                                  Lot: 21
            Royal Doulton pottery pedestal                           Modern mahogany cased two
            bowl with painted floral                                 train bracket clock with brass
            decoration. Printed marks to                             face & rolling moon.
            base D1227.

            Lot: 16                                                  Lot: 22
            Graduated set of five Masons                             Modern oak cased Acctim mantel
            ironstone style blue transfer                            clock.
            printed baluster jugs (5).

            Lot: 17                                                  Lot: 23
            Large Japanese Imari porcelain                           Healm brand octagonal Quartz
            charger decorated with floral                            wall clock with pine case.
            panels around a stylized foliate

            Lot: 18                                                  Lot: 24
            A Portuguese Palissey ware                               Timemaster, modern Vienna
            Majolica Lobster decorated                               style pendulum clock with
            plaque, impressed marks to                               broken swan neck pediment.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 25                                                  Lot: 31
            London Clock Company oak                                 Mid 20c oak cased two train
            cased wall clock                                         pendulum wall clock.

            Lot: 26                                                  Lot: 32
            Brass bulk head clock with                               Acctim mahogany cased
            matching barometer on wooden                             pendulum wall clock

            Lot: 27                                                  Lot: 33
            Grayson pine cased pendulum                              A Rapport mahogany cased
            wall clock.                                              pendulum wall clock

            Lot: 28                                                  Lot: 34
            Modern brass mounted                                     Framed picture wall clock
            mahogany Legend bracket

            Lot: 29                                                  Lot: 35
            Acctim Mariner brass bulk head                           A Widdop mahogany cased
            clock.                                                   pendulum wall clock.

            Lot: 30                                                  Lot: 36
            Victorian black slate two train                          Brass mounted Dutch style single
            mantel clock.                                            weight bracket clock.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 37                                                  Lot: 43
            Picture wall clock in the form of a                      Pair of Shorter & Sons
            Grandfather clock.                                       Staffordshire pottery "Medina"
                                                                     incised foliate decorated plaques.
                                                                      Insized marks to base. (2).

            Lot: 38                                                  Lot: 44
            Alabaster baluster vase shaped                           A large bronzed resin sculptural
            lamp base.                                               study of a Turkey.

            Lot: 39                                                  Lot: 45
            Chinese porcelain enamel                                 A brass pedestal oil lamp.
            painted vase, overall decorated
            with reserved panels of birds &
            butterfly's within a yellow & blue
            foliate field. Converted to lamp

            Lot: 40                                                  Lot: 46
            Mid 20c oak two train hat shaped                         A brass 100 day perpetual
            mantel clock                                             motion clock under glass dome.

            Lot: 41                                                  Lot: 47
            Early 20c German oak cased two                           Early 20c oak architectural three
            train architectural mantel clock                         train mantel clock with brass
                                                                     face striking on six gongs.

            Lot: 42                                                  Lot: 48
            Brass double burner oil lamp with                        Staffordshire pottery art nouveau
            iridescent & painted glass                               design jardiniere & stand &
            reservoir on brass pedestal with                         another similar. (2).
            ceramic base & chimney.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 49                                                  Lot: 55
            Dutch style brass mounted two                            Staffordshire pottery jug, basin &
            weight bracket clock.                                    chamber pot set etc.

            Lot: 50                                                  Lot: 56
            Royal Doulton blue & white                               Mid 20c oak three train
            transfer printed pottery                                 Grandmother clock.

            Lot: 51                                                  Lot: 57
            Staffordshire pottery floral                             Assorted walking sticks, African
            decorated jug & basin.                                   ceremonial staff, parasol & 19c
                                                                     plug type spike bayonet with
                                                                     scabbard, Eastern dagger etc.

            Lot: 52                                                  Lot: 58
            Royal Doulton pottery art                                Pair of late Victorian yellow
            nouveau style green ground                               overlay glass two handled
            wash jug                                                 pedestal vases with enamelled &
                                                                     gilded decoration. (2).

            Lot: 53                                                  Lot: 59
            Staffordshire pottery flower                             Early 19c Bristol blue glass
            decorated jug & basin with pink                          "Brandy" decanter with tear drop
            edging.                                                  stopper.

            Lot: 54                                                  Lot: 60
            Iron stone type blue & white floral                      Large flash glass pedestal vase.
            decorated baluster jug.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 61                                                  Lot: 67
            Early 19c bucket shaped                                  Heavy flash cut crystal cut glass
            pedestal goblet with engraved                            flared bowl.
            trailing vine decoration & initials.

            Lot: 62                                                  Lot: 68
            19c ribbed glass pedestal celery                         Pair of 19c wrythen conical fruit
            vase.                                                    glasses & a wrythen & reeded
                                                                     baluster shaped carafe. (3).

            Lot: 63                                                  Lot: 69
            Set of six ruby glass pedestal                           A vintage wire bound soda
            liqueurs, two cranberry glass                            syphon with chrome mount.
            cups & a ruby glass beaker. (9).

            Lot: 64                                                  Lot: 70
            Set of six green & clear hock                            Dartington type "The Brunswick"
            glasses, set of six bottle green &                       ships type decanter & stopper &
            clear glass wines & a pair of                            a cut glass biscuit barrel &
            green & clear glass conical ale                          cover. (2).
            glasses. (14).

            Lot: 65                                                  Lot: 71
            Two carafes & four straight sided                        Set of six 19c engraved & cut
            liqueurs with hunting scene                              amber coloured crystal hock
            decoration (8).                                          glasses & six other assorted
                                                                     amber glasses. (12).

            Lot: 66                                                  Lot: 72
            French frosted art glass globular                        18c brown seal glass wine bottle
            vase with overall trailing vine                          & a Johnson's Pheonix ware cod
            decoration, marked Espoiret,                             bottle with marble intact. (2).
            France to the base.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 73                                                  Lot: 79
            19c frosted glass vase lustre with                       Group of assorted fishing rods
            various lustres & gilt decoration.                       including cane, carbon, fibre
                                                                     glass etc, beach caster, spinning
                                                                     rods etc. (7).

            Lot: 74                                                  Lot: 80
            Group of assorted drinking                               Dutch style brass mounted two
            glasses including firing glass, cut                      weighted mantel clock.
            conical wine glass etc (5).

            Lot: 75                                                  Lot: 81
            Iridescent glass baluster shaped                         Dutch style brass mounted clock
            light shade.

            Lot: 76                                                  Lot: 82
            Blue glass shouldered vase.                              Mid 20c three train oak striking
                                                                     wall clock.

            Lot: 77                                                  Lot: 83
            19c pedestal glass rummer,                               Polaris mahogany Vienna type
            another engraved pedestal glass                          two train wall clock.
            & a slice cut straight sided &
            tapering tumbler. (3).

            Lot: 78                                                  Lot: 84
            Veined overlay glass purse                               Modern Vienna type two train
            shaped vase, a blue glass                                wall clock
            globular vase & a blue glass
            Toby jug (3).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 85                                                  Lot: 91
            Ivory handled silver mounted                             Box of assorted vintage golf
            walking cane, Lignum Vitae                               clubs, canvas bag etc.
            walking cane & a mask carved
            walking cane. (3).

            Lot: 86                                                  Lot: 92
            Modern mahogany finish two                               Two shooting sticks
            weight Vienna type wall clock.

            Lot: 87                                                  Lot: 93
            Hawthorne walking cane & two                             Canvas work bag & a printers
            other walking sticks. (3).                               tray (2).

            Lot: 88                                                  Lot: 94
            Box of assorted spinning & other                         Burswood junior guitar
            fishing rods, shooting stick, two
            fixed spool reels etc.

            Lot: 89                                                  Lot: 95
            Brass bottle jack with frame and                         Box of assorted camera's &
            two copper flasks. (3).                                  binoculars including Slrexakta &
                                                                     another, lenses etc.

            Lot: 90                                                  Lot: 96
            Box of assorted fishing rods &                           Box of assorted clocks,
            landing net & two fixed spool                            binoculars, various.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 97                                                  Lot: 103
            Box of oddments of treen, shoe                           Attache case
            last, barrel tap, cine camera &
            another camera.

            Lot: 98                                                  Lot: 104
            Fur mink hat & a mink stole, card                        Brass framed celestial globe on
            hat box                                                  stand with astronomy volume.

            Lot: 99                                                  Lot: 105
            Chinese student violin with bow                          Eumig 8mm projector in hard
            in hard case.                                            case.

            Lot: 100                                                 Lot: 106
            A set of assorted golf clubs in                          Kodak Brownie, vintage cine
            spalding bag.                                            projector

            Lot: 101                                                 Lot: 107
            Herald classical guitar, modern.                         Model Railway controllers & other

            Lot: 102                                                 Lot: 108
            Student violin with bow in fitted                        Silk top hat in fitted leather case.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 109                                                 Lot: 115
            Heavy vintage leather suitcase                           All World mint & used collection
                                                                     in 3 albums, 100's of stamps.

            Lot: 110                                                 Lot: 116
            Box containing a large collection                        Two Post Office albums of GB
            of vintage cameras, 35mm, box                            FDC's, 1960's- 1980's.
            camera's etc.

            Lot: 111                                                 Lot: 117
            Box of oddments including jack                           Two albums of GB FDC's,
            plane, other items of treen,                             1980's & 1990's.
            carved wooden box etc.

            Lot: 112                                                 Lot: 118
            Two royal Mail albums of                                 Two albums of GB & Channel
            presentation packs, all from the                         Islands, FDC's, 1970's to 1990's.

            Lot: 113                                                 Lot: 119
            GB, Channel Islands & Ireland,                           Westminster Space Exploration
            mint & used selection in 2                               collection of stamps, mini sheets
            stockbooks & on pages.                                   & FDC's.

            Lot: 114                                                 Lot: 120
            Collection of Post Office cards in                       Collection of GB FDC's in three
            2 Royal Mail albums.                                     albums 1966-1998 period.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 121                                                 Lot: 127
            World of Disney collection of                            GB Victorian 1879 penny red
            mint stamps & mini sheets in five                        plate 79 in vertical mint strip of
            albums.                                                  three.

            Lot: 122                                                 Lot: 128
            All World selection of stamps on                         GB Queen Victorian 1883 2/6 &
            paper in shoebox, 100's.                                 5/-, both x 2, used.

            Lot: 123                                                 Lot: 129
            Egypt selection of sixteen covers,                       GB King George V mint selection
            mostly 1930's & 40's.                                    of Downey Heads. 18 stamps.

            Lot: 124                                                 Lot: 130
            Mixed lot of all World stamps,                           GB KGV 1912-24 mint selection
            cards, FDC's etc in box.                                 of twenty stamps to 1/-

            Lot: 125                                                 Lot: 131
            Two albums of QEII                                       GB, KGV used selection on two
            Commonwealth fine used                                   pages, 46 stamps to 1/- (3).
            stamps, ex dealers stock.

            Lot: 126                                                 Lot: 132
            Hong Kong KG VI to modern                                GB interesting selection of
            selection of fine used sets.                             stamps GB locals, Emergency
                                                                     Post, Strike Post, Scouts etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 133                                                 Lot: 139
            Isle of Man mint collection in                           A coloured plaster novelty figures
            album & on printed pages.                                group, two Spaniels in a barrel.

            Lot: 134                                                 Lot: 140
            Two albums of GB & Channel                               19c Staffordshire pottery red &
            Islands, FDC's, 1960's to 1990's.                        white seated Spaniel with tan

            Lot: 135                                                 Lot: 141
            Box with mixed selection                                 Royal Doulton china, The Mickey
            including Tea cards & album of                           Mouse Collection, Donald Duck
            FDC's.                                                   figure.

            Lot: 136                                                 Lot: 142
            Two boxes of mostly modern all                           Bronzed resin study of a Sheep
            World Postcards, 100's.                                  Dog with Shepherd crook.

            Lot: 137                                                 Lot: 143
            Pair of 19c Staffordshire pottery                        Bretby pottery study of a black
            gilded white Spaniels with tan                           cat with ball.
            muzzles. (2).

