Genetic Pedigree Project by 8h479m


									        Genetic Pedigree Project Guidelines
                      My Name: ___________________
                      Period: _____ Due Date: ______
                            Trait: ____________

Mini-Project Description:
Students will create a visual representation of their genetic pedigree for one
specific genetic linked trait. You may choose to trace either eye color, tongue
rolling, or attached earlobes through your family tree. You will begin your pedigree
with your grandparent’s generation and continue through three full generations
including yourself, your siblings, and your cousins. You must have a minimum of 4
people in each generation. Therefore, there will be a MINIMUM of 12 people for
the whole pedigree. Feel free to make your pedigree larger, however, keep in mind
that you need to be as accurate as possible. You may refer to family photographs
for eye color or earlobes if your relatives are deceased. In today’s society, many
families are blended with adopted children and step and half siblings. These
individuals can also be included in your family pedigree. Be sure to ask your teacher
for assistance in making your diagram.

This project is worth 50 points. Please take your time and be as accurate as
possible. Data for this assignment should be collected at any time but is due after
the holiday vacation, so you can collect information from your relatives when you
see them!!!

Project Requirements:
      Your project must include a minimum of 12 people, at least 3 generations and
       at least 4 people in each generation.
      You must have an identifying key for all the symbols that you use.
      You MUST follow a single genetic trait (eye color, tongue rolling, or attached
      You must include the first and last name of each individual on the pedigree.
      Your name, due date and period number must be contained on the front side
       of the assignment
      The project must be contained on a blank sheet of legal size paper 8½”X14”
       in the landscape direction, cover only 1 side and be only 2-dimensional.
       (paper will available in class)
      The project should be colorful and decorated neatly.
      Photographs of individuals may be added for extra credit.

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                             Genetic Project Details
Dominant & Recessive - Genetic Information

        Tongue rolling is a dominant trait.

        Attached earlobes are a recessive trait.

        Eye color is more complicated because there is more than 1 gene that determines
         eye color and darkness. However, for this assignment, you can make the following
            o Brown eyes (B) are dominant over Blue eyes (b) and Green eyes (g).
            o Blue eyes are co-dominant to Green eyes.
            o Hazel eyes (Bg*) can be produced by crossing an individual who is
               heterozygous Bb with and individual with Green eyes.

 In the key below is an example of the types of symbols which may be
used for your Genetic Pedigree Key (or you may make up your own). On
 the right is a partial example of a pedigree. It is not complete but is
       intended to give a basic idea of how a pedigree is set up.

KEY                                              Example: Tongue Rolling
Female =                                         o    Grandfather: Recessive (Can’t roll tongue)
                                                 o    Grandfather: Deceased
Male =                                           o    Grandmother: Recessive
                                                 o    Father: Recessive
Dominate Trait = Shaded                          o    Mother: Dominant (Can roll tongue)
                                                 o    Parents: Divorced
Recessive Trait = Un-shaded                      o    Son: Dominate
                                                 o    Daughter: Adopted, Recessive
Married =


ercgwilliams-10 adapted from:

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