The Amazon Rain Forest by 9oZ5rM


									Exploring the World
   (one continent at a time)
                      Map Skills
• Find the continent you live on below on the map and then
  determine what direction you would travel to get to South
  America by using the compass rose. Fill in the blank---”I
  need to go ____________ to get to South America.”
              (N, S, E or W)
                Map Skills
• Practice your map skills by clicking on the link
  below and playing the continent map game.
  When you are finished playing, come back to
  this powerpoint presentation.
                  South America
• Fourth largest continent
• South Pacific Ocean borders
  South America on the left
• South Atlantic Ocean borders
  South America on the right
• 13 Countries – Brazil is the
  biggest country
• Landmarks include Angel Falls,
  Amazon River, Andes
  Mountains, Atacama Desert ,
  Amazon Rainforest
• Spanish and Portuguese-two
  most popular languages
                  Angel Falls
• Highest waterfall in the
• Located in Venezuela
• More than a half mile
  long at 3,212
Amazon River
      • Second longest river in the
        world – 4000 miles long
      • Home to the Amazon River

      • Starts in the mountains of
        Peru, flows through the
        Amazon Rain Forest and
        empties out into the Atlantic
        Ocean through Brazil

      • Huge cargo ships can sail on
        this river
             Andes Mountains
• Longest mountain chain
  (4,200 miles) in the world
  and one of the highest
• Runs along the west coast
  of South America
• Some of these mountains
  are still active volcanoes
• People live in these
  mountains raising sheep,
  llamas and alpacas
Atacama Desert
       • Known as the driest place
         on earth
       • There are some places
         that rain as never been
       • Located along the coast
         of South America in Chile
       • Is considered “moon-like”
         because it is so barren
The Amazon Rain Forest
      Amazon Rain Forest video
The Four Layers
of the Rainforest
•Emergent layer – this is the top layer of the
rain forest. These tall trees get the most sun
and rain. The harpy eagle, blue morpho
butterflies, macaws, vultures and some
monkeys are animals you will see at this layer
•Canopy layer – this is the second layer. These
smaller trees that form this layer are very close
to each other preventing most of the rain from
going down to the lower layers. Sloths,
monkeys, bats, iguanas and snakes can be
found in this layer.
•Understory layer – this layer is very dark; not
much sunlight gets through these close-knit,
small trees. Bats, snakes, monkeys, frogs, wild
cats, owls and lizards live in this layer.
•Forest floor – this is the bottom layer and it is
very dark and quiet. There are small ferns and
bushes. The forest soil gets its nutrients from
the decomposing trees and leaves and dead
animals. Animals that live in this layer are
anteaters, frogs, snakes, armadillos, tapirs and
        Types of Animals
       Fish       Has fins, scales,
                  and lives in water

                   Reptile     Has scales and
                               a backbone

Amphibian     Only animal that starts life
              in the water and spends the
              second half of its’ life on land
Types of Animals

   Bird      The only animal
             that has feathers
             and wings

   Mammal Animal covered
          with fur or hair; gives
          birth to live babies
Harpy Eagle
 Found in the emergent layer

                • Bird - one of the largest and
                  most powerful in the world
                • Talons can be as big as a
                  grizzly bear’s claw
                • Carnivore (meat eater)
                • Endangered
                • Three feet tall with
                  wingspan of 6 ½ feet
                • Harpy Eagle video
                       Found in the canopy layer

• Has an enormous, colorful
• Omnivore (eats meat and
• Bird
• Known as one of the
  noisiest birds in the jungle
• Considered clowns of the
                 Howler Monkey
                       Found in the canopy layer

• Loudest monkey and
  loudest animal in the world
• Mammal
• Herbivore (eats plants and
• In decline due to loss of
• Prehensile tail
• Howler Monkey video
                    Found in the understory layer

• Largest cat in South America
  (3rd largest in the world)
• Mammal
• Endangered
• Carnivores (meat eaters)
• Nocturnal
• Very good swimmers
• Only predator is humans
Blue Poison Dart Frog
     Found in the understory layer

                     • Extremely poisonous skin
                     • Eat insects (insectivore)
                     • Amphibian
                     • Bright colors warn predators
                       that it is poison
                     • Its’ poison is used by South
                       American Indians on the
                       tips of their hunting arrows
                      Found on the forest floor

• Biggest snake in the world
• Cold-blooded reptile
• Smells with its tongue
• Has no fangs
• Carnivore (eats meat)
• Nocturnal
• Lives in swamps in the rain
Black Caiman
 Found on the forest floor

                   • Cold-blooded reptile
                   • Carnivore (eats meat)
                   • Nocturnal
                   • Can grow up to 20 feet
                   • Swallows prey whole
                   • Lives in lakes of the
                   • Good swimmer
                   Found in the Amazon River

• Fresh water fish
• Found in lakes and
• Carnivore (meat eater)
• Teeth will be replaced if
• Predators include
  caimans, turtles,
  snakes, birds and
Electric Eel
 Found on the forest floor

               • Fish
               • Generates electricity-
                 will shock its’ prey
               • Grows to eight feet long
               • Surfaces to gulp air
               • Electric shock will get
                 stronger as this fish gets
            Galapagos Tortoise
• Lives on the Galapagos
• Can live up to 150 years old
• Reptile
• Herbivore (eats plants and
• Store food and water so
  well, doesn’t have to eat or
  drink for a year
• Endangered species
 Rainforest Matchup Game - Part 1
Animals                            Type of Animal
B 1                                A.   mammal
                                   B.   fish
                                   C.   reptile
C 2
                                   D.   amphibian
                                   E.   bird
E 3
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D 5         Correct - Click anywhere to
 Rainforest Matchup Game - Part 2
Animals                            Types of Animal

C 6                                A. Fish
                                   B. Mammal
A 7                                C. Bird
                                   D. Reptile
D 8                                     Incorrect - Click anywhere to
                                              Correct - Click anywhere to
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