            Lot: 138                                                 Lot: 144
            Pair of early 20c large seated                           Pair of early 20c Staffordshire
            Spaniels, tan with black                                 pottery flat backed Scottish
            muzzles. (2).                                            highland figures (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 145                                                 Lot: 151
            Beswick china Green Finch.                               19c Staffordshire pottery flat
                                                                     backed figure of a poet reclining
                                                                     on chaise longue.

            Lot: 146                                                 Lot: 152
            Beswick pottery Hereford Bull,                           Beswick china Grey Wagtail &
            Champion of Champions.                                   china figure of a little girl in
                                                                     pantaloons (2).

            Lot: 147                                                 Lot: 153
            Beswick china Chaffinch.                                 Poole pottery study of a Otter
                                                                     with fish.

            Lot: 148                                                 Lot: 154
            Group of three china Foals, all                          Royal Doulton china standing
            bay with white socks.                                    Corgie dog. Printed & painted

            Lot: 149                                                 Lot: 155
            Pair of Staffordshire pottery flat                       Beswick pottery Mallard Duck
            backed equestrian figures in the                         with outstretched wings.
            style of "Going to Market". (2).

            Lot: 150                                                 Lot: 156
            Royal Doulton china wall pocket                          A collection of Danbury mint
            decorated with Bird & foliage.                           pewter car models, all with
                                                                     original certificates. (12).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 157                                                 Lot: 163
            A group of six Staffordshire                             Coopered oak barrel shaped
            pottery flat backed figure groups,                       wine cooler on stand.
            various. (6).

            Lot: 158                                                 Lot: 164
            Oriental carved horn libation                            Pair of brass knopped
            cup/beaker.                                              candlesticks & a pair of brass
                                                                     Victorian design boot stop (4).

            Lot: 159                                                 Lot: 165
            Oriental verdigris metal dragon                          Oxidized brass sextant.
            shaped libation cup.                                     Unnamed.

            Lot: 160                                                 Lot: 166
            Oriental cast metal warrior figure                       Spanish die cast Starsky & Hutch
                                                                     revolver in original box.

            Lot: 161                                                 Lot: 167
            19c copper kettle.                                       Brass Goliath pocket watch style
                                                                     mantel clock on stand.

            Lot: 162                                                 Lot: 168
            Early 20c German Postman's                               Spanish die cast Pantera cap
            alarm clock.                                             gun in original box.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 169                                                 Lot: 175
            Small brass letter rack on                               A Woodford brass carriage clock
            wooden base.                                             with full depth white dial & oval
                                                                     section case.

            Lot: 170                                                 Lot: 176
            Middle Eastern dagger with metal                         Small brass 17c style mantel
            mounted leather scabbard.                                clock

            Lot: 171                                                 Lot: 177
            Reproduction Thomas &                                    "Commer" vehicle badge
            Williams type brass miners
            safety lamp.

            Lot: 172                                                 Lot: 178
            Oriental bronze weight with                              Modern Junghans gilt brass
            engraved decoration.                                     bracket clock.

            Lot: 173                                                 Lot: 179
            Oriental bronzed ceremonial                              Two Matchbox die cast Red
            dagger.                                                  Arrows Hawk jets (2).

            Lot: 174                                                 Lot: 180
            Oriental silvered relief decorated                       Modern brass lantern clock in
            bowl.                                                    17c style

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 181                                                 Lot: 187
            French brass carriage clock with                         Large oriental bronzed relief
            full depth white dial.                                   decorated circular seal.

            Lot: 182                                                 Lot: 188
            Pair of oak vase shaped                                  Oriental bronzed door knocker in
            candlesticks & a brass chamber                           the form of a dog of Fo mask.
            stick with turned wooden handle.

            Lot: 183                                                 Lot: 189
            Three pairs of brass candlesticks,                       Five Thunderbirds die cast
            various (6).                                             vehicles. (5).

            Lot: 184                                                 Lot: 190
            Spanish die cast metal toy                               Four Welsh blankets (4).
            revolver. In original box.

            Lot: 185                                                 Lot: 191
            Spanish die cast Agent 007                               Two natural fur stoles. (2).
            revolver. Original box.

            Lot: 186                                                 Lot: 192
            Oriental white metal figure                              Coalport bone china ladies of
            decorated plaque with                                    fashion figurine "Jean".
            removable cover.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 193                                                 Lot: 199
            Royal Doulton pottery large                              Coalport bone china figurine
            character jug "Granny"                                   "Minster Bell" a limited edition of
                                                                     750. number 217.

            Lot: 194                                                 Lot: 200
            Coalport bone china ladies of                            Chinese terracotta baluster
            fashion figurine "Tara".                                 teapot with enamelled flower &
                                                                     bird decoration.

            Lot: 195                                                 Lot: 201
            Chinese porcelain blue & white                           Coalport bone china figurine, "At
            plate decorated with Warrior                             The Stroke of Midnight, a New
            figures within a foliate border.                         Millennium".

            Lot: 196                                                 Lot: 202
            Royal Doulton pottery large                              Sylvac pottery Lilly shaped two
            character jug "The Poacher".                             handled bowl.

            Lot: 197                                                 Lot: 203
            Royal Doulton pottery large                              Coalport bone china ladies of
            character jug "Farmer John".                             fashion figurine "Helena".

            Lot: 198                                                 Lot: 204
            Royal Doulton pottery figurine                           Early 19c Crown Derby porcelain
            "The Orange Lady" HN1759.                                baluster jug with painted panel.
                                                                     Puce marks to base.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 205                                                 Lot: 211
            19c Staffordshire iron stone Imari                       Royal Doulton pottery large
            pattern plate.                                           character jug Mr Pickwick.

            Lot: 206                                                 Lot: 212
            Coalport bone china figurine, The                        Four items Wedgwood pale blue
            Collingwood collection "Barbara"                         Jasperware, three pin dishes & a
                                                                     covered box. (4).

            Lot: 207                                                 Lot: 213
            Coalport bone china ladies of                            Newport pottery Clarice Cliff
            fashion figurine "Elizabeth".                            design Bizarre series
                                                                     "Fantasque" cylinder vase
                                                                     decorated with multicoloured
                                                                     trees & partially obscured cottage
                                                                      within orange banded borders.
                                                                     Printed marks to base.

            Lot: 208                                                 Lot: 214
            Royal Doulton pottery large                              Wilkinson's pottery Clarice Cliff
            character jug "Parson Brown".                            design "Fantasque" series green
                                                                     roofed cottage bowl with orange
                                                                     & black bands. Printed marks to

            Lot: 209                                                 Lot: 215
            Coalport bone china ladies of                            Newport pottery Clarice Cliff
            fashion figurine "Carol".                                design Bizarre series
                                                                     "Nasturtium" pattern open salt,a
                                                                     "Fantasque" waisted cylinder
                                                                     pepper & a another Clarice Cliff
                                                                     lidded mustard. Printed marks.

            Lot: 210                                                 Lot: 216
            19c Staffordshire pottery butter                         A Sylvac pottery log shaped
            dish, relief decorated with lilies &                     planter. Printed marks to base.
            Dragonfly's. Unmarked.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 217                                                 Lot: 223
            A Beswick pottery large character                        Doulton Lamberth pottery
            jug "Micawber" number 310.                               baluster jug, "He That Buys
            Printed & impressed marks.                               Good Ale Buys Nothing Else",
                                                                     relief decorated with portrait

            Lot: 218                                                 Lot: 224
            German porcelain standing                                Three wooden ship models,
            military figure "Bertrand".                              Golden Hind etc. 93).
            Impressed & printed marks to

            Lot: 219                                                 Lot: 225
            Beswick pottery small character                          Three wooden ship models,
            jug "Captain Cuttle" number                              Mayflower etc (3).
            1120. Impressed & printed

            Lot: 220                                                 Lot: 226
            Chinese porcelain blue & white                           Two large wooden ship models
            Gourd vase with floral & foliate                         Brigantine & Fragata. (2).
            decoration. Unmarked.

            Lot: 221                                                 Lot: 227
            19c Staffordshire pottery Topers                         Royal Worcester blush ivory floral
            jug with Frog to the interior.                           painted baluster small bowl.

            Lot: 222                                                 Lot: 228
            19c Staffordshire pottery snuff                          Italian overlay glass marble
            taker Toby jug.                                          design baluster vase.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 228A                                                Lot: 234
            Moorcroft art pottery tube lined                         Art deco design figural pin dish.
            hibiscus design green ground
            plate, obscured marks & label to

            Lot: 229                                                 Lot: 235
            Lilliput lane ceramic cottage "The                       Natural fur 3/4 length ladies coat

            Lot: 230                                                 Lot: 235A
            Pair of Moorcroft art pottery tube                        Circular stained & coloured
            lined hibiscus design dwarf                              leaded glass panel depicting a
            candlesticks, dark blue ground                           Black bird with Snail amongst
            with printed marks to base                               foliage.
            together with a similar square
            shape dark blue ground ashtray.

            Lot: 231                                                 Lot: 236
            Oriental white metal shoe shaped                         Blonde mink 3/4 length ladies fur
            weight, circular cast metal Duke                         coat with embroided lining.
            of Wellington snuff box & a
            oriental cylindrical relief
            decorated box. (3).

            Lot: 232                                                 Lot: 237
            Royal Worcester porcelain                                Blonde mink cape with
            cabinet cup & saucer relief                              embroided lining.
            decorated & painted with roses,
            together with a similar relief
            decorated floral baluster cream
            jug. (2).

            Lot: 233                                                 Lot: 238
            Bronzed metal seated Pug dog.                            19c muzzle loading single
                                                                     barrelled percussion sporting
                                                                     gun, ram rod & 3/4 stock.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 239                                                 Lot: 245
            Optolyth German telescope on                             Cut glass conical scent bottle &
            Sirius adjustable tripod, original                       stopper with silver mount &
            box.                                                     another small cut glass silver
                                                                     mounted scent bottle (2).

            Lot: 240                                                 Lot: 246
            Cased canteen of Sheffield silver                        Silver mounted photograph frame
            plated Kings pattern cutlery.                            with repousse floral decoration.
            Mahogany case.                                           Birmingham hallmark.

            Lot: 241                                                 Lot: 247
            Canteen of plated cutlery.                               Victorian silver sucrier with
                                                                     repousse decoration & swing
                                                                     handle. Sheffield hallmark.

            Lot: 242                                                 Lot: 248
            Shakespeare telescopic fishing                           Silver mirror with circular head.
            rod, Dragonfly fly fishing reel                          Birmingham hallmark.
            with additional spools, another fly
            reel, Shakespeare XK3000 fixed
            spool reel & a Shakespeare
            grafite MKII fixed spool reel etc.

            Lot: 243                                                 Lot: 249
            Daiwa fixed spool fishing reel,                          Silver serpentine shaped mustard
            various weights, split cane boat                         drum with blue glass liner.
            fishing rod with alternate tips etc.                     Birmingham hallmark.

            Lot: 244                                                 Lot: 250
            EPBM ewer shaped coffee pot                              Silver mounted glass cushion
            with engraved foliate decoration.                        shaped dressing table jar.
                                                                     Birmingham hallmark.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 251                                                 Lot: 257
            Hobnail cut glass scent bottle                           Two Georgian fiddle pattern table
            with facetted stopper & silver                           spoons, London & Exeter
            collar. Birmingham hallmark.                             hallmarks.

            Lot: 252                                                 Lot: 258
            Silver foliate repousse heart                            Pair of Georgian silver salt
            shaped box. Birmingham                                   spoons.

            Lot: 253                                                 Lot: 259
            Silver baluster shaped                                   Three silver Brandy ladles with
            Christening mug with engraved                            wooden handles. (3).
            Woodpecker. Sheffield hallmarks.

            Lot: 254                                                 Lot: 260
            Loaded silver rococo style two                           Assorted silver & silver plated
            branch candelabra with military                          condiments, glass dressing table
            presentation inscription.                                jar, silver open salt etc.

