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									What About Your Pets?

When you pass away, you will probably leave more things behind than you realize. That's why you need
an estate plan that covers everything, even those things that you forget. However, there is one thing
that an estate plan cannot cover unless you make specific plans for it: your pets. What will happen to
your pets if you pass away before they do?

If you have not made any plans at all for your pets, then someone amongst your family and friends will
have to volunteer to take care of your pets. If that does not happen, then your pet will have to go to a
shelter. No one needs to tell pet owners what can happen in a shelter. Most shelters do not have the
money or resources to care for your pets indefinitely.

You do not want your children to pass away when you do. No law will even allow that. However, for
pets, the law does not work to protect them. You have to act now to make sure that your pets outlive
you and do not end up in a shelter. It's easy to do. Talk to an estate planning attorney about setting up a
Pet Trust and appointing a Guardian for your pets.

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