WASL Flashcard Activity � English 10 by 0ct7rS8


									            HSPE Flashcard Activity – English 10
Directions: Make flashcards out of the notecards you were asked to bring to class today. Following the
table below, write out the question on the front, and the answer on the back. These are to be used to help
you study and prepare for the HSPE. You should have your study partner, parents, anyone you trust to
help you use these cards to review the information we have already covered.

     Question/Prompt on front of card              Answer on back of card
                                 Reading Test Tips
 What should you do while you are reading on the         Annotate – highlight or underline important
                  reading test?                                          information
  How many details should you give for a short         One more than what they ask for. For example, if
  answer on the reading test? Give an example.              they ask for 3 details, give 4 details.
How many points are short answer questions worth                           2 points
              on the reading test?
How many points are the multiple choice questions                            1 point
           worth on the reading test?
                  Define theme.                        Theme is a statement that makes an observation or
                                                                     generalization about life.
              What is theme never?                               It is never a one word answer.
               Define inference.                                        An educated guess
               What is a simile?                         Comparing 2 unlike things using “like” or “as”
              What is a metaphor?                            Direct comparison of two unlike things
             What is personification?                  To give human like qualities to something that isn’t
                What is hyperbole?                                    Extreme exaggeration
                What is imagery?                        Words or phrases that evoke pictures or images in
                                                                            your mind
     Define symbolism and give an example.              Powerful symbols that are used to suggest mood
                                                         and meaning. The American Flag symbolizes
                                                            independence, freedom, democracy, etc.
      What are five ways to analyze a poem?             Speaker, Audience, Situation/Setting, theme and
                                                                         author’s purpose
                                         Vocabulary Review
                    Precarious                                    Unsafe, unsteady, unstable
                    Ambiance                                   Mood, feeling, general atmosphere
                     Impede                                       To obstruct, interfere with
                   Connoisseur                                      An expert on something
                      Astute                                         Shrewd, clever, keen
                     Lament                                    Express sorrow or regret, to mourn
                    Harrowing                                       Disturbing, frightening
                     Blather                                         To talk nonsensically
                                           Writing Review
 What does the “C,” the “O,” and the “S” stand for                Content, Organization, Style
                    in C-O-S?
  List the numeric scores you can get on C-O-S.                           1, 2, 3, or 4
 Name the two types of writing you will do on the                   Persuasive – to convince
HSPE writing test and give a one word definition of                 Expository – to explain
List the ways it is possible to get a “Z” on C-O-S?    One word answer, question mark, I don’t know,
                                                              rewrite the prompt, leave it blank
 Name the six items included in the Conventions        Spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization,
                     score?                                    sentence structure, paragraphing
     List the numeric scores you can get on                                 0, 1, 2
 What total score do you need to pass the HSPE                                 17
                  writing test?
       What does it mean to be anecdotal?             Share stories or examples to illustrate your point(s)
  What 3 words best describe a C-O-S 4 essay?                 Descriptive, Anecdotal, Consistent
  What 1 word best describes a C-O-S 3 essay?                               Adequate
  What 3 words best describe a C-O-S 2 essay?                    Inconsistent, attempts, limited
  What 2 words best describe a C-O-S 1 essay?                               Little, no
Name 3 key items that are considered when scoring     Density – how many errors appear for the amount
   an essay for Conventions and explain each.                               of writing
                                                       Severity – how severe are the errors being made
                                                       Variety – is it the same error over and over, or is
                                                        there a lot of variety in the errors being made
Name 6 important elements to keep in mind for the        1. focus
              HSPE writing test?                         2. organization
                                                         3. transitions
                                                         4. word choice
                                                         5. varied sentence length
                                                         6. voice
             Name 5 tips for test day.                   1. arrive early and review these flashcards
                                                         2. stay inside the lines in the testing booklet
                                                         3. leave time to edit
                                                         4. do some sort of pre-write
                                                         5. at the end, darken in your punctuation

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