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					                                                  Clubs & Societies Risk Assessment                                                   upsu:

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Activity/Task     Hazards              Persons    Probab-   Severity   Risk     Controls in Place/Action to be taken   Additional Requirements
                                       Affected   ility                Factor
Travel by coach   Road Accident        All        1         3          3        Coach Company covered by               Ban on alcohol use on coach
                  Driver/vehicle/                                               ABTA
                  passengers                                                    Current best practice followed
                                                                                re. rest and driving times
                                                                                Roadworthiness of vehicle
                                                                                guaranteed by coach company
                                                                                Seat belts fastened while
                                                                                vehicle in motion
                                                                                Exits kept clear
                                                                                Driver must not be distracted
                                                                                Appropriate insurance for
Travel by         Road Accident        All        1         3          3        Checks to vehicle made prior           Ban on alcohol use on minibus
Minibus           Driver/vehicle/                                               to journey
                  passengers                                                    Passengers discouraged from
                                                                                distracting driver. Driver in fit
                                                                                state to drive, adequate breaks
                                                                                and rest taken.
                                                                                UPSU procedures followed
                                                                                Extreme conditions to be
                                                                                Emergency procedure in place
                                                                                Mobile phone to be carried at
                                                                                all times by group leader
Travel by car     Vehicle condition    All        1         3          3        Checks to vehicle made prior           Current MOT certificate
                                                                                to journey
                  Driver distraction   All        1         3          3        Passengers discouraged from
                                                             distracting driver. Driver in fit
                                                             state to drive, adequate breaks
                                                             and rest taken.
                   Driving Conditions      All   1   3   3   Extreme conditions to be            Group leader to take decision
                                                             monitored                           on advisability of continuing trip
                                                             Emergency procedure in place

                   Failure of legal        All   1   3   3   Drivers of cars will need to        Group leader to confirm that
                   compliance                                confirm that they are compliant     controls are complied with.
                                                             with current legislation            No excessive speeding or other
                                                             Drivers to confirm that             convictions for failing to
                                                             seatbelts are used                  maintain a vehicle
                                                             Driving will be within legal
                                                             requirements and with regard
                                                             for the highway code

                   Unclear journey         All   1   2   2   Mobile phone to be carried at
                   route/destination                         all times by group leader
                                                             All travel by vehicle will be
                                                             planned in advance so there is
                                                             agreement over
                                                             First aid
                                                             Emergency procedures,
                                                             vehicle breakdown
                                                             Routes and breaks in journey
                                                             Contingencies for extreme
Travel by Public   Transport               All   1   1   1   Risks arising from large groups     A contingency to be considered
Transport          inappropriate for                         in public areas, transport          including designated leader and
                   group                                     capacity and needs of group         communication method
                   Risks arising from                        have been considered                A local guide engaged if leaders
                   being unfamiliar with                     Group leader familiar with          do not have sufficient
                   travel terrain and                        route, local information gained     experience
Activity             Fire               All   1   3   3   Check that venue meets              Ensure participants know basic
Venue                                                     national standards or has a fire    drills in the event of a fire, (that
                                                          certificate.                        is, use stairs not lifts, not to
                                                          Visual inspection of fire           return to a burning building,
                                                          escapes, alarms, equipment,         consider your exit route.)
                                                          meeting point and procedures.       If necessary group leader to
                                                          Ensure that all participants are    designate an assembly point for
                                                          aware of their nearest fire exits   fire
                                                          Ensure that all participants
                                                          know fire assembly points
                                                          Assess for other
                                                          users/members of the public
                                                          Check access points and safe
                                                          areas for loading/unloading

Illness/             Illness/Accident   All   2   2   4   Procedure in place for              Qualified First Aider present
Accident                                                  reporting accidents/ill health

                                                                                              Those potentially at risk should
Ill health arising                      All   1   2   2   Medical information forms will      be clearly identified to all group
from                                                      gather the information (if there    leaders before activity takes
participation in                                          is a significant risk then an       place. All group leaders should
group activities                                          independent risk assessment         be aware of remedial treatment
                                                          will be carried out)                required
                                                          Sport/activity code of conduct,     Group leaders to monitor
                                                          rules and regulations followed      individual health of all
                                                          Accident /incident forms will be    participants and implement
                                                          completed                           changes based on needs of
Crime/      Victim of Crime        All   1   2/3   2/3   Safe storage to be available for     Participants to be discouraged
Security                                                 valuables                            from bringing valuables
                                                                                              House managers at SU to be
                                                         Emergency services/police to         contacted as soon as possible
                                                         be contacted immediately             after crime committed
                                                         when crime has taken place           Incident form to be completed
                                                                                              and full information gathered

Alcoholic   Serious injury or      All   2   2     4     The consumption of alcohol will      The organisers have confirmed
Poisoning   possibly of fatality                         take place at licensed               that the venue is not ‘student
                                                         premises.                            unfriendly’ with an attendant risk
                                                         The conditions of the license        of trouble with upset ‘locals’ or
                                                         will be adhered to                   other users of the venue
                                                         Soft drinks will be available        Appropriate clothing will be worn
                                                         The consumption of only              at all times
                                                         alcoholic drinks or of minimum
                                                         amounts will not be obligatory
                                                         Drinking games & initiation
                                                         ceremonies will not take place

Violent     Serious injury                               Participants will ‘stick together’
Behaviour   Minor injury                                 avoiding being on their own
                                                         Alcohol will only be consumed
                                                         within licensed premises
Activities Specific to Club/Society
Activity/Task     Hazards             Persons    Probab-   Severity   Risk     Controls in Place/Action to be taken   Additional Requirements
                                      Affected   ility                Factor
Signed……………………………………………………………Safety Officer ……………………………………………………………Club/Society

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                                  PROBABILITY    SEVERITY      RISK FACTOR

                                  Probable 3     Critical 3    4–9   High Risk

                                  Possible 2     Serious 2     4     Medium Risk

                                  Unlikely 1     Minor   1     1–3   Low Risk

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