Receiving Report Form by Ng6zci


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                                     City of Socorro Receiving Report

Date Received:                                                                 Department:

Vendor Name:


Telephone #

Vendor #: (If Known)

If Grant, CO, or Bond Funded - Name Funding Source Here:

****Receipt, packing slip, invoice, etc. MUST be attached. You may write 'See Attached Receipt' if you
received all items on the receipt.

Item Description                                                Invoice #   Ordered Received   Unit Cost          Total Cost


                                                                                                TOTAL               $0.00

Comments/ Special Instructions:

I, the understand, have received the goods and/or services from the above vendor as stated above.

Signature of person receiving goods/services                                                               Date

For Accounting Use Only:               Date Received:                                          Received by:

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