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Minutes from March 2012 by HC120727131149




Please address all correspondence to: Hilary Steel, M.B.E, B.Ed., 6A Orford Green, Orford,
Warrington, WA2 8PA. Tel/Fax: 01925 489719. mobile: 07779 028 944. e mail:


Roll Call.
Absent: Clock Face Community, Golborne Parkside, Ince Rose Bridge, Leigh Miners Rangers, Oldham
St Annes, Pilkington Recs, Shevington Sharks, South Trafford Raiders, Widnes Moorfield, Widnes St
Teams which have now missed 2 matches will be fined £5.00

I am sorry I forgot to mention Brian Edwards who has been ill recently and who has now resigned
from this committee. We all wish him a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.

Minutes from 11 January accepted

Matters Arising.
Discussion took place re excerpt below, and although no one had officially replied within the time span, it
was agreed that a proposal would be accepted, seconded and voted on.
There will now be only 17 players allowed to play on every match day. Again, this rule had been abused
and teams were turning out 19 or 20 players without asking their opponents first of all if they were
agreeable to this. A few delegates objected to this rule, and if a suitable alternative is sent to the League
Secretary in writing within 2 weeks (25 January), an SGM will be called before the February meeting to
discuss this issue. The proposed rule change needs to have a proposer and at least two seconders.

Proposed Wigan St Patricks: That provided both coaches agree and the referee has witnessed their
signatures on the team sheets, more than 17 players will be allowed to play in league matches.
This was seconded by Burtonwood Bulldogs.
There were three abstentions and no votes against the proposal and therefore the proposal was carried.

A new team sheet will be designed and sent out.

Club delegates were warned that they must liaise with the opposition before allowing their players to
prepare for the match.

Hilary to ask the referees to monitor this.

Secretary’s Report
All correspondence re coaches course and referee courses are always sent on as soon as received, via e

You can now all follow us on Twitter :@NWYouthRL
We also have a new website address:
The website shows contacts for all teams. Please check these and inform Hilary if any are wrong.

New handbooks were issued - 2 per team. Again, please inform Hilary if any amendments need to be
There are currently no fines outstanding.

Please be patient!
Re registrations which can be done on line will only take a couple of days.
Any registrations which require posting will take longer.
Last week the office was understaffed due to illness and if cards were delayed apologies have been sent.

Reminder that all results must be texted to both Jackie and Hilary BEFORE 2.30 p.m. As soon as it
becomes necessary to ring around to find out a score, fines will be incurred, starting Sunday 18 March

North West Draws for all age groups.
Games will be played on 22 April 2012
Under 18s
Hindley v Shevington Sharks
Ashton v Haydock Warriors
Golborne Parkside v Langworthy Reds
Oldham St Annes v Waterhead
Wigan St Patricks v Chorley Panthers
Blackbrook Royals v Cadishead Rhinos
Byes to: Crosfields, Hindley Bucks and West Bank Bears

Under 17s
Preliminary Round
Eccles v Crosfields

Under 16s
Burtonwood Blue Bulldogs v Wigan St Patricks
Saddleworth Rangers v South Trafford Raiders
Crosfields v Blackbrook Royals
Leigh Miners Rangers v Chorley Panthers
Wigan St Cuthberts v Rylands Tiger Sharks
Bold Miners v Widnes St Maries
Orrell St James v Shevington Sharks
Langworthy Reds v Wigan St Judes
Rylands Sharks v West Bank Bears
Hindley v Thatto Heath Crusaders
Waterhead v Leyland Warriors
Byes to: Burtonwood White Bulldogs. Clock Face Community, Ince Rose Bridge, Leigh East and Oldham
St Annes

Festival Period
Due to several communications re teams not having games during the Scholarship Weekends and Bank
Holidays, a discussion took place.

Options are included on the spreadsheet attached and ALL TEAM REPS/SECRETARIES are requested
to communicate with their players and local schools to ascertain when they will be available to play – if at
all and to complete the spread sheet and return to both Hilary and Jackie by 18 March.

This will allow the committee to decide on the best way forward and to provide fixtures for those teams
who wish to play during those weekends which are currently left blank in the calendar (also attached,
again). Although the scholarship games only affect the under 16s the calendar shows blank weekends
for both the other age groups as well.
It was agreed that if teams wish to play mid week or on a Friday provided one week’s notice is given that
will be very helpful to the referee appointments officer.

All delegates were asked to look at their fixtures to see if they can change from a Sunday afternoon to
another part of the weekend. This will need to be a club discussion.

There have been no dismissals during the first two weeks of the season. Well done.

Delegates were reminded that the onus is on the coach and administrators to ensure that players know if
they have been dismissed from a match, they will be disciplined and players must be given the
opportunity to say if they wish to have a personal appearance.

Should a player wish to have an appeal after a personal appearance, the request should be made in the
first instance to Hilary but all appeal hearings will now be taking place with a totally separate appeals
committee, nationally. i.e. not a group from the north west counties leagues as previously.

New guidelines are included in the handbook. Some have a span of recommended suspensions. These
are for the guidance of the discipline committee. Players who have not been dismissed previously will
receive fewer suspensions than players who have been sent off previously. The committee is allowed
discretion at all times.

These guidelines are for this league only. The primary league does not have suspensions at all and the
13 – 15s may have slightly different spans. The Open Age has stricter suspensions and fines. If a youth
player is playing in an open age match, the will be judged to be an open age player if he is dismissed in
an open age match.

All leagues across the country will be working to these guidelines.

The next discipline meeting is scheduled for the first Tuesday in April: 3 April and after than the 23 April.
All discipline meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays at Rylands Recreation Club,

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting
Date and venue to be confirmed, but definitely no meeting in April.

The meeting closed 9.30 p.m. (about)

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