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					Ctrl-D              Add Boksmarks             Escape              Stop loading a page
Ctrl-I              Booksmarks                Page Down           Scroll Down really fast
Ctrl-W              Closed Tab                Page Up             Scroll Up really fast
Ctrl-F4             Closed Tab                F11                 Full Screen
Ctrl-Shift-W        Close window              Backspaces          Back
Ctrl-Enter          Add .com to address bar   Alt-F4              Close window
Ctrl-Shift- Enter   Add .org to address bar   Up Arrow            Scroll Up
Shift-Enter         Add .net to address bar   Delete              Delete
Ctrl-C              Copy                      F5                  Refresh
Ctrl-X              Cut                       Shift+Backspace     Forward
Ctrl+ -             Shrink text               Alt-Enter           Forward
Ctrl-F              Find in This Page         Down Arrow          Scroll Down
Ctrl-+              Enlarge text              Ctrl-R              Refresh
Ctrl-T              New Tab                   Ctrl-A              Select All
Ctrl-Tab            Next Tab                  Ctrl-L              Select Location Bar
Ctrl-Page Down      Next Tab                  Alt-D               Select Location Bar
Ctrl-1              Select first tab          Ctrl-Z              Undo
Ctrl-2              Select second tab         Ctrl-R              Refresh
Ctrl-3              Select third tab          Ctrl-A              Select All
Ctrl-4              Select fourth tab         Ctrl-o              Open File
Ctrl-5              Select fifth tab          Ctrl-U              Page source
Ctrl-6              Select sixth tab          Ctrl-V              Paste
Ctrl-7              Select seventh tab        Ctrl-P              Print
Ctrl-8              Select eighth tab         Ctrl-Shift-Z        Redo
Ctrl-9              Select ninth tab          Ctrl-Y              Redo
Ctrl-1              Select first tab          Ctrl-o              Open File
Ctrl-2              Select second tab         Ctrl-U              Page source
Ctrl-3              Select third tab          Ctrl-V              Paste

                                              Keyboard shortcuts for windows Mozilla Firefox

                                              By Welly Iskand

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