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									                    Tin Whisker Risk Mitigation Strategy Assessment
                                                                    Task 04-065

Description:                                                             Benefits:
Extensive research has been conducted on fundamental growth              International legislation to prohibit lead (Pb) in electronic
mechanism of tin whiskers with no consensus model to explain why         components will increase NASA’s exposure to pure tin-plated items
whiskers may/may not form on some tin-plated surfaces. “Accelerated”     that were previously available with an alloy tin-lead (Pb) finish.
test methods to judge whisker propensity also do not exist. Without a    Through this task NASA Projects will be provided technical
model and/or tests, end users of tin-plated hardware are left to         guidance regarding recommendations for mitigation strategies
implement their own whisker mitigation strategies. This task will        against tin whiskers.
review the technical literature on whisker mitigation strategies and
identify strengths, weaknesses and limitations of each.                  Deliverables:
Recommendations will be made regarding additional analyses               -Survey to identify whisker mitigation strategies currently in use
necessary to improve confidence in the long-term effectiveness of each   -Report summarizing review of published literature on whisker
strategy. Through this task NEPAG/NEPP will continue to participate      mitigation to identify strengths, weaknesses, limitations
and leverage off its long-standing partnership with whisker risk and     -Whisker mitigation strategy guideline document
mitigation consortia sponsored by CALCE, NEMI and JG-PP.                 -Proposal for additional evaluation needed to fill gaps in knowledge
                                                                         about various mitigation strategies employable by end users
Schedule/Costs:             Total ROM Cost (non-CS) = $70K               Risks:
                                                                                                      Funding may not support all desirable
                               Q1       Q2          Q3         Q4              Schedule              Mitigation Guidance Needed NOW!
Survey of Industry
                                                                                                     No consensus exists on mitigation
Literature Review                                                              Technical
Publish Summary of Review
Publish Guidelines                                                                                   Consortia membership, proprietary
Propose follow on task                                                                               information
                                                                                           Red, Yellow, or Green

 Lead Center/PI: GSFC                                                    Non-NASA Organizations/Procurements:
 Co-Is: JPL                                                               Aerospace Corp/AF SMC
 Center Funding Split: GSFC - $50K, JPL - $20K                            CALCE
                                                                          JG-PP                         Strategic #8, Slide # 5

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