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					John M. Saguto
Vice President and Director Customer Development Group
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Company
Leveraging an Inclusive
Team To Drive Results
Leveraging an Inclusive Team
To Drive Results

   “We don't accomplish anything in this world alone...
 and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry
  of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads
      from one to another that creates something.”

                           Sandra Day O’Connor

  “All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should
     have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

                              John F. Kennedy
Creating an Inclusive and
Diverse Workplace

 Why do it?
 Who starts it?
 What is your role?
 Can it really affect business results?
 How is it sustained?
 How do you measure progress? Or success?
Leveraging an Inclusive Team
To Drive Results

 Power of any team depends on the dynamics of the team
 You need to have a champion, someone with passion and
  influence, willingness to step out in traffic

 You must have a plan, a vision, or a clear expectation,
  and you must stay the course

 Transparency and honesty, a must

 Realize change takes time. It can have setbacks and
  disappointments, but leaders must emerge and take charge
 In the long run it is imperative to the overall health and
  success of your organization
Creating an Inclusive and
Diverse Workplace

 The Opportunity: Nestlé Purina D&I Project
  (Design and Implementation)
    The environment:
       Strong competition
       Success of the past would not sustain the future
       We wanted to create the future
       Senior Management engaged and listening (the
       Several key leaders had an idea to leverage multi-
        functional skill sets and change the culture within

    Dynamic change opportunity – do you act?
Creating an Inclusive and
Diverse Workplace
Here was the situation:
 Current State – mono-functional, work teams, silos
      (Five departments: OM/Inventory, Cash/Collections,
       Pricing/Promotions, Adjustments/Deductions, Data Base

 Future State – multi-functional, integrated work teams
      (Creation of what is known today as the Order and Revenue
       Management Department – ORM)

 Create a competitive advantage for the organization

 Create a great place to work – focus on an inclusive and diverse
  workforce, new ideas, different approach

 Change or eliminate the rules of engagement
The Results…

 Consolidation of five departments into one – ORM

 No headcount reduction (or minimal)

 Internal cost savings of $12mm annually
    Resource utilization       Collections Best in Class
    Back Office costs          Streamlined the order life cycle
    Service level improved  Promotion simplification

 Best in Class customer service

 Formalized mentoring program
The Results…

 Hired for variety of skill sets
 Changed recruiting schools
 Creation of an inclusive and multi-functional workforce
         Then (Stagnant)                 Now (Positive)
    Turnover Rate:    5%            Turnover Rate: 20%
    Retention Rate: 98%             Retention Rate: 80%
    Promote Rate:      2%           Promote Rate:   15%
Creating an Inclusive and
Diverse Workplace
       What Worked                          What Did Not Work

 Diverse Leadership Team               Silo Managers
 Clear vision                          Lack of vision or silo approach
 Established S.O.P/Charter             Personal agendas
 All ideas welcomed, encouraged        Grandstanding
 Ownership of the solution             Not my problem
 New track training approach           Buddy system training
 New recruiting program                Fishing at the same fishing holes
 Best practices established            Here is how I do it
 Creation of compensatory base         Clerical pay scale
  pay program and special incentives
 Open leadership (bottom up and        Top down management
  top down)
 Clear goal/accountability             Vague goals/lack of accountability
 Celebrated success along the way        Too busy to celebrate or
  recognize                                individuals or team
Creating an Inclusive and
Diverse Workplace
Major Benefits:

 Creation of the ORM Department – a sustainable organization
  that is one of the most diverse and inclusive organizations in
  all of Nestlé Purina PetCare
 ORM has become a diverse resource pool for all of Nestlé
  Purina PetCare

 Instrumental in creating a passion in the Customer
  Development Group (Sales) to also build an inclusive and
  diverse, high-performing organization

 ORM/Sales and Nestlé Purina at large co-developed a
  Diversity Steering Committee that is now in place
What Made This Project Work?
In summary:
   Capitalizing on an opportunity that could have been missed
   Passion, Vision, Commitment, Focus
   Strong Diverse Leadership Team put into place
   Champions, Senior Leadership support, including HR
   Clear understanding of what was at stake
   Willingness to take risks and create change
   Work with a solid plan
   Establish goals and timelines
   Monitor progress, keep leadership and organization informed
   People believed they were valued and we were not turning back
   Know and understand key stakeholders
   Led by example: D.W.Y.S.Y.W.D. - ALWAYS
                       Top Ten Tips
       To Leveraging a Diverse and
     Inclusive Team to Drive Results
1.   Define your objective clearly
2.   Find your Champions or be the Champion –
     Senior Management sustainable support
3.   Build a plan and timeline
4.   Start small and build on progress or success
5.   Build a network of allies, including HR
6.   Establish your platform and talk to everyone about it –
     invite people in
7.   Change your recruiting process – fish at different fishing holes
8.   Establish a slating process to fill open roles
9.   Leverage your influence and other leaders’ support
10. Build it and people will come, be transparent, be honest!
Leveraging an Inclusive Team
To Drive Results

In closing:
 Leveraging a diverse and inclusive team to drive results can
  and will make a difference!!

My Challenge to You:
 Be a Role Model
 Be the Champion in your company
 Step out in traffic
 Create a great place to work
Leveraging an Inclusive Team
To Drive Results

        Thank you!


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