            Lot: 255                                                 Lot: 261
            Silver two branch table                                  Set of five Queen Elizabeth II
            candelabra with beaded sconces                           silver dessert spoons, Glasgow
            & repousse foliate decoration.                           hallmarks.
            Birmingham hallmark.

            Lot: 256                                                 Lot: 262
            Pair of silver plated on copper                          Bag of assorted silver tea &
            foliate banded loaded dwarf                              coffee spoons.
            candlesticks. (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 263                                                 Lot: 269
            Silver cushion shaped cigarette                          Cased silver three piece Victorian
            case, Birmingham hallmark.                                Christening set. Birmingham
                                                                     hallmarks, together with a plated
                                                                     Christening set. cased. (2).

            Lot: 264                                                 Lot: 270
            Set of silver fiddle pattern tea                         Group of Georgian Scottish silver
            spoons with bright cut                                   dessert spoons, various. (6).
            decoration. Cased with a
            grapefruit knife. Sheffield

            Lot: 265                                                 Lot: 271
            Victorian silver Christening mug                         Four Scottish silver fiddle pattern
            with engraved foliate decoration.                        dessert forks. (4).
            London hallmark.

            Lot: 266                                                 Lot: 272
            18c Georgian silver half lobed                           Various silver items including two
            two handled trophy cup with                              ladles, two butter knives, cake
            repousse foliate swags, loaded                           fork, (5).
            base. London hallmarks.

            Lot: 267                                                 Lot: 273
            Two Georgian silver table                                Georgian silver fiddle pattern
            spoons. London hallmarks. (2).                           dessert spoon with London
                                                                     hallmark & another dessert
                                                                     spoon. (2).

            Lot: 268                                                 Lot: 274
            Four Georgian Scottish silver                            Georgian silver barrel shaped
            fiddle pattern table forks,                              Christening mug with reeded
            Edinburgh hallmarks. (4).                                bands

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 275                                                 Lot: 281
            Attache case containing a                                9ct gold sapphire & diamond
            collection of assorted gents &                           flowerhead shaped dress ring.
            ladies watches including a Limit
            gents art deco style watch with
            cufflinks in original box.

            Lot: 276                                                 Lot: 282
            Cased silver backed dressing                             14ct gold "S" shaped pendant.
            table mirror & brush set.

            Lot: 277                                                 Lot: 283
            Cased pair of silver Brandy                              Yellow metal open work hard
            ladles, Sheffield hallmark.                              stone seal fob.

            Lot: 278                                                 Lot: 284
            Cased set of six 1937 Coronation                         Silver marquisite Dog pin brooch.
            tea spoons. Sheffield hallmark.

            Lot: 279                                                 Lot: 285
            Cased set of silver presentation                         Silver gilt foliate engraved oval
            golfing teaspoons with devil                             shaped locket on chain.
            terminals & engraved dates.
            Birmingham hallmarks.

            Lot: 280                                                 Lot: 286
            Two gents gold plated wrist                              Sterling silver St Christopher on
            watches. 920.                                            chain.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 287                                                 Lot: 293
            9ct gold bark finish gentleman's                         9ct gold St Christopher pendant
            ring                                                     on chain.

            Lot: 288                                                 Lot: 294
            9ct gold rope twist bracelet & a                         9ct gold clear stone half hoop
            9ct gold chain necklace (2).                             eternity ring.

            Lot: 289                                                 Lot: 295
            Cased 15ct gold flowerhead                               9ct gold photographic locket &
            shaped stone set stick pin.                              chain

            Lot: 290                                                 Lot: 296
            9ct gold belcher chain necklace.                         9ct gold oval stone set
                                                                     photographic locket & chain

            Lot: 291                                                 Lot: 297
            9ct gold foliate design pierced                          9ct gold large link chain bracelet
            key shaped pendant.

            Lot: 292                                                 Lot: 298
            9ct gold shield shaped                                   9ct gold engraved gold hinge
            gentleman's signet ring.                                 bangle

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 299                                                 Lot: 305
            Oval portrait cameo brooch with                          Engraved silver fancy fob watch
            yellow metal frame                                       with enamelled face & keywind

            Lot: 300                                                 Lot: 306
            9ct gold Victorian design                                Three Victorian silver Crowns,
            memorial design brooch                                   1890, 91, 93. (3).

            Lot: 301                                                 Lot: 307
            Pair of Austrian cold painted                            Silver Celtic design pendant &
            bronze Budgies. (2)                                      chain, cased.

            Lot: 302                                                 Lot: 308
            Bag of assorted silver & other GB                        Engraved silver note clip.
            & other coins including six
            pence's, three penny bits,
            shillings, half crown etc.

            Lot: 303                                                 Lot: 309
            Gold ladies wrist watch on                               Bag of assorted gent's & ladies
            expanding bracelet & another.                            watches.

            Lot: 304                                                 Lot: 310
            9ct gold flower head design stone                        Engine turned silver tie clip
            & pearl set brooch.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 311                                                 Lot: 317
            9ct gold ID bracelet.                                    Heavy silver ID bracelet

            Lot: 312                                                 Lot: 317A
            Cased set of five silver Apollo                          9ct gold ID bracelet & 9ct gold
            Moon landings commemorative                              stone set articulated bracelet (2).
            medals, by Hampton & Sons.

            Lot: 313                                                 Lot: 318
            Garniture of 15ct gold earrings &                        1oz silver hall marked ingot.
            dress ring overall set with
            diamonds & semi precious

            Lot: 314                                                 Lot: 319
            Three silver chain necklaces. (3).                       Silver ingot on chain.

            Lot: 315                                                 Lot: 320
            Silver keywind lever pocket                              Hallmarked gent's silver signet
            watch, yellow metal keywind                              ring.
            pocket watch with sweep second
            hand & another. (3).

            Lot: 316                                                 Lot: 321
            2Simple Simons Gun", a                                   Assorted silver items including
            promotional toy wooden gun for                           coins, tie clip etc.
            Simple Simon soap.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 322                                                 Lot: 328
            Bag of assorted silver charms &                          9ct gold St Christopher & rope
            charm bracelet.                                          twist chain.

            Lot: 323                                                 Lot: 329
            Two vintage cigarette lighters.                          Edward VII gold half sovereign
            (2).                                                     9ct gold bark finish mount.

            Lot: 324                                                 Lot: 330
            Yellow metal hardstone intaglio                          18ct gold Victorian design three
            ring.                                                    stone dress ring.

            Lot: 325                                                 Lot: 331
            18ct gold three stone diamond                            Silver keyless engine turned
            dress ring.                                              gentleman's pocket watch with
                                                                     two chains & two silver fobs.
                                                                     Miners protective case.

            Lot: 326                                                 Lot: 332
            18ct gold Victorian design ruby &                        Heavy 18ct gold plated ID
            diamond dress ring                                       bracelet.

            Lot: 327                                                 Lot: 333
            9ct gold green & clear stone                             Pair of 9ct gold hoop clip
            flowerhead shaped dress ring.                            earrings.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 334                                                 Lot: 340
            Chinese carved ivory brooch in                           Victorian oval carved shell cameo
            yellow metal frame                                       brooch with yellow metal frame.

            Lot: 335                                                 Lot: 341
            9ct gold stone set snake ring.                           9ct gold snake design dress ring

            Lot: 336                                                 Lot: 342
            Yellow metal oval photographic                           Pair of 9ct gold figure of eight
            locket with diamond setting                              design earrings

            Lot: 337                                                 Lot: 343
            Group of four gold stone set                             9ct gold St Christopher & two
            dress rings (4).                                         charms (3).

            Lot: 338                                                 Lot: 344
            Pair of 9ct gold fluted hoop                             9ct gold opal set bracelet &
            earrings in plastic box                                  earring garniture

            Lot: 339                                                 Lot: 345
            Box of assorted gold chains,                             18ct gold plated large link
            pendants etc.                                            bracelet.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 346                                                 Lot: 352
            White metal chain bracelet set                           Pair of 9ct gold oval hoop
            with six pence's & three penny                           earrings.

            Lot: 347                                                 Lot: 353
            Pair of 9ct gold anchor pendants.                        Seven pairs assorted 9ct gold
            (2).                                                     earrings

            Lot: 348                                                 Lot: 354
            Yellow metal solitaire dress ring.                       Pair of stained ivory drop

            Lot: 349                                                 Lot: 355
            Box of assorted yellow metal                             Queen Elizabeth II 1982 four coin
            chains, ID bracelets etc.                                Maunday coin set. (4).

            Lot: 350                                                 Lot: 356
            Pair of oriental carved ivory drop                       Shakespeare 2230 fixed spool
            earrings                                                 fishing reel

            Lot: 351                                                 Lot: 357
            Pair of 9ct gold square hoop                             Box of oddments including
            earrings                                                 bronze Elephant, four porcelain
                                                                     portrait miniatures, small treacle
                                                                     glazed pottery jug, carved ivory
                                                                     spoon, brass & porcelain
                                                                     miniature figures, amethyst glass
                                                                     scent bottle, two glass eyes & a
                                                                     hobnail cut glass globular scent
                                                                     bottle with silver cover 7 mount.
                                                                     Birmingham by George Unite.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 358                                                 Lot: 364
            Bag of assorted military buttons                         Bag of assorted beads & other
            & insignia including Royal                               costume jewellery.
            Welsh Fusilier etc

            Lot: 359                                                 Lot: 365
            Small cigar box of oddments                              FWW Royal Artillery medal trio,
            including lacquered papier -                             1914-15 Star, 1914-18 War
            mache hand painted snuff box,                            Medal & 1914-19 Victory medal
            small Japanese yellow metal                              (3).
            box, two porcelain portrait
            miniatures, square section glass
            scent bottle with silver top,
            Matthews Birmingham.

            Lot: 360                                                 Lot: 366
            Collection of assorted GB & other                        Trio of FWW Royal Navy medals,
            coins including silver medallions                        14-15 Star, 14- 18 War medal &
            for investiture of Prince Charles &                      14-19 Victory medal. Together
             1981 Royal Wedding.                                     with another Royal Navy 1914 -
                                                                     18 War medal with Victory
                                                                     medal & a second World War
                                                                     medal group, 1939-45 War
                                                                     medal, Burma Star & 1939- 45

            Lot: 361
            Mogul school painted lacquered                           Lot: 367
            snuff box, agate oval shaped                             Tray of assorted cutlery including
            snuff box with yellow metal                              meat skewer, grape scissors,
            mount, venetian scent bottle,                            fish server & a white metal stone
            brass book shaped cigarette                              set belt.
            lighter, oddments of silver etc.

            Lot: 362
            Collection of assorted costume                           Lot: 368
            jewellery including necklaces,                           Royal Tournament 1925 Tug of
            brooches, bracelets, pendants                            War medallion HMS Ramillies
            etc                                                      Royal Navy, & four assorted
                                                                     embroided military badges.

            Lot: 363
            Assorted modern silver & other                           Lot: 369
            costume jewellery, brooches,                             Assorted silver plated & other
            bracelets etc.                                           items including skewer, paper
                                                                     knife, napkin rings, etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 370                                                 Lot: 376
            Bag of assorted costume                                  Collection of assorted
            jewellery, jewellery casket etc.                         topographical & humorous post
                                                                     cards including Egyptian humour
                                                                     by V Manavian 1916.

            Lot: 371                                                 Lot: 377
            Bag of assorted costume                                  Box containing large collection of
            jewellery.                                               assorted costume jewellery.

            Lot: 372                                                 Lot: 378
            19c cased set of drawing                                 Mid 20c turned mahogany
            instruments.                                             truncheon.

            Lot: 373                                                 Lot: 379
            "Wild Flowers of the Holy Land"                          Two brass trench lighters, one
            by Peter Michel & Sons with                              cased Mauser rifle cleaning kit &
            carved olive wood cover &                                two brass military buttons.
            natural pressed specimens.

            Lot: 374                                                 Lot: 379A
            Brass & mahogany three drawer                            A German Second World War
            telescope in original two section                        period swastika with winged
            leather case. Un-named.                                  Eagle badge dated 1939 on black
                                                                     & white ribbon.

