Unit: Friendship by Vsbpbm


									Unit: Friendship
Topic: Getting to Know You
Lesson: 1
Level: Beginners

Review: Hand back quizzes

Presentation: Brainstrom…What questions do you ask when you are getting to know someone?

    1.   What is your name?
    2.   Where are you from?
    3.   What is your telephone number?
    4.   How old are you?
    5.   What do you like to do?
    6.   What is your favorite…?
    7.   Tell me about your family.

    1. Interviews…line-up students from shortest to tallest…then have them interview one other person
         by asking them questions to get to know them. Have them write down the information which they
    2. Introductions…Have the students introduce one another to the rest of the class.
Unit: Friendship
Topic: Hobbies & Sports
Lessons 2-4
Level: Beginners

(25 min.) 1. Brainstorm: With the students brainstorm as many activities that people enjoy doing as
possible. Each student should contribute at least two things that they enjoy doing. Divide them into the
following categories. With each activity add a picture or act it out. Have a goal of at least 8 activities for
each category.

Sports & Fitness…Soccer, Jogging, Hockey, Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Basketball,
Biking, Roller Blading
In the home...TV, Computers, Listening to Music, Cooking, Games, Collecting, Playing an instrument
Arts & Literature...Movies, Painting, Drawing, Writing, Photography, Reading, Singing, Acting, Concerts
Out & About…Fishing, Camping, Gardening, Hunting, Shopping, Dancing, Hanging out with friends

              (20 min.) 2. Important Verbs: playing, going, watching, taking, like, enjoy --- Talk with
                  students about how there are different verbs which go with different types of activities

    Make a list of at least 15 different activities and match it with the appropriate verb. Talk about how
    some of the activities are ok without another verb.

    I enjoy playing soccer.
    I like to draw.
    I enjoy reading.
    I like to go camping.
    I like to hang out with my friends.
    I enjoy taking photos.

    (10 min.) 3. Journal: Write a paragraph describing an activity which you enjoy. Who are you with
    when you do this activity? What do you like about it? Write a paragraph describing an activity which
    you do not enjoy. What don’t you like about that activity?

    4. Line-up Talk: Have the students tell their partner about their favorite activity. They should say
    why they are interested in this activity and what they most enjoy about this activity. Then they should
    switch and talk about the activity which they do not enjoy & why.

    5.   Charades: Have the students act out the activity on their card. The other students need to ask yes
         or no questions about what they are doing. The student continues acting until the other students
         have figured out what they are doing.
Unit: Friendship
Lessons: 5-6
Topic: Hobbies & Sports
Level: Beginners

   1.   Check HW assignment: Write 12 sentences using the hobbies & interests vocabulary about one
        of the following: A family vacation or your summer holiday.

   2.   Review: Hobbies & Interests Vocabulary with flashcards

   3.   Review: I like to _____________. I enjoy _______________.

   4.   Fill in the blank using the appropriate word: play, go, or ___________.
             1. ____ swimming
             2. ____ fishing
             3. ____ volleyball
             4. ____ dancing
             5. ____ skiing
             6. ____ games
             7. ____ to concerts
             8. ____ reading
             9. ____ collecting stamps
             10. ____ radio
             11. ____ tv
             12. ____ shopping
             13. ____ hiking
             14. ____ guitar
             15. ____ basketball

   5.   Sorting Activity: What activities might you do…
                       a. in the winter
                       b. in the summer
                       c. alone
                       d. on a rainy day
   6.   Writing Practice: What do you like to do? Why? What don’t you like to do? Why?

   7.   Rapid Response: Place students into two lines. Show them a picture of a hobby or sport. Give the
        teams a point if they are the first ones to make a correct sentence.

   8.   BINGO: Have the students create a Bingo board with the different activities. Then take the
        flashcards and have students draw one flashcard. The student uses the activity in a sentence. The
        students put an X over that activity. When they get five in a row, then they get BINGO.
Unit: Friendship, Hobbies & Sports
Lesson: 7
Topic: Reading e-mails
Resource: Opportunities, pp. 14-15
Level: Beginners

    1.   Review Sports and Hobbies Vocabulary
    2.   Go over new words: diving, volleyball, windsurfing, painting, photography, playing the guitar.
    3.   Predictions: Who is this person?
    4.   Read the text, International E-mail Friends, pp. 14-15
    5.   Questions about the text

    Unit: Friendship, Hobbies & Interests
    Lesson: 8
    Topic: Listening & Speaking Activities
    Resource: Opportunities, pp. 14-15
    Level: Beginners

    1.   Listening: Listen to the tape and identify the mistakes in the text.
    2.   Listening: Meeting People, a dialogue
    3.   Sentence Completion: Prepositions (in & from)
    4.   Graphic Organizer: On the board sort different types of activities into sports and hobbies.

Homework Assignment: Powerbook, p. 12-Ex. 1, 2, 4

Unit: Friendship, Hobbies, & Sports
Lesson: 9
Topic: Writing an e-mail
Resource: Opportunities, pp. 14-15
Level: Beginners

    1.   Review: Speaking: Hand out two different cards to each student. Have the students pretend to be a
         person who likes those activities. Have them go around and meet different people trying to find
         the people who they have common interests with. Have the students report to the rest of the class.

New vocabulary/phrases: alone, in common, meet, introduce

    2.   Correct Homework---Have each student share one of the sentences which the wrote. Ask the class
         if the sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is incorrect, then what needs to be changed?
    3.   Focus on Writing: Powerbook, pg. 13
    4.   Write an e-mail about yourself:
              a. Paragraph 1: Introduction, Name, Age, Where are you from?
              b. Paragraph 2: Family
              c. Paragraph 3: Sports, Hobbies, Favorite Stars
              d. Paragraph 4: Ending
Unit: Friendship, Hobbies & Sports
Lesson: 10
Topic: Practice, Practice, Practice
Level: Beginners

*Hand back e-mails with corrections.*
*Quiz tomorrow!*

1. Class practice: Combining sentences. Have 5 sentences cut-up and on different pieces of paper.
Give each student a slip of paper with a word and have them get into the correct order for the

2. Use a word from each of the following columns to create sentences. You may need to change the
verb tenses and add words like play, go, etc. You need to write 15 sentences.

 I                    to hike
 You                  to ski
 We                   to swim
 He                   to bike
 She                  to rollerblade
 My brother           to collect postcards
 My sister            to cook
 My friends and I     to listen to music
 Grandpa              to paint
 John                 to draw
                      to take
 I                    photographs
 My best friend       to fish
 He                   to camp
 Grandma              to shop
 Joey                 to dance

    3.   Have the students take turns writing their sentences on the board. Correct them as

    4.   Vocabulary Review: Pictionary----What hobby or sport is this?

    5.   Brainstorm: What are at least 25 different sports or hobbies?

    6.   People Bingo---Write down 16 different things that you like to do in each of the boxes. Now go
         around and ask people---Do you like to ___________? If they say, “yes,” then you can write their
         name in one of your boxes. You can not ask the same person more than one question. Try to fill
         in as many of your boxes as possible. You must be HONEST about your likes and dislikes!

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