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									                                           The Pipeline
  Volume 12 Issue 4                       Melina Pahigianis, Co-Editor               January 2006
Local section website                                                            Local section mailing address                                      PO Box 3488 Kingsport, TN 37664-3488

                       January Meetings
              The State of and Outlook for AIChE
D    r. Jeff Siirola is an AIChE Fellow, a Technology Fellow at Eastman Chemical Company, and in the
     process of concluding his role as 2005 National AIChE President. Jeff did a similar presentation for
us a couple of years ago before taking on the role as President of AIChE, when the National
organization was facing many problems. Now, Jeff will be looking back to tell us about his experience
as President of the National organization including the steps taken and challenges overcome to improve
the state of AIChE. He will also give us an outlook for the future role of AIChE.

If you’ve ever had any questions or concerns about AIChE – even
questions like “what do I get out of joining AIChE?”, then this is a great
opportunity to have them addressed.

Jeff will be giving this presentation twice in January; first for an
audience at NFS and then at Eastman. Please see below for details.

If you are not an Eastman employee, a visitor’s pass and escort can be
arranged for the Eastman presentation. Contact Joey Watson at 229-
6486 or

        What:              January Meeting of the East Tennessee Section of AIChE
        Speaker:           Jeff Siirola, 2005 National AIChE President
        Topic:             The State of and Outlook for AIChE

        Date:              Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
        Time:              11:30 am Lunch Available (Please bring your own drink)
                           11:45 am Program Begins.
        Where:             NFS Training Center Beta and Gamma Rooms
        RSVP:              Melina Pahigianis ( x1496)
                           or Beth Young ( x 1232)
2                                                                                    The Pipeline

       Date:            Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
       Time:            11:30 am Lunch Available (Please bring your own drink)
                        11:45 am Program Begins.
       Where:           B-150C, Room 201C (Multimedia Room), Eastman Chemical
       RSVP:            Please contact Joey Watson at 423-229-6486 or
                        <> if you will be attending.

Joey Watson

                     Young Professionals Meeting
    he AIChE Young Professionals will meet for appetizers and social hour at Alta Cucina in Johnson
T   City, TN in January! This first social event of the Young Professionals will be aimed at increasing
involvement of the younger members in AIChE. The event offers graduates within ten years of their
Bachelors degree a chance to meet other young chemical engineering professionals and become
acquainted with the new local board members. Come and put a face with the names you read in the
                                      Pipeline and the voices heard over the phone in the Lunch and

                                     If you will be attending, please contact Lauren Moyer
                                     (, 423-229-2208) or Melina Pahigianis
                                     (, 423-743-9141 x 1496)
                                     for reservations and directions to Alta Cucina. Also, for those
                                     interested, the Young Professionals Subcommittee is always
                                     looking for ideas and help planning future events.

        Event:       Young Professional Social Hour
        Date:        Tuesday January 17th , 2006

        Time:        6:30 pm
                     Alta Cucina
        Where:       1200 N Roan Street
                     Johnson City, TN 37601
                     Contact Melina (, 423-743-
        RSVP:        9141 x 1496) or Lauren (, 423-229-2208) if you
                     will be attending

Melina Pahigianis
Pipeline Co-editor
3                                                                                        The Pipeline

                          Perry’s Handbook Raffle
F   or the last two years, the local section has purchased several Platinum
    edition copies of Perry’s Handbooks and donated them to accredited
Chemical Engineering departments in the region. The Platinum edition
includes a CD-ROM along with the hardcopy that most are familiar with.
This year, we purchased three extra copies of Perry’s and plan to raffle them
off. We will announce the winners at the January program!

Burts Compton, 2005 Vice Chair

                      2006 Officer Election Results
T   he newly-elected officers for the calendar year 2006 are:

       Vice-Chair:     Lauren Moyer
       Secretary:      Beth Young
       Treasurer:      Melina Pahigianis
       Director:       Steve Miller

Burts Compton will shift from vice-chair to chair by automatic succession. Richard Colberg and Lee
Partin will continue in their roles as directors. These officers will begin their duties in January 2006.
Thanks to everyone who agreed to run in the election and for their willingness to devote their time to
serve you. AIChE would have been in excellent hands no matter who won.

I sincerely thank all of the out-going officers for their excellent service and help. I’d also like to thank
all the local section volunteers and planning committee members without whose help our section could
not be successful.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these officers and volunteers. I plan to continue to serve our
members next year as newsletter co-editor with Rick Virost. I wish the new officers a successful 2006
and beyond!

Heather L. McNabb, 2005 Chairperson

           Happy New Year from AIChE!
4                                                                                      The Pipeline

    A Little Lesson in the History of Chemistry…
Born in the Siberian town of Tobolsk, Dmitri Mendeleev was the youngest of 17 children. His father
died when he was still in his early teens, and his mother operated a glass factory to support the family.
Dmitri managed to continue his studies, focusing on chemistry.

In the 1860s, while teaching at the University of St. Petersburg,
Mendeleev set out to write his own chemistry textbook. It was
while researching and writing this text that he began to investigate
the relationships between the properties of different elements. The
result was the periodic table, in which elements with similar
properties were found to fall into columns when arranged
according to increasing atomic mass (the concept of atomic
numbers had not yet been developed). Blank spaces occurred in
some of Mendeleev’s columns, and he boldly predicted that new
elements would be discovered to fill them, a prediction that came
true in time.

In addition to his periodic table, Mendeleev also did practical work to help develop Russian agriculture
and the Russian oil industry. A political progressive, he often had trouble with the Imperial government.
And in case you're wondering, Mendeleev had his hair cut once each year, whether he needed it or not.

Chemical Hertitage Foundation

                     Local Section Officers, Directors, & Support Staff
Chair:                                              Heather McNabb                     229-3102
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and
Program Committee Chair:                            Burts Compton                      229-8526
Secretary:                                          Amy Crawford                       229-5323
Treasurer:                                          Lauren Moyer                       229-2208
Directors:                                          Richard Colberg                    229-3184
                                                    David Hitch                        229-5398
                                                    Lee Partin                         229-5716
Local Section Webmaster:                            Tim Nolen                          229-8287
Short-Course Coordinator:                           Lee Partin                         229-5716
Professional Development Coordinator:               Joe Parker                         229-3850
AIChE Pipeline Newsletter Editors:                  Jennifer Mize                      224-7018
                                                    Melina Pahigianis                  743-9141 x1496
ETEAC Representative:                               Joey Watson                        229-6486

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