            Lot: 375                                                 Lot: 380
            A Honhner Super "Chromonica"                             Assorted silver & other cutlery,
            harmonica in original box.                               one bag.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 381                                                 Lot: 387
            Victorian pierced silver heart                           Assorted silver cutlery etc
            shaped pedestal dish in rococo                           including oval shaped lidded
            style. London hallmark.                                  mustard drum, salt spoons, sugar
                                                                     nips etc.

            Lot: 382                                                 Lot: 388
            A magnum bottle of Harvey's                              Unusual miniature silver crumb
            Bristol Cream, "Old Full Pale                            scoop with separate brush.
            Sherry" bottle to commemorate                            London hallmark.
            The Silver Jubilee of Queen
            Elizabeth II 1972.

            Lot: 383                                                 Lot: 389
            Victorian silver octagonal shaped                        Silver tea strainer with "S" scroll
            lidded mustard drum with                                 rim & loop handles. Birmingham
            engraved foliate decoration.                             hallmark.
            London hallmark.

            Lot: 384                                                 Lot: 390
            Pair of silver napkin rings with                         Silver waistcoat pocket calling
            enamelled mounts depicting                               card case. Birmingham hallmark.
            Running Hare & Fox. Chester
            hallmarks (2).

            Lot: 385                                                 Lot: 391
            Pair of small silver baluster                            QEII four coin Maunday money
            shaped pedestal pepperette.                              set for 1982. Together with a
            Birmingham hallmarks (2).                                brass & mother of pearl box &
                                                                     cover & other odd coins.

            Lot: 386                                                 Lot: 392
            Silver desk top stamp box with                           Single silver dwarf candlestick.
            spring loaded hinge cover &
            gadroon base. Birmingham

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 393                                                 Lot: 399
            Silver plated Celtic design horse                        19c Pratt ware baluster tea pot
            d ouvre dish with glass liners &                         with chariot decoration.
            assorted spoons etc.

            Lot: 394                                                 Lot: 400
            Box of assorted costume                                  "Dresden" porcelain floral
            jewellery.                                               decorated bowl with reserved
                                                                     panels of fantastic birds on green
                                                                     ground. Underglazed blue
                                                                     painted marks.

            Lot: 395                                                 Lot: 401
            Set of Welsh costume prints                              Japanese Marutomo Ware
            together with pamphlet.                                  pottery honey dish with stand &
                                                                     cover. Printed marks to base.

            Lot: 396                                                 Lot: 402
            Masonic Royal Arch jewel in                              18c English Delft plate painted
            original box.                                            with birds & flowers.

            Lot: 397                                                 Lot: 403
            Box of assorted costume                                  Two Sylvac pottery oval section
            jewellery, coins etc.                                    planter full of assorted glass

            Lot: 398                                                 Lot: 404
            1935 George V Silver Jubilee                             19c Staffordshire pottery blue &
            enamel box together with                                 white transfer printed plate
            assorted buttons, insignia etc.                          decorated with family & Donkey
                                                                     near ruined abbey. Unmarked.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 405                                                 Lot: 411
            Shoe box of assorted                                     Collection of die cast model
            topographical portrait & other                           buses, mainly Corgi, all boxed
            post & greeting cards, some                              apart from 1. (16).

            Lot: 406                                                 Lot: 412
            Box of assorted play worn                                Collection of die cast promotional
            matchbox & other die cast cars.                          vans & other commercial
                                                                     vehicles including Corgi Classics,
                                                                      Corgi Super Hauliers, Corgi
                                                                     Premium Editions & others. All
                                                                     original boxes apart from 1. (13).

            Lot: 407                                                 Lot: 413
            Mahogany cased set of magic                              Corgi die cast British Road
            lantern slides. Together with                            Services Scammel Crusader
            viewing frame (2).                                       sheeted flat trailer, BRS,
                                                                     (Eastern). CC1603. Original box.

            Lot: 408                                                 Lot: 414
            Gilt framed portrait miniature The                       Corgi Heavy Haulage series
            Young Queen Victorian,                                   Pickfods Scammel Constructor,
            coloured print.                                          Wrecker. (17502) & Siddle Cook
                                                                     Scammel Constructor (17501).
                                                                     Original boxes (2).

            Lot: 409                                                 Lot: 415
            Small scale model pine cabinet                           Corgi Classics die cast Foden
            backed Welsh dresser.                                    Flatbed with barrels & chains,
                                                                     Scottish & Newcastle,( 97317),
                                                                     Corgi Building Britain Blue Circle
                                                                     Cement Foden S21 eight
                                                                     wheeled platform lorry (13904) &
                                                                     Corgi London Brick Truck,
                                                                     original boxes (3).

            Lot: 410                                                 Lot: 416
            Pine box with hinge cover                                Corgi limited edition die cast
                                                                     Pickfords Removals & Storage,
                                                                     two Scammel Contractors (
                                                                     17904,) original box.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 417                                                 Lot: 423
            Box of assorted die cast                                 Box of plastic dinosaurs!.
            promotional & novelty vehicles,
            Lledo model of Days Gone, Corgi
            & others. (11).

            Lot: 418                                                 Lot: 424
            Corgi Scania refrigerated box                            Three bound collections of
            trailer D Steven & Son of Wick (                         money of the world magazines
            76603), original box.                                    (collectors).

            Lot: 419                                                 Lot: 425
            Corgi Scania curtain side Pollock                        Box of assorted books including
            (Scottrans) Limited, articulated                         Rudyard Kipling, Indian Love
            lorry (76401), original box.                             Poems etc.

            Lot: 420                                                 Lot: 426
            Four Corgi Guinness promotional                          Two boxes of assorted china to
            lorry's, Scania four wheel rigid                         include Meakin studio dinner &
            lorry & close couple trailer (                           coffee ware (2).
            59531), ERF Curtain side (
            59529), Leyland Daf Curtain
            Side, (ref 75407), & Bedford TK
            Platform trailer & container (
            22504), original boxes. 94).

            Lot: 421                                                 Lot: 427
            Brass hanging oil lamp converted                         Box of assorted china to include
            to electricity.                                          Hummel printed wall hangings,
                                                                     blue & white & other transfer
                                                                     printed meat plates, tureen base

            Lot: 422                                                 Lot: 428
            Four Corgi Eddie Stobart                                 Box of assorted glassware to
            vehicles, Atkinson Borderer                              include liqueur glasses, pressed
            Flatbed Trailer (CC12502),                               glass, assorted decanters.
            Leyland Octopus Flatbed Lorry, (
            24402), ERFKV eight wheel drop
            side lorry ( 11001) & Ford
            Transcontinental Tilt Trailer (
            23101). (4).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 429                                                 Lot: 435
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted plated ware to
            Royal Vale floral transfer printed                       include serving tray, metal clad
            part tea ware, Gainsborogh part                          china tea & coffee ware, place
            tea ware, other part tea ware                            mats, toast racks etc.

            Lot: 430                                                 Lot: 436
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china to include
            Victorian gilt finish part teaware,                      collectors plates, Jasperware
            Swiss musical hunting tankard,                           plates, floral teaware, Stuart
            large teapot, biscuit barrel, blue &                     crystal, boxed paperweight, gilt
            white tureen etc.                                        finish teaware, Brentley jug,
                                                                     Masons ironstone, Indian tree tea
                                                                     ware etc.

            Lot: 431                                                 Lot: 437
            Box of assorted china to include                         A box of china to include
            floral decorated teaware, two                            Glamour, Meakin, Rosa dinner
            cigarette cartons of used &                              ware.
            unused stamps, mugs & serving
            trays, pottery single handled
            baluster jar etc.

            Lot: 432                                                 Lot: 438
            A box containing floral finish                           Box of assorted collectable's to
            ladies dressing table ware with                          include oil burner bases, table
            candelabra etc.                                          lamps, large floral gilt finish
                                                                     baluster vase, candle lantern,
                                                                     stoneware jars, part Roslyn
                                                                     china teaware etc.

            Lot: 433                                                 Lot: 439
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted glassware to
            Portmeirion The Holly & The Ivy                          include liqueur & other drinking
            pattern, dinner ware, Dandelion                          glasses.
            mugs etc.

            Lot: 434                                                 Lot: 440
            Box of assorted china & glass to                         Box of assorted china to include
            include decanters, flasks,                               Royal Doulton Mayfield teaware,
            stoneware jar, collectors plate,                         Old Royal bone china teaware
            continental figurine, trinket boxes,                     etc.
            glasses etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 441                                                 Lot: 447
            Box of assorted glassware to                             Box of assorted china to include
            include vases, decanters & other                         floral biscuit barrels, dresser
            drinking glasses.                                        jugs, egg cups, teaware, Windsor
                                                                      ivory grindly plates, lidded jar

            Lot: 442                                                 Lot: 448
            Box of assorted china & other                            Box of assorted glassware to
            items to include plated                                  include pressed glass decanters,
            candelabra, assorted glass                               serving bowls, glasses, blow
            vases, pottery vases, floral finish                      butter churn maker etc.
            jug, Gaudy Welsh type jug, Bird
            jugs etc.

            Lot: 443                                                 Lot: 449
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china &
            Dudson teaware, Gladstone part                           collectable's include brass
            teaware, Crown Devon twin                                candlesticks, ewers ornaments,
            serving dish, salts etc.                                 ladies jewellery box, miniature
                                                                     mugs, creamers, character jugs

            Lot: 444                                                 Lot: 450
            Box of assorted glassware to                             Box of assorted china to include
            include floral jars, liqueur &                           commemorative ware mugs,
            champagne flutes, whiskey                                Paragon floral yellow banded part
            tumblers etc.                                             teaware, commemorative
                                                                     glasses, tankards, mugs etc.

            Lot: 445                                                 Lot: 451
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted glass, china, to
            boxed Wedgwood collectable's,                            include Delft ware ewer,
            Jasperware, floral chamber stick,                        decanters, green glass tankard,
            souvenir, miniature liqueur sets,                        Bird prints, glass ornaments,
            china burners, souvenir plates,                          vases etc.
            continental figures etc.

            Lot: 446                                                 Lot: 452
            Box of assorted collectable's to                         Box of assorted collectable's to
            include glass fruit bowl, letter                         include brass jugs, tankards,
            rack, gilt metal garniture vases,                        continental figurines, plastic doll,
            shire horse & cart figure,                               garniture brass castle money
            iridescent vase, brass                                   bank etc.
            ornaments, floral framed tile etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 453                                                 Lot: 459
            Box of assorted china to include                         A tray of glass ware to include
            blue & white Delft style figurines,                      swag etched bowls, Tutbury
            clogs, piano trinket box, lidded                         glasses & decanter.
            jars, shoe ornaments etc.

            Lot: 454                                                 Lot: 460
            Box of assorted china to include                         A tray if two part black ground
            brass candlesticks, King                                 Portmeirion part teawares.
            Penguin Kershaw flip out
            camera, Royal Doulton Dickens
            ware bowl, blue & white transfer
            printed meat dishes, dinner ware,
             ceramic jug, Copeland cup, floral
            tureens etc.

            Lot: 455                                                 Lot: 461
            Box of assorted china to include                         Two tray's of Newport pottery
            assorted copper lustre dresser                           Clarice Cliff part dinner ware
            jgs, Limoge Castell miniature                            overall blue & gilt banded
            vases, tea wares, dinner plates                          comprising tureens, meat plates,
            etc.                                                     dinner plates (2).

            Lot: 456                                                 Lot: 462
            Box of assorted collectable's to                         Large glass punch bowl with
            include Barnet glassware, Regal                          ladle & ten punch glasses.
            wine decanter, Coggles Ford Mill
            blue & white jar, pair of resin
            Elephants, marbled teaware,
            blue glass dish, vases etc.

