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									          Introduction to Arcview 3.2

                     Thelma A. Cinco
            Senior Weather Specialist ,PAGASA

                            Resource Person

LECTURE BY: Ernestine B. Gayban, namria
ArcView Basics

• Tool for presenting information
• Visualize, explore, query, and analyze data
• Create and edit data
• Create maps
The ArcView Interface
                                Menu Bar
                                             Button Bar
                              Tool bar
Project window
                              View window

                              Table window

                 Status bar
    Arcview Projects

                                       Project window
• contains Arcview documents
• manages how and where
  documents are displayed
• is stored in a project file (.apr)
ArcView Documents
View    Tables   Charts   Layout   Scripts
Views and Themes
• Projects can contain many views
• a view manages the display of geographic
• a view displays geographic information in a
• themes represent features as points, lines, or
• views display themes from many data sources
                    Map display


         Table of
Common theme operations

• making themes active (raised)
• turning themes on and off
•changing the display order (by
Theme feature types

           Point marker
           Line style
           Polygon fill pattern
     Creating a view
• Open a project (new or existing)                     • The new view is listed
                                                         in the project window

                                 • Create a new view
Spatial data sources

•   Arcview shapefiles
•   Arc/Info coverages
•   CAD drawings
•   data from Spatial Data Engine
•   image data
•   tabular data
Adding a feature theme
• Add Theme button
• Select data sources

                         • New themes added
                           to view
Additional data sources for themes

  • Image data
  • Tabular data
   - data from SQL databases (e.g. Access, Oracle)
   - dBase files
   - INFO tables
   - text files
Adding an image theme to a view
• Add Theme button
• Select data sources

                                  • Image theme added to
  Saving a project

• Saves your work on any project
• Updates the project (.apr) file with the current
   project name
   window position
   feature selection
   theme display
Thematic mapping with the Legend Editor

•   choose a legend type
•   choose a classification
•   add descriptive legend text
•   change symbology
Legend Editor
Legend types
Legend types
Legend types
Changing symbols with the Symbol window
    Modifying legend elements

•    Sort values and labels
•    Flip symbols
•    Ramp colors
•    Undo changes
Working with null values

• Values you do not want to use in classification
• Values that indicate no data is available
• Examples of null values: -99, 0, blank, none
Managing theme display with theme
•   Define a theme subset
•   Label theme features
•   Set scale thresholds for displaying themes
•   Create Hotlinks to theme features
• Lock theme properties
   Defining a theme subset
   • All theme features                    • Subset of theme features - RHU

• Build an expression to define a subset
    Setting a scale threshold
• Set a range of scales for
displaying a theme

Scale denominator = 350,000     Scale denominator = 500,000
Labeling theme features
• Select a field for labeling features
                                         • Label one feature

                                         • Label all features
Using Auto-label
• Find best placement for text
• Manage overlapping and duplicate labels
• Place labels only in the current view
Hotlinking theme features
 • Hotlink tool

• Image
• Text file
• Document
• Project
• Script
Creating hot links
• Select a field and an action

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