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									           Printing Reservations to Receipt printer on Staff Workstations

If the staff workstation you use for PCRes has a receipt printer installed you can use it to
print out reservation tickets. Initially the reservation tickets are printed to your default
printer. These steps will make it possible for you to print to the receipt printer without
changing your default printer settings.

Close your PCRes application. (This must be closed or changes work)

Click on Start -> All Programs -> EnvisionWare -> PC Reservation -> PC Reservation
Reservation Station Configuration.

When the configuration application opens, in the middle of the window is the Receipt
Printing section. Make the following changes:

Uncheck Use the settings from the Management Console
Check Allow users to print Reservation Receipts
Check Print a receipt for every reservation
Printer Name – to the right is a button with three dots. Click it and browse for the Star
Receipt Printer. Select that printer and click OK.

                                                                   The Top and Left margins
                                                                   may be 10/10 or 0/0. It
                                                                   varies by version of PCRes.

                              This is what the window should now look like.
Click Customize Receipt button.
Check everything available
Delete any content in the Message to print at the bottom of the receipt
Number of blank lines at the bottom of the receipt 3 (but I have been told 1 works fine)

                               Customize Receipt after changes are made

Click OK to close the Customize Receipt window. Click OK again to close the
Configuration window. When you do you should see a popup that confirms your changes.

Click OK. Open up your PCRes application and you should be all set. Test the printing
changes and if you have any problems or questions contact the ITS Help Desk at x1286.

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