            Lot: 457                                                 Lot: 463
            Box of assorted china to include                         Two tray's of classic stone
            iridescent finish old court vase,                        standard ceramic blue ground
            limoge dinner ware, Japanese                             dinner ware (2).
            egg shell tea ware, assorted
            collectors plates, Royal Albert
            birthday bouquet, candlesticks

            Lot: 458                                                 Lot: 464
            Tray of Susie Cooper Crown                               Box of assorted china &
            Works Burslem floral spray                               collectable's to include china
            decorated part teaware                                   floral bouquet, boxed Wedgwood
            comprising cups & saucers,                               collectors plates, drinking
            cream jug etc.                                           glasses, side handled plated
                                                                     jugs, pierced twin handled plated
                                                                     serving tray's etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 465                                                 Lot: 471
            Box of assorted china to include                         Six tray;s of Royal Albert Old
            Carltonware blue ground fruit                            Country Roses pattern dinner &
            bowl on pedestal, transfer printed                       tea ware comprising meat plates,
            meat plate, English wall pocket,                          dinner plates, tureens cups &
            Royal Albert Gossamer part                               saucers etc. (6).
            teawares, Japanese Imari plate,
            transfer printed bowl etc.

            Lot: 466                                                 Lot: 472
            Box of assorted china & glass to                         Three tray's of Wedgwood
            include jelly mould, plated &                            Raspberry Cane design oven to
            glass cruet set, Copeland Spode                          tableware comprising tureens,
            tower dinner ware, Spencer                               coffee pot, meat plates etc (3).
            Stevenson china teaware.

            Lot: 467                                                 Lot: 473
            Box of assorted china &                                  A pair of twin handled pottery
            collectable's to include Cardiff                         dishes, souvenir floral plates,
            coloured etching, framed &                               mosaic plates, Royal Doulton
            glazed crested ware, miners                              Burns pictorial plates.
            strike lamp, transfer printed meat
            plates, copper kettle, opaline
            glass vase etc.

            Lot: 468                                                 Lot: 474
            Enamel water jug, copper wall                            Small box of assorted china &
            pocket & tools, brass smokers                            collectable's to include salt &
            stand, enamel jugs,                                      pepper, pair of twin handled floral
            commemorative ware tins etc.                              Victorian vases, table lamp,
                                                                     brass relief planter, floral
                                                                     decorated ewer etc

            Lot: 469                                                 Lot: 475
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china &
            floral Royal Albert tea ware,                            glassware including Victorian
            floral transfer printed tureens,                         twin handled pedestal urns, oil
            jugs etc.                                                burner base, assorted glass
                                                                     vases, floral serving tray,
                                                                     planters etc.

            Lot: 470                                                 Lot: 476
            Box of assorted glassware to                             Box of assorted china &
            include pedestal dishes, drinking                        collectable's to include brass
            glasses, vases etc.                                      relief magazine rack, loose &
                                                                     cased cutlery, wheel barometer,
                                                                     serving tray, green glass
                                                                     candlesticks, alarm clock, biscuit
                                                                     barrel, cheese dish etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 477                                                 Lot: 483
            Box of assorted plated ware to                           Box of assorted metalware to
            include pierced serving tray's,                          include Eastern design brass
            candelabra, cruet sets, pierced                          ewers, baluster vases, Duck
            dishes, baskets, candlesticks etc.                       design door stop, twin handled
                                                                     pewter pedestal bowl, plated hip
                                                                     flask etc.

            Lot: 478                                                 Lot: 484
            Box of assorted metalware to                             Silver plated twin handled serving
            include brass candlesticks,                              tray with plated teapot, limoge
            planters, wall hangings, pierced                         trinket box & plate, pottery floral
            dishes, trivet stands, money box,                        teapot.
            bowls etc.

            Lot: 479                                                 Lot: 485
            Box of assorted metalware to                             Silver plated pierced & engraved
            include cased & loose cutlery,                           serving tray with coffee pots,
            pewter tankards, biscuit barrel,                         teapots, cream jug & sugar bowl.
            rose bowl etc.

            Lot: 480                                                 Lot: 486
            Box of assorted metalware to                             Royal Doulton Cuyp design basin
            include sixty's style tea ware,                          with copper teapot, plated teapot
            cruet sets, loose & cased cutlery,                       & cruet set.
             dressing table jars etc.

            Lot: 481                                                 Lot: 487
            Box of assorted plated ware to                           EPNS twin handled serving tray
            include twin handled trophy                              with tea & coffee pot, cream jug
            cups, scroll design serving tray's,                      & sugar bowl etc.
             cruet sets, dishes, bon bon dish,
            entree dish etc.

            Lot: 482                                                 Lot: 488
            Box of assorted metalware to                             EPNS teapot, cream jug, sugar
            include copper baluster vase,                            bowls, coffee pot etc.
            cruet sets, plated teaware, toast
            racks, G Salter & Co weight,
            mantel clock, pewter tankards

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 489                                                 Lot: 495
            Small quantity of plated loose &                         Box of plated ware to include
            cased cutlery.                                           plated twin handled trophy cups,
                                                                     plated cruet sets, candelabra, tea
                                                                      ware, epergne , pierced gallery
                                                                     serving tray's etc.

            Lot: 490                                                 Lot: 496
            19c French gilt bronze figure                            Small box of assorted plated
            mounted mantel clock in the                              ware to include twin handled
            Egyptian taste with brass drum                           pedestal bowl, cased cutlery,
            movement on marble base.                                 silver plated plate carrier,
                                                                     teapots, brass baluster vases,
                                                                     baskets, loose cutlery etc.

            Lot: 491                                                 Lot: 497
            Box of assorted plateware to                             Chrome finish coal bucket, fire
            include candelabra, pewter                               screen, assorted firer tools &
            tankards, assorted plated                                coal scuttle.
            teaware, ornamental brass
            warming pan, fire tools, plated
            loose cutlery, ashtray's, biscuit
            barrels etc.

            Lot: 492                                                 Lot: 498
            Box of assorted brass ware                               Box of assorted plateware
            including fire irons, hames,                             including various loose cutlery,
            andirons etc                                             tea strainers, plated florally
                                                                     decorated tea ware, toast racks,
                                                                     serving dishes, candlesticks,
                                                                     boxed place settings, napkin
                                                                     rings etc.

            Lot: 493                                                 Lot: 499
            19c French gilt bronze figure &                          Small box of assorted plated
            porcelain mounted two train                              ware to include plated teapot,
            mantel clock surmounted by                               sugar bowl, assorted loose
            knight in armour & have floral                           cutlery, serving dishes,
            porcelain panels.                                        pepperette, miniature goblets etc.

            Lot: 494                                                 Lot: 500
            Box of assorted brass ware to                            A tray of Shelley bone china wild
            include a brass Liptons souvenir                         flowers pattern number 13668
            tea caddy, assorted relief sail                          part teaware comprising
            boat wall plaques, various                               sandwich plate, cream jug, sugar
            candlesticks, cushion plus cased                         bowl, cups & saucers, side
            drum stand, door handles,                                plates.
            bellows, twin handle trophy
            shaped ink well etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 501                                                 Lot: 506
            Box of assorted metalware to                             Box of assorted china to include
            include miniature brass watering                         tree design twin handled jug,
            can, set of three graduated twin                         Denton ware dresser jug, Heath
            handled oval fish kettles, plated                        Wade jug, two floral & fruit design
            teaware, brass pedestal floral                           cake stands, yellow ground part
            bowl, pear shaped enamel finish                          tea ware etc.
            ornament, leaf dishes, assorted
            souvenir & crested spoons,
            plated Peacocks.

                                                                     Lot: 507
            Lot: 502                                                 Box of assorted china &
            Box of assorted glassware to                             collectable's to include samurai
            include pressed glass                                    part tea ware, assorted
            candlesticks, pedestal bon bon                           commemorative mugs,
            dish, fruit bowls, serving bowls                         Czechoslovakia character jugs,
            etc.                                                     cruet sets etc.

                                                                     Lot: 508
            Lot: 503                                                 Box of assorted china to include
            Box of assorted glassware to                             various dinner ware, transfer
            include pedestal fruit bowl, oval                        printed Brighton dinner ware,
            shaped serving bowl, lidded jars,                        souvenir Old Foley cups etc.
            baskets, scent bottle, Kang-hi
            wooden suns, dresser jug.

                                                                     Lot: 509
            Lot: 504                                                 Box of assorted china to include
            Box of assorted collectable's to                         blue & white floral design
            include electric mantel clock,                           teaware, fruit design ware, bowl
            limoge ornaments, country artists                        etc.
             Tawny Owl figure, Victorian type
            lady & gentleman figures, blue
            glass ashtray, cabinet cup
            metallic cowboy figurine, Duck
            ornament, Horse ornament,
            glass jelly mould etc.

                                                                     Lot: 510
                                                                     Box of assorted china to include
            Lot: 505                                                 baluster design wheel design
            Box of assorted china to include
                                                                     pottery vase, opaline floral vase,
            Sherot & Simpson Labrador
                                                                     teapot, various Carltonware
            figure on plinth, floral teapot,
                                                                     dishes, butter dish, sauce boats,
            German type stein, assorted
                                                                     salad tongs etc.
            miniature vases, Wedgwood &
            others, continental type figurines,
             fishing tankard, miniature oil
            lamp burner etc.

                                                                     Lot: 511
                                                                     Box of assorted amber glass to
                                                                     include vases, bells, ewers,
                                                                     pedestal bowl etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 512                                                 Lot: 518
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted glassware to
            Italian cerammic tray with still life                    include pedestal dishes,
            study together with assorted blue                        tankards, vases, decanters.
             & white English iron stone ware.

            Lot: 513                                                 Lot: 519
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted glassware to
            blue & white pedestal bowl,                              include various drinking glasses
            various floral & other tea ware,                         together with plated toast rack,
            teapots, mugs & cake stand etc.                          sauce boats, Chinese crackle
                                                                     ware ginger jar.

            Lot: 514                                                 Lot: 520
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china to include
            Royal Winton Chintz floral tea                           limited edition Davenport
            for two set, toast rack, cream                           seasons oval pictoral plates,
            jug, egg cup etc. Together with                          Staffordshire type figures,
            vasaline glass basket, black                             Staffordshire Spaniels, various
            ground gilt finish teawares,                             dinner plates, Wade Heath floral
            candlesticks, vases.                                     jug, cheese dish & cover, green
                                                                     glass decanter etc.

            Lot: 515                                                 Lot: 521
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china to include
            assorted copper lustre, dresser                          various pottery vases, planters,
            jugs, gourd design Bird & floral                         bowls, red glass cylindrical vase
            pair of vases, Coalport vases,                           etc.
            Royal Worcester egg coddlers,
            cased celebrity Fiesta glass etc.

            Lot: 516                                                 Lot: 522
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted china &
            blue & white Minton cylindrical                          collectable's to include a pair of
            barrel with drop in top, Victorian                       twin handled Victorian vases,
            twin handled planter, floral                             resign type figurines, soda
            planters, bed pans etc.                                  syphon, German pottery vase,
                                                                     German steins etc.

            Lot: 517                                                 Lot: 523
            Box of assorted collectable's                            Box containing assorted table
            including various clock parts,                           lamps & shades
            mechanisms, floral lamp shade,
            window frame etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 524                                                 Lot: 530
            Box of assorted china & treen                            Group of assorted games to
            with collectable's to include tea                        include Chess Board, Scrabble,
            light Owl ornament, various                              Risk, Circular Puzzle, Scoop etc.
            animal kingdom Bird ornaments,
            brass & enamel jar, animal
            ornaments, lace place settings,
            floral pedestal vase etc.

            Lot: 525                                                 Lot: 531
            Box of assorted china to include                         Box of assorted Hornby "O"
            Swan ornaments, floral planters,                         gauge tin plate model railway
            lustre dresser jugs, blue & white                        items including locomotive, rolling
            transfer printed meat plates,                            stock track, station, double arch,
            Wedgwood Jasper ware trinket                             bridge, signal gantry etc.
            box, crested ware etc.

            Lot: 526                                                 Lot: 532
            Box of assorted Hornby Dublo                             Box of assorted china to include
            three rail electric locomotive                           Imari dresser jug, biscuit barrels,
            rolling stock track & accessories                        part tea ware, pottery jugs etc.

            Lot: 527                                                 Lot: 533
            Box of assorted Hornby "OO"                              Box of assorted china to include
            gauge model railway items                                pestle & mortar, motor car horns,
            including locomotives, rolling                           blue & white transfer printed
            stock, station buildings, signal                         dinner ware etc.
            box etc.

            Lot: 528                                                 Lot: 534
            Box of assorted collectable's to                         Box of assorted collectable's to
            include Bryn RFC Forestry Run                            include Dunn & Co London,
            plaque, school photographs,                              bowler hat, pair of ornate pottery
            framed prints, punch library in                          ewers, blue & white tureens,
            wig & gown, various books,                               Molvern mineral water & Co
            cutlery tray's, telephones etc.                          bottle, hand held lantern,
            First day covers etc.                                    Staffordshire type clock figure,
                                                                     ink well stand with two drop in
                                                                     ink wells, EPNS spoons etc.

            Lot: 529
            Box of assorted blue & white                             Lot: 535
            transfer printed Willow pattern                          Box of assorted china to include
            dinner plates.                                           blue & white oval meat dish,
                                                                     floral dinner ware, climax part tea
                                                                     ware, crackle ware ginger jar

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 536                                                 Lot: 542
            Box of assorted treen boxes to                           Box of assorted china to include
            include jewellery boxes, trinket                         Ostrich eggs, crescent ware,
            boxes, cigarette boxes, carved                           cruet sets, Brandy balloons, gilt
            dressing table boxes, domed top                          china teaware, Royal Winton
            oriental design chest etc.                               cruet set, Crown Royal floral part
                                                                     tea ware etc.

            Lot: 537                                                 Lot: 543
            Box of assorted games & video's                          Box of assorted china &
            to include various puzzles,                              collectable's to include Bird &
            meccano sets, bead sets, darts                           floral plaster ornament, figural
            sets etc.                                                ornament, cranberry glass bowl,
                                                                     planters, assorted dresser jugs,
                                                                     Owl figure, bed pan etc.

            Lot: 538                                                 Lot: 544
            Group of assorted teddy bears,                           Box of assorted glass ware to
            dolls etc.                                               include assorted glasses,
                                                                     lemonade set etc.

            Lot: 539                                                 Lot: 545
            Box of assorted Hornby "OO                               Box of assorted dresser jugs
            gauge model railway items                                including copper lustre, relief
            including various locomotives,                           design, Victorian transfer printed
            passenger & good rolling stock                           Imari etc.

            Lot: 540                                                 Lot: 546
            Tray of assorted ornaments,                              Box containing a large collection
            predominantly Ducks, Birds,                              of various play worn die cast
            Chicks etc.                                              vehicles.

            Lot: 541                                                 Lot: 547
            Box of assorted china to include                         English tin plated Horse
            assorted dresser jugs, Berry                             transporter
            design, Falcon ware jug, Chinese
             temple lustre dresser jugs, gilt &
            black ground part tea ware, etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 548                                                 Lot: 554
            Box of assorted Hornby & other                           Collection of Lledo models of
            "OO" gauge model railway items                           Yesteryear & days Gone
            including locomotive 's ,                                promotional vehicles in original
            passenger & goods rolling stock                          boxes. (22).
            accessories etc.

            Lot: 549                                                 Lot: 555
            Box containing large quantity of                         Collection of Lledo & other die
            assorted play worn die cast                              cast promotional vehicles in
            vehicles.                                                original boxes (24).

            Lot: 550                                                 Lot: 556
            Box of assorted die cast & tin                           Collection of Lledo models of
            plate model vehicles including                           Yesteryear & other promotional
            Corgi Van Guards, tin plate                              die cast vehicles in original
            speed record car, tin plate motor                        boxes. (22).
            cycle, tin plate tractor, some in
            original boxes etc.

            Lot: 551                                                 Lot: 557
            Assorted 2002 Manchester                                 Collection of various die cast
            Commonwealth Games                                       Landrovers in original boxes (6).
            ephemera & collectable's.

            Lot: 552                                                 Lot: 558
            Collection of die cast Landrovers,                       Meccano set number 5 in original
            various in original boxes (7).                           box.

            Lot: 553                                                 Lot: 559
            Collection of various die cast                           English tin plated crane
            Landrovers in original boxes.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 560                                                 Lot: 566
            Vintage glory of steam sentinel                          Collection of assorted die cast
            platform wagon trailer & oils                            Landrover Police cars & other
            drums, Corgie 1/50th scale.                              Landrovers. (10).

            Lot: 561                                                 Lot: 567
            Power house tin plated tipper                            German Tecnofix tin plate clock
            truck                                                    work cable car in original box.

            Lot: 562                                                 Lot: 568
            Collection of assorted Landrover                         Corgi gift set number 41, Car
            & other promotional die cast                             Transporter & six cars (carry
            vehicles (11).                                           more MK4), original box.

            Lot: 563                                                 Lot: 569
            Tin plated Circus trailer truck                          Corgi Major Toys gift set number
                                                                     27, Machinery Carrier & Bedford
                                                                     Tractor Unit & Preistman Cub
                                                                     Shovel. Original box.

            Lot: 564                                                 Lot: 570
            Triange tin plated farm truck.                           Corgi die cast Chitty Chitty Bang
            Together with tin plated cooker                          Bang number 266, in original
            model (2).                                               box & Dinky Ford GT40 in
                                                                     original plastic case (2).

            Lot: 565                                                 Lot: 571
            Triange tin plated horse                                 Box of assorted china to include
            transporter.                                             pedestal floral decorated dish,
                                                                     underglazed blue & white oriental
                                                                      ginger jar, blue & white lamp
                                                                     base, stoneware tureen, Italian
                                                                     floral jug etc.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 572                                                 Lot: 578
            Box of assorted china to include                         Mamod tin plate steam car in
            cheese dish & cover, assorted                            original box.
            tea ware, part tea ware, oriental
            tea ware etc.

            Lot: 573                                                 Lot: 579
            Early 20c table top Skittles set                         Box of assorted records to
                                                                     include Iron Maiden, Peace of
                                                                     Mind, Jazz portrait of Sinatra,
                                                                     The G|olden Era Big Bands, etc.

            Lot: 574                                                 Lot: 580
            Quantity of Dickens classics.                            Box of assorted "OO" gauge
                                                                     three rail tin plate track & two rail
                                                                     plastic track together with track
                                                                     side accessories etc.

            Lot: 575                                                 Lot: 581
            Box of assorted books to include                         Box containing a large collection
            songs of World War II, Cookery                           of assorted track side buildings,
            books, Comedy books etc                                  various.

            Lot: 576                                                 Lot: 582
            Welsotoys tin plate Fire Chief                           Box of assorted Hornby "OO"
            Siren Car, original box.                                 gauge track, bridges, pamphlets

            Lot: 577                                                 Lot: 583
            MArks tin plate Tipper Truck with                        Two boxes of Leica fotografie
            realistic "tipping action". Original                     folders & booklet manuals. (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 584                                                 Lot: 590
            Box of assorted English to                               Mobo child's rocking Horse
            Russian engineering &

            Lot: 585                                                 Lot: 591
            Vintage wooden Bagatel board                             Three boxes of assorted books to
                                                                     include hard back novels, Travel
                                                                     & Antique books etc. (3).

            Lot: 586                                                 Lot: 592
            Two gentleman's suitcases                                A tray of assorted sheet music.
            containing assorted Royal
            ephemera & GB flag.

            Lot: 587                                                 Lot: 593
            Two boxes of assorted books to                           A D Forbes Laugharne Castle,
            include House & Garden,                                  watercolours, signed & dated
            Electrical Encyclopedia's, Family                        1989. Framed & glazed.
            Doctors etc. (2).

            Lot: 588                                                 Lot: 594
            Drum set stand, Coaching Day's                           Peter Coviello, (British, 1930-
            of England book, sheet music                             2009) abstract script, oils on
            etc.                                                     board, signed & dated verso.

            Lot: 589                                                 Lot: 595
            Three boxes of assorted books to                         Phil Harley, river scene entitled
            include Nature, Camera                                   River Barathay, signed & dated
            reference books, Antique & Artist                        87, oils on canvas, framed.
            reference books, Clocks, Kodak
            manuals etc. (3).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 596                                                 Lot: 602
            After Morris Sheppard, Castle                            After Ioyan Mani "Butterfly's",
            Rigg Stone Circle, coloured                              coloured print, framed & glazed.
            print, framed & glazed.

            Lot: 597                                                 Lot: 603
            British school, a country church,                        Peter Coviello (1930-2009,
            watercolours, framed & glazed.                           British), three framed
                                                                     portraits/nude studies, oils on
                                                                     board. (3).

            Lot: 598                                                 Lot: 604
            William Walcott, David II Wales                          Sam Tucker cliff scene, "Lynton
            before Edward Ist Parliament,                            Devon", oils on board, framed.
            assembled at Shrewsbury,
            uncoloured etching, signed in
            pencil. Unframed.

            Lot: 599                                                 Lot: 605
            Group of furnishing pictures,                            R Witchard, Lake District
            various including Salem,                                 landscape with farmstead,
            landscapes etc (5).                                      watercolours, signed, framed &

            Lot: 600                                                 Lot: 606
            Two large furnishing prints,                             Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, "The
            framed (2).                                              South East View of Laugharne
                                                                     Castle", uncoloured engraving,
                                                                     framed & glazed.

            Lot: 601                                                 Lot: 607
            Pair of Japanese ivory bone &                            Stan Rosenthal, landscape with
            mother of pearl decorated                                cornfield, framed.
            panels depicting Birds amongst
            flowers, ebonized frames (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 608                                                 Lot: 614
            Three coloured furnishing prints.                        Two modern framed maps. (2).
            Framed. (3).

            Lot: 609                                                 Lot: 615
            After Donald Grant, Fox hunting                          Peter Coviello (British, 1930-
            scene in the snow, coloured                              2009), four small oils on panel,
            print, framed.                                           various studies (4).

            Lot: 610                                                 Lot: 616
            British school, "Crowded Beach",                         Various furnishing pictures. (5).
            coloured print, framed & glazed

            Lot: 611                                                 Lot: 617
            Peter Coviello (British 1930-                            M Crawley, country scene,
            2009), abstract studies, a pair,                         watercolours, signed, framed &
            oils on board, signed & dated                            glazed.
            verso. (2).

            Lot: 612                                                 Lot: 618
            Two Victorian sentimental portrait                       Jan Webber, "Glenys", a still life
            prints, "The Flight of Swallows"                         study of a flower, watercolour,
            & "Goodnight", maple frames.                             framed & glazed.

            Lot: 613                                                 Lot: 619
            G H Coal, (British 19c), Winter                          Peter Coviello, (British 1930-
            scenes with cottages & village,                          2009), abstract study of
            signed, oils on canvas. (2).                             mountains, oils on canvas.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 620                                                 Lot: 625
            Continental school, still life study                     Group of assorted furnishing
            of flowers, a pair of framed                             pictures (6).
            miniatures together with two
            other pairs of framed miniatures

            Lot: 621                                                 Lot: 626
            Peter Coviello, (British 1930-                           Peter Coviello (British, 1930-
            2009), two abstract studies,                             2009), abstract studies, oils on
            splashing liquids, oils on board.                        board. (2).

            Lot: 622                                                 Lot: 627
            After Corriglia, family in an                            Pair of framed military coloured
            interior, coloured print, framed.                        prints (2).

            Lot: 623                                                 Lot: 628
            After Frank Moss Bennett,                                Peter Coviello (British 1920-
            Tavern interior with Huntsman &                          2009), folio of works on
            Host, coloured print. Framed.                            paper/card, abstract studies.

            Lot: 624                                                 Lot: 629
            Group of assorted small                                  Pauline Harries, Welsh
            furnishing pictures & an oriental                        landscape, oils on board,
            needlepoint. (9).                                        framed.

            Lot: 624A                                                Lot: 630
            Gordon Stuart, woodland study,                           After Coulson, Lancaster Bomber
            gouache, signed, framed &                                above the clouds, a coloured
            glazed.                                                  print, framed.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 631                                                 Lot: 637
            Peter Coviello, (British 1930-                           Helen Lucking, "stream near
            2009), oils on board, unframed,                          Lancing", acrylic, framed.
            (gallery price

            Lot: 632                                                 Lot: 638
            Marianne Thune Heycock, three                            Folio of studio works on paper,
            oils on canvas & one pastel                              mainly abstract, artist unknown.
            study, portraits & landscapes.
            Framed. (4).

            Lot: 633                                                 Lot: 639
            Peter Coviello (British 1930-                            After Alken, Hunting prints, a set
            2009), three small studies                               of four, coloured in oak frames.
            including portrait of woman                              (4).
            singing. (3).

            Lot: 634                                                 Lot: 640
            Group of framed furnishing                               After John Dalton, study of a
            pictures, maps, text etc. (6).                           Kestrel, coloured, framed &

            Lot: 635                                                 Lot: 641
            Robin Reckitt, fisherman                                 After Preston Cribb, Glasgow
            mending his nets, watercolours,                          street scene, sepia print, framed
            framed & glazed.                                         & glazed.

            Lot: 636                                                 Lot: 642
            Framed furnishing prints, Stag in                        After Corot, coloured prints, a
            a wood.                                                  pair, framed & glazed. (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 643                                                 Lot: 649
            After Degas, Ballet Dancer,                              19c gilt geso & simulated
            coloured print, framed, glazed.                          rosewood picture frame with slip
                                                                     & glass together with various
                                                                     furnishing pictures, framed &

            Lot: 644                                                 Lot: 650
            Two large framed furnishing                              After Robert Taylor, "Duel of
            prints. (2).                                             Eagles", coloured print, signed
                                                                     by Douglas Bader & Adolf

            Lot: 645                                                 Lot: 651
            After Edwina Hamel, country                              Jane Coats, landscape with
            house, coloured print, framed &                          mountains, oils on canvas,
            glazed                                                   signed & dated 55, framed.

            Lot: 646                                                 Lot: 652
            Elere De M Questel, architectural                        Raoul Dufy, "La Rose", coloured
            study, Pavillon D Agrement,                              lithograph, framed & glazed.
            watercolours & pencil, framed &

            Lot: 647                                                 Lot: 653
            F Sheppard, Towy Valley from                             Three Burmese uncoloured
            the esplanade Carmarthen,                                engravings of village scenes,
            watercolours, framed & glazed.                           Hogarth frames. (3).

            Lot: 648                                                 Lot: 654
            Modern framed map of England                             Alice Coats, "Village in the Snow,
            & Wales                                                  Linton", screen print, framed &

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 655                                                 Lot: 661
            Peter Coviello (British 1930-                            After Leon Olin, "Working Horse",
            29009). Large yellow ground                              coloured print, framed & glazed.
            abstract study, oils on board.

            Lot: 656                                                 Lot: 662
            Neapolitan school, studies of the                        After Curnow Vosper, "Salem",
            Bay of Naples with Vesuvius, a                           coloured print, framed & glazed.
            pair, gouache. Framed & glazed.

            Lot: 657                                                 Lot: 663
            E A Read, The Town Hall &                                Peter Coviello (British 1930-
            Clock, Laugharne, watercolours,                          2009), folio of mixed abstract
            signed, framed & glazed.                                 studies on board.

            Lot: 658                                                 Lot: 664
            Three French street scenes, oils                         Watercolour of Chalet, framed &
            on panel, framed. (3).                                   glazed

            Lot: 659                                                 Lot: 665
            Framed photograph, woodland                              Lake District scene Loch
            scene in the Autumn.                                     Dumblechurch, watercolours,
                                                                     framed & glazed.

            Lot: 660                                                 Lot: 666
            Reproduction map of Norfolk,                             Joyce H Hastie, Highland
            framed & glazed.                                         landscape, watercolours, framed
                                                                     & glazed.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 667                                                 Lot: 673
            Pair of framed furnishing                                Two pairs of framed & glazed
            pictures, beach scenes. (2).                             furnishing prints, river scenes &
                                                                     stormy coastal scenes. (4).

            Lot: 668                                                 Lot: 674
            Three framed furnishing pictures,                        Two large furnishing pictures. (2).

            Lot: 669                                                 Lot: 675
            Pair of oriental lacquered &                             After Thomas Bush Hardy,
            mother of pearl decorated figural                        Venetian scene, Entrance to the
            panels. (2).                                             Grand Canal, coloured print,
                                                                     framed & glazed.

            Lot: 670                                                 Lot: 675A
            British school coastal studies, a                        Framed group of four tobacco
            pair, coloured print, framed &                           advertisements
            glazed. (2).

            Lot: 671                                                 Lot: 676
            After De Breanski, lake scene                            Peter Coviello (British 1930-
            with Sheep, coloured print,                              2009), large abstract study,
            framed & glazed.                                         untitled. Oils on board, gallery

            Lot: 672                                                 Lot: 677
            British school, river bridge with                        John Steeple, landscape with
            cottages, oils on canvas, framed.                        water mill & fisherman with fish
                                                                     traps, watercolours, framed.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 678                                                 Lot: 684
            Three framed furnishing pictures                         Three furnishing prints in heavy
            (3).                                                     gilt frames (3).

            Lot: 679                                                 Lot: 685
            A group of assorted framed                               Six assorted Welsh interest &
            furnishing pictures, watercolours,                       other furnishing pictures. (6).
            prints, etc (6).

            Lot: 680                                                 Lot: 686
            Three gilt framed furnishing                             Three large floral studies, painted
            pictures, portrait studies. (3).                         & embroided. (3).

            Lot: 681                                                 Lot: 687
            Three large framed furnishing                            Group of assorted furnishing
            pictures (3).                                            pictures, framed (12).

            Lot: 682                                                 Lot: 688
            Four furnishing prints in heavy                          Peter Coviello (British 1930-
            gilt frames. (4).                                        2009), large abstract study,
                                                                     untitled, oils on board, signed &
                                                                     dated verso.

            Lot: 683                                                 Lot: 689
            Three framed furnishing prints,                          Peter Coviello (British 1930-
            portraits studies in gilt frames.                        2009), large abstract study, oils
            (3).                                                     on board, signed & dated verso.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 690                                                 Lot: 696
            Bevelled plated oval wall mirror                         A pair of gilt framed foliate design
                                                                     wall mirrors (2).

            Lot: 691                                                 Lot: 697
            Gilt framed oval bevel plated wall                       Scroll gilt framed oval wall mirror
            mirror together with octagonal                           with another smaller. (2).
            oak framed bevel plated mirror

            Lot: 692                                                 Lot: 698
            Modern mahogany finish                                   Inlaid mahogany early 20c over
            barometer.                                               mantel mirror

            Lot: 693                                                 Lot: 699
            Modern gilt framed rectangular                           Brass finish magazine rack
            bevelled wall mirror                                     together with brass relief wall
                                                                     charger. (2).

            Lot: 694                                                 Lot: 700
            Fixed oak fender.                                        Brass relief finish fire screen
                                                                     depicting Horse & figures with
                                                                     foliate boarder.

            Lot: 695                                                 Lot: 701
            Early 20c brass & copper with                            Beaten copper fire screen
            cast iron scroll design oil lamp
            stand with brass reservoir &
            shade with funnel, England

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 702                                                 Lot: 708
            20c breast plate armour with                             Mahogany over mantel mirror
            button studs.

            Lot: 703                                                 Lot: 709
            Pedestal magazine rack                                   Regency style gilt framed mirror
                                                                     together with gilt framed
                                                                     rectangular mirror (2).

            Lot: 704                                                 Lot: 710
            Two similar gilt frame circular                          Shield shaped bevel plated wall
            wall mirrors (2).                                        mirror together with a
                                                                     rectangular wall mirror (2).

            Lot: 705                                                 Lot: 711
            A cast iron Coalbrookdale style                          Gilt framed bevel plated wall
            umbrella & stick stand.                                  mirror

            Lot: 706                                                 Lot: 712
            Oak framed bevel plated wall                             19c copper warming pan with
            mirror                                                   turned wooden handle

            Lot: 707                                                 Lot: 713
            Shield shaped mahogany bevel                             Oak fire fender.
            plated mirror

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 714                                                 Lot: 720
            Salter trade spring balance                              20c pine standing glazed cabinet
            weighing scales.

            Lot: 715                                                 Lot: 721
            Brass relief sail boat & foliate                         Mid 20c oak mantel clock
            design fire screen.

            Lot: 716                                                 Lot: 722
            19c copper warming pan                                   20c mahogany green leather
                                                                     inset top writing desk

            Lot: 717                                                 Lot: 723
            Early 20c oak narrow fall front                          A Gallenkamp & Co London
            bureau                                                   scale set in glazed display

            Lot: 718                                                 Lot: 724
            Modern 31 day mahogany finish                            Mid 20c oak fall front bureau
            wall clock.

            Lot: 719                                                 Lot: 725
            Mid 20c yew wood serpentine                              Mahogany finish smokers stand

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 726                                                 Lot: 732
            Mid 20c pine open corner cabinet                         Mid 20c carved oak tray topped
                                                                     box seat settle

            Lot: 727                                                 Lot: 733
            Mid 20c pine rectangular kitchen                         Georgian style mahogany bow
            side table with pot board                                fronted sideboard

            Lot: 728                                                 Lot: 734
            A pair of star inlaid square side                        Modern pine glazed hanging
            tables. (2).                                             cabinet together with another
                                                                     similar (2).

            Lot: 729                                                 Lot: 735
            Modern reproduction rectangular                          Mid 20c carved oak tray top
            walnut finish inset leather top                          settle
            hall table

            Lot: 730                                                 Lot: 735A
            Early 20c painted ladies                                 Stained three tier open shelf unit
            dressing table with mirror super                         with turned spindles.

            Lot: 731                                                 Lot: 736
            Early 20c mahogany presentation                          Mahogany corner shelf unit

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 737                                                 Lot: 743
            20c breakfront mahogany                                  Early 20c mahogany ladies work
            sideboard                                                table

            Lot: 738                                                 Lot: 744
            Oriental design carved hardwood                          Mid 20c oak wall clock
            table lamp

            Lot: 739                                                 Lot: 745
            Early 20c mahogany ladies                                Early 20c mahogany mirror
            folding work or sewing table                             backed sideboard

            Lot: 740                                                 Lot: 746
            20c oak & brass coal box with                            Two similar wicker children's
            liner & shovel.                                          chairs (2).

            Lot: 741                                                 Lot: 747
            Victorian mahogany floral                                Two mid 20c oak TV
            tapestry pole screen.                                    /Entertainment cabinets

            Lot: 742                                                 Lot: 748
            Mid 20c mahogany finish fold top                         Modern Hermie wall clock
            side table

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 749                                                 Lot: 755
            Modern mahogany finish fall front                        Set of pine open CD/ or DVD
            bureau                                                   shelving cabinet

            Lot: 750                                                 Lot: 756
            Indian design pedestal glass top                         Mid 20c pine butchers block table

            Lot: 751                                                 Lot: 757
            Mid 20c oak bow fronted display                          Early 20c revolving piano stool

            Lot: 752                                                 Lot: 758
            Eastern design brass circular tray                       Heavy quality leather fabric easy
            top table with folding frame                             chair.

            Lot: 753                                                 Lot: 759
            Mid 20c mahogany mirror backed                           Victorian mahogany show frame
            sideboard                                                spoon backed easy chair.

            Lot: 754                                                 Lot: 760
            Early 20c mahogany Vienna type                           Edwardian mahogany inlaid
            wall clock                                               dining chair

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 761                                                 Lot: 767
            Electric fabric reclining easy chair                     Early 20c mahogany dining chair

            Lot: 762                                                 Lot: 768
            Early 20c Welsh oak bar back                             A set of four 19c mahogany
            country dining chair                                     balloon back dining chairs (4).

            Lot: 763                                                 Lot: 769
            Wicker & cane conservatory                               Pitch pine chapel single pew.
            arched arm chair

            Lot: 764                                                 Lot: 770
            Edwardian mahogany folding                               Early 20c cane seated bedroom
            bedroom chair                                            chair

            Lot: 765                                                 Lot: 771
            A set of four early 20c stained                          Early 20c mahogany spindle
            spindle backed dining chairs (4).                        back bedroom chair

            Lot: 766                                                 Lot: 772
            Early 20c office swivel chair                            Stained adjustable prayer stool

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 773                                                 Lot: 779
            A selection of nine similar cane                         Four similar elm mixed woods
            seated bedroom chairs (9).                               spindle back splat back dining
                                                                     chairs (4).

            Lot: 774                                                 Lot: 780
            Modern fabric foliate design three                       A pair of early 20c mahogany
            piece suit comprising two seater                         spindle backed bedroom chairs
            settee & two matching arm                                with foliate upholstery (2).
            chairs (3).

            Lot: 775                                                 Lot: 781
            Reproduction green leather wing                          Beech & elm low wheel back arm
            armchair                                                 chair

            Lot: 776                                                 Lot: 782
            A set of six stained early 20c                           Two similar early 20c commode
            foliate upholstered dining chairs.                       arm chairs (2).

            Lot: 777                                                 Lot: 783
            Early 20c mahogany scroll                                Modern green fabric upholstered
            design bedroom chair                                     three piece suit comprising
                                                                     settee & two matching arm chairs

            Lot: 778                                                 Lot: 784
            Beech 20c bedroom chair                                  Foliate fabric arm chair

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 785                                                 Lot: 791
            Early 20c cream upholstered tub                          Mid 20c oak display cabinet
            bedroom chair

            Lot: 786                                                 Lot: 792
            Reproduction walnut finish fall                          Mid 20c oak bureau bookcase
            front bureau.

            Lot: 787                                                 Lot: 793
            Mid 20c oak glazed boookcase                             Early 20c mahogany hall stand
            cabinet                                                  with central bevelled plate

            Lot: 788                                                 Lot: 794
            Mid 20c mahogany finish                                  Reproduction mahogany
            serpentine dwarf chest of                                inverted curved bookcase
            drawers.                                                 cabinet

            Lot: 789                                                 Lot: 795
            Mid 20c mahogany double bow                              Ansonia American wall clock
            fronted display cabinet

            Lot: 790                                                 Lot: 796
            Early 20c mahogany carved fall                           Brass standard lamp
            front bureau

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 797                                                 Lot: 803
            Modern pine rack & cabinet back                          Occasional table & child's stool
            dresser                                                  (2).

            Lot: 798                                                 Lot: 804
            20c pine fire place suround                              Mid 20c carved oak pull out
                                                                     dining table with four matched
                                                                     dining chairs.

            Lot: 799                                                 Lot: 805
            Modern oak finish coffee table                           Reproduction mahogany finish
                                                                     terrestrial style drinks table

            Lot: 800                                                 Lot: 806
            Modern extending dining table                            Mid 20c oak gateleg table
            with six matching dining chairs

            Lot: 801                                                 Lot: 807
            Three legged milking stool with                          Mid 20c oak gateleg table
            mahogany piano stool (2).

            Lot: 802                                                 Lot: 808
            Repro mahogany hall table                                Mid 20c oak gateleg table

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 809                                                 Lot: 815
            Mid 20c oval coffee table with                           Mahogany finish four tier stand
            oriental design

            Lot: 810                                                 Lot: 816
            Mid 20c oak pull out dining table                        Early 20c mahogany rope edge
                                                                     extending wind out dining table
                                                                     on cabriole legs & claw & ball
                                                                     feet with ceramic castors &
                                                                     spear leaf & handle.

            Lot: 811                                                 Lot: 817
            19c scrumbled pine cricket table                         Mid 20c carved oak gateleg table

            Lot: 812                                                 Lot: 818
            Mid 20c mahogany occasional                              Mixed wood stool
            coffee table

            Lot: 813                                                 Lot: 819
            Mid 20c oak barley twist gateleg                         Mahogany finish hat & coat stand

            Lot: 814                                                 Lot: 820
            Mid 20c walnut finish rectangular                        20c mahogany octagonal
            coffee table                                             occasional table with gallery

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 821                                                 Lot: 827
            20c oak circular occasional table                        Mid 20c nest of three oak tables

            Lot: 822                                                 Lot: 828
            Mid 20c foliate design wall                              Mid 20c mahogany octagonal
            bracket                                                  occasional table with undershelf.

            Lot: 823                                                 Lot: 829
            20c scrumbled pine kitchen table                         Large pine & cast iron kitchen
                                                                     table with glass panel top.

            Lot: 824                                                 Lot: 830
            20c brass & onyx coffee table                            Welsh oak salt box

            Lot: 825                                                 Lot: 831
            Mid 20c small oak drop leaf hall                         Victorian rosewood pole screen
            table                                                    stand

            Lot: 826                                                 Lot: 832
            Brass & onyx rectangular coffee                          Reproduction mahogany finish
            table                                                    drum table

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 833                                                 Lot: 839
            Walnut & mahogany finish                                 Early 20c oak rectangular side
            reproduction fret occasional                             table

            Lot: 834                                                 Lot: 840
            Eastern design brass circular tray                       Early 20c mahogany hanging
            top table with folding stand                             spice cabinet

            Lot: 835                                                 Lot: 841
            Mid 20c walnut rectangular dining                        Nest of three mahogany tables

            Lot: 836                                                 Lot: 842
            Early 20c inlaid mahogany three                          Early 20c mahogany clothes
            tier cake stand                                          horse & towel rail

            Lot: 837                                                 Lot: 843
            20c mahogany three tier cake                             Early 20c pair of oak showframe
            stand                                                    barley twist leather arm chairs

            Lot: 838                                                 Lot: 844
            Stained clothes horse                                    20c oak stick umbrella stand with
                                                                     drop in wells

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 845                                                 Lot: 851
            Graduated corner what not                                Reproduction mahogany finish
                                                                     tripod torchere or plant stand

            Lot: 846                                                 Lot: 852
            Mahogany finish corner shelf unit                        Edwardian inlaid mahogany
                                                                     mirror door wardrobe with
                                                                     matching dressing table (2).

            Lot: 847                                                 Lot: 853
            Reproduction mahogany                                    Modern mahogany longcase
            serpentine sideboard                                     clock

            Lot: 848                                                 Lot: 854
            Mahogany corner shelf unit                               Stag type mahogany chest of

            Lot: 849                                                 Lot: 855
            Foliate design graduated corner                          Oak towel rail
            shelf unit

            Lot: 850                                                 Lot: 856
            Modern mahogany finish display                           Mahogany finish oval centre table

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 857                                                 Lot: 863
            Two similar Lloyd loom type                              Four white plastic sun loungers
            bedroom chairs (2).                                      with seats (4).

            Lot: 858                                                 Lot: 864
            Three wicker baskets, vintage                            Mid 20c kitchen larder cabinet
            roller skates, wicker picnic                             marked Shear Pride, England.
            basket & Welsh bonnet.

            Lot: 859                                                 Lot: 865
            Modern pale wood finish double                           Mahogany bed ends with single
            wardrobe with matching bedside                           bed
            table & chest of drawers. (3).

            Lot: 860                                                 Lot: 866
            Modern fabric foliate two seater                         Mid 20c oak glazed cabinet
            settee with matching arm chairs

            Lot: 861                                                 Lot: 867
            Modern square glass topped                               Lloyd loom type linen or blanket
            coffee table with undershelf.                            box.

            Lot: 862                                                 Lot: 868
            Modern mahogany finish triple                            A set of four leather dining chairs
            wardrobe with matching double                            (4).
            wardrobe, pair bedside cabinets,
            bed ends.

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 869                                                 Lot: 875
            Modern rush finish wicker two                            Mid 20c stained glazed bookcase
            seater duet conservatory table

            Lot: 870                                                 Lot: 876
            Set of oak open bookshelves with                         Mid 20c oak dresser base
            dentil design cornice.

            Lot: 871                                                 Lot: 877
            Modern pine rack back kitchen                            20c stained stool

            Lot: 872                                                 Lot: 878
            Four similar gentleman's brown                           Oriental hardwood rectangular
            travelling suitcases. (5)                                coffee table with mother of pearl
                                                                     Bird & foliate inlay top

            Lot: 873                                                 Lot: 879
            Two similar pine long benches                            Set of six chrome finish cane
            (2).                                                     seated chairs with matching
                                                                     chrome finish table

            Lot: 874                                                 Lot: 880
            Two similar pine long kitchen                            Stained elm spindle back kitchen
            benches. (2).                                            chair

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 881                                                 Lot: 887
            Vintage His Master Voice, radio,                         Wrought iron garden bench
            together with ekco vintage radio
            & enamel wash bowl (3)

            Lot: 882                                                 Lot: 888
            Four similar wicker baskets (4).                         Coalbrookdale style scrolled
                                                                     design garden bench

            Lot: 883                                                 Lot: 889
            Early 20c wernicke type sectional                        Six assorted sash clamps & G
            oak bookcase                                             clamps (6).

            Lot: 884                                                 Lot: 890
            Mahogany pair of bed ends                                Enochs tool box & another similar
                                                                     with various tools & spanners
                                                                     etc (2).

            Lot: 885                                                 Lot: 891
            Mahogany inlaid pair of bed ends                         A box metallic gun cabinet

            Lot: 886                                                 Lot: 892
            Cast iron art nouveau style fire                         Edwardian inlaid mahogany fire
            place & grate                                            surround

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 893                                                 Lot: 899
            Cast iron garden bench                                   Brown reclining leather easy

            Lot: 894                                                 Lot: 900
            Pink painted girls single                                Mahogany show frame spoon
            wardrobe                                                 back bedroom chair

            Lot: 895                                                 Lot: 901
            Blue gate products Pride o'                              An early 20c elm smokers bow
            Home kitchen larder cabinet.                             arm chair

            Lot: 896                                                 Lot: 902
            An iron pitch pine & walnut music                        Wicker arched back conservatory
            stand                                                    arm chair

            Lot: 897                                                 Lot: 903
            Electric log design fire place                           Early 20c carved mahogany
                                                                     mirror backed sideboard

            Lot: 898                                                 Lot: 904
            Oak finish fire screen with                              Early 20c wing arm chair
            fireguard (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 905                                                 Lot: 911
            Mahogany commode stool                                   Early 20c mahogany ladies mirror
                                                                     backed dressing table chest with
                                                                     matching double mirror door

            Lot: 906                                                 Lot: 912
            Early 20c mahogany marble                                Late 19c/early 20c stained large
            topped bedside cabinet                                   pine two section blind panel
                                                                     kitchen cupboard

            Lot: 907                                                 Lot: 913
            Stained folding babies tray top                          Modern Persian style foliate
            high chair                                               design carpet, cream field red
                                                                     banded boarder.

            Lot: 908                                                 Lot: 914
            Eastern design brass circular tray                       Persian modern style carpet,
            topped table with folding frame                          cream field & red banded

            Lot: 909                                                 Lot: 915
            Octagonal reconstituted stone                            Middle Eastern design cream
            circular topped garden table                             ground multi coloured geometric

            Lot: 910                                                 Lot: 916
            Mid 20c oak rack & cabinet back                          Modern Persian style pale blue
            dresser.                                                 foliate rug & another art deco
                                                                     style rug (2).

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Peter Francis (Furnishing & Collectors) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

            Lot: 917
            A decorative foliate design
            wooden pelmet.

            Lot: 918
            Victorian mahogany double bed
            with panelled & bobbin turned

            Lot: 919
            Grey marble fireplace hearth

            Lot: 920
            Wicker half moon linen basket

            Lot: 921
            Edwardian inlaid mahogany
            seven piece parlour suite
            comprising four side chairs,
            elbow chair, tub chair & two
            seater sofa (